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Mora: At 1-3, Hawks still a good football team

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 4, 2009 at 2:57 pm with 72 Comments »
October 4, 2009 3:00 pm

The mood in the locker room was a kind of a silent resignation in terms of the 34-17 loss to Indianapolis.

Without Matt Hasselbeck or Walter Jones, the Seattle Seahawks couldn’t have had any illusions of what their chances were of winning this game.

And with Colts’ defensive end Dwight Freeney going to the fountain of youth and experiencing what Seahawks head coach termed “a miracle cure” in returning from a quad injury that reportedly was going to keep him out two weeks, you knew coming in that left tackle Brandon Frye was in trouble.

With the game 21-3 at halftime, and 28-3 early in the third quarter, guys in the league are realists, and the Seahawks’ players understood that would be a tough deficit to overcome in Indianapolis.

But I talked to several players trying to get a feel for the mood on the team, and each player said that they believe that the Seahawks can rebound from the 1-3 start, starting with Jacksonville at home next week.

Count Seahawks head coach Jim Mora as the leader of that charge.

“We knew that it was going to be tough,” Mora said. “We know with our situation being what it is, it was going to be tough until we get back to full strength. But we’re determined to do that. We’re determined to overcome this. And one thing about this start is that it presents a tremendous challenge to our football team, every many in that room next door – players, coaches, adminsistrater and everyone in this organization.

“If you’re in this business long enough then you face some challenges. And one of the reasons were in this business is because we love challenges. And this is a great challenge.

“I believe in the people in this organization. I believe in our players. I believe we’re a good football team that has had some things go against it. And as we’ve said, we’ve got a small margin for air, and we made some errors. But we’re going to stick to it. And we’re going to continue to fight and we’re going to continue to work hard. And we’re going to continue to get better. And we’re going to see where this thing ends up.”

Mora said his defense tried everything to slow down Peyton Manning, but he still carved up Seattle’s defense to the tune of 31 of 41 for 353 yards and two touchdowns, finishing with a 107.1 passer rating.

And it wasn’t as if the Colts had a short field, with Indianapolis scoring on four drives of 78 yards or more.

Along with the defense being accountable for Manning’s impressive play, Mora said the Seahawks didn’t get much help from the offense, which put up two touchdowns late in the game to make the score look a little more respectable.

In terms of injuries, Rob Sims suffered a sprained left ankle and will be evaluated on Monday. Patrick Kerney injured his groin in the third quarter, but appeared OK after the game. All other injuries were minor, so it looks like on the injury front Seattle escaped this week. But we’ll find out more on Monday.

Mora said he does not know if Seattle will get Matt Hasselbeck back next week, and he won’t find out until Hasselbeck sees if he can practice on Wednesday. If Hasselbeck can’t go, Mora said Seneca Wallace remains the starter.

Here’s some quotes from the locker room.

Patrick Kerney on rebounding from a 1-3 start

Oftentimes you look at your season by quarter, and at 1-3 it was a bad first quarter for us. I’ve been 1-3 before and gone to the playoffs. So you’ve just got to keep fighting, keep working and control what you can control. You know, your attitude at the office, the effort on the practice field and in the weight room and in the meetings.”

Lofa Tatupu on Peyton Manning

“With all of the time he spends studying defenses, when he finds out what your in, you can defend him but you better be on it and doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Nate Burleson on being 1-3

“We obviously feel terrible. Nobody wants to lose. I said the same thing last week. But we do understand that it is early. But with saying that statement, I know that I can’t continue to say it because at some point it’s not going to be early in the season, and we’re going to be at a point where games are going to cost us.

“I’m not saying they don’t cost us now, but we’re definitely going to have to get something rolling. Because it’s OK to win late and have big wins late in the season, but you’ve got to put yourself in a position to relax. If we drop too many games, then we’ll be pressuring ourselves, trying to figure out other people’s wins and losses. And we’ve got to control what we can control and get some Ws.”

T.J. Houshmandzadeh on 1-3 start

“Obviously guys are down, but I said earlier. I know me. And excuse my language. Y’all can print this or not, ain’t no (wimp) in me. I’m not going to quit. I wouldn’t have made it to this point, and I don’t think anybody in this locker room would have gone this far in their career if you’re going to quit.

“It’s a long season. We’re 1-3. All right. Cool. We can win next week, 2-3. The next week after that and we’re 3-3, and you’re right back in it. That’s how you have to look at it.”

