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Seahawks final 53-man roster

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 5, 2009 at 4:28 pm with 101 Comments »
September 5, 2009 4:28 pm

Here it is – the final 53, although Lawyer Milloy still is not official. The main surprise was the Seahawks cutting free safety Brian Russell. Hawks GM Tim Ruskell said during the preseason that there was competition at the safety position between Brian Russell and Jordan Babineaux.

But the Seahawks coaching staff downplayed the issue during training camp, making it seem like Russell was still the guy and the move to put Babineux at safety was more so in terms of depth.

Now we know the team wasn’t totally content with the personnel there, with the going out and getting Lawyer Milloy to beef up the secondary.

Linebacker D.D. Lewis not making the team also comes as a surprise. And Seattle decides to keep 11 defensive linemen, including rookies Nick Reed, Michael Bennett and Derek Walker.

Quarterbacks (3): Matt Hasselbeck, Seneca Wallace, Mike Teel
Comment: Teel’s play during the preseason solidified the team’s overall depth at the position. Look for Wallace to be used as a playmaker at times this season.

Running backs (5): Tailbacks – Julius Jones, Justin Forsett, Edgerrin James. Fullback – Justin Griffith, Owen Schmitt.
Comment: Overall playmaking ability might be a concern here, but I think the team has enough depth to get them through the year, and I expect Julius Jones to rush for 1,000 yards this season if he stays healthy.

Wide receivers (5): T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nate Burleson, Deion Branch, Deon Butler, Ben Obomanu.
Comment: They could have gone with six receivers here with the overall talent that was on the roster, but I understand the choice to go with five guys. They will not run very many three or four receiver sets if preseason is any indication. Courtney Taylor should hook on somewhere. Either Logan Payne or Mike Hass is headed to the practice squad.

Tight ends (3): John Carlson, John Owens, Cameron Morrah.
Comment: It appears the Seahawks liked the potential of Morrah better than where Joe Newton’s development is at now. But Morrah is pretty raw, and if they have injuries here the team might have to pick up a guy during the year.

Offensive line (9): Walter Jones, Chris Spencer, Sean Locklear, Rob Sims, Steve Vallos, Max Unger, Ray Willis, Mansfield Wrotto, Kyle Williams.
Comment: Again, I thought they might keep Na’Shan Goddard around for security, but the team must feel pretty good that Jones will return sooner instead of later. They could be still looking for an offensive tackle to add here.

Total offense: 25

Defensive line (11): Cory Redding, Brandon Mebane, Colin Cole, Patrick Kerney, Darryl Tapp, Lawrence Jackson, Craig Terrill, Red Bryant, Nick Reed, Michael Bennett, Derek Walker.
Comment: The organization must have had concerns about losing Reed, Bennett and Walker if they put them on waivers, although all certainly played well enough during the season to warrant a roster spot. I would expect Baraka Atkins to be picked up by another team.

Linebackers (6): Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Aaron Curry, Will Herring David Hawthorne, Lance Laury
Comment: Along with Brian Russell being released, the surprise move had to be D.D. Lewis not making the team. There may have been some concerns with his durability coming off the arthroscopic surgery, and the play of Will Herring allows the team to fill better about the young depth here. Lewis is another guy that will be snapped up by someone.

Defensive backs (8):
Ken Lucas, Josh Wilson, Deon Grant, Jordan Babineaux, C.J. Wallace, Kelly Jennings, Travis Fisher, Lawyer Milloy.
Comment: I’m a little surprised Jamar Adams didn’t make it here, but he could probably use another year on the practice squad. Fisher is a proven veteran who provides good depth with Trufant out for the first six weeks of the season.

Total defense: 25

Specialty (3):
Jon Ryan, Kevin Houser, Olindo Mare
Comment: Again, I thought Mare just provided a better option here, so I’m not surprised to see Coutu moving on.

Roster Analysis
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  1. I am shocked that they kept Walker and let Lewis go.

  2. I hope we can sign Payne to the PS.

  3. navy_at_3 says:

    I hope Moore clears waivers to go to PS!

  4. navy_at_3 says:

    If the last game vs Oakland was any hint into the reg. season, Ben Obomanu made a spot for himself on Special teams.

  5. chuck_easton says:

    Quite a few very fast and talented RB rookies got cut today. We have a great chance of getting Moore to the PS. He’s already said that he would love to stick around even if it’s on the PS.

    So unless some team picks him off waivers and puts him on their 53 man roster he will likely sign with Seattle.

  6. navy_at_3 says:

    Sad for Lewis, he goes from Starter when Hill wasnt signed to no more seahawks all in a 4 month span. Hope he works out for another team.

    I’m guessing this was to save money more then anything else.

  7. I am glad they cut DD Lewis. I thought he was so over rated although I know many hawk fans loved him. He sgned as a free agent a few years back with Denver and was later released when they realized that he wasn’t that good. I doubt any team will sign him…. mark my words.

