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Mora: Mare’s missed kicks not acceptable

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 27, 2009 at 6:00 pm with 154 Comments »
September 28, 2009 10:37 am

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said the Seahawks have a small margin for error with nine projected starters for the 2009 season not on the field at the end of the game for his team.

He praised quarterback Seneca Wallace, saying he played admirably under the circumstances, keeping plays alive with his legs but making some costly mistakes that could have extended drives for the Seahawks.

However, Mora saved his anger for kicker Olindo Mare, who connected on four of six field goals today, but missed wide left from 43 yards at the end of the first half. Mare also pushed a 34-yarder wide left that would have given Seattle a 16-14 lead midway through the third quarter.

Both kicks were missed heading toward the north end zone, where there’s usually a little wind in the kicker’s face. But Mora didn’t want to hear any excuses.

“If you’re a kicker in the National Football League you should make those kicks – bottom line,” Mora said. “End of story. Period. No excuses. No wind, doesn’t matter. You’ve gotta makes those kicks.

“Espcecially in a game like this, where you’re kicking and fighting and scratching your tail off and you miss those kicks, it’s not acceptable. Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable.”

When asked if he would consider making a change at kicker, Mora said the team will look at making changes everywhere on the team.

“We’re not going to fight our ass off, and have a field goal kicker go out there and miss two field goals and lose a game. It’s not going to happen.”

On the game-winning touchdown by Chicago, when Jay Cutler connected with Devin Hester on a 36-yard slant route for the go-ahead score, Mora said the Seahawks were in man coverage and Hester just made a play, beating cornerback Travis Fisher and avoiding a hit from Deon Grant.

On the third-and-1 call early in the fourth quarter where the Seahawks tried a reverse to Deion Branch that resulted in an 8-yard loss, Mora said he thought it would be a great play for his team, but the Bears were in the right defense on the play.

And on the unsuccessful challenge of wide receiver Johnny Knox’s 7-yard touchdown, Mora said he thought he saw Knox’s foot touch the white part of the sideline before he got in, and decided himself to challenge.

“I knew that I had a limited chance to get that, but sometimes you challenge to give your team a chance to take a breath,” Mora said. “That necessarily wasn’t the time, because it was either going to be a touchdown or not. That’s what I was thinking right there.”

On the injury front, Rob Sims injured his oblique and will be evaluated. Ken Lucas re-aggravated his groin, and Brandon Frye suffered a groin strain but played through the injury.

Mora said things would have gotten interesting if Frye had to go out, because Sims was his backup. So Max Unger would have switched to left tackle, and Steve Vallos would have went in at right guard.

Mora also said Deion Branch served as the team’s third quarterback, but only knew a handful of plays. Brian Russell had served as the team’s third quarterback in the past in situations like that.

Even though the Seahawks have lost two straight and our 1-2 heading into a game at Indianapolis, Mora said his team is not panicking.

“As gloomy as I feel, I will say this to you,” Mora said. “The sky is not falling. We are about to get some really good football players back playing football for us. We just have to weather the storm, and the way you do that is you hang in there together.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Coach Mora, I beg you. No more gadget plays. No more reverses. No more flea flickers. Play straight up, solid football. You should be able to pick up 1 yard without having to resort to “trick ‘em”. Because it worked against the Rams does not mean it will work against solid teams. Thank you.

  2. i totally disagree. We need the gadgets because Seneca CANNOT win us the game. Seneca almost threw 5 INTs in this game and he also fumbled a ball that almost cost us the drive until JJ pulled one out of nowhere on that TD. Seneca was worse than I had thought and the D played well enough for an average backup QB to get us a win.

  3. Mare didn’t lose this game. The bears missed a FG too and they have a better kicker. Kickers dont make every FG. We had other chances to get more points and especially not settle for FG attempts but Seneca could not make it happen.

  4. Julius Jones had his best game as a Seahawk against a pretty good defense – just when I thought he was a stiff. They need to try to ride him to a 1300 yard season.

    Today was the first time the Bears won in Seattle since 1976 . Combined with last year’s historical performance by Gore (2nd man in NFL history with those 2 long TD runs), I’m wonder what the Seahawks can do next week as an encore. Maybe Manning can set the NFL record for TD throws in 1 game?

    Cutler also had his 4th best career game in terms of passer rating. He had his way with the Seahawks today. Mora should figure out why he couldn’t stop him at home instead of going crazy about the Kicker.

  5. I have to say that I’m not really sure how I feel about this game. On one hand I’m extremely disappointed that we lost a clost one to the bears at home. On the other hand I’m suprised we only lost by six points (also having missed two field goals) with 9 of our key starters out. Yes, we’re 1 and 2, but teams better watch out for us when we get most of our starters back.

    Now, we might need to start pushing the panic button on our O-line. Mora said that if Frye couldn’t go back into the game Unger would have had to go in as LT. I’m so scared that we are just an injury or two away from having a rookie center/guard for LT. That, my friends, could be disastrous.

    I know we shouldn’t have put so much pressure on our kicker today, but when you have 9 key starters out you can’t be expecting too much. If you’re going to win a game like that its not going to be by much. I think that is why Mora is so upset with his kicker. Its because he has only one job to do and he didn’t get it done today. For the most part I think we did okay. Yes…there were some questionable play calls. Yes…there were some stupid plays (namely the turnovers). But, I think the worst thing about today was looking at those ungly uniforms.

    Now, when are we getting some of these starters back? I’m tired of hearing this “might play” crap.

  6. Just lost some respect for Mora…it’s one thing to call a player into your office and rip him a new one…but to throw Mare under the bus in front of the media like that…well, to me that’s unacceptable! Mare didn’t lose the game…the team lost.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    zetes – I agree with all of that but gadgets will not make Seneca a better QB. Only when he’s not the starting QB do they have any chance at success.

  8. bird_spit says:

    The end around play was a joke. How often have you seen it work in the NFL?
    For Ruskell and compnies sake, lets hope they figure out how to win this year.
    Bye Ruskell, goodbye Tampa/Atl circus.

  9. I can not believe Mora is so naive and is trying to blame the lose on Mare. The play calling sucked, Seneca sucked, and the defense when needed to stop the Bears, sucked.

    Go ahead and get ride of Mare and see how much worse you’ll be.

  10. Eric. Ask Mora Monday about the bears go ahead Touchdown number 74 false started. I replayed it number of time. It was a clear false start. It’s the tackle on the top of the screen. Why didn’t the defence fly in there on the false start. Look at the tape.


  11. For all the ‘Seneca sucked’ sentiment – isn’t the bottom line here that he had us up 2, at home, with 5 minutes left in the game?

    If we have to blame something, shouldn’t it be the D for failing to get a stop?

    Not saying that’s how i feel, it isn’t, but I don’t think today’s loss is on Seneca.

  12. Seahawks2620 says:

    I’m tired of hearing about the mistakes they made every week…they have played sloppily in all three games of the season thus far. There is no reason to explain it, we just have. I am also very tired of hearing Mora and the players say after the game that they will look at the tape and fix what they have been doing wrong….ummm yeah. You keep on making the same mistakes and you keep on saying the same thing every post game interview. Actually look at the darn tape, and actually fix those mistakes. It’s ridiculous….the injuries are one thing, you cannot control those. But you can control your own performance, and each of the individual players needs to step up take some damn initiative and fix what went wrong. Come on Seahawks. We could easily be 3-0 right now if it weren’t for the non sense mistakes. If it’s not Mare missing some pretty easy field goals, it’s Curry and Kerney being out of place and allowing Gore to run TWICE for 79 and 80 yard TD’s. Tighten up the screws ans play some Seahawks football!!!!

  13. Walked into the stadium thinking a close game was probably not realistic but would be nice.

    Walked out of the stadium thinkig our guys played their a$ses off but the coaches were out over their heads.

    Listened to the postgame interviews and realized this season is DONE. Two months into the Ruskell/Mora/Knapp/Bradley regime and here’s the summary I see.

    Ruskell: In over his head. Glorified scout that was given the keys to a franchise. Lacks the vision to build a multi-layered, top performing team.

    Mora: Same emotionally charged hothead that was in ATL. Great coach with a QB rushing for 1000 yards but nothing really to speak of beyond that. (BTW… Hey, Jim. If you run your training camp like a boot camp you are likely to get lots of injuries due to fatigue–great job beathing the hell out of your starters.)