Seneca Wallace on the game

“We just didn’t score enough points. Obviously going against Indy and Peyton they’re gong to put up points. And we had to match it, and we didn’t get a lot of points.”

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  1. CYRREEN says:

    Same old, same old words.

    I am sick and tired of hearing excuses. Jim Mora, I don’t have any confidance in you, or your coaching staff. I don’t think you are qualified enough to handle the challenges at hand.

  2. tillman says:

    Good? Good for a top 10 draft pick maybe.

    The only silver lining to what is shaping up to be a disasterous season is the immanent dumping of Timmmay and the possible return of Holmy. The only thing we can hope for is that Timmmay goes wherever he does and “robs” the Hawks of all his TB, ATL cronies.

    This is as uncompetitive a team as I can recall since the days of Behring/Flores.

    Harsh criticism? Definitely. But then I don’t get paid MILLIONS to be right.

  3. CYRREEN says:

    Watching Denver and Cowboys game. I am afraid Denver might go 4-0.

  4. gouhuskies says:

    “It’s early.” That’s junk. The games at the beginning of the season count toward a team’s record in determining the playoff’s the exact same way as the games at the end of the season.

  5. tillman says:

    Oh, and by the way, if anyone thinks Jacksonville next week is anything near a sure thing to ‘fix things’… you can forget that with the 37-17 beating they laid on Tennessee.

    There are no sure things for the Hawks in the next 13. Unless you are counting them as the sure thing for the opponent then they are probably involved in a sure thing scenario 10 or so times…

  6. pabuwal says:

    It would be nice if this was like 2002 and the Seahawks had a bunch of good, young players who were growing together.

    Rather, this is the same collection of old/injured/talentless veterans we’ve watched for the past few years.

  7. krieg17 says:

    “were going to see where this thing goes” what the hell does that mean? Well were going to keep the same game plan and not make any changes and go 1-15. Ill collect my pay and so will Tim and me will be in Oakland next year.

  8. Frustrated, Inc.

  9. tillman says:

    First, let me say I will be at every home game and a couple of road games remaining on the schedule. I fly in from 1700 miles away for every one (and did last year also). I love the hawks and have followed them as long as they’ve been around with season tickets for 10+ years.

    Thought it would be interesting to take a look at the remaining games now that it seems clear what we have on our hands.

    An inept GM (no surprise there) that lacks vision and depth of football logic to build a high performing unit
    An overly emotional hothead of a HC that is in over his head
    An OC retread that had to resort to the Raiders to get a job last year
    A DC that should still be a LB coach
    An aging team of uninspired vets that are falling apart physically for the second consecutive year
    A poorly built team with no depth and squandered draft choices throughout

    Here’s a nice depressing, although realistic, look at the remainder of the season. Please let me know if I’m on the wrong track because I would love to be wrong but with the play I’ve seen so far this year I can’t imagine I’m too far off.

    Week Opponent Result Record
    5 Jacksonville Win 1-4
    6 Arizona Loss 1-5
    7 Bye Not a Loss 1-5
    8 @ Dallas Blowout Loss 1-6
    9 Detroit Win 2-6
    10 @ Arizona Blowout Loss 2-7
    11 @ Minnesota Blowout Loss 2-8
    12 @ St. Louis Loss 2-9
    13 San Francisco Loss 2-10
    14 @ Houston Loss 2-11
    15 Tampa Bay Win 3-11
    16 @ Green Bay Blowout Loss 3-12
    17 Tennessee Win 4-12

  10. krieg17 says:

    look at your week 5 oops 5-11

  11. MadSweeney42 says:

    Your math is wrong. At 1-3 now if they win at Jax that’d be 2-3, not 1-4.

    They will not lose to the Rams.

    I see 6-10

  12. I’m upset by the lack of drive by the defense. Where are the linebackers(the suposed strong suit on the team)?
    All the dink passes to RB’s and short crossing routes are usually the LB’s job.
    The ref’s again killed us. The first holding was total bunk where was the hold? the guy blew up a falling defender, it Killed a drive. The second holding not sure because they didn’t show it again but after that drive was killed the game was over because the D couldnt slow them down at all.
    Our lack of an offensive line showed big time today against an average defense, that looked like superheros today against our O line.
    Somethings gotta happen to these guys on the road to get them fired up, it’s rediculous.
    Offensive playcalling again sucks. Flair passes for zero or negative gains. Why don’t they look at successful teams. The dink pass to their RB’s over the middle worked super, oh wait our linbackers had backed out to lord knowes where.
    I was optimistic that we could beat the Colts.
    Wow was I wrong.
    If we would have lost a game, it would have been bad and ok but not showing up burns my hide.
    Someone wait EVERYONE needs to step it up on the road.
    As far as I’m concerned the coaches should have lined every one up and kicked them in the nuts, twice, maybe that would get their attention.
    As for 4-12 No way. I refuse to believe that.

