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Mora press conference: LB Hill out two weeks

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 14, 2009 at 3:48 pm with 24 Comments »
September 14, 2009 3:48 pm

Head coach Jim Mora confirmed this afternoon that the team re-signed D.D. Lewis in order to fill in depth at linebacker. Mora said Leroy Hill will be out a few weeks with a lower stomach, groin strain.

“We’re lucky he’s still there,” Mora said about Lewis. “We’re lucky he wanted to rejoin us. D.D.’s a guy who a lot of players on this team have a lot of respect for. He’s been a captain. So the guys were excited to have him back in the locker room.”

In order to make room for Lewis, Mora said the team waived defensive lineman Derek Walker. Mora said if Walker clears waivers he could be a possible practice squad guy for Seattle.

Mora also said that there’s a possibility that offensive tackle Walter Jones and center Chris Spencer could return to practice this week, but with the way the offensive line is playing he doesn’t want to rush both players back into the lineup, and would rather take the time to make sure both are healthy.

Will Herring, who went in for Hill during Sunday’s game, will get the start at outside linebacker this week.

“My job as the backup player is to just step in, and we can’t miss a beat,” Herring said. “We’ve got 10 other guys that are great defensive players. As a new guy I’ve just got to go in and do my job.”

Linebacker Lofa Tatapu did injure his hamstring but should be ready to go this week.

Mora said the team decided before Deion Branch was tested by trainers during pre-game warm-ups on Sunday that he wasn’t ready to go. Mora said he doesn’t know when Branch will be back, but hopefully this week.

Mora said as far as the play calling defensively, he offered suggestions but let Gus Bradley do most of the play calling on Sunday. Mora said the Seahawks did not blitz that much, and most of the pressure came on the four-man rush by the defensive front.

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  1. nighthawk2 says:

    I’m glad Lewis is still available (and as Mora noted, still wanted to play here). Tough break for Walker, reminds me of the Forsett situation last year. Too bad they couldn’t release Branch instead.

  2. Why is it when I anticipate a player to have a good year and I buy their jersey they go down, 1st Hachet, then Burleson, and now Hill. I bought my girl a Carlson jersey, hopefully he stays on his feet, he looked like a stud yesterday.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    There is that Branch hatred again. The guy is going to play some this year and will contribute.

    He likely won’t be here next year unless he takes a big paycut so just accept that he’s on the roster for 2009.

  4. How’d anyone like the Seneca to Matt back to Seneca play on Sunday? I thought that was pretty sweet and fun to watch.

    Glad to bring back Lewis! Thought Lewis should have made the team and Walker cut in the first place.

  5. Soggybuc says:

    Am I the only one thinking this was the FO’s plan all along? it’s the only way to really explain the bizarre move to keep 11 DL in the first place and only 6 LB’s.
    would be a sneaky way to keep a talented young guy like walker off the waiver wire for 14 days when teams have already made enough roster adjustments to stand pat.
    Hills injury just adds the veneer to say it was made out of need.

  6. NickLicatasucks says:

    Chuck I’d like to see the Branch hating go away too. The negativity does no good come game day. The reason he’s on the team is because nobody they cut is any better. If any of those other guys were better they’d be on the team.

  7. mikew177 says:

    This is why I thought it was a bit ridiculous that we franchised Hill this year, luckily it was dropped but the nagging injuries are what hurt his value. He’s awesome when he plays but there’s always something with him.

    Herring and Hawthorne looked awesome yesterday. Herring especially, love his energy. A true testament to the depth of our LB corps and those guys just fired up the rest of our defense. Excited to see what we can do to an over-hyped, Crab(tree) less 49er team.

    Love the story about the refs asking Mora to talk to “No. 59″ hopefully he gets inside Frank Gore’s head this weekend like he did to Jackson.

  8. TruBlu – I’ve got you beat on the jerseys. I own two of them:

    1) Ahman Green
    2) Koren Robinson

    I stopped buying jerseys out of respect for the players…

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Let it go. People are going to want to see him cut regardless of how little financial sense it makes. (To say nothing about depth) And once he is gone (presuming he leaves at the end of the year) they will still cap on him. It’s frustrating I know, but save your breath.

    Soggybuc – I don’t think this was their plan all along. Perhaps they were counting on injuries, but it seems unlikely. 11 was an excessive number but that’s where the talent is on this team. I hope they sign Walker to the PS (dropping Thomas Williams?). They’re a several questions regarding contracts up front next year and I’d like to see them retain young talent.

  10. 2 comments:

    1. I personally don’t hate Branch, but with his injury history I wish they would have moved him & used the $’s to keep Engram.

    2. Glad Lewis is back; hope they find a way to keep him.

  11. freedom_X says:

    I don’t think money was the problem if they wanted to keep Engram. They could have paid him if they wanted to bring him back. I don’t think Engram got a mint from KC. They felt it was time to move on. TJ fills Engram’s role better than Engram would have.

    Branch offers something different (if he’s healthy to offer it.) More quickness, more speed. I certainly would not have kept Engram over Branch, all things being equal.

    I am actually worried a bit by Burleson, though most feel he had a good game. One, and it could have been 2, interceptions resulted from him not running routes fully. That’s intolerable. If he can’t run the routes fully, Seattle can’t risk using him on timing-based slants.

    It looked like TJ was strictly a possession receiver in this game. Doing the same stuff that got him a 10 yd/catch average last year. Not sure if Knapp thinks he can be used on deeper patters, or TJ was drawing all the coverage opening up other players?

