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Bears 25, Seahawks 19 – postgame thoughts thread (updated 5:39)

Post by Ryan Divish on Sep. 27, 2009 at 5:10 pm with 38 Comments »
September 27, 2009 5:58 pm
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AP photo

I thought I’d start a new post for you guys to vent, analyze or rant about the game, while we get to writing. Remember keep it clean.

Head coach Jim Mora, who was in a fairly foul mood, basically called out Olindo Mare for missing those two kicks.

“There’s no excuses for those. If you’re a kicker in the National Football League you should make those kicks – bottom line. End of story. Period. No excuses. No wind, doesn’t matter. You’ve gotta makes those kicks.

The more he spoke the madder he seemed to get.

“Especially in a game like this, where you’re kicking and fighting and scratching your tail off and you miss those kicks, it’s not acceptable. Not acceptable. Absolutely not acceptable.

When asked if he would consider making a change at kicker, Mora said the team will look at making changes everywhere on the team.

“We’re not going to fight our ass off, and have a field goal kicker go out there and miss two field goals and lose a game. It’s not going to happen.”

That’s not calling a guy out, that’s pushing him in front of a bus.

Mare also called himself out as well, “Yeah they were just bad kicks,” he said. “Just two bad kicks and it kind of cost us the game.”

“You’re only supposed to do your job and I didn’t do it very well,” he said.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Hey Ryan – Beer :30 for you son. Enjoy.

  2. Hawkfan1951 says:

    I have to agree. Told the wife he’d kick the first miss wide left because of where he lined up. She didn’t believe me…. said the same for the 2nd miss… and the third one that surprised me went in.

    As I see it, with the missed FG’s, dropped passes, passes too high… the Hawks left about 11 points on the field. Ther Bears fought hard, but we kept them in the game. Sure would have changed the game if the Hawks had only gotten half of those points.

    That green jersey is BAD. Wife’s word is hideous!) =!)

    Still… when some of the injured players can come back, hopefuly the Hawks can make a strong surge toward the end of the season… hopeahopeahope!!!

    GO HAWKS!!

  3. The blame should also go to the coaching and the play calling.

  4. snohawk907 says:

    CUT MARE asap – and tell mora that if he cant win he’ll be next.
    and the offensive play calling is a joke.
    anyone think that housh would come to seattle and dissapear?
    the green jerseys are bad, they could have been done way better – the blue sleeves look stupid.

  5. Hawkfan1951 says:

    CYRREEN, can’t agree about the play calling. The calls could have been the right ones for the play, but it’s so hard to tell when the players couldn’t catch, tackle, throw, kick or muff’s kick-offs so often. Who can tell?

    Unless something dramatic happens, I don’t see this team being a “top 10″ rushing team, as has been Knapp’s forte. I just don’t see it with these players.

    Complain about the GM…. oh yeah…. all day long. Someone, please explain to me how this team has gotten “better” under Ruskell.


  6. Damn Mora – you yourself should be called out.

    Playing for FGs instead of TDs at the end of halves. Challenging plays with 0 upside to winning. Expecting a FG kicker to make 6(!) FGs just to be in a tie game. Having YOUR defense give up the game winning drive. They couldn’t make just 1 stop at home to win the game?? How about watching the same Bear blitz every play?

    You sir, are no Mike Holmgren.

  7. Anybody have a link to a video of the Forte fumble? From what I saw there should be no way that was overturned – I didn’t see an angle that clearly showed Forte being down while he had the ball.

  8. Mora’s interview got me so fired up, I registered just so I could comment on this blog.

    He blames the kicker? How about the Branch reverse on 3rd and 1 which resulted in an 8-yard loss? Or calling running plays and 3-yard bootlegs on the last drive? Or Redding attempting to cover Olsen on 4th and goal on our 1? Or letting the Bears get out of 1st and 30? 6 field goal attempts??? I think Mare, who has been very consistent for us, is not the team’s greatest area of concern.

  9. 1st and 30 what the f…..

  10. Oh I forgot about Redding and Olsen. When the annnouncer is calling out a play to Olsen on a huge 4th down, then you shouldn’t have had your 300 lb DL cover the red zone threat.