  8. navy_at_3 says:

    to add I have a hard time believing from what little I saw that Hawthorne or Herring played/performed better then Lewis.

  9. bird_spit says:

    I think the team got younger over all. The team is 4.9 years of experience on average. 8 Rooks:

    96 Bennett, Michael DE
    11 Butler, Deon WR
    59 Curry, Aaron LB
    43 Morrah, Cameron TE
    98 Reed, Nick DE
    14 Teel, Mike QB
    60 Unger, Max OC/G
    99 Walker, Derek DE

  10. navy_at_3 says:

    KC released Bernard Pollard, why couldnt we just snag him up instead?!?!

  11. bird_spit says:

    You can bet one or two of those DE rookies to be added to the PS before game 7 is played. With Tru’s return, my bet is Derek Walker or Bennett will go to the PS.

    My thinking is Nick Reed will become a star special teams guy.

  12. azhawkman says:

    I saw lewis miss plenty of tackles this preseason. He isn’t a bad backup but there is certainly more speed and youth in Laury, Herring and Hawthorne. Without a doubt this is a SOLID group of LBs. There isn’t a huge talent drop off in the 2nd string. Keeping Walker is surprising but my guess is we will make more moves in the next few days and Walker could be axed quickly.

  13. Although I am a DD Lewis fan, I think what Herring and Hawthorne showed in pre-season made him a bit expendable. He was a solid player and he helped us get to the Super Bowl. How many former Hawks can say that? So, before you drink the kool-aid of Lewis sucks, he was a good player and I don’t think anyone should say a bad word about him. That doesn’t mean that others don’t have a right to express themselves and say he sucks, it just means that’s my opinion of DD Lewis. And before we bash him for being bad in Denver, lets just remember that Shanny was not a smart defensive mind (certainly made up for it on offense) and brought in guys who always weren’t put in position to be successful. When he signed Lewis, he put a round peg in a square hole. Not smart. Just like asking Mike Hass to run post patterns all day (not playing to the strength of a player).

  14. RichmondHawk says:

    I have a feeling the Milloy move was a stop gap solution so they Hawks can use Babs move as a nickel CB than when Tru is ready Babs will go back.

  15. RichmondHawk says:

    You can’t overlook how Herring looked during pre-season. I am confident that Herring can go in for Curry and Hill and do a good job. You have to take a step back and realize Seattle is just loaded at the DE and DT spots. You don’t need huge LB’s but really fast LB’s, guys like Herring is ideally suited to play behind our huge front four.

  16. mocarob says:

    Funny they kept Terrill & LoJack with all you guys claiming they suck.

  17. DD was over rated. I will say it again. Obviously, the coaching staff believes it considering he was cut and nobody expected it apparently. He was a Holmgren player and probably wouldn’t have been brought back last year if Mora was the coach. Good luck to him but I’m not sad to see the other guys take his spot.

  18. surelyyoujest says:

    The Panthers cut down to 51 and need some d-line help. I wonder if we’re working a deal to send someone there.

  19. RichmondHawk says:

    Terrill does suck, if the rooks do okay by the time Tru is ready, he’ll be working on his rock career.

  20. I trhink this 53 is far from final. 11 members of the DLine is excessive and untenable for a season,but sure can see the thinking in keep Walker as well as Reed and Bennett.. Would bet that one or DLineman is gone before the season begins. Am also of the belief that there will be further changes to the OLine and DB corps

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I think it came down to Laury vs Lewis and Laury is a special teams stud. Being more versatile helped him stick, IMO. I don’t think Herring was ever at risk, he had a great pre season.

    All things being equal, I would speculate FIsher to be cut once Tru comes back. I don’t think they’d risk Bennett or Walker to clear waivers to get to the PS. In addition, they’d have to cut one of the, soon to be, PS players to make room.

  22. surelyyoujest says:

    For those of you who don’t know why we kept Walker, go back (if you can) and look at the preseason games. He made just as many plays as Reed or Bennett. Swatting down passes, sacking the QB, making tackles, and generally getting into the backfield. He had a great preseason. I’m glad we kept him, although I don’t see us staying with 11 d-linemen for long.

  23. DJammmer says:

    Bobby – what do you think of Ruskell now that he cut Russell?

  24. Dukeshire says:

    That best available list is compiled mostly of players filing for their AARP cards. Pass on every single one of them.

  25. I hope these cuts put one Tim Ruskell criticism to rest: that if you were a “Ruskell guy” you would some how never be cut from this team. I’ve heard that here too often, and without any evidence that our GM operates that way.

