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Final: Hawks 14, Chiefs 10

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August 29, 2009 10:05 pm

First the injury report. Safety C.J. Wallace had sore ribs and sat out the second half. Seneca Wallace suffered groin strain and gave way to third-string quarterback Mike Teel in the fourth quarter. Julius Jones suffered a chin bruise, but should be fine. Justin Forsett tweaked his ankle but should be fine. Offensive lineman Ray Willis has a thigh bruise.

Check out the box score here.

Looks like all of the injuries were minor, but we’ll have another report on Monday when the team practices.

Overall, Mora was pleased with the way the team performed, particularly after falling behind 7-0 early.

“What I liked is the way we responded to some adversity on the road,” Mora said. “Once again, realizing it’s preseason, but still it’s a chance to build something. If you don’t face adversity, you don’t know how you’re going to handle it. So sometimes in games like this it’s a real positive that you can build on when you do get some adversity. So I was kind of happy about because we did respond the right way.”

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was solid. After the pick six, Hasselbeck was crisp and efficient, finishing 19-of-25 for 216 yards and two touchdowns for a 111.4 passer rating.
Seattle also finished with a 36:39 to 23:21 advantage in time of possession, and piled up 23 first downs.

The Seattle quarterback found his go-to receivers in T.J. Houshmandzadeh and John Carlson often. The two combined for 10 receptions for 128 yards and two touchdowns.

The Seahawks finally got the ground game going, finishing with 112 yards rushing. Julius Jones finished with 57 yards on 15 carriers for a 3.8 per-carry average. And Justin Forsett contributed 45 yards on 12 carries, also for a 3.8 per-carry average. Forsett also had four catches for 23 yards.

Defensively, the team gave up over a 100 yards on the ground, but just three points on the scoreboard, so it was a pretty good effort by the defense.

And the offensive line did a decent job protecting Hasselbeck, giving up just the one sack.

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  1. Our starting D line and linebackers did not look impressive against the Chiefs. Are the starters just playing without energy and reserving it for the season? Time will tell, I guess. We were getting gashed by the run game in the first half. Unacceptable. But I can’t take a preseason performance too seriously since some of our starters may not be putting it all out there yet. Yes, I’m talking about you, Lofa.

    On the other hand, our backup defensive players once again laid it on the line to earn their jobs.

    Great to see our starting O linemen working hard on their zone run blocking. Mixed results, but they seems to be working hard. Two more weeks and we’ll see if the work pays off.

    Also great to see Hasselbeck, Housh, and Carlson ready to light it up this year.

  2. Did Jackson even play in this game? Don’t recall him even being mentioned on the broadcast…

  3. Easleyhawk says:

    The tempo seemed to be great after the pick 6…..can’t wait to see nate,tj,carlson in the regular season.would be nice to see anything resembling a running game….time to worry about a kicker?

  4. yes bleh, Jackson did play quite a bit in the first half. Neither he nor Cory Redding – who he rotated with – got mentions from the TV guys, but that’s not surprising. Jackson looked like he was working hard, and got a QB pressure, but he does get locked up on a lot of plays. Redding once again shows some great athleticism for a big man, especially against rushing plays, and I feel a lot more confident with him in there.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    About the linebackers: I thought Curry had a nice game. Very active and the best tackler of the starters. Had a QB pressure and really lays the wood. This just in; he is fast. Lofa continues to miss tackles. Maybe Tapp needs to drag him to some of his yoga classes because he doesn’t seem to be able to wrap anyone up. And he appears to be trying.

  6. Well it wasn’t pretty but I liked the improvement in the running game. Matt looked to be in his rythmn with the O on the 2 minute drive. I’m liking Housh a lot, seems like Bobby E on steroids. Carlson is a beast and will be a pro bowl player this season if what I’ve seen continues through the year.

    The D still seems to be out of sinc and the #2s are better comparatively than the #1s. The #1s gave up too many longish runs and still seem vulnerable to the seam passes. Mebane is going to have a good season from the 3 tech. We saw Curry’s speed flash on at least one play, he’s going to be just fine once he gets comfortable .

    We should not forget that it was the Chiefs and they are still at the beginning of their rebuild.

