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Training camp Day 6, night practice: Branch a no go

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 5, 2009 at 9:31 pm with 17 Comments »
August 5, 2009 9:31 pm

Here’s a few notes from the evening practice at the VMAC from your substitute football writer….

Obviously the big news was Deion Branch being absent from practice. The official word is a sore left knee and that is basically precautionary.

That’s the same knee Branch had ACL surgery on two seasons ago and some clean-up on in April. At this point with that much work done, the knee is going to get sore at times and four straight days will do that. Having him miss a practice every few days is hardly anything to be alarmed about.

No Walter Jones, no Trufant, or Billy McMullen (does it really matter?) for the second practice either.

Since today was my first day of watching practice, my impressions aren’t going to be as dialed in as Eric, but here’s a few things.

* Things were getting a little chippy on a cool evening at the VMAC.

During “Skele”, Courtney Taylor caught a ball and as he tried to accelerate up the seam, Kelly Jennings – all 170 pounds of him – gave Taylor a pretty good bump and Taylor went to the ground. Taylor got up and was none too pleased saying a few choice words as we went back to the huddle.

In the final team drills, TJ Houshmandzadeh didn’t take kindly to a late lick laid on him by DB Travis Fisher after the whistle, and Housh had plenty to say for the defensive backs. Apparently in the past few days, safety CJ Wallace has had a few of these plays and the receivers appear to have had enough. There was plenty of barking after that from both sides, which always makes things more entertaining.

But don’t expect to see any physical confrontations, head coach Jim Mora mentioned that in the morning meeting with the press is that he thinks its unnecessary and isn’t exactly a measure of a team’s toughness.

“I don’t want to see a battle break out every day on the practice field. I don’t believe that that is ‘tough,’” Mora said. “I think, to a certain extent, it’s maybe not the smartest thing in the world. These guys are all tough. They’re all tough. We’ve made a concerted effort in the draft and free agency to find guys that have a strong physical presence.”

* Justin Forsett had a few decent runs during the early team periods, and Matt Hasselbeck looked much crisper in the afternoon practices than in the morning. On successive plays he hit Deon Butler and Housh on 10-yard plus gains.

* Jordan Kent, who isn’t known for having the best hands in traffic, made two or three nice catches during team drills. The kid is so athletic, if he could just figure the rest out, he’d be unbelievable.

* One person who does have great hands is tight end John Carlson and he didn’t disappoint. One thing you notice is his hands are so soft the ball doesn’t seem to make a sound when he catches it. Some guys you’ll hear a loud thud. Not Carlson. It’s just smooth, quiet and effortless.

* Deon Butler is impressive. He’s so quick that when he runs dig routes, the separation he gets from DBs who must respect his speed is impressive. He also seems unafraid to go over the middle, though I counted three times where he could have been absolutely lit up by defenders if it had been a game.

* Cory Redding may be one of the most immense human beings I’ve ever seen. He actually makes Patrick Kerney look small.

That’s about all I have. Not exactly in football mode quite yet, but it was still fun getting out there and watching. It does get you pumped up for football season.

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  1. Great report Ryan. Thanks for filling in. Watched a few lions games on tonight from last season (yeah it was ugly) and two players stood out. One was Calvin Johnson. The other was Cory Redding. He seems to really have a knack for getting into the backfield. I really think he could be a surprise game-changing type of player for us this year.

  2. CDHawkFan says:

    Off topic, I have noticed in the past that there are a few Seahawks Insider bloggers from London, UK. I am in the process of moving there. As a 6 year season ticket holder, can one of you tell me where you can watch NFL/Seahawks games at a bar/pub in London/Greenwich?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Go Hawks!

  3. chewy724 says:

    Ah yes, Deionette Branch with his annual trip to the sideline because of a sore knee. Which knee is it this year?

    Miss Branch, why don’t you just become a sideline reporter. Maybe you and Numbskull can talk about restructuring your $42 mil contract so we have a little cap room to sign our rookie Mr. Curry who thinks he’s entitled to QB money. You’re agent is a joke.

  4. snydro22 says:

    THIS is why I always beat the Ryan Divish and Eric Williams drum while Frank Hughes was running the blog.

    Thanks, Divish!

  5. BatterseaHawk says:

    CD Hawk Fan, I’ve lived in Battersea the past two years so not sure about South East London however Bodean’s shows NFL games as well as the All American Sports Bar and the Texas Embassy.

    I’ve been a season ticket holder since 2002 so about the same time. If you care to get together and watch a game give me a shout. Alwasy good to get together with guys from Seattle.

