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Projected Seahawks final 53-man roster

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 1, 2009 at 9:06 pm with 89 Comments »
September 1, 2009 9:08 pm

The Seahawks have to get down to the final, 53-man roster by Saturday. As always, it won’t be easy as several players are straddling the line on whether or not they will make the roster.

But I thought we would take an initial swing at the final 53 and see who might be on the outside looking in come Saturday.

Quarterbacks (3): Matt Hasselbeck, Seneca Wallace, Mike Teel
Comment: Teel appears to have wrestled away the third spot from free agent Jeff Rowe. The Rutgers product has shown he has a good head for the game, verifying the team using a sixth-round pick to select him.

Running backs (5): Tailbacks – Julius Jones, Justin Forsett, Edgerrin James. Fullback – Justin Griffith, Owen Schmitt.
Comment: We still have yet to see James in a game, but Jones and Forsett proved they could get the job done on the ground for Seattle against Kansas City. I believe Griffith cemented his spot as the starter with his play against the Chiefs. He has a better understanding and feel for the zone blocking scheme than Schmitt at this point in his career.

Wide receivers (6): T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nate Burleson, Deion Branch, Deon Butler, Courtney Taylor, Ben Obomanu.
Comment: You could also go with Jordan Kent instead of Taylor here because of Kent’s special teams play. Or the team might make the bold move of releasing Branch if they feel that Butler and Obomanu provide enough quality depth at receiver. The Seahawks have not ran a whole lot of three and four-receivers sets, so perhaps Branch is expendable, but I would be surprised if Branch is not on Seattle’s final roster.

Tight ends (3): John Carlson, John Owens, Joe Newton
Comment: Carlson and Owens give Seattle a good 1-2 punch, although Carlson can still improve on his run blocking. Newton has looked better and more ready than rookie Cameron Morrah.

Offensive line: (9): Walter Jones, Chris Spencer, Sean Locklear, Rob Sims, Steve Vallos, Max Unger, Ray Willis, Mansfield Wrotto, Kyle Williams.
Comment: I think the Seahawks may want to keep an extra guy here because of the injuries to Jones and Spencer. Na’Shan Goddard would be that guy because he can play both guard and tackle.

Total offense: 26

Defensive line: (9): Cory Redding, Brandon Mebane, Colin Cole, Patrick Kerney, Darryl Tapp, Lawrence Jackson, Craig Terrill, Red Bryant, Michael Bennett.
Comment: I think Baraka Atkins is the odd man out here. Nick Reed probably should be on the final roster, but Bennett can play both tackle and end, and Tapp can play linebacker if Seattle goes with a 3-3 defensive front. You also can use Aaron Curry at defensive end in a pinch. Reed will be on the practice squad if he clears waivers, which I know is a calculated risk However, there’s more teams playing a 3-4 defensive front now, and I don’t see Reed as a fit in the 3-4 as an outside backer. So that limits the teams that would be interested in Reed’s services. That said, Reed probably deserves to be on the final roster, but I think more teams might covet Bennett because of his ability to play both defensive tackle and defensive end.

Linebackers (7): Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Aaron Curry, Will Herring, D.D. Lewis, David Hawthorne, Lance Laury
Comment: Herring has looked good during the preseason and is fighting for a chance to get on the field on a regular basis. One less linebacker might make the team, but all of the reserves play on special teams right now.

Defensive backs (8): Ken Lucas, Josh Wilson, Deon Grant, Brian Russell, Jordan Babineaux, C.J. Wallace, Kelly Jennings, Jamar Adams.
Comment: Kevin Hobbs has struggled defending the deep ball during the preseason, and Babineaux or Adams could serve as a fourth corner if they needed a body in a pinch. Wallace is a special teams stud and needs to be on the field.

Total defense: 24

Specialty (3): Jon Ryan, Kevin Houser, Olindo Mare
Comment: Even though he missed two field goals, I think with his distance on kickoffs coupled with the season he had last year you have to go with Mare if he’s healthy. The 51-yard attempt by Brandon Coutu sealed it for me, with the second-year kicker barely making it to the end zone. I’ll chalk up Mare’s underwhelming performance against Kansas City as an aberration, looking to what he did last season as the norm.

PUP: Marcus Trufant

Practice squad:
RB Devin Moore, OL Andre Ramsey, TE Cameron Morrah, DB Courtney Greene, DE Nick Reed, DE Derek Walker, WR Logan Payne, OL Brian De La Puente.

Roster Analysis
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  1. SeanCarney says:

    So Will Heller doesnt make the team…..interesting

  2. SeanCarney says:

    Tsk tsk, he doesnt even make the practice squad…

  3. SeanCarney says:

    Oh thats right hes gone….nevermind

  4. hawkdawg206 says:

    With Knapp not using 3 or 4 receiver sets as much as Holmgren, I think 5 WRs would be enough, regardless of last year. It would probably be wise to put Payne and Hass on the practice squad for insurance. Taylor is garbage. If this guy makes the cut, I would be very surprised. I think the position battle is between Obo and Kent. Obo has a history of injuries and cannot run block, but runs routes well and has solid hands. Kent is a special teams guru with a lot of “potential” on the offense.

    If they decide to go with 5 WRs, it opens a spot for the defense. Bennett would be picked up on waivers before Reed, I agree, but both these players deserve to be on the roster. Bennett has the versatility to play anywhere along the line, which saves a spot. I agree as well about Atkins, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is left off the roster. He is a one position player. But will Ruskell put away his pride about wasting a draft pick on this guy? At least Reed can play LB.

