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August 21, 2009 10:44 am

Heading into the second preseason game it’s time to take another look at the roster and ponder who the frontrunners are for each position. You can view the Seahawks depth chart here. And ESPN’s Mike Sando has a list of Seattle players eligible for the practice squad here.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments section.


Number kept last season: Three
Currently on roster: Four
Average number kept since 2002: Three
Locks: Matt Hasselbeck, Seneca Wallace
In the hunt: Mike Teel,
Longer odds: Jeff Rowe
Comment – Teel improved his stock by playing with poise against San Diego, even though he did throw an interception. The coaches are pleased with the progress he’s made so far. Rowe has yet to get a comfort level with the offense so far in camp. Hasselbeck seems to be getting into a groove offensively, as he and Houshmandzadeh have been connecting on a regular basis in practice.

Running back
Number kept last season: Six
Currently on roster: Eight.
Average number kept since 2002: 5.5
Locks: T.J. Duckett, Julius Jones, Justin Forsett, Owen Schmitt, Justin Griffith.
In the hunt: Devin Moore, David Kirtman
Longer odds: Dan Curran
Comment – There’s been reports that the Seahawks have reached out to Warrick Dunn about the possibility of coming to Seattle. I’m not sure how a 34-year-old running back would fit into this rotation, unless the team is concerned about injuries. I think Kirtman is an NFL-caliber fullback but unfortunately may get caught up in a numbers game again. Moore looked solid in his debut against San Diego but is likely headed for the practice squad.

Wide receiver
Number kept last season: Six
Currently on roster: 10
Average number kept since 2002: Six
Locks: T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Deion Branch, Nate Burleson.
In the hunt: Ben Obomanu, Deon Butler
On the bubble: Courtney Taylor, Jordan Kent, Logan Payne,
Longer odds: Mike Hass, Michael Bumpus.
Comment – I think Ben Obomanu and Deon Butler have nudged out in front in the battle for the last couple spots at receiver. Depending on whether the team keeps five or six receivers, Taylor, Kent and Payne are likely battling for the last spot. Payne, Hass and Bumpus still have practice squad options, so the team will have to make a decision on Taylor or Kent if they do not make the 53-man roster. Kent’s ability to play special teams helps keep him in the conversation.

Tight end
Number kept last season: Three
Currently on roster: Five
Average number kept since 2002: Three
Locks: John Carlson, John Owens
On the bubble: Cameron Morrah, Joe Newton
Longer odds: John Tereshinksi
Comment – Owens showed against San Diego that he does indeed have enough pass-catching ability as a blocking tight end. With the team likely running a lot of two tight end sets, Carlson and Owens compliment each other well. There’s still a pretty good battle for that third tight end spot. Newton likely is still out in front, but Morrah has been playing solid and is definitely in the mix.

Offensive line
Number kept last season: Nine
Currently on roster: 14
Average number kept since 2002: 9
Locks: Walter Jones, Sean Locklear, Chris Spencer, Ray Willis, Rob Sims, Max Unger, Mansfield Wrotto, Steve Vallos.
In the hunt: Kyle Williams, Na’Shan Goddard
Longer odds: William Robinson, Andre Ramsey, Cory Withrow, Grey Ruegamer.
Comment – The Seahawks are thin at tackle with Walter Jones injured and may consider bringing in a veteran like Levi Jones to help with depth depending on how long Walter Jones will be out. The team has pretty good depth at the interior line, and a good position battle between Mansfield Wrotto and Max Unger at right guard. Locklear, Sims and Spencer must step up and take on a leadership role with Walter Jones out.

Defensive line
Number kept last season: Nine
Currently on roster: 13
Average number kept since 2002: 9
Locks: Darryl Tapp, Brandon Mebane, Patrick Kerney, Lawrence Jackson, Red Bryant, Colin Cole, Cory Redding, Craig Terrill.
In the hunt: Baraka Atkins, Nick Reed, Michael Bennett
Longer odds: Kevin Brown, Derek Walker
Comment – This is perhaps the team’s deepest position group, which is a good thing considering how much the Seahawks plan on rotating bodies on the defensive line. Reed likely is headed for the practice squad, but has performed well so far in camp. Bennett offers versatility, with an ability to play both inside and outside. But he also has practice squad eligibility.

