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Rang talks draft: Hawks in good position

Post by Eric Williams on April 1, 2009 at 12:38 pm with 93 Comments »
April 1, 2009 12:38 pm

I recently checked in with Rob Rang, senior analyst with, to get his thoughts on where the Seattle Seahawks sit in terms of the upcoming draft in April with less than a month remaining.

We’ll have a more thorough breakdown of each position group in a couple weeks as part of our draft preview coverage, but for now Rang shares his thoughts on who Seattle might select with the team’s No. 4 overall pick.

As always, Rang had some interesting thoughts on what Seattle might do on draft day. I asked him specifically about some of the players mock drafts have the Seahawks selecting. Those names included Matthew Stafford, Aaron Curry, Eugene Monroe, Michael Crabtree and Chris Wells.

Here is what Rang had to say about the Seahawks chances of trading up to get someone like Curry.

"With the fourth pick there’s not going to be much room to move," he said. "And so I think that’s one of the unique aspects of this draft. Because Seattle is going to put themselves in a position to take the best player, I don’t know if there’s any one player in this draft that has established himself as the dominant, No. 1 prospect. So I think that the player that drops to four, is going to be just as good as the player that’s probably taken No. 1 overall.

"So I don’t see it being a very likely scenario. They could possibly move up and switch spots with Kansas City. Kansas City at No. 3, without a second round pick now because they traded for Matt Cassel, they could move up one spot if they really liked Aaron Curry or they really liked one of those tackles, if there is indeed one of those tackles still on the board. You might be able to trade up slightly and get the guy you like if you are concerned. Because is Kansas City is looking to trade down and Seattle has a guy they really like, the teams that would be willing to trade up with Kansas City might be taking that player, so Seattle would be wise to consider that option. But again, if they’re going to do something like that, I think they’d only be giving up a third or fourth-round pick."

And here’s what Rang said about Seattle possibly trading down.

"The financial ramifications of having a top five pick in this day and age with the salary cap, with the way the rookie salary slotting is filled out, it just makes it very difficult. I mean you rarely see teams trade out anymore. A few years ago, the San Francisco 49ers were kind of forced to take Alex Smith the quarterback at No. 1. They didn’t necessarily want to do that. They just could not trade out. You’ve got to get some kind of value to be able to trade back. It’s going to be tough to trade out. There is going to be some interest if the quarterback (Stafford) is available at four. There’s possibly a scenario they can trade back if one of the tackles or Aaron Curry is available.

"The thing is, to trade back sounds great, but there’s got to be somebody willing to trade up. And there going to want to have to get ahead of the Cleveland Browns at five. So you’ve got to look at who the Cleveland Browns want to take, and they need a pass rusher. So if somebody really loves Brian Orakbo, or if they really love Aaron Curry, then possibly someone wants to trade with Seattle to get that fourth pick so they can get ahead of Cleveland."

Rang said some players Seattle might look at later in the draft include wide receivers Hakeem Nicks, Austin Collie and Brian Robiskie and Brandon Gibson, and running backs Donald Brown and Shonn Greene.

Overall, Rang sees the top four players, in no particular order being Stafford, Jason Smith, Monroe and Curry. Rang also talked about the strength of this year’s draft being the talent level of players rated 20 through 50 or 60 is pretty good, which is the reason teams are looking to get second round draft picks. You still get a good player, but for a much lower price.

"In a lot of ways to teams that second round pick is worth more than the No. 3 pick, because you’re getting still a very good player at a fraction of the cost," Rang said.

Rang also gave the Seahawks high marks for what they accomplished in free agency.

"I thought this was team that had a lot of holes, but I really think the credit goes to (Tim) Ruskell or to (Jim) Mora or whomever, they have done a phenomenal job of providing themselves wiggle room in the draft,” he said. “And I think that’s where teams get themselves in trouble, when they back themselves into a corner. And they have done the exactly opposite. They have made it possible to take anybody, which is why I’m having a tough time projecting who they are going to take at four."

Listen to part of the conversation with Rang here.

Matthew Stafford

Why would Seattle select him? "With Hasselbeck’s injury situation and his age, they’re in the perfect position now to get a quarterback. But you don’t have to take him. He’s kind of a luxury pick. I think so many teams wait so long, that now they have to get a quarterback. History shows quarterback is a very risky position to take, especially earl on. But these guys are being picked that high because they have incredible skills.

"If you give him a year to learn, especially under a pro like Hasselbeck, who is talented but is also successful because of his mind and work ethic, and you instill that in this kid, who’s kind of a brash, cocky gunslinger, and that’s what Stafford kind of is, then that’s the perfect scenario. That’s what Green Bay did with Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Aaron Rodgers and all of those guys."

