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Training camp Day 14: Walter Jones back on the field

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August 13, 2009 7:46 pm

The Seattle Seahawks practiced just over two hours today, ending practice a little earlier than scheduled.

The team had another special guest walking the sidelines, University of Washington product Brandon Roy, who recently signed a new deal with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora said the team focused on scout stuff for San Diego in preparation for Saturday’s game. Mora said the main thing the Seahawks had to prep for was the Chargers run a 3-4 front defensively, and Seattle has worked mostly against a 4-3 during training camp.

He was pleased to see offensive tackle Walter Jones back out on the field. The big man signed autographs for fans afterward. Jones said that perhaps he tried to come back too early from season-ending microfracture knee surgery, and implied that his back spasms may have been tied to the knee injury.

“That’s a tough call,” he said. “It probably did, but I don’t know. It was just a situation where I think I was rushing it, trying to get back on the football field where (maybe I should have) took my time and stayed patient. But right now I feel pretty good.”

Jones worked through individual work with his position group, including pass blocking work and cut blocking practice on a stand-up pad. He also worked with the scout team offense during team period, and seemed to move well while taking on Patrick Kerney and Darryl Tapp in pass coverage.

Mora joked that it probably the first time Jones had ever worked with the scout squad. Asked about that comment, Jones laughed and said he did some squat squad work when he first got in the league.

Jones said he’d like to return to practice full time next week, and if everything goes well, be ready to play in the team’s preseason game at home against Denver next week.

“I felt pretty good,” Jones said. “I think the toughest thing now is just getting the confidence back. Just getting back and feeling confident that you can go out here and still do your job. And I felt good about that.”

Listen to the conversation with Jones here.

[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Walt talks"]

The Seahawks practiced in shells and went through a more-intense practice than you regularly would before a game, as they worked on polishing things up before Saturday.

We asked about some of the position rotations we might see on Saturday, and after a little coaxing Mora obliged.

He said to expect rookie Aaron Curry to play three quarters, and that he will play some right end, as the team tries to figure out how well Curry can rush the passer.

“We’re going to do it early in the game against some of their better players, guys that play in the regular season games and see how he does,” Mora said.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck only will play a series or two, and Mora said to expect Seneca Wallace to play quite a bit, including some reps with the first team offense.

Defensive end Patrick Kerney returned to practice today after missing the last two days of practices. Mora said Kerney will be a game-time decision.

Center Chris Spencer worked with the first team, and if all goes well, he’ll start with the first unit on Saturday.

Mora said with all of the switching around on the offensive line it’s important to have some stability at center with Spencer and left guard with Rob Sims.

I also talked to offensive coordinator Greg Knapp about Saturday’s game plan, and he said that’s he more concerned with putting players in certain situations so the team can evaluate them more so then trying to establish a rhythm and continuity offensively.

Mora echoed that sentiment.

“We are going to try to master some of the things that we do,” he said. “We’ve got some concepts that we’ve got to work though and schemes that we’ve got to iron out. There’s certain players we want to see do particular things. So that’s more important than game planning at this point.”

Mansfield Wrotto (leg bruise) Grey Ruegamer (elbow), Cory Withrow (leg) and Marcus Trufant (back) sat out the practice.

Wrotto, Ruegamer, Trufant and Jones all will not travel with the team.

That’s all for now.

Notes from practice
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  1. AKhawkFan says:

    Hmmmmm. Hasselbeck only playing a series or two. Is he as healthy as whats been lead to believe? On the other hand, its good to have so many of our guys back.

  2. jeffpobst says:

    Did you really mean “and left guard with Wrotto” as a Mora quote?

  3. He must have meant Sims, as then he later wrote that Wrotto won’t even travel for the game.

  4. Most starting quarterbacks don’t play too much in the first two preseason games. I don’t think we should read too much into the fact that Matt will only play a series or two this coming Saturday. The last thing Mora wants to do is get his primary quarterback hurt right now.