    In the past two weeks, Tim Ruskell has cut T.J. Duckett, Brian Russell, and Baraka Atkins. Ruskell has had his hits and misses, and with these cuts he has admitted some mistakes. I think its pretty clear at this point that our GM doesn’t simply keep every player he drafts or signs, he wants competition for every position, and wants to find the best players available to put on the field.

    And hats off to our GM and coaching staff for being bold enough to gamble a little on our three new dark horse D linemen, Bennett, Reed, and Walker! Bold moves!

  26. Dukeshire says:

    That is exactly right, thank you for pointing that out, Stevo.

  27. tillman says:

    Stevo, the “Ruskell-guy” philosophy was dumped by the same because he realizes he’s fighting for his own job this year.

    Fail to advance deep into the play-offs? The fifth year of that five year contract expires without renewal.

    Personally, can’t wait. Bring back Holmy as the GM!!!!!

  28. chuck_easton says:


    You are aware that Holmgren was the GM here in Seattle from 2000 to 2003 when he was canned because his drafts were terrible?

  29. tillman says:

    He is also the GM that built the team that went to XL. Ruskell added three players that were here for 2 years and the rest were the Big Show’s. Ruskell is what he has been his entire career a scout. He does not appear to be able to put all the pieces together to build the roster.

  30. Please NO Holmgren as GM. He was a great coach for us but a terrible GM. It was time for him to leave as coach too as his play calling was far too predictable and he refused to adjust his “system” to the changes in the game. He will always be thanked for giving the Seahawks respect back that they lost in the 1990s but bringing him in as GM would be a monster mistake.

  31. chuck_easton says:

    No he isn’t the GM that built the Superbowl team. That myth was debunked by Mike Sando who did a breakdown of the number of starters on the 2005 roster and only 5 of them were Holmgren guys.

    The rest were Fergusun, Whittsitt and Ruskell guys.

  32. That’s why I said in the other posts, I wonder if Holmgren leaned on Ruskell to make choices.

  33. 1999 was a POS draft class, Holmgren had no chance. I might add that Holmy brought you Bobby Engram, Robby Toebeck and (take a bow Wallrus) Matt Hasselbeck. But most importantly! President of Operations Mr. Ted Thompson who drafted all those wonderfull players. Inform Sando that had it not been for Whitshit, losing Thompson, the Hawks and not GB would be experiencing greater success! TR .. Pfft

  34. pabuwal says:

    Holmgren Super Bowl Starters:

    Alexander 2000
    Jackson 2000
    Tobeck 2000
    Hasselbeck 2001
    Engram 2001
    Hutchinson 2001
    Stevens 2002
    Bernard 2002

  35. IDHawkman says:

    TR will always be a scout because he only focuses on the defensive side of the ball. He has never been good at getting an offense together. To be a GM in the NFL, you have to consider the ENTIRE team.

    Oh well.

  36. chuck_easton says:

    And if you look at Holmgren he was all offense all the time. Holmgren doesn’t have a clue about defense.

    Maybe co GM’s? Let Holmgren draft O and Ruskell draft D?

  37. pabuwal says:

    Has any Seahawks Defense under Ruskell really been that good? 2006 and 2008 were awful.

    The 2007 Defense was a complete mirage – the majority of the QBs they faced didn’t even start for the same team the next year. My favorite was when Chris Redman completely exposed them in a “meaningless” game. Patrick Kearney was guaranteed not to show up in a road game against a serviceable Tackle.

    The 2008 version was historically bad by Seahawks standards and this includes the 2000 and 2002 defenses.

  38. HawksKD says:

    I’m not agreeing with Holmgren coming back as GM..I’m not refuting it either.

    But as pawubal showed..The Guys that Holmgren brought were all major keys to our success.

    In a perfect world Holmgren and Ruskell would be able to share duties. Holmgren our offensive architect and Ruskell our defensive architect.

    This of course would never happen.

  39. Ruskell has NEVER been able to build a team – EVERY stop he as been at the first year after he gets there they do great and then they decline EVERY year after that. IF they are better than 4-12 this year it will mark the first time a Ruskell team has improved after the first year.

    I hope the team finds a different RB to put on the PS.. I was TOTALLY unimpressed with Moore the whole preseason. Even in the raider game I was less than impressed. Try am pluck one from somewhere else!!!!!

  40. say what you may boys, but we’re making the post-season this year. where it goes from there, i don’t know, but we’re owning the NFC West this year.

    bring this season on. i am tired of waiting to scream my lungs out.

    let’s go Seahawks!

  41. ratman44 says:


    With Tapp playing more of a linebacker like role in a couple of the preseason games, could you see them counting him more as a linebacker than a d-line. Since he can play a LB like role and DE another example of versatility.

  42. HawksKD says:

    My thoughts on Offense:

    QB: I still don’t like the idea of Seneca being in a position to be hurt. I would hate to have Teel be our #2. However, I really like Teel and I hope he can pick up garbage time to gain some more experience. His potential has a very high ceiling but if we have a chance to draft, McCoy, Bradford, Snead, or Robinson do we pass now that we have Teel?

