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Injury updates: Is Walter Jones done? Hasselbeck still not ready.

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September 30, 2009 1:43 pm
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AP photo

It was a pretty standard news conference with injury updates, Peyton Manning compliments, meandering answers, but it was our own Eric Williams, who may have asked one of the more interesting questions and received one of the more intriguing answers, concerning Walter Jones.

Eric: Is there concerns that you won’t see him on the field this season, or do you feel ultimately that he will make it back on Sunday at some point this season.

Mora: I hope so. It’s just,  you know, I hope so. I don’t know. I mean I can’t tell you the thought doesn’t cross your mind. But I think we have to give him some time. I think he’s earned that. He’s had a distinguished career. He’s exhibited toughness his whole career.No one can question his commitment to this game, it’s really beyond reproach. We just have to be patient and let him work through this, and then make the best decision for the team when we feel its necessary. Right now we feel the best thing to do is keep working, keep pushing, push a little, back off a little and listen Walter cause nobody how he feels but him.”

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement or a guarantee that Jones will return to the field for the Seahawks.

So what brought this question on?

Well, Mora mentioned that they were going to give Jones some days off this week because there is still some soreness in the left knee that he had recently had scoped.

He was asked on Monday if Jones had suffered a physical setback, but Mora wouldn’t characterize the knee pain as a setback.

“He hasn’t, he hasn’t, as a matter of fact he’s doing well,” Mora said. “I had a long talk with Walt, Monday evening and he still has some pain in that knee. So we’re going to give him a couple days of rest this week. I don’t want to characterize it as a setback because it’s not. It’s just more the process of rehabilitation. As Walt goes out there to practice, what he does is he tries to judge what point in the game he is through practice. When he gets to play four, I’m in the third quarter, how do I feel?

Frankly when he gets to that part of the practice, he starts to experience some pain that’s difficult for him to overcome right now. We know that Walt has some medical limitations that we try to have to overcome. We feel like its in the best interest of Walter to give him a little rest here because he’s been working really hard. We’re hoping its a positive outcome.”

So what does that mean exactly?

Basically, it means that Walt can’t make in through a practice without the knee starting to bother him. And let’s be clear these aren’t full practices. He does individual work and some team work, but not nearly the amount of reps a normal starter or even a key back-up would do.

Then there is the fact that he is carrying about 20 to 30 pounds of extra weight on his frame. It can’t help the rehabilitation. Also because the knee is bothering him, it hinders his ability to condition and lose that weight. Had he been healthy at the start of training camp and practiced on a normal basis, that weight would have been gone by now. But since he can’t condition, it’s going to be difficult to get anywhere near game condition because of physical limitations.

It’s why some people began wondering if we are going to see Walt again in the near future. The prevailing thought by most in the media workroom is that there’s good chance we won’t see him again.

When asked if Walt was discouraged because of the pain, Mora gave a standard answer:

“He was only discouraged in the fact that he can’t be on the field helping this team win, cause that’s his goal. In terms of being discouraged of how he felt physically, maybe a little, but not where he was just in the tank. But more of a concern of, ‘I want to get right because I want to be on the field helping my teammates win.’

Ok, let’s go for some mildly better news.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is probably not going to play this weekend. Mora said Hasselbeck feels better and is making progress, but there is one small problem – it hurts when he takes a deep breath.

“The holdup quite simply with Matt is that he can’t run yet,” Mora said. “When he takes deep breaths, there is pain. When you’re a quarterback you have to run a little bit and when you’re in a game you have to take deep breaths, so that’s the holdup there. As soon as he moves through that, we’ll start moving working him back in there.”

Mora later admitted that both Jones and Hasselbeck will not play against Indianapolis

OK, let’s get to the other injuries because there is still about eight other guys to list.

Chris Spencer (quad) – will practice and will do well. His stamina was a little down on Sunday, but Mora think he’ll make a big step this week

Ken Lucas (groin) — “He didn’t come out of the game any worse for the wear, as a matter of fact he was a little bit better than he was the week before,” Mora said.  Lucas will be a limited to day, but he should be fine for Sunday.

Lofa Tatupu (hamstring) — Mora classified him as “Go as able” meaning that Lofa will take limited team reps and assuming he’s good he should be ready for Sunday.

