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Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 29, 2009 at 4:34 pm with 30 Comments »
September 29, 2009 4:35 pm
2009 Stats Seahawks Colts
Record 1-2 3-0
Total Yards Gained 1,075 1,226
Total Offense (NFLRank) 358.3 (10) 408.7 (4)
Rush Offense 112.0 (15) 86.0 (26)
Pass Offense 246.3 (12) 322.7 (1)
Points Per Game 19.0 (t20) 24.0 (9)
Total Yards Allowed 944 954
Total Defense 314.7 (11) 318.0 (12)
Rush Defense 139.3 (25) 125.7 (21)
Pass Defense 175.3 (7) 192.3 (10)
Points Allowed/Game 16.0 (t4) 15.0 (3)
Possession Avg. 29:11 26:50
Sacked/Yds. Lost 4/25 2/15
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 9/56 7/67
Interceptions By 1 3
Penalties/Yds. 14/115 14/106
Punts/Avg. 14/52.8 9/44.6
Turnover Differential -3 (t27) +1 (t12)
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  1. Surprisingly close stat’s except for the W-L….. On the road, I don’t expect to win, so perhaps that’s a plus…. no high expectations… a surprise here is really asking a lot… Wierd, wierd SF game with the injuries, etc…. then the dissapointing last week with the Bears, ref calls, Red Zone failure, missed FG”s……. I believe our season starts in week FIVE! I wouldn’t be playing anyone even slightly injured this week, kick the Jag’s around the week after….

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Those numbers aren’t nearly as lopsided as some of the alarmists would have us believe.

  3. bird_spit says:

    One thing we can brag about is the punt avg. Geez, 52 yds.

    I agree, numbers arent bad. Turnover ratio is a telling sign for the ’09 Seahawks.
    Rush defense, but they improved greatly in the last game. Maybe Mora/Knapp arent the dip-shits that many made them out to be.

    I think Seahawk nation vented. I ‘m ready to see what the Hawks can do in Indy. I dont expect much,and thats the type of game that is always fun to watch…low expectations means plenty of surprises.

  4. I think we have a chance if Hass can play because the Colts may think they can take the week off. Here’s to hoping. The encougaring thing is that both the 69ers and the Tardinals lost last week.

  5. Alway expect a WIN!!! with realistic expectations.
    I expected to win vs the bears, we should have if so many people would have played better, it wasn’t 1 play or player but many failing to execute.

    Payton Manning is good but he’s not a GOD, + they suck at running the ball, and their Defense is average.
    A couple of breaks over 2 games for us and its a primetime matchup of 3-0’s.

    Yea its on the Road big whoop. The boys need to find whatever motivation they need to WIN a road game, Change jerseys, go retro, have the coaches kick em in the nuts, wake up early, stay up late, whatever. No more excuses like: travel, east coast time, backups, etc.
    WIN get the monkey off of our backs turn the season around, come home excited.

    This game is not over our heads, yea its a challenge, but this is not the 76 hawks where they had no talent ok minimal talent.
    Play well, execute, cut the lame turnovers, dropped passes, missed FG’s and missed tackles it’ll be a game.
    Keep playing subpar and we’ll get beat
    I still expect to win this game

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Ryan, I see that Dick Stockton is doing the game again this weekend. I beseech you; when you run into him in Indy, please help him pronounce Mare’s name correctly. In addition to the usual amount he’ll be called on to say it, you know the whole Mora presser flap will be brought up and I can’t handle a morning of MarA. MarA, MarA. It’s Mare. His pronunciation of Mare’s name is stark, to say the least. Thank you in advance.

  7. The Seahawks numbers are inflated by the Rams game. Personally, I’m just hoping they keep it within 14 points this Sunday.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Certainly the play on the field isn’t reflected accurately in the cumulative totals. Regardless, in addition to getting key players back, it’s another small sign this game isn’t as lopsided as it appears at first glance.