    Maybe next week they will play with a little motivation after getting it handed to them this week

  13. MadSweeney42 says:

    I don’t remember the details of the second hold, but I thought the first one was a fair call. Not the worst hold in the world, but certainly not a BS call. What makes me mad is when it’s only called one way. On the play where the Indy WR ended up dropping the ball and Babs almost recovered it in bounds it was very, very clear that the WR turned the corner because Garcon had two fists full of jersey on his “block”. Getting beat like that is certainly not the refs fault but another poor game by the refs. A lot of picked up flags, one sided calls and bad spots (no way Seneca got that first down, dunno why it wasn’t challenged).

  14. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t understand why anyone is “afraid” Denver is good, anything to that effect. They have two first round picks regardless next year and projecting what players will fall to where is useless right now. There is so much of the college season to go. Rooting for another team to lose while the Seahawks are as inept as it gets is in really poor form, to put it mildly.

    Mora said they tried everything to slow down Manning? On the Colts third possession they blitzed and tried to apply pressure with the LBs playing up. Other than that I saw the same soft zone coverage the entire game. I didn’t see them trying “everything”.

  15. CYRREEN says:

    Denver just defeated Cowboys. Denver 4-0, who would of thonk that?

    Cowboys are almost as bad as Seahawks.

  16. YeeHaawks says:

    We won’t get much better when we get “healthy”. Good football teams overcome adversity. We are not a good football team. I would wager not one player went into Indy thinking we were going to win. Time to rebuild NOW!!!! Get Teel in there and let’s see what he can do. Jax would be a perfect opponent for that. I got a long list of people I don’t want around next year.

  17. Whatever coach? Maybe on paper but a lot is lost in translation to the field.

    After 4 games your O looks atrocious and your D can’t stop anyone, sure doesn’t look like a good team to me.

  18. pure_pwnage says:

    Hey, we’re just not good enough so losing to a good team is understandable but what is not so forgiving is the fact that, we weren’t even competitive at all. It was as if Colts were playing a DII college team out there today.

    Mora can make up excuses all he wants since he is defending his team and his own job but the fact of the matter is, there was no back to wall, come out fighting effort out there and that is what is disappointing.

  19. nighthawk2 says:

    I don’t know who Mora thinks he’s kidding. It’s the stuff he’s supposed to say and we all know it. But I doubt even he believes it.

    There is a lack of discipline that’s been talked about, that comes from the coaches. A guy like Parcells or Ditka instills an attitude in a team, toughness, we can see it in what Rex Ryan has brought to the Jets. Belichick has it. But it’s never been here. I’m not a Bill Cowher admirer, I think the guy is overrated, but he did that too. I think this team needs a head coach and a coaching staff that is like that. Mora is here and is head coach because Ruskell knew him from Atlanta and knew Mora wouldn’t butt heads with him like Holmgren did. That’s not a good reason to hire a coach, especially for a team coming off a 4-12 season. And since people like to talk about being “on a pace” for this or that, we’re 1-3, so we’re on pace for another 4-12 season. I’m not sure this thing gets turned around without a housecleaning and getting a kick ass coach that will instill some discipline and an attitude. I’m not content to win the division with a 8-8, or less, record and back into the playoffs by default like several have expressed. I want a team that’s 12-4 and takes the division by the throat, and is feared by other teams. I have the impression after today’s results that the Jaguars are probably licking their chops at the idea of coming in here next week to play the Seahawks. That has to stop.

  20. danjsloan says:

    Still a good team? What games did Mora watch the last three weeks?

  21. morleytr says:

    Unfortunately here’s my takeaway from the game.

    34-3, we score and make it 34-10. We do an onside kick with around 3:30 left, and actually get it. And then they saunter down the field, huddling after every play, until finally scoring with what, 0:21 left?

    Look, I’m not under any illusions that they could have won. But what’s the point of the onside kick if you’ve thrown in the towel, and where’s the FIGHT? The chances are obviously really slim, but hurry up, score, and take your chances with another onside kick. I believe they had three timeouts left, so if they ever could have pulled off a second recovery, who knows?