    Knapp: He was exiled to Oakland for a reason. Poor offensive gameplanning and adaptive logic. Not nearly as impressive without 1000 yard rushing QB under center.

    Bradley: Time to see if North Dakota State still needs you. Your twinkie of a D is getting the hell kicked out of it especially when the game is on the line.

    Collateral Damage: Anyone notice how lame Hugh Millen’s analysis of the Hawks is now that his boy is coaching the team?

  14. Seahawks2620 says:

    I don’t think that it is fair at all to the fans who play a major component in the Seahawks success when at home, to show up scream there lungs out and then for players to make silly mistakes and really bad judgment every game. I understand they are human, but every week they say they will fix it and they make the same ones every game. I am very proud of the Seahawks backups which made up most of our team today to come out and outplay the Bears starting team who beat the Steelers last week. UGHhhhhhh

  15. I purposely restrained myself from posting anything after the game or some things would have been written that I would later regret.

    Maybe Mora should have given himself a time out before throwing his kicker under the bus for making 4 or 6 FGs. Did those kicks cost us the game? Well, I like our chances if he goes 6-6. Still, given the stats of 6 FGs… it’s not unreasonable for us to assume that a kicker should make 5-6. Would we like to make all 6? Yes. But I’d like for our QB to never throw an incomplete pass too. Or for a RB to never lose yards rushing.

    Why didn’t Seneca get thrown under the bus for missing a wide open Burleson for an easy TD in the 1st quarter? Last I looked, 7 points is more important than the 3 Mare ended up getting for the team.

    Seneca didn’t particularly look good/smart when he gave the Bears the ball on the stupid INT near our goal line (that our D made the Bears settle for a FG on). And what the hell is up with him losing yards instead of throwing the ball away?

    I could throw Seneca under the bus, but I’m not. He played a game I expected him to play. He did well in some spots. Overall, with his gaffes included, he gave us a chance to win. He is a back-up. He isn’t Matt. There’s a reason nobody has tried trading for him to make him their starter.

    We could throw Branch under the bus for the 3rd down pass that he should have caught. We could throw Spencer under the bus for a missed block that would have been a big gain earlier in the game on a screen. We could throw TJ under the bus for the fumble. We could throw others under the bus for this and that too.

    As much as I think the Burleson play that led to an INT last weekend was a game changer, we still lost as a team. We lost as a team today. I don’t think you can expect a kicker to hit on all 6 kicks. You’d like them to, but realistically, playing the percentages, again, them making 5-6 is more realistic. It sucked that Mare only made 4-6 today though, I ain’t gonna lie.

    I was a big time supporter of Ruskell hiring Mora all along. I appreciate Mora’s competitiveness, but his antics today in blaming Mare is total bullshit. I didn’t hear Mare calling out Mora and his staff last week for being outcoached (which they were).

    I think Mora needs to cool down and look himself in the mirror and settle down a bit. Yes. Mare deserves criticism. What he did today does nothing for Mare on his next kick. It only adds pressure on that next FG and that’s not going to help us next week.

    They say you learn nothing about yourself when things are going well. Anyone can be a good winner. But when you’re struggling, or after a tough loss, that’s when you find out who you really are. Right now, I’m not impressed with Mora. Not at all.

    What Jim Mora did today only adds fuel to the fire for the fans who want us to suck this year so Holmy can come back. I’m not in that boat. I want to win this year. But too much crap like this doesn’t do anything positive. At least I don’t think so. I don’t see Mora only getting one year here, nor do I see Holmy coming back (although stranger things have happened).

  16. variable575 says:

    I can’t believe how Mora is playing the blame game on Mare!?!?!?!? What the !$%$

    Give him time and we’ll see Mora sound like the immature coach that is in the same way that led to his demise in atlanta—You’re pathetic mora!!! blame yourself not your kicker that booted the ball in the end zone almost every kick-off and was 3/5 in field goals. Blame knapp and seneca for sucking in the red zone!!!

  17. For what it’s worth, I still like our team. I think we’re good. I think we’re going to be really good once we get our guys back. However, Wins is what is going to get us to the play-offs and we need them now. Moral victories don’t count (like almost winning even though we were without so many starters).

    I don’t want another year like 1986 when we were the best team in the NFL at the end of that season, but don’t even make the play-offs. That sucked. We won our last 5 games and killed supposedly good/great teams. We were also the only team to beat both Super Bowl participants.

    If we can get healthy and win 10 in a row (wouldn’t that be cool?), I still won’t have learned anything about Mora. I want to see how he handles himself after our next tough loss. Traveling to the Eastern Time Zone and taking on Peyton Manning isn’t my idea of fun… but we’ll see…

  18. variable575 says:

    While Mora is too immature to realize they lost as a team(and already doing damage with the post-game press) Our players know they lost as a TEAM, Guaranteed.

    Mora just lost some respect from the players which always leads to a destructive pathway. Never single anyone out unless it’s the coach. Guaranteed down hill from here. I had a feeling Mora was on the immature but not to that magnitude!!!

    way to divide the locker room or worse, have them thinking you’ll single others out next week causing a contemptuous atmosphere. What a prick.

  19. variable575 – you’re right. Players will watch the film and see that if this or that player would have corrected a mistake here or there that they would have won. They aren’t stupid. There are others who share the blame, along with Mare. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with someone who is going to publicly play the blame game. Losers make mistakes and blame others and I hope that’s NOT the direction we’re headed in.

  20. rockdog2001 says:

    Make-able field goals aside, there is blame enough for everyone. Other teams have injuries and survive some even do well. So that is no excuse.

    It comes down to the talent level of the team and the coaching. If either one of those is not up to snuff, you get beat. Good teams consistently win because they have the talent needed and are coached to ‘execute correctly’.

    Seattle consistently is never the most talented team on the field or the best coached. While you may be able to overcome one of those disadvantages, its extremely hard to overcome both.

  21. bigmike04 says:

    Hey Eric
    you should ask mora if this a team game or one guy game.. Mare shouldnt be blame for the lost it should be the offensive for crying out loud. They didnt come out and play their best beside Nate and Julius Jones. Where was Carlson? T.J. didnt do good job today because he sure talk alot trash this last week didnt he.. Maybe ask More that if he was going to blame anyone to blame himself as HC he should have got his team ready and today game it look like his offensive were to scared to play and it plain and simple. The defensive came out prepair to play.

  22. The only thing positive that can happen tomorrow is for Mora to admit that while it hurt very badly to miss those two FGs… he shouldn’t have blamed one person for the loss. I think he needs to retract, admit making a mistake in blaming one player, and move on so he can lead this team. I know I wouldn’t want to follower a leader if I knew they would stab me in the back if I screwed up. Where’s Shaun Alexander? Maybe he can borrow that knife to Mare, or get it back. Bad joke… I know.

    Say what you want about Mike Holmgren, but he is/was a class act.

  23. Dear Mora,

    Next season, when Holmgren returns, I hope you have a handle on the defense, because..FINALY!! we will draft offensive players!!! YES. OFFENSIVE LINEMAN!!!!!!!!!!

  24. variable575 says:

    Even housh can admit that it wasn’t just Mare-he probably said that in response to what mora said, possibly, and if so it is like i said and the players are coming up to bat for one another because of the coach’s poor choice of comments creating a dreaded divide.

    “I probably cost us the game with the fumble,” Houshmandzadeh said.

  25. I can not wait for Ruskell to get canned. Why you asked. Well, just look at our record since the 2005 superbowl appearance. we are going the wrong way. Mr. Allen, you deserve much more than this. !2’s man, you guys deserve much more than a mediocre team.

  26. variable575 says:

    Mora- maybe your players should coach you.

    “That wasn’t Travis fault,” Grant said. “Travis did what he was supposed to do. That was all me. Travis brought him to the safety and the safety is supposed to break the play up.”

  27. I love Holmgren because in addition to being THE BEST COACH IN SEAHAWKS history, he was a class act, a mentor, a teacher, and a leader. Mora and Ruskell are Morans.

