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Friday practice report: Hasselbeck probable for Sunday

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 9, 2009 at 2:21 pm with 49 Comments »
October 9, 2009 2:21 pm

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora was short and to the point when asked about the status of starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for Sunday’s game against Jacksonville.

“Matt’s probable,” he said.

When asked to expand on the health of his quarterback, after describing the pain he was in on Monday, Mora had this to say.

“I think Matt is a very tough man, physically and mentally,” Mora said. “So I’m not surprised that he was able to have a good week of practice and get stronger every day.”

Mora said he was pleased with the way Hasselbeck managed himself through practice.

“Every day he looked more comfortable, more confident,” Mora said.

Wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh said he knows what Hasselbeck is going through because he’s had to play with rib injuries throughout his career. Houshmandzadeh said it’s important that the team’s offensive line keeps Seattle’s starting quarterback clean on Sunday.

“He’s healthy enough to play, but if you get hit in the right spot you kind of go back to square one again,” Houshmandzadeh said. “Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but it will help us because he was our starting quarterback for a reason.

“He looked good. But, you know, everybody looks good when you know you ain’t go nobody that’s going to hit you.”

And Houshmandzadeh had a simple solution for keeping Hasselbeck healthy.

“Three-step drop and throw it to me,” Houshmandzadeh said.

Along with Hasselbeck, Justin Griffith (knee), Josh Wilson (ankle) and Lofa Tatupu were full participants in practice and also are probable for Sunday.

Mora said Wilson and Griffith should be ready to go.

Defensive end Patrick Kerney (groin) was a limited participant in practice today and is listed as questionable for this week. However, Mora said the team will evaluate him on game day to see if there’s a chance Kerney is ready.

Kerney did some work on the side today with trainers, but did not suit up for practice.

LB Leroy Hill (groin), OT Walter Jones (knee), OT Sean Locklear (ankle) and OG Rob Sims (ankle) are all out for this week.

For Jacksonville, S Sean Considine (groin) DT Greg Peterson (knee), LB Adam Seward (groin) and CB Scott Starks (hip) are out.

LB Justin Durant (hip), LB Clint Ingram (ankle), DT Derek Landri (wrist) and Tra Thomas (knee) and Maurice Williams (knee) fully participated in practice and are listed as probable.

Seattle only has six active offensive linemen available for Sunday, so they’ll likely have to make a move similar to what they did last week, when they released Justin Griffith in order to add Kyle Wiliams to the active roster.

“We’re light,” Mora said about the offensive line. So we’ve got to make sure they stay healthy through this game.”

The Seahawks also got some more good news. Cornerback Marcus Trufant was seen on another field during practice sprinting and doing other agility drill work, along with back peddling up hill as he readies for a potential Nov. 1 return.

Mora said he was pleased to see Trufant moving well today.

“Watching him stride out here today and run that hill, he looked good to me,” Mora said. “So we’ll see what they say.”

Mora also addressed the recent news about the $20,000 in fines Aaron Curry earned in the first three games.

“We’re not even in the top 10 in the league in fines,” Mora said. “So we’re not too worried about it. I can’t give you the statistics. I’d probably get in trouble if I did. But I have a hunch fines are up around the league.”

Mora also noted that Curry hasn’t been penalized on the field for any of the plays he received fines for.

Notes from practice
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  1. bird_spit says:

    I think there will be a game soon where Curry puts it all together, and just has a monster game. It is coming. Maybe we need to wait for Hill before that happens, but there will be a day like that game in Philly where Lofa just owned it. I look forward to that day. Sunday could be it. We need the defense to not only stop them, but to put up points. Go Hawks!

  2. Hell Yeah.

  3. Dukeshire says:


    Hey Bobby, do you have Housh’s ear? – And Houshmandzadeh had a simple solution for keeping Hasselbeck healthy.“Three-step drop and throw it to me,” Houshmandzadeh said. -

  4. variable575 says:

    Oh Yeah!!!