Josh Wilson (high ankle sprain) — He’s actually surprised the Seahawks with his progress. What was thought to be a few weeks could be shorter. He will do some individual work today. They will see how he feels and then see if he’s up for doing more. So he’s ahead of schedule.

Brandon Frye (groin) — He won’t practice today, but all indications are that he’ll be fine for Sunday.

Rob Sims (oblique) — He won’t practice  today, but tomorrow will be a critical day to see where he is at for Sunday.

Jordan Babineaux (neck) — He won’t practice today, it’s a little sore, but nothing too serious.

Sean Locklear (high ankle sprain) — While Wilson is ahead of schedule, Locklear remains on schedule. Mora just said that Wilson is probably a faster healer than Locklear.

Also there was a few practice squad moves …
They’ve added OL Na’Shon Goddard, OL Brian De La Puente (for like the third time) and former Husky running back Louis Rankin to the practice squad.

They dropped WR Logan Payne, RB Devin Moore and LB Thomas Williams.

The move to add the linemen was based on depth issues with all the injuries to the offensive line. As for Rankin, Mora said he liked the speed and size of Rankin in comparison to Moore. He also lamented letting go of Payne, but admitted it was necessary move.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    All but Walt are good to hear. Matt’s injury sounds quite normal for what he has. Sounds like he’s coming along. At this point I’m hoping they can get to the bye 3-3 and he would be totally healed at that point. Perhaps they “rush” him back if necessary. Is it possible Josh could be ready for Indy? Seem improbable but great to hear regardless.

    Back to Walt: Been hoping and wishing for a return to some level of health but I can’t say this is shocking news. When I first read he was having microfracture surgery I felt then he may be done. And nothing since then, from the back to the most recent scope, has been terribly encouraging. He’s a warrior and if he doesn’t go it’s because he can’t. Not because he doesn’t want to.

    “… But I think we have to give him some time. I think he’s earned that” He’s the best player the Seahawks have ever had, only Largent can touch him. You’re damn right he’s earned it.

  2. hellomouthbreathers says:

    Fragileback is done, time to move him along or he will completely kill this season, if it isn’t already toast. He will take snaps, he will force the offense to deal with two completely different speeds, and he will not ultimately recover. Wallace is our QB, now. That is the bed they made, now it’s time to focus on that. Get down to 1-4, 1-5, and they will not have a chance, let Wallace come in and play his .500 ball, and maybe he grows comfortable enough to actually make a difference later.

    Jones is done, too. We knew that that was the case last season. That is why the smart money was on a tackle in the draft.

    This is football, this isn’t rocket science, time to move on or be mired in mud all season.

  3. sigh. We know this could end up being the case with Walt. To me, Hasselbeck being unable to run or breathe without pain yet is more bothersome.

    I guess we can expect a flood of posts saying “Ruskell should have drafted an OT in the first round”. Of course, if he had then the same people would be watching Herring, Hawthorne, and Lewis at LB and saying “stupid GM should have drafted Curry”.

    Bottom line, we can win with Locklear, Willis, and Frye, if they all get healthy.

  4. This news on Walt makes me sick. It’s easy to bury your head in the sand and hope for the best, but the reality of his situation sucks. He’s been a great warrior and I’m thankful for everything he has given. I hope to see him again later this year… but if it is game-set-match for his career, well, it’s been an honor to have him on “my” team. It would be great if he could come back after the bye and protect Matt’s back and get a SB win before riding off into the sunset.

  5. jmatt8711 says:

    huh, two different speeds?, hasselbeck done ? not ultimately recover?
    jones is done two?, there is so many things wrong with this post.
    2 yrs ago this blog would have had 20 comments by now.
    matt will be back. team will play at the same speed……..all out.
    ribs do heal 2 to 4 weeks tops.
    why do i bother.

  6. Realistically, this season is done. Matt will not play anywhere near 50% until the end of the season. With the ribs hurt, the spine takes on a lot more load from compensating for soreness. Increased load equals more sensitivity which equals susceptibility for additional injury. Season’s over for him.

    Walt, you’ve been the heart and soul of the offense. Unfortunately, as you get older, your body just can’t possibly hold up to the pounding. Get out of this game while you can still walk. You’ve earned your non-stop, express ticket to Canton. We’ll see you when your name is unveiled on the Ring of Honor.

