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Training camp Day 11: Curry shows pass rush skills

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 10, 2009 at 7:27 pm with 21 Comments »
August 10, 2009 10:25 pm


Rookie linebacker Aaron Curry was the story today, as he showed the crowd of a few thousand in attendance what we’ve been earlier reporting during offseason workouts – that he is capable of rushing the passer.

With the team in full pads today, Curry twice used a quick rip move to blaze past running back Justin Forsett in blitz pick-up drills today. Yes, I know were talking about Justin Forsett and not Walter Jones. However, Curry’s footwork and speed up the field still was impressive, and he looked just as good going against rookie tight end Cameron Morrah.

Remember, the knock on Curry coming out of the draft was NFL team didn’t know if he could rush the passé because they hadn’t seen him do it while at Wake Forest. However, Curry again reiterated he didn’t get a chance to rush the passer much in college because the team didn’t call for him to do it, instead using his ability in pass coverage to create big plays by intercepting the ball and running them back for scores. Remember, Curry took back three interceptions for touchdowns during his college career.

“When I’m rushing the passer it’s no-holds barred,” Curry said. “There’s no rules, and I’m relentless when I’m going to get the quarterback, so there’s no telling how it happened.”

Curry said he feels like he’s in good condition. He’s lost 12 pounds since off-season workouts and is down to 247, and said he’d like to play at that weight during the year.

Curry also said he doesn’t know how much he’ll play on Saturday against San Diego, but will be ready when called on.

“That’s what I’m here for – to play,” Curry said. “I want to play. But I also understand if the coaches don’t feel like I’m ready yet, if I’m not up to speed yet, they have a decision themselves to make.”

Again after practice Curry was carrying some of the veterans gear, which he understands is part of the job as a rookie, even though he’s now the highest paid player on the team.

“My thing is to do whatever it takes to gain the respect of the vets,” he said. “Which means you’re practicing hard, playing hard, studying the film, putting the extra time in and carrying the helmets.”

Curry also said after his regular, position group meetings he’s been spending an extra hour and a half with linebackers coach Zerick Rollins by himself going over the playbook

“I’m feeling pretty comfortable,” Curry said. “One thing about playing defense, especially being a linebacker, is you can’t go wrong just playing fast and hitting something.”

Listen to a snippet of the conversation with Curry here.

[wpaudio url="" text=MP3: Curry talks"]

Things got a little feisty at practice, as receiver Michael Bumpus and cornerback Josh Wilson got into it during team drills as Bumpus was blocking Wilson on a running play, and the two players went to the ground and had to be separated.

Apparenty Wilson hadn’t forgotten about the play, as he later drilled Bumpus during one-on-one pass drills after Bumpus caught a short pass.

Wilson also had a pick in team drills on an overthrown pass by Matt Hasselbeck intended for Deion Branch.

Other plays of note include reserve linebacker Lance Laury stepping up and making a nice hit on a run play up the middle during team drills.

Logan Payne made a nice up-and-out move against Wilson during one-on-one drills, but later dropped a pass over the middle on a crossing route.

The offense again struggled today, with defenders coming unblocked at different times when the defense blitzed.

The offense and defense switched colors today, with the offense wearing white and the defense wearing blue.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh came out of practice about midway through with an ankle issue that doesn’t appear serious.

Courtney Taylor (knee), Will Herring (groin), Marcus Trufant (back), Walter Jones (back), Chris Spencer (ankle) and Grey Ruegamer (elbow) also sat out practice.

Deon Grant (groin) and Lofa Tatupu (fatigue) suited up but did not practice.

That’s all for now.

Notes from practice
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    “The offense again struggled today, with defenders coming unblocked at different times when the defense blitzed.”

    Eric – After a week and a half of practice, do you chalk that up to the D disguising and / or executing their blitzes better. Or is it a problem of the O not picking up the new blocking scheme and being assignment correct? Thanks again for all your work.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Rather *not* being assignment correct.

  3. I think the “D” is going to be great this year and I’m very excited about what Mora and his staff are bringing to the table on that side of the ball. At about week 5 I think people are going to really wonder what the hell the Raiders were thinking when they hired their DC and we’re doing VERY well.

