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Trufant on KJR: Back injury developed over time

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 17, 2009 at 11:12 am with 17 Comments »
September 17, 2009 5:04 pm

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Marcus Trufant spoke for the first time since the team placed him on the physically unable to perform list at the opening of training camp at the end of July.

Trufant talked with KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler this morning, saying his rehab is going smoothly and he’s hopeful that he’ll be ready to play Nov. 1 at Dallas when he’s eligible to come off the PUP list.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” he said. “So with a little more time I think I’ll be OK.”

Trufant hasn’t been seen on the practice field since the injury, mostly spending his time rehabbing and lifting weights in the team’s practice facility.

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora told reporters when Trufant’s injury was first announced by the team that Trufant tweaked his back while working on back peddle drills with teammate Josh Wilson a few days before training camp was set to begin.

Mora later said that Trufant had a “disk issue” similar to what quarterback Matt Hasselbeck dealt with last season

However, Trufant said the back injury developed over time, and one incident didn’t result in the injury.

“It wasn’t like it was one thing, like I bent over and kind of heard something pop,” he said. “It was kind of a gradual thing over time I think, of maybe having some bad posture. And then kind of the way I stand and maybe lifting weights with not the best technique and stuff like that. Just little stuff like that over time. It’s probably been like over five years that this issue has been building up.”

Also confirming earlier reports, Trufant believed initially he would be back sooner rather than later.

“First off we thought, ‘Ok, I may be back right away. I’ve just got to rehab it a little bit and I’ll be OK,’” Trufant said. “But as time kind of went on we kind of figured out exactly what was going on with my back, so it’s going to take a little more time. And with backs you’ve got to take a little bit more time and make sure everything is right. I mean it can be a serious issue, it can turn into something big, so you want to make sure everything is right before you get back on the field.”

Overall, Trufant said things are going well and he expects to be back soon.

“The back is feeling pretty good,” Trufant said. “I still got a little bit more time before I get out on the field. But everything is starting to come together.”

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  1. Wow. Doesn’t sound like something that can be corrected quickly. I hope he’s been building his core muscles like Matt had to do to correct the problem. I really hope we can get Tru back for the Dallas game.

  2. Definitely. It will be nice to get him back on the field.

  3. longco44 says:

    I suppose it is what it is.. I think the Hawks have got a pretty well built team this year with plenty of backups that can and so far have stepped in to fill the voids. Not saying having a backup in place of a seasoned veteran is the best that could happen, but seems like everyone they’ve put in so far has done a pretty decent job of filling the injured ones shoes!

    It’s no wonder why they only play 16 games per season.. Though I wish it were more like 20 or so REGULAR SEASON GAMES! It’s a brutal sport, and when you loose a player for 5 weeks or more, it’s tough on such a short season! Who’s idea was it anyway to make the NFL season only 16 games?

  4. nmseafan says:

    Yeah, what’s up with only 16 games? !! I think 24 sounds like a nice round number ?

  5. nmseafan says:

    Division rivals 4 x 2 games each = 8 games
    Other games 8 x 2 games each = 16
    8 + 16 = 24

  6. nmseafan says:

    Rosters would expand to 75 players on each team. To have enough warm bodies available to survive the weekly carnage!!

  7. chuck_easton says:


    From what I understand in listening to the players perspective you just answered your own question.

    This is a brutal sport and the players feel that even the current schedule of 16 regular season games with 4 preseason games is too hard on their bodies.

    They feel that any more games would be inviting a world of more injuries.

  8. nmseafan says:

    Only kidding of course, but I agree if possible, it’d be fun to have more games or even one of the pre-season games turned into one more regular season game that counts.

  9. nmseafan says:

    Josh Wilson seemed to be Johnny-on-the-spot against the Rams and looked pretty good on the three passes he defensed. He looks like he’s much improved over last year, though I wish the Hawks would draft some bigger DB’s in the future.

  10. I would like to take this time to sing my praises of Josh Wilson who fills in admirably at LCB. Josh Wilson easily had the best training camp of our entire secondary unit (it is not even a contest). If you will remember his first year starting came halfway through last season. He started off rocky like any first time starter, but he sure turned it up towards the end. This followed through this preseason and is now showing during the regular season. He is playing with such confidence and intensity right now and he is looking good! The thing that I am excited about is that Josh Wilson is built to shine as a nickelback. Right now he is shining as a LCB (the elite position).

