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Hawks place OL Withrow on IR, pick up S Ness

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 2, 2009 at 9:02 pm with 23 Comments »
September 2, 2009 9:02 pm

First reported by and later confirmed by team sources, the Seahawks have placed offensive lineman Cory Withrow on the injured reserve list and replaced him in the 75-man roster with S Nate Ness.

Withrow was signed just before training camp to add depth to the interior line, and played guard and center. Withrow was not expected to make the final, 53-man roster.

The move to pick up Ness is an interesting one. The thought was the Seahawks would add depth to the offensive line by bringing in another tackle because Walter Jones likely will be out for an extended period during the regular season. So perhaps the Seahawks feel a bit more confident that Jones will be back sooner rather than later.

Ness is an undrafted free agent who was cut by the New York Jets recently. You would think the team would be looking at picking up another corner, so the move makes you wonder about how comfortable they are with their depth at free safety.

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  1. StevenMunn says:

    I like the move. I took a look at this Ness guy and he has potential to be a solid Safety.

    From what I read, he is a hard hitting, sure tackler and has good coverage skills.

    He has some flaws in his game but those can be worked out. (Then again what rookie doesnt)

  2. Mr Williams: Are you sure Tru is goin on the PUP? Out for 6 weeks into the regular season?

  3. freedom_X says:

    Must mean they like Withrow though if they’re stashing him on IR instead of releasing him? Or are they forced to put him on IR and can’t cut him until he’s healthy? (I imagine in that scenario, he’d get an injury settlement instead.)

    With the much maligned Brian Russell at starter, one can’t think that there is much FS depth. CJ Wallace is all special teams. I haven’t seen much from regular defense play. I don’t think Courtney Greene has stood out, though he sounded like a good 7th round pick to me.

    What’s the Jets safety situation like? I hear it’s pretty good, otherwise a Jets 1st cut reject doesn’t sound all that exciting. Or, the management has had its eye on Ness from before but couldn’t get him to join. But I wonder how they’re going to be able to truly evaluate him in less than a week. Will he even play tomorrow?

  4. dover5005 says:

    what is the point, 22 players will be cut by Saturday. is he honestly going to come in and help in any way?

    i assume he will be cut in just 4 days? right?

  5. Dukeshire says:

    That’s what makes the signing so interesting. How much will he be able to show tonight that would impress enough to stick? Do they look at his as a PS guy? If so, was it important to sign him now only to have to re-sign him next week? No matter how deep the Jets may be at safety, you don’t let talent or potential walk. Why did they not attempt to sign him to their PS next week? It all seems a bit odd.

  6. This is likely an early practice squad claim.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Being the eternal optimist, until proven otherwise, I’m going to go on the hope that this means Walter is closer to returning than anyone might have imagined.

    Now, off to work before someone bursts the happy bubble!

  8. hellomouthbreathers says:

    Hey, first guy to post, you “took a look at him”? Really? Meaning you clicked on the link and read the typically biased pre-draft write up? Say, did you take note that he did really well his first year at Arizona and hoped to repeat that so he could be a first or second round pick? Research is now credited with reading at least two Internet entries on things, I guess. Hey look, I can replace Williams! I confirm my ideas by reading Clayton and Sando on ESPN and Gazier on Fox, I’m a writer now.

    These are third string/practice squad moves, these moves will not make a difference for the real team.

  9. hambone08 says:

    Duke said, “No matter how deep the Jets may be at safety, you don’t let talent or potential walk.”

    That’s a great point. Now insert the words Seahawks, defensive end, and Nick Reed…I hope this kid makes the team.

  10. This is a curious move by the team with Ness but players who are 6’1″, 200 lbs. that run a 4.45/40 and who are comparatively strong in coverage are not that easy to find. Seems like this kid’s college INT. stats were prety good early but fell off as a senior.

    Maybe Ness is a conversion project to CB that would be a better choice for the PS than what we have already, maybe he was a player that the team wanted asa college FA and they now have a chance to look him over.

    Sure don’t suspect he’s a roster maker at this stage at all but we’ll see if he can play tonight.

  11. hawkdawg206 says:

    If we had to pick up a S, Lawyer Milloy be the way to go. We can move Babs over to CB and use Milloy as the backup.