    However, the offensive line scares the hell out of me, especially with these reports that the “D” is coming in cleanly. Obviously, one unit can’t be good (D) if the other unit isn’t bad (O). But, still…

    OL is the unit on this team that can single handedly prevent us from accomplishing good things this year… RB and FS are a VERY distant concern in comparison to LT/LG/C/RG/RT.

    Eric – I apologize for being “out of the loop” on some of the stuff since I’ve been gone and apologize if you’ve answered this in the last few weeks…

    How has Unger been looking? How about Wrotto? Have you heard when Spencer is coming back to practice? How has Willis been doing? Where has he spent most of his time (RT/RG?). Has Lock been at RG much? I know there were some reports he had been there a little, but want to know if he’s been there any more or has he had to fill in for Walt (which seems to screw things up even more)? What about Vallos?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. after watching the NFL films episode on the seahawks – I forgot how many games we lost by 4 or less last year!!!!

    Makes me feel a little bit better about the season. Hopefully the Off. will come around. They do say that the D will come around before the O. Lets hope that is true!!!

    I sooooo can’t wait to be at the stadium again – even if it is Denver and Preseason!!1

  5. I was able to make practice again and had a few observations. I tried watching intently in the trenches and team drills where the big boys play. However, it was hard to detract from first glimpses of curry and the “Heated competition” at WR.

    What comes to mind first is the 1st team OL getting completely outworked and out classed. It was embarrassing as much as it was disgusting. If this were a game or full contact, Matt’s season would be OVER. The DL either came unblocked off the edges, or overpowered up the middle. 3 plays in a row and I believe 5-6 total within an about 10 set series (7vs7) whistle blows play dead before Matt gets a chance to release. Play is blown dead: and there is Tapp (Backside), Babineux(Backside), Hill (up the gut). This possibly could have been great disguises/execution by the D. Especially when it first started and many of the “sacks” came from unblocked defenders off the left side. The overpowering collapse of the pocket seemed to come off of the right side mostly starting from the center. The 1st team OL seemed to fair better in their second stint.

    Steve Vallos – During the 1st team debacle made 0 line calls (which i thought had previously been his strength) was consistently overpowered in the middle (by mostly colin cole with few sprinkles of mebane)

    Max Unger – came in with 2nd team and IMMEDIATELY made adjustments which seemed to improve protection for Seneca. He seemed to hold a stronger point but was still overpowered at times. (Now whether Solari tipped Unger on the adjustments..we’ll never know)

    Mansfield Wrotto – as stated by another poster is a mauler just like Willis. Very physical and very violent. I actually mistook him for Willis at first. This was the first i got to witness of his hands and technique (during 1 vs 1)

    Carlson – Looked great with blocking. Watching him and curry go at it was very entertaining. Two powerful forces going head to head ended in many a stalemates…a win for Carlson. I need not say more about his hands and recieveing ability. Who’s that Jason guy that plays for the cowboys again?

    Joe Newton – Seems to pretty much have a lock on the second spot. Fluid feet and solid hands. Can put a mean block on a rushing safety or LB

    Josh Wilson – Another day, another interception. I did however see him get burned pretty bad by Logan. Important note: of the Wilson vs. Bumpus scuffle. It was quite a pigpile and large congregation of bodies and limbs flying. I noticed Josh afterwards rubbing his back constantly then his hip. Next thing you know trainers are wrapping him up (mainly his hip) end practice for wilson. Let’s hope its all precautionary. He was walking around without a hitch and did play some ball for a good amount of time following the scuffle.

    AARON CURRY – I came in this practice to be very skeptical and critical. I left thoroughly impressed. The quickness the power. He genuinely IS something else. He has the power of Hill with the tenacity of Tatupu. Is he the best LB in seattle HARDLY. But damn impressive especially during the pass rush drills. He had the speed to get the first step on his blockers and the power to finish them off to the side. He was successful from both sides of the field BTW.

