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Report: Hawks to sign S Milloy

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 5, 2009 at 2:43 pm with 48 Comments »
September 5, 2009 2:51 pm

Well, it looks like Tacoma native Lawyer Milloy is coming home. Steve Wyche of is reporting the Seattle Seahawks will sign Milloy and he will replace Brian Russell as the team’s starting safety, with Deon Grant likely moving over to free safety and Milloy playing strong safety.

As I said in an earlier post, this gives Seattle two, physical hitters from the safety position.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    Hopefully, Milloy has something left but the Seahawks haven’t had any luck signing other teams veteran castoffs over the past 5 years including Bobby Taylor, Jamie Sharper and Mike Wahle.

  2. navy_at_3 says:

    I dont like this move, we release Russell who’s old and slow for Milloy who’s… old and slow turning 36 during this season.

  3. HeliJoe86 says:

    How long has Milloy been a free agent?

  4. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    This is a bad move. Milloy is just as slow as Russell. Who cares if he can hit if he can’t keep the ball in front of him. We are going to revert to giving up big plays through the air again. Until this move, I really thought we would have one of the elite defenses this year. The only good thing about this move is that we’ll be sure to go after Eric Berry or Taylor Mays in next years draft. Yes, after this calamity we might as well start talking about next year.

  5. bird_spit says:

    Humming the jeopardy tune…

  6. tp10super10 says:

    I’m not sure how you can’t like this move. Russell was terrible and miscast as a Free Safety. Milloy will be coming in to help control the line of scrimmage at strong safety, he doesn’t need to have blazing speed. Not only that, but Deon Grant is going to have opportunities to make plays at FS. Plus, they can always bring in Babs in the Nickel/Dime or when Bradley slides them into Tampa 2.

    Rod Woodson, Rodney Harrison, John Lynch…all examples of guys that played safety well into their 30’s effectively. I guess my point is there is no where else to go but up when you are talking about Brian Russell’s inability to do anything on the field last year.

  7. pabuwal says:

    The sad thing is who else do the Seahawks have to play SS?? Babineaux can’t tackle as evidenced by the fact Frank Gore ran over him for nearly a few hundred yards a few years ago when he started for Boulware. Everybody thought it was the loss of Tubbs that caused the Seahawks run game to fall off a cliff – it wasn’t – it was when Boulware was benched. Unfortunately Boulware was terrible in coverage. Oh for the days of Easley, Robinson and Darryl Williams (all FS I know).

  8. pabuwal says:

    Meant to say Robinson and Williams were the FS while Easley was a SS.

  9. tp10super10 says:

    You are a joke of a fan or not very observant if you think replacing Brian Russell with Lawyer Milloy/Babs turns this defense from “elite” into giving up on the year all together. Get ahold of yourself. They will be drafting Berry or Mays with Denver’s pick anyway but if you honestly think that cutting Brian Russell destroys the Seahawks ability to compete this year and are giving up on the season then you should rethink your hobbies.

  10. mocarob says:

    it’s 2hrs after deadline, why can’t we get the list??

  11. pabuwal says:

    Deadline is 6 PM ET/3 PM PT.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Double post, but didn’t see the new thread –

    He got burned a couple time last year in the playoff game against the Cardinals. I see this more as insurance for Babs. No way he comes in off the street, suits up and starts a week from tomorrow.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    The cuts have already been made. The team had to have the finalized 53 man roster into the NY office before 6PM Eastern time.

    The holdup was probably the Milloy deal.

  14. tp10super10 says:

    One more thing…Eric is writing this assuming that Milloy is going to start which I would disagree with. They moved Babs to safety this offseason so he could compete with Russell..that wasn’t secretive news or anything. Replacing an old player with an even older player doesn’t seem to make too much sense on a full time basis. Starting Babs gives the defense (and specifically the secondary) much needed big play opportunities and athleticism.

    DisplacedSeahawkFan..heads up..the sky is falling.