    Like I said, there was a .000000001% of a chance that such a ridiculous sequence would occur that they could tie the game. But as long as there’s SOME route back, they should be playing with urgency. If you’re not going to put some pep into that last drive, then don’t waste my time with the onside kick. Show some heart!

  22. jaybrank says:

    Fire Mora, OC, DC and the FO isn’t the answer. There’s no GM out there that can fix this team immediately. There are no players on the practice squad or on the street that will make a big difference this year. Changing the QB for a guy who’s never played in the regular season isn’t the answer either. Teel does not give this team the best chance to win. O-Line is the main problem. As long as they struggle, Seahawks will struggle.

  23. vichawkfan says:

    Mora lost me when he blamed Mare for last weeks debacle. Lost some players I bet too.

  24. CYRREEN says:

    This team has been on the decline since 2005. And, the front office has no answer how to stop the decline. We have gone from superbowl appearance in 2005 to a joke of a team in less than 3.5 years.

    Mr. Allen, please Sir, I beg you………..FIRE TIM RUSKELL NOW

  25. freedom_X says:

    I didn’t think Seattle was going to win this game, needless to say. So the loss itself doesn’t make me throw in the towel.

    But the extent of the defeat is what has me down. I don’t really care how many reinforcements are coming in the next 4 weeks. With a showing as abysmal as they had against Indy, all that means is Seattle will be a .500 team going forward when everyone is back, and assuming no one else gets hurt.

    Is that a “good” team? I don’ t think so. Perhaps if Mora had said “We’re not a bad football team” I’d buy it.

    If Seattle had been in the game up until the 4th quarter, say down 10 points then Manning blows them away with his brillance in the 4th, I’d be more inclined to believe Mora. But they weren’t even within shouting distance. So, short of Hasselbeck and Walter Jones channelling 2005 again, I don’t see much hope. Even if Hass and Jones did turn back the clock, the defense is still too putrid to make Seattle a championship contender.

    I’ll move towards the ranks of the pessimistic, if Seattle loses the next two games, there’s little hope. And I have to imagine the Ruskell era might then be drawing to a close.

  26. If our LB core spent as much time in the weight room as they did gettin drunk off their butts we might be able to stop someone. Lofa are you listening??? Time to stop riding on the press clippings of your rookie season and step up!!!

  27. bird_spit says:

    When it was 34-3, where was Teel. Perfect time to get some experience.
    I’m 100% with the crowd saying fire Ruskell. Doubt Holmy would want the challenge. We have 5-7 years of rebuilding to do.

  28. Lefty24 says:

    Well I only watched the first half before going over to Safeco to catch the M’s game, but I had already seen enough.

    I have loved Seneca in the past, but I’ve seen more than enough of #15 as our QB. If he actually used his legs to GAIN yards, he’d probably be comparable to one Vince Young. Instead, he uses his legs to run out of bounds for a loss of 3 as opposed to throwing the ball out of bounds. That and the fact that he throws more 2-5 yard passes than a Pop Warner QB are the ONLY reasons why his stats “look” decent.

    I used to think that Matt would get killed if he were playing behind our current O-line, what with how often Seneca is on the run. But I’m pretty sure Matt’s decision making ability (similar to Peyton Manning) would lead to quicker passes, which would open up our running game, which would keep opposing defenses honest.

    As we all know, Wallace is a great athlete who would (much like Spencer IMO) be great for this team if he played in a position that did not require so much decision making. It’s too bad we actually have an above average WR corp now, because now there truly is no positiion for him to go to that would improve our team.

  29. tillman says:

    Eric, it would be interesting to hear some historical data on the end of year results of teams that have finished Q1 at 1-3. I would imagine a fairly low percentage of even 8-8 final records let alone play-off participants.

  30. bigmike04 says:

    people, people, people everybody need to take a chill pill on talks of losing this season as if that your goals than please and I mean this very please Shut up. Arizona made it to playoff with 9-7 record correct??? NYG made it to playoff with 3 lost right??? If thatt he case than why are people so down on seahawks now with this lost and past lost and counting them out already. If you are true seahawks fan than stop with the Draft talk as you got long time to go as their only been 4 games.. So take a chill pill and let go get a win at Qwest field monday.