  7. seahawklovertoo says:

    I didn’t watch the Seahawk game (again). Instead,
    I had to watch 9ers vs.Cowgirls. The good news is that Romo was lousy again and his back-up is Kitna ( do I need say more?). Girls should not have better
    standings than us ,and if we can beat them here—
    they are finished.
    The bad news is that SF is SOLID with all 4 of their RBs. The rookie Kory Sheets tore up the Girls “D”. Good news is that they can’t keep all four of them so, we should watch and see what happens there. Trust me, this kid (Sheets) is gooood
    Their rookie QB Davis (out of Ball St,)was the best QB they had tonight.
    I guess “little Nicky” got another sack tonight,ha?
    He better be among the 53 if you ask me.

  8. About the only way Lawrence Jackson can get any mention on TV is by being off side. So, yeah, I did notice him on one play.

  9. seahawklovertoo says:

    It is great we’re coming home from KC without any serious injuries. I wish we practiced on someone better than AFC West though.
    The time of the year when rosters change is upon us again. This is when the FO can redeem them-selves with the right moves and lottsa luck. I am (almost)
    giddy with excitement. Wish I can fast forward to 9/10 and see the final tally.

  10. “little nicky” …love that. Is that yours?

  11. Dukeshire says:

    As far as the NFL has come and as sophisticated as it appears to be from the outside, look closely at the backdrop behind Mora in the above video. Are you kidding? It’s hung crooked over some old school wooden lockers, suspended by two upside down stools. It’s so ghetto I find it rather refreshing, actually. It’s just thrown together at the last minute. Lol, I love it.

  12. you mean the backdrop featuring sausage ads. Yeah, real classy. Lol.

  13. jeez, this was the all-important third preseason game and few are on here commenting. What’s the matter with you guys. Got lives?

  14. bird_spit says:

    From my wish list..

    Jennings played well. I expect him to look good this year if healthy.
    Our front 4 did pressure, and the blitz packages looked good.
    Our ‘D’ bent but didnt break. Sounds like ’05, so I won’t complain loudly.
    Lofa needs to do more if he wants to return to the Pro Bowl.
    Curry, excellent for a rookie.

    I wonder if Hill has been sharing the good stuff with Lofa; maybe they should reserve it for the day after a game.

    I didnt really focus on our safety play, but didnt see anything to worry about with Thigpen.

    Overall, I dont think the”high powered” offense of KC was much of a test.

    Our OL looked good, against KC. Unger had some rookie mistakes. Hass’ looked good as ever, given the play calling, and improved line play.

  15. seahawklovertoo says:

    Yeah Blogger, it came from the movie : a little devil that doesn’t get enough respect ; that is Nick Reed. I like our rookies, especially Reed, Bennet and Morrah. I believe they’ll get better after the stress of making the team has lifted.

  16. i am really excited to see Matt connecting with Carlson and Housh this season. their timing was dead nuts last night.

    and the fact that we came away with a win inside Arrowhead Stadium (which rarely happens) sent me into a drinking contest with myself after the game was over. i lost. and i won!


  17. Tough to properly judge the defensive play when your opposing #1 QB goes out so quick…. But holding ANY offense to one FG in 4 qtrs of play is far from shabby… Our offense was all Hass… it will be in several games… three wins… new coaching staff… several tough injuries going in… We got the job done…. That’s all we can ask for…. I get the feeling others are holding their breath as I am, but so far, so good…. and it’s still preseason….

  18. Rogue_Umpqua says:

    I first got excited about the TE position watching Jerramy Stevens pull it off about 50% of the time. I was sad to see Stevens go because it was so clear that if he could only catch the ball he would be a huge producer. Watching Carlson’s versatility and sure hands last night was a real thrill.

    There have been so few dropped passes this pre-season it is a little scary. I’ve gotten so used to watching Seahawks drop the ball I’m afraid to hope the trend will continue into the season. Forsett did drop a catchable pass late in the game, but still, it’s been good.

    The yards after the catch have been impressive so far as well. Burleson, Housh, and Carlson all did really well in this aspect. Add in Forsett’s screen results from last week and you’ve got four sets of great hands and great legs.

    The passing portion of our offense just looks to be a killer this year.

  19. Lofa got paid, no need to play.

  20. nidhighe says:

    I was glad to Hasselbeck clicking with Housh and Carlson. I have a feeling we’ll have to score a lot of points this season to offset our questionable defense. Tackling seems to be a lost art with some of those guys.

  21. Good point. I’m used to dropped passes, but it’s nice not seeing many of them!

    One thing about Hill, there was a play I think in the 2nd quarter where he blew up 2 blockers in the running game. I thought that was one of the better plays I saw all night. Of course, we didn’t make the play and the RB still gained some yards but Hill certainly did his part on that one.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    mocarob – Watching Lofa play nearly every snap of his career, I will say that I for one, have not noticed a dip in his effort, on any level. I do not attribute his recent poor tackling to to his contract extension. With due respect, the implication is almost laughable.