Why might Seattle pass? "It’s not an area of huge concern at this point. All indications are that Hasselbeck’s healthy. You’re going to be playing a third-place schedule now. You’re going to have an opportunity to bounce back next year. I believe, and I think the Seahawks believe, that they are not a 4-12 team. They’re a team that go hit hard by injuries and had some bad luck, but that they can be back competing for the division. You see Arizona struggling to get some of their players back. There’s some discontent there now. So I think they feel like if you can get an immediate, impact player, whether it’s an offensive skill position or defensive playmaker at four, then it’s that much better for you. You don’t have to take a quarterback."

Aaron Curry

Why would Seattle select him?
"If he’s on the board at No. 4 then he’s the best available player. It certainly is a position of need after they traded Julian Peterson. He is a classic, Tim Ruskell type of player. He is hard working, intelligent, well-spoken, all of those character things you look at. He’s certainly has been a big-time star for Wake Forest in the ACC, which is a very talented conference.

"I think he’s a lot like Julian Peterson. He’s so rangy and athletic that you’re going to get very similar ability that you had with Peterson, except for he’s a lot younger. He’s the kind of guy that Seattle or any team can build their defense around. You just don’t have to build a defense around him because obviously Seattle already has two talented linebackers in Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill."

Why might Seattle pass? "If he was on the board I would be surprised if they took someone else. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade the pick because it’s just he is a good enough player to create some interest. I don’t know how many other players that will be available at four that other teams would have some interest in. Possibly Stafford."

Eugene Monroe

Why would Seattle select him? "He’s a legitimate left tackle, so to have him learn under Walter Jones would be a perfect scenario. He can come in, and it’s not like he can’t play other positions. He can come in, and you can slide him in at guard. He’s played guard before. He’s athletic enough, and he’s been a dominant player throughout his career.

“In my opinion he’s one of the safer picks because he’s not going to be a bust. I don’t know if he has the fire in his belly to ever be a Walter Jones kind of guy, a Hall of Fame type of player. But he’s going to be a very, very good for a long time."

Why might Seattle pass? "I think in signing Ray Willis that gives them a lot of flexibility because I personally believe that Ray Willis is a starting-caliber right tackle. I think that you already have that obviously with Sean Locklear. But when Locklear came out of college at N.C. State I really thought he could be a left tackle, certainly not a Walter Jones left tackle, but a starting-caliber left tackle that you could win with. And when I watch him now, even at right tackle, I think his best asset is his athletic ability and his balance, and not necessarily his toughness. And at right tackle you kind of want a tougher, run-blocking kind of guy.

"So there’s a part of me that you could slide Locklear to left tackle, put Ray Willis at right tackle and you’re good, you’ve got your starting-caliber guys. Now, I don’t know if they feel the same way. I think they might, and so if Eugene Monroe is there, or Jason Smith for that matter, if I either one are there, then you can do it because both of them because both of them could be special, Pro Bowl-caliber tackles. But I don’t think you have to."

Michael Crabtree

Why would Seattle select him? "He’s a spectacular talent. I really think he’s an Anquan Boldin type of player. He doesn’t have that elite speed, but you know, for me the fact that he wasn’t able to run for scouts for me matters very little. Even the (foot) surgery matters very little, because Jonathan Stewart had the same surgery and he was every bit the player his rookie season that I thought he would be. Michael Crabtree will be as well."

Why would Seattle pass?
"My concern with Crabtree is I think he’s a similar player to T.J. Houshmandzadeh, in that he’s not a big-play specialist. He’s not somebody who’s going to stretch the field over the top. He’s very good in that he can make some people miss in the open field. He can certainly run through tackles because of his size. He’s got incredible hands and he’s a good route runner, all of those kinds of things, but I think when they signed Houshmandzadeh, and they’re going to focus on the running game like I think they’re going to do, than I think you need a speed guy over the top, and I don’t know if he is that."

Rang went on to say that Crabtree is still a bit young and naïve, and may be a bit of a risk at four. He also likes the depth in the draft at receiver, and believes Seattle could get a pretty good receiver with the No. 37 pick in the second round.

Chris "Beanie" Wells

Why would Seattle select him?
"I do think running back is an area of concern. And I think that Beanie Wells has the size and the speed to absolutely warrant comparison to guys like Larry Johnson and Adrian Peterson. Just some of the most spectacularly gifted backs in the NFL, he has that type of ability."