  5. Norseman says:

    yeah, i believe matty was hurt in the first series of last year’s preseason opener…definitely don’t want a repeat of that, especially with offensive line still coming together in zone blocking.

    did anyone else notice tomlin’s hairline tonight….looks like a space helmet. lol….

  6. I think the reduced time for Matt at qb is mostly due to the fact that the team would like to evaluate the progression of the offensive line with he new ZBS scheme before sticking their main guy in there. I think everyone would agree tha our season would be dismal without Matt back there tossing the rock.

    I would like to state that I fully believe in Seneca being a capable winning qb. He looked superb before his injury last season, and played well afterwards with he same injury. A healthy Seneca will win us games if need be. Of course a healthy Matt gives us a much better chance. Especially if the game came to an offensive shootout.

  7. nightwulf says:

    Matt knows his job, and he gets to build chemistry with his WR’s during parctice…he only needs a series or two for the first two games, then maybe a quarter of geme 3, then another couple series in the last game…I don’t really want him out there much more than that…we need him for the season.

  8. Matt has been a notorious slow starter early in the season. I say he needs a lot of reps with his new teammates under game conditions. He must play in real games to overcome the instinctive fear of getting hurt again.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    I was able to watch two of the four pre-season games tonight and in every game the starting QB only played the first 2 or 3 series and then they were done for the night.

    That seems to be the standard for the 1st pre-season game.

    It’s the 3rd pre-season game where you expect your starters to play the entire 1st half and then start the 2nd half to get used to the half time rest.

    Nothing new with what Mora is doing with Matthew. I think people are too busy trying to read into every little thing. Given last season that is to be expected from the fans. But if Matthew was hurting it would have shown up in practice.

  10. Yeah, I’d protect Matt as much as possible with roided out Merriman coming back for his first action in a year. He’s got anger issues.

  11. chrisj122 says:

    1 or 2 series in the first preseason game is absoultly normal for a starting quarterback. When Holmy was around it always went like this:

    1st preseason game starting quarter back plays 1 or 2 series

    2nd preseason game maybe 1 quarter (if hass comes out executes well and moves the ball then again 1 or 2 series)

    3rd preseason game hass usually played the 1st half

    4th preseason again only 1 or 2 series, usually coaches want to use the last game to evaluate players on the bubble.

  12. seahawklovertoo says:

    I second that jkoecke. I wouldn’t even take him to SD. I am NOT against Merriman ; ( I’d love to have players like that on our team), and I am definitely not a coward, but it is to much risk to play Matt with very little real return for it. If Matt gets hit hard by that guy our whole season can be ruined. READ: GOOD BYE SUPER BOWL CHANCES.

  13. Fourty_five_circa_84 says:

    Merriman will not get that many chances to hit Hasselbeck.

    If it is two possessions the least Matt will be on the field would be for 6 plays. If half of those are runs you only have 3 passing plays.

    Of course I would like to see two touchdowns from the two possessions . . . but safety first . . .

  14. Dukeshire says:

    It is kind of funny how short peoples’ memories are. This has been the same amount Matt has played for years. And on the flip side, of course he’s going. He has to play. Nothing can simulate a game and all the things they’ve been working on, with all their new components, like actually playing. It’s the same thing every season.

  15. tacstar253 says:

    eyehawk is right. our offense does always start off slowly in the beginning of the season. maybe matt should play more in the preseason. but maybe the less hits he takes the better. decisions decisions

  16. As already stated, pretty much every team with a clear cut starting QB situation has their guy play about 2 series in the 1st pre-season game. Some are reading too much into this.

  17. nightwulf says:

    Duke, but these are football fans you’re talking to…we’re not exactly from the deep end of the gene pool:)
    Bobby, of course we are, it’s what we do…we can’t effect the team’s play but we can analyze the living beejeezus out of every little thing:)

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