    The other question is about the LBs. Having the best LB corp on paper, why should we keep 7 LBs? I understand that the reserves all play on Special Teams, but I think we can survive with 6 and add a player to the Oline or the DBs. It would have to be a battle between Laury, Herring, and Hawthorne for the 2 open spots.

    Here are my position battles (based on all the training camps I have been to):

    Teel vs Rowe
    Kent vs Obo vs Taylor
    Goddard vs Ramsey
    Atkins vs Reed vs Bennett vs Walker
    Laury vs Herring vs Hawthorne
    Wallace vs Adams vs Greene
    Mare vs Coutu

    Great stuff like always Eric. Thanks for keeping the offseason interesting for all of us.

  5. hawkdawg206 says:

    My projected Roster:

    QB (3): Hasselbeck, Wallace, Teel
    RB (3): Jones, James, Forsett
    FB (2): Griffith, Schmitt
    WR (5): Housh, Burleson, Branch, Butler, Kent
    TE (3): Carlson, Owens, Newton
    OT (4): Jones, Locklear, Willis, Williams
    OG (4): Sims, Wrotto, Unger, Goddard
    OC (2): Spencer, Vallos
    DT (5): Mebane, Cole, Bryant, Terrill, Bennett
    DE (5): Kerney, Redding, Tapp, Jackson, Reed
    LB (6): Tatupu, Hill, Curry, Lewis, Herring, Hawthorne
    CB (4): Lucas, Wilson, Jennings, Babineaux
    S (4): Grant, Russell, Adams, Wallace
    ST (3): Ryan, Coutu, Houser

    PS: Rowe QB, Walker DL, Greene S, Payne WR, Hass WR, Morrah TE, Moore RB, De La Puente OL
    PUP: Trufant (Once Tru returns, Adams would be released and put back onto practice squad)

  6. It would be very foolish to not put Reed on the roster. This guy is gold and will prove more valuable that several of the DE you selected.

  7. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    I might be wrong, but do the released players have to clear waivers, before going to the PS ? I think Reed would be picked up, and be anothers teams diamond, waiting to be polished.

  8. Once players are ‘cut’ they are allowed to sign with any team they want. I am not sure how Waivers work at this point in time.

    Players can sign with any team to the team or to the PS. So we might sign a cut player from another team to our PS if we wanted. but most people choose to sign with the team they went to camp with because they already know the system etc.

    I am not sold on Taylor, both Kent and Payne play WAY better on SP than Taylor. which is something we clearly have to pay attention to. We will need all the advantages that we can get.

  9. hawkdawg says:

    You don’t give up on players who have demonstrated an ability to get to the quarterback (no matter the quality of opposing blockers during exhibition games), especially ones that will be as cheap as Reed will be over the next several years, because if you do you WILL lose them to another team. Mora has already strongly implied that Reed will make the 53. He will. Watch.

    Bennett is a closer question, in my view. I see his long term potential as higher than Terrill’s, for example. The Hawks may gamble that he doesn’t get picked up, and try to sign him to the practice squad. That might work, but it could easily fail. I don’t know if the Hawks have the guts to cut a well-liked vet for this kind of potential. We’ll see.

  10. IMO, Reed HAS TO make the team; perhaps we could package Jackson & the loser of Coutu/Mare for a 1st round pick? Another possibility is to go with 5 receivers.

    I’m still a bit concerned with Mare’s health.

    My roster would be very close to Hawkdawg206’s.

  11. freedom_X says:

    I know Reed had the blocked punt – has he been doing much elsewhere on special teams? If he’s been effective on special teams outside of that one play, that should get him on the roster (possibly in favor of a 7th LB.)

    If a player can contribute now to the team as a special team player, that gives them a bit of a edge over a pure project so I favor Kent as one the final roster WR’s.

    You usually need LB type players for special teams. If Reed can cover, that frees up that 7th LB spot.

    I agree with 3 QB’s (Teel as the 3rd) but they could take a gamble and only go with 2, if they thought Teel is practice squad material. Holmgren’s done that in the past as I recall.

    Atkins will be gone, but I think he’ll turn out to be a contributor to some team eventually. Unless he regressed this year, he was showing steady if not dramatic improvement. On the other hand, if a D-line coach like Quinn can’t fire him up, then it’s probably time to move on.

    Lawrence Jackson takes Atkins’ spot as DE potential in waiting. Remember that Redding is only signed for one year, and Tapp is up too, so there could well be some losses especially if those guys play well. So it’s a good idea to have some patience with prospects, with the idea they’ll be ready in their 3rd year. (Which is what you’re supposed to do when evaluating a draft anyway.)

    If Trufant hadn’t been injured, there probably was some trade value for Jennings (5th round perhaps.) People here forget Jennings showed promise as a rookie, got better and was pretty solid his 2nd year, before regressing terribly last year. I give him the benefit of the doubt if he’s playing better this year, which appears to be the case.

  12. Reed is always back there with the QB, he’s showed me something or two. Reed might be this years Justin Forsett, fan favorite and he might be lost to us.

  13. RichmondHawk says:

    Its funny how the D-Line is coming together. They were absolute crap back in the days when Holmy was GM. Now you have a core bunch of guys who could easily turn it into the best in the league a few years from now. I have absolutely no doubt Mebane is going to carry “elite” status DT. Cole could also be in the Pat Williams mold. Then you have Red Bryant, last year he was injured in pre-season but this year the kid’s all over the place. He’s fighting for playing time now and should be solid starter in a few years. Then you have Kerney, its still up in the air if he can return to his 2007 form but still good. Tapp and Jackson who knows how good either can become but they will de average at worst. Lastly the two kids, Reed and Bennett, where do they fit in the mix? Bennett is more starter material but Reed could be a solid role player.

