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Friday practice report: Hasselbeck likely out for Chicago

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 25, 2009 at 1:55 pm with 66 Comments »
September 25, 2009 2:06 pm

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora told reporters on Friday that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is “extremely unlikely” to play on Sunday. Hasselbeck suffered a fractured rib against San Francisco on Sunday and has not practiced all week.

Seneca Wallace will get the start at quarterback if Hasselbeck does not play.

Mora also said that offensive tackle Walter Jones will be a game-time decision. Jones was a limited participant in practice on Friday, and has been sharing time at left tackle with Brandon Frye.

Sean Locklear (ankle), Josh Wilson (ankle) and Leroy Hill (groin) are out this week.

Lofa Tatupu (hamstring) did not participate in practice this week and Mora said he’s unlikely to play on Sunday. Tatupu is listed as doubtful on the injury report.

Same with fullback Justin Griffith (knee). He did not practice this week and is listed as doubtful for the game.

Ken Lucas (groin) and Brandon Mebane (calf) were limited participants in practice this week, but may be ready to go on Sunday. Along with Walter Jones, Lucas and Mebane are listed as questionable.

Chris Spencer (quad), Deion Branch (hamstring), T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Travis Fisher (hamstring) were full participants in practice this week and should be ready to go on Sunday. They are listed as probable on the injury report.

For Chicago, LB Pisa Tinoisamoa (knee) is out.

TE Desmond Clark (rib) is listed as doubtful and did not practice today.

DE Alex Brown (ankle) was a limited participant in practice and is listed as questionable.

And DT Israel Idonije (knee), DT Tommie Harris (knee) and G Frank Olyale (ankle) all participated fully in practice and are listed as probable.

Notes from practice
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  1. Seahawks2620 says:

    Although the official word is dissapointing, absolutely none of it is shocking. We all knew that Hass would not be playing, the only thing that I guess could kind of be surprising is that Tatupu probably won’t even give it a go. I willl support the Hawks this Sunday no matter what happnes, but I am going to be realistic. We have a pretty slim chance of winning this game. The only reason we really have a chance is because it’s at Qwest. This sucks ass. I was so excited for this year, Mora really does need to accept the fact that even though it is an opportunity for the next guy to step up, there is a difference between Frye playing left tackle and Walter playing left tackle. If players “stepping up” was that easy, then every team in the NFL would be dominant. It doesn’t work that way and Mora knows when the cameras are off, that he is in some deep crap right now. It sucks

  2. It ain’t easy to stay upbeat with all the injuries already this season . . .if this game were in Chicago, I’d say we have little chance, but home court gives us an advantage, so I stil think we’ve got a shot.

    I just think our offense isn’t good enough to withstand the loss of Hass – and it feels like our defense is too banged up to ‘step up’ and take over any game, i mean, no Lofa, Hill, Trufant, Wilson, Mebane and Lucas hurting, jeezus . . .

  3. variable575 says:

    Ouch time unless Knapp opens up his old playbook from atlanta and lets Wallace lead his army on his own two feet.

  4. Jesus 08 all over again. We will be playing practice squad guys next week. I hope Mike Teel is ready.

  5. I was checking out Wallace’s numbers from last year – and really they were not bad at all –

    20-28 w/3 TD’s and no picks vs. NE; 18-25 w/no picks in a Win against the Jets; all in 11 TDs and 3 picks – and, as we know, that was with 3rd and 4th string receivers.

    Don’t really get all the ‘bring in our rookie 7th round draft pick’ talk . . .

  6. I don’t see us winning this one… Wallace couldn’t connect on one out of four at the end of the SF game… Early on in his Hawk career, I was a big supporter of his, but I honestly feel he’s fallen off … It may not be his fault, it could be the way he’s given opportunities, but the results are not where they should be… His fault or coaching fault (including the Bush, ooops Holmy regime), Our chances even at home are not looking good….

  7. Wallace’s numbers weren’t “bad” last year because the team barely moved the ball with him.

    He had several catch and run throws that inflated his YPA greatly. Without those 3 plays, he would have been at 5.0 – that’s low. What he needs to do is get that YPA around 7 on a consistent basis. That would mean having 25 attempts and throwing for nearly 200 yards, something he rarely did last year.

