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Post by lauragentry on July 30, 2009 at 2:26 pm with 22 Comments »
July 30, 2009 2:29 pm

We’re trying out a new blogging system here at The News Tribune and hope you’ll like the changes. We also hope you’ll test it out and give us some feedback. Since the Seahawks Insider crowd is the most active of all our blogs, we wanted to roll it out here first.

On to a few of the changes you’ll notice:

• We’ve added a left column that narrows the content column and makes the blog a little easier to read.

• In that column, we’ve added a tag cloud that shows the most blogged current topics. The tag cloud also allows us to streamline our category lists which got out-of control after awhile (sorry about that). If you’d like to know more about tags and tag clouds, give this a read.

• Also in the left column, you’ll see a list of the most recent comments made to keep track of where the latest conversation activity is happening.

• In the content column, you’ll find a “share this” feature on every post of the blog allowing you an easy way to email, print or blog a post or share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.

• Each post now has an individual RSS feed generated so you can keep track of comments made on an individual post by subscribing to it’s feed.

• You’ll be seeing more embedded audio and video clips in blog posts as well as an audio “jukebox” in the left column.

Unfortunately, we were unable to move our previous content over to this new system, so we’re keeping the old blog alive indefinitely if you need to access past content.

The biggest benefit to switching to this new system (WordPress, if you’re curious) is that it gives us a lot of flexibility to add new features quickly and easily. So, if you’ve got a wish list of blog features you’d like to see, post them here and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Make sure to update any bookmarks or RSS feeds you had pointing to our old system as they will no longer work.

New blog URL:
New RSS feed:
New Atom feed:

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. chuck_easton says:


    Looks good to me. Though I do find it a little “busy”. It could grow on people. I like the streaming audio and the running comment count.

  2. mrgreenbeans says:

    One thing now that you are on wordpress would be having a nice mobile format (specifically a nice layout for the ever popular iPhone). The folks over at USS Mariner use wordpress as well and recently added a plugin for this and it is VERY nice for those of us that like to check the blog on the run.

  3. mrgreenbeans says:

    Wow, the comments look pretty ugly. Seems the font spacing and color doesn’t match up with the template for the rest of the blog.

  4. I think it’ll just take some getting used to, like anything else. But, the comment font does make it a little harder to read.

  5. nightwulf says:

    I’m generally of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school, unless the “fix” entails major improvements. I don’t understand how you consider narrowing the column makes it “easier to read”, to me, it just means I have to scroll more often. On the whole, I don’t see any improvements, just changes…not a fan of change for changes sake…my two cents, and worth exactly what you paid for it…:)

  6. @mrgreenbeans & @TheWash – Oops, the comment styling was overlooked. Should be much easier to read now. Also, the mobile template is definitely in the works.

  7. BethanyW says:

    I don’t see how this format makes anything easier to read. All I can notice is the obnoxious advertising bar at the right, which seems to be the real reason for adding the left column and narrowing the content area. On one hand, kudos for putting the adverts exactly where marketing studies show individual’s eyes drift to on a computer screen. On the other hand, it’s really annoying. The info on Eric, tag cloud, etc. are not really user-friendly because they are at the place on the page where people look last, and the narrow content makes the page seem cluttered. All in all, the changes makes me less likely to want to visit this blog again; a shame, because it’s a great source.

  8. 1. This blog does not work with Firefox 3.5. I can NOT post with FF

    2. If you are going to use this, please change the links from the TNT home page; they still point to the old blog

    3. I MUCH prefer the old system, I will likely also leave if i can’t use Firefox.

  9. lauragentry says:

    @moo – I’m posting this using Firefox 3.5. Make sure you’re logged in to our user registration on Firefox. It should provide the link for you to do that.

  10. Laura, I am logged on. The “Mail required” shows “null” & will not let me put an email address in, it will also not accept a posting attempt. I am able to post with Opera.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Will HTML tags be able to be used? It would be nice if the comments posted and updated in “real time” without having to refresh. I do find it a little cluttered, as well. Although that may be due to the fact it’s new to look at. But it feels like the comments and posts are secondary to the advertising. I get that someone has to pay the bills, seems like there ought be be a less intrusive way to present the page. 1st impression: heh.