  15. chuck_easton says:

    I don’t see a reason to cut Russell and bring in Milloy unless the team was going to replace Russell with Milloy as the starter.

    If this is indeed a case where Babs beat out Russell for the starters job why not keep Russell around as the backup considering he already knows the Defense?

    I would think that anyone (Milloy) that is being brought in at this late a time is coming in to be the starter.

    Russell was due to make 2.1 million. Now if Milloy is willing to sign for less, than by all means bring him in and save some money.

  16. tillman says:

    “As I said in an earlier post, this gives Seattle two, physical hitters from the safety position.”

    Yes, but it also gives Seattle two, well-past-their-prime, aged, cast-offs at key defensive positions in SS and FS.

    Does it worry me that the only team to offer our new ‘starting’ SS a free agent deal was Detroit? Almost as much as waiting until the final cut to answer the question of a starting position.

    Well run franchises don’t answer starting positions at the final cut. They answer 2nd, 3rd and special teams questions. Horrible job of managing the team by our soon to be ex-GM.

  17. If correct on Babs starting then this move makes absolutely no sense. As stated above, Babs was terrible replacing Boulware. Holt chewed him up. The reason Russell and Grant were brought in was to stop the deep ball. Now HEAVY hitter Hamlin is on another team and were bringing in a 36 year old with Babs starting once again! ???

  18. Neither can cover anymore, but at least Lawyer can hit. This is something Russell cannot do. It improves the D, but not much. Still, I’ll take any improvement we can get.

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Also there is a report out there where Milloy is quoted as saying it’s not about the money, it’s about wanting to come home to finish his career.

    If that is indeed the case then maybe he did give the team a hometown discount and will make less than the 2.1 million that Russell was due to make.

  20. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    The loss of Russell is not a big deal. He’s lost a step since we first got him from the Browns and is now only mediocre at best. However, having Milloy start in his place is stupid. I don’t have a problem with Milloy in, or around the box. But if he’s the only thing in between Bolden, or Fitzgerald, and the end zone, then thats a problem. It seems that we’ll be blitzing a lot, and in the situations where the blitz doesn’t get the job done Milloy doesn’t have the coverage skills to prevent big plays. Yeah, I know I’m being a bit drastic but as far as coverage goes Milloy is a step backwards.

  21. oceanic says:

    Lawyer Milloy? Are you kidding me? Ruskell has had some success with his defensive drafts but his free agent moves have mostly stunk. Milloy will play maybe eight game and stink in those. Ruskell is looking at him with yesterdays eyes.

    The main problem I have with Ruskell is how he has ruined the O line. He became the Hawks GM in Feb of 05. The Hawks had the best O line in the NFL and rode that line all the way to the Super Bowl. Since then the O line has stunk and they will let the team down again this season.

    Adios Hutch. Hello Ashworth, Spencer, Wahle, Withrow, Ruegamer. If the O line can’t get it done for the fourth year in a row isn’t it time to say goodbye to Ruskell?

  22. nighthawk2 says:

    This is the best they could do, move a 30-1/2 year old strong safety over to free safety and bring in a has been 36 year old to play strong safety? There’s a reason guys play strong safety instead of free safety, and it’s because they’re too slow to play free safety. I’m trying to picture Malloy trying to cover Vernon Davis, Greg Olsen, Dallas Clark, Jason Whitten, Brandon Pettigrew, Owen Daniels and Kellen Winslow this season. It’s not a pretty thought.

  23. chuck_easton says:

    Let the Ruskell bashing begin! Face it. You guys hate him. If he didn’t do anything you’d be screaming that he did nothing to upgrade the safety position. Now that he’s done something you are screaming that he did do something.

    The guy could bring Ronnie Lott and Kenney Easley forward in time and the same people would be screaming that he ruined team chemistry.

    Wait til the end of the season. If the team doesn’t show improvement then by all means go at it. But give them a chance to see how things go.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    “Well run franchises don’t answer starting positions at the final cut. They answer 2nd, 3rd and special teams questions. Horrible job of managing the team by our soon to be ex-GM.”