  31. I don’t understand why everyone is so outraged right now… we lose a star QB, Arguably the best corner in the NFC west, a bad-ass OLB, who was set to blitz more with the trading of Peterson and the addition of Curry, our entire offensive line was super weak the entire game… Seneca was on the move the entire game almost. Jesus, we had a left tackle signed off the street and you guys are upset about this loss? I saw out there a team that knew they were going to lose. They went into Indy with the attitude, well we’re half crippled, fuck it why even try? I KNOW I felt this way, and it’s pretty apparent you did too. The look of frustration on hasselbecks face and him checking to see if he can get that rib shot gave me a good feeling about the team. Yeah, Greg Knapp is a damn idiot, but this team isn’t washed up and talentless like so many of you are saying. The offense has more potential than it did in 05 (IN MY OPINION), and the defense, if the safeties would step up and Trufant would become healthy, could be top tier. I still feel this team can go 3-3 before the bye and make some things happen 2nd half of the season. Hasselbeck comes back, there’s a lot less liability on the field.

  32. When the Patriots won their first of three Super Bowls, they started the season 1-3.

    Hooray! We’ve got the NFL right where we want them!

  33. jackbauer says:

    Ya know, I agree with a lot of the comments I’ve read here tonight. I agree with an earlier post in that I lost a lot of respect for Mora when he threw Mare under the bus last week. I don’t care who you feel as a head coach cost you the game, you keep that behind closed doors. It’s indicative of his professionalism and perception of the game…and I don’t think for a second he truly believes it was any other fault but Mare’s for the Chicago loss.

    Mora’s game plan is for Hasselbeck. He even said himself, “we can’t afford to lose Seneca, so we can’t let him run.” You saw it today, when Seneca had that first fumble. The “Green-Light to scramble” Seneca wouldn’t have continued to look downfield for a receiver in that situation. He’s clearly getting the directive not to scramble. So if Mora wants to continue a Hasselbeck-oriented game plan, he needs to bring Teel in and let Seneca waste away on the sidelines. At this point, we can’t afford to lose anymore, so start gameplannig to maximize Seneca’s mobility and let’s start breaking faces.

  34. Hehe bobby, here comes a rash of underestimation… I guess Jacksonville canceled their practice this week.

  35. No way this offense has more potential than ’05.

    First of all, Mike Holmgren was calling the plays. Today we have Greg Knapp.

    We all talk about how it all starts up front. That line had Walt/Hutch in their primes and three solid players (Robbie and Chris had chemistry). Oh by the way, Hutch is still in his prime and we’re still starting bad guards for the 4th year in a row. This line has nobody overly good.

    Yeah, the WR/TE situation is better now… but who cares if the OL isn’t going to give the QB time to get them the ball on a regular basis.

    Alexander, while he sucked in pass pro and receiving, was a better runner than Jones/Forsett. Mack was better than Schmitt.

    No way this offense is good like that. Or can be. I don’t want to be negative, but this is the reality of our situation.

  36. jackbauer… I don’t understand why, though. He coached Michael Vick ffs.

  37. But with the wide receivers on the field… there’s gonna be a lot less stacking going on. I personally don’t think Julius Jones has looked bad yet this year.

  38. If anyone knows how important it is to win games early in the season, it should be fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

    We were, IMO, by far, the best team in the NFL at the end of the season in 1986. However, since we lost too many games earlier in the season… we didn’t even make the play-offs. That sucked.

    Time to win games NOW or get ready for the new regime.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    You can’t understand why everyone is outraged? Regardless of who’s in there, fundamentals cannot be sacrificed. And they have been, alarmingly so. It’s one thing to play well and get your lunch handed to you. What Seattle did today is beyond injuries. This was a team unprepared to compete. Penalties, blown assignments and allowing the attack to be brought to them are things that talent have nothing to do with. Those are things that a team unsure of themselves and a lack of leadership breed. This team may get healthy. This team may grow together as a unit. But after a month of games, this is not a good team.

  40. MadSweeney42 says:

    Bigmike, please learn and employ some grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Your post is like reading a 14 year old girl’s text update on myspace.

  41. Yes, Duke… Combine the terrible fundamental play of tackling, situational football, etc. to the coach blaming a player for losing a game to a team knowing it had no chance at Indy so they played with ZERO passion after the HC said that this is something the team WOULD play with at his inagural press conference… well, lets just say there’s a lot of work to do to right this ship.

    I do believe there is a chance to right the ship. However, nothing being demonstrated by Tim Ruskell, Jim Mora, or anyone is giving me any hope that any of this is going to change once we get our starters back.