  28. Players will not respond well to Mora’s comments about Mare. Could either divide the lockerroom or unite it. Should be interesting. Either way, we will be unable to compete this year due to a lack of on-field talent at OL and DL. Plus, getting outcoached and outgameplanned nearly every game is almost a certainty.

    Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see us dump Mare after those pathetic misses but I don’t see how that could happen without crushing team morale.

    Mora better get ready to eat some “humble pie” and Mare better thank his coach’s big-ass mouth for the reprieve.

  29. variable575 says:

    You’d think mora would put that kind of emphasis on his defense. What is he doing during practice???Standing next to Mare the whole time saying “you better make it, everyone counts, you better make it” OHY OHY OHY

    “Gotta’ make those kicks,” Mora said. “Especially in a game like this where you’re kicking and scratching and fighting and playing your tail off, and you miss those kicks.

    “Not acceptable. Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable.”

  30. I wish we had a smash-mouth football team. Our coaches are breading pussies. If we hired bill cower, half our team would be fired

  31. variable575 says:

    Since mare has been a seahawk he has been stellar. What is mora going to do, run after coutu now and can mare so we can have teams fielding kick-offs at the 10 yrd line as oppose to the end-zone????

  32. variable575 says:


    what might be blasphemy at any other point under the holmgren years was beautifully said with impeccable timing!!!

  33. Dear Ruskhell,

    You have failed at what you do for living. When people fail in my line of work, we sail them down the river. Quit first, so when Holmgren comes back, we dont have to overhaul the team.

  34. badcat63 says:

    We’re three game into the season so I won’t panic yet. I also wouldn’t blame a kicker who today was 4 of 6 and 90% last year and who kicks deep on kick-offs. No it was a team loss and Mora will do a mea culpa tomorrow. I would be more worried about the Colts away than Mare. Manning had 500 + yds tonight. We could be toast so hold on to your skirts Sally. The pers play the Lambs so we will be way behind but not out, yet. A LOT can happen if and when we get healthy. If and when.

    This week we need to worry about who will play LT etc. Can anyone say Dwight Freeny? I hope Hass stays away next week because he isn’t nearly mobile enough to survive.

    Last week it was, mainly, two BIG running plays and nutz we lost. This week even though we missed two field goals (6 pts.) and Wallace missed a sure TD with an overthrow (4 points as we got a FG) so we left 10 points on the field!! But we did, overall, play well with so many STARTERS out. Did any team have more top players injured going into this week? Think not.

    Seriously, did you expect a close game after the Cubs beat the Steelers last week? Only if all went well. And we still had a chance to win with under 50 seconds to go. Come on – give the TEAM credit but hope we get healthy well.

    Mora, take a chill and recant the rant. Team, suck it up and get ready for the Colts. Fans, if you are real fans, don’t give up yet, unless you love giving up.


  35. variable575,

    Don’t forget that Mare has only been stellar in games that meant absolutely nothing. We were out of it by week 5 last year and he had a no pressure ride.

    This year he blew his first meaningful opportunity to contribute.

    Not sure the touchbacks mean much if we can’t put points on the board…

    Although, the attention we are paying to the K of a team that was one of the worst in the league last year and is shaping up similarly this year is pretty amazing. Plenty of things to fix.

  36. rockdog2001 says:

    Somewhere Mike H is smiling on the inside just a little when he thinks of his new job as President of a Football Operations and Andy Reid as his coach. Will it be here?

  37. rockdog2001

    I sure hope so man. This team is starting to look like Rams. What a joke of GM, and coaching.

  38. variable575 says:


    Touchbacks do matter. And with every kick there’s pressure. what’s your point?

  39. variable575 says:

    Mare didn’t blow his ability to contribute, he made 4/6 field goals good but not great. Definitely not blown.

    And when you’re kicking off to the likes of knox and hester………touchbacks matter.

  40. Before Holmgren makes a return, PA will have to understand, the only way you can win in this league is if you have a STOUT OFFENSIVE LINE……. SWEET JESUS!!

  41. BobbyK – I agree w/ your breakdown of the game. What about our O line? Seneca was under pressure nearly the entire game. I think though Hass is a better QB, I’m not convinced he would have been the better QB for this game. Seneca kept them in the game by being mobile. He should have run to pick up yards instead of throw the ball on a couple of plays.

    The refs were terrible too.

  42. The end around play was a joke. How often have you seen it work in the NFL?
    For Ruskell and compnies sake, lets hope they figure out how to win this year.
    Bye Ruskell, goodbye Tampa/Atl circus.

    Earlier in the game by Chicago and in one of the early games today too

    Did anyone notice that “the heater” had 16 tackles today? count them 16!!!!!!!

  43. Seahawks2620 says:

    After the game Housh said to a reporter that he was open all day and that “they just didn’t get me the ball”. I feel that uneasiness with Housh on our team like I would with a T.O. Housh loves his stats and he is not used to being on a team with many weapons. I can tell that he is trying to hold himself from busting out and telling seneca and Matt that he needs the ball more. He clearly is not happy right now, but he cannot say anything after the fumble today. I’m pretty disappointed with Mora as well, I understand that it is a very frustrating situation when you should probably have won the game by like 20 points, but you have to let yourself chill out before doing the interview. I mean right after the game I was just pacing thinking about how many bad plays certain players made and after a couple of hours I allowed my self to relax and looked back at things that need to be worked on. There were way to many individual people today who made mistakes. Let’s take a look….Housh Fumble, Mare missed field goals, Seneca over throwing touch down passes to Housh and Burleson, Knapp play calling, Seneca not throwing it away enough, Fisher sucking ass etc…..there were many plays which we should have capitalized on and we didn’t. Yet we still dominated the game. It only shows that we are a very very very very very talented team. If we can clean up our act, then we can be extremely good. For starters, they need to stop playing the blame game and take a little ownership

  44. Seahawks2620 says:

    I think that Seneca makes it look like he is under pressure alot more often then he is. I mean, Hass would have been sacked like 7 or 8 times if he would have been in, but Seneca definitely makes it seem like he is always on the run because that is the type of qb he is.

  45. I know asking a kicker to make every FG attempt is unrealistic, but I can also understand Mora’s frustration. Think about it – if Mare hits those two missed FG, then that 4th and 2 at the end of the game isn’t a desperation beat the blitz throw, its a potential game winning FG.

    Sure, fumbles and crazy stupid interceptions when the ball should have been thrown away could be pointed too, but damn, everything else being the same except for those kicks being made, and we probably win. Shrug – tough loss, thought they played hard, just didn’t play well or consistently.

    I dread next week after the shellacking Indy put on Arizona in Arizona tonight – could be a really bad game if we don’t have our starters back and healthy.

  46. Seahawks2620 says:

    Again, there are way too many plays to look at and say but what if this happened and what if this happened. If none of those bad things that happened to the Seahawks today happened, then we would have won like 37-10 but it didn’t happen cuz those bad things did happen. It sucks yes and we have to move forward. I hate using these dumb cliches but it’s the truth. I hate this loss, I hate it so much. I hate it especially because I can’t stand Cutler and his whiny pampered little self. We have the talent to beat Indy, but like every week that I have said this we cannot play sloppy football, and that is what we have done every game of the season so far. The good teams have capitalized on those mistakes.

  47. I think Seneca made his case to replace Hasselbeck. All I know is, when #8 is in there, his feet are jittery as hell and he seems scared (and twitches when I sneeze from the 3rd level). Even Teel has better pocket presence, which is why people thought he had a good pre-season. He didn’t, he just played like a normal NFLQB.

  48. hawks31 – I totally disagree with your comments about our players being “pussies.” I think Mora has done a good job of toughening them up. Training camp was tougher and we fought the ‘9ers last week (and we fought hard, physical in weeks 1 & 3 too). Part of the problem last week was they were just better, more talented when it came to “physicality” last week. You can’t win every fight. I think we’ll be ready for them next time out.

    I think Housh was right when he said the loss was probably his fault. The point is that there are other reasons for the loss, not just the kicker. I respect Housh for having the guts to point out the obvious (not one player lost the game). As stated before, no way in hell Mora is going to continue to rally the troups if he keeps up the idiot comments.

  49. “Part of the problem last week was they were just better, more talented when it came to “physicality” last week”

    =being pussies

  50. navyhawk51 says:

    there’s so many starters injured, no one knows how many are out.

