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Thursday practice: How to contain Cutler

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 24, 2009 at 3:08 pm with 37 Comments »
September 24, 2009 3:08 pm

First the injury report.

Leroy Hill (groin), Sean Locklear (ankle), Josh Wilson (ankle) are out.

Justin Griffith (knee), Matt Hasselbeck (rib) and Lofa Tatupu (hamstring) did not participate in practice.

Ken Lucas (groin), Brandon Mebane (calf) were limited participants in practice.

And Deion Branch (hamstring), Travis Fisher (hamstring), T.J. Houshmandzadeh (back), Walter Jones (knee) and Chris Spencer (quad) fully participated in practice.

For Chicago, DE Alex Brown (ankle), TE Desmond Clark (rib) and LB Pisa Tinoisamoa (knee) did not participate in practice.

DT Israel Idonije was a limited participant in practice. And DT Tommie Harris (knee) and G Frank Omlyale (ankle) fully participated in practice.

Seahawks defensive lineman Cory Redding, who played for several seasons with Detroit and faced the Bears twice a year, said Chicago is basically the same team with Jay Cutler at quarterback, and the key for the guys up front will be to get pressure on Chicago’s quarterback and force him into quick decisions.

“To it’s the same thing, it’s just Cutler is back there and he’s getting the ball off faster,” Redding said. “I think he gets the ball off a little faster than (Kyle) Orton, but other than that it’s the same system, same everything.

“The O-line is good, and they’ve been together for a long time. And they’ve been blocking well, and the wide receivers they have are going to do their thing, so it’s all about Cutler and disrupting his timing on getting the ball out.”

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said along with getting pressure on Cutler, Seattle’s defense must make sure they contain running back Matt Forte, who only has 83 rushing yards on the year so far but is capable of a big game.

“He’s got good shakes,” Bradley said. “He can make people miss once he gets in the open field. He’s a strong runner. He’s a very good back for them and we don’t want him to get going against us.”

Offensive line coach Mike Solari said that offensive tackle Brandon Frye did a nice job in replacing Sean Locklear in the San Francisco game last week, and that his strength is his athleticism. Solari also said the offensive line isn’t where he would like them to be in the execution of the team’s zone running scheme.
Seattle currently ranks 13th overall in rushing, averaging 116.5 yards a contest.

“We have a long ways to go,” Solari said. “The key thing with our run game is getting more consistent. It’s just a matter of working our tracks, and just repping it out and being more consistent in our techniques.

“So we have a ways to go to develop it so that we’re consistent in the run game. That’s what we want to be – a consistent running team.”

Notes from practice
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  1. How important is Kenny Lucas and his good health now days?!?!

  2. Not sure if this question falls into the reporter gag order zone or not.

    How did Walt look at practice? All I have heard is he looks big which makes me think he has been on the couch eating Bon Bons since he went down. Is he moving normally or more like a sloth?

  3. I think Lucas is very important BobbyK….

  4. Yes. He is. That’s a big signing right about now!

    One nice thing about facing the Bears this weekend without two of our top CBs… the Bear WRs suck…

    I doubt we see Wilson back until the Cowboys or Lions? Same for Lock, assuming they are the stereotypical high ankle sprains.

  5. Forsett is spotlighted on Yahoo Sports Fantasy Page.

  6. Remember Joe Thiesmann in his rookie days?
    Theismann ryhmes with Heisman

    Forsett rhymes with dorsett.
    Just sayin.

  7. IdahoHawk says:

    This is a perfect game to see Curry/Jackson/Kerney SHINE!! I want to see that
    wine ass Cutler on his back.

  8. Seahawks2620 says:

    I know this sounds dumb as hell to most if not all Seahawks fans, but I am actually excited to see Jennings play. I think he would actually do a great job of containing Hester who is not that great of a wide receiver anyway. I have wanted him to turn into the player we thought he could be when we drafted him. His problem, as everyone already knows, is that he just cannot put on any weight. Luckily he will not need to be that big if they put him on Hester. I think he will be fine this Sunday. It will be awesome watching him….anyone at all agree?

  9. Seahawks2620 says:

    Hey Eric… your opinion, does Jennings look solid this year? I imagine he does not look spectacular seeing as how he did not win the job….but how does he look.

  10. NickLicatasucks says:

    The guy we need to be scared of is their TE, Olsen. He’s big and fast and our inexperienced linebackers will be vulnerable.