    Housh really sounds like he has the solution to Matt’s lack of protection, Housh only mentioning that shows how palpable the problem really is. Matt will be on the shelf by the end of the game, it won’t take a big hit for matt to feel his rib. I can’t believe the coaches are putting matt in there without having attempted(from where i sit) to address the OL. And Mora’s statement about how yeah they have done so is a joke. What we have upfront is pathetic. A broken line and a QB to stand behind it who can barely run. OHY OHY OHY

  5. variable575 says:

    The three step drop!?!?!?!?!?!?What kind of percentage did you all see of either of our two QB’s getting the ball out quick becuase of a faster materializing play call???? Maybe knapper wrote a new play book in the last week.

  6. chewy724 says:

    6 crappy active O-lineman and a wobbly old quarterback with a broken rib.

    Hey Jacksonville, can you say “blitz” on every play? Shoot, one late hit on Matt, our season is toast. Is it really worth it? Have we lost that much faith in Senaca to compete with the hapless Jags?

  7. Lefty24 says:

    Yes, it is worth it.
    Yes, we have.

  8. Jacksonville will try to blitz Matt early, and thye will quickly find themselves chasing Carlson, Housh, and Burleson from behind as we rip off quick 10 yard gains. At that point they will stop blitzing.

    Sure Matt could go down in pain at some point. Last week I was arguing that perhaps Matt shouldn’t come back until Locklear is back in at LT to protect him. But if Matt really wants to play, what the heck. I say Go Matt Go! Let’s all not forget Matt’s fire-in-the-belly is a big reason we all believed this is a playoff team.

  9. variable575 says:

    Did someone just say we are a playoff team…………………………aside from local hype, what else have we seen that would point to that………..beating the rams? Right.

  10. variable575 says:

    give it a couple drafts and some new coaches, than maybe we will be a playoff team again. watch and see. Of course i’d love to be proven wrong but i’ve seen enough and Mathew is not savior caliber much as i like the guy as a QB

  11. variable575 says:

    You have to wonder to if what we saw in Indy isn’t a product of Mora’s low jab at Mare. Maybe players have lost confidence in him, quite a big drop off within one week.

  12. Sure variable, I said that when the season started we all believed this is a playoff team.

    And no, what we saw at Indy last week was not the product of players losing confidence in Mora. More likely a product of the team watching Peyton Manning on film all week, knowing they would be without Trufant or Wilson to cover receivers, knowing Manning was licking his chops watching film of Travis Fisher and Jordan Babineaux trying to cover WRs. By the time the Seahawks flew to indy they knew they weren’t going to win that game.

    This week, at home, against Jacksonville, with Hass and Wilson and the 12th Man, this week is completely different.

  13. Lefty24 says:

    I’m just excited to see our players getting HEALTHY!

    This week it’s Hass, Griffith, and Wilson. Then in 2 games (3 weeks) we get back Trufant, Hill, and Lock. And Big Walt, take your time big guy. There will be a spot waiting for you the instant you are ready, but please don’t experience any setbacks trying to push yourself too hard. I’d rather have you in January then in October/November.

    Call me crazy, but even if we only win 1 of 2 to get to 2-4 (hopefully 3-3) entering the bye week, due to our week division, I think we have every right to be thinking post-season.

    The 49ers have definitely improved, but I think we’ll start to see them take a but of a slide here pretty soon. And who knows how Crabtree will affect the team chemistry, although I can’t see him improving it, that’s for sure.

  14. variable575 says:

    Last time I checked the hawks were an NFL Team and peyton is not a god regardless of popular opinion. We were not competitive with indy where Jax was.

    “This week, at home, against Jacksonville, with Hass and Wilson and the 12th Man, this week is completely different.”

    different?? Yeah i can read a calender to.