  9. Before the year, this was the only game I didn’t expect us to win. I hope for an improbable win.

    Silver lining – although no other team in the league has suffered injuries like us, there are teams who are losing stars. The Colts are without Freeney for us… and Big Hair Fro is still missing from Pitt, Miami is minus their QB for the season, and New Orleans just lost their Pro Bowl LT for the season. We’re not the only team the injury bug is hitting, but it sucks that we seem to have so many more out than every other team though. At least we still have a chance to have everyone healthy for later in the year (I hope it’s not too late by then).

  10. YeeHaawks says:

    Keep Matt out another game, let Teel get a start or at least some playing time. We need to see what he can do so we don’t piss away another draft pick on a QB! We’ve seen, in my opinion enough of Seneca. After our 1-3 start we can pick up the pieces and try to salvage this season.

  11. The two stats that have determined the 1-3… errrr, I mean 1-2 for another 5 days… start to the season:

    Points Per Game 19.0 (t20) 24.0 (9)
    We can’t get into the offense offensively. Only 150 gross yards offense difference but 5 points per game? Wow.

    Turnover Differential -3 (t27) +1 (t12)
    Lose the ball = Lose the game

  12. …meant “endzone offensively”…

  13. I am surprised about our turnover differential just for the simple fact that Mora seemed to focus on that stat so much during camp. I know all teams talk about winning that battle, but he seemed to emphasize it so much more. We need our QB back and healthy and our star LT to protect his blind side. Anyone else pleasantly surprised by Frye on Sunday?

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Turnovers do tend to come in bunches. Aside from that, the d has forced a few fumbles that they haven’t recovered, so that differential could easily be 1 or 2 rather than 4.

    And yes, I too thought Frye played a fairly solid game Sunday.

  15. While I don’t expect to get turnovers in bunches against Indy… here’s to hoping… I can almost guarantee we don’t win on Sunday if we don’t win the turnover battle…

  16. nidhighe says:

    “Keep Matt out another game, let Teel get a start or at least some playing time.”

    Only if this is the end of the season and the team is out of playoff contention.

  17. The 2003-2007 Seahawks won just 1 game on the road against a team that finished the year with a winning record (1-16 total).

    The Seahawks are 5-15 in their last 20 games with three of those wins against the Rams and the Colts are 15-5 in those same 20 games.

    If the Colts are as good as we think they are and the Seahawks win this game, this would be the second greatest road win in Seahawks history – with Seneca Wallace as the starting QB.

    Given the above, I’ll take anything within 14 as my moral victory!

  18. The real stats:

    Key plays executed to win games:
    Indianapolis: Many
    Seattle: Few

    Key plays executed flawlessly by QB to win games:
    Manning: Many
    Wallace: we’re still waiting…

  19. nidhighe says:

    Sando posted an interesting stat…Seneca is ranked fifth in the league so far in terms of QB rating on third downs (107.1). Now if he can just be more consistent on first and second downs.

  20. Seneca is what he is…

    A back-up who makes plays like a star in this league.

    And a back-up who makes boneheaded plays that hurt.

    In the grand scheme of things, he doesn’t suck, nor is he good (although he has his moments of idiot decisions, along with great plays).

    We all need to accept that he is who he is… and, no, we don’t replace him with Teel in week 4 of the season. If we’re 2-10… then, yes, we play Teel for a month to see what we’ve got, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Even if we lose at Indy, I still expect us to win the West (although the margin of error is going to be greatly reduced).

    I believe in this team and coaching staff (as long as Mora doesn’t play the blame game EVER again… unless it’s a Bill Leavy situation).

  21. I don’t see Seneca as bad as most of you.
    SOmebody said he has a over a 100 rating on 3rd down?
    He’s a back up qb that put us in a position to win vs the Bears. (vs most of their starters) How many backups can do that?

    You complain about a couple of bad plays..
    The INT? running out of bounds? The throw to Housh.
    How many yrs of starting did it take Matt to stop doing his whirly bird throws? Throwing ill-advised passes? How many yrs has Seneca been the starter?

