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Training camp Day 5: Defense steps up

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 4, 2009 at 7:13 pm with 20 Comments »
August 5, 2009 8:33 pm

The fifth day of training camp came to a close with still no appearance from first round draft choice Aaron Curry.

Marcus Trufant also remains on the PUP list. Walter Jones did not practice, but did do some side work with offensive line coach Mike Solari before practice. Also sitting this practice out was wide receiver Billy McMullen (knee) and linebacker Tony Taylor (knee).

Returning to practice were Brandon Mebane (knee) and Owen Schmitt (calf).

Also in attendance watching practice was UW head coach Steve Sarkisian, his defensive coordinator Nick Holt and two other UW assistants. Mountaineer Ed Viesturs also was here.

I thought the first unit defense looked strong against the run today, with guys like Brandon Mebane, Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Darryl Tapp, Colin Cole and Patrick Kerney all making plays either at or behind the scrimmage on running plays. It looks like they’re getting a better feel for what defensive coordinator Gus Bradley wants to do scheme-wise against the run.

Running back Devin Moore had a couple nice runs today, showing good vision in finding a running lane and explosively accelerating through the hole. However, he also tried to bounce outside and outrun the defense a couple times, which you can’t do at this level. He’s raw but talented.

Justin Forsett also had a long run during team where he hit the hole untouched on a draw and outsprinted the secondary to the end zone.

The offense worked a live drill on the goal line today, with the first unit offense scoring three out of four times from the one-yard line. The only time they didn’t get in was an incomplete pass that Matt Hasselbeck threw away.

During special teams work, Forsett, Jordan Kent, Josh Wilson, Ben Obomanu, Moore, Deon Butler, Michael Bumpus and Courtney Taylor all got work as the back guys in kick returns.

Pass rush drills were interesting today. Rob Sims and Cory Redding went against each other for the first time, and it was worth the price of the ticket. Sims won the first one, basically shucking an off-balanced Redding to the ground. But Redding came back during the second battle to get the best of Sims.

Sims really has looked solid during first few days of camp, and is playing with a lot of confidence.

Others who excelled during the drills include Craig Terrell, who made a nice spin move to get past Mansfield Wrotto, and Nick Reed, who also used his quickness to beat Kyle Williams around the edge.

There also was a little smack talk between Red Bryant and Max Unger after their one-on-one collision, with Unger not backing down from the fiery Bryant.

Seneca Wallace struggled a bit during team drills, with Jordan Babineaux picking off a deflected pass intended for Justin Griffith. Wallace also threw into double coverage deep to Deon Butler, which was picked off by Kevin Hobbs.

Mike Teel also struggled some during team drills, getting picked off on a nice, leaping catch by his former Rutgers teammate, Courtney Greene, and later getting stripped by Kevin Brown near the goal line on the last play of the night.

Also, Mike Haas got a rare opportunity to run with the first unit and took advantage of it, getting open from the slot down the seam of the defense for big gain.

Notes from practice
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  1. I’m glad to hear that Sims is getting better. I know that most people don’t think too highly of him, but just maybe he has matured into an effective NFL player during the offseason. One can only hope.

  2. HawksKD says:

    Thanks Eric –

    It’s good to hear how well sims is doing. I guess Sando wasn’t crazy when he was initially high on him. I saw some terrible play from both him and Spencer last year that I would like to forget sooner rather than later. Hearing your positive comments helps that process.

    Did Hasselbeck look any better this practice? He looked to be struggling at yesterdays evening practice.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Glad to hear Walt doing some work before practice. Take it easy big fella. And agreed about Sims, very positive.

  4. With Curry still being a punk with his agents! ( I just might have to boo him the first game!!!!!)

    Who is running with the first unit for the defense?

  5. chuck_easton says:

    D. D. Lewis. He would be a decent starter until Curry finally comes to his senses and signs. I certainly hope Mora doesn’t just go and put Curry into the starting role given he’s already missed the first 8 practices. Make the kid earn it. Granted his talent will get him there, but he has to have some consequence for missing the first 5 (or more) days of camp.

  6. Hey how about we send Denver their #1 pick back and we take Knowshan of their hands!!

  7. nidhighe says:

    Just sign the big check already, Ruskell. You said it yourself that he was the best defensive player available in this year’s draft. It’s inexcusable to balk at paying him that way.

  8. We got our tub ‘o Lard

    I remember listening to John Madden describe a game, and he used a term for a big fat guy in the middle. Madden said ‘…they got a big ‘o tub a lard in there…’. That description was made of such players as Fridge Perry, Grady Jackson , etc.

