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Report: S Russell headed to Jacksonville

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 7, 2009 at 10:13 pm with 40 Comments »
September 7, 2009 10:13 pm

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that recently released Seattle Seahawks safety Brian Russell is headed to Jacksonville and, pending passing a physical, will join the Jaguars.

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  1. Dang do we play Jacksonville this year? Getting some of those missed tackles would be nice that way

  2. freedom_X says:

    Perhaps releasing Russell is not a move of desperation as some have claimed. Someone thinks Russell has some game left, but Seattle may be in a stronger position at safety than thought. (Jacksonville may be desperate, but they clearly think Russell is a better option than anything else available to them outside of a trade.)

  3. dover5005 says:

    jordan has always been unappreciated and i think he will do real well with this role.

    negative – more Jordan at safety equals less Jordan at corner which means more Jennings at corner

  4. dover: I disagree, I’d say Grant and Milloy for safeties, and Babineaux will stay the same.

  5. azhawkman says:

    xcman–without double-checking the schedule, I believe we do play Jacksonville along with all the other AFC South teams. :)

  6. Jacksonville comes to Qwest on October 11. They are rebuilding and I think we can beat them with or without Russell. Probably gives us an advantage if he plays.

  7. FS Deon Grant came to the Hawks after Jax drafted 1st rd FS Reggie Nelson. Russell will likely only be a back up unless Jax pulls a TR and moves him to SS. Highly unlikely.

  8. mocarob says:

    good luck to Russell. He was a vocal leader of our secondary.
    He may not have worked out here but he’s gone now. We can move on with things.

  9. mocarob says:

    Maybe he’ll be like Hamlin, Leave the Hawks & make the Pro-Bowl. LOL

  10. nighthawk2 says:

    Except that Grant has been SS since he got here and Russell was at free safety.

  11. RichmondHawk says:

    Looks like Unger has won the starting RG spot over Wrotto according to the Hawks new depth chart.

  12. RichmondHawk says:

    Griffith also starter with Wilson and Forsett named as #1 returners.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Is everyone as excited as I am to say that there is a game this week? My god, this has been a long off season.

  14. Yeah, baby. Bring It On Sunday!

    And THANK YOU NFL for giving us the Rams at home on opening day. What gift, or should I say “ready feast” for our hungry team!

  15. hawks4life says:

    this is what the guy at walter had to say about the hawks and its usually not goodThe Seahawks remind me of the 1996-97 San Antonio Spurs. That team was horrible because it had so many injuries. They finished with a terrible record, so they were able to obtain Tim Duncan in the NBA Draft, pairing him with David Robinson. The Seahawks also had massive injuries, and thanks to Scott Pioli’s ineptness, they acquired the top defensive player in the 2009 NFL Draft. Seattle is a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Oh, and they’re probably going to be drafting in the top five next year as well, thanks to Josh Mishandles’ ineptness.

  16. Aside from the obvious questions of O-line depth/R-back production and secondary depth the toughest challenge for us to post a winning record will be the dreaded 10 a.m. games along the east coast and middle of the country.
    By my count we have six, count ‘em six games, in that 10 a.m. slot. Not only that but these games are against Indianapolis, Dallas, Minnesota, St. Louis, Houston, and Green Bay. With the exception of St. Louis, all these teams are respectable bordering on downright nasty. If we don’t post at least a .500 record on these game the season will end in December. Hopefully, Mora can break the east coast curse but I’m not holding my breath. It seems like every 10 a.m. game I’ve dragged myself outta bed for the last three years has had the Seahawks looking like they couldn’t wait to get back to the great northwest.

  17. the kiss of death?

    “The 2009 NFL season does not kick off officially until Thursday, but we’ve already got a rising team — that is, according to the latest poll of our experts.

    If the Seattle Seahawks continue to skyrocket the NFL Power Rankings at the rate they’ve been climbing this year, expect them to be our No. 1 team by, say, Week 3.

    The Seahawks, 4-12 during an injury-riddled 2008 campaign, are No. 15 in the Week 1 edition of our rankings. So what, you say? In May, the Seahawks ranked 22nd. In our Training Camp edition published in July, the birds in blue were 18th. They finished last season ranked 28th.”

  18. Finally we can see if we can do as good when it counts, as this (overall) great offseason! And sitting here in cold Denmark, I hadn’t realized that Schefter was with ESPN :O lost one of the best.

  19. hambone08 says:

    Is anyone going to be at the Pyramid before the game? Pre-game Heffies at $5 ea sound better than $8.75 ea in the stadium

  20. dover5005 says:

    looking at the depth chart on

    when healthy i really like our defense. take out wilson and add trufant and if the team stays healthy they could do some big things

    also if next year you add Taylor mays or Eric Berry could be very dangerous and a top 10 defense

    when looking at the schedule Trufant will be put to work when he comes back since the hawks will going up against

    Roy Williams
    Calvin Johnson
    Zona Twins
    Andre Johnson
    Greg Jennings

    Before he comes back will have to handle

    Zona Twins
    Reggie Wayne
    Devin Hester
    Torry Holt

    not nearly has hard of schedule for the secondary has to handle W/O him

  21. Time to pisspound the Rams!

  22. “By my count we have six, count ‘em six games, in that 10 a.m. slot. ”

    masterk – Unlike last year, we have no away games in the eastern time zone. We have 6 in Central Time. Also, Mora’s practice schedule is an hour earlier than last year. This should eliminate the “early start on the road” excuse.