    Branch…sorry dude. It just didn’t work out. Your stemware body is not suited for our team. Your jersey sure looks nice when you wear it…but it is time to hand it to one of our bright, young, physically capable wide receivers-in-waiting. Unfortunately for all of us, you’ll be remembered in the same vein as Kelly Stouffer in Seattle (Stouffer played more games than you, by the way).

    Ruskell…it is time. Pull the trigger on the season. Let’s see Teel get some snaps. Seneca is a great BACK-UP QB. Fantastic for holding the clipboard and transmitting plays via hand signals.

    Let’s see the youngsters work their way into the playbook and prepare for 201o and our two first round picks.

  7. RichmondHawk says:

    I’m trying to be as sensitive as possible about the whole situation because I hold Mr. Walter Jones in the utmost respect but it does not look good.

    If Walt can’t go and needs to retire, fine. He was the greatest OL that Seattle ever had and it was great to have him.

  8. The post or the comment? I didn’t think I had anything wrong in the blog post, save for a few typos, which I always try to go back and edit.

  9. some of these posts make my balls hurt.

    I’m looking forward to a Sunday about a month from now when Hasselbeck will step back in the pocket to pass, Walter Jones will knock an on-coming pass rusher clear into tomorrow, and Hasselbeck will throw a strike to Deion Branch streaking into the end zone. Take that, neggies.

  10. I meant that “some of these comments” are BS. The post was fine, good info.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t care if this makes me sound like a dick. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but excluding your second paragraph, that was a terrible post. Pure conjecture, all defeatist. This team is 1-2 and you have thrown the season away? I’m embarrassed for you.

  12. Nice post Ryan. I can’t handle all this negativity, I’m outta here….

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Indeed, my comments were in reference to GeeMan.

  14. The mention of Teel again….. On that note, anyone think Teel gets some playing time this Sunday if we’re getting crushed???? Like I said in a post yesterday, we’re not likely to stay well with Indy and our season really starts in week 5….. IMHO, giving Teel some playin’ time in a lopsided game doesn’t sound bad….

  15. nidhighe says:

    “Ruskell…it is time. Pull the trigger on the season.”

    Um, no. We’re only three games into the season. The season isn’t over until we’re eliminated from playoff contention. In the NFC West, we’re still a long way from that.

    But at the end of the season, if it doesn’t result in the playoffs, it may be time for Paul Allen to pull the trigger on the Tim Ruskell Era. Other than bringing in a few key players in 2005, Ruskell’s been going in reverse ever since.

  16. The SEASON IS OVER??? 3 games into the season Come on Dude

    Untill we have more than 8 losses the season far from over, heck in this division it might be more losses, but throw in the towl after 3 games and put the goon squad in give me a break.

    Whats wrong with the formatting here, every other day seems like there are problems, right now cutting off words.

  17. Mau…. I’m with you…. season ain’t over by a LONG shot! I still see us taking our division and doing well in the playoffs… second through fourth games be Darned! ;-)… Serious… would just appreciate no serious injuries Sunday and “questionables” like Lofa don’t play…. After that, let’s make our impressions on the Jags and the Cards…. show everyone who we REALLY are!

  18. As much I love the man, big Walt needs to retire.

  19. Ooops!!! Meant to add that your quesion was a good one Eric!!!

    Great job!

  20. You folks scoff at my comments regarding the season status. Let me ask you how the Hawks fared in the 2008 season with Matt out? Granted, the patch-work (sans Big Walt) o-line played way above their capabilities in the final few games and looked fairly decent. They haven’t looked horrible this year, but they’re far from good without a healthy Jones at LT.

    Our running game, while showing some life, looks to be on the decline as Seneca gets nervous, while playing from behind (on the scoreboard). J. Jones looked fair last week averaging 5.2 yds/carry. But that didn’t translate into TDs. Seneca’s redzone offense is pathetic (I’m being nice, here).

    When I talk about it being over, I look at past and current trends. This season, we are heading down fast.

    You’ll all be in agreement with me as the trend continues.