  15. Seahawks2620 says:

    You can bet that Mora and Knapp will have plenty of screen plays just in case the pressure starts to be put on. Although our o line sucks complete ass, the Jags only have 3 sacks on the season…ONLY !!!!! Think about how much pressure we haven’t been getting and then divide it by 3 and that is what the Jags have been getting. They have an awful front line and even though our line is awful, it will be fine against this jaguars d line. They will have so many backup plans for Matt to get the ball of early. They will not be able to afford to blitz often due to Housh, Burleson, Fosett on the screens, Carlson, and Butler going deep. The Seahawks have been very very careful all season thus far with getting injured players there rest, and they know that the Jags will not get much pressure every down which is why they have him playing this weekend. Besides that, they know they need a win badly regardless of what they say on camera. Chill out guys!

  16. Seahawks2620 says:

    The Jags were also alot healthier then the Seahawks were when they played them. The Jags have Maurice jones-drew and a healthy O line, and we had an awful O line against the number 4 and 5 top pass rushers in the league to go along with Julius Jones. We had Seneca Wallace under pressure while Garrard was not scrambling on every play. They were alot healthier then we were. The Colts did not have to worry about our run game last week which is why they blitzed and sacked us so often. The Colts had to worry about Jones-Drew because he is a serious weapon. They were just alot healthier and they had a great game plan for the colts.

  17. chewy724 says:

    Wow, Seachicken fan is seriously disillusioned to even be mentioning playoffs for this team. This is the 49’ers division to lose.

    Let’s face it Seachicken fan, our WINDOW has closed. That saying about how teams that lose the Super Bowl can’t recover is so true.

    Let the re-building begin. Just don’t string me along and pretend were going to win with this O-line and a gimpy QB. Love you Hass, but its time to draft Jake Locker and move on. Sometimes reality sucks.

  18. Seahawks2620 says:

    Just get the hell out if all you are going to do is think of negative things to say. I can be realistic too, and I understand that we are in an awful position right now, but coming on here and complaining that the sky is falling is ridiculous. The Jags are nothing special

  19. chewy724 says:

    PS- can you clowns imagine the sh*t storm that is going rain down on Mora/Numbskull if we lose Sunday.

  20. Seahawks2620 says:

    If you don’t believe that the Seahawks have a chance at the post season, then why do you continue to come on here and comment about there upcoming games?

  21. chewy724 says:


    That’s what I love about these message boards…. the mindless optimism you have for our team. Just once I would like to see our moderator, E. Williams, step up and write a negative article about anything related to this team. Is it negative or is it just being factual/accountable? Would we see the message board agree with Eric’s article or would we blast him because of his “negative things”.

  22. madpunter88 says:

    Housh has turned out to be a lot more arrogant than I ever imagined. I guess he was just overshadowed by Chad Johnson in Cincinnati. It would be nice if he just stopped talking.

  23. chewy724 says:


    Believe it or not, I bleed blue and nuclear green just like you. I love Chuck Knox, Seagals, and the 12th man just like you. I’m a realist. Your not. I want to voice my opinion because I pay $9 for my beer at Quest field and I want some accountability.

    Who else is going to voice the problems with this team? Our beat writer Eric? He’s got his nose so far up Numbskulls a*s, he wouldn’t know if we were 0-16. Someone has to say it like it is or we’ll just continue to drink the Seachicken kool aid. FIRE THE GM FIRE THE GM FIRE THE GM. Yes, I know, i’m writing on the chalkboard.

  24. variable575 says:


    Finally someone cut from my cloth!!! “mindless optimism” i couldn’t have said it better!!!

  25. Can we stop the bitching and moaning (from some) long enough to at least acknowledge that #8 is showing a lot of guts in coming back to play with a cracked rib, b/c he recognizes how important this game is? It’s not like the coaches or mgmt are forcing this on him, he could easily and justifiably have sat this one out.

    Don’t think his teammates won’t recognize this, and respect him all the more for it.

    I think if we can keep him in the game — and given how important everyone knows it is not to go to 1-4 — we win this one.

  26. variable575 says:


    please no bad words, i’m only 10 years old. And what are you, 18, long blonde hair with a c-cup??? I’d be surprised to hear otherwise. You honestly think Mathew isn’t going to get knocked to the ground and not feel his ribs to the extent that he can’t play the rest of the game????