    RB: I think our “commitee” will fare just about league average if not just a little less with Rush YPG. All of our backs could be playing at any point of the game. Again, I project Forsett to have similar numbers to Ray Rice last year 60 some odd rushes and 40 some odd catches.

    WR: I agree with this group. I “nay sayed” Butler during camp. I said i would eat my words if Butler was a gamer. I think I’m eating, maybe 3/4 of my words. He looks to be a Gamer. But as far as producing this season? Maybe 20-30 catches. ( I hope more). Obomanu has earned his roster spot for the last few seasons. This season is the same. Cross your fingers we keep Payne

    TE: Strong grouping. I’m a little surprised with Morrah over Newton.
    Potential > Established skills. Carlsons ability to play every down at a high level allows us to retain Morrah to groom.

    OL: No surprises. Were good here. Keep moving people nothing to see.

  43. ratman44 says:

    Speaking of Bradford, He hurt his throwig shoulder, in Oklahoma’s loss today.

    So his draft status will be up in the air, now that he is damaged goods.

  44. ratman44 says:

    I am not a ig fan of Ruskell.

    I look at transactions in the total frame.

    I think Curry is going to be awesome. But the question I have is Curry/Redding >= Peterson/ Raji or Sanchez or Crabtree or one of the available tackles or whoever. If Redding walks at the end of the year and Peterson stays, you have to add that into the equation.

    Just some decisions have been poor, and it does not seem like the team has a real good succession plan for some positions.

    The Ruskell first round or first picks have to this point been very underwhelming. His later rounds have contributed, which is what you need.

    For those that want Holmgren as GM, his drafting was suspect also. Holmgren years did seem to hit on round one, but then strike out the rest of the draft.

    I did think that Ruskell did some things just to do them, to piss off Holmgren, like get rid of D-Jack.

    But for now we are stuck with Ruskell, so in him we trust.

  45. RichmondHawk says:

    An how’d that getting rid of “overrated/over paid” Jackson work out?

  46. seahawk44 says:

    Here we are…on the eve of a new season….the team taking shape….excitement in the air….and yet…………..the conversations here still go to how much gm Ruskell sucks. People, come on, the Seahawks may have drafted one of their best draft classes in the history of the team this year. And, I think this team is going to respond very well to the new coaching staff. (another thank you to Tim R.)

    Bring on the games! Go Seahawks!

  47. RichmondHawk says:

    To be honest Ruskell inhereted an overrated crap team. Lets look at whose actually a decent player in the nfl from that team:

    -Locklear, average, very average
    -Bernard, i think decent is pushing the boundaries a little
    -Hutchinson, still a stud, got out of town on a technicality
    -Walter Jones, on last legs
    -Hass, following Jonesy down that road
    -Trufant, can’t even pickup his cane when he dropped it

    That’s the list of the guy’s who’s still playing I’d want on my team. Did Holmy and the previous FO really leave Ruskell a good team? Here’s a list of guys 5 years from now you’d probably want to have:


    You guys look at Hutch, Jonesy and Hass and think wow that team was really good, that’s actually not the case. The legacy of quality players left proves that.

  48. Seahawks2620 says:

    Any word on Pashos coming over to Seattle

  49. RichmondHawk, nuthin serious dude but you’ve been sniffing some serious TR panties! Crap team? You mean the team that went to the playoffs for the third consecutive year as TR arrived? five overall or the now 4-12 team after the 4th year of *RUSKELL*

    Not sure how we lost Lucas to begin with, whether TR got cheap, or no way to navigate the cap for the 6mill offer of Carolina. But, the point is that losing players like him happen due to injury as well, Tubbs. However, losing Hutchinson was uncalled for. Make all the excuses but I for one had seen the same poison pill used in ’93 on Bills guard Will Wolford by the Colts. The NFL had warned FO’s just 2 years before. Plus, there has been mention warning whispers came just prior.

    Letting Hamlin walk is now again at the forefront with Babineaux a projected starter. You list Bernard so why not him?

    This is for the most part Tim Ruskells team in his fifth season. He has managed without the interruption of a Whitsitt. Those who think Holmgren is to blame for the inept FA moves are in what is known as left field. Outer space for others. Yes this has been shaping up as a tremendous draft but of course we draft ed high in the #4 spot. The last time we selected 4 in 1981 landed us Easley.

  50. RichmondHawk says:

    Okay I forget about Hamlin, Lucas and Engram but just as you said this is “Ruskell’s team”. Apart from some core guys like Hass, Tru and Jones this team was built from the ground up. I never had a feeling in the previous years that the backups could be starters in a few years. With this team, you have that feeling. But please lets not try and say Holmy never had a say in who was coming in or going. I never said Holmy was the only one to blame but he was part of it. Isn’t that the reason, Allen had to push him out and eventually bring Ruskell in?

