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Seahawks cut down to final 53 players

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 5, 2009 at 4:05 pm with 41 Comments »
September 5, 2009 4:05 pm

The Seahawks announced the cuts to the final 53-man roster on the team’s web site this afternoon.

S Jamar Adams, DE Baraka Atkins, K Brandon Coutu, G Brian De La Puente, CB Marquis Floyd, T Na’Shan Goddard, S Courtney Greene, WR Mike Hass, CB Kevin Hobbs, FB David Kirtman, RB Devin Moore, CB Nate Ness, TE Joe Newton, WR Logan Payne, LB Dave Philistin, T Andre Ramsey, T William Robinson, QB Jeff Rowe, WR Courtney Taylor.

Waived with an injury settlement: WR Jordan Kent

Terminated the following vested veteran contracts:
LB D.D. Lewis, S Brian Russell

Terminated the following player contract from Reserve/Injured with an injury settlement: G Cory Withrow

Placed the following player on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform:
CB Marcus Trufant

I’ll come back with the full roster in a few minutes.

Player movement
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  1. RichmondHawk says:

    well that blows my courtney greene makes the roster theory; athough, maybe the milloy signing came after that?

  2. pabuwal says:

    I would have kept Courtney Greene over Milloy.

  3. Hmm… Guess that means Derek Walker and Fisher both made it. We may be setting up to trade a DL. Terrill would make a nice DE in a 3-4 scheme.

    I don’t like losing DD, but Laury beat him out.

    I called Obo before the Oakland game– 8v)

  4. I’m surprized about DD Lewis

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    Why keep Morrah when Newton has outplayed him all pre-season? I’d rather have keep Moore and gotten rid of Julius Jones. Well, at least Courtney Taylor is gone. So Taylor, Kent, Hass and Payne are waived, for Branch (soon due his yearly injury), Burleson, Houshmandzadeh, Butler and Obomanu. Reed and Bennett stayed, and only one kicker this year. Well, at least some good.

  6. tillman says:

    Hope Reed will be able to compete against first team OL. Love his motor but his size scares the %*^& out of me.

    When Kerney inevitable gets hurt again and LoJack officially becomes another Ruskell first-round-bust, we’ll need Reed to step up into the rotation.

  7. DJammmer says:

    Payne, Kent, and Taylor all gone. Thought they would have stashed Kent onto IR.

    Trufant on the PUP. That means OCT is going to suck. Trufant can come back between week 8 – 11… (7 is a bye.)

    Kept the 2 rookie DEs over Atkins. Have to admit the FO is trying to keep the best players.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    Greene will be on the PS. I’m guessing so will Hass, Payne, Moore and Adams.

    That leaves three spots. It will be interesting to see who gets them.

    I’m happy Tayor’s time is up. Sorry to see Kent go, but maybe he will be back next year if he doesn’t sign elsewhere.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I thought Peter King said they were keeping all their drafties? He is so full of it.

    The biggest surprise for me is Morrah over Newton. And thank god Coutu is gone.

  10. azhawkman says:

    Unless I am blind it looks like Reed and Bennett are on the team! I am pleasantly surprised TR admitted Atkins isn’t working out and Bennett and Reed have shown too much heart and hard work to not give them a spot on the team. Next Sunday can’t come soon enough!

  11. KelsoHawk says:

    LoJack (a.k.a. No Sack) was spared for financial reasons and not football reasons. Reed will replace him in the rotation at some point this year, mark my words. D.D. Lewis’s cut is suprising, but I like the fact the Taylor and Kent are gone are enough for me. Kent as a gunner was a joke. First one down the field, only to miss the tackle with bad angles or bad tackling. Greene will be on the practice squad.

  12. RichmondHawk says:

    It adds up to 8 rookies on the current roster.

  13. bird_spit says:

    DD Lewis will be missed. Hard hitter, but Laury is younger, and hungry’er, and DD was part of that non-tackling group in the pre-season.

    I doubt this is the end; too many good waived players out there.

  14. tillman says:

    Wonder who gets the axe when Milloy officially signs. Probably Reed, Bennett, Laury, Herring, Fisher or Wallace.

  15. KelsoHawk says:

    The current roster is 52. Milloy will make 53

  16. Chuck I don’t think Payne can come back on the PS… Too many games last year.

    And I hope they bring in Cory Ivy or Deltha O’Neal. Both are better than Jennings and Wilson, and can easily be cut loose when/if trufant is back to full health.

  17. chuck_easton says:

    And for those Ruskell can’t do anything right people. D.J. Hackett is now out of football having failed to catch on with Jim Zorn and the Redskins.

    At the beginning of last season there was the hue and cry that the team was being SOOOO cheep and they should just pay the guy because he was going to be a #1 receiver.

    Ruskell is not perfect. But he hasn’t shown to be the idiot that some want to make him out to be.