    When trufant comes back I think that Wilson has earned the right to start opposite in prime match ups for him. In the speedy shorter WR. He has yet to hold down a bigger reciever I.e Arizona Towers. But that is why we brought in Lucas. When playing primarily nickelback I hope they find some exotic ways of abusing their Nickel Package and getting wilson on the field. Especially with Leroy out.

    Don’t look now but Wilson may be that second cornerstone CB that we have been looking for to compliment Trufant.

  11. If the NFL is worried about more revenue, I like the idea of 18 weeks in an NFL season. However, keep the season at 16 games. Teams should have 2 byes instead of 1 (1 more extra week of players having rest or to heal up injuries too).

    I also think that there should only be 2 pre-season games. I don’t think it’s fair to make season ticket holders pay for 2 meaningless games, but do think it’s okay to make them pay for 1. I think the coaches can get a pretty good idea of who is good and not good based on the intense preseason practices they already hold.

    I have no data to back me up, but I would think that the added revenue from an extra week of the regular season from TV contracts would off-set the meaningless 2 pre-season games.

  12. Soggybuc says:

    To try an add to what HawksKD said… while a dont view Tru as a true shutdown corner(thats a pretty F’ing elite term that few really earn) he’s darn well good enough to make teams game plan around him. any young corners but out on an island and relentlessly attacked by the opposition are going to look “weak”.

  13. First Hasselbeck and now Trufant…
    You’d think professional athletes of all people would realize that they call it the core for a reason. If it isn’t strong enough, the rest of your weight-lifting muscles, however strong, will just weigh ya down. And as far as taking hits or dishing ‘em out it’s real important. Hell, it’s important to everything athletics related. One of the speedier guys on my team once said, “Eff training the rest of your muscles, worry about your core” and everything I have experienced since then has proven him right. Obviously with football, you have to have muscle everywhere, but it all starts with the core.
    I injured my back numerous times early on in college and not only is it one of the worst places to be injured it is one of the more deceptive injuries to recover from. Two or three weeks after it happens you feel fine, pretty much 100%, and then you walk out on to the field and the first time you really, really push yourself you feel the little slip and you’re back to square one.
    I’m glad Tru is taking his time with this one and hopefully it is not a recurring issue. It goes without saying that he will be an integral part of our team late in the season and into the playoffs (knock on wood).

  14. Bobby,

    They had an 18 week season in 1993 (2 byes, 16 games) but quickly discontinued it because the weekly schedule were too watered down. Not enough good games.

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I can’t wait for this Sunday to see if the Rams game was a big mirage like it was last year.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    That’s a good bit of history. Of course they only had 8 teams (Yes, I had to look that up.) so it wouldn’t be nearly as watered down today. I’m against the idea of expanding the schedule, but I have to admit that this is not a bad idea. Interesting.

    And as for the back thing, the good news (if there is any) is that it’s not a ruptured disk or the like so hopefully correctable, like Hass’ was. Now Housh? Ugh.

    Yes, is it 1:05 on Sunday, please!!

  16. nightwulf says:

    I’m wondering, all you folks out there clamoring for more games, have any of you ever PLAYED tackle football beyond pop warner? I know how I felt every sun and mon after just my HS games, and I have a really high pain tolerance. (once walked a mile with a broken leg so I could get my roommate to drive me to the hospital) Personally, I would love to have 20 or 30 games a year, but realistically, 16 is about the max players can hold up for…unless you like the idea of the starters giving their all during reg season, and scrubs playing in the playoffs because all the starters are hurt…

  17. I know what you mean, nightwulf.

    I’d love more games, but I think the players’ bodies are already over-stressed. I only played a year of college ball in division II, but I used to feel like I was recovering from a car wreck every week.

    My memory may be fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure I heard Clayton after the last winter meetings saying the owners were getting very close to moving to 18 regular season games. I won’t be surprised if the owners eventually push the players beyond what they can safely do.

    Still, I have to admit that in my perfect dream-world (the one where money grows on trees) there would be Seahawks games year-round.

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