  23. Jennings used to tick me off because he would play the man, not the ball. So far this preseason he has been looking back and playing the ball, not the man. By doing that, his play has really improved. Keep it up, Kelly.

    Heller has been very active. Every time I look, there is #54 making another play.

    I don’t think Morrah has outplayed Newton but I think he will get the third TE spot because he was drafted and Newton wasn’t.

  24. I actually went to KC to watch this preaseason game in person (first time ever at an NFL game). Luckily, the Chiefs fans didn’t mind me wearing my Seahawk shirt or rooting for the opposing team.

    I have to agree with many of the statements that have already been posted. The game was not pretty, but there were more positives than negatives. Hasselbeck did look good with the exception of the interception. Our O-line held for the most part, and opened up some lanes for the RBs. As for the defense, the tackling has to improve. If it doesn’t, teams are going to be able to score on us all day. However, I will add that we are certainly getting more pressure to the quarterback this year vice last year.

    I have to say, I can’t remember the last time Seattle won 3 preseason games. I know they don’t mean anything, but it is still good to seem them getting used to winning. I’m optimistic about this year. Saying they’re ready for a Super Bowl might be pushing it, but I think we can certainly compete.

    The last thing I’ll add is that we NEED to see Teel a lot during this next preseason game. The FO has to make their decision on whether they plan on him being the future replacement of Hasselbeck or are they going to get a QB in the first round next year. I hope Teel is the guy so that we can use those two first rounds for a big offensive tackle and a running back. However, there are some good quarterbacks entering the draft next year that we should seriously consider. What sucks is that we kind of need to make this kind of decision by the end of this preseason.

  25. freedom_X says:

    I’m a little worried about the snaps from center by Vallos. Seemed like Hasselbeck was handling a lot of low snaps, and it if not for his ad-lib to Houshmanzadeh it could have been a disaster.

    If the shotgun snaps don’t look a bit cleaner, I’d be worried about using that formation much in the regular season.

  26. The O seemed to look good in places & the stats were quite 1 sided. BUT……….. how bad is Kansas City?

  27. Sam_D… Interesting thought on Teel…. Seneca’s contract extension takes him into 2011, correct? Does Hass have 3 yrs left as our number one???? Get him also thru 2011? Teel seems to be one of the better #3 QB’s we’ve had for awhile… but… We actually want him as our #2, or challenging for that…. I’m not hearing that happening… He seems to me like the ‘forgotten man’ on our team…. There apparently is a lot going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of…. Perhaps someone that has been at the open practices can help clarify his status….

  28. Bernie42 says:

    Before I get to the offense, I need to give props to Deon Grant. He routinely just shows up and plays, unlike many others on the defense who are inconsistent at best. I don’t hear his name around here very often, but we’re lucky to have Deon in our secondary.

    As for the offense, I agree with Rogue_Umpqua that we have the potential to be very potent in our passing attack this year. But if you put any decent receivers in front of Matt Hasselbeck, that’s almost a given. The thing I’m worried about is the really good defenses pinning their ears back if we aren’t able to keep ‘em honest with the run. I know it’s supposedly going to take some time to get the running game going, and last night’s showing was the best in a while, but we still have some work to do.

    And our offense better be potent if we expect to hang with the number of points our stronger opponents are going to put up with Josh Wilson starting at corner (he’s no Truf) and all of the missed tackles out there. I cringe every time I see someone like B Russ flying by somebody in the backfield and then watching the opponent pick up like 15 yards on the play.

  29. KONG will show the Seattle/KC game today at 6:00 PM Pacific time. Early in the game watch what Matt does after he throws his pick. Holmy would rip into him for putting himself in danger like that in a preseason game. I hope Mora doesn’t let it slide.

    For a 6’4″ QB, Matt gets too many passes tipped at the line.

  30. bird_spit says:

    When your passing to Deon Branch–you have to aim low?

  31. Or aim for the trainers table.

  32. nightwulf says:

    Teel is a project, at present…he is not in the least in competition with Seneca…his job this year is to watch and learn…if he’s lucky, he’ll get some garbage time in some blowout games (which we would hopefully be winning). Next year would be pretty much the same, only with him getting many more looks in preseason, and getting more garbage time in the reg season…His third year, he’ll be expected to compete for (hopefully) the starting job…

  33. Followed Teel a lot in college,and I really like what I see, could actually be the next Matt Hasselbeck

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