    That throw to Housh didn’t turn out badly.. I’ve heard many QB’s over the years say that sometimes you just have to throw it and hope your guys can make plays… There are different ways to look at things here. Why is everything the end of the world? Indy will be tough but we’re only one game out of first place..
    Here’s a thought, Nate had a big day. Hawthorne tore it up. Curry did better, forced a fumble. TJ caught some passes with a bad back and a twisted hand. Brandon Fry protected the qb. The Bears brought the blitz all 2nd half, how many sacks were there?
    Things don’t get much better this week with the Colts but We almost beat the Bears with 10 starters out. They just beat the Steelers. I have hope for this season.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Seneca needs to make better decisions with the ball. You can’t throw it up hoping one of your guys makes a play, on the run from your own end zone, or deep in your own territory. He made some plays and some unreal throws on the run, no denying it. But he seemed panicked at times that caused him to make really poor decisions. I would like to see him play with more poise against Indy. Even on the run, you’ve got to stay in control.

  23. mocarob – All GMs around the league don’t feel your admiration for Seneca as a starting QB (or potential as a starter) or they would have tried trading for him to make him their starter. Plenty of teams have had a back-up come through if a starter has been out and later on those starters seem to get traded for. I have never heard of any Seneca offers in the years that he’s replaced Matt here and there.

  24. reshumate says:

    It’s fairly obvious if you watch Seneca he can’t see anything over the middle when he throws from the pocket. That kind of hurts him in most GM’s eyes.

    They really do have to devise a gameplan where he rolls out on nearly every pass play. Only way he’s effective.

  25. IdahoHawk says:

    Call me the glass is half full, but I think this game is going to be closer than you would think. No Dwight Freeney for Indy, so thats got to account for something. Go Hawks

  26. Seneca has his impressive plays and his “oh-no” plays. If he didn’t show so much potential then his mistakes wouldn’t be so maddening. I agree with the comment that Hasselbeck as a young player used to be the same way.

    I see one chance for Seneca to step up and win against the Colts. Keep depending on Seneca’s footwork to beat the pass rush; that works. Keep rolling him out; that works. But make sure he stops throwing on the run; it is not his strength. Either he needs to plant his feet, or he needs to suck it up and run. The team’s back is to the wall and our coaches need to let Seneca roll out and run the ball a few more times per game. He often has a better chance of making the needed yardage on 3rd down with his legs instead of his arm. Let him.

  27. longco44 says:

    I know its because I had a better vantage point than Wallace at the game last weekend because I was above the field, looking down. A closer look at some of those plays, brought up the question to me; “why he didn’t just tuck the ball and run with it at times”? Instead he seemed to scramble from the left to the right, back and fourth just to throw an incomplete pass…

  28. ratman44 says:

    Personally I thought the if Wallace would have just thrown the ball away a couple times, and took off running a couple times that the Hawks would have won the game.

    I remmebr the one play where he had Carlson 4 yards in front of him, with a defender right in front of Carlson. I was thinking that Wallace should have directed Carlson to block the LB then take off running. Wallace would have had the first down easy, but instead he flipped the ball to carlson and he dropped it.

  29. “Seneca is what he is…

    A back-up who makes plays like a star in this league.

    And a back-up who makes boneheaded plays that hurt.

    In the grand scheme of things, he doesn’t suck, nor is he good (although he has his moments of idiot decisions, along with great plays). ”

    I think that’s about right on Seneca. And I completely agree with the posters who say that he needs to tuck the ball and run when he has the chance. It’s almost like he was so pigeonholed as an ‘athlete/running’ QB that he goes out of his way to play the other way.

    Hopefully, they can point out on film how many yards he had avaiable, even if he slides at the end of every run to protect himself.

    I think this week is tough, b/c, as has been pointed out, Manning is very much at the top of his game – and that top is basically the best the position is played in the league. Our pass D is not our strength, so I think the Colts will put up at least 28 points. Can our offense keep pace? Don’t know . . ..

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