    Fox said 12, Jim Mora show, Paul said 7, Here they TNT says 9…. hmmmm the irony

    I have a question, and i’ve been guilty of this in the past too, how is it that if your team loses, people automatically start nitpicking their team. Could it be possible that the other team was just that good and did well?

    Today’s game is a prime example. BOTH teams made key mistakes. I think today, the better team won. Reason why im not upset at the seahawks (other then Mare who is not ‘gould’ with field goals).

  51. Bobby / Variable/ Others…”we lost as a team.” Well put. There were a lot of plays and lack of play-making to point at that could have turned this game in our favor and we get a W…and everyone is happy. It is frustrating to not get the only stat that matters.

    Mora needs to cool down before speaking. He is an emotional, intense guy and it is a problem for him at times. He looked like the stereotypical jock who blamed the weakling kicker!? I have no idea what his legacy will be in the ‘Hawks history, but if he goes down the same ugly path he went in Atlanta, I’m sure what his legacy will amount to.

    It is a long season, boys. No need to panick. 49ers lost (thank you Brett Favre) and the Cards and Rams got their asses handed to them.

    Watched the Indy game tonight and they look fierce on both sides of the ball, and they’re missing several key starters on defense.

    I vote to stage the great come back of everyone the next week (at home against Jacksonville).

  52. hawks31 – you may be tough, but if you fought a guy who was 10 feet tall and a thousand pounds who was physically fit, fast, powerful, etc… I doubt you’d win the fight. That was my point. Yes, I’m overexaggerating, but I hope you understand what I meant.

    My last post for the night, I just saw this on the profootballtalk website and it’s a copy/paste. I thought it was interesting (unfortunately).

    PhillyRulez88 says:
    September 27, 2009 9:34 PM
    Like father, like son:

    I’m sure people vomited in the stands after watching our kicking game. I’m sure they vomited in the stands. That was just horrible, embarrassing. Was that on national television? (told it was blacked out locally) Thank God. – Jim Mora 1993

  53. Bobby,

    I understand what you are saying, but give me a break. Football is football. You either over power, or get run over. …We can all watch Rudy Rudicker on Showtime or watch LT hit a crack rock and headbutt OLineman.

  54. hambone08 says:

    Seneca always looks like he’s under pressure because instead of stepping into the pocket, he flushes to the left or right, scrambles a bit and then throws on the run.

  55. I absolutely cannot believe Mora’s comments. I thought he was better than that, and I certainly hope this was out of character for him, although he did not hesitate to continue with the blame game on Mare during the “Jim Mora Show” on King5.

    Facts are facts, Mare gave us THE LEAD with 5 minutes to play. At that point, you throw out what had already happened earlier and you count on YOUR defense to make a stop.

    “If you’re a kicker in the National Football League you should make those kicks” — Are you F’ing kidding me?!?! If you’re a QB in the NFL you should complete those passes, know when/how to throw the ball away, and know how to read a defense. Mare’s was successful on 66% of his kicks. Seneca was successful on 59% of his passes (which is actually way more than I would’ve guessed). I know that’s a bit apples-to-oranges but you get my point.

    Also, why the F is your kicker lining up for 6 field goals?? Oh, that’s right, because your buddy Knapp only plays for first downs instead of touchdowns. If my memory serves me correct, we made it to the red zone a total of TWO times, and only then we only got to the 19 and the 16.

    I’m not even going to comment on the end-around to Branch…

  56. Dukeshire says:

    If that was Seneca’s case for starting over Matt, he failed. He has flashes of great plays but more often he routinely makes one poor decision after another. Rather than throwing the ball away, he runs out of bounds for a loss or tries to force it and it gets picked. Or overthrows one receiver after another. He really played a poor game today.

  57. navyhawk51 says:

    Mahk77– one question…. if a seahawk WR drops a clean open pass in the end zone, would you then be saying “we lost as a team”? or would you be blaming that lone WR that dropped the for sure “gold” TD?

    People stop defending the kicker. That’s their ONLY job. They are not tired, not winded, not sweating not anything but should be focused! Kick the dang ball. I’m proud and happy that MORA went off on Mare because … well Mora said it best… “you get paid to kick the ball, put it in between the uprights!”

  58. navyhawk51 says:

    hambone08— Dont blame Wallace… on the Jim Mora Show tonight, Jim Mora was asked that question, why Wallace didn’t run the ball. Mora said “the plays were designed to protect Wallace. If Wallace gets hurt, we are down to a rookie and no other QB.” Good point Mora!

  59. Lefty he’s damn right you should make those kicks. What do you want? If those kicks made it through, chicago would have started with same or worse field position, and likely would have done exactly what they did with the fieldgoals or not. 6 more points is a tie game. I’m glad mora raged. I’m sick of gee-golly wimp coaches not making examples out of players. These aren’t little kids, they’re grown men getting paid millions of dollars to play this game.

  60. I’m also not even going to comment (aside from this comment of course) on the overturned fumble…

    What a lousy weekend for local football.

  61. navyhawk51 says:

    Lefty24 again… calm down. Mora was simply demonstrating the high standards he has for each “football player” on this team. Mora said two weeks ago, after the 49ers lost, no starter is a for sure starter. the player the plays the best, gets to play.

    Is that not what we want in a TEAM sport?

    You know Mora will go off on a player for faults… but he will also hand out enough positive motivation for that player to go stronger the next week. Take JJ for example.

  62. Randolley says:

    Another woulda, coulda, shoulda. Typical SeaChickens game. Professional excuses times 3. The Bears are a terrible team and the SeaChickens still lost the game. Looks like a one and done to me. Then bring in more scrub players next season. Maybe Vick could atleast out gain the Bears with his running ability. Mora should have brought his boy from Atlanta with him. He ran all over the SeaChckens a couple seasons ago. Memba Dat

  63. kevin–
    My point was that you can’t single Mare out like that. True, he didn’t do his job, trust me I’m not defending Mare.

    But I put equal, if not more, blame on Seneca’s poor decision making/execution, Mora’s defensive scheme on Chicago’s final drive, Knapp’s play calling (in)ability, Housh’s fumble, etc.

    As you can see, A LOT of people were to blame for the final outcome. It’s not how you start a game but it’s how you finish, right? Well, Mare finished his night by kicking a go-ahead FG late in the 4th quarter, so there.

    Ok, maybe I am defending him a little bit.

  64. Navy…sure I would…in the scenario you gave there is the question of why does one hour of football get shouldered on one guys’ hands, because a number of other people goofed up at some point when there was plenty of time on the clock.

    I’m frustrated with the misses. They both occurred in the redzone. I agree they’re unacceptable, but what good is going to do to throw the guy under the bus in front of the world? How does that help the team? He knows he f—ed up. He apologized to Seneca after the game. What the hell good does it do to single one guy out and say “see…we lost because of him!” No. That is a distorted view of the game. Watch the game again and wonder what would happen if: Seneca doesn’t overthrow open receivers for big plays, doesn’t turn the ball over from his red-zone, housh doesn’t fumble, a low percentage reverse isn’t called at 3 and 1, the catch isn’t overturned, they kick a field goal when stopped at 4 and 1, etc…

  65. navyhawk51 says:

    Mahk77 i get your point but your taking Mora out of context. Mora was asked about the two missed field goals Mare made. Mora responded “if your a kicker in the NFL your expected to kick in between the uprights” I didnt hear Mora once say we lost because of Mare.

    I’m leaning towards that but wont put all the blame on Mare because it IS a team sport. Very few teams have that ONE impact player that makes or breaks the game every game for that team. Mora is shaping this team to be a TEAM that holds itself accountable for their actions on the field (and presume off the field).

  66. I have liked Jim Mora up until today. As a coach, you simply cannot throw ANY player under the bus. Period. As more puts it, its “Unacceptable, Inexcusable!”

    In his presser, Mora talked about “weathering the storm” as a “team.”

    Well Mora, how do you weather a storm as a “team” when you throw your kicker under the bus for having an off day? To add insult to injury, you don’t hold the rest of the “team” accountable for their mistakes. Housh had a crucial fumble, talked trash pregame, and contributed little. But, he DID let you hold onto his watch during the off season. Better not hold him accountable, he is your buddy right?