    How does Mora expect to win when HIS defense allows the opposing QB a 126 QB rating and his own has a 74?? How many games does he really expect to win like that?

    It’s sad the Seahawks are 5-15 in their last 20 games, equaling Flores first 20 games. But I guess this is what happens when you populate your team with players from the Lions, Falcons and Bengals.

  11. I didn’t get to watch the game so i didn’t know about that one!

  12. Dukeshire says:

    The D played as well as could be reasonably expected considering who was out. Some of the play calling was curious. The reverse?

  13. Mora needs to get a little composure. I like a coach getting fired up and angry after a loss, but singling out one guy is pretty much the opposite of productive. Obviously, we’re not cutting Mare after one bad game. He blew it today – he knows it. No reason to call him out like that.

  14. Well maybe after this season we can get a real front office.

  15. first off, I knew we were in trouble when we rolled out looking like the f’n ducks with those god awful jersey’s. Yeah, when the bears are rushing you the same exact way on every play, you would think that knap would adjust. Also, Senaca judgment is ridiculous. I wanted to let him go at it, but not any more. He just established himself forever as a gadget player/receiver/ lets see what he can do returning kicks because he is a horible QB. Play calling, also ridiculous, 4th and 2 and that screen to JJ, wow. By the way, if your going to run that play, isn’t that what Edge did best, but either way, why.

  16. snohawk907 says:

    seneca cannot lead a team to vicory PERIOD……

    anyone else think about how nice sanchez would have looked in the putrid green jersey?

  17. jaybrank says:

    Seahawks beat themselves today. Two missed FG, INT, and a fumble will not get it done. Poor judgement by Justin Forsett on a punt put the ball on the 5 yrd line to start one drive. A couple of drops by Carlson and Schmitt were easy catches. Where was the screen pass in the 2nd half to slow down the non-stop blitzing? Seneca played OK., but should have ran more. He couldn’t get the ball to Carlson all game. His height guarantees he’ll have a couple of passes knocked down per game. I was surprised how well Julius Jones played – almost 100 yards. David Hawthorne is a gem (16 tackles). I like the lime green jerseys.

  18. The problem with all this is the evaluation of talent by the GM. The GM that is being paid millions to make the right call. You get very few mistakes and he has been absolutely horrid. I don’t pretend to know all the answers but that’s why I’m not getting paid MILLIONS to make the decisions. Someone else is and the decisions have been terrible.

    Was keeping Mare a joke? Obviously.

    Does Mora look like he’s over his head? Obviously.

    Is Knapp’s offense offensive? Obviously.

    Is “Gus” defensive a joke? Obviously.

    The day after week 16 can’t come soon enough to usher Ruskell’s a$s out ofthe organization along with Mora, Knapp, their “top 10″ rushing attack and the ex-North Dakota State head coach that has created a twinkie of a D.

    Let’s just hope the Bronco’s start playing to fom and we get 2 top 10 picks to get our next QB and LT for the future…

  19. MadSweeney42 says:

    Did we watch the same game tillman? There was some bad playcalling, but I thought the running game made huge strides today. Calling it offensive is a little too much.

    How many kickoffs do you want Coutu to give to Knox at the 7 yard line? Mare had a bad game but has been golden all last season and had a bad day, not a mistake at all.

    I also though the D was pretty good today. Especially considering the $ sitting on the bench in Lofa, Hill, Trufant and Wilson.

    Your assessments are just plain wrong on 3 of 4 accounts.

  20. elcidvicious says:

    Mora has no class whatsoever. Those comments were completely out of line. Whether Mare played well or not, that was simply not the venue for those statements. Call-out Mare with criticisms behind closed doors in the locker room, in a team meeting or on the practice field. But to do it at the podium at a press conference is completely uncalled for. It is a team game (coaches included), and the entire team is responsible for wins and losses. The differences between Holmgren and Mora were never more striking….

  21. morleytr says:

    1. No way that fumble should have been overturned. There is absolutely no way that referee could have seen conclusively that Forte was down – we saw it 100 times from different angles and you absolutely could not tell when the ball was coming out. That was a gross abuse of the replay booth.