Why would Seattle pass? "The ‘genius of Tim Ruskell’ is he finds players who are high character players, and player who, at a minimum, play up to their ability, and in some cases play over their ability. And with Beanie Wells I think he plays at less-than his ability at times. So as much as I think it’s an area of need, and as much talent I think he has, I think that it would be a reach at four for a lot of teams."


Rang did comment on defensive end Brian Orakpo and I forgot to add it. Here it is.

Brian Orakpo

Why Seattle would select him? “I think he is the high character guys who makes some kind of sense in the Tim Ruskell line of thinking. … He closes on the quarterback better than Lawrence Jackson, and he would provide some help that way. And certainly with Patrick Kerney struggling with durability the last couple years, that is an area of concern.”

Why Seattle might pass?
“I just think he’s a little too much like they already have in Lawrence Jackson. He’s not truly explosive off of the snap. … I just think that it’s a little bit high for Orakpo in my opinion, and I don’t know if that’s as much of an area of concern for Seattle. I have a hard time believing they’re going to want to devote that kind of draft attention with high picks like Daryl Tapp and Jackson, and the amount of money you have tied into those high picks and Patrick Kerney.”

Rob Rang Analysis
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  1. Thanks Eric, great interview.

    Rang’s one of the few guys who’s opinion I really trust.

    April 25th can’t get here soon enough..

  2. toughguy5128 says:

    If the Offensive linemen are not available at 4, trade the pick. I’m sure you could find a team drafting in the 20’s that would want Curry or Stafford, depending on who’s not picked. Why not send that pick off to move down for a cheaper player we want and pick up a 3rd or 4th, maybe 2nd if the other team is a sucker!

  3. About Crabtree: “he’s a good route runner” I don’t think he is….

    Haven’t read it all yet, but no mention of Orakpo

  4. I’m surprised by that too, JacDG. Beanie doesn’t seem like a Ruskell guy. I don’t know he’d even be considered since Ruskell never seems to want anything to do with the type of person that is Beanie Wells.
    And no mention of Orakpo surprises me? As I said (over and over) on the last blog, he is truly the poster child for a Ruskell pick.

    Dominated in college.
    Played at a big time school.
    Nice person, nice family upbringing (from what I know).

    Moreno is each of those except a senior (but if there’s 1 position you want younger is RB because they usually burn out around 30 no matter what, so get them early).

  5. CHawkFan says:

    I’ve seen Orakpo moving up in the mock drafts. Sounds like a pretty versatile LB.

    I could see Cutler getting traded to Detroit for their first round pick, but not sure he’s worth it. This would allow Denver to pick up Stafford. (speculation…speculation)

  6. ESPN just said Mark Sanchez is really climbing the boards. With Denver about to trade Cutler, they might be willing to trade their 12th pick and more for the Hawks #4 pick.

    There will be several O linemen taken from the middle of the first round to the middle of the second round who could start as rookies.

  7. the3mitchells says:

    Please let us get Cutler!!!!

  8. CHawkFan says:

    By “us” you mean Detroit, right?

  9. CHawkFan says:

    I can’t see Cutler being happy as #2 QB

  10. Cutler is sooo talented but a kind of game mangeing QB as WCO usually uses he is not, he is a gun-slinger.

    BobbyK: Well didn’t perticipate in the last post, so i wouldn’t know about that :) But i totally agree with you, if he won’t reach and take Moreno, Orakpo is the guy I see as the most likely to pick, and i would love that, I’m concerned about Orakpo’s injury problems though. And a pick of Orakpo will make it look like Rusky made a mistake by taking LoJack, and Timmay will not like that!

  11. The12thMan says:

    How about this trade scenario: We give Denver Hasselbeck, Julius Jones, and the #4 pick. They give us Cutler, the #12 pick and maybe their 4th rounder. We take Knowshon with the #12 and then trade up from our 2nd round pick to maybe the #26 or #27 and take Alex Mack.

    What do you guys think? Is this a realistic possibility? Would you make this trade if you were either side?

  12. firejimmoradotcom says:

    You lost me at ‘salary cap’.

    The salary cap is dead and gone next year, and anyone who frames their thinking around the ‘impact on the cap’ or ‘cap room’ is living in the past.

  13. firejimmoradotcom says:

    Also, notice the team never uses the term ‘cap room’. They say ‘impact on our cap’. It’s an euphemism for ‘we could draft/sign that guy, but we are too cheap.’

    I really wish the reporters would stop lapping up these mistruths.

