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Mora: Hawks ‘a little tight’ early on

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September 13, 2009 7:07 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach spoke to reporters for about 15 minutes after the game. Mora said he thought his team came out a little anxious early on, with the Seahawks turning the ball over on three of their first four possessions.

“I felt like they were a litte tight,” he said. “But they did a nice job of settling down, getting into a rhythm and our defense gave us a chance offensively, to find that rhythm.”

Here’s the box score from the game.

The Seahawks eventually did get the offense going after the defense kept St. Louis out of the end zone. At the end of the game Mora was somewhat subdued coming off of the field, but said his first, official win as the Seahawks head coach meant a lot to him.

“It was especially emotional for me because there is significance,” Mora said about his first official win as the Seahawks head coach. “I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that there was. I have thought about this day for a long, long time. To go out there and listen to our crowd and see the effect that they had on the game, and the penalties, it was kind of a surreal experience for me.”

Even though the Rams looked awful and the team struggled in the opening stages of the game, guys were pretty pleased with the team’s overall performance.

In particular, fullback Justin Griffith, who did a nice job of clearing space for Julius Jones and the rest of the running backs, was happy to get the running game going.

Seattle finished with 167 yards on the ground on 34 carries for a 4.9 per-carry average.

“With the run scheme you’ve just got to go in there for the nasty, 2-or-3 yards and eventually you’ll pop a big one,” Griffith said. “But we saw that today. We just kept plugging away. For a minute there it seemed like the running game wasn’t going, but we saw a look, and we took advantage of it and we got a score.”

The biggest play of the game probably was the Rams’ blocked field goal on Olindo Mare’s 49-yard attempt that was returned 51 yards by safety Quincy Butler with under a minute left in the half.

The Rams had 12 men on the field on the play, but the Seahawks couldn’t challenge that call within the last two minutes, and the officials are responsible for counting all the players on the field to make sure there are not too many.

The officials missed the call initially, but Mora knew about it and talked to the side judge, and the officials up in the booth also caught it. So the only decision Mora would have had was whether or not to go for it if the yardage marked off did not result in a first down. And Mora said he had already decided to go for it if they were fourth-and-1.

The Seahawks eventually got the ball back, got a first down on the penalty yardage marked off and scored three plays later on a 12-yard touchdown pass from Matt Hasselbeck to Nate Burleson on an slant route.

It was probably the biggest play of the game, in that the final result was a 14-point swing, with the Seahawks going ahead 14-0 at the end of the half instead of being tied 7-all.

Referee Pete Morelli said the 12-men-on-the-field penalty is something that is always reviewable during the game, which is triggered by the booth and then reviewed on the field.

Mora said he was impressed with the controlled intensity that rookie linebacker Aaron Curry played with. Curry and Rams running back Steven Jackson got into it a couple times on the field, with Jackson throwing a blow and getting a personal foul call at the end of the half, but Curry never retaliated and didn’t seem to let the loose play get him out of his game.

Curry finished with four tackles on the day.

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  1. I’m pretty excited about this game, but I also remember the Seahawks won by 24 last year. This Rams team is just plain bad – it’s impossible to draw any real conclusions about this.

    I guess Lofa can start his shutout talley for this year.

  2. tribfan1 says:

    “Mora said he was impressed with the controlled intensity that rookie running back Aaron Curry played with.”

    Curry is a linebacker, not a runningback.

    But, yeah he played very well.

  3. Tribfan1: Got it. Thanks.

  4. azhawkman says:

    After watching both NFC West games today, I really think we have the most complete team in the division. The Cards look terribly out of sync and the Niners look about like they always did–inconsistent. This Hawks team recovered well from mistakes and did some things very well. If we do much of the same (and fewer mistakes), we shouldn’t have a problem taking care of business against the Niners next week…can’t wait! GO HAWKS!

  5. Once we beat the ‘9ers next week, we’ll have the division under our control again. Well, at least for as much as anyone can control a division after two weeks.

  6. On the radio on the drive home – they said D. Branch was cut today? (KJR)

    Is there any truth to that or was he just inactive for today?

  7. I thought I saw him on the sidelines.

  8. If he was, you’d think that would be bigger news.

  9. That was my thought as well – they actually said it twice. The first time I was like ” did I just hear that right?”

    Then they said it again – crazy!!

  10. princeaden says:

    If they did cut him I kind of feel bad for his unfortunate injuries. Although he’ll be more than compensated. On the bright side the Oline and CB’s played well. As for next week against SF I doubt Matt will have those early picks. Overall they looked fairly solid and encouraging. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!