  21. “Question” ;-)

  22. Sorry to hear about Walter. Like most of the rest I am thinking he might be done. Unfortunate to say the least.

    As for Matt, I cannot begin to express my frustration with his percentage of missed games in the last few years due to injury. During the draft I was telling myself we need to draft a strong quarterback because I give Matt 2 to 3 games before he gets hurt again!!. I should have went to Vegas with that bet.

    The season is not over yet, but yes I did keep telling myselft that last year as I shelled out 100’s to get to the games from Alaska.

    Well I guess time will tell.

  23. It’s tough to walk the line between being cynical, being realistic and being a good fan.

    Since I’m not a fan, I don’t have to worry about that.

    The Hawks injuries are very real and very problematic, but I’m trying not to completely give up on the entire season. If Matt can make it back within the next few weeks, some wins could be salvaged. Remember this division isn’t great.

    As for Walt, I just don’t see him being ready for at least a month. Maybe I’m wrong, but I really don’t think I am.

  24. bulldog80 says:

    “Pull the trigger on end of season”?? Some of you guys need to get a life. Even as injured as our starters are they’ve been competitive in both losses. I was encouraged by how Seneca played. Sure he made some mistakes but if he hits just ONE of those deep balls he overthrew we win the bear game.

    When our LB’s get back we will be better on defense and our O-line with or without Walt (hopefully with) will be just fine. GET A GRIP. We’re the best team in our division and we will win it in the end.

  25. GriffinNW says:

    Walt is done man. Even if he gets a couple games, he’s running on empty.
    We badly need to go out and get us a quality LT, in free agency or the draft next year.
    That is too bad. Walt has been nothing but gold for us.

    CB situation freaks me out. Lucas tweaks himself, and we’re looking at Jennings Fischer and what, Babs? Uh oh.

    I would like to see what Rankin can do, but each back has their own duties and whatnot on the team. Would he replace Edge? I’m sure Rankin will just stay on PS actually.

  26. bulldog80 says:

    One more thing. I absolutely love the passion that Mora shows at his press conferences. I was pissed about the loss too and to here him show that he actually cares (unlike Holmy) just about brings tears to my eyes. Actually hearing OUR coach talk about individual accountability is awesome!! Keep it up Jimbo!!!

  27. Season’s not done by a long shot. We are only three games in, one game back of the division lead, in one of the weaker divisions in the league. Ridiculous. Don’t really understand why some want to write things off before they have to.

    And, people are now saying with certainty, “Walt is done” – based on what?

    As long as #8 comes back (and it’s comical to say that he’s ‘weak’ b/c he broke a rib), we’ll be fine.

  28. badcat63 says:

    Walt is and will be missed by all true Seahawk, and NFL fans. He is among the best to play his critical position in the recent NFL. He is our best o lineman ever. I still hope he can return but having watched Tubbs struggle with a similar injury hope can only go so far. God bless Walter Jones and all he has done for us. Here is to a hopefully good recovery but more to a better long and happy life.

    I had the good fortune to watch Gene Upshaw and Art Shell growing up in the Bay area. The 63 in badcat63 is homage to Upshaw. I played O line when I was in H.S. many years ago so I appreciate excellent line play. I also watched as Gus Otto had dozens of surgeries on his legs, could barely walk, and then lost his leg. With that in mind I pray Walt stays in as long as he can but also knows when to get out. As much as we forget life is really more than football.

    God bless Walter Jones.


  29. here’s a question – if Lofa is back and ready – how do we keep Hawthorne (and his 16 tackles, 15 solo) on the field? Nothing against Herring, but can Hawthorne play on the outside too?

  30. badcat63 says:

    Oh, the season isn’t over till the fat lady sings after the fourth quarter of the 16th game of the season. That is a long way away from now.

    A difficult year and injuries are not to be confused with a bad year. How we handle the injuries and difficulties is what matters. If you want to give-up on the Hawks after 3 weeks then go ahead. Right now they have the same record as the two teams that played in the ’08 Super Bowl. Teams have come from worse than 1 – 3 and made the playoffs. Let’s support the Hawks efforts along those lines. I know I will.


  31. Its not 2005 anymore, this team sucks.

  32. The season isn’t over after just three games but I don’t have a problem with someone expressing that view. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion.

    I’m thinking the Hawks get some players back, lose at Indy, Dallas. Win at home against Jax, Ariz and Detroit. At 4-4 and if they get all the walking wounded back they win the division.