  27. Its ok if Matt does get knocked to the ground and can’t play the rest of the game, as long as he gets in there and does the things that Seneca cannot do: Get the offense moving, quicken the tempo, put up a score or two early, and command the troops. Even if Matt only plays a quarter, his offense will play a better game. If he gets hit and gets too sore, so what. He can sit out, heal up and be back when he’s healed. He’s ready to fight and win a game, not carp and whine.

  28. “can we acknowledge… that #8 is showing a lot of guts”

    Right on, pdway. That’s what makes winners and that’s why I’m still optimistic about this team.

  29. hawks31 says:

    I have this growing feeling that I am not going to be coming home from the game this weekend drunk and frustrated. I think we have hit our ah-ha moment where it all starts to come together, finally. I think we are poised for the rebound we are waiting for.

  30. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    It might not be a bad idea for Hasslebeck to split a few reps with Wallace on Sunday to keep him healthy.. Moreover, hopefully Frye and all the other scrubs filling in at O-line have developed a little chemistry during practice this week, and won’t give up as many sacks. I find it hard to believe that there aren’t better FA O-linemen, or atleast some overlooked O-linemen on some team’s practice squad that we can pick up. Right now our O-line is our Achilles’ heel (a Seahawk player will probablly go down with an achilles heel tear this week because I said that).

    With Hasslebeck back, beating Jacksonville at home is a doable task. I really think the defense will step up Sunday and make all the difference. After that, I think that I’ll just take it one week at a time.

  31. We’re going to beat Jacksonville. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re gonna get-er-done. And then we’re going to beat Arizona. Again, it won’t be easy but it’ll happen. And then we’re going to get healthy and actually start our entire projected team (minus Walt) at Dallas and then we’ll find out what we’re made of. After that win, we’re gonna play the Rams North (Lions). This takes us to 5-3 and then we’ve got the nasty stretch. It’s gonna be a fun ride.

    And if I’m wrong… well, we’ve got the two number 1 picks to start focusing on.

    I can’t decide who I hate worse, the Cowboys, Vikings, Packers, Steelers or the New York Yankees.

  32. variable575 says:


    I can buy into your projection but one loss before that “nasty stretch” and it’s over, which doesn’t give into much confidence.

    Don’t hate any of those teams BK, hate ESPN for the bias east coast coverage.

  33. variable575 says:

    You know on second thought, there is a team to hate………….broncos!!!!!

  34. MatthewHass8: “It’s really hard for me to believe that this place is going to be louder than Indianapolis’ old stadium.” -David Garrard Jax QB

    let’s show the Jags what the loadest stadium sounds like

  35. Seahawks2620 says:


    That is why I said that we are in an awful position right now and that I realize that. It just pisses everyone off though when you come on here and spear your “realist” talk. I have pointed out the bad stuff way too often and you happen to catch me at a time where I was looking at the positives. Come game day, if the Seahawks are getting destroyed. I will be on here talking crap about how much we have going wrong and about how many players are awful on our team etc. It is not unreasonable for me to think that we can win this game and make the playoffs. I can be extremely realistic about our team. Our O line is awful, which I stated before, Matt is injured and if he gets rocked hard enough then he is out for a couple more weeks if not longer. The defensive line is not getting enough pressure at all (which was supposed to be the strong point of the defense coming into the season). All of these motivational speeches which Mora keeps on preaching obviously aren’t working very well, which is that we aren’t looking at the injuries and if someone goes down then it is an opportunity for the next person to step up blah blah blah. Having your starters on the field is obviously why you chose them as starters and not the backups. Our running backs are garbage, Ruskell is a dumb ass and Mora needs to be fired. Man it feels so good to be nice and negative all the time…PHEW! Glad I got that out of the way

  36. Seahawks2620 says:

    Oh, and people who show up here every sunday for the live chat know me as Chad and I am the guy who says at half time “game over”

  37. mocarob says:

    chewy & variable.
    your messages go beyond being realistic. they’re just miserable.
    do you find joy in predicting failure?
    we talk about what the hawks can do to have a chance to win the game, you rip everybody in the organization. what up?