  11. Seahawks2620 says:

    So…..Niners fans think they are now the clear favorites for the West because they barely beat the Cardinals. LOL chyeah right. The Cardinals didn’t have Breaston and Boldin was awful due to his hamstring and Warner was off tonight. The Seahawks looked the strongest in my opinion…they had three turnovers and still scored 28 points while blanking the Rams. Wow, that is pretty damn good. I know it is the Rams, but doing that against any NFL team is a pretty great accomplishment

  12. It’s not going to be fun defending Devin Hester in a few weeks. He’s having a good game tonight.

  13. We blew out a terrible Rams team. And that’s what good teams do (blow out the crap of the league). We’ll know a lot more next Sunday. There’s no coincidence that the AZ offense looked terrible in pre-season… it carried over into today which almost makes this a trend. They can’t live off of what they did last year (and that’s finish 9-7, or 12-8 overall).

  14. Seahawks2620 says:

    I don’t understand why people keep on saying we will no more next next sunday. The Niners are not an unbelievably good team. They will not be a real test if we play like we can. We should be fine. The real test will come against a Defense like the Bears or the offense like the colts

  15. Seahawks2620 says:

    I meant know instead of no

  16. It will be a tough game next week and the week after. Hester really doesn’t scare me, only when you don’t guard him, like on the TD play.

    Maybe we can just get some good breaks this year!!

  17. Bernie42 says:

    I saw Deion on the sidelines during the game. He was dressed in street clothes just like Big Walt and others.

  18. 2620 – you’re right. The 49ers aren’t world beaters, but they are a serviceable NFL team that we have to play on the road. Last I looked, the Bears defense just blew the game and the Colts scored 14 points today.

  19. Soggybuc says:

    Was a nice win today. Rams or not! one thing is never forget that even the worst team in the NFL is still fielding NFL players!!!

    Any given sunday!!!!

    We should take the 9’ers next week all things given. but the bears D looks pretty damn good. that’s the game i’ll hold as a yardstick for the early season.

  20. Yes, yes the Niners are not the shiznit and neither are we (yet)… I know it was the first game and jitters and all that, but Hasselbeck looked so off early on he had me calling him “Hasselb***h–a nickname he has come to earn to some degree ever since the “We want the ball and we’re gonna score” fiasco. Once he got the third touchdown pass I started cutting him him some slack though for getting out from negativity…
    A few things are for certain: the Niners will not score zero points off turnovers if we hand it to them three times… the Rams are truly awful… and Curry will be/is a beast… did anyone else see him like pick up Jackson a few plays after the two got into it?! That’s 240 pounds of solidly packed muscle and Curry just scooped him off the ground going 90 degrees right… aweswome. Our defence, particularly up front, with the exception of some missed tackles looked great and the shutout more or less speaks for itself… that is not easy to do against any team–even if it was the Rams.
    I really like our schedule for the first four games and how it builds. The Rams were pretty easy, the Niners should be a little harder, da Bears little bit more (although maybe not after what I saw tonight; Cutler is who I thought he was–a guy who talks the talk, but sadly does not walk the walk… four picks ewwwwww :p), and finally culminating in the 10 a.m. game in Indy… by that game I expect to know whether da ‘Hawks will be hoisting another NFC West crown or watching football from home come January.
    Last but not least, the most disappointing thing about today was Denver winning on the freak play… I think I will be cheering for them to lose as much as I am cheering for the ‘Hawks to win this season and so should all of you if you know what is good for the Seahawks haha.

  21. freedom_X says:

    If Jay Cutler keeps thinking he’s Superman, Seattle won’t have that much trouble with Chicago. He’ll probably settle down by the time he plays Seattle though. But I think Cutler blew that game.

    Remember how Seattle lost terribly to a mediocre team in the opener last year. NFL teams are much more even – no Idahos on the schedule. So this victory, despite the flaws, is a great start.

  22. What was with all the shoving and jarring? I’m a little biased, but it looked like St. Luis came ready for a fight…

  23. The Gamebook for the 9ers Cards game said Michael Crabtree subbed in, though it did not list him for any receptions.

    Deion Branch was listed as inactive in the STL – SEA Gamebook.

  24. nightwulf says:

    I really liked the way Curry got into Jackson’s head! That’s the way, Aaron, just smile and tell him how good his sister was last night:) And let him take the swing, you’re in a football helmet:) This could get real nasty between these two, especially if Curry keeps his head, and does nothing but talk…I’m liking seeing a strong psychological part of the game out of a rook!

  25. non-Seahawks related but what’re the odds that Urlacher snaps Cutler in two before the end of the season?
    Also, Curry and Housh add what I feel the “character based” Seahawks have been missing since ’05 when we had Hutch on one side and a rookie linebacker named Lofa playing lights out… and that’s at least one player on each side of the ball who is obviously talented, but also posesses a little mean streak (not to the point of stupidity of course) and aren’t afraid to mix things up and lay a little extra mustard on somebody…

  26. Did anyone notice how WIDE open Housh was on the play right after the Wallace play, yeah you know the one where Matt tried to force the ball to Nate.

    I thought Housh was going was going to break something – there was nobody within 15 yards of him on that play!!