Number kept last season: Six
Currently on roster: Nine
Average number kept since 2002: 6.6
Locks: Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Aaron Curry, D.D. Lewis
In the hunt: David Hawthorne, Will Herring, Lance Laury,
Longer odds: Dave Philistin, Shane Simmons
Comment – The Seahawks have good talent and depth at this position as well. Curry still is learning the system, and has a lot on his plate because the team also is using him at defensive end. There’s not much drop off when the second unit is in there, which is a credit to the scouting department and the coaching staff.

Number kept last season: Four
Currently on roster: Seven
Average number kept since 2002: 4.5
Locks: Marcus Trufant, Ken Lucas, Josh Wilson, Kelly Jennings
In the hunt: Kevin Hobbs, Travis Fisher
Longer odds: Marquis Floyd
Comment – A lot depends on how long Trufant will be out with the back injury. The Seahawks probably have enough depth here to get by without Trufant, but need more consistent play out of Jennings in passing situations when the team goes with its nickel package.

Number kept last season: Four
Currently on roster: Six
Average number kept since 2002: Four
Locks: Deon Grant, Brian Russell, Jordan Babineaux
In the hunt: C.J. Wallace, Jamar Adams, Courtney Greene
Comment – Wallace has opened some eyes with his physical play during camp, and likely will make the final roster because of his play on special teams. Babineaux gives the team some veteran depth with his ability to play both safeties positions and also lineup on the slot receiver as an extra defensive back.

Specialists kept last season: Three
Currently on roster: Four
Average number kept since 2002: Three
Locks: (P) Jon Ryan, (LS) Kevin Houser
In the hunt: (K) Olindo Mare, (K)Brandon Coutu
Comment – The Battle between Mare and Coutu continues. Coutu handled all of the kicking duties against San Diego, making both 38-yard field goal attempts but failing to get a ball in the end zone on kickoffs. It looks like Mare’s job to lose at this point, unless he begins to experience accuracy issues on field goals during preseason games.

Roster Analysis
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  1. Eric, I posted some projections for John Carlson’s second season over at my blog. I’d love to hear what you think. Reasonable?

  2. tacstar253 says:

    cut lawrence jackson and get nick reed on the squad. reed could get more sacks than jackson with one hand tied behind his back.

  3. Thanks Eric great stuff. I agree with every position you have evaluated. I think here may be a few differences this year.

    We keep the 5 running backs as Eric has outlined. Instead of 6 like last year. We can move that extra roster spot to expand our WR from 6 last year to 7. We have the talent to stay deep here and considering what happened last year…well nuff said. Plus it would justify us keeping our 3rd round pick’s potential from hitting FA. Considering he has not proved that he will contribute to our offense or special teams YET.(I.e Coutu being protected last year.)

    Speaking of the nonsense vacated roster spot from last year. The extra “specialist” that will not be present of last year will free up another extra spot to keep our other deep position of defensive line fresh and productive. I am hoping for Nick Reed to motor his way on the roster with as hard as he has been working for the entire camp.

    Back to WR. How does this look? Housh, Burleson, Branch, Obomanu, *Butler, Payne, and goodness either Taylor or Kent (Both game time busts of last year). Payne could have very well locked onto a spot solely based on his ST play.

    Eric what is your take on Travis Fischer? When I have watched him, he doesn’t seem to have the knack for the big play but he is pretty much as mistake free as an above average CB can get. Which I think is more of a plus.

  4. Thinking of a nickel rush. Reed, Redding, Mebane, Kerney and Curry (on the line) Tatupu and Hill in the middle… Mmmm that’s a tasty sack lunch that would give any read adjusting QB an anyeurism.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Places like RB and special teams where they are likely to keep less that what they had last season (RB from 6 to 5, ST from 4 to 3) open up spots for guys like Reed and Bennett and Taylor and Kent.

  6. I don’t agree with expanding the wide receiver core at all, in fact, I think there is a decent chance they only keep five. Knapp/Mora offensive scheme does not use four wides much at all. In fact they have said Carlson will be in some of the time when they go four wide. We simply don’t need that many wide receivers in this offense. I have only recently warmed up to keeping six, and that is mainly due to the ability of the wide receivers to play special teams. We have to choose……

  7. Hawkblogger: I would be surprised if Carlson gets over 60 receptions. First off, Seattle is not going to throw as much this season. Secondly, they will spread the ball around more. And finally, teams know Carlson is legit and he will see better coverage than he did last season. Combine all of that and I expect him to be around 55 to 60 catches, which would be a solid year for him.