    What about Seneca Wallace and the poultry game he had? His only TD came on a screen pass where Bear defenders missed a few easy tackles and basically handed J.J. the TD run. Seneca Wallace also turned the ball over on an interception in our own 20 by trying to avoid a safety. He could have thrown the pass at the ground since he was outside the box! This does not even get into the numerous amount of throws Seneca Wallace missed, overthrew, and should have thrown away.

    The defense also gave up a few big plays. They seemed to give up toward the end of the game as Forte began to pile up 8 yard runs.

    At the end of the day, who put up the most points on the team?

    Mare, with 12. J.J had a gimme TD that accounted for the other 7.

    I think Jim Mora needs to wake up tomorrow, take a good look in the mirror, and stop being a players best friend. He took the easy way out and blamed the weakly kicker.

    Man up Mora, hold the superstars of this team accountable, or get the hell out of town! You disgraced this town, this football team, and its fans today.

  67. With all the starters out, there needs to be someone from the A team stepping up to make some points appear… When the quarterback alone is out, the placekicker NEEDS to make these chipshots. He’s a seasoned veteran… He’s been at qwest for a year plus. I’d be more understanding if he was in another teams house. This is like dialing the wrong number while trying to call home.

  68. Yea prelag. Get a clue. Housh is opening up the passing game for burleson and you know it. He’s drawing more doubles now and can’t break from a corner and safety.

  69. navyhawk51 says:

    From Mike Salk: — Down: Olindo Mare. Obviously. As I said, I think Jim Mora was WAY to harsh in his criticism after the game, but he was also right. You need to count on your kicker to make kicks from under 40 yards. And it helps when he hits a few from 40+. Mare connected from 46, but he also missed from 34 and 43. That hurt on a day when they lost by six and were playing undermanned.

  70. Also: there’s a reason seneca is a back-up.

  71. navyhawk51 says:

    When asked if the wind might have played a part in Mare’s two missed field goals (from 43 and 34 yards respectively), Mora said:

    “No excuses for those [kicks]. If you are a kicker in the national football league, you should make those kicks. Bottom line. End of story. Period. No excuses. No wind. Doesn’t matter. Gotta a make those kicks. Especially in a game like this. While you’re kicking and scratching and fighting, playing your tail off, and you miss those kicks? It’s not acceptable. Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable. We’ll look at changes everywhere. We’re not gonna fight our ass off and have a field goal kicker go out there and miss two field goals and lose a game . Not going to happen.”

    from Mike Salk

  72. variable575 says:

    I think we all need to drink a brew and call it a week. Then we can repeat ourselves when Bait’n pait’n lays the smack down on the hawks.

  73. Kevin, what do double teams and holding onto the ball have in common? His fumble led to +7.

    I don’t blame Housh for the loss. I am just pointing out that Housh is just as much to blame for the loss as Mare.

    Perhaps, if you take off your shaded blue Seahawk sunglasses you might get my point.

    Did Mare make mistakes? Of course!

    Did he cost us the game? No!

    If he makes those 2 kicks, the score line would have read, 25-25. That is a tie game and that is assuming we don’t give Gould, the Bears kicker, HIS missed field goal.

  74. navyhawk51 says:

    ok so he might of (did) hint towards the kicker losing the game for the team… BUT (mild laugh) I DIG MORA FOR BEING MAD! It’s about time we have a coach in seattle with some passion for the game. Will Mora apologize to Mare, probably. Will we hear about it? Probably not. Either or…. it is what it is until the game is over.

  75. Yea prelag, but field goal posts don’t try to dodge the ball. Defenders get in your way and try pulling the ball from you, and you need to work against them. Goal posts just stand there and wait forever for a ball to go through.

  76. variable575 says:

    Whoever brought up the notion that Burleson’s productivity is a result of the attention that housh is garnering makes a Dang good point. Did you all notice how many people were usually around housh when the ball was thrown to him. seemed like 2 if not three. Housh still is not playing up to fitzgerald money….

  77. Kevin,

    Last time I checked, kickers are human. Unlike robots, humans are not perfect. To expect perfection from a kicker on six field goal attempts because goal posts “just stand there” as you so eloquently put it, is ludicrous.

    My only point was, technically, Housh cost us 7 points. Mare cost us 6.

    Why didn’t Mora call him out? I’d like to hear your response as to why Housh deserves special treatment.

  78. Variable575,

    Do you think that our lack of a running game contributes to other teams being able to game plan around double teaming Housh?

  79. navyhawk51 says:

    Prelag, actually, technically, Housh cost us only 6 points. Who knows if Mare would of made the extra point.

  80. navyhawk51 says:

    assuming he didnt fumble and we made a TD

  81. Navyhawk,

    He technically cost us 7 points, because his fumble led to a Bears scoring drive.

  82. NM,

    My sarcasm sensor was off. =)

  83. nidhighe says:

    Seneca Wallace is a solid backup QB, not an elite QB who can consistently win games with his arm. Give him a good running game and a good D, and he can definitely win games.

    Except for a game against the hapless Rams, our D is giving up the equivalent of 3 TDs and 1 FG per game. In essence, we need to score 4 TDs per game to offset our porous defense. Even with a healthy Matt, that’s not a sure thing.

  84. variable575 says:


    I’m assuming your question was rhetorical considering the slight pretentious tone.

    Listen, i’m not discussing every aspect and the running game doesn’t need to be mentioned with what i said. Running game or not teams will plan to have their coverage schemes focus more so on housh tha burl which opens up burls game a little bit more than in that past as a hawk.

    Case and point, remember how good burl was when he was opposite of randy moss?

  85. variable575 says:

    Seneca is definitely a solid back up QB. No argument there!!! He does well what the rest in the league do well, lose games!!

    Hey, can we trade for Kolb!?!?!?

  86. It might have been in poor form, but I kind of appreciate Mora telling it like it is. Those are chippies and Mare blew it-37, and 43 yards are you kidding me? That is inexcusable. Josh Brown would have never blown it like that twice in one game. Mare is terrible from 50+, and if he can’t make the chippies, it’s time to call Coutu.

    Here’s another angle-he can’t throw any of his stars like Housh, or Seneca under the bus, I mean Seneca’s confidence level is probably not that stable, but Mare is a veteran-maybe he takes the blame and “takes one for the team”. It could be a psychological thing, get the players fired up to band together.

    I don’t know, in all honesty I saw a guy with a crazed look in his eye that was not thinking in terms of coach speak and just let it rip-it’s kind of nice to see every once in a while. To be honest with you I thought we did great considering what we’re throwing out there.


  87. CDHawkFan says:

    Anyone want to ask Mora about the decision to not take the 5 yard offside penalty with 59 seconds left. Instead of having 1 down and 5 with 59 seconds, he took the play of 8 yards, 2nd and 2 with 52 seconds, which was the set of downs we didn’t convert.

    I saw his expression on the sidelines a play or two later and I think he wanted that decision back.

  88. That’s not quite right-later John Owens gets the 1st down on 4th and 1.

  89. bigmike04 says:

    Mare didnt cost the game as it would be 6 point and ya it would been tied game with OT..

    But last time I check and I watch half of 2nd and 3rd and 4th quater that Senneca Wallace play like a girl as he been in game what 7yrs?! And yet he play like 3rd String QB and not take shot at Mike Teel as he could probably play better than Wallace in the game. Give me a QB that would actuality know how to throw the ball and know what the play is as Wallace was making throws like he didnt know the system.

    Wide Recievers TJ need to learn to back up his trash talk as let see NYJ Safty did some trash talk against New England and back it up while TJ talk trash about Bears and didnt back it up.

    John Carlson: Where was your head at in the game???

    Jim Mora Jr. and Greg Knapp: Hello your offensive didnt come out prepare and lost the game for you and Mora Jr you need to strip Knapp of his play calling duties as last time I check your the HC but it seem like Knapp and Bradley do most of coaching what do you do???

  90. bigmike04 says:

    I say this out of the QB that came out to play in the game Cutler was more of QB than Wallace will ever be period.

    I have not given up on season as it still early but if Wallace ever, I mean ever start another game than Mora would need to be canned along with Knapp. If Hass is out for another week than start Teel as maybe just maybe he be better than Wallace would ever be.

  91. wow, u guys think the season is over and everything is xxxx!

    we will make the playoffs.

    we will get better week by week. we will get our starters back.