  14. Rang does not have his facts straight in this case, or so it seems, right now Orakpo and Jenkins (yes still) is the two I see most likely in Seattle, if we get an O-line, WR or QB I really don’t think they will start, Orakpo is still a bit Raw, he would secure the future with Tapp and LoJack (if he plays as good as the start of 08) Let’s face it Kerney is older and injury phrone (spelled how?)

  15. “Overall, Rang sees the top four players, in no particular order being Stafford, Jason Smith, Monroe and Curry.”
    For me, any one of this group will be a great addition for us…. I’d prefer it wasn’t Stafford, as I’d sure like a ‘starting’ first Rd pick, but we have a lot of picks overall to make our mark…. There’s some top QB’s in next yr’s draft also…
    The quote: “You’re going to be playing a third-place schedule now.” I had forgotten about… It’s not huge, but it’s there… Also was surprised with the support Rang gave Locklear… We beat him up pretty good here on this Blog…
    Interesting that he suggested ‘trading up’, as I suggested a couple weeks ago. We have the picks to trade with if it’s one key guy that’s wanted…
    Like several have noted, Rang supports the feeling that TR has put us in good position for this draft… We’re not locked into any specific direction…. It should be fun….

  16. chuck_easton says:


    What makes you think the cap is dead and gone? There is a one year window (2010) where there is potentially no cap. The owners WANT a cap. Any future CBA will have a cap. If a team goes crazy next year and pulls a NY Yankees as soon as the cap hits they are toast.

    So, do you sign every player to a one year sky’s the limit deal?

    More likely you are going to see a lockout if the NFLPA doesn’t get to the bargaining table and agree to a new CBA. I guarantee that CBA will include a cap. It’s the only way small market teams can compete anymore.

  17. Whoever thimks we should try and get Cutler and dump Hass is crazy. Sure, he probably dosen’t have much left in him, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be big time for the next 2-3 yrs if we can get a line around him. Hasselbeck is are best option if we want to make a run in the next couple of years. Wait till next year to get a QB. We’ll probably be picking in the middle of the pack next year and there should be a lot better QB draft class. Please Hawks, pick up some linemen and a RB.

  18. Mr_Snrub says:

    To acquire Cutler it would take at least Hasselbeck and the #4 with no pick coming from Denver. I’m doubt the Hawks want to do that considering they feel good about Hasselbeck’s health and the long term potential of the player available at #4.
    If Stafford is available they take without question; assuming they’ve given him a high enough grade, which there is no reason to think they haven’t – howitzer for an arm, high intelligence, good speed, and played in a pro offense with an average offensive line.
    Franchise QBs aren’t easy to find so if a potential one is available you don’t pass on him.

    Orakpo will not be selected for the reasons Rob mentioned and Malcolm Jenkins doesn’t have the speed to warrant a top 10 selection.
    I’d lay a ton of money that Ruskell is hoping that one of these three guys is available – Smith, Stafford, and Curry.

  19. Mr_Snrub says:

    Regarding the cap, the small market teams are likely the ones who wouldn’t mind seeing it disappear because with no salary cap comes no salary floor. Some teams would be happy not to have to spend as much on salary as they do every year. And, NFL history shows you don’t have to be one of the teams spending a lot of money to be successful.
    I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the cap disappear for good. Of course the owners will position themselves as really wanting to keep it and then “give in” to the union and abandon the cap in exchange for a bunch of player union concessions such as revenue percentage – a big reason the owners opted not to extend the current CBA.

  20. edstang45 says:

    Why anyone would take Cutler over Hasslebeck is beyond me!!!! Cutler has not won in Denver and wouldn’t win here. Get real!!!

    And if Curry is available which with the Cutler situation is very very possible now You take him it’s a no brainer!!1 But I like dominate defensive players on a dominate defense. Ball control offense with a very tough defense….many a Superbowl winner fits that scenario.

  21. The12thMan says:

    I disagree that we would have to give up Hass and the #4 for Cutler with no pick coming back from Denver. KC got Matt Cassell for a 2nd rounder no? I think Cutler is worth a bit more than Cassell but not a ton more. Plus everyone knows that Denver has to trade him and now Cutler has some character issues attached to him which decreases his value. I am guessing that swapping the #4 and the #12 picks is worth a 2nd round pick points wise (maybe someone with the chart can confirm?). So we are basically giving a 2nd rounder plus Hass for Cutler. Hass would obviously be very valuable to mentor whichever young QB the Broncos take at #4 and could also start for them for a year or two.

