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Training camp Day 13: Hawks going green?

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 12, 2009 at 6:40 pm with 37 Comments »
August 12, 2009 8:52 pm

The Seattle Seahawks had perhaps the toughest practice in a couple days this afternoon, as most players who had been sitting out with nagging injuries returned to practice and the team focused on game preparation for the San Diego game.

Lofa Tatupu, Deon Grant, Will Herring, Josh Wilson and Chris Spencer all returned to practice on Wednesday.

Spencer and Herring were held out of team drills. Spencer said he’s not sure if he’ll play on Saturday or not, but he’s thankful he can even get out on the field after the scare on Friday where he sprained his left ankle while blocking defensive tackle Kevin Brown during a team drill.

“I’m lucky and blessed to be able to get out here so fast after what happened last Friday,” Spencer said. “It was real scary. With all of the offseason work I’ve done to get back to where I am now and have something I can’t control happen, it was a little scary. But God puts his hands on me and had a good blessing for me, and I dodged a bullet on it.”

Steve Vallos worked at center with the first unit during team drills, and I suspect we’ll see Vallos start on Saturday at center if Spencer can’t go.

We also saw Max Unger working at right guard with the first unit, as Mansfield Wrotto sat out of practice with an unspecified injury.

Also missing practice were Patrick Kerney (calf), Walter Jones (back), Marcus Trufant (back), Cory Withrow (unknown) and Grey Ruegamer (elbow).


During a conversation with reporters, T.J. Houshmandzadeh was asked about the possibility of wearing the alternative, green jerseys. As you probably recall, it was reported in April that the team would wear these green jerseys during the regular season, then later chalked up as an elaborate, April Fools joke.

Now speculation is bubbling back to the surface that the team will in fact wear them during the regular season. The Seahawks remain tight-lipped on whether or not they will debut the green jerseys during the regular season, with a team spokesperson stating that the Seahawks have not announced plans for a third jersey, but it remains an option..

Houshmandzadeh said he’d have no problem wearing the green jerseys.

““If you’ve got style you can rock anything,” Houshmandzadeh said. “And I think I’ve got style, so I’m going to be just fine.”

However, Houshmandzadeh went on to say perhaps not all of his teammates could pull it off.

“You can rock the green, you just have to accessorize with it, right? And you’ll be all right,” Houshmandzadeh said. “Like myself would be all right with it. Nate (Burleson) would be all right, after that I’m not really sure.”

So what do you think about the jerseys? Vote yes or no in the comments section and I’ll tally the votes. One vote per customer please.

Houshmandzadeh also said he doesn’t know how much he’ll play on Sunday, but he’s received a lot of ticket requests with the game being played in San Diego, close to his hometown of L.A.

Ex-Seahawks offensive coordinator Gil Haskell was out watching practice this afternoon.

As far as practice highlights go, the defense had three picks during 7-on-7 drills, with Grant, Ken Lucas and linebacker Dave Philistin all getting interceptions.

Tight end John Tereshinski made a nice, one-handed grab over Aaron Curry during team drills.

Mike Hass also had a nice grab on a crossing route in the back of the end zone on a throw from Seneca Wallace to end practice.

The Seahawks worked kickoff return today, with Josh Wilson and Justin Forsett working with the first team, and Deon Butler and Ben Obomanu working with the second team.

John Carlson had an uncharacteristic drop today. Jordan Kent had two drops, and Courtney Taylor also dropped an easy pass out in the flat.

Aaron Curry continued to work with the starters at strong side, outside backer.

Offensive line coach Mike Solari talked about the importance of cut blocking on the back side of the zone play to help create cutback, running lanes. He said every lineman will be expected to do it, including Walter Jones when he comes back from his back injury.

“The big runs in the NFL are when you cut off that backside “A” and “B” gap,” Solari said. “The defenses are so athletic and they run so well, so it’s a way to cut the defense, and all of a sudden they don’t have their fits in the proper gaps

“And then also the bodies on the ground messes up backside pursuit. So it’s really a tremendous advantage to be able to cut.”

That’s all for now.

Notes from practice
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  1. twocolorcrayon says:

    I’m all for a lime green jersey on a gameday if you ask me ;)

  2. no time for green, dr. jones… that’s a negative.

  3. Better than the big blueberries!! I hate when we wear ALL blue! We have BORING uniforms. and blue tops and white pants isn’t much better.

    would love to see Blue tops with more green accents instead of all blue!!

    so I guess 0 my vote is yes!!

    Since I already have one my girls got me for fathers day!! – Great kids

  4. Ever see the movie The Exorcist? Lime green hurl everywhere. I could not stomach watching that run around the field every Sunday.

    So, that would be a ‘no’ vote.

  5. I say yes to the green jerseys. I think they’re cool.

  6. MadSweeney42 says:

    A thousand NOs!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely awful, worst uniform in football history.

  7. Derek Young says:


  8. Dukeshire says:

    Hell no! Embarrassingly ugly. I did not like the uniform change 8 years ago but I’m used to it now. The all blue has grown on me. I like them now. Please just leave the green as an accent only. If they do go with them (did I mention they are ugly) it should be against the Cowboys on Halloween weekend. At least that would make some kind of sense.