  51. The real reason that you had to push Holmy out as GM is that it is WAY to big a job for one man to do!

    Having a HC/GM split has not been successful for more than like 2 years in any NFL franchise. every single person that has tried it has been fired from one or both positions.

    The best situations are where the coach and GM are on the same page and work for the team not their own egos (which is why I think Holmy and Ruskell didn’t work well together)

    IMO the HC needs to tell the GM what (not who) he needs and the GM should go get it – to the best of his availabilites.

  52. Jammmer – I have never been one of the bigger Russell haters on this blog (minus all my Hutch rants). True, I think he (Russell) was bad, but time and time again I said that teams have won championships with below average players like him.

    Everyone else — Ruskell isn’t as bad as some of you make him out to be, but he’s not as good as the Cult would leave you to believe either.

    Concering Super Bowl XL — Holmgren is the GM who put the core of that team together. However, he wasn’t smart enough to realize the character stuff. If Holmy would have been in charge of the team for 2 more off-seasons, I don’t think we would have sniffed the SB.

    This brings us to Ruskell’s first year (and year #2 of Holmy NOT being GM). Ruskell did a GREAT job of tweeking that team. Sure, Jamie Sharper sucked, but he added Joe-Joe, Fischer, Darby… drafted Lofa, Hill… and did an overall great job of getting players that Holmy would be successful with (instead of the Holmy mentality of adding morons who could play but didn’t care about character).

    Ruskell does not suck, but he’s not great… a lot of his legacy depends on ’09… I sure as hell am hoping he ends year #5 of his contract with a SB victory!!!

  53. 2 Comments:

    1. Cutting Rusell makes nsense unless it frees up cap money NEEDED to sign Milloy. Rusell could have been a backup to Babs, Milloy & Grant.

    2. While I have not been a big Ruskell basher, RUSKELL IS AN IDIOT for not getting a draft pick for Coutu rather then releasing him. All it takes to get a draft pick is to have 2 temas competing for Coutu. You can’t tell me that BC isn’t better then the kickers on 5-10 teams. STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID

  54. Coutu barely kicked a kick-off to the 20 yard line on one of his kicks Thursday night. Me, you, nor Ruskell could have gotten a draft pick for some clown who did that.

  55. RichmondHawk says:

    Coutu was a 7th round draft pick last year and a kicker, is he really worth a lot?

  56. Allen didn’t push Holmgren out. Holmgren threatened to leave if Hawks President Whitsitt wasn’t removed. The same Bob Whitsitt that hired Holmgren as GM/Head Coach of the Seahawks. Ted Thompson was brought in by Holmy in 2000-2004 as vice pres. of operations. Together again the two built the Power House Hawk Team. But in 2003 Whitsitt took over all personnel decision making. Thompson left in Jan ’04 becoming GM of the Packers. Again, Holmgren won the power struggle as Whitsitt was fired. After an extensive search Ruskell was hired in Feb to take over as GM and President.

    Bobby K, TR arrived late Feb and Rienfeldt was brought in to clear up the cap mess. How can you not credit Holmgren people in that late hour for the FA moves or draft. Together Holmgren and TR courted FA Sharper!

    For a better read google wiki Bob Whitsitt.

  57. excile – for a better understanding of why we went to SB XL without giving credit to Holmy or Ruskell… do a google search on:

    Marcus Tubbs.

  58. Yup, gave up 95 ypg rushing with him and 145 w/o in 06. Something like that.
    Add a pinch of luck, no costly turnovers, timely dropped passes (BE) or wrong route (Bannister)
    Just a shame we opened the second half down to the last Safety in XL.

  59. And thank you for letting me know that TR came in later in Feb. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know Steve Largent played in Seattle either until I did a wiki search. I can’t believe that Matt Hasselbeck once played for the Packers. Wow. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know until now…

  60. Hey everybody, did any of you know that the Seahawks were an expansion team in the mid-late 1970s?

  61. An expansion occurred in 1976 if my placenta remembers as much,

  62. BobbyK, whats the matter afraid I’ll call your BS a Spade?

  63. doubledink says:

    I would like to know how the decisions are made to select vs. to keep a player. I would think the HC and GM would collaborate of course. But the balance of influence from my perspective would be that the GM has the most say in who is selected and the HC has the most say in who stays. Have any of you any knowledge of how the FO works that out?

    BTW, I was so happy to see that idiot Hamlin leave. He was stupid on and off the field. When Manuel got hurt in SB XL I took Hamlin’s name in vain for his idiocy. I hold him responsible for Willie Parker’s long TD run for getting himself knocked in the head. The following year when he intercepted a fourth down, hail-mary pass inside our own 15 as he was going out of bounds so he could pad his stats finally did it for me.