    Don’t doubt that the D rules the roost in a few years. Drafting a Eric Berry next year would be definitely be icing on the cake.

  14. nighthawk2 says:

    If we’re only going with 6 linebackers, I’d say lose D.D. Lewis. He’s 31 the first week of January, and I still haven’t figured out how he didn’t come up with the ball on the fumbled punt return in K.C., he was the first guy on the ball and still lost it.

    My understanding is limited of waivers as opposed to outright releases (cut) but I think that if someone is waived they have to clear waivers before they can be re-signed to the practice squad. However any team can sign a guy to it’s active roster off another team’s practice squad.

    If Jennings was offered in a trade, a 5th might be more than we’d get for him. The Rams just traded a 1st round pick CB of theirs, Tye Hill, to Atlanta for a 7th round pick.

    Some team might pick up Atkins, but he’s done nothing in the time he’s been here, and I haven’t seen anything from him that indicates he could be an OLB in a 3-4 scheme.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    The only thing I would change is Nick Reed for Lance Laury. Perhaps Jamar Adams is the guy to go, but they will make room for Reed. I think it’s likely they only keep 6 LBs in part, because as you mention, Tapp can play there in a pinch. I think too, that they keep 6 WRs. After what this team went through last year I don’t see any way around it.

  16. oceanic says:

    Seattle can’t start the season with just seven healthy O linemen. Seattle will have to keep Goddard until Jones or Spencer comes back.

    Every draft scouting report I read on Atkins said the same thing, lazy, does just enough to get by. He has had a good preseason so far only because he has been pushed by Reed. If Reed makes the final cut maybe he can light a fire under Jackson. If getting jumped on the depth chart by a seventh rounder doesn’t get Jacksons attention, nothing will.

    Jennings is more effective this season because he is playing the ball and not the man. His problem last season is that he didn’t look back for the ball.

    I don’t like the idea of moving Babineaux back to corner. He is the first option at both FS and SS. PUP Tru and keep one more corner.

  17. If Ruskell cuts Reed then there was really no point in drafting him (b/c he’s been better than ANYONE expected). Cutting Reed would give Ruskell (another) black eye. If he did cut him, then he should just skip his 7th rounder next year.

  18. edstang45 says:

    Keep Reed unload Jackson

  19. Jamar Adams over Courtney Greene? No way. Defensive line is I think is the toughest position here even more than wide receiver. Nick Reed’s played too well to be cut but I agree that Michael Bennet has to make the team and unfortunately Atkins has to go. Honestly I think Craig Terrill should be let go to keep Reed on the roster since we have a lot of players who can play both end and tackle.


    It’s a shame that possibly 2 out 3 between Atkins, Bennett or Reed will not make this team because of LoJak being a number 1 pick. Maybe they can admit there mistake and trade LoJak for a low pick.

  21. seahawklovertoo says:

    Get rid of “deadwood” LoJack and Atkins—keep Reed and Bennet. As simple as that.

  22. seahawklovertoo says:

    I really think if Ruskell loses Reed, there will be some people with banners demanding his head and job. I just might be one of those. I know where are the Seahawks HQs are. Also, I know where Allen’s office is.
    I am sure he will not be here next year anyway. I never liked Ruskell and I am willing to spend some weekends trying to get rid of him. Not having Nick Reed on our 53 is the last straw in my book.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    The posse has their guns and nooses and are all saddled up, led by sheriff seahawkslovertoo. You know where Paul Allen’s office is? I would pay you to protest outside his office with pickets, demanding change. Lol.

  24. Palerydr says:

    Nick Reed =Rudy I believe it was Keith Jackson who said and I’m probably paraphrasing heavily here “Big fast people beat little fast people more often than not” he’s an undersized speed rusher who relies on technique do you really see this guy making that big of an impact? he’s gonna get dominated more often than not by NFL tackles. I’m not knocking his desire hence the rudy reference I’m looking at his ability to consistently make plays at the NFL level I just don’t see it. There’s a reason he was a 7th round pick. put him through waivers and take your chances of signing and developing him on the practice squad.

    I see a larger concern with the Oline so look for them to drop a lb or reciever if they see another teams “nick reed” at that positon on the waiver wire and claim him.

  25. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke, go back camping . This blog was better without you and your smart a**
    remarks. Picketing in front of some office just might be the answer vs. being the “diva” (that is you Duke) on the miningless dead-end blog that no-one pays any attention.
    I always had better words to describe you and your undeveloped brain , but I am a nice guy…..
    PS:Be carefull; your boss might see you stealing his time instead of working.

  26. chuck_easton says:


    Final cutdown day. Another one of those national football holidays right up there with:

    1) Draft day
    2) FA signing period
    3 Cutdown day
    4) 1st game of the Season
    5) Superbowl

    We all have our ‘wish list’ into the football version of Santa. We all have our favorites. We will all be greatly disappointed when somebody we just love (see Forsett last year, D.J. Hackett not being re-signed, etc…) isn’t on that final 53 man roster.

    I could give my list here, but I think I have as much chance of being right as I would winning the lottery. In fact, I think I’ll go play the lottery. The odds are better there.

    In other words, relax. Somebody is going to get cut that you want on the team. Happens every year. Look at the bright side. There are too many good candidates and not enough jobs. Could be worse. The FO could have to either stack the roster with stiffs or be scouring the waiver wires looking for castoffs from other teams.