  92. both of mare’s misses are going one direction. to the left end of the stadium if you’re watching it on tv. i think it’s the closed end of qwest.

    he also doesn’t kickoff as far going that direction. he kicks it into the end zone going the other way but not to the left. they usually only go the 5 yd line on kickoffs. what’s up with that? i’ve noticed it before in other games too.

  93. Okay, if it’s Mare’s fault… then why the hell aren’t all of the other kickers in the NFL 100% at their FGs? I don’t care how much you’re paid… you’re human. You don’t see Albert Pujols hit a home run every at bat, you don’t see Payton Manning complete every pass, you don’t see (we should know) every long snapper make a perfect snap on every snap through their careers…

    If these are Mora’s true colors, then he’s a worthless prick.

  94. jzulaski says:

    About the TD review, did anyone else see (like I did very plainly) that the ball was out of the Bear runner’s hands before his leg touched the ground? It was a fumble, just like they called it on the field.

    What the hell is wrong with the refs missing something like that during a review? Don’t they have to have indisputable proof to overturn a call on the field?

    That, all by itself, would have changed the outcome of the game – inspite of Seneca’s silly “laterals” to the other team near. My god, can’t the guy learn to throw it away?

  95. longco44 says:

    You know what… It’s the whole teams fault.. There’s no one in particular to place blame on.. It’s great that players want to take the blame for thier miscues and what not, but it’s not just the fault of a single player, coach, referee, a spectator…

    Reading through many comments that have been up here on this Insider about the game against Chicago, I have come to realize that some of you keep forgetting that:


    Maybe you all shouldn’t bet so much money on the Seahawks. Either that or just take the loss in stride… Unless your actually planning on committing suicide after they lose to the Colts…… Then you need someone to talk to..

    There are tremendous amounts of you who carry on some great conversations and such, but the vast majority of you seem to think that this NFL thing is a do or die, life or death situation to you or for you and it’s downright SAD AND PATHETIC…

    If you don’t believe me, go re-read through your past comments…

  96. bird_spit says:

    I think the hawks should mail it in next week. They should start the bye week early. I’d like to see only healthy people in next week. Even Neon Deione should kick back with Hill. Our team in Indy should look like our 4th pre-season game.

    Oh-wait a minute, I dont think we will have 53 guys. Hmm plan B.

    Seriously though, Seneca should be a WR and Teel should start with Hass as his back up. Seneca should replace Branch in the lineup IMO. Somehow we need to scrape together an OL. Teel should take those knocks. I’m thinking our season starts after the bye-week.

  97. bird_spit says:

    longco44 –

    I tend to agree with you. This is only entertainment. In fact, I have said repeatedly, my best ski seasons are when the Hawks suck.So I see no down side.

  98. All I know is Coach Mora sure got us talking with what he said in his post-game presser (as well as with what he DIDN’T say).

    Nearly 100 comments on this thread, I can’t remember the last time I saw a comment total that high, not to mention the pub that we’re getting nationally.

    Who knows, maybe Mare has some pretty thick skin and was aware that Mora was going to throw him under the bus? Maybe this is all a part of a well thought out scheme to bond our players together and rally for a W in Indy next week?

    Call me the eternal optimist.

  99. While it was a depressing loss, they did much better then i expected under the circumstances.

    The #1 thing I’ve noticed in all 7 games 94 pre 3 reg) is both Matt & Seneca are having big timing issues with receievrs. I don’t know for sure how much is the new offense, & how much is unfamiliarity with the receivers, but in a west coast offense, if the timing doesn’t happen, we’re going to keep losing. Interestingly, my perception is that Matt does best with TJ & Carlson, while Seneca was really only on the same page with Burlsen.

    My question is Mare going to be able to stay after that public roasting by Mora? If it wasn’t for that, I’d give him 1 more week.

  100. I wish this bog had an edit function. Should have read (4 pre……… NOT 94 pre……

  101. Eric- On the Bear challenge at the end of the first half the views available did not appear to offer any conclusive vies to show the ball and knee/leg. In my opinion the call on the field should have stood due to inconclusive evidence.
    Do the officials have other views availble to them that TV audiences don’t? I just thought this was a critical point in game that gave the Bears renewed life.

  102. Weather the storm, huh? Whatever. We’re going to be 1-3 after next week.

  103. longco44 – don’t lecture me on how this is just a game. We’re in the process of losing a very close family member (you should be happy to know we’ll probably lose him in the next week). I know it’s a game and that it’s not as important as life and death. But that doesn’t mean we should stop (totally) caring about the Seahawks, or care less about them. And when my Mom died, she died the day of the Broncos-Seahawks season opener in Denver when I was younger in the 80s. Not fun. It was only a game. I know that.

  104. Walter Jones was cleared to play vs the Bears. Mora left it up to Jones and he declined. Seneca was under a lot of pressure, mostly from the outside. Jones could have made a huge difference.

    Carlson had just three catches, not surprising since he had to stay in and block. Ruskell should have anticipated the injury problems of Wahle, W Jones and Spencer and beefed up the O line more.

    Not every player looked bad. How about Hawthorne and J Jones? And could we start seeing more of Deon and less of Deion at WR?

    It will be tough to beat the Colts at Indy. Guess it depends on how many starters can play.

  105. Uphill battle at this point especially on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively I like the energy that has been displayed thus far and they will only get bettter as key components return over the next few weeks. As for the line, given being struck by the injury bug, I thought they performed well. Some mistakes are likely when you have to patch and run. Indy is next. Not an easy task but maybe it’s what they need to get jump started.

    Bobbyk- Sorry to hear of the unfortunate circumstances you and yours face. Life certainly brings perspective.

  106. For those looking for some hope next week, it looks like we may be facing an Indy defense minus Freeney (and Sanders).

    If Matt and Walt are able to play next week, we could be looking at an old fashioned shoot out.

  107. NE Patriots brought kickers to replace Vinatieri the year Vinatieri became a clutch kicker and won 1st Super Bowl. He had missed six FG to mid-season. But they stuck with Vinatieri because good kickers don’t become bad kickers in one game. Kickers are human and sometime miss easy FG, just like WR’s miss easy catches and QB’s miss open receivers. Olindo is good kickers and rebounded well from the earlier misses and put the team ahead with his last FG. From there on, it was not the kicker fault if offense could not score points and defense could not stop other team from scoring. Shame on Mora from pointing finger to one player for loss. Mea Culpa from Mora.

  108. “While it was a depressing loss, they did much better then i expected under the circumstances.”

    Right. This is really the way to look at this after a night of cooling down. We are all big fans, or we wouldn’t be on a seahawks blog, and so of course we are all ticked off that we lost a game we very much could have won. But – how many of us thought we were going to blow out the Bears, w/out Hass, and Walt, and Lofa, and Locklear (and Wilson, Hill, Trufant, etc., etc.). It’s a pisser b/c a couple plays go a different way, and we do win the game – but I think there are plenty of decent things to take away from the way we played.

    I thought our front 7 on D looked good almost all the game – got pressure, for the most part, when we had to have it – Curry, Tapp, Kerney (1st time this year) all made plays. We need to get our DB’s back (Hester’s catch came against our 3rd string corner) – but I liked what I saw from our defense.

    On offense, I thought JJ had a damn good game, against what was supposed to be a very tough team to run against. And I think Seneca played as well as you could hope your back-up QB plays – nobody here is saying he’s our QB of the future – but he gave us a chance to win.

    Obviously, going into Indy next week is going to be tough – but we’ve then got two home games in a row – if we’re at 3-3 after week 6, all is far from lost on the season.

  109. pdway—
    That’s a good way of looking at things, as 3-3 doesn’t sound as bad as most of us feel right now. Besides, in ’05 we started 2-2, which is still a possibility…

  110. This IS a good team that has just not made the plays. An errant throw, a dropped pass, a step slow or fast here or a missed tackle there often are the difference in the eventual outcome of games. Taking full advantage of opportunities and making teams pay for their mistakes is critical too. You just can’t leave points on the field( settling for field goals). I am optimistic that the plays will come as timing becomes better and we regain some semblance of health.