  18. Also, some of these moves are making me wonder who was holding onto the scrubs… Ruskell or Holmgren.

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Payne only played in two games last year. It has to be 9 games. He has one more year of eligibility on Seattle’s PS.

  20. Payne can join the PS (he got hurt early last year).

  21. Lefty24 says:

    Regarding Russell and Coutu, those are two examples that Ruskell is getting over his perceived stubbornness.

    Surprised about DD Lewis for sure. Wasn’t he the #2 for all of the LB positions? Also, a little surprised about Hobbs (depth) and Greene (potential).

    It’ll be interesting to see who make it to the practice squad.

  22. Last post for now.. I just saw Jacksonville cut Tony Pashos, who is actually a fairly good tackle. It would be nice to put Walter Jones on the PUP and sign Pashos, and cut him when W. Jones is ready, hopefully by week 6.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    I agree Lewis will be missed. Solid, hard working player. He won’t stay out of work.

    Reed and Jackson work on opposite ends of the line.

    I also see Walker made it.

  24. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Well, I’m sad to see Taylor and Lewis go. However, I’m really pleased the Reed and Bennet made the team. Also, I’m glad all the rumors about Branch not making the team were just that. Branch, if the bum can stay healthy, gives us excellent depth as WR.

  25. Surprised nobody Is really mentioning arguably the biggest move on that list, placing trufant on the PUP. Loosing him til week 8 is a big deal, and does not reflect the impression Mora gave recently that he would be ready for the opener. This is concerning to say the least.

  26. Jones practiced in training camp and is therefore ineligible for PUP.

  27. I think this is the final roster…….

    27 Babineaux, Jordan SS 6-0 206 08/31/1982 6 Southern Arkansas
    96 Bennett, Michael DE 6-4 274 11/13/1985 R Texas A&M
    83 Branch, Deion WR 5-9 192 07/18/1979 8 Louisville
    79 Bryant, Red DT 6-4 318 04/18/1984 2 Texas A&M
    81 Burleson, Nate WR 6-0 198 08/19/1981 7 Nevada
    11 Butler, Deon WR 5-10 182 01/04/1986 R Penn State
    89 Carlson, John TE 6-5 251 05/12/1984 2 Notre Dame
    90 Cole, Colin DT 6-1 330 06/24/1980 4 Iowa
    59 Curry, Aaron LB 6-2 254 04/06/1986 R Wake Forest
    28 Fisher, Travis CB 5-10 189 09/12/1979 8 Central Florida
    20 Forsett, Justin RB 5-8 194 10/14/1985 2 California
    24 Grant, Deon SS 6-2 215 03/14/1979 10 Tennessee
    33 Griffith, Justin FB 6-0 230 07/21/1980 7 Mississippi State
    8 Hasselbeck, Matt QB 6-4 225 09/25/1975 11 Boston College
    57 Hawthorne, David LB 6-0 240 05/14/1985 2 Texas Christian
    54 Herring, Will LB 6-3 235 08/28/1983 3 Auburn
    56 Hill, Leroy OLB 6-1 238 09/14/1982 5 Clemson
    45 Houser, Kevin LS 6-2 255 08/23/1977 8 Ohio State
    84 Houshmandzadeh, T.J. WR 6-2 203 09/26/1977 9 Oregon State
    95 Jackson, Lawrence DE 6-4 271 08/30/1985 2 USC
    32 James, Edgerrin RB 6-0 219 08/01/1978 11 Miami (Fla.)
    21 Jennings, Kelly CB 5-11 180 11/30/1982 4 Miami
    22 Jones, Julius RB 5-10 208 08/14/1981 6 Notre Dame
    71 Jones, Walter T 6-5 325 01/19/1974 13 Florida State
    97 Kerney, Patrick DE 6-5 272 12/30/1976 11 Virginia
    50 Laury, Lance LB 6-2 237 01/17/1982 4 South Carolina
    75 Locklear, Sean T 6-4 308 05/29/1981 6 North Carolina State
    31 Lucas, Ken CB 6-0 205 01/23/1979 9 Mississippi
    10 Mare, Olindo K 5-11 190 06/06/1973 14 Syracuse
    92 Mebane, Brandon DT 6-1 301 01/15/1985 3 California
    43 Morrah, Cameron TE 6-3 244 03/18/1987 R California
    87 Obomanu, Benjamin WR 6-0 206 10/30/1983 4 Auburn
    47 Owens, John TE 6-3 255 01/10/1980 8 Notre Dame
    94 Redding, Cory DT 6-4 292 11/15/1980 7 Texas
    98 Reed, Nick DE 6-1 247 09/01/1987 R Oregon
    9 Ryan, Jon P 6-0 222 11/26/1981 4 Regina
    35 Schmitt, Owen FB 6-2 247 02/13/1985 2 West Virginia
    67 Sims, Rob G 6-3 312 12/06/1983 4 Ohio State
    65 Spencer, Chris C 6-3 312 03/28/1982 5 Mississippi
    55 Tapp, Darryl DE 6-1 270 09/13/1984 4 Virginia Tech
    51 Tatupu, Lofa LB 6-0 242 11/15/1982 5 USC
    14 Teel, Mike QB 6-3 230 01/06/1986 R Rutgers
    93 Terrill, Craig DT 6-2 295 06/27/1980 6 Purdue
    60 Unger, Max OC/G 6-5 309 04/16/1986 R Oregon
    69 Vallos, Steve C 6-3 312 12/28/1983 3 Wake Forest
    99 Walker, Derek DE 6-4 270 09/16/1986 R Illinois
    39 Wallace, C.J. SS 6-0 218 04/17/1985 3 Washington
    15 Wallace, Seneca QB 5-11 205 08/06/1980 7 Iowa State
    78 Williams, Kyle T 6-6 295 03/19/1984 3 USC
    74 Willis, Ray G 6-6 315 08/13/1982 5 Florida State
    26 Wilson, Josh CB 5-9 192 03/11/1985 3 Maryland
    66 Wrotto, Mansfield
    23 Trufant, Marcus