    I still think Ruskell was naive about the potential injury issues on the O line.

  33. freedom_X says:

    On the other hand, you can’t be three deep at every position. Part of Unger’s value is that he can play any of the line positions. Frankly, unless they spent the #1 or #2 pick on a tackle, I don’t think anyone could count on a 3rd round or later OL pick being better *this season* than a lot of retreads on the waiver wire. Down the road, yes, but not necessarily this season.

    Perhaps Ryan can confirm, but I heard part of the Mora conference on radio and I think the moving Hawthorne topic was discussed. Mora said something like “He’s [Hawthorne] young and we don’t want to overload him. He’s doing well and we want to keep him going there.”

    I’d agree with that unless Herring was terrible (and I think Herring has been decent, especially in coverage.) Plus MLB doesn’t necessarily translate to OLB anyway. But just like Unger, I’d prefer to let the young player gain more confidence in learning and feeling good about one position, so he’s top notch there instead of being master of none. Only if injuries force the issue should these guys get moved, until they truly master their current positions.

  34. I’m also not a Seneca fan as I have posted before. This year I hoped for an 8-8 season with Matt so who knows now. I do know this, when AZ comes to town our LB’s are going to set a new NFL record. They will chase Warner 29 yards out of the pocket and squash him.

  35. Seahawks2620 says:

    By the time Walt gets in there the season is going to be hopeless and then there will be absolutely no point in him risking further injury.

  36. Coolalvin says:

    This season is looking more and more like 2008. Without Hass, 1-3 is a reality against a good Colts team. Just plain frustrating since we tried to put last year behind us.

    Also, are the Hawks looking for a QB off the wire to fill so Seneca can go back on the sidelines?(IE Jeff Garcia)

  37. vichawkfan says:

    this question has probably already been addressed, but who are the strength and conditioning coaches? I know we haven’t fired any for the past few years. I’m also aware the preseason talk in this regard sounded positive….as in, we weren’t as tired as the other team in the 2nd half. But c’mon…..groins, hamstrings, backs (Matt’s injury is non-related to conditioning IMO)….but seems to me the “nicks” and strains mean something we’re not doing well. Maybe the sea-level air has something to do with it…..I’m at a loss.
    In other news, taking my 6 month pregnant wife to her first game on the 11th….a big #80 jersey in the Hawks nest over my future Hawk family fan member.

  38. Eric, Ryan, or anyone else with an idea…

    What’s the chance of Hass playing against Jacksonville? Pleased to announce that me and the two and a half other Seattle fans (me and pregnant wife) from NM are taking a long overdue trip for our first game at Qwest Field. Would love to get to see some starters play…

  39. nighthawk2 says:

    This is exactly what I was saying was going to happen with microfracture knee surgery on a 36 year old offensive tackle. And there was nothing, nada, done by the front office to address that. Apparently they live in some realm other than reality as much as a lot of the posters here do. Walt was great, and he should have his number retired and put up on the ROH, and in 5 years we’ll be watching his induction into the Hall of Fame; but his career is over and we won’t be seeing him suit up and be on the field again. I understand passing on a tackle in favor of Curry at 4, but we could have traded down with someone who wanted him and gotten a tackle. If Ruskell had not traded away the 4th and 5 th round picks, we could have addressed some depth at tackle with those picks. Although looking at the offensive line “talent” he’s drafted since he’s been here, it’s probably just as well he didn’t take a tackle.

    The only way this team wins at Indy in it’s current state is if they commit 6 turnovers and get called for a ton of penalties. It’s a 10am Pacific start time, in a loud, indoor stadium on the road. What’s the Seahawks record in that situation? Not good. I expect us to win the Jacksonville game, and since my ex is a Jaguars fan, I don’t want find out if crow tastes better fried, BBQ or baked. The only way we beat Arizona here is if Whizenhunt still hasn’t learned the lesson that last Sunday night should have taught him, since he completely failed to learn it in the Super Bowl, i.e. that Wayne Gandy cannot handle speed rushers on the edge, and therefore needs to have the tight end on that side to help him out. Even then Warner still had chances to pull it out for them, especially if the refs hadn’t ignored that corner grabbing Boldin’s helmet in the end zone, which would have nullified the INT and put the Cardinals on Indy’s 1 yard line with a 1st and goal. And their D hadn’t let a backup nobody receiver take a routine pass to the house for a touchdown.