    2. Seneca missed a number of passes that could have been big gainers, that Hasselback probably completes. On the other hand, Seneca keeps a number of plays alive on which Hass would have been on his backside, or worse. I’m having a hard time deciding if the QB performance would have been six of one, half dozen of the other today, or if Hass could have won this for us.

    3. Those missed FGs WERE inexcusable. The kicker should not shoulder ALL of the blame, but not only would they have been six more points, they also might have changed the way the Bears called plays on offense.

    4. Travis Fisher was awful. I know he’s a backup, but you can single him out for at least five plays in which he was responsible for a wide open receiver. On the other hand, I can count on one hand the times I heard Kelly Jennings’ name called this afternoon.

    5. Under what circumstances do you run a reverse on 3rd and 1, exactly? Pound it in there, that’s what good teams do. Is Dennis Erickson back?

    6. As good as the D was, and they played great, it is “same old Seahawks” when they perform well all game until the last drive, only to give it up then. You had to know at 19-17 that the Bears would at least take the lead on a FG, there was just no way around that. The TD hurt.

    7. Not mentioned really is the roughing-the-passer penalty on Kerney, which was (a) ridiculous, and (b) cost us a chance at better field position by returning the kickoff. Not that they necessarily would have done better than the 20, but I’d sure love to give Forsett an opportunity.

    Played pretty well, left points on the field, could not finish. FRUSTRATING.

  22. don’t think Mare should be cut – YET!

    How come nobody is mentioning how totally AWEFUL Carlson played today. 3 first down catches on his hands and He did not catch ANY OF THEM
    – there were 2 more when clearly Seneca and Carlson were NOT on the same page and a time or 2 when the ball was way too high!!!

    If we are going to get on Mare and a few others you better get on Carlson as well!

  23. Enough with the emotional idiocy! Despite all the mistakes, of which many were from 2nd and 3rd stringers, it ultimately was the referee overturning the fumble recovery that cost us the game. That call was shocing to me….there was no way the evidence was strong enough to screw us over on that great defensive play. We were not suppose to win this game with all our missing starters yet we came so close…..maybe that is whats so frustrating.

  24. Yesterday we looked like the Oakland Raiders on Offense without a running game. That isn’t any sort of compliment either, with Spencer back and Frye manning the blindside the OLine looked like matadors.

    Ruskell’s “vision” of a top level defense has has failed to materialize each year he has been here, either injury, old age, or some excuse causes them to not show up as expected. That’s five seasons folks for anyone who is counting and the on field product has regressed so that this team is neither strong on O or D now.

    Housh needs to just STFU and play football instead of running his mouth.

    The reinforcements needs to show up soon because things keep on getting worse and worse.

  25. Wow, I am surprised by all the venom here. I saw a team in lime green play a really tough game, make a few mistakes and come up a little bit short. Sure, i was bitching about the reverse on 3rd and 1, but overall I liked the play calling. Overall, I liked our players. And, overall, I have a lot of hope for the future.

  26. shoehawks says:

    I agree with sam1313. What’s with all the venom? I would like to comment on one particular post as an example.

    “The problem with all this is the evaluation of talent by the GM. ”

    Do you think Aaron Curry was a bad pick. Do you think the Hawks could have hung in nearly as well in this one without him? How about Unger? Deon Butler? The fact is, this past draft was awesome, and most of those players are contributing immediately.

    “Was keeping Mare a joke? Obviously.”

    You’ve got to be kidding. He is an amazingly consistent kicker…excellent on kickoffs…who had a bad day. Name one kicker in NFL history who never had a bad day. If it keeps up, we’ll worry about it. You get a Mulligan the first time.

    “Does Mora look like he’s over his head? Obviously.”

    What makes you think that? He took a team that was missing 7 STARTERS (9 by the end of the game) including the quarterback, left tackle, middle linebacker and the first two DBs and made a game of it. That is an incredible achievement.

    “Is Knapp’s offense offensive? Obviously.”

    No. The offensive thing was not the offense, but the dropped passes, poor passes, and downright poor decisions by the players.

    “Is “Gus” defensive a joke? Obviously.”

    This is really off base. The defense played very well with Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Marcus Trufant, and Josh Wilson on the bench. What do you want? With some player returns, this defense will be very good.

    Don’t panic. Most teams under the same circumstances would have lost big.

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