    We need to win and gain a little confidence. That goes a long way and heals many wounds. We can win our next two and feel pretty good about ourselves going into the bye. It will be interesting and I hope it works itself out for the best.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Right on Bobby. Ugh…

  43. Is it me or did Seneca remind you of Sam Perkins, that dude looked like he could care less about what was going on in the game when they showed him on the sidelines, he looked stoned and emotionless. Why does he hesitate to run, if you see an opening, go for it. I’m tired of seeing him force balls, over throw receivers, and just look clueless, especially we you got a couple of blockers in front of you. Also, did he ever step up into the pocket, if he did, would he even be able to see anything. Another thing, why was are defense playing back all game, it reminded me of baseball when everyone backs up, and the hitters smacks it into the holes. All day they seemed to be playing way too deep. On offense, why do we continue to push the ball on the ground, with Carlson and Housh, shouldn’t we pass to establish the run not the opposite. What do I know? What I do know is it was hard to watch and that it looked like the hawks never even showed up, players and coaches.

  44. variable575 says:

    Oh Boy.

    You know what………..I hope we get smoked because Mora will always be Mora and Ruskell proved himself as bill bavasi of the seahawks. there can be no refuting arguments on that. So if we don’t endure a season of 2-14, mora sticks around and we get a yr or two more of jimbo and knapper at the helm.
    whoever said holmy wouldn’t come back because of the great challenge is right…Ruskell screwed him over since 05. 4 yrs of dismantling will take 4 yrs of rebuilding, minimum.

    Great D Mora!!!

    I would say i told you so about mora and ruskell……………

  45. bulldog80 says:

    Thanks you Bigmike and RAD for a little levity. While I’m far from happy about our teams performance today i’m not ready to chop everyones head off yet. I love how some of you guys wax poetic about Holmy’s play calling. Get serious!! It was OFTEN frustrating and ineffective and you guys were saying it then too, admit it!

    What I do agree on is our defense needs a whole shot of agression. Successfull defensive teams now rush multiple blitzers, often eight rushers, to get tot he QB and not force the secondary to stay man on man for very long. Bringing one blitzer is basically a worthless endevour and by sitting back and playing coverage you’re just going to endure a long slow painful death. If this is the defense that our new staff has envisioned they need to make some changes, and right now.

  46. variable575 says:

    Thanks for bringing it up bulldog, i wanted to address guys like you who have a love affair for ruskell and mora.

    Mike was predictable at times why?…………..because it WORKED!!! that is until last yr when the coaching controversy started and the impact of ruskells pathetic years as a GM continued to accumulate.

    Your second paragraph isn’t even worth my address.

  47. variable575 says:

    The whole concept of a fan being loyal to a pathetic team baffles me. They’re making millions regardless. If they suck it is our duty to cry bloody murder, not to kiss !$%.

  48. bigmike04 says:

    why does people and i mean some in here think Holmgren would make great GM? He is no bill Parcells who rejuvi Miami last season.. Mike Holmgren draft pick were decent and some were flop. Mike Holmgren is best as HC Period and not as GM.

  49. variable575 says:


    bigmike……….you’re making a statement that applies to all GMs. Some draft picks work out and other don’t. Last time i checked, those key picks of mikes and his crew took us to the superbowl (including FA). What are ruskell’s key picks doing for us………..?

    To the point: By the time mike had his hands around the hawks for four yrs we were at the superbowls door step, with ruskell having four yrs whose door are we knocking on now?
    Mike knows how to build a team more so than rusty penny.

  50. variable575 says:

    Mike is irrelevant though, he’s not coming back to the !@#% sandwich state of affairs that has seattle crying like a baby. Who do they go after now? I only hope that Paul Allen is healthy enough to take command and do what needs to be done.

  51. I can’t say I agree with a lot of the more negative comments here.

    Is there anyone here who expected us to win this game? With how hot Manning and the Colts have been the past couple of weeks? No way. We all knew we would be outclassed.

    This wasn’t just a new and developing Seahawks team going against the NFLs best, this was Travis Fisher, Will Herring, and Jordan Babineaux getting outclassed by the NFLs best quarterback. It was Brandon Frye, Manny Wrotto, and Seneca Wallace getting chased around by a good healthy defense. Did anyone expect they weren’t going to be made to look like fools?