    We don’t know yet that this is the case.

    Speaking of safeties: did anyone see the lick Jones for Georgia just laid on the Oklahoma St receiver? Jesus!

  25. RichmondHawk says:

    Let the Taylor Mays/Eric Berry era begin, a year from now.

  26. tp10super10 says:

    Would you rather have Russell and CJ Wallace as his backup or move Babs over from CB (who should, you would think, have more coverage skills considering he is a CB by trade) with a sure tackling, albiet 35 year old, Super Bowl champion backup who has played in this defense before?

    If “the only thing in between Bolden, or Fitzgerald, and the end zone” is a safety then we’re screwed anyway and we might need to adjust scheme or the CB position. For me..I would much rather have a starter/backup combo of Tru/Lucas/Wilson/Jennings at CB and Grant/Babs/Milloy/Adams/Greene at Safety. Again, Mora and Bradley are putting emphasis on being aggressive and making plays.. I’m not sure if anyone has proved that more over their career than Lawyer Milloy..and all Babs has done since he has been here was force his way on the field by making plays.

    Babs was terrible replacing Boulware?? That is your argument? What was the last year Boulware was here? 2006? You’re right, 4 years ago he really struggled. Come on…

  27. YeeHaawks says:

    How many big hits or tackles did Russell miss? Lots by my recollection. I say lets see what Lawyer has to bring. At the very least more tackles. Isn’t that an improvement? As for me I can’t wait for his first big POP! At Qwest I hope. Welcome home Lawyer, now show us what you brought!

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck, I agree. This team is no worse now that it was before this news, and almost certainly better, by at least some measure. Milloy, going into his 14th season is no way worse that Russell in coverage.

  29. nighthawk2 says:

    Doing something, and doing something that’s an upgrade, are two different things chuck. The “screaming”, as you call it, is that a last second, bizarre looking move is supposed to be the answer to the problems at safety. This is a problem that possibly could have been addressed in the draft had we kept our 4th and 5th round picks. I sincerely hope that Denver’s pick is a top 3, so we can address the left tackle position (the biggest problem on the team, ahead of safety) by drafting Russell Okung. Use our own pick on a safety. The GM is not above criticism, nor is anyone else in the front office or above the team.

  30. Soggybuc says:

    Babs wasnt the only guy in the league to get schooled by Tory Holt FYI.

  31. What if Milloy is at SS in running downs and Babs is there on passing downs? That’s not exactly a bad combination. Babs proved he wasn’t a very good full time starter when he played SS for Boulware a few years ago but he also has proven to have a knack for big plays (and giving some up). We know Milloy can play well if he’s a run defender. Well, perhaps both of these guys will play the one spot? I don’t know. Just speculating on how to make this team better.

  32. bird_spit says:

    If the hawks return to the top of the division, would you Ruskell bashers end the criticism? I think we have I good chance at doing it..

  33. Dukeshire says:

    And for those of us who feel Babs will be stepping in at FS regardless of Milloy, Sando has our back…

  34. We are going to win the division but part of the reason we’re going to do it is because the rest of it is so bad. The Rams will probably have the #2 overall pick next year. Enough said. The 49ers will be around or below .500 and the 9-7 Cards are going to have the SB hangover.

    It’s the Super Bowl we want.

  35. tillman says:

    “If the hawks return to the top of the division, would you Ruskell bashers end the criticism?”

    bird_spit, my answer depends. If they win the second-worst division in the NFL on the way to the SB then I would be willing to acquiesce. However, I’m not dumping 10 gr on season tickets to watch us win a weak division. I want the SB or a very deep run to even talk about renewing his contract.

  36. bird_spit says:

    Every team wants the super bowl. But home field advantage in the playoffs is the easiest path. If we get that..I am happy with the team, management included.