    Dallas deserves his lame *ss.

  64. nighthawk2 says:

    Julius Jones getting 1000 yards this year wouldn’t be anything special (but I’ll believe it when I see it), getting 1000 yards rushing in a 16 game season only requires averaging 62.5 yards per game. Back in 12 and 14 game seasons, which I remember, it meant something. If I recall correctly the only times we scored (twice) in the Kansas City game was when we chucked the run and just went Holmy, threw the ball all the time. Travis Fisher (who turns 30 in a week) hasn’t proven anything except he wasn’t good enough to make the Lions again this year and even the Rams didn’t want to re-sign him after his rookie contract expired. Now we have 36 year old washed up Lawyer Milloy, so it’s an open question whether Fisher or Milloy will get axed when/if Trufant returns this season. Lawrence Jackson does suck, at least so far, but how many times do you see a 1st round draft pick cut this early? I’ve seen it before, but it’s extremely rare. Look at Kelly Jennings, he’s sucked since he was drafted and he’s still here. And Cory Redding (turns 29 in two months) was traded for to take Jackson’s starting spot, and three rookies out performed him this camp and pre-season. Have to agree with the statement that the reason Ruskell is parting with guys he drafted (or signed) like T.J. Duckett and Baraka Atkins and Coutu is that he knows he’s on the hotseat in a contract year and he’s feeling the heat. Another 4-12 to 7-9 season (which is exactly the range where I think this team finishes due to the o-line and secondary) and he’s gone. I’ll believe Walter Jones and Marcus Trufant will be able to play a 16 game season this year (or in Trufant’s case a 10 game season), at their old level, when I see it. Both were knocked out by back spasms, has Jones’ spasms subsided any? In any event, this is Walter Jones’ last season, and a prudent use of a top 3 pick from Denver would be on a left tackle like Russell Okung, since offensive tackle was ignored in the draft last year with all the wheeling and dealing that left us without a 4th, 5th and 7th round 2009 pick and without a 3rd round next year. Then Locklear could go back to the right side where he belongs, and Willis can go to guard or the bench where he belongs. A debate of Ruskell vs. Holmgren as GM is pointless, neither one was very good overall, and anyone who thinks Bob Ferguson, a one year figurehead in 2004, made any real decisions on personnel that year is not being realistic. I think we can all agree that this is a make or break year for Ruskell though, because another finish anywhere near like last year and he’s going to get the opportunity to explore other options. IF this team can mount a sustained pass rush from the new guys to mask the deficiencies of the secondary, IF Locklear can play like Jones on the left side, and Willis can play like Locklear on the right side, and IF Sims can do something besides be a turnstile at guard, and IF the zone blocking scheme is the panacea for lack of talent overall on the o-line they could compete with Arizona for the division title. Vallos and Unger are certainly upgrades at center and guard. If they play like last year, well, we can wonder who’ll be running the show next year. I’ve had enough “This is the year!” drafts and camps and pre-seasons (which are simply controlled scrimmages that are player auditions) that I take a wait and see attitude anymore. Hope I’m wrong, but we’ll know before long.

  65. RichmondHawk says:

    I agree injuries don’t affect how a team does in a year, eyes rolling.

  66. pabuwal says:

    Does anyone realize that Marcus Tubbs wasn’t even a starter for the last part of 2005, the playoffs and the Super Bowl?

    And a large part of the reason the Seahawks gave up massive rushing yards in 2006 is because they removed Boulware from the starting line up because he was awful against the pass. Babineaux was an awful tackler – Frank Gore ran wild all over him for over 400 yards.

  67. oceanic says:

    I hope the Hawks don’t get burned by keeping just seven healthy O lonemen.

  68. pabuwal says:

    Injuries affected the offense last year, but not the Defense – it just plain stunk. We are all hoping it was simply John Marshall but watching the 1st string line attempt to tackle the AFC Worst in Preseason was frightening. DD Lewis had a poor preseason.

    The 1st team Broncos unit went up and down the field on the 1st string Seahawks Defense – but were shut down by the 2nd stringers twice. Part of me wonders if the Seahawks 2nd team DLine is better than the 1st team. I also wonder if Redding and Cole are simply just “too big” to be effective. Most defenses are now fairly small along the DLine for this reason.

  69. Pabuwal, I’d agree with you to an extent. The time of possession battle was killing our D, and Kerney being the teams best past rusher at the time being forced to the sidelines didn’t help the pass defense either.

    I think Trufant’s “elite corner” status came from the pass rush that Kerney led.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    “I think Trufant’s “elite corner” status came from the pass rush that Kerney led.”

    Nearly all great secondaries have a supporting pas rush. Truant is great in and of himself, but there is no question pass coverage benefits from good play up front.