    I’m not upset about this game. I’m still upset about the Bears game, because we were equal to the Bears and we bested them and still came up short on the scoreboard, thanks to bad luck and bad refs. We couldn’t afford to lose that game.

    But today’s game, against a red-hot Manning and his Colts? This game was an L for any team in the league. Time to move on and focus on getting healthy and getting a W next week.

  52. BobbyAyala says:

    Spend both first rounders on o-linemen, for God’s sake, please.

  53. bigmike04 says:

    I am not talking about all GM but Mike Holmgren as GM is worst idea out their and that just my view as the guy is great HC but that just it.

    I am sorry but their has to be a line drawn in middle let HC coach and General manager do his job but work together with HC having alot of say that way your HC/GM doesnt look like Idiot when he made some picks and they floop.

  54. tacstar253 says:

    no trufant, no josh wilson, no hasslebeck= no winning against the colts. its ok the season is still young. lots of crazy stuff can happen in the nfl.

  55. Yea the season is still young, but san fran is running away with the division early.

  56. hellomouthbreathers says:

    Mora is a child, watching him huff and puff along the sidelines like a wee lil babe was just sad. This team wracks dis-i-prin, mistakes after mistake, after mistakes points to a poorly coached team. Funny that the top five pick we get this year will be ours and Denvers pick will be useless and late.

  57. longco44 says:

    Grow up…. Mora can only do so good with the hand he’s dealt. If a player is injured and he doesn’t have sufficient staff to back up certain players while they’re out injured, how is that his fault.

    I know that Mora did aide Ruskell in drafting players, and so on…. HOWEVER, during this time, I didn’t read comments from ANYONE who objected any of the free agents they drafted…

    You all say such harsh words, but then again… Let me ask you this…… DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD MAKE A BETTER COACH? If not, then I agree with an earlier comment from a user on here; SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP……

  58. dacmike says:

    I think everyone knew that we were going to lose against the Colts but the way we lost was pathetic. No emotion at all on both sides of the ball. Senaca looks like a rookie out there still running out of bound instead of throwing it away. The play calling on offense?? I don’t think I have seen so many 2 yard passes before. The Colts could of wracked up 600 yards against us easily and scored whenever they wanted too. Our D is bad, when the Colts were in the red zone and Addai ran 12 yards up the middle barely getting touched??? That would have been another 80 + yard TD if they were at their side of the field, what are the LB’s/secondary doing other then being out of position most of the time. I love how people say if we can get to 3-3 at the bye we will be fine. Really? I would say we are going to lose one of the next home games if Senaca is QB. The hawks are bad on both sides of the ball, it was funny to see Payton make the hawks D check out of a run and then they would run 10 yards +. The haws are not making the playoffs this year with the Niners doing so well.

  59. NickLicatasucks says:

    Big picture- I can be fired up for the rest of the 12 games of the season. Sure, they still have a chance for the division. Remember this- the Hawks and 49ers have pretty much the same schedule this year. So the 49ers get to go into play the Colts, too. They also get to host the Bears.

    The Hawks get to go play the Vikings in Minnesota. So, the season as a whole cannot yet be judged.

    HOWEVER- I hated the Hawks body language and facial expressions. I think they were completely bewildered. There little evidence on passion on that sideline amongst the players. Gus Bradley has it. Mora has it. But Seneca- where do you store it? I guess you just realized you’ll NEVER be paid as a starter or given the opportunity to truly lead a team.

    do I blame the loss on Wallace? No. Its a team game. But hold your teammates accountable. That was painful.

  60. I didn’t know you could draft free agents.

  61. Lefty24 says:

    I don’t think there are many people on here who (realistically) were expecting an upset in Indy. However, as many have already stated, it is the WAY that they lost.

    I still can’t get over the camera shot in the 3rd quarter (I think, may have been 2nd) where they pan across the bench on the Hawks sideline. There were 3 or 4 players (including Housh) that looked like they could care less if the game ended right then and there. You knew they had no fight in them. I’m not sure whether or not I blame them, actually… It’s one thing to claim that they have no passion. I disagree, and in Housh’s case, you can see the passion when he is on the field.

    What’s happening is that we’re seeing that we are not the only ones who have ZERO confidence in the coaching staff and #15. Playcalling has been absurd the past 2 games (this game particularly on both sides of the ball). I think we can all agree on that, but I’m sick of hearing, “Seneca is just a backup, you can’t expect much out of him.”