  12. I would have thought if any additions were made from waiver wire that depth on the O-line would have been the area of focus. One name that hit me Sean Mahan (G-C), still relatively young (29), Experienced (starter for Pittsburg and Tampa). A safety taking that spot on roster may be an indication of brewing depth issue in the defensive backfield. Ness has potential (size and speed) and a nose for the ball and coachable(likely PS player). Looking forward to tonite and seeing these bubble guys vying for the final roster spots.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Ness was also with the Browns before the Jets. He signed with them in May, was released July 15th and then the Jets got him only to cut him now with no apparent desire to get him on their PS. He looks good on paper but if he can play, at all, why have neither of his previous teams given him time to develop?

  14. Valid point that always comes up when considering cast-offs on waiver wire Dukeshire. Guess that’s where scouts and personnel execs come in to play. Keeping tabs on players, especially those on other team rosters has become as big a deal as analyzing players for the draft. In fact, it is an extension of that work that was done on draftees and UDFAs. Needs and views vary from team to team.

  15. Audible says:

    Aren’t there some players who are just better suited to different systems? Maybe the scouts and coaching staff think our system plays to his strengths. I do like the fact that we are really active picking up players and still even at the last minute. To me, it shows our staff is doing their best to leave no stone unturned.

  16. bird_spit says:

    My guess, is you bring the kid in now, he becomes a PS guy with special teams potential if the team is skinny at db–it also gets you a chance to look at him up close, even if you cut him in 4 days. You can then pull him off the street when the need arises. Either way–doesnt cost anything to look at him.

    BTW–this lowers the stock price of Bumpus even further…

  17. theReason says:

    For those that think rookies that have gotten cut by other teams can’t possibly be any more then “third string/practice squad moves” that never make a difference for a REAL team … sure that’s the case most times but…

    Steelers linebacker James Harrison, the 2008 defensive player of the year, was once a training camp cut

    … not impressed? Maybe this name might catch your fancy …

    Matt Hasselbeck – cut by Green Bay in 1998

  18. Dukeshire says:

    His first stop in Cleveland, he didn’t even make it to training camp. I guess part of the reason I’m a little suspect is that the Browns had to know he would be a long range project, he went undrafted. And I understand that good players sometimes get cut and slip through the cracks. I’m not suggesting Ness isn’t one of those. Hell, even our own Justin Forsett was released off the PS last year only to now be an integral part of the offense. (Or so he appears.) But it is odd that two teams in a month and a half have let him go.

    Harrison was actually cut 3 times. But he spent 2 seasons on the Steelers PS, released, signed by the Ravens, released, then back the Steelers for good. And Hasselbeck was on the Packer’s PS in ’98. Ness has yet to make it even that far.

  19. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Raiders beat the Hawks tonight. After being pasted by the Saints they are probably looking for a confidence builder. They may have their starters in long after the Hawks third stringers take the field.

    That’s ok. The final score doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Hawks make the right decisions on which players to keep.

    Seattle will trade Nate Ness to Scotland. They are always looking for a Nessie.

  20. theReason says:

    True, but that just cements my point.. when your a rook.. cut is cut. To make it to the practice Squad you have to be cut first.

    Ness could make it to the Seahawks PS and you never know what could happen from there because there are plenty of examples of players other teams gave up on or didn’t have the need (or ability) to wait and develope a player that another team does. But PS guys should never be over looked or given up on as fringe guys that could never have an impact.

    Picking the right players for your PS that you can develop over time is important to the success of any franchise. (Whether you can development them enough to create trade value or for use to fill holes on your own team)

    Green Bay’s teaching strength for years was developing Quarterbacks under Reid and Holmy. The Steelers develop d-lineman … Who knows maybe Mora’s teaching strength will be developing db’s… I’m just sayin ..

  21. Dukeshire says:

    You may be misunderstanding me a little: I’m not disagreeing with you. But, two franchises have evaluated him and have decided that he is not worth hanging on to develop. Perhaps he does have tremendous upside and only needs they proper environment to develop. But at this point skepticism is my friend.

    I don’t know about being cut first in order to make it to the PS. I don’t think the Browns or the Jets cut him preemptively in order to get him to the PS. In any case…

  22. dover5005 says:

    this is a lil out of place but

    is fair to me to say big play babs is the most underrated player on the team?

  23. HawksKD says:

    No Babs is not underrated.

    To call a spade a spade, Babs is neither great at being a safety or a CB. However he is serviceable at both positions. His versatility holds value for our team with such a suspect secondary. He basically makes it so that we have a 54 man roster because he is capable of playing both positions.

    Underrated versatility? No, that’s why the hawks have him. They know that he is a utility player at best. Every team needs a few of those.

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