    We can’t be surprised by the injuries the team has this year. The players are either old or injury prone or even both. Hasselbeck has started 16 games just 3 times in a decade long career. That’s low.

  8. I believe it is a totally different situation when a guy gets all the reps as the starter then when he is thrown into a game do to injury. Also, who was Seneca throwin’ to last year. Come on, anyone who is rooting for the 6th or 7th round rookie can’t be serious. Let Seneca have a chance with the weopons he’s got right now (healthy recievers) also, he might get a few yards on his feet too, if not, then figure out something else. Go Hawks

  9. seahawklovertoo says:

    I agree with variable575. Either let Seneca lose to play his game , or play Teel. Seneca in the pocket won’t work against the Bears. The pocket may be OK for Teel because we do have some good (and healthy) receivers.
    As for our “D” if the first unit does the same like they did at SF, they take the chance with the speedsters : Bennet, Hawthorne and Reed as pass rushing LB er. Better fast “weaklings” than strong lumps.

  10. seahawklovertoo says:

    Lets face it, Bears OL is not unbreakable and Cuttler under pressure isn’t much ( as we all know). But, if You give him plenty of time even he can burn you just like any other QB . I really think we can win this game.

  11. variable575 says:

    Lucas with his groin doesn’t sound good. remember wallace trying to play with a groin issue? Lucas as a CB, even if he does start that won’t last more than a few snaps. looks like it’s jennings and fisher…….is fisher healthy?Hope his hammy doesn’t act up. Who’s next if fisher goes down? Not good. anways, get ready to see malloy at FS. Hope he’s as fast as Brussall, being at the age tender age of old fart i’m not getting my hopes up on this one.

    2 years in a row with all these injuries, fellas, i think we’re in a much deeper whole than we all would like to admit.

  12. Babs would probably play corner if Lucas is out.

    I sure don’t want to admit we are in this deep of a hole Variable, and I’m gonna keep drinking the “Hawks will win” cool-aid until this game is over!!! With 3 of our next 4 at Home we can get through this injury thing….

  13. nidhighe says:

    You know what would help? A good running game. Something Ruskell has pretty much neglected during his tenure as GM.

  14. Seahawks2620 says:

    Seriously!!!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of Mora talking about “opportunities for guys to step up” bull! I understand he can’t come out and say we are F#@ed, but come on. EGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  15. Seahawks2620 says:

    according to Clair, it is doubtful that Walter sees any playing time….GREAT!!!!!!!! Atleast we have tons of depth there

  16. variable575 says:

    Ok guys

    lets have a rushing prediction on anything you want. Me, i say the bears get a good rushing attack going. Hawks do the same with the right mix of Forsett and Jjones. Have sen boot leg and then dish the ball of to forsett who could slip into open field probably most of the day with urlacher out!!!

  17. We have no shot? With that negative attitude, why do you even visit this blog?

    This will be a tough game but we definitely have a shot. I think they are going to try some special packages with Seneca to try to take advantage of his athleticism. For those who say Seneca is not a quality player, please refer to SI’s preseason backup quarterback rankings, Seneca is one of the top ten best backups in the league. If he makes good decisions with the ball, Seneca can be very effective.

    I think the key is the defense and the crowd can help with that. I don’t see us being able to score big points, so the defense needs to keep the score down. Although we have backups in the secondary, the Bears don’t have the type of receivers that give us trouble, the big physical guys. Hester is fast, but I bet Matt could beat the tar out of him, so Slim shouldn’t have that much trouble staying with him. As long as we avoid 80 yard runs we should have a shot.

  18. Every once in awhile in a championship season you need to steal a game here and there. With us hurting as bad as we are, we need to steal this one and the 12th man is going to be needed more in this game than most.

  19. The Seahawks have a chance because they are playing at home. With that crowd, the Seahawks are always favorites at home in my book.

    But on the road at Chicago? I wouldn’t give them a chance.

  20. Seahawks2620 says:

    Trust me, I am going to be there Sunday screaming like hell. But if they lose on Sunday against the smash mouth Bears, I guarantee some of you oh so “positive” bloggers on here will be saying how the season is over. Just watch, it will happen. It happened last year and it will happen last year. It already is.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    There’s no doubt. Over the last 5 days I cannot count how many “season is over” posts there have been.