  27. nick reed will make this team. how do u cut 3.5 sacks, two tipped passes, a blocked punt, at least three qb hurries and 4 tackles? i guess you would have cut teddy bruschi, arron kampman…fred dean. desire, motor, effort whatever you want to call it is something you can’t coach…you can only draft it or sign it and let it flow. this kid has got it and we would be fools to keep people who’ve never shown it just cause they are bigger.

  28. seahawklovertoo,

    Dude, chill…don’t think duke was being a jerk…over there years, he’s contributed a hell of a lot more than you have to this blog, so have some respect.

    Reed is sticking because our pass rush is one of our top priorities for improvement this year and he certainly seems to help accomplish that goal. Great pass rushers are worth their weight in gold. Plus, he’s a good story that the coaching staff can point to next year to encourage the longshots. Snagging a guy like him late in the draft makes the entire draft team look good…so don’t worry, he’ll be here.

    Lawrence Jackson is this year’s Jennings, Sims, Russel, Spencer…he’ll improve by next year, and we’ll find a new unperforming whipping boy for next year.

    Coutu gets cut because Mare is the safer choice…it would make those guys look like dumbasses to cut Mare after the season he had last year in the likely event that Coutu would struggle.

  29. I like your roster, hawkdawg, but I’d keep Obo over Kent and I’d keep Walker on the practice squad.

    I would keep both Reed and Bennett on the roster if it is likely they would not clear waivers to make it to our practice squad. Quality D linemen have been too difficult for this team to find. Neither of them are likely ready to contribute much this season but each could have a future. I agree that Baraka Atkins had his chance and should go now. Craig Terrill and Lawrence Jackson get endless grief from fans on blogs but I think they are both better players than fans realize. Keep 10 D linemen and let them develop for a year.

    I’d keep only 6 LBs or 5 WRs to make up the difference. We seem to be able to find plenty of LBs or WRs and these backups are not that special.

    I like Eric’s Practice Squad, but I would not risk Reed there. I would definitely keep WR Logan Payne and DE Derek Walker, ,

  30. Palerydr – go watch some Elvis Dumervil film and then tell me Nick Reed can’t get to the QB. He’s 5-11 and 260 lbs.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    seahawklovertoo – I actually agree with your Nick Reed take. I was only trying to have some fun. I thought it was funny that there was an implied threat by you knowing where their offices are. Believe me, I will be just as angry if they fail to keep Reed.

  32. It would be interesting if the coaches let Nick Reed and Michael Bennett start against Oaklands starters to open the game on Thursday night. They both look great against backups in preseason. It would be good to see them work against starters at full speed awhile.

  33. long time reader first time poster:
    On this “Nick Reed is undersized” bs…
    Reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison credits his small size (6 ft, 240 lbs) compartively to tackles that are often 6’4″ and 320+lbs as one of the primary reasons he can blow by and under them. I know the positions are different (DE to OLB) but you have reward the strength and more importatntly relentlessness that Reed has shown…

    P.S. Let’s not forget Harrison was not even picked in the 7th round… he was undrafted and I’m sure we remember his play all last year culminating with the 100 yrd pick six in the SB. Not saying Reed is the next Harrison, but I think the guy has shown that he belongs… at least for the time being.

  34. DoctorEvil says:

    I’d like to remind everyone that not only was Nick Reed 4th in the PAC-10 in sacks, but he wreaked havok on the Broncos and Chargers. Certainly they would be interested in picking him up if we cut him.

    Did I mention 4th in the PAC-10?? That’s 4th in the HISTORY of the PAC-10. Seems like he can produce. He has great football instincts that cannot be taught, and a high motor to go along with an exceptional array of moves and counter moves. He can be held, but I think that’s still a penalty in the NFL. All he needs to do is get by the OLman, and then, despite the size criticism, he’s still a lot bigger and stronger than the QB.
    I’ve also been impressed with his run defense. He sniffs out plays, gets to where the ball carrier is going, and makes tackles even if being blocked.

    Not only should he make the team, he should play as much as any of the other DEs.

  35. nighthawk2 says:

    I was going to mention Dumerville in regard to Reed’s size, but Bobby beat me to it. When he was drafted I thought Reed would have to put on about 10-12 pounds to play end, and who knows, maybe he will, but he seems to be doing alright at 247. Wouldn’t think he was going to get dominated unless he’s playing full time, but he’s like Tapp, a situational pass rusher. Agree with the idea of letting Reed, and Bennett too, get some time against the starters on Oakland’s line tomorrow night just to see what happens.

    I think Jackson was a poor choice in the 1st round last year, but it was his first season and the whole defense looked bad last year. I’m willing to wait and see how he does this year and next. Really don’t want to see Courtney Taylor on the 53 man roster, but if so, well who knows, maybe this is the year he finally “gets it” and plays well. I’m still thinking they move Branch one way or another, but we’ll see. Miami’s a team that needs receivers, so does Chicago and Minnesota (less likely on that last one), and Cleveland. But his contract and injury history make a trade more difficult.

  36. DoctorEvil says:

    I agree with the idea to keep only 5 WRs, not 6. Maybe even 4! The guys we cut will not all make other teams, so if we have an injury, there will be at least one of Payne/Kent/Hass/Obo/Bumpus/Taylor to replace him. I can’t imagine a scenario where all 6 of those guys make other team’s 53-man rosters.