  12. They did go for a longer pattern to TJ but he created no separation from the CB AND they had a S right there on him too. He is what he is and that’s a great short/intermediate route runner with great hands. I’ll put him in my foxhole anyday.

  13. princeaden says:

    Please let me qualify my prior statements by saying I like Branch as a player. I liked it when they got him. And I loved him in the Superbowl for the Pats. I liked his playmaking at the end of last year. I just feel it’s a business where you must stay healthy, period. And if you can’t you must be replaced. So just for the record, I hope he gets healthy, stays healthy and has a great year. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!

  14. One thing that is funny is how we tend to (usually) wear rose colored glasses when it comes to “our” team. I am very much guilty of this, so I’m certainly including myself in this rant.

    There were people on this blog who thought we had two of the top 15 kickers in the NFL on our roster in training camp. Well, one of those guys is out of the league and nobody wants him.

    Losing Hill, to some, was the end of the world this previous off-season. Now, some are so confident of in Herring that not having Hill isn’t the end of the world anymore.

    Some have brought up being so mad last year that we lost Hackett… and now who really wants him? And the list goes on… just funny stuff, that’s all.

  15. I am not worried – but Matt needs to make better throws. He looked great for having come back from knee surgery in less than a year. His speed and power won’t be prefect this year and should improve over the course of they year.

    did you see Merriman who had basically the same injury? he was still limping, playing hard but dragging that leg around, moving no where near as well as Nate is?

    and on a side note: How is Marshalls Defense actually looking like an actual NFL defense? This totally sucks! IF his defense played like that here, then we mighty won some of those 6 games that we lost by 6 or less last year.

    And I am SOOOOOOO glad DD was still around and available!! Love this guy!

  16. One of the slants Nate didn’t have a chance too run was becuz the db was gonna bltz but missed timed it and ended up in the path of the ball. That’s why he points at the db when he knows he’s rushing or jumping the route. He’s done it before.

  17. nightwulf says:

    Stop buying jerseys, damnit! In 2005, I watched the Jax game and the Wash game…then I stopped watching until…guess when (as if I was going to miss the Hawks in the SB..if you’ve got bad mojo, get rid of it…(I continued to only listen to games on the radio in 06, 07 and 08…I figure that, after the season we had in 08, the mojo was busted, so now I can watch again…worked last week:)
    Bobby, ain’t it the truth…everyone rags on Branch, who’s great when he’s healthy, but Tubbs got a flier, even though he was a first round draft pick. We all know (or should have known) that Hill flies around so hard that he was going to blow something and miss a few games…fortunately, we’ve got starting caliber LBs as backups…glad to see Lewis back too…

  18. freedom_X says:

    In the end Marshall showed his true colors, backing everyone off 10 yards in coverage when all SD needed was an FG to tie (and 2 min. left to play.) I’m sure his defense is fine if the 4 down linemen can thrash the opposing line indivdually, which is what Oakland did most of the game.

    The familiarity thing also goes the other way – fans roasting players like (LJ, KJ, RS) mercilessly, and ranting on the stupidity of the front office and coaching staff for not getting rid of them.

    Instead of accepting that these professional evaluators and coaches have a far better notion of a player’s market value than the fans, the fans usually cook up some sort of consipracy theory to explain why these “obvious” decisions aren’t made (like ” doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake.”)

  19. Weird…in 2005 I went to the Jax & Washington games. I don’t go to away games any more ;)

  20. jzulaski says:

    I loved it, BobbyK.

    However, I think if they want to disguise this type of play better in the future, they should have Wallace out as the extra WR and not Hass. Remember, Holgren used to make fun of the way Hass runs so, no ones going to buy it again.

    However, doing it that way and then letting Wallace throw down field like a normal play might fool the defense too. It also might get Hass hurt. I’m sure that they have other looks and plays that look the same too. I know I would if I were the coach.

    Next week will probably be something different.

    Whatever they decide, it sure makes the game more interesting.

    BobbyK says:

    How’d anyone like the Seneca to Matt back to Seneca play on Sunday? I thought that was pretty sweet and fun to watch.


  21. nightwulf says:

    You mean it was YOUR mojo, and not mine? and I missed 3 yrs of Hawks games on TV for no good reason? AAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!

  22. DD Lewis is still garbage. He will backup the other 5 LB on the team and when Hill comes back then he gets the BOOT out! If he somehow survives that then they boot him when they have Trufant come back. As for Branch, the guy is a dead beat. I dont care about cap hit or not — he should be released for doing nothing (dont count his few catches late last year when it didn’t matter). The guy will never stay healthy and he needs to be cut. Next year is an uncapped year any way so who cares about cap space.

  23. badcat63 says:

    zetes – Need to disagree with you on DD Lewis value to Hawks. My guess is he may also take the special teams slot that John Carlson was filling in week 1. Why not let a past ST Captain play on the ST group and not risk getting a premier TE hurt any more than necessary? DD has been and still is good for the Hawks D and ST.

    Jeeze the Branch talk. He isn’t even healthy and still he gets kaa kaa from folks. It is not like he flubbed 4 passes in week 1. As others have said for better or worse he is ours for ’09 and probably gone in ’10. Relax as that is what it is. If we get in trouble or he comes in later in the season, say for a playoff run in November/December then we’ll see what he might do for us. Until he suits up though he isn’t playing. Why not carp about someone who is playing if one must carp. Didn’t we win week 1?


  24. DD Lewis is a solid player. I’m not sure what’s wrong with that. He may not be a superstar, but at least he’s not getting superstar money. He’s a good value.

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