    As for Seneca: he did a wonderful job of not turning the ball over last season. I think it’s really difficult to compare last year’s injury situation he experienced and this. He has a healthy receiving corp, that he has working with since the first OTA. That was not the case last year and I believe that makes a world of difference.

    Lofa not being able to go was expected, by me at least. But Mebane has to play. In order for this D to keep the offense in it, they have to control Forte and without Mebane’s presence in there and his ability to maintain gap integrity and actually collapse the pocket in passing situations, it could be another long day.

  22. Seahawks2620 says:

    The only problem that I have about Seneca is that he some times does not understand that it is time to hit the ground or run out of bounds. He understands that he has great running ability and in most cases can run away from the collapsing pocket and make something that looks hopeless into something that just makes you wonder how the hell he got 12 yards on that play. I for one am not worried at all about Seneca being in there instead of Hasselbeck. He just really needs to get on the ground, throw it away, or run out of bounds on some plays which can lead to an INT or a fumble. Again, full confidence in Seneca. He is a phenomenal athlete and for his style of play, he is a pretty damn good passer. Let’s go SEAHAWKS!!!!!!

  23. If the Hawks can go 4-4 then get healthy and stay healthy they could still have a good season and be stronger during the playoffs.

    Hass, W Jones, Spencer and Locklear could all come back 100% on offense.

    Mebane, Hill Tatupu, Trufant, Wilson and Lucas all have a good chance to come back.

    If Forsett keeps improving he could steal JJs job. Jackson is starting to play like a first round pick. Yeah, the Hawks are hurting now but look out when they get healthy.

  24. On Sunday look into Seneca’s eyes, those are not the eyes of a confident nfl player. Did you see last Sunday when T.J. was trying to pump him up and he looked like a scared deer. This is why Matt is the heart and soul of this team. He is the team. Everyone else plays as individuals. When he is out there they become a team.

  25. Ruskell is clueless.

  26. variable575 says:

    I like oceanic’s view and Krieg17 makes another good point about seneca. Also, Tompage, you can’t dog on the diversity of bloggers, positive or negative everyone is entitled to their own, so who cares what’s said. I t would be pretty lame if everyone was singing the same tune.

    I don’t see locklear coming back for another 7 weeks with a high ankle sprain. Same with Wilson, and if they due com earlier it will probably play out the same way when DJ hack had his, in and out and never consistently involved.

  27. variable575 says:

    Lot of talk about strength and conditioning coaches……one point:

    If they should not be targeted as some say, how come we have so many darn hamstring, back and Groin issues? That’s all on them.

  28. variable575 says:

    Justin Griffith is doubtful………………that means owen schmitt is our FB which means no running game. Not good. This guy has proven to be a bust whenever he’s in.

  29. Ruskell is idiot.

  30. It’s not Ruskell’s fault that we have had as many injuries as we’ve had. We have some guys out who aren’t normally injury prone guys (Wilson, Trufant, Lofa, Mebane). On the other hand, guys like Hill, Spencer, and Lock haven’t proven to be ironmen the last few years. I’m in the Ruskell corner on the Matt situation though. If Matt’s back can withstand a hit like Willis put on him – he is/was 100% healthy for the season. If we lose on Sunday, the season certainly isn’t lost, but it’s not going to be fun climbing out of a hole either, especially with a trip to Indy and the Eastern time zone awaiting us the following week. If there is a silver lining — we haven’t lost anyone for the season yet. There’s still time to get everyone healthy.

  31. way to contribute cyrreen. (happy now? u got somebody to take the bait)

    I don’t think seneca uses his speed enuff. he seems to try too hard to show eveybody he can be a pocket passer. i guess he’ll always be trying to prove that…

    Maybe he can be like vick for a few games while matt is out. remember mora & knapp took a running vick to the playoffs.

  32. i dont know about you guys but my TNT fantasy team is like last yrs hawks.
    Manningham & Welker hurt. I got no depth. Nate is the only healthy WR i have.
    “Gator Nate” (for his arms while catching)

  33. I heard we might be wearing the Green Jersays this weekend..Is this true?

  34. Please god let us get threw this next fame with no injurys. Hass Walt and tutupu back next week. Stay positive when we start losing guys for the year I will start to really worry. Let’s see if Mora can pull a win out of his ass.