  37. Do you think we’ll pick up any OL from other teams after they make cuts or pick up one of the few that are still out there. There is no way in my opinion that Walter and Spencer are going to be factors this year, I see them missing games left and right all year. Also, does anyone think the Hawks should watch the Philly to see how they use Vick. Maybe they could use Seneca in some of the same ways.

  38. hawkdawg206 says:

    I see Reed and Bennett getting picked up from another team if they are cut. Bennett has shown he gets quick off the snap and can play both DE and DT. Reed has a non stop motor and looks like he’ll be giving his best every down. It’s important to put him in the game when big body Cole and Curry are on his side to make up for his size.

    On the other hand, I don’t see Atkins getting picked up by a team right away. He’s shown flashes and has the size to play the DE position, but doesn’t have the production like Reed and Bennett.

  39. chuck_easton says:


    I don’t see a situation where Reed gets starting time over Kerney and Redding, but I will say that I’d also get on the ‘he should make the final roster’ bandwagon.

    That small of a body just can’t hold up to the every down pounding he’d take. He’ll be a great situational pass rusher and he’ll excell there. He’d get KILLED on any running play right at him.

  40. hawkdawg206 says:

    What’s this talk about Deion being cut as well? I think it’s asinine.

  41. I would only keep 5 WR as well, Burleson, Housh, Branch, Kent, Butler. 5 because Branch is questionable and Kent is good on SP plus I still think he has an upside. This allows for one more OL. On the DL, Lo-Jack is gone, keep Reed. And if anything, drop Terril and make room for even another OL. I see injuries happening to the OL this season for some reason and we need insurance.

  42. nighthawk2 says:

    The talk about Branch being released is because he’s at least a $5 million cap hit this year, and the way the passing game has looked this year Houshmandzadeh and Burleson are the top to options among wideouts. If the team is going to use more two TE sets, that would seem to further reduce a 3rd receiver’s role. That’s a lot of money to pay for a 3rd receiver. And that’s IF he can stay healthy for a whole season. In his 3 years here he’s appeared in 32 out of a possible 46 regular season games, with 4 touchdowns per season. His best season was 2006 with 53 catches and 725 yards, and he’s never had more than 5 TD’s in a season. That kind of lack of production and inability to stay on the field doesn’t merit the contract he was given. You can look it up here:

  43. chuck_easton says:


    Branch’s cap hit is around 5 million whether he’s on the team or not. The team saves NOTHING by cutting him. As long as he’s getting the money the team should get something out of him.

    That is why it is crazy talk to consider cutting Branch. The only way out would be a trade and that is highly unlikely.

  44. No one has any comments on picking up any OL or watching how Philly uses Vick huh? I feel we could actually drop Branch in favor of some insurance for the OL, and roll with only 4 WR, but I don’t see the Hawks cutting Branch. Housh and Carlson are going to be the primary targets with a dose of Burlson and an occasional Edge, as far as the passing game goes.

  45. daneandersen says:

    People are going Nick Reed nuts here.

    I agree he could be a good player…..but this is the PRESEASON He has done well against second-tier players. Remeber when Kent and Talor had great preseasons? Remeber when Forsett was a pro bowler last preseason? This is the PRESEASON! I agree with Eric’s analysis that Bennett is more valuable because of his size and abilit to play tackle and end.

    There are a lot of guys like Nick Reed, young guys that teams are worried about slipping through waivers. When was the last time Seattle got someone off waivers who was worth anything?

    Most teams will take a look at his size and pass on him, and not use a waiver claim on him. He will land on the practice squad.

    We need his roster spot in other areas much more than keeping a 5th or 6th DE.

  46. hawkdawg says:

    Nope. The NFL goes batsh*t for pass rushers. He’ll get signed if we waive him. Again, I predict we don’t.

  47. nightwulf says:

    Starting against Oakland’s startere is different from playing, say, SD’s scrubs…how?:)

  48. How dare you question Nick Reeds HoF credentials! You aren’t real fans!

  49. sam1313 says:

    Seahawklovertoo – Count me in on the posse if Reed doesn’t make the team. I can’t think of anyone who has played with more heart and determination than Reed, and I agree with the other posters comments that size is not everything. Speed, quickness and determination can make up for a serious lack of size, and Reed isn’t that small (typical DEs are only 25 lb. or so heavier).

    Thanks for all the other insight into the final 53 everyone. I really appreciate your comments.

  50. Again, everyones cool with what we got for an offensive line and keeping Reed is what people are arguing about, wow. Nick Reed looked good, but come on, is he really going to be able to contribute. I think we should keep him, but I wouldn’t be too upset about dropping him.

  51. hawkdawg206 says:

    Branch has the best hands on this team. Has it ever come across that Hasselbeck just doesn’t look for the guy because he’s short or because he doesn’t trust him?

  52. sam1313 says:


    Your absolutely right about the OL. I’m still hoping we pick up some like Levi Jones just to make me feel better about our tackles. I was pleasently surprised at the OL’s performance last week, but I certainly think we can keep one less WR or LB to make room for a tackle.

  53. nightwulf, maybe you’re right, Oakland’s starters shouldn’t be much of a test for anyone. :)

    All this hype over Nick Reed and Michael Bennett really is interesting. It has become “conventional wisdom” on some blogs that neither of these guys could clear waivers to spend the year on our practice squad. Caught up in the mania of the preseason, I’ve nearly bought into this.

    But now I’m questioning it. An undersized and quick 7th round DE and an undersized and quick undrafted DT/DE. How many teams are hoping to find these guys on the waiver wire next week? Plenty of other players will be cut, and if a team signs anyone off waivers they need to cut one of their own and place that player on their 53. Tough choice to make.