    HawksKD: I think Fisher is solid and gives the team depth should Trufant be out for awhile.

  8. Nice work Eric, thanks. I have a couple questions/comments:

    1. Is Craig Terrill’s position really a lock? He is a pass rushing specialist at the tackle position. He is pretty light in the wallet and we are becoming more stout up front. I would not be surprised if they kept one of the kids and cut the Music Man.

    2. Are you serious about not needing any corner help with Trufant out? You are really counting on the pass rush to improve an NFL worst pass defense. I think we need corner help, either Fisher is the guy or sign someone else.

    3. I guess I think the tackle depth is more dire than you state. You put Na’Shan or Kyle Williams in the game; we might as well go to the wildcat offense, as the quarterback would be running for his life anyway. We are one injury to Locklear away from this happening.

    4. I feel sorry for Cameron Morrah. He left school so his grandmother could see him play in the NFL. He is as raw a sushi, and unfortunately, he may never be an effective NFL player. He should have stayed in college.

    5. Do you think Forsett has the speed to be an effective NFL running back? He can make people miss but I am not so sure he is fast enough. He ran a 4.7 coming out which is why he was a seventh round pick. When I watched the game last weekend, he was having trouble getting through the holes up front, so I was wondering if that was due to a lack of speed or if the holes just weren’t there.

  9. RichmondHawk says:

    I like the situation on the d-line, when you guys like Bennett and Reed who show potential but is likely headed to the PS its all good. Just wish all they other areas were that deep. Although, I do think if Reed keeps putting up he’ll force Seattle to keep him on the roster just because they’ll be scared to lose him.

  10. RichmondHawk says:

    I too am worried about Forsett. You hear a lot media type’s etc. say Forsett’s a keeper but the lack speed is just not helping the kid. Being mediocre can only get you so far in this league, its only a matter of time before you get replaced.

  11. bitterguy says:

    the seahawks kept 4 specialists last year, punter, kicker, kicker, longsnapper. i really really really hope they cut that down to 3 this year.

  12. Tompage – I would be flattened if we only retain 5 wr. Over the past years It seems they have kept the same numbers of skilled position players. Almost always the numbers have varied in the back field and wideout position.

    I don’t mean to be negative but do you honestly think Branch will last 16 games?My bet is no. If the 5 wideout plan were to be in play that would only leave Obo as his replacement. As clearly Butler isn’t ready for NFL yet.

    My reasoning would be 6 contributing WR with Butler being an additional as a “can’t lose project”

    Your reasoning is understandable with knapp being a running OC and using TEs a lot. But I don’t think knapp has ever been in a situation where the talent in the pass game is so strong as compared to an unproven run game. He did use passing plays quite a bit in the first game. In fact more than running.

    The only area I see us providing depth to a player that would contribute equally on special teams and would warrant cutting (2 of either)Payne, Kent, and Taylor would be (on the bubble) Will Herring.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Ruskell is on record as saying they will only keep one kicker this year.

    While Forsett may not have logged the fastest 40 times, he certainly plays faster. From what I’ve seen, he hits the hole quickly and is elusive in the second level. Last week he was caught behind the line several time which indicates a breakdown up front rather than a lack of speed. I’m not concerned about his ability or effort.

    For what it’s worth, I agree with Eric’s Carlson projection. TEs under Knapp’s 7 years as coordinator, have averaged 54 receptions per. Of course that includes Jed Weaver and Eric Johnson in SF, not exactly Carlson level talent.
    This is the most talent he’s had to work with so I too expect the ball to be spread around. Regardless, he loves using TEa and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Carlson in Miami (pro bowl) this year.

  14. Devin Moore ran a 4.28 and did 28 reps of 225 at his workout. Strength and speed is there to be had.

  15. coachhawk says:


    Have you been to training camp this year. The “Music Man”, Craig Terrill is playing so well he should be a starter. He is faster and stronger than ever before and it looks like Mebane and Terrill could be the starters. Your comments make me laugh so I had to respond. Good luck in your freshman high school football this year.