  28. chuck_easton says:

    Jones can’t be PUP’ed. Once a player practices even one day during training camp they can’t be PUP’ed. Only Trufant qualified for PUP.

    For Jones it’s either he’s on the roster, he’s IRed for the entire season, or he’s cut.

  29. Ah, I don’t live in WA and sometimes have trouble keeping up on what happened and where. I forgot that W.J had a training camp run. I’d like to see someone cut for Tony Pashos though.

  30. I think PUP is a 6 game minimum.

  31. Happy to never have to see Courtney Taylor in a Seahawks uniform ever again!

  32. Dukeshire says:

    It’s 6 games. Then you either have to place him on IR or the 53 man roster.

  33. doubledink says:

    Glad Mare is the kicker. DD Lewis surprised me a little.
    Which of the players cut are PS eligible?

  34. nidhighe says:

    No huge surprises, although I thought Newton outplayed Morrah.

  35. chuck_easton says:

    PS eligible players from the cuts:

    Payne, Hass, Ramsay, Moore, Greene, Adams, Goddard, Robinson, Philistin, Floyd, De La Puenta

  36. Does anyone else see Moore making the practice squad?

  37. badcat63 says:

    Going forward which are better – in ZONE blocking (any opinions?):

    OT – Kyle Williams – on roster

    OT – Tony Pashos – cut – 6’6″ 326 – 6 years – only missed 4 starts in last 3 years.

    OT – Levi Jones – 6′ 5″ 307 – 7 years – injury in ’08.

    PS – RB – Devin Moore – Cut PS possible

    RB – Kory Sheets – Cut SF. Looked good against lesser D’s.

    Any other PS potential from cut guys on other teAMS.

    I very much like the current 52/53 (Malloy) roster. Better when (??) we get Walter and Tru back later. D.D. Lewis somewhat of a surprise as was Brian Russell (cut vs. still on team). I believe the D will be hungry and aggressive for a change and will get the turnovers we need. Mare much better on K.O. so good for the D.

    Let’s get this party started!


  38. mocarob says:

    Taylor is better than the lazy ass route runner Obo.

  39. dmrudy42 says:

    i’m really happy with the majority of roster moves.

    1) finally b russell is gone. worst starting safety in the history of the league, BY FAR. dont care if milloy plays a snap – we are better by just not having BR on the field at any time. i think babs will ultimately play on passing downs, while milloy yake a lot of 1st downs and short yardage situations. they will keep the position warm for mays/berry, and the combo is a clear upgrade over russell.

    2) finally kent and taylor are gone. no more rotting away our roster spots. i can understand the need for keeping them around last year when injuries plagued us, but these guys have no talent, nor a future on any pro nfl team.

    3) mare was the right choice. vets are more reliable than youngsters – and mare had as good a season as any kicker last year. much stronger on kickoffs too.

    4) keeping reed and bennet. a no brainer, as these guys can work their way into the rotation and get quality time this season.

    5) PUPing trufant. it became obvious he wasn’t going to be ready for the opener when he didnt practice this past week. PUPing him opens up another spot for someone else to contribute, and we retain the option of cutting whomever we want if tru can come back later in the season.

    only surprise was letting lewis go. would rather have cut terrill to leave a roster spot for lewis.

    i’m in agreement that we could use use another O lineman and cut a guy like walker…

  40. I’m glad to see bennet and reed on the team, I have a feeling we might see some 3-4 looks (at least maybe the start of a hybrid). I’m a little surprised kent wasn’t put on IR. What are the rules about IR, he couldn’t have cost that much money?

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