    I love the idea of young quick linemen making it on our team. But which teams would salivate over claiming Reed or Bennett? Only teams that play a 4-3 defense, value small quick d linemen, and have holes in their roster. This year, 13 of the 32 teams will line up in some form of the 3-4, so we can cross those 13 off the list.

    So who? I don’t think the solid 4-3 defenses like NYG, Minn, or Philadelphia would cut one of their veterans to sign Reed or Bennett. Washington? Tampa? Seattle? Yeah, that’s it. I’ll bet Seattle would like these guys on their practice squad to develop them for a year and see how they pan out. Oh, wait.

    Every year we go crazy over young guys in preseason, forgetting that the veterans who would eat them for lunch are sitting over on the bench cooling their heels until opening day. I don’t know, but I just wonder if once again we are busy talking about young players whom the coaches have evaluated and put on the back burner to develop for someday, while they now begin to turn their attention back to their opening day starters. That said, it sure would be nice to have a young surprise pass rusher make the team.

  54. It may be the Nick Reed Show at the moment, but if you have followed this blog we have gone over the OL over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. We’ve pretty much beat that dead horse to a bloody pulp. Besides, can we really make a good chicken salad if we don’t have any chicken?

  55. seahawklovertoo says:

    Nightwulf, that was cold….but, I loved it !!!
    Duke, I guess I didn’t get Your joke. Today was not the best day for any misunderstandings. I do appreciate Your input (sometimes) to this blog.
    I am just so tired of going through years of misery and mediocrity with my/our Seahawks. (And) when finally we had a shot at being good, or great team
    Ruskell started dismantling that winning team. I don’t think he was/is doing it because he is stupid, I just think his EGO is getting the best of him; and that is something I have problems with. The proof is the way he handled Hutch situation, trying to bring his (reject) buddies/players from the Falcons, and the way he refuses to correct his mistakes with his #1s. I do not blame him for getting Branch (cannot predict injuries).
    As for Nick Reed and Bennet, they showed great heart, brains and football smarts/instincts. They went in when told to do so and did better than anyone else; In the limited time Reed was in, he did more than any other player on our D. Yeah, it is preseason and he didn’t play much against the #1s, but that was coaches call ( while LoJack was cheer-leading on the sidelines).
    Besides, what if we lose Reed and Kerney gets injured again (solid chance it can happen)? Who will play then? LoJack? Yeah,right !!

  56. Tapp will be Kerney’s backup whether Reed makes the team or not.

  57. earther says:

    nighthawk2:I was going to mention Dumerville in regard to Reed’s size, but Bobby beat me to it. When he was drafted I thought Reed would have to put on about 10-12 pounds to play end, and who knows, maybe he will, but he seems to be doing alright at 247.

    30 pounds would be more like it and it wouldn’t hurt if he grew a couple of inches in the process. On the other hand, if he could get himself up to 270+ and keep his speed in the bargain (not impossible, the team has trainers that know how to make things like that happen) he could be deadly in the DE spot. That weight on that frame would give him a lot of underneath leverage. If he has good instincts for reading the blocking (he certainly isn’t going to have any sight line advantage) he could wind up being outstanding.

    On yet another hand, he possesses the perfect dimensions right this minute for a linebacker. Couple his work ethic with his DE skills and you have to consider that there could be an awful lot of potential for a 3-4 LB there. I don’t think he’d last for two seconds on the practice squad. Not if teams like the Jets or the Packers are paying any attention to the pre-season game films anyway.

    I don’t think Seattle will be able to keep Logan Payne if they put him on the practice squad either.

  58. seahawklovertoo says:

    Bobby, what do You want to talk about? Pamela Anderson? Count me in.

  59. seahawklovertoo says:

    Earther, I agree with You. Other teams to consider taking Read are the three teams victimised by him this year. Denver and KC would need him for sure.
    Speaking of other teams’ needs : Rams need receivers. Why can’t we trade
    Branch to the Rams?

  60. seahawklover, Denver and KC play the 3-4 defense. No way Reed or Bennett would play in that scheme. Reed would have to learn how to play LB to play in a 3-4.

  61. Nick Reed is not going to be a reincarnation of Jared Allen. I do not envision him as a stud every down DE who will lead the NFL in sacks. However, I think he has all the makings of a very good situational player. I’ll take Reed in a situational pass rushing situation against Orlando Pace any day over Jackson or Atkins.

    seahawklovertoo – I’d rather talk Ashley Judd.

  62. About the OL, I was just wondering if their was anybody out there that could be cut from other team who has excess, that we might want to take a look at, I don’t really follow what players are on other teams, or from the draft unless their from the pac-10 (UW) so I was just wondering if their were any names some of you fanatics could think of . Is it just a done deal, we roll with what we got and suffer the consequences?

  63. daneandersen says:

    You said it just right Stevo. This is PRESEASON. There is a long list of guys who have dominated in the preseason and never made an impact in the regular season. Kent, Tayor, Forsett to name a few from this team.

    And to say we should bail on LoJack after one season?

    Remeber Mario William’s first season? When everone laughed at the Texans for taking him over Bush. Look where they are now. Williams is a pro bowler and Bush hasn’t stayed health for a full season yet.

  64. Williams wasn’t very good his first season (he sucked) but he flashed talent here and there. Although he wasn’t good, the freakish ability was there. You knew there was something to tap into. Where’s Jackson’s ability? I haven’t seen it. I don’t see a strong initial first step. I don’t see speed. I don’t see freakish anchoring ability. At least some of the good DEs who did nothing in their first year were able to turn heads in training camp the following year. All we have is a guy our own HC said will never be “dynamic.”