  38. variable575 says:


    If posts are beyond being realistic, your messages venture into sheer stupidity. it would seem my observations might be a little more accurate taking into account our current record. What kind of evidence are you using to base your assertions about the teams abilities?

    What is it with women like you, no one can talk outside of your opinion. Or we just can’t offer up realistic (albeit negative)opinions on the state of the hawks until you’re ready to do the same? Please, we’ve had this conversation before, let it go.

  39. variable575 says:

    Try this one on for size, it’s easy for people to come on here and say how we have a chance and pick us as winners without taking any heat.

    So, I say we lose this one………..I say we get slapped in the face hard!!! You heard it here first!!!!

    The hawks have to win now.

  40. What are some of you going to do when we go on a 4 game winning streak?

    I have my issues with Ruskell (Hutch & the sh!tty OL he’s allowed) and Mora (blame Mare, not me, for all the problems in the world), but the season certainly isn’t over YET. IF we get manhandled at home in a loss against Jax, then I’ll change my tune. I just think we’re too talented in some areas to be bad if everyone is healthy.

    Who is a bigger ass, Jerry Jones or George Steinasshole from the Yankees? Just askin’

  41. variable575 says:

    Well some say Jerry and George are secret lovers so you should ask them who’s the bigger ass.

  42. variable, You must be really unhappy. I asked why your attitude was so miserable and you replied with calling me a woman.
    your posts do nothing but trash everything. read what you’ve posted today.

    i think we’re one hit on matt away from being 3-1
    i think matt could have scored a couple more times in the 2nd half against the 9ers when seneca couldn’t. I also think matt would have beaten the bears when seneca could only almost win it. 3-1 would be tied for 1st in the west right now. does this message venture into sheer stupidity? maybe hopeful & optimistic..

    now go ahead and call me stupid again and trash everything i just said.

  43. I also agree with Chewy – just because you are a fan does not mean you cannot criticize the situation. The Seahawks are first and foremost a business, and as such we, the customers, have a reasonable expectation that we get a good product. No different than any other business. Simple fact is, TR is not fielding a good product.

    Players and management all know that the NFL is a business and approach all decisions that way. So why is it that some fans do not get that concept? If the product you want is crappy, let them know what you think! Those of you who are silently loyal are a marketer’s dream – customers who buy, buy, buy and demand nothing.

  44. did you guys know that the hawks have the 4th most sacks since 2005?
    i just saw it on seahawks all access.
    san diego 183
    dallas 182
    pitt 181
    hawks 180
    baltimore 178

    more than the ravens. what up?

  45. variable575 says:


    save the psycho-analysis for yourself, buddy. Nice try though.

    Interesting stat on most sacks, i would have guessed middle of the pack at best.

  46. BobbyAyala says:

    Well, we’ve heard that JAX has no pass rush….


    Alright, throw the old man with the broken rib in the mix…

    Each time I think about it though, it comes with the thought of Jake Locker’s future.

    We’re treading on thin ice here folks….

  47. Seahawks2620 says:

    TR is fielding the best team he can with the rash of injuries right now. The players he has signed would be a great team if they were all on the field and healthy. A healthy line of Walter Jones, Locklear, Sims, Spencer, and Ray Willis would be solid as hell, but unfortunately most of those guys are injured.

  48. Yeah, but he “should have known” better on the Walt situation.

  49. nightwulf says:

    Bobby, you’re probably right at that, but there’s only so many holes a man can fill in one offseason…we should see a couple of linemen drafted in the first 4 rounds next year, and I’m comfortably certain that he’ll also try to bring in a high quality FA…He’ll be looking at that or a stud DE to replace Kearney, RB and S are our other positions of need…
    Chewy and Variable. It’s not that you don’t have the right to have your voices heard, of course you do. It’s just that I can’t, for the life of me, remember an even slightly positive post from either of you…you come across as if you absolutely hate the team.

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