    The prototype tub ‘o lard is short and stout guy with a solid base and a few extra pounds. They are able to take hits from all sides due to their girth. We had Marcus Tubbs as are class A tub ‘o lard. When he played in the game, we had a different defense.

    It looks like we have that type a guy in Colin Cole. The coaches said they were pleased with the conditioning he did prior to training camp. Colin looked pretty big to me, I don’t know what his body fat ratio is, but he could enter the biggest loser contest. Let’s hope he can hold the point of attack better than we did last year. Lofa looks really good, but if someone doesn’t keep him clean he will get lost in the wash. Colin looks like a guy who can control the center of the defense.

  9. I’m so thankful we’ve got D. D. Lewis on our LB corps. He is a solid player, and with Lofa and Hill the defense can be considered extremely tough. I don’t think Curry is going to sign until Crabtree, Raji, Monroe, and Smith have signed. Unfortunately, that could be a few more days but I don’t think we absolutely need him. If he wants to hurt his chances of a good rookie season by holding out, that’s his business. In the meantime the team has to move on, and right now I know that our defense is better than it was last year.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Is there anyone on the Seahawks less heralded than D.D. Lewis? He seems to be always fighting for his job or on the verge of being cut, or is, or they are looking for someone to replace him. Yet he’s always there when they need him. All from an undrafted FA. I too am greatful they got him back after his ’07 in Denver.

  11. After all the ripping on Rob Sims last year, it will be good to see some folks on this blog move on. Let’s all remember Sims only game last year was played with a torn pec muscle. A game he played nearly all of while injured.

    Still a long way to go for these O linemen, but what a great start to hear Sims and Spencer both practicing healthy. Still holding my breath on both Spencer and Big Walt – can those guys get and stay healthy? Hard to believe the good news so far, but my optimism is sky-high!

  12. Dukeshire says:

    You know how it works around here: once someone declares something, regardless of it’s merits, it becomes law. Irrefutable law that must be hammered over the bastard contrarian’s head. The subject of Rob Sims has fallen prey to this scenario. (As have many others). (Due respect to anyone for whom this may apply)

  13. C’mon Eric, it’s spelled “Hass.” I suppose if he pulls off a few more long gains he might get some love in the correct name department.

  14. jzulaski says:

    Went to the practice yesterday with my grandson. Saw a lot of good catches by the receivers but, also a few drops. One of the really tall receivers (I think it was Taylor) made a great one-handed grab straight above him.

    I like to see that. It shows good body control and concentration.

    The offense and defense seemed a little more balanced as far as good plays but, I really don’t have much to compare it to (not having gone to any other practices).

    My grandson won a chance to get autographs from the players but, the players that they had down there signing were basically unknowns (i.e., my grandson didn’t know who the heck they were). That was a bit of a disappointment for him. But, he was still pretty excited about the whole thing.

    All in all, I would rate the public practices a thumbs up. You have to wait in lines for a while for the buses but, it was worth it.

  15. tacstar253 says:

    tell your grandson to keep those autographs in a safe place. when i was a youngster i got hasselbacks autograph when he was a scrawny backup. you never know. some of those unknowns could become studs

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Good for you guys. Damn straight hang on to them. Many times those unknown players become your favorites because it gives you someone to root for, that you can relate to. The working man thing. The underdog.

  17. getALife996 says:

    OK, you guys probably all know this, but I am too lazy to go look it up. In the last years, what is the normal length into training camp that the top 5 players took to sign contracts? Trying to see if there is an average number of days in that I can look forward to Curry likely having the contract signed. It’s normal for them to hold out like this, I mean this far into camp, right? Just kind of having ADD-like symptoms, probably like the rest of you, waiting for him to sign. If anyone knows, that would be great. Thanks. (BTW – has anyone seen BobbyK lately – I saw Duke’s Sims post above, and it reminded me of BobbyK and how I haven’t seen his posts lately). Always enjoy the good chatter! Keep up the good comments!

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby had mentioned that he was having trouble logging on to the new format, in addition to being gone for a week or so. But other than that, no clue.

    As for the holdouts: not sure if this article answers your question in entirety, but it offers some good information looking back and to the future. This year does seem feature a higher than normal number of holdouts.…/226512-2009-nfl-draft-class-may-have-a-first-rounder-holdout-problem -

  19. Was gone for 10 days and now in the process of moving (I hate moving). We only have internet at one place and we’re between them right now. I only have time to be a troll at the moment, and not a crazy blogger.

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