  65. TruBlue – I don’t know. I’d love to be able to get a good OL somewhere, but with all of this talk about zone blocking and working together, I don’t see us picking anyone up. I think we’re just going to go with what we have. I do think what we have can, if everything falls right, have a decent OL. This is in a perfect world. I think our QB and receiver position can make up for a so-so line. But if our OL doesn’t come close to a “best case scenario” then I do think we’re in trouble. For good or ill, I think we’re basically stuck with the OL group that we have right now. Even if Walt comes back into the dominant LT we all know him to be, there’s still no guarantees we’re going to have a good line (as evidenced by him being dominant the last 3 years, minus the last month last year, and us still having a crappy line). Other things have to fall into place too. It can happen and I hope it does, it’s just that the odds aren’t in favor of it.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    Tapp is Kerney’s backup on the depth chart only. They’ve seen quite a few snaps together this pre season, (their version of the 4-2 nickel or so called 3-3) but yes, they are used in very much the same way. And I don’t think Reed and Bennett are exclusive to a 4-3 at all. From what I’ve seen, Bennett could play DE in a 3-4 the same way Mebane would (diminished skill not with standing). And Reed appears to have the attributes to play outside LB with his hands in the dirt, rushing the passer or drop into zone coverage. I think they both have exhibited the versatility Coach Gus likes to see.

    seahawklovertoo – As a point of information, I wasn’t intending to make fun of you although it does read that way. Look, in ’96 when the Seahawks were moving to Anaheim and the announcement came across the radio that the moving vans were in Kirkland ready to pull out. The two friends I was with, driving across the Aurora Bridge nearly crapped ourselves driving straight to Kirkland to see what we could do. We were 3 of about 20 (as I remember) or so that had gone there to try and stop this travesty. My point is, if it got bad enough, I’d be right with you, sheriff. Anyway, moving on…

  67. Dukeshire, I was just responding to the panic comment “what if Kerney gets injured again!”. I think in that case its pretty clear the answer is Tapp.

    But, yes I’ve also see them both on the field a bit in practice and am looking forward to Gus Bradley’s new alignments on the D line.

    As for Reed or Bennett being ready to play in a 3-4 defense? The topic we were talking about was whether a team would sign one of these two players off waivers, cut one of their own, and put Reed or Bennett on their active roster. I really don’t see a 3-4 team doing that with Reed or Bennett at this point. A few years down the road, who knows.

  68. Dukeshire says:

    I see. Yes, ready to play? Agreed, that is a different story. Should have caught myself up on the whole thread before jumping in. (I’m doing a lot of apologizing today.)

  69. earther says:

    Stevos:seahawklover, Denver and KC play the 3-4 defense. No way Reed or Bennett would play in that scheme. Reed would have to learn how to play LB to play in a 3-4.

    So what? That would only make him one of about a dozen college DEs that get drafted for precisely that purpose every year.

    3-4 OLBs need down lineman skills. A lot of NFL coaches think it’s a lot easier to convert a smaller, high motor DE into a 3-4 linebacker than it is to teach a college LB DE skills.

  70. seahawklovertoo says:

    Duke, I truly thank You for ’96 action ( I could never support L.A. football
    team). Sometimes things at work and life get me quite edgy and the Seahawks are my escape and passion. So, when my “escape” starts turning to kaka….than my ugly side re-surfaces. Plus, I hate losing in anything. 4-12
    is never acceptable in my life. Ruskell is big part of why I get angry. I am sort-
    of OK with drafting Curry but, trading down and taking Oher and a second rounder would have fulfilled our needs better ! Nobody can convince me that Jets wouldn’t deal with us but would with the Browns. So, another strike against Timmey. Next draft we will have two 1st round picks as we all know, &
    I am very nervous about Timmey doing the drafting.

  71. Maybe we should hijack Seahawk headquarters next year and trade those two #1 picks for a bunch of picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I trust him with those picks, but not the first rounders (think last year… Jackson was used with a #1, Carlson was used with a #2).

  72. Dukeshire says:

    If Ruskell had the success in the 1st round he has had in the 2nd, we’d consider him one of the best GMs in the league in spite of his other gaffs.

    Have any of you seen the show “Hey Rookie” (or something resembling that title) on ESPN2? Two of the players they feature are Curry and Oher. Oher blew me away with how well spoken he was. I was not anticipating that. It’s a pretty cool show if you all get a chance.

  73. raymaines says:

    Tim Ruskell is a total zen master at identifying second and third round talent!!!

    Unfortunately, he drafts that talent in the first round (read: Spenser, Jackson & Jennings). TR is in the fifth year of a five year contract, right? Like, Mike Holmgren is available, right?

  74. Seahawks2620 says:

    The coaches already said that they did not want Kerney to give it his all this pre season because they do not want what happened last season to happen this season. They have been cautious with everyone this off season. Once the season begins and Kerney plays fast and nasty like we know he can, the defensive line is going to be beast!!!!

  75. Seahawks2620 says:

    Also……who is this Ness kid that we just picked up. The Safety from Arizona. Ness I believe is his name

  76. Dukeshire says:

    Nate Ness, he was cut by the Jets this week and it looks like they signed him to take Withrow’s spot to fill out the 75. He was undrafted out of Arizona.

    … and an interview.