  27. I also liked hearing that Seneca had a guy downfield and could have thrown it if he had wanted to. He ran for 24 instead, so I’m not complaining, but consider how the 49ers are probably voiding their bowels right now trying to figure out how to gameplan for that ;)

  28. The 49ers are 5-1 in their last 6 games and 6-2 in their last 8 games. They just went on the road and beat the defending NFC Champs. Their victories were quality wins and their losses were close road games against Miami and Dallas.

    This is a sign of an ascending team. Don’t take them lightly.


    The only thing that I didn’t like about yesterdays game was seeing John Carlson on the Punt coverage team. Why the Heck would Jim Mora risk injury to one of his most important players covering Punts? It just does not make any sense! He is not a defensive player and he could get a cheap shot from an opposing player too.

    Eric could you ask the coach about this? Why is John Carlson covering punts?

  30. When #54 came in he did what he has done all preseason. He made plays. I believe he could start for many teams.

    On the blocked field goal Sims caved.

    Early on it looked like Lucas forgot how to tackle.

    Is Carlson pro bowl bound? Sure looks like it.

    All the hype about Curry is looking true.

    Mebane got the first of what I think will become double digit sacks.

  31. princeaden says:

    The D-line looked good and so did the O-line for that matter. John Carlson is a stud. But, most of all Arron Curry is an ANIMAL!!!!!!!!! That hit on Steven Jackson was a thing of beauty.
    If they eliminate the early miscues they will be fine in SF. Looking forward to more games. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!

  32. jzulaski says:

    I’m with pabuwal about the 49’ers. Lets not take them lightly.

    I’m also glad we don’t have any idiots like Incognito on our team. He hasn’t changed much in several years – still hurting his team with stupid penaties.

    The guy should act more like his name. ;-)

  33. masterk,

    I think we should hope Denver wins a few games. I don’t think we want to be picking in the top 5 in the Draft next year because of the huge price tag those guys come with, unless of course we could trade that pick. These guys in the top 10 come with too high of a price tag.

  34. Fourty_five_circa_84 says:

    Anybody have a link to the video of that hit on Jackson? I was at the game and did not get a good view of the shot . . .

  35. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t thing anyone is taking the 9ers lightly. I agree that they are an improved team. They will run, run and run whether they have success or not. The ‘Hawks D line will be tested. If they play like yesterday, that will put them in great shape.

    How careless was this team with the ball? Very. Those 2 picks could have, and more likely should have been 4 picks. Hass really zeroed in on Burleson and Housh before the snap and forced the ball regardless of coverage and a more competent secondary will take advantage of that. I would expect that to become a trend however. While Hass does have a propensity at times for that, yesterday was excessive. I don’t expect that to become an issue. The fumbles? They simply cannot put that thing on the ground. The Rams went after the ball on seemingly every tackle. If you got to do what Carlson did, wrap it up with both hands 5 yards before you’re hit, then do it.

    Over all, what a great way to start the season; 1-0, division win and protected home field.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    I *wouldn’t* expect…

  37. True enough that it’s only the Rams – but it’s nice to see this team show itself to be a class above – lots of good signs from this one –

    – TJ is a great 3rd down safety blanket for Hass – I don’t care if he averages less than 10 yds per catch all year – when he gets 6 yards on a 3rd and 5, that’s still a big play to me; and if TJ is our #1 receiver, then a healthy Burleson is #1A; also LOVE having a TE than can play, what a difference.

    – Edge is going to be a useful guy, and I didn’t necessarily think that when they signed him; he’s still got a decent size/speed combo; also saw how quick Forsett is, his moves are a whole level above our other backs;

    – Obviously the defense played very well, thought the DB’s had a great game; was watching Kerney a lot, and didn’t see too much from him, but it’s just one game.

    Curry is going to be fun – I pulled this quote from the Times article: “Coach Jim Mora said the referee came over at least three times, telling him to have No. 59 calm down.” Love that.

    49ers will be a much bigger challenge for our offense, their D is tough – but I’m happy to enjoy this win for a few days . . .


  38. All I got to say is great way to start the season….I’m so excited!!!!!

  39. rramstad says:

    Crabtree has not signed with SF, is not on their roster, and did not play. Not sure why someone would claim that he was on the field for them yesterday.

    (Crabtree’s agent has also stated that he plans to reenter the draft in 2010, good luck with that.)

  40. Sam D
    You answer your own argument already with that “unless” clause. Besides possibly trading a high first round draft pick to a team desperate to get a franchise player, we could trade an older player taking up a lot of our salary to draft a young gun we’re reasonably sure can produce immediately… unless Mike Teel is our quarterback of the future I would really like to see us get McCoy or Bradford next year and they will be top 10 picks… prob top 5

  41. Crabtree is a fool, Andre Smith broke his foot already… so glad da Hawk didn’t draft either of these guys.

  42. If there is a 2010 season there will probably be a rookie salary cap and Crabapple tree will have to sign for a fraction of what the Niners are offering him.

  43. joelee33 says:

    The blocked field goal is definitely not a negative—Rams had 12 men not only on the field but in the play.

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