  23. HeliJoe86 says:

    Indy is 3 hrs ahead, but the rest are central time.

  24. freedom_X says:

    Nobody seems to have picked up Coutu yet – apparently he didn’t have the value management thought he did? (Ruskell claimed he was getting offers for kickers in pre-season – must have been offers for Mare.)

    Kevin Hobbs did get claimed by Detroit. Detroit’s cut list has lots of familiar names on it. They must have been bringing in tons of retread veterans to try and restock their roster.

    Isiah Stanback went on the Patriots practice squad. As WR or QB? DJ Hackett was cut by the Redskins.

  25. Bills cut their starting LT, Langston Walker – – any chance we’ll be interested?

    Don’t know too much about him – he’s listed at 6’8″ 360 . . .

  26. nighthawk2 says:

    Just read about Walker’s release. We could use an experienced tackle, especially left tackle, but who knows if the front office or coaches are interested.

  27. freedom_X says:

    My concern with Walker is – if the Bills, who are hurting for line help, cut him – is he better than what we have now? I am one of those (perhaps the minority) that think Sean Locklear will be a decent, even above average, LT. But an above average LT looks like dogmeat compared to Walter Jones in his prime.

    However, if Ray Willis is a huge weak spot in pass protection at right tackle, then perhaps Walker may make sense (assuming he still has something left in the tank.) At times I was really worried about Willis’ lapses in pass protection.

  28. Sunday Baby, Blue Pride all day, man has it been a long offseason. I can’t wait to see the Hawks pound St. Luis. then the Whiners. Pick up some momentum rolling into the Chi Town game. I am nervious about the East Coast games, six early starts this year, scary. Who cares now though, I ‘m just pumped about this Sunday.

  29. That should have read “Bills cut RT Walker”. He was moved to LT to replace departed starter Peters. However, it was felt that a more athletic Bell, coming back from injury, was a better option.

    In any event, it sounds like Jones will return soon. Locklear will be available to slide over too? wherever… I’m ready for some football.

  30. dover5005 says:

    all i know is no one feels goos about the offensive line currently and one more piece to the puzzle needs to be added, sorry but i don’t think brandon frye is the guy to solve their problems.

  31. chuck_easton says:

    The FO must feel good about the OL or they would have done something.

    They have shown that they have no problem bringing in someone if if helps out NOW and makes an improvement (Milloy over Russell — Frye over Williams).

    It’s only the fans that are worried. If there was somebody out there that the coaches thought was better than what they have they’d be here by now.

  32. I know nothing about Walker but after looking up Buff RT on Football Outsiders he ranks 2 in the league. That is verrry impressive. Guess this guy won’t be out of work for long.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Further injuries aside, I don’t see many more moves forthcoming. Lock, Sims, Vallos, Unger, Willis. Let’s hope for health with them so they can gel and learn to work together throughout the season. I know that all sounds cliche, but whatever unit is put out there will need time working together, to fulfill their potential. Just working as one, getting better each week.

  34. NickLicatasucks says:

    I cannot see a 360 pound man, such as Langston Walker, being a natural fit in a zone blocking scheme. I could be wrong…but aren’t ZB linemen more nimble than huge?

    Agreed about confidence of the line. I think Big Walt will be fine this year. All the doom and gloom around him is premature.

    Do you think that comments from Seahawks during camp about Russell “being the starter” were posturing? I can see them making such statements to inflate his value so that another team would give us a draft pick for him? I bet Timmay would have traded him for any type of draft pick. As Timmay has shown- any draft pick is worth a player!

  35. freedom_X says:

    Ruskell might have waited too long to move a kicker. 2-3 weeks ago, several teams like New Orleans were hurting at kicker. If a deal were to be made, and there really was a market, it probably needed to be done then.

    I would guess that those teams are satisfied with who they picked up and will at least wait to see if they hold up for the opening games.

  36. We don’t want OT Langston Walker. The Bills cut him outright because they were sick of his pathetic lack of effort. I don’t know how good Brandon Frye really is, but he fits the profile of a zone blocking tackle. It shouldn’t matter much as long as Locklear and Willis stay healthy until Walt returns.

    As for concerns about the offensive line, I agree with you, chuck_easton. Although last year was a nightmare, I think the Seahawks believe in our linemen and they believe in Coach Solari. All our guys need is time to play together and practice together for awhile. If Walt and Spencer can get back in there soon, we are deep in talent and just need time for those guys to develop some chemistry and attitude. It might take all season to develop those things, but that would be true no matter who the players are.

  37. Dukeshire, you had already pretty much said what I said… let’s all just give our offensive line some time to get before assuming they can’t be good.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah Stevo, It’s one thing for the Bill to unload Peters for money reasons but Walker’s release is for another reason altogether: disappointment. How badly must he have tanked this summer after being handed Peter’s job at LT for them to cut him just days before the season opener? In addition he’s a huge dude. And as Nicklicata points out, I can’t imagine he has the mobility necessary to fit a zone blocking scheme. So yeah, definitely on same page.

    Who appears to be in more disarray: Broncos, Bills or Raiders. Goodness.

  39. nightwulf says:

    Dule, we still on for sun? if so, where and when?:)

  40. Dukeshire says:

    That would be cool. We’re going to be tailgating before hand. I’ll let you know the details in a couple days (where, how to find , etc…) Come one come all. :)

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