  35. bird_spit says:

    Time for our D to play loose. Our team has a good chance to win. Our crowd will be loud. Curry could have a career defining game. If these guys all play up to their potential, then we have little to worry about. I like the chances Seneca brings. It will be fun to watch.

    Go hawks, and bring on the 12th man!

    Please stop the whining. It’s only the third game of the season. Step away from the edge. Christ the sun will be shining, be happy.

  36. navyhawk51 says:

    anyone out there heard about Chris Berman saying seahawks will bring out the bright green uniforms? I heard it from someone on twitter… no link yet i couldnt find one on google. twitter me… @ingram1225

  37. vichawkfan says:

    prediction : Seneca throws for 310 3 TD’s and we win 27-24. Despite coming in cold and throwing a nice, but not easy TD pass – Wallace was decent. A full week of 100% of the reps, I have a feeling he puts on a show.
    More worried about the defense. Hawthorne and Herring??? C’mon, is DD going to get more PT? Milloy despite getting older, will have a better game than Bab’s…who is clueless. Curry needs to get his head out his a$$. Make tackles, play the gaps, and try not to over pursue every Cutler play action.

  38. navyhawk51 says:

    vichawkfan, keep in mind, CHI has NO middle D now.

    Curry missed one or two tackles at most during the 49ers game. Babs and the rest of the D missed way more tackles. Have patience for the young rookie if what people say is true, he will surprise you soon enough.

  39. I would love to be as optimistic as many of you are, but Seneca has a terrible Win, Loss record when playing the majority of the game, or coming in after Matt gets injured. I don’t see any possible way JJ will run on the Bears, but J Forsett may dazzle us again. Chicago is going to display Matt Forte, and he is good; and then kill us with Cutler. The only way we can stop this is if R Bryant mans up, Colin Cole exerts himself and Mebane plays. I really don’t care about missed asingments as much as I care about someone getting their head taken off, ie hit the crap out of someone like SF did to us. I’m sick of being the soft hawks.

    Put Milloy at Safety, Babs at a corner position, or better yet play CJ wallace(….maybe with Milloy; dual huskies :p).

  40. variable575 says:

    Saving my VERY negative comment for last……..

    We are going to get are collective Arses whipped! wait and see.

  41. variable575 says:

    no one to cover knox and hester.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    This board has become virtually unreadable. Comments like “On Sunday look into Seneca’s eyes, those are not the eyes of a confident nfl player.” or simply “Ruskell is idiot.” make me vert curious how many here actually watch the games. My guess is not many. Honestly, what do those things mean? The second one is so well thought out, he couldn’t be bothered to make it a complete sentence. It’s 100% understandable why some of the longest time posters here have steered away in last 2 weeks. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions but it’s not asking too much to have them at least substantiated. What is it in Seneca’s play (you know, something tangible) that leads you to believe he’s not confident? Something along those lines. It is predictable that losing would bring the worst out in the fans, but after two weeks and 1 loss? Good grief.

  43. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    CYRREEN says:
    September 25, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    Ruskell is idiot.


    You may want to make sure to not make yourself look dumb next time you call somebody an “idiot.”

  44. How does one have ‘Grief’ that is ‘Good’?

    SW is a capable QB better than some starters around the league ( Russell, Titans). Of coarse I would rather have Matt at the Helm. He has taken us to multiple playoffs but one year ago behind a make shift line with no WR’s SW, hands down, out performed the Hass Miester. SW QB rating 87, MH 57.8 and many other starters (see link below). So before ya knock him let’s give him the benefit of the start. As for Teel at #2… Goo000OOOD GRIEFFFFF!!!!!!!!!

  45. Dukeshire says:

    It’s just a stupid euphemism because I don’t think Eric would let me get away with saying what I really want.