    Leroy Hill – Seemed to want to showcase his own skills by twice in a row embarrassing Julius Jones. BTW as I arrived Hill was jumping the barrier to hit the port-a-potties. As he passed within inches of me i could smell his sweat and i swear he looked at me like…”ooh look at this little snack in front of me”

    Reciever Time: Our locks did just about nothing today they all seemed to be resting up. Housh not in pads, Burleson not many reps, Branch didn’t see him catch a ball

    I’ll go in order of performance today:

    Obomanu – Solid routes, great catches especially over the middle, separated from his defender consistantly

    Payne – Looked fast today with great cuts, of the group got the most separation from his man. Caught a lot of balls. Short, medium, and a long, one burning Wilson

    Kent – Again his hands looked excellent, a little slower in and out of his breaks today. Great RAC. He seemed to be hitting that second gear (and what a second gear that is) very quickly once he had the ball in his hands.

    Hass – had some good catches today that he had to make adjustments for. a la Rowe/Teel. Also showed some good speed after the catch.

    Bumpus – A Push – I did not see him much at all.

    Butler – I’m trying, I am really trying. I never like to consistently criticize our players (even russell). I went to practice today and said to myself “please show me something butler, make me a believer”. So this will be the last you hear of an extended report from me on Butler (until you hear me eating my words the day before the final cut is made) He created the LEAST amount of separation from his defender. He constantly had Lucas and Jennings in his back pocket. He also dropped 2 passes one that hit him directly in the hands. Butler should not make the team. If he winds up on the team he will not be a difference maker this season. We have too many guys that have established their skills. Again Butler could be a Gamer. Opposite of Taylor and Kent last year. I’m pulling for you to be a gamer little man. You are supposed to be our heir apparent to Bobby Engram.

    The rest in short –

    Hasselbeck – Mostly good throws, just a few bad decisions. Didn’t have the time to make those decisions however.

    Julius – Thought he was known for his pass protection? Kinda got tore up by our LBs, especially Hill

    Devin Moore – Absolutely fast, absolutely creamed @ 1 vs 1 blitz drills

    Mebane – Quick and Slick. Seemed to be squirting through middle @ 7 vs 7
    (Colin Cole eating up the middle too)

    Tapp – Seemed to have the motor of the day.

    Griffith vs Schmitt: Tip of the hat for blocking goes to Griffith this session. Both were having a bit of trouble catching the ball.

    Redding vs. Kerney – Question of the year who is more stacked with muscle? I couldn’t discern.

    One more question (Eric?) – I still have yet to even catch a sighting of Trufant…granted I havent been looking for him much. Where is he?

  6. nightwulf says:

    Last year at this time I was seriously stoked about our D…reports from camp sounded similar to these…Much as I WANT to be stoked again, I will remain skeptical until game 3 at least…I hate to be a wet blanket, but last year was just too harsh…
    And Bobby, you may recall that my grand plan for the last draft was to trade down, and get Mack, Unger and Robinson/Wood…..(yeah, I’d trade Curry for Mack and Robinson/Wood…in a heartbeat!) Here’s hoping the next draft goes S, LT, IL…and only because we should be able to get an outstanding S…Hopefully, Sims lives up to his rookie year promise, but I ain’t holding my breath…Hopefully, Walt stays healthy (I don’t care if he gets ANY reps in pre season games) Hopefully, Spencer finally figures it out…Hopefully, Willis can be a beast at RG…that’s a whole lot of hoping for noe line…

  7. nightwulf says:

    * one line (dyslexic fingers)

  8. ryanryan says:

    HawksKD – thanks for all of the accounts of the practice…wish I could watch it all. I won’t even get to see preseason games here in atl.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Great write up KD, thanks.

    I too remember being excited about the D coming out of camp last season. That turned out to be more the offense’s failings rather than the D’s prowess. I’m not getting that sense this summer, however. I understand the skepticism, but this unit seems to be creating plays and forcing the action rather than merely being opportunistic from a poor offense, at least from the various reports I’m reading. Of course nightwulf is correct: the proof will come Sunday afternoons. But at this point I think they are going to be the heart and sould of this team.

  10. I still haven’t heard many reports about Lawrence Jackson. I was hoping this guy was going to step it up and become the first round draft pick we were hoping he would be.


    Very good stuff Hawks KD, I am getting pretty pumped for the season.

    I think individually we have a talented group of OL. The problems are going to come from elementary line calls made by Spencer or Vallos. I hope we can keep Matt in one piece this year. Maybe Unger has a chance to be the starter?