  16. My thoughts:

    Devin Moore will be in Forsetts spot OR on the practice squad

    I think Kent is in front of Payne at the WR position just because I think his special teams play has been better. and he is faster for the coverage teams which will help.

    On one of our saved positions we could keep an extra DL guy to keep them fresh if they will be productive. I think Jackson has this year and this year only to make an impact. Of course we thought that about Jennings too. Boy, when Ruskell misses he misses!!

    I am also not sold on the idea that we will be a “running team” I think we will be more efficient but if you look at many of the other teams that Knapp and/or Mora have been on they didn’t even have any good passing options on the team. They both strike me as take advantage of what you have type guys but we will see.

  17. Hawkblogger – Devin Moores speed at RB is uncontested. He has 4.28 speed and it definitely shows. I read your blog entry. “excellent hands” = mediocre at best. As much as Moores speed is faster than Forsett; Forsetts catching ability is better than Moores. He also said “willing blocker”. There is a difference between will and ability. At an NFL level Moores ability to block is not poor but piss poor. I have seen every single LB on our roster abuse the young man. Alhough these drawbacks are mostly coachable (can’t teach 4.28 speed) right now Moore would be a liability.

    XC man – you are right when ruskell misses, he whiffs.

    On a pure recievers ability Kent surpasses Payne by far. However when it comes to ST in that last game Payne was a monster. On one occasion I saw him first down field, blocked in the back, sent 10 yards pass the KR, and amazingly recover to make the tackle all others had missed. I also fear Kents inability to show up on game day. Payne presence is much more noticable. (If you remember I was very high on Kent at the beginning of camp.

    Coachhawk your attack on tompage itself is laughable. Terrill and Mebane play the same 3 tech spot. Terrill is a decent fill in but he has never had the ability to be a starter instead of a spotter/back up. I have been to many of the practices and Terrill was consistantly owned by Vallos and Unger. (may I remind you spencer is by far our strongest center and I didn’t even mention what he did to Terrill) he’s a good player to throw in for that burst of energy. But thats about it.

  18. hawksKD – Did you watch the scouting clip? He didn’t call himself willing, the scouts did, and he was shown putting up a good fight. I agree that he needs to work on it from what I’ve seen at training camp, but when you do 28 reps of 225 lbs (more than michael bennet, btw), you’ve got the tools to build on

  19. As a 3rd round draft pick, i can’t imagine Butler not making the team, though I (apparently in the minority) thought he looked awful in game 1.

  20. Hawkblogger my apologies i can’t watch the clips from my phone but regardless of who said what, willing and ability are still apples and oranges. That is very impressive for the 28 reps @ 225. I think I read those same exact stats earlier in the year but I could have sworn they were or Deon butler. 4.28 at his proday with an absurd amount of reps @ 225. I hope those are some building blocks for Moore to use. I woul like to see his speed in our backfield in the future. I don’t ever remember having a fast back.

    Moo you are not alone I have been saying since the start of training camp how unimpressed i’ve been with Butler. I would prefer to see him on the practice squad personally… People are too scared to see him scooped up though in FA.

  21. I didn’t think Butler was “awful” but I can’t say that he was great either. but lets be realistic.

    He is a third round pick and he has great speed – he isn’t going anywhere. PS at worst but I think they put him on the roster. Let’s see what happens over the next 2 games. It does take more time for receivers to come along. They will give him a shot

  22. twocolorcrayon says:

    Butler will be on the 53 man roster, there’s no way he’d last on the PS imo. He could just get scooped up by some other team, right? I don’t like that risk. I understand the way you’re seeing it, but Butler will be a part of the active roster imo. I could eat crow though so we’ll see. I’m excited for the game tomorrow. I’ll be glued to the tv.

  23. seahawklovertoo says:

    LoJack-OUT , Reed IN !
    If we can put Branch on PUP, then do it ( ’till week 8 our schedule is not that hard). If not, cut him and eat the loss. Ruskell, be a man and play the people that want and can win for us. LoJack was a mistake and Branch falls under :
    “pupp happens”. He will not be with us next year anyway. If nobody picks him up , You can take him back if we need him. Lets be nice to him—he’ll understand.
    Butler, Hass and Payne on PS. Same with Moore or, Forsett ( I’d keep Moore
    playing). Morrah should NOT be let go.
    I’d take Kirtman over Schmitt. Wow ! I can’t hear You screaming…….
    Ruegamer can be cut, and taken back if we need him (nobody else will take him).
    That is my opinion and I am sticking with it. Besides, many good players will be let go soon. Nobody knows how our roster will look like in the middle of September.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Branch cannot be placed on on the PUP list. Branch is an injury plagued playmaker. But a playmaker nonetheless.