  46. princeaden says:

    I agree with Duke. I am relatively new to this blog. But at the same time I try to stay positive and not get into this fingerpointing, blaming and namecalling. It’s too bad that many posters are shying away, because I really do enjoy reading the postings of the mainstays(i.e. Duke, chuck_easton, BobbyK and many more). Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just wish they would keep it respectful and somewhat informed.
    As for SW I think he did quite well last year with very little help( remember Billie Mckinnie, Koren Robinson and Kari whoever from Denver) where are they now. AND they had NO running game to speak of. So with a full compliment of recievers and at least a decent OL and hopefully 1 or 2 hungry RB Seneca will have a better shot at success.
    Win, lose or draw, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’ve been watching and rooting for the Hawks since their first pre season game ever and I wont stop now.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    princeaden – That point was brought up earlier and I agree with it. There is a world of difference in the talent Seneca will be working with, and has become familiar with, as opposed to last year. The situation while discouraging, doesn’t feel anywhere near as desperate as it did last year at this time. At least on offense. As for the D: they’ve got to have Mebane playing well tomorrow or at the very least Bryant has to play a significantly better game than last week. They somehow have to find a way to get off the field that doesn’t inclued 80 yard TDs.

  48. Coolalvin says:

    Seneca is one of those QB’s that won’t put up monster yards, but will keep you in the game. Hopefully Matt can be ready for Indy.

    PS.. How bout a shout out for the Huskies today!

  49. princeaden says:

    I will agree that Mebane being healthy and effective is a huge part if the Hawks are going to have defensive success tomorrow. I would also offer that Hawthorne must hold up his end of the equation. Would it help if Milloy was in at SS? He is a bit of a liability in the passing game. But, he certianly is a more sure-tackler than Babs. And I will also agree that if Bryant is pushed into action that he must stay with his assignment.

  50. Duke, Ive been watching the hawks since 78 so I think I know a little about the team. I also know alot about teamwork and my point with my earlier post was when your TEAM captain meaning MATT is out, they better learn how to be a team without him. Not trying to be nagative just a realist.

  51. I like Seneca as a back-up. I think he’s one of the better back-ups in the league. Maybe he could even be a starter on the right NFL team. However, unless that team had a defense like the Ravens of the last 10 years, I do have my doubts about him to take a team to the play-offs.

    One thing that scares me about Seneca the starter is that he seems to have a negative play here and there that costs us. Whether it’s a silly pick later in the game or dumping it off to the FB on the final play of the game on offense when it’s 4th and 15… it just seems he’s not a complete QB (and a reason he’s not a starter, or a reason some team hasn’t called and offered a 2nd round pick, or something like that) that I’m confident in leading us to the promise land (at the same time, not too many back-up QBs have led their teams to the promise land – Brady, Hostetler, etc., but they are definitely a minority).

    As some have said, I don’t think it’s fair to say “Seneca sucked last year” and leave it at that. He didn’t have hardly any NFL quality WRs to throw to and a banged up OL. I don’t know of any QB in the history of the world, John Elway included, who could consistently win when their WRs can catch or get open and the starting OL are all on IR.

    Seneca Wallace is what he is… a solid back-up who can fill in when needed. There’s no shame in that.

    I don’t remember the home game late last year when he went off on everyone at halftime and showed true passion… but the team responded and we ended up winning the game. I was critical of him as our back-up a few years ago and can be included in the “Seneca sucks” group of people (shamefully, I say that) but he has earned my trust and respect. He’s quiet, goes about his job, does the best he can (even if he’s not perfect), has passion when someone needs a kick in the butt, and I don’t know what more we could want in a back-up QB. My only knock is that I wish he’d run with the ball more.

    On a side note – I was so mad at the Seneca 4th and 15 play at KC a few years ago when he dumped it off to Mack… but does anyone remember, IMO, the dumbest play in the history of the Seattle Seahawks?

    Jeff Kemp was filling in at QB (late 80 or early 90s)… it was late in the game and it was 4th and Goal… we either win or lose the game on the next play… that moron threw the ball out of the end zone, not even close to where anyone could catch it, offense or defense… I have never forgotten how stupid that play was…

  52. damn editing

    “I don’t know of any QB in the history of the world, John Elway included, who could consistently win when their WRs can catch or get open and the starting OL are all on IR.”

    Should read “can’t: catch or get open…

  53. maybe it wasn’t the home game… was it at the Rams?