    We’re looking at 2-4 in all likihood at the bye. After the bye week, there are only FOUR home games. This is the schedule after week 7:

    AT Dallas (10am Pacific start time),
    AT Arizona (haven’t won there since 2005),
    AT Minnesota 10am start time
    AT St. Louis (10am start time)
    San Francisco
    AT Houston (10am start time)
    Tampa Bay
    AT Green Bay (10am start time, outdoors, Dec 27)

    That’s a stretch of 3 straight road games in November and 3 of the first 4 after the bye. The good news is that those 4 road games are in stadiums that are domes or can have the roof closed to be domes (in November). The bad news is 10am start times except for Arizona, where we haven’t won since the Super Bowl season.

    No, a coach publicly throwing a player under the bus in a press conference, and then not releasing him so he gets to be in that lockerroom and practice field after that, is not wonderful or something to cheer or get misty about. It’s a classless act by a coach who showed he’s an A-hole. Passionate is fine, doing that in public is not.

  40. welcome, nighthawk2. geeman and the other nattering nabobs of negativism were waiting for you to join their pissin match.

    Exactly the same people who would be screaming for Tim Ruskell’s head if he had passed on Aaron Curry are now screaming that he should have drafted or traded for one of the mediocre overpriced OTs instead. Guys, you should go root for Arizona, or Oakland. You’ll be happy there. See ya.

    Some of us are true Seahawks fans and we believe in our team.

  41. Yah…we could have gotten André Smith, who is currently on IR for the Bengals. Wow…how much better than having Aaron Curry that would be :P

  42. RichmondHawk says:

    That’s funny how fans try to deny fate. Fact is when players come back from an injury and are deemed healthy then start having problems with that same issue again they’re usually done. Does anyone remember Marcus Tubbs? Nuff said.

  43. Stevos,

    I am certainly glad that there are still folks like you who live in fantasy land. I understand that reality is harsh and burying your head in the sand provides a measure of comfort.

    I, unlike a fair amount of posters here, like to deal with the harsh realities of being a fan of the game and of this team. But I’m not just the casual interested fan. I’ve been watching this team since day one. I’ve been a season ticket holder for the last 11 seasons. I have watched every snap of every game for the last 15+ seasons.

    Don’t get me wrong on the dose of reality I’ve posted here. I have certainly seen some bright spots with the young players. Our back-ups (and that is all most of them will ever be) have played admirably. Mora has infused this team with some new fire, but that doesn’t always translate into a winning attitude. In Mora’s defense, he can only play the cards he’s dealt. An aging, injury-prone QB (a damn good one, by the way) is the Achilles heel of any plan he had for 2009.

    nighthawk2 laid it all out for you. The Hawks will be 1-3 by Sunday afternoon. In order to establish a winning pattern (not to simply make the playoffs), this team will have to reel off 9 wins in the next 12 games. Realistically, the winner of the NFC west is going to be a 10-6 (at best) team. Possibly, 9-7. I don’t see the Hawks winning 8 more games, let alone 9, with a back-up QB and an injury riddled team.

    Who’s going down in Indy this weekend? Are we rushing Tatupu back? Will he sustain a season-ending injury because he returned too soon? What about the intangibles? What about the ACLs and the high ankle sprains? What if Seneca separates his shoulder when he takes a big hit?

    This is reality folks, not negativism.

  44. badcat63 says:

    Reality is that it is week 4 and not week 16. That’s why they play the games.

    Writing off the whole season in week 4 isn’t reality it is anti-sport. Should we just concede the last 13 games and not try? Just not show up? That seems to be what some “fans” want. We have had bad years before and this may well be another but again…

    that’s why they play the games, and “fans” is short hand for fanatics such as we ALWAYS support our home team. Good, bad or ugly. They are our Seahawks. Wanna complain – fine – go ahead. Wanna give-up – fine go ahead. Wanna carp at everyone fine – go ahead. But don’t call that reality. We don’t really know how the season will progress or end, yet. Unless you think you know it all. I know I don’t.

    That’s why they play the games.

    GO SEAHAWKS (from a FAN)

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