    Guess what? While Matt is out, Seneca is NOT a backup, he is a starter. Why keep him around if he is not expected to step up when #8 is out and actually WIN us some games?

  62. Norseman says:

    Stevos – I agree. This loss came as no surprise, and i think whats most frustrating is the context of it coming on the heels of two very winnable games which were lost….SF and last week against the bears.

  63. Lefty24 says:

    Did anyone watch the Sunday night game? Down by 28 in the 2nd half, Philip Rivers put a charge (no pun) in his teammates and they absoltely fought back to pull within 7 on the road in Pittsburg. Had their D been able to stop the Stealers (correct spelling), I have no doubt they could’ve tied the game up.

    I’ve never really been a fan of his until last night. Maybe because I saw in him what I so desire to see in our QB, whoever it may be. Matt doesn’t quite have that much intensity, but Seneca is an absolute flat-liner. How can you inspire your entire team, offense and defense, to continue to fight if you can’t even inspire yourself?

  64. longco44 says:

    You know what I meant.. I said it wrong.. Okay, whoop de fu**ing do. I apologize, Im so sorry for saying “drafted free agents”… Want to bend me over and get me from behind to while your at it?

  65. longco44 says:

    HATE TO BREAK IT TO ALL HAWKS FANS (though Im one too), I think San Francisco has this division and is deserving of winning this division.

    There ya go… A new topic to feast over while Im taking it up the chute for saying other things that make no sense! Im on a damn roll.

  66. longco44 says:

    I think the only teams they will beat this year are the Rams, the Lions, and maybe the Titans or Tampa Bay…

    FOLKS, you are looking at another 4-12 or 5-11 season!

  67. seahawklovertoo says:

    As I have stated in my post yesterday after the game, we have to get rid off :
    Ruskell , Mora and all of his coaching staff before they ruin this club . As a young man I was (European) football pro and I had witnessed when players refuse to play /give their best for certain management / coaches even they are supposed to be professionals. This team is done with Mora and his BS. THEY ARE NOT BUYING IT ANY MORE!! It is over with this team leadership; they must be fired in order to save Seahawks’ future. They did good for one year in Atlanta because of Mike Vick’ running ability and the other teams were caught by surprise—-that is it. Other than that , they are just a bunch of losers.
    Same with our trainers/ medical staff ! They are doing something wrong to our players when they prepare them for the games. Too many injuries besides the natural violence of the game. Look at Indi’s Freeney, he was supposed to be out for two weeks minimum, and he played yesterday.
    I don’t understand Allen. He has over a billion in this ball-club and he’s got this quacks taking care of his investment and the players.

  68. seahawklovertoo says:

    As a coach one must have (or earn) his players respect. Singletary is the best example He has earned it as the most feared “D”-man of his times. Even now if one of the 69ers don’t do what he says, ( I’m sure) he’ll wipe the field with his face. American football is A MANS’ SPORT. We have many man on our team who would like to play for a real coaches instead of this impostors in our coaching staff. We need to find another Singletary ( rough and tough with some Superbowl’s under his belt) to lead our team. Someone who earned his “stripes” on the field instead from his loser father as Mora did. We need to find a coach that will treat the Seahawks as his destination instead of just a stepping stone. That is why I would like to see Dungy in Seattle ( and maybe Holmy as a GM).Billick is another maybe. Shanahan, Cowher and “Chucky” are not a good fit Jimmy Johnson would be great but….
    I would never go for Ditka or Parcels.

  69. Settle down, longco. It’s all in good fun. We both have the same favorite team and we both want what’s best for that team. All of us fans just don’t always agree on how to do that.

  70. seahawklovertoo says:

    As a coach one must have (or earn) his players respect. Singletary is the best example He has earned it as the most feared “D”-man of his times. Even now if one of the 69ers don’t do what he says, ( I’m sure) he’ll wipe the field with his face. American football is A MANS’ SPORT. We have many man on our team who would like to play for a real coaches instead of this impostors in our coaching staff. We need to find another Singletary ( rough and tough with some Superbowl’s under his belt) to lead our team. Someone who earned his “stripes” on the field instead from his loser father as Mora did. We need to find a coach that will treat the Seahawks as his destination instead of just a stepping stone. That is why I would like to see Dungy in Seattle ( and maybe Holmy as a GM).Billick is another maybe.

  71. seahawklovertoo says:

    Sorry Bobby, by mistake I pasted Your comment too.

  72. seahawklovertoo says:

    Wow, did I mess this up !! Sorry all.

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