  6. LondonHawk says:


    You will enjoy your time in London, but unfortunately you will not be seeing a lot of Seahawks games!

    Skysports shows live NFL games every Sunday starting at 6pm and going to 12 or 1AM. The Sunday night game comes on at about 4AM Monday morning. The pubs and bars will mainly show football (soccer) not NFL. You might find a local that has Sky Sports and is willing to put it on for you. (or you can arrange for Sky sports wherever you are staying it isn’t too expensive.) There is also one very good sports bar in the West End where the NFL and Sky hosts their SB party so they will have the game as well.

    You will also be at the mercy of the Sky sports scheduling department as they only show 2 games. One early and one late so you will be unlikely to see the Seahawks (I think they showed them 4 times the year of they went to the SB and that counted the 2 playoff games!).

    If you have a decent web connection in the UK I would recommend watching them on your PC you can then watch every Seahawk game unless it is shown by Sky.

    If you need more specifics let me know!

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Hmm. All the gray and drizzle of Seattle without the coffee or Seahawks? Man, I hope they are paying you well. Lol.

  8. CDHawkFan says:

    Nope, for a British gal, Duke. Man, do I expect to be roasted, left my job and all….except my dog, she is coming with me.

    Man am I going to miss that time, about every other Sunday, around 12.55 pm for the player introductions, 12th man flag, losing my voice until Wednesday, seeing an interception before it happens, high-fiving strangers, being there for a pick-6, or punt return, seeing/hearing 3rd and long for the opponent in the 4th quarter, and listening to Mitch during the postgame on my way home.

    Thanks for the feedback BatterseaHawk and LondonHawk, it helps and maybe we can figure out a place to watch the NFC Championship game.


  9. I see chewy is in mid-season form.

    The lack of excitement I feel, at the moment, for our #4 overall pick seems to be made up by my excitement for Butler. I just hope he can make some of those tough catches in games and he’ll be able to use his speed even more on the long balls. I don’t expect 75 catches or anything, but I do think he’s going to make some big plays. That speed is nice to have.

  10. CDHawkFan says:

    LondonHawk, before I forget. Is watching online fairly straightforward? Do I do it though Sky, NFL network, or some Fox/NBC link?

    Sorry for being a rookie…and for going off-topic from the Branch/Day 6 story.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    A woman? Being in love is cool too.

    As easy as it is to hit the panic button with Branch, I agree with Ryan, this wouldn’t appear to be anything to freak out over.

    That was interesting what he had to say about Carlson’s hands. He’s going to be fun to watch for years.

    Eric (or Ryan) beyond his back appearing to be healthy, how has Hasslebeck looked? I’ve not read many positive things. Is that mostly because there is an expected level of competence or has he been struggling to find a rhythm early in camp? Ryan’s post aside, it seems there have not been many reports of him looking sharp. Of course, it’s still early with a new group of faces. Thanks.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    Well, still no Curry but at least the team didn’t make what I was calling a HUGE mistake by taking Crabree at #4.

    The latest on him is if the 9rs don’ pay him as if he was drafted in the top 3 regardless of the fact that he was drafted at 10, he’s going to sit out the season and re-enter the draft next year.

  13. Yeah, I saw that about Crabtree – and while there has been some grumbling here about Curry not signing yet, it would be a whole lot worse if he (or his reps) were starting to complain about it to the media. That’s a baaaad sign for sure . . .

  14. I’d much rather have Alex Mack and his mid-late first round salary (and in camp) than any of the players taken at the top of the round and their crazy salary demands. He’s a much better value for the buck in the early 20s slot. He doesn’t kill a salary cap. I can’t believe Craptree is seeking that kind of dough. And a guy like Tyson Jackson — if he goes back into the draft, there’s a chance he won’t be taken again until the late first round (many thought, myself included, the Chiefs reached with him). That would be funny and maybe the gurus of the CBA would get a clue.

  15. I will admit I have been out of it for awhile… perhaps Mack is a holdout too? Either way, you get the point.

  16. chuck_easton says:

    Nope Mack signed a decent and fair contract 5 years $11.3 million $8.9 million guaranteed.

    Now that Tyson Jackson has signed at #3 and the deal that Smith signed at #2 is reported to actually only be a 5 year $33 million (6.6 mill per year) and not that crazy 62 million as reported, maybe Curry and his agent will wisen up and take a fair offer.

  17. Chuck, thank you for the info. I’m a bit out of the loop at the moment with stuff going on and appreciate it.

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