    Kirtman will be cut.

    Butler would never make it to the PS. He’ll make the 53.

  25. freedom_X says:

    Nick Reed over Lawrence Jackson – that idea is a joke.

    I hope Nick Reed is the real deal, and I like to root for the underdog. But the fact of the matter is, every team has a Nick Reed just about every preseason. Last year, it was Jason Babin. What’s he done lately?

    If Nick Reed is cut, 75% chance he ends up on somebody’s practice squad. Cut Lawrence Jackson, he’s claimed one hour after he hits waivers. Last year, even if you think he was a reach in the 1st round, there’s no question he at worst a 2nd/3rd round value pick. Nick Reed was undrafted. That tells you what pro evaluators think of their relative potential, and that’s 32 teams worth of evaluators.

    Eventually of course, if Jackson doesn’t perform, he’ll be history (Jason Babin was a 1st round pick too, years ago.) That evaluation 5 years ago is what is keeping Babin in the league. But Babin’s preseason flashes aren’t translating into regular season play.

    Hopefully Reed is the next Rufus Porter. But for every Rufus Porter there are 5 Jason Babins (preseason wonders.)

  26. Dukeshire says:

    “Last year, it was Jason Babin. What’s he done lately?”
    “…there are 5 Jason Babins (preseason wonders.)”

    Put the two together and you’ve got last nights Eagle / Colt game. He played great, very disruptive. Of course the regular season looms. Player analysis this time of year is great fun to read.

  27. According to Rob Sims, Vallos is “by far” the strongest O-lineman on the team.

  28. RichmondHawk says:

    I think Tapp’s standing on shaky ground going past this year not Jacko. He gets pressure on the QB every so often but just like last game teams know who to run at. At least Jackson is solid against the run. Both Tapp and Jackson haven’t shown really much on the pass rush so other areas prove who’s better.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    RichmondHawk – Darryl Tapp is a huge part of what this defense is trying to do. Just watching the game last week, he was all over the field. Example: in nickel situations they used him on the line with Kerney, Mebane and Redding. Sometimes they stayed in they 4-2, straight rush. Others, he dropped back into coverage giving them the 3-3 nickel that we were reading about before camp. They will find ways to get him on the field in as many situations as possible. As for pass rush, I couldn’t disagree more about his ability to get to the QB and I have not found him to be a liability in run support. In addition, by all reports, he’s had a monster camp. Not to jump all over you, but he’s developing into a borderline probowl (you read that correctly) player and he’ll only be 25 when the season starts. He’s everything the draft and player development represent. He damn well better remain a Seahawk after his contract expires this year.

  30. Defensive line battle is really interesting this year, and after their dismal performance last year that’s great news.

    I see ten D lineman probably kept on the roster this year instead of nine, mosty because Nick Reed, Michael Bennett, and Baraka Atkins are all working their tails off to be the extra backup DE. If Reed keeps doing what he did in San Diego, he might not clear waivers to make it to practice squad, so we may need to keep him on the roster if we want him. Reed and Bennett are both pushing Atkins. This is a great problem to have.

    Perhaps keep one more D lineman and one more O lineman, one less K and maybe one less RB.

  31. Dukeshire, after watching practice I agree Tapp is a big part of what Coach Bradley is trying to do this year.

    I had some doubts about Tapp last year, but now I think that both he and rookie Jackson were forced to try to do too much last year with Kerney out. I always liked Tapp’s aggressiveness, but I often had concerns last year that he was not stout enough against the run and I thought he often struggled to get leverage against bigger OTs. But he was playing too many first and second downs. In the two practices I watched this year, he has really impressed me.

    Having a healthy Pat Kerney and adding Cory Redding this year really changes the equation on the D line. As you point out, Tapp can now be in a situational rush and cover role that he seems to be excelling at. I’m looking forward to having a great time watching him in his new role this year.