  77. History of Mora and Bradley may shed some light on how many lineman we keep:

  78. RedHawk66 says:

    If you cut Nick Reed, the next time you see him will be when he is dragging Matt Hasselbeck or Seneca Wallaceto the turf. Those of you who are quick to write off his accomplishments this preseason should look back at the preseason stats from 2008. Or look at the stats from the regular season. No one came close to replicating what Reed has done so far this year. It has been pointed out that he has only done well against the 3rd and 4th string OT’s but Shelton of SD is a 10 year vet with over 120 NFL starts. Furthermore, Bradley is already working with Reed as one of the middle linebackers in a 3-4, just watch last weeks game. He is fast, he is quick and he has an amazing nose for the play. Granted he will make mistakes but his hustle willl put him in the middle of a lot of plays. I think it is a mistake to cut him because the NFL scouts didn’t think he fit the prototype and because he wasn’t invited to the combine. If it happens, it is a mistake that Seahawk fans will come to regret.

    Reed has done well in the OTA’s, he has done well in

  79. RedHawk66 says:

    Reed has done well in the OTA’s, he has done well in camp and he has excelled in the preseason. He gives his all and he motivates those around him. What more can you ask of a rookie?

  80. Both Reed and Bennett are outplaying LoJac and Atkins. They might keep 11 DL and keep everybody, which might be the best way to keep Hawks secondary from chasing opposing WRs into the end zone. Reed can also double as an OLB, he has coverage skills as well as run-stopping skills. Hawks have an embarrassment of riches at both DL & LB.

    Too much dead cap to cut Branch. Maybe Branch plays the whole season this year?

  81. freedom_X says:

    Once again, last year it was Jason Babin who was getting a sack or more every game, and couldn’t understand why Seattle kept Atkins over Babin. The exact same complaining people have now concerning Reed vs. Jackson.

    The relative level of competition has been beaten to death – so what if the 3rd stringer is a 10 year vet. He’s still 3rd string, which means the 1st string guy is that much better.

    2nd, there’s more to DE play than just rushing the passer. Even a guy whose only job is to rush the passer has to have some ability to read the play and defend the run/play action/screen, etc. Last year, Babin got the sacks but didn’t hold his ground that well and wasn’t much against the run.

    I love Reed’s tenacity and endless motion to get free on the pass rush, but he takes himself out of the play too a lot. A lot of productive college pass rushers wash out of the league because all they can do is get a sack, at the cost of blowing up a big hole in the defense when they take themselves out of their assignment trying to get to the QB.

    BTW Babin has done nothing since Seattle cut him, and regarding all these fan preseason favorites, I’ve never seen any comments from actual professional football observers that the Seahawks are cutting great players in order to save face. Only fan fiction on that.

    Last year, everyone was mewling about Justin Forsett getting cut. The Colts did claim him because they suffered tons on injuries to their backs and return men. But they ended up releasing him in October, which is why he’s back with Seattle now. For all the Forsett fan love, he wasn’t that huge a talent.

    I repeat – if Nick Reed is playing well on special teams, he’s on the team. If he can play as the 7th LB, he’s on team. If Nick Reed can’t, he’s on the waiver wire.

    Some of you remind me of Steve Kelley writing in the Seattle times 15 years ago or so. Seattle had FA QB Sean Salisbury, who always lit it up in preseason. Seattle finally cut him, and Kelley wrote a piece on how Seattle just cut the QB that could get them to the Super Bowl, and that they’d eternally regret it. Sound familiar?

  82. freedom_X says:

    Actually I’ll backtrack a bit on my Nick Reed comment. I don’t know what the coaches think of his overall play. If they think he’s got a decent all around game, he probably makes the squad even if special teams is so-so. But good special teams would seal his place on the 53 man roster.

  83. RedHawk66:Reed has done well in the OTA’s, he has done well in camp and he has excelled in the preseason. He gives his all and he motivates those around him. What more can you ask of a rookie?

    Nothing. That’s exactly what you want to see in a rookie. He’s demonstrated that he has a great motor and an excellent work ethic. Those are the kind of guys you want on your football team even if they’ll never aspire to be much more than special teams players and rotational subs.

    You kind of have to temper your expectations though. So far he’s demonstrated very early in his rookie season that he has potential. There’s not a lot else you can really say about the guy at this point. I don’t think he’ll clear waivers because potential is good and other teams who have building to do along their front seven are going to notice.

  84. Palerydr says:

    Hey Bobby I’m not against keeping Reed and Dumervill(roughly 15 lbs heavier than Reed) and Harrison are exceptional EXCEPTIONS to the rules of size in the NFL I don’t know if Dumervill plays every down I doubt it and Harrison is a line backer he has the lateral quickness to play the position(LB) that Reed lacks so it’s really not a good comparison. So again I say don’t get so geeked up about a guy who has a limited skill set when you have needs in other areas of the team. (OL) put him on waivers and you’ll see teams pass on him. Sign him to PS and bring him in if you get an injury. Also if he is claimed by another team he has to make the final roster not likely. Lastly if he is on the PS ANY team can sign him so don’t think they won’t be thinking along those lines and keeping their own nuggets.

  85. He’s not an every down player. He’s situational (like Reed).

    Chuck Darby is/was good for us in ’05. He was too small and slow as well. Manuel, our secondary glue that year, was also too slow. I’ll take a good football player over a talented and roided Tony Mandarich any day.

  86. Palerydr says:

    point taken I also like football players over posers I hope Reed turns out to be the guy everybody wants him to be which I believe would also include Mr .Reed himself. :)

  87. Yeah, I think some people here expect him to be a 15-20 sack guy. I don’t expect that, but I do think there’s hope for him to eventually be a situational pass rusher who is capable of 8-9 sacks per season.

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