  12. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Let me quickly address the ad column issue: It’s the same ad column we use on our homepage, story pages and section fronts. I promise we’re not trying to pull a fast one on you, we’re just aiming for consistency across the site. We decided to take the content out of the ad rail so that, in-house, content people can work on content and ad people can work on ads without stepping on each other’s toes.

    Content-wise, we’re working with the same width we had before, but we opted to go for a left column to enhance usability (rather than clutter the top of the page or stick important items at the bottom of the page). Hopefully that gives you some insight into the “why” and hopefully, after a couple of weeks, you’ll have gotten used to the changes. If not, email me ( and we’ll rethink the layout.

    @Dukeshire – Yes, HTML tags are allowed, but you don’t need to use them to embed links. If you paste a link into your comment, it will automatically create a hyperlink.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    They were supposed to be on the old site too, but I could NEVER get them to work. Thanks

  14. In Case anyone else deals with this, I had to do the following in THIS SPECIFIC ORDER to post with FF 3.5.1:

    1. Tell Adblock Pro to allow everything on this page

    2. Log OUT

    3. Log in

  15. Bernie42 says:

    I know you’ve already got less room to work with given the three-column approach, but the web designer in me thinks you need to add some left and right padding to the middle column. Right now the content is snug up against the left and right column borders and makes things a little uncomfortable to read, in my opinion.

    Fortunately for me, most of my reading happens in Google Reader anyway, but the spacing would come in handy when heading over here to catch up on comments.

    Regardless, congrats on making the switch to a superior blog platform.

  16. mrchubbs says:

    A suggestion to make the comments easier/better to read. Check out

    It works great with WordPress since WordPress owns them.


  17. I am not able to post via IE. There is an issue with cookied machines. It looks like you are logged in, but session has not been really established. It shows your login and a null value for email, and it will not allow you to change the email address and it is a required field so you can’t post. I think I can fix it by logging out and logging back in, but I can’t seem to find a link to log out. Anyone know where that is? I posted this with Firefox.

  18. Bernie42, same issue I had, just different browser. To log out, go to the TNT home page, “Log Out’s” on top.

    To bad TNT I.T. wasn’t on top of this issue……………

  19. Laura, can you increase the font size? My 50+ yo eyes are having trouble with this smaller font. I know i can increase with FF on a page by page basis, but it’s a pain.

  20. am_misfit says:

    Nice detailing of the changes. Well, except for one thing: you neglected to mention that nearly 1/3 of the entire page on the right side is not flush with Ads. Easier to read? No. Giant commercials dominating the pages is not something that makes the blog better or better to read. I love the content, but distractingly huge amounts of Ads really takes away from the pleasure of reading the content. It’s unfortunate. I understand this is a free service, but the amount of Ads is nauseating.

  21. fsleatiota55 says:

    My comment is to any athletes of all sports, I have such a problem really understanding why it is so hard for any players to give there 100% to there team or coach in playing the sport they love as to the reason why they are in that sport. With the money these owners pay for players to do the job they are hired to do it is like they forget why they are there in the first place, instead they whine and cry like mommas boy or girl he he, but does not produce what they get paid to do. Now if I was the owner I fire all your behinds thats for sure. I hate a guy or a female who acts like they are all it and shows off, all mouth and no action Seattle teams I am tired of supporting your games and it is the same thing year after year you do good in the beginning and run out of gas at the end. The management sucks nothing has change to me in the last ten years, fans pay alot of money to see games of there state and they love there sports team, but do the players cares players get richer and we get poorer and the players always looses what is the use of supporting sports when they cost money to see and they loose all the time no titles nada. Mora the least he could do is not let the team down what is so hard in kicking a ball straight up the middle between the goal post unless his eyesight is bad or worse, Seahawks needs to go to American Samoa and get some field goal kickers they will show them how to kick the ball over sea-hawk stadium with the roof shut, Samoans are known to kick the coconut with there feet and crack it open, those kickers I see they are too wimpy looking, skinny and light thats why most kicks I see goes off zig zag because they move side by side they suppose to stand straight and kick from a certain angle to be right focus in the target down the middle, there body weight is too light to keep them still. Concentration and 1 hour daily any old way just kick something to keep the feet and toes moving to the kicking movements so it does not sleep or pulls when he kicks. Anyways I do not feel sorry for you Mora because it is your job and you get good money to just kick at least 2 maybe 4 per game you lucky your work that is all you do and you get good compensation for it than most people. Thanks sorry people but that is my honest opinion thanks………….


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