    I’m actually not that worried about Jennings. Although #13 does a good job for the Bears of using his body to shield the defender. We know who else does that exceptionally well, and he kills the Hawks.

    Big Walt’s conditioning concerns me too. He looks large and winded. I cannot imagine he’s done much for conditioning this year, with the knee surgery and everything else. I’m highly curious to see how much he plays on Sunday. I know he’ll suit up. Probably start. But I cannot imagine him lasting the whole game due to his lack of conditioning.

    If you can only leave 7 guys inactive, plus the extra QB…that will put Hasselbeck in uniform. So who will be the 7?

    Hill, Wilson, Locklear, and who else? With Lofa’s hamstring you need to rest it. That is the only way to heal that thing. So I leave him inactive as well as probably Griffith. That’s five. It should be an interesting list. Very revealing.

  11. He may not be the Walt of old, but him at 70% is better than Locklear at 100%. And that’s not a knock on Lock either.

    Jennings, with good ribs, is a solid CB as long as he’s not going up against strong and physical WRs. I think he’s one of the better cover guys in the league. It’s just that he still gives up a lot of plays because he’s so weak in comparison to a lot of WRs.

    How to contain Cutler? Their GM already did it by trading for franchise QB and not providing him with a big time WR. I love Hester as a player, but he’s not a prototypical #1 WR who can run all the routes and make all the catches.

  12. Got to get pressure on Cutler. Will be a very interesting game as banged up as we are – i think it’s a total pick-em – really don’t know how this one is going to play out. I do think if we give Cutler time, he’ll run up good numbers on us.

    I agree with resting Lofa, as much as we need him, if his hamstring isn’t right, he’ll tweak it the first time he sprints, and we’ll lose him for more weeks.

    As always, very glad it’s a home game.

  13. Seahawks2620 says:

    I am kind of tired of hearing Bradley and the players talk about getting pressure on the opposing QB and then not get any. They did have what 3 sacks against the niners and 3 against the rams, but that is it as far as pressure is concerned. They need to get pressure on almost every down or else Cutler is going to do work on us.

  14. Wow, have we ever been hanging on each day waiting to read the injury reports as much as we are this week?!

    I imagine Walt might really be closer to 60% or so. He hasn’t worked out much at all since last year. But Walt at 50% is probably better than Brandon Frye at 100% and that’s all he has to be right now. We need to give him time. He can probably pass protect but I would doubt he is fit enough to get out and run block effectively for 60 minutes.

    Still, the possibility of starting Jones-Sims-Spencer-Unger-Willis THAT is really putting a smile on my face today!

    And the biggest game-changer of all would be getting Brandon Mebane back in there and healthy. I think last week showed that we don’t have anyone who can replace what Mebane does for the line and for his teammates. They will all look better when he’s in.

    I’m still not so sure we can beat the bears in this condition. But here’s hoping.

  15. Any particular reason they chose a gerbil to represent the 9ers in that last piece?

  16. hellomouthbreathers says:

    “Wow, have we ever been hanging on each day waiting to read the injury reports as much as we are this week?!”

    Yeah, all of last season! Again, nothing has changed. If it weren’t for the Rams, the Hawks would be winless so far and 2-12 last season.

  17. variable575 says:

    If Seneca is worth having in there during this bears game it should be won. Tommy harris isn;t in his usual form and urlacher is out. If Seneca doesn’t get it done at home this weekend he can take a hike. that’s just me though.

    Seneca will be below 500 with the games he starts……..starting with a loss at home against the bears……… guys hate me for that, but there i said it. Easy for me.

  18. variable575 says:

    Whoever said to bring Moore up from the P-squad because small backs are better in the hawks blocking scheme makes a good point. However, are all you guys ready to say James is done? No legs. Or Julius IS as blind as a bat. No vision. I’d say get rid of James and bring up Moore.

  19. Lets see. Our best CB is Tru and he is out. Then Lucas and he is out? The #3 CB is Wilson and he is out?

    At LB, Hill is out and maybe Tatupu?

    D line, Mebane?

    But W Jones and Spencer are back on the O line and Branch is back at WR?. And Forsett is poised to leap over Jones and James at RB?

    C’mon Seneca, score enough to win a home game.

  20. variable575, Its not that I don’t like Devin Moore, but have you seen Moore try to protect a quarterback from a pass rusher? He can’t do it. He isn’t ready, and he’ll get Seneca or Matt knocked out with another injury.

    Have you seen Edgerrin James pass protect? He’s one of the best. That makes him a valuable third down back.