  12. Not ready to throw in the towl on the O-line yet.
    Offense takes much longer to gel, especially with an entire new system for them to learn.
    Right now they are thinking, and thinking gets you beat, especially in the NFL
    Defense can react so they do not need to think as much.
    YES we do need to improve the O-line as we have for several years now. Unger is a start but next year we still need to draft/acquire more quality O linemen especially 1 to replace Big Walt

  13. nightwulf – I am scared to death about those boys up front too. That is our ticket to going 7-9 or winning the Super Bowl.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    “Not ready to throw in the towl on the O-line yet.” Well, that’s good because they haven’t even played a game yet. lol. Everyone, just take a deep breath. …there ya go. It’s going to take time for them to gel as a unit. This collection of linemen has never played together, as a whole, they are learning a new system and we are only a week and a half into camp. I too have concerns but let’s understand where they are and how the process works. Let’s not hit the panic button just yet, Lol.

  15. Good stuff HawksKD, thank you.

    I do wonder how the WRs will shake out – cutting Butler would be a pretty big surprise given his draft position. I suppose the way they perform in the pre-season games will determine who makes it and who doesn’t – seems like Obu has earned a spot, and you hate to cut a guy with the size/speed of Kent. Will be interesting to see it play out.

  16. We were at Southcenter this morning about to turn onto 405 when we got the word…took the day off work also….arrrggghhhh

    Has anyone that got canceled out of Sundays practice received an email detailing what the rain-check is about….only so many practices left and they are all full…

    I heard that the team would be loaded on buses and visit each registered attendees home for milk, cookies, and family pictures…..

  17. @ Dukeshire – Ok breath taken..maybe a little too frustrated at the time I was writing that one up. Like you said, I’m pretty sure it was the disguising/execution on defense (a great sign). The OLine for the most part had been holding it’s own throughout camp with the exception of yesterdays embarassment

    @PDway – Practice squad is always an option for butler.

    *Anyone know if the draftees are protected from waivers after the first initial cut?

    @BassNW – I was called at 0730 this AM for the cancellation. I feel your pain, except I was still in bed and had the day off. So sorry that happened to you. You may still reschedule your practice regardless if it is sold out or not….However I think there are only 2 left @ Vmac after today. I’m sure they will let you in this afternoon. They are pretty cordial to the people that have signed up.

  18. I agree with Duke, no time to panic yet. My write-up of Matt and the offense from Sunday’s practice sounded pretty bad, but I have no doubt we can be ready for the season. We are watching practice, it is not a game; there are no live bullets. We need a couple more weeks at least to practice the new system, and get comfortable with the plays. If Matt and the offense look bad after a couple of preseason games, then it is time to be concerned, right now it is just something to keep an eye on.

    Thanks HawksKD for the write-up, nice job. I am tracking the position battle at fullback, somewhat based on a position Sando is taking. Sando says one of the other coaches in the NFC West maintains that Owen Schmitt does not have the lateral quickness to pick-up the blitz. We need our fullback to be Matt’s protector, so pass blocking is critical. Schmitt does well at run blocking, but pass blocking has been a problem, and it sounds like that showed in practice. In my mind, Griffith is our starting fullback until Schmitt proves he can pick-up the blitz.

  19. There’s no way Butler will end up on our practice squad. He’d first have to get cut and then every other team in the NFL would have to pass on him and then (and only then) he’d be eligible for the practice squad. I don’t see where 1. we’d cut him, and 2. nobody else would take him (for nothing). If we tried sneaking him onto our practice squad I could about guarantee that a team like the Rams, 49ers, Ravens, Vikings, Dolphins, etc. would take him in a heartbeat and put him on their roster.

    I have been skeptical of our offensive line for about 4 years now. Excuse me if I’m not feeling good about the unit until I see them perform well on Sundays.

    I feel good about most of the rest of the team though (minus FS/RB).

  20. Not saying it won’t happen, b/c who knows, but a 3rd round pick not making the roster would be a real disappointment. If that ends up happening b/c we’ve got too many other talented receivers, then we should have spent that high pick on another position.

  21. Bernie42 says:

    Thanks for the report, HawksKD.

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