  9. I am all for the lime green. I am a proud owner/wearer of the green fan jersey.

  10. Yes! They are cool!

  11. No! They are hideous!

  12. twocolorcrayon says:

    If they do go with a lime green one though… I’d hope for a better design than the concept picture posted here… Plus that lime green doesn’t seem bright enough, haha. I’m still a vote for yes though. Is it Saturday yet?

  13. Hawk4Life says:

    Hell No! So embarassing! If we want to switch unis for a game or two lets go throwback. The lime green looks like something we would see in the WNBA…. I can’t imagine our boys thinking much differently.

  14. Seahawks12 says:

    They should wear the ols school 80’s throwbacks…that would be cool!

  15. not a HUGE fan of the green jerseys, but i am sure they would grow on.

    xcman – i dig the all blue jerseys!

    i like how some of the players have brought in the lime green with their jerseys ala their gloves and shoes and stuff.


  16. No.

    Please, God, No.

    Seahawks wear Gun Metal Blue. Not Puke Green.

  17. OMG NO NO and more NO! We would look like a bunch of clowns. I personally love the new Unis and was very excited for them. I love the dark blue on blue. When we swarm the ball it looks as though the sea is swallowing the ball carrier whole. I would also be a huge fan of the throwback being busted out for special occasions. But god no, please no lime green. Leave it as an accent

  18. Bring silver pants!! I love the new helmets – as I said before the all blue is the most bland uniform in all the the NFL. as a matter of fact it might be the most bland of all pro sports in the US.

    and what WNBA team has bright colors – theirs are just boring becuase everyteam has the same uniform, just different colors

  19. nightwulf says:

    As to the green, not only no but hell no! They’re even worse than the old TB creamcicle unis…I like the gunmetal blue, looks tough and mean…

  20. charles u. farley says:

    Leave the rave green to the sounders, please.

    so in a word, No.

    I’d be down for a throwback game, tho..

  21. victor in vancouver says:

    Please be merciful…..

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! to the green ugly uniform.

  22. jerrycurl says:

    No, but not because I don’t like the jersey. I’m just opposed to Alternate Jerseys in general.

    I’ve gotten used to the new uni’s although I prefer the old royal blue. My main beef with the new uni’s is that the Hawk is way way too small on the sleeve. It should be larger like the Eagle on Philly’s jersey.

    I read that the Bucs are going to wear they’re throwbacks for select games this year. I thought the week 15 game in Seattle would have been a cool game to have the 2 1976 franchises in the original uniforms. It would make some sense so I doubt that will happen.

    Also I wouldn’t expect they will wear the Lime jersey. They’ve had all those on clearance on the Pro Shop website for a couple months now.

  23. seatowntp says:

    Everyone needs to go GREEN! Although, I don’t know if that is a vibrant enough shade of green. How about Neon?

  24. I say yes to the green jerseys.

  25. I’m still amazed at the large number of people supporting this terrible idea.

  26. no.

    instead, bring back the uniforms by Largent, Zorn, Brown, Doornink, Yarno, etc.


    also, the all Seahawk Blue uniforms have grown on me and i think they look pretty badass. i cannot wait for this season to begin. GO SEAHAWKS!

  27. Bring on the Green Machine!

    The brighter Neon green, the better!

  28. No Lime Green.

    Hurts the eyes.

    I prefer the monochrome blue ones we’ve been wearing for several years now. I think they’re the best looking uniforms in the NFL.

  29. Fourty_five_circa_84 says:

    Would the pants be green as well? Or would they be blue? Meh . . .

    Now throwbacks I could get up for!!

  30. getALife996 says:

    I for one could care less what they wear, I just want the games to begin!!!

  31. sherminator says:

    Thumbs up on the green! The ‘Hawks can rock it.

  32. troubleman says:

    Yes. Anything is better than their standard unis.

    They can rock it, if they accessorize with a “W”!!!

  33. nightwulf says:

    At this point, the vote stands at 17-9 against…nice to know tha majority of hawks fans have some taste:)

  34. I’m wondering if such a bright green color will give opposing defenses an edge on us. DBs could easily see lime green out of the corner of their eyes and know where our guys are at all times.

    Of course it could also be an advantage for seeing our own receivers to throw to, especially in bad weather.

    I dunno. Six one half dozen the other.

  35. hambone08 says:

    I’m going to go thumbs down on the green jerseys Eric. I love it as an accent color but I question whether even Housh can look stylish rockin a baby poo colored uni…

  36. raymaines says:

    I think the SeaHawks have the coolest graphic in the NFL, so yeah, make the bird bigger!

    I like the new blue uni’s and I’m good with green on Halloween.

    You guys have time for a dopey question?


    Eric says: “Aaron Curry continued to work with the starters at strong side, outside backer.”

    So does Curry (and presumably the rest of the defense) look to see where the tight end lines up and flip flop to the “Strong Side”, regardless if it’s left or right? If that’s not true, then what determines which is the strong side?

  37. nightwulf says:

    Ray, yes, they flip flop…

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