  21. Stevos – I agree on the Edge pass blocking being more important, even though Moore has more “juke” at this stage in his career.

    All I know is that we need a win this weekend and then to get healthy.

  22. Regarding whether or not Matt will play this week with a broken rib seems strange…it implies maybe next week he won’t have a broken rib?

    I’m guessing it is a like a hair-line fracture, but doesn’t bone heal at a predictably slow rate? Any docs out there to weigh in?

  23. How about throwin’ to Edge out the back feild or something, maybe throw to Carlson or Housh instead of fullbacks and back up tight ends. I want Seneca to pick the Bears apart, lets see what he can do getting first team reps and having healthy recievers unlike last year.

  24. TruBlu – After the team threw (what seemed to be) 1,000 passes to John (f-ing) Owens in the 1st quarter last week… I was really wondering what the h&%# was going on… I was excited when we signed him b/c he’s supposedly a good blocker…

  25. variable575 says:


    Maybe the reason why john was a primary target for matt was because the defense had knapper figured out which scares me. how come we aren’t creating more plays or utilizing housh more effectively? we pay him all that money and knap isn’t drawing up plays that allow matt)(now seneca) to connect with housh more often and it’s some what annoying.

    You have to wonder now why knap does well with rushing every year but ot with passing. Knaps pass plays don’t seem like they develop well on the field. You all will hate me for this but i would hav liked to see holmgren with this corp of receivers.

  26. We’ve got good guys… Carlson, TJ, Burleson (when he doesn’t have his alligator arms), Butler… you’d think there’d be better option than Owens. It’s not like if Carlson and TJ aren’t covered that there’s nobody to throw to. I can see a pass or two going his way… but not a couple in the first few plays from scrimmage.

  27. princeaden says:

    I really feel like the O-line is pretty solid with many interchangeable parts, and certianly by next year the zone blocking will be second nature to them. But, I still feel like until we get a real Stud RB in there we will be average at best and for sure not be able to run it against the better defenses we run into. And until that happens we will be a one demensional team, leaving a then 35yo Hass vulnerable to injury. So, can anyone tell me who the top 4 RB coming out in next years draft will be and who might the Hawks want to invest in. Does anyone else feel this way about our current RB situation?

  28. bird_spit says:

    Man, our defense is sounding pretty beat up. With many of the rock-stars on the sideline, the garage-band players will need to be playing near perfect ball.

    Thank good for the 12th man! That dude can never be injured. Bring it on!

  29. Dukeshire says:

    With Lofa out it’s imperative Mebane play, and at a high level. Forte’s slow start not withstanding, he’s a strong, straight ahead runner that must be stopped before he gets to the second level. And without Lofa and Hill, the interior d line will carry the burden.

    And you’re right on, the 12th Man needs to be loud and proud.

  30. nmseafan says:

    Good point variable575 regarding Moore and his pass blocking. Maybe use Forsett as the every 1st & 2nd down back and Jones for 3rd down rushing and blocking for 3rd down pass plays and Moore for screens whenever called.

  31. nmseafan says:

    I’d also like to see Michael Bennett used as a DT this week at times, maybe on 3rd downs, along with Reed.

  32. nmseafan says:

    Maybe Bradley needs to experiment a little more till he finds the best starting combo on the D-line. I don’t know that he has figured it out yet with all the possible combos of the guys they have to work with.

  33. some keys against Chicago:

    1. Mebane returns to play DT. Cole, Bryant, and Hawthorne stick to their assigned gaps in the middle.

    2. Offensive line cops an attitude and gets ready for a war in the trenches against a badass D line.

    3. Seneca doesn’t get happy feet and try to win the game all by himself. He keeps his feet planted and uses his 2nd and 3rd option receivers.

    4. 12th Man causes a few false starts and gets in Cutler’s head.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – I couldn’t agree more with that list. One can point ot other things, but to me, those are the key issues.

  35. I haven’t looked for it – has Reed gotten any playing time at all in the first two games?

  36. I get a bit concerned when I see comments from Solari that “we have a long ways to go” in regards to the O-line. I read in the off season about how the zone blocking scheme is easier to execute than what they had previously run. It just doesn’t add up. I’d really like to have that statement expanded upon. What are some of the things the line needs to improve on? Is it personel limitations? When do they feel they should start being consistant?

  37. Nick Reed is playing special teams. He got some playing time in the second half of the Rams game at defensive end when the game was decided.

    I imagine he’ll be in that same role all season barring injuries.

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