  32. I have been to practice this year, two practices actually. The comments I made about Terrill were based on my observations. I would take Michael Bennett over Terrill based on what I saw in practice and in the game. I love what Terrill offers in the locker room, but that only goes so far.

    You are a turkey Coachhawk. You can have any opinion you want, but don’t attack other posters on the blog.

  33. RichmondHawk says:

    Borderline pro bowl? Wow talk about drinking the koolaid. I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt for training hard this off-season to get a fat contract this year but lets put into context here. Practice is just practice, its not blowing past 1st or end 2nd string OT’s in real game situation. If he were that good this year, where was he in the SD game against the 2nd string OT’s? He’s still got a few games left to prove he’s a “Nick Reed” but I really doubt that because its been how many years now? Also where was he last year when Kerney went down and the pass rush really sucked? You’re also not paying close attention if you don’t realize he’s a liability on running plays. Don’t believe all they hype they’re telling you about Tapp training hard. If it doesn’t transfer onto the field, it just doesn’t matter much.

  34. seahawklovertoo says:

    Freedom_X, sorry I am posting this late (You may not read this post). Every
    Seahawk fan knows of LoJacks potential and his projected spot in the draft ,
    yet all of us know of his production as well. There are thousands of less privileged kids in this country (and in the World ) that have pro sports as the only chance of “making it in life” . The trick is to get drafted and paid. I don’t hold that against them.
    Unfortunately, many of them don’t want to perform for what they are paid for,
    and the only objective is to take the money and not get hurt real bad. In my book, LoJack is one of those. Branch got a SB ring and an MVP , got the big pay-day, got hurt many times and he still wants to play and contribute to his team. Freedom_X , got the picture?
    Nick Reed on the other hand, had to climb taller and taller peaks all of his football life. He has the heart and brains to do just that and great upside to be fine player for us. Yes, he is small for his position but, as we all know one can bulk-up with practice and gym work. Just like you can’t teach speed; you can’t teach “heart and brains”.
    That is why I would get rid of LoJack ( and wish him all the best of luck with the other teams), and keep Reed.

  35. seahawklovertoo says:

    As the fact of the matter, Ruskell would benefit the most if he got rid of “dead weight” LoJack. That move would send the right message to Curry and the rest of the first and second rounders to come : I’ll draft you and pay you but, if you don’t perform —you’ll get cut just like L.Jackson did. That is one way to build reputation and earn respect.
    I just don’t think Timmey is bright enough to realise this. (Even though turning a third rounder into 2010 first rounder and still getting Unger was impressive)

  36. Personally, I’d actually prefer Reed over Jackson if all training camp reports are accurate (I assume they are). On my couch, I’d take Reed. If I were in Ruskell’s shoes, I don’t know that I’d have the guts to cut Jackson. I totally see both sides of the Reed/Jackson argument, but it is pretty tough to cut a first rounder after just one full season. Normally, it seems like DL, on average, don’t hit their strides in year #3. It’s tough to cut a first rounder prior to year #2, even if they have been less than stellar up to that point. Besides, I think Jackson can develop into a decent run stuffing DE. That’s not what we all want him to be since he was a first rounder but it may be all we can hope for at this time. I really thought I’d hear better reports from his second training camp and am saddened that he hasn’t been more impressive.

    If Jackson were cut, the one poster is right about some team grabbing him right away. There is a good chance Reed could come back on the PS. I doubt anyone would want to put an undersized DE who doesn’t know their system onto an active roster (albeit a guy who is undersized, yet makes plays). Either way, we can only suit up 45 guys and can keep 53. I don’t see Jackson or Reed being on the actual active roster on Sundays (barring an injury).

  37. Dukeshire says:

    RichmondHawk – I haven been on record, on this very site, for the better part of 2 seasons, jocking the guy. My feeling has very little to do with this camp alone. He has shown marked improvement each of his 3 seasons. A few games to prove he’s a “Nick Reed”? Are you suggesting Reed is better than Tapp? We’ll have to agree to disagree on run liability as well, because I do not see that. At all. He has room for improvement, but I would stop well short of calling him a liability. “If he were that good this year, where was he in the SD game against the 2nd string OT’s?” Um, he started the game and played well into the second quarter so I’m not sure what you’re asking there either. I think it’s clear we watch two different games when the ‘Hawks play.

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