  111. One thing I noticed about Seneca – and again, i’m not complaining about the guy, b/c I don’t have the expectations on him, that I do of Matt – but while he is damn good at zipping 10-15 yard bullets to the wide receivers, he does not have Matt’s touch at looping the ball over LB’s or whoever, which is often what it takes to hit the pass in the crease to the TE. Not a big knock, it’s a very tough throw, but I do think that’s one reason for Carlson’s low production. Seneca has a very strong arm, maybe stronger than Matt’s, but he doesn’t have near his touch.

    I wonder if Hass plays next week? And when we’ll know one way or the other.

  112. Dukeshire says:

    I agree that they played a far more competitive game that I realistically expected. The d played well, despite several miscues and missing key players and gave them a chance to win. I know there is a lot of love for Seneca here but his decision making is atrocious. Especially when one considers he’s been in the league for 6+ seasons now. He played every bit of his 74 QB rating.

    As for Mora calling out Mare: if he thinks he can find a kicker that will make every kick out on the waiver wire, have at it. While they should have been made, under no circumstances do you call out a guy like that in the press. Pull him into your office, whatever you got to do, but that was poor. And I suspect he would not call out a “real” player like that. It was a bully move because he doesn’t respect the position. That should not be aired in public.

  113. pdway–
    The interesting thing about your Seneca-to-Carlson comments is that Seneca was the QB for most of the season last year in which Carlson put up some pretty impressive numbers. He could make the throws to the TE last year, why can’t he this year (so far).

  114. nidhighe says:

    To be honest, neither Matt or Seneca have looked comfortable in Knapp’s offense yet. Matt made some boneheaded throws in the Rams game. And, frankly, Knapp made some boneheaded calls yesterday.

  115. I think Mare’s 2 missed FG’s were a lack of concentration, sure kickers miss field goals but those two FG’s were within his range and should have been made especially since he was at home where crowd noise was not a factor. Senaca showed us he is not a pure QB, his though process is not there, for example on one play he had to scramble and runs out of bounds and takes a -3 yard loss when he could have thrown the ball away. Right there shows he is not thinking and is not aware of where he is on the field when getting pressured. Then Senaca throws up a ball for anyone to get and luckly Housh got it, dumb play once again by Wallace. I question the play calling on 3 and 1 and we do a reverse?? Pound the ball for 1 yard, don’t get fancy. Overall the Hawks lost that game, that game was winnable. People say that we had many starters out but at the end of the year wins are the only thing that matter, so excuses of injuries don’t mean squat. Win and you are in the playoffs lose and you are watching it on TV.

  116. The entire team blew this one.
    Coaches on down. Who calls a reverse on 3rd and 1?, Dropped passes(name em several players), Fumbling after a minor hit (Housh), Dumb Interception, not hitting open receivers, missed tackles(Several), Missed Coverages(several), Not Stopping a drive late in the game, and Field Goals.
    Yea they were cake field goals, but score touchdowns and you dont have to worry about field goals.
    Pretty much gave this one away as a TEAM
    Re-Group, Re-Evaluate, Get Healthy,Come Back Next Week
    Detroit Got their loss Monkey off their back, time for us to get ours off and WIN A STINKIN ROAD GAME!!

  117. longco44 says:


    I wasn’t talking about any of your comments, it’s just that most of what I’ve been reading so far has made it seem like life vs. death…. And it just seems like (some, not all) people take it as that type of matter.. I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else out there…

    It’s disheartening when they loose, yes! They’re “our” team, you never want to see them struggle, but I suppose you could call this a learning process…. However, compared to last year, I would tend to think that they could have used last year as a learning process.. Goes to show them that maybe they should have used the reserves/backups more in the preseason….

    Hopefully their loss to the Colts won’t thow anyone for a spiral though.. How do you all rate this season (in schedule strength) to last years?

  118. longco44 says:

    Hey, the green jerseys were okay…… I wouldn’t say ban them at all…. Wonder if they were bright enough to cause a distraction to their opponents? I thought they were going to hold off on using those jerseys though… At least they weren’t bright pink…..

  119. longco – okay. We all get a little cranky the moments and day after a loss. Never brings out the best in us — see Mora as a perfect example.

    Duke – couldn’t have said it any better myself:

    “As for Mora calling out Mare: if he thinks he can find a kicker that will make every kick out on the waiver wire, have at it. While they should have been made, under no circumstances do you call out a guy like that in the press. Pull him into your office, whatever you got to do, but that was poor. And I suspect he would not call out a “real” player like that. It was a bully move because he doesn’t respect the position. That should not be aired in public.”

  120. Well for the first 6 games I thought worst case scenerio the Hawks would be 3-3 and best case scenerio 4-2. Probably going to lose next week to the Colts and the games between the Jags and Cardinals at home are winnable. After the bye will probably lose to the Cowboys. I don’t think the schedule is too tough this year have Vikes, Packers, Titans as three teams that are propbably just overall better then us even though Titans are 0-3. If we can’t win games from our own division then it is going to be a long year. Sad thing is we are only 1 game out of 1st in the division, thank god this division is weak. Hawks record at best I would say 10-6, worst case 5-11. Hopefully we can turn this around.

  121. Yeah, Mare put us ahead and our defense tackled each other instead of Hester. Pardon the pun Jim, but you wanna blame someone else a little Mora?! I have not been impressed by him so far this season…

  122. I was hoping when we went to Indy next week the Hawks would be 2-1 so losing to Indy would put us at 2-2. 1-3 after 4 games and probably split the next 2 home games so 2-4 is not looking good. Indy is by far the best team the Hawks will have faced in the prior 3 games so if we can’t win against Niners and Bears, it could be a long day at Indy. I hope I am wrong and we can sqeak out a win some how.

  123. Dukeshire says:

    Facing the leagues best QB at the height of his skills (they are razor sharp right now) with such a dinged up secondary is not an ideal scenario. But, despite Miami’s loss to them a week ago, they showed a blue print: they can be run on. Keep the ball out of their hands. And the safeties (Babs, this means you bub) simply cannot give up big plays. Know that going in, on offense, you’ll have to put up points. Quick, short passing plays to neutralize Freeney’s pass rush. it can be done, but it will take a virtually mistake free game.

  124. longco44 says:

    Just remember the one thing I’ve learned in the past.. You can definitly apply it to the Seahawks….. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Im sure the Hawks can find some way of slowing down Manning, and the rest of the Colts, and if they do find that way, do they have what it takes to hold them off and keep them at bay for the entire game?!

  125. Sad to say but this game at Indy could be a make or break season even though we are only 3 games into the season. The reason why I say that is because if the Hawks can find a way to win at Indy that could go a long ways in confidence and moral. Getting a win on the road against Peyton would be huge. Plus getting more and more starters back could catapult the team to more wins. Now if we lose this game and are 1-3, it could be an up hill battle and maybe to start to see some bickering (ie Housh wanting the ball more) and this team could spire down. How one win at Indy could make a 2-2 record look good.

  126. Dukeshire says:

    A loss at Indy does not “break” this season. They follow that up by hosting the Cards. 1-3 is far from insurmountable. Especially when considering they will be getting players back. A loss would indeed be awesome, but a loss is far from season ending. Buck up, everyone.

  127. Dukeshire says:

    rather: a *WIN* would be awesome.

  128. longco44 says:

    Who’s still on the injured list as of right now?

  129. @Dukeshire
    After Indy, the Hawks host the Jags, then the Cards.

  130. Dukeshire says:

    Hass, Trufant, Hill, Lofa, Jones, Wilson, Lock, Griffith, Bennett and now Sims it appears.

  131. Dukeshire says:

    That’s right: Jags then Cards. Thanks.

  132. Being 1-3 after 4 games and haven’t even played the hard part of the schedule is worry some. And when AZ comes to town they are going to light up the Hawks secondary, look at the past AZ-Hawks games (2 years), AZ has torched the Hawks secondary and this year you think the Hawks secondary is better? And if Matt is out for 1-2 more games Senaca has showed us he can’t play QB so it won’t matter if we get the majority our starters back if Matt is stil not in.

  133. longco44 says:

    What did simms end up doing?

  134. Dukeshire says:

    Longco44 – Oblique injury

    dacmike – Of course going 1-3 is worry some. But to already presume they will be lit up by the Cards is myopic, at best. You don’t know that. Is the secondary better? Injury depleted, yes. But their pass rush is better, I do know that and that is where great pass defense starts. And how they’ll be playing 3 weeks from now is not something we can predict.