  37. highimpactstaffing says:

    I don’t want you to feel any pressure, Eric, but please know we’re all expecting you to break the scoop first on the final 53 man roster. Even if it means taking a picture of it with your cell phone and posting it. We’re counting on you to have it be seen here first. It’s not like we’re all just sitting here waiting, hitting the refresh button over and over and over.

  38. chuck_easton says:

    Sando is now further saying that it is likely Babs that will be the starter.

    Milloy is willing to come in as the backup and it appears that Russell did not want to take a backup role when he considered himself the starter.

    So, if Milloy is cheaper than Russell and he’s OK being the backup, this move would be better than the team moving Babs to starter and having an unhappy Russell in the lockerroom.

  39. cuts announced

    released: S Jamar Adams, DE Baraka Atkins, K Brandon Coutu, G Brian De La Puente, CB Marquis Floyd, T Na’Shan Goddard, S Courtney Greene, WR Mike Hass, CB Kevin Hobbs, FB David Kirtman, RB Devin Moore, CB Nate Ness, TE Joe Newton, WR Logan Payne, LB Dave Philistin, T Andre Ramsey, T William Robinson, QB Jeff Rowe, WR Courtney Taylor.

    Veteran contracts terminated: LB D.D. Lewis, S Brian Russell.

    Waived with an injury settlement: WR Jordan Kent

    Terminated the following player contract from Reserve/Injured with an injury settlement:
    G Cory Withrow

    Placed the following player on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform: CB Marcus Trufant

  40. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Renton, Wash. – The Seattle Seahawks announce roster moves to comply with the NFL’s required roster limit.

    S Jamar Adams
    DE Baraka Atkins
    K Brandon Coutu
    G Brian De La Puente
    CB Marquis Floyd
    T Na’Shan Goddard
    S Courtney Greene
    WR Mike Hass
    CB Kevin Hobbs
    FB David Kirtman
    RB Devin Moore
    CB Nate Ness
    TE Joe Newton
    WR Logan Payne
    LB Dave Philistin
    T Andre Ramsey
    T William Robinson
    QB Jeff Rowe
    WR Courtney Taylor

    Waived with an injury settlement:
    WR Jordan Kent

    Terminated the following vested veteran contracts:
    LB D.D. Lewis
    S Brian Russell

    Terminated the following player contract from Reserve/Injured with an injury settlement:
    G Cory Withrow

    Placed the following player on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform:
    CB Marcus Trufant
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  41. highimpactstaffing says:

    In case a sarcasm tag was needed, that was meant in jest. I know you’re doing the best job you can, Eric. Keep up the good work. That’s why I’m here, along with the ability to read the comments from a lot of really well informed people. I live in Florida. I just found out last night that a Seahawk fan (an honest to goodness one with a jersey and everything!) moved in to a house on my block, replacing a die-hard Lions fan. I keep watching their driveway to see if his car has come back, because I can’t wait to go over and introduce myself. Now I don’t have to sit and watch the game by myself on the phone with my dad, I can actually watch it with a real fan! Is that roster up yet?

  42. nighthawk2 says:

    There is no reason or basis for making absolute statements that Seattle is going to win the division and that SF is going to finish 3rd. The only area Seattle is ahead of Arizona is at tight end, and the only area Seattle is ahead of San Francisco is WR/TE and QB.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    Come on Displaced, you can do better.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    Looks like they kept 11 d line men. 2 TE? Interesting.

  45. navy_at_3 says:

    Rod Woodson, Rodney Harrison, John Lynch

    hmmm i dont think these players were looking for new teams to play with late into their 30’s….

  46. navy_at_3 says:

    DisplacedSeahawkFan er i mean displacedComputerUser

    learn to copy and paste right.

  47. 11 D linemen. DE Derek Walker, DT/DE Micheal Bennett, and DE Nick Reed in, DE Baraka Atkins out.

    Looks like its time for this new, young D line rotation to Raise Some Hell and get after some QBs!

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