  54. Dukeshire says:

    Kreig17 – I agree with that but what does it have to do with Seneca not having confident looking eyes. I believe that body language says a lot to your teammates but I still don’t know what you are implying when you say you look into his eyes, other than you don’t have confidence in him.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby I vaguely remember the play but no the specifics. Didn’t he dump it to him in the flats?

  56. Yes. Dumped it to him on, basically, a screen pass. A slow FB in the flat with about 12 yards to gain on his own…

  57. I think you are right, Dukeshire, that the situation is not as dire as last year. Our offense is healthier and deeper than it has been since 2007. The defense is just a little more nicked up than last year.

    Lofa and Leroy were both nicked last year and it almost seems better to just have the replaced by guys who can go 100%. Since it sounds like Mebane is ok to play the defensive line should be become a superior defensive unit. What concerns me most right not is the cornerback situation.

    I think they need to take anyone who is not 100%, like Lucas perhaps, and just leave them on the bench so they can fully heal. Injuries like Lucas’ groin pull or Lofa’s hammy may stay aggravated if they don’t give it a rest. Let these guys heal and perhaps we lose a game without them in favor of having a full healthy team on the field later on.

  58. I can handle our CB situation going up against a team of bad WRs like Chicago… It’s going to be a little more scary going up with a team like AZ…

  59. I think this game is a good measure of the coaching abilities of our staff. This is a great game to do a reverse on a kickoff, fake FG, P; just do different things to keep an aggressive Bear D off balance. I would try to feature Curry a lot and make Herring have coverage responsibilites; do a multitude of different looks; delayed blitzes, stunts, safety blitz. I would play a little bit of zone and cover 2, but not a lot of man.

    On offense I think we should diversify things, run straight up the middle; Carlson, Housh and hit the FB and RB on flat and screens and try to go deep a couple times early. I think it would be nice to keep an open mind about the RB rotation and give everyone a shot and go with the hot hand.

  60. variable575 says:

    it’s quite entertaining listening to people whine like girls about how other peoples posts are so negative. So what, id you don’t like it don’t comment about it. Talk about whatever you want.

    And what’s with the “click” BS on a blog site talking about the “mainstays” of the blogger ranks for this site………..PLEASE.

  61. You’re right. This is a free blog. No one person (or their opinion) is more important than anyone else.

    If you want to say we suck. Go ahead and do it. But give us an analysis as to why we suck. We may agree. We may not. Either way, your opinion, in the end, will be respected if it’s a thought out argument. We all win in this way. We can all talk/read about the team we love and learn from it. It’s the “we suck” or “Ruskell is a stupid moron” comments that carry no weight for anyone and, therefore, make us all dumber for having read them that bothers some.

    If you want me to talk about how our safety play sucks. It does. Same for most of our OL and RBs. And lack of pass rushing threat like a Dwight Freeney or Jared Allen. But I don’t feel like getting into it right now.

  62. John Abraham — Ruskell tried to trade our #1 pick (what turned out to be Kelly Jennings) to the NYJ for him. The Jets accepted. But he wanted to be close to home and sign with Atlanta. We offered more money to Abraham, but that wasn’t enough. Our fortunes would have turned out differently with an Abraham over a Jennings.

  63. nmseafan says:

    It appears Rome won’t be built in a day this season as far as the “new” post-Holmy Hawks. I myself was thinking that the new coaching staff might bring enough new possibilities and the players may buy into it and play better this season. I still think its possible but the injuries are killing them. However, I know no matter what happens that I’m going to be in front of the TV set and yelling for the Hawks. My attitude on gameday will be hope for the best BUT prepare for the worst. There won’t be any “sure bets” as far as winning games but there will be some good things that happen along with the bad as the season goes up and down. At least some good foundations will be laid to build on in the future.

  64. nmseafan says:

    It still can be an interesting and exciting season, its all in how you choose to perceive it. If you are looking for a SB this year ? Probably not this year. If you are looking to see improvement over last year in Wins then I think it will happen. If you just want to see SOME improvement anywhere and the basic personnel foundation for a SB run in the near future I think chances are good.

  65. I don’t want to compare this season to last season just for the simple fact that the previous years before that we were division winners year after year after year after year. And I firmly believe injuries were the killer last year (sound familiar this year??? NO!!!).

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