  135. HeinieHunter says:

    Mora calling out Mare is a cheap shot! Why does he call out himself and our weak assed secondary? Cutler 21-36 w/3 tds with receiver wide open al afternoon and he blames the kicker? No interceptions for the secodary in three games!
    Oh wait, that was his area of responsibility last year so don’t blame them. Big play Babs should be called that for giving up big plays. These guys looked lost on passing plays!

  136. Eric’s post:

    “Mora: Mare’s missed kicks not acceptable”

    The 12th Man Post:

    “Fans: Our Finger Pointing, Crybaby Coachs’ comments not acceptable”

  137. bird_spit says:

    Eric- Complements to the Tribune. You guys definitely have a blog that rocks.

  138. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s some good news regarding this Sunday’s game at the Colts:

    Maybe Walt can take another week to get right…

  139. I said it before, I’ll say it one more time. If the Hawks can go 4-4 then get healthy and stay healthy they can do damage in the playoffs. The Niners and Cards also have difficult schedules.

    I hope Seattle brings Kyle Williams up from the practice squad if Frye is going to miss any time. They need to carry 10 on the O line until Jones, Locklear, Sims and Frye are all the way back.

  140. Not that you wish injury on to anyone, but it is good news on the football field for the ‘Hawks.

    Eric – start a poll… if we lose next week, who will Mora blame it on?

  141. Hey Duke, I like the info that you provided on Freeney. Go Hawks

  142. “I said it before, I’ll say it one more time. If the Hawks can go 4-4 then get healthy and stay healthy they can do damage in the playoffs. The Niners and Cards also have difficult schedules.”

    Oceanic, I’m still with you – we could have had that game yesterday, and we had tons of guys out who will be back before too long. We were basically even with the 49ers at the time Hass went down (and it’s devastating to lose your starting QB mid-game), and the Niners pretty obviously don’t suck – they should have beat the Vikings yesterday.

    We blew a game we could have won – but I still think yesterday’s effort is not a bad sign for the rest of the year.

  143. freedom_X says:

    Let me throw one from the anti-Mare camp.

    Mare’s job is to kick. Period. Yes, other players on the team made mistakes. But they also did good things, too.

    If one of them missed a open receiver, he also scrambled away from a sure sack or threw a TD. If another player dropped a pass, he caught several others. If a player missed a tackle, he forced a fumble or stopped a play for no gain.

    Mare has only one main job – make field goals. (His other is to kick the ball off deep.)

    Yesterday – conditions were good. Good weather. Not that much wind. Dry. Good footing. Good snap as far as I can tell. His own home stadium that he should know pretty well.

    If it had been a bad snap or bad conditions, I think Mora would have let it pass, just like they did in the awful kicking game at KC.

    Mare’s not the 3rd string kicker – he’s the starter. If Mare had only missed 1 of those makeable FG’s, I think he gets a pass. If the FG’s had been 50 yarders he gets a pass. I’d say there’s a bit of leftover from the missed from last week, which was also a tight game score wise.

    We also don’t know the whole story. Was Mare kicking poorly in practice? He’s 13th out of 16 kickers in the NFC in accuracy right now. Maybe what Mora is seeing in practice has set him off.

    Either Mare has gotten his wakeup call (which mentally he should be able to take as a vet) or he’s on his way out. I’ll assume for now Mora knows the psychological makeup of Mare and the team and knows this is the right approach.

    Naturally, if the team is convinced that Mare’s a good, hardworking guy that just had some bad luck, this move could backfire big-time. And it would be a bad signal for Mora’s future, in the sense he’s still not thinking his responses through and is still displaying immaturity.

  144. There have been 177 FGs attempted in the NFL this season.

    Of that number, 144 FGs have been successful.

    This means that just over 81% of all kicks have been good.

    If Mare would have made 4-5 FGs yesterday, he would have been over the NFL average at 83% and we still would have lost (yet he still would have gotten blamed by our moron of a head coach). As it is, he made 67% and we lost. Either way, we lose.

    If Mora wants a kicker who is going to make every kick, well, he had better keep looking. Last I looked, every kicker in the history of the NFL has missed some kicks (including kicks that should have been made).

    If you want to blame a starter (and not 2nd/3rd stringers), lets blame TJ for the fumble. Lets pretend that a few of his catches never happened (or that Mare actually made 4 FGs yesterday). It’s not TJs fault. It’s not Mare’s fault. It’s a combined effort.

  145. freedom_X says:

    OTOH, if Mare makes one of those two missed, “easy” FG’s, and everything else played out the same, Seattle wouldn’t have had to score a TD to tie at the end. They could have tied with another FG. Chicago has to play quite a different defense, less bend-but-don’t-break.

    And to be honest – if it came down to a FG to go to OT, and Mare misses – I am guessing many of the people defending Mare would be livid with him, even though he would actually have had a higher FG% in this scenario than what he actually did finish with! (5/7 made instead of 4/6!)

    The averages include all the bad snaps, bad weather, and terrible kickers. Are other kickers only making 71% of the FG’s with ideal conditions? I haven’t broken down Mare’s kicks but I think he’s had good conditions on all of his attempts this year, unless there’s something subtle like laces not lined up, etc. Also Mare’s had 2 home games to kick in.

  146. freedom_X says:

    One mistake I made – I thought Mare had missed an FG in SF, but he didn’t.

    At any rate, we’ll see if Mora just put his foot in his mouth. As I wrote, if Mare has been working hard and kicking well in practice, it’s likely this will backfire in Mora’s face. Or Mora has a pathological disdain for kickers. :)

  147. Dukeshire says:

    Personally, I don’t think it Mora vs Mare. At least for me. It’s all about Mora calling him out in the press rather than doing it behind closed doors, only. Because I’m sure they had or would of had a meeting regardless. Those kicks were huge, make no mistake. But the fact that Mora’s emotion seemed to get the better of him is what was at issue.

  148. The four things that pissed me off the most,
    1. Senaca throwing to Carlson when Carlson was ready to light the defender up so Senaca could of got at least fifteen, but threw it at Carlson’s back, why does it seem Senaca would rather throw than run, why, just run.
    2. That stupid reverse to Branch, seriously.
    3. Senaca’s pick 6, throw it away
    4. Those f ckin’ glow in the dark jerseys, please don’t ever wear those again, i thought those were sopposed to be an april fools joke.

    There were other things that obviously got to me, but these four are the ones that stick out in my mind the most.

  149. Oh yeah, six f ckin’ feild goal attempts, I thought Holgram left us?

  150. hambone08 says:

    If Mare makes 4-5 going into our last drive, that completely changes the complexion of that drive. I’d rather have Mare attempt a 6th FG to tie the game and go into OT rather than being forced to score a TD with an offense that obviously didn’t get the ball in the endzone enough, hence the 5 FG attempts. The mistakes and miscues were spread across the board Sunday – on offense, defense, special teams and from the coaches down to the players. If we want to even consider the playoffs, we need some healthy bodies and better, more sound fundamentals. Obviously, we can’t change the injuries but we can take better care of the ball and put an end to sloppy football. Wake up guys or else the season will quickly slip away, especially given our second half schedule.

  151. Why do I have visions of Dallas Clark trucking over our secondary mutiple times for an NFL record for TE’s with Manning easily tossing him the ball. This game coming up scares the hell out of me, obviously it gonna be a loss, Hass out, Eastern Time Zone, ridiculous play calling, 3 and outs, defense hanging in for a minute, but then just can’t take it any more. This game could make the Hawks look like more of a joke than what most of people around the league think right now. God I hope I’m wrong. This one’s going to be ugly, st8 up.

  152. Dukeshire says:

    Well, the good news is that you’ve just freed your Sunday up to do whatever it is defeatists do. Seriously though, Indy has a great offense that is also playing great, right now, but they’re not unbeatable. No one is. There is a reason they play the games and I can guarantee you, win lose or draw, the Seahawks won’t be going into Indy scared. Watching the game, we don’t need to be either. This game is great opportunity.

  153. Anything can happen, I will still be watching and rooting for the hawks. I’m just nervious it’s going to get out of control.

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