  71. Whether he started or not, Tubbs played significantly in ’05 and IMO was the most valuable member of our defense that year. He made Lofa’s job much easier.

  72. Dukeshire says:

    I look forward to seeing who makes up the PS this morning.

  73. Hammajamma says:

    Here’s the skinny on Russell:

    Mora doesn’t trust Lofa to hold down the middle against good rushing teams and needs third level run support. Russell has decent instincts but can’t tackle. Milloy is hoped to provide a stouter body who takes better angles moving toward the line of scrimmage, thus covering Lofa’s weakness.

  74. Hamma, I think you’re right they want to beef up the middle but I think Lofa will look much better with Cole and Mebane and Bryant in front of him. Rocky Bernard and Howard Green didn’t do the job last year but this years line should change the whole equation for the defense.

    I cheered the release of Wussel yesterday but I hope Milloy can still keep up and make plays. He used to be a great one. I still think they need another upgrade in depth at safety and am still concerned about that position.

  75. Dukeshire says:

    I would not agree with that. Cole and Redding were brought in to strengthen run defense. Those guys up front will help Lofa “hold down the middle”, but if runners are consistently getting into the secondary, it won’t matter who’s back there. Russell was slow with poor instincts and ALSO could not tackle. He really was a liability. And if Milloy does see much time it will be at SS, Grant will move to FS (taking Russell’s spot). But I still believe Babs is now the teams FS moving forward.

  76. oceanic says:

    I wonder why the Pats traded Seymour for a 2011 pick instead of a 2010 pick?

    Seahawks starters and backups, here are my grades:

    QB B+

    TE B

    WR B

    RB/FB C

    O line D

    D line B with the potential to go higher

    LB A

    DB C

  77. Dukeshire says:

    Sorry Steveo, I was typing mine as yours was posted. I believe you and I are in agreement.

  78. What do you think about TE Alex Smith as a replacement for Morrah?

  79. pabuwal, seems a little late to revisit the 2008 team at this point, but yeah, they did stink it up.

    To say injuries didn’t play a role doesn’t seem right to me, though. The 2008 defense lost their best player and pass rusher, Kerney, and had to replace him with a raw rookie with a sore foot. Their #2 CB Jennings had cracked ribs or something slowing him down most of the year and couldn’t finish plays, MLB Tatupu had one injury after another (knee, groin) slowing him down, and Leroy Hill missed games. Those were key positions on a defense with weak backups, but that’s history.

    Cole and Redding ‘too big’? We have an abundance of smaller defensive linemen on this team now. Cole fills a 1st and 2nd down role we’ve needed filled for years. Redding is very active for a big man, and fills the DE/DT role they only dreamed that Lawrence Jackson could handle last year. I can’t imagine why we shouldn’t be optimistic about our now defensive line and front seven right now.

    Just having Kerney and Lofa 100% healthy right now changes things. Add Redding, Cole, and Curry, and I think this defense will be ready to rattle Mark Bulgur next week and make life difficult for Stephen Jackson. Our front seven should also make life easier for our DBs, here’s hoping.

  80. hellomouthbreathers says:

    moo, you are the problem with Seattle fans. Ruskels (sp?) and idiot for not geting a pick for a kicker that can’t kiick? First, you don’t “get picks” or trade for kickers, especially rookie kickers that have never stepped up.

    As for your Russel comment – he is one of the worst players at his position in the entire league. Do you and Dukeshire have the same cable package and miss all the games together while counting on the same insider infirmation? Amazing.

  81. Dukeshire says:

    What are you talking about? I f***ing hated Russell. Was it my Russell “had poor instincts, slow AND could not tackle” comment that confused you?

  82. pabuwal says:

    I don’t recall ever reading or hearing a Seahawks fan who ever said they thought Russell was even an average player. The Seahawks would have been better playing with only 10 on the field as the play in the endzone in Miami showed.

  83. Dukeshire says:

    Comments like that really piss me off. People that make ignorant, uninformed statements like Mouthbreather just did, with absolutely zero evidence to back it up (because there isn’t any) because either they have a low reading comprehension level (in which case I offer my sympathies) or because they just feel like being a jackass. Either way, I with he would clarify himself.

  84. Duke, I think we all know your comments here, and they are always solid. Feel free to ignore the mouthbreathers.

  85. chuck_easton says:

    OK, I’ll admit I LIKED Russell the person. Hated seeing him on the field. Kept rooting against all reason that he might actually turn into something.

    But, in the end, the team made an upgrade with Milloy.

    Also, according to reports, Milloy’s contract is only for 1 year and it is at 1/2 of what the team would have had to pay Russell.

    So, it is only a stopgap until next season. The player is likely better and can’t be any worse and the team will save some money on the cap.

  86. raymaines says:

    I see that the 49er’s cut RB Kory Sheets.

