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Hawks waive 4 players

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 30, 2009 at 5:11 pm with 19 Comments »
August 30, 2009 5:11 pm

The Seahawks got a jump on Tuesday’s deadline to cut down to 75 players by waving four players this afternoon. Kevin Brown, fullback Dan Curran, linebacker Shane Simmons and tight end John Tereshinski were waived, the team announced today.

Seattle now has 76 players currently on the roster including cornerback Marcus Trufant, who was placed on the PUP list by the Seahawks at the beginning of training camp

Player movement
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  1. Thanks for the update. As expected, nothing too Earth shattering (yet). I’d really give Ruskell props if he could somehow get a 3rd rounder in ’11 for Jackson and Branch (as it’d probably be easier to get a 3rd if we had to wait another year).

  2. seahawklovertoo says:

    Second that Bobby. Good luck to this four players.

  3. Can anyone explain to me the logic in having teams cut from 80 to 75 players after preseason game three, and then from 75 to 53 players after game four?

    To me, this first cut seems pretty meaningless since none of the first five cut from any roster are likely to be of interest to another team. I don’t understand why the (a) first cut is not deeper, or (b) they could just save all the cuts for next week.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I have no idea either. A buddy and I have discussed this many times and neither one of us can reach a conclusion for the reasons you mentioned.

  5. I think a few league execs got drunk one night when they were talking about rules and put some goofy cut numbers together training camp cuts and didn’t think about the logic behind them. At least that’s the best explanation I can think of.

  6. rramstad says:

    Actually, this cut down is a relic of when there wasn’t any real limit on roster sizes… there may have been a limit, but it was very high, like 100 or 110, but I think in reality there was no limit, it was just the practical one which is that when you are cutting down to 50ish, you are crazy if you bring 150+ players into training camp.

    Long story short, when they changed the rules to make it so you could only have 80 players once training camp started, they never bothered getting rid of this (silly) cut down to 75. Back in the day, it was a pretty meaningful cut, actually, as you started to see who teams were really considering for their practice rosters, and which guys were not going to catch on anywhere…

  7. rramstad says:

    Pretty sure that’s right, anyway. I’m sure someone who wanted to look up rule changes in the NFL could figure out what year it was that they restricted rosters to 80 for training camp.

  8. nightwulf says:

    I don’t remember you being at that meeting…it was supposed to be secret…but then again, I don’t remember much about the meeting…

  9. RichmondHawk says:

    One would think, gradual cuts are a benefit to players and teams. Say a DE on a team loaded with DE’s could get a shot with a team with bad DE’s.

  10. RichmondHawk says:


    -One week from now the Hawks will announce that Trufant is done for the year.

    Don’t lose it when it breaks.

  11. They won’t announce he’s done for the year (even if he is). They won’t have to say anyhing until week 6 and then they would make that annoucement, unless there’s some major surgery and it’d be obvious that he is out for the year. Teams are so secretive sometimes that it’s crazy. Our FO hasn’t exactly been honest when its come to player injuries either.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    Bobby’s right on this one with one change. It would actually be Week 8. The team can leave Tru on the PUP list come final cuts. They then have until a week after the 6th game or around week 8 since their bye week is in the first 6 weeks.

    If Tru starts the year on PUP and then isn’t ready after the 6th game he can go on IR for the season.

    No reason to announce it now, if that is indeed where this is headed.

  13. Bernie42 says:

    I love reading about our friends the Cardinals getting worked in pass defense. I also liked reading this:

    Overall, the Packers’ zone blocking scheme exploited the Cardinals’ sloppy play.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Did you watch that game? The first half, the Pack owned the Cards, both sides of the ball. The Cards have issues but Green Bay looked very sharp. (Second half was another story.)

  15. Slow day…

    The Cards are going to have that supposed Super Bowl losers hangover. Reason one, well, the hangover seems to happen quite often. Reason two, this 9-7 team who lost over half of those games by giving up 44 points really isn’t that good so a run like that isn’t realistic again.

    I’m still waiting word that Ruskell was able to trade LoJack and Branch for a pair of 3rd rounders. Heck, I’d be tickled if he could get those 3rd rounders for the 2015 draft. I’d rather keep Bennett over Jackson anyways. That would be addition by subtraction.

  16. chuck_easton says:

    Nobody’s going to take Branch at his salary. Also he won’t be cut because there wouldn’t be any real break to the cap.

    He’s here for one more season no matter what he does.

  17. The Sporting News is usually a pretty good place for a good laugh (as we’ve talked about at length before). Here’s their latest incompentent reporting:

    Before I go on too much, this is a ranking from Mike Ditka. However, with the history of stupid, uneducated comments/observations of TSN this just seems to go in line with their track record.

    Here’s the quote about Jim Mora taking over:

    “He was picked by Mike Holmgren, and his past coaching experience will help out there, as will the knowledge of the offense.”

    Oh, and the “real” TSN forecast has us going 5-11.

    And if Matt stays healthy and has good rapport with TJ they say “the Seahawks still won’t sniff a winning record.” So, the 5-11 record with them is under the assumption that Matt is healthy all year.

    I wish I could work for TSN. I could write the dumbest of things and not worry about getting fired. If GMs of many teams were as incompetent in their jobs, they would get fired on a regular basis (which they do — maybe incompetent sports reporters should face the same fate? except they can just pretend their stupid predictions never happened and get people to focus on prediction for dumb ones in the future, which will most likely be just as bad… before I go into it too much… there are some damn good reporters who actually care and you know they are good… Sando was great when he was here, then the dark ages arrived, and now Eric is doing a good job… guess there’s goods and bads in all occupations in all walks of life).

  18. RichmondHawk says:

    You realize that the TSN report was done by a reporter from the STL Dispatch. You kind of expect those kind of predictions after the constant beat down by Seattle over the years.

  19. As a dog owner and resident of Minneapolis, I readily admit my dread for the winter months. Last year I finally caved and hired a dog walker and I haven’t looked back. When I lived in Texas, I always thought services like pet sitting and dog walking were ridiculous. Now? Eh, not so much!

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