    At 5’11” and 208, he’s 3″ taller and like 15 lbs heaver than Forsett. I think the ‘Hawks would be no worse off and probably better off with him. Sign that young man to the 53 man roster and cut JF.

  87. I remember when the Bills came to Qwest a few years ago, I met Lawyer Milloy’s parents at the game – their chance to see their son play near home. Nice people, and the Bills kicked the Seahawk’s butts that game with Milloy in the middle of the Bill’s defense. After hearing Milloy has wanted to play for the Seahaws for awhile, I am very glad this worked out for him.

  88. raymaines says:

    Oh, and one more thing: Denver’s pick next April could net USC’s safety Taylor Mays. Safeties don’t usually go that high in the draft, but Mays is pretty special.

  89. Hammajamma says:

    Ladies, please…

    Re the run defense: we can all agree Cole and Redding were brought into help. The reality is that Lofa has a propensity to take himself out of plays, and he can be juked off his feet in space. Run support from the Russell/Grant tandem has been mediocre at best, which the staff has long recognized. Hence the Milloy experiment. It’s about being tougher up the middle on first and second down and getting off a blocking receiver, which Russell had a hard time with.

  90. ratman44 says:

    So how does everbody think we are going to do?

    I can see 9 or 10 wins on the schedule. We can not have any more mojor injuries to the o-line. We need the secondary to step up. We play host to some of the best WR in the game on this schedule.

    Detroit stinks, but we better not have Wilson or jenings lining up to cover Cavin Johnson. Or Andre Johnson down in Houston for that matter, or those will be long days. Still not sure how we are going to stop Fitzgerald and Boldin.

    I think the Hawks split with Arizona, both teams win at home. Sweep the Rams, and not sure yet with San Fran. I am not scared at all of Sean Hill, but how will our D do against the run. We should see a heavy dosage of Frank Gore in those 2 games.

    I am just excited for Sunday.

    Watch for the On-side kick to start the game or second half from the Rams. Spags worked for Andy Reid and Ried loved to do that on away games early in the season that his team was a big underdog, to swing momentum. I could see the Rams pulling that to try and get something going.

  91. ratman44 says:

    Raymaines, do not discount Berry from Tennessee. That kid is a beast of a Safety as well, and many think he is/will be better than ays as a Pro.

    Personally I wuld take either as a hawk.

    I think the team needs an OT in next years draft also.

  92. I wonder if L Jackson will get jumped enough on the depth chart to be made inactive for a game or two.

  93. chuck_easton says:

    I’m expecting we go 5-1 in the division with a split with the Cardinals.

    Outside the division I see 4 to 5 wins. I’d expect 9-7 or 10-6 if everything falls our way.

    9-7 would likely finish in a tie for the division. 10-6 wins the division outright.

    Or things can co terribly wrong and we’d be looking at 8-8 or 7-9. I definitely do not see another sub 7 win season.

  94. Worst case scenario, we go 4-2 in the division.

    I don’t remember anyone either who ever said Brian Russell was even an average player.

    Duke – my favorite comment about you was when someone who isn’t on here too often (I think) called you a “fair weather fan.” That one was pretty funny.

    excile – sorry about the late last night mocking you post. Not a good excuse, but a few buddies and I were having a fire in the back yard and drinking a lot of beer. I checked the site and started rambling when it should have been time to sleep:)

  95. When I read that post about Seattle being a mid 70s expansion team last night, I figured somebody was partying hard over Russell’s release!

  96. BobbyK – considered it ribbing as I had done to Richmond a bit earlier. All in good fun.

    Just wish TR had drafted Safety Kenny Phillips. LoJack has the frame and background but I still question the heart. There is a reason DE’s play the left side and usually it is because the RDE is the better player. I sure hope Jackson matures physically (muscle mass and weight) to become that dominate player we all anticipate.

  97. I remember hoping for Merling, Laws, or Phillips when we picked Jackson. As it turned out, we probably should have been hoping to take Carlson in that spot and not risk having to draft up in the 2nd (which we did) to get him. He’s a gem.

  98. Mike Hass was signed to the Practice Squad.

  99. daneandersen says:

    I am VERY happy to say goodbye to Kent and Taylor. They both were great athletes who couldn’t perform on in the NFL game. And at least we have Payne or Hass on the bench in case of injury.

    I am suprised about the Russell and Lewis moves…clearly moves to make the team younger and give some younger guys more minutes. I would have loved to see them hang onto Lewis over Walker for some experienced insurance at LB.

    We could really use some more depth at OL….maybe a trade or FA pickup is coming.

  100. nighthawk2 says:

    Julius Jones getting 1000 yards this year wouldn’t be anything special (but I’ll believe it when I see it),

    I’ll also believe it when I see it, I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect JJ is the worst of our 3 RB’s. Wish we would have kept Weaver………

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