  22. The12thMan says:

    How could you NOT take Cutler over Hass? Bad backs don’t generally just go away, especially at Matt’s age. He most likely has a year or two left in a best case scenario. You’d be crazy not to take one of the best young QB’s in the league for Hass at this point. Cutler is a proven talent unlike any prospect coming out of college. 1st round QB’s have about a 50% success rate. So do you want to flip a coin or do you want a young, proven, strong armed, cool under pressure QB to lead your team for the next 10 years? Cutler didn’t win in Denver because they had absolutely no Defense.

  23. snydro22 says:

    NightHawk2, aren’t you going to call Rob Rang an idiot for saying Jonathan Stewart had the same surgery as Crabtree? You certainly didn’t hold back when I made that claim..

    JacDG, Cutler ran the WCO (a version of it) in Denver.

    There is no doubt he is an elite talent, but I don’t think that is a trade we would be willing to make. They are going to want a king’s ransom, and we probably aren’t looking to give it to them.

  24. Cutler might not yet be what Matt WAS but he is good and has a strong arm and is much younger. If the Hawks had a shot at him and didnt pull the trigger i would be very upset. But IMO we wont get anywhere near a shot at him. Poor Denver they just got soo much worse.

  25. madpunter88 says:

    Jay Cutler is most definitely not a “Ruskell type of guy.” I think you can forget that one happening.

    JacDG- Were you claiming that Rob Rang “does not have his facts straight” because you have better inside info — I sort of missed what you were saying? Do you have info regarding Orakpo or Jenkins? Rang is a pretty highly regarded draft expert who also happens to live in Seattle. I think he is well-positioned to offer a better judgement about the draft than any of us boobs.

    My prediction…whoever the Seahawks draft with the #4 pick, 50% of us will get excited about it (I fall into that group), 25% will call Ruskell an “idiot” before that player has even attended a single day of mini-camp, and the other 25% will claim the player is a “bum” and Ruskell is an “idiot” and he should never have gotten rid of Hutchinson.

  26. snydro22 says:

    madpunter88, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. I am in the 50% category with you. I am stoked.









    Okay, I’ll quit yelling ;)

  27. Isn’t the current CBA good through 2010? Doesn’t that make 2011 the first potential uncapped year?

    Cutler has played in Shanahan’s version of the WCO and has been fairly successful despite DEN’s poor defense. McDaniel wanted Cassell because he already knows the Pat’s offense, which is what DEN is going to play this year. Cutler tried to meet with or get a playbook out of McDaniel all offseason to try and learn the new offense with no response. Then Cutler heard that McDaniel wanted to trade him for Cassell. Cutler was faced with having to learn a new system in a short time. In DVOA and DYAR Cutler outperformed Hass every year except his rookie season. Shanahan’s WCO could be quite similar to Knapp’s, and Cutler could be a good fit. Don’t want to lose Hass, but don’t want 9ers to get Cutler either.

    Stafford is most like Cutler, except without diabetes. He could acquire accuracy on underneath and crossing routes while sitting behind Hass and SW learning Knapp’s WCO. Would rather Hawks take Monroe or Smith before Stafford. Then get Unger in round 2 if he’s there.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Snydro – Agreed. There are far too many teams that are in far greater need for Cutler than the Seahawks are, right now, for them to compete for him. What kills me about so many people here, is that while you’re begging for Cutler, you slam the idea of Stafford being drafted by the ‘Hawks, if he’s there. An absolute joke. Hey, 12thMan, CUTLER WAS A 1ST ROUND PICK TOO. Out of Vanderbilt, no less. (A tiny school that gets crushed by goliaths, on a regular basis.) Cutler and Cassel situations have nothing to do with one another. Cassel was keeping Tom Brady’s shoes warm. He was, in the Pats case, disposable. Who takes over for Cutler? Exactly. That’s why they will demand and get, the world. Get real, indeed.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Again Snydro – I got that notice in the mail over the weekend. I called Comcast alright. To cancel. I signed up for direct TV Monday afternoon. I feel awful for those of you who are going to be left (hopefully they’ll work it out) in the dark. The fans, yet again, are dumped on by the people who hold the purse strings of the game they love.

  30. doubledink says:

    The only way, IMO, Stafford will fall to us is if Detroit trades for Cutler. If they don’t I think they have to fill the QB hole with the #1 pick unless they are content to draft in the top 5 again next year.

  31. edstang45 says:

    yea Directv is the way to go you’ll like them Dukeshire plus the NFL package although spendy is a must have. I’ve been onboard fpr 6 years. You can watch all the games which may have a impact on the Hawks or for you fantasy guys you can watch yer boys everyweek.

  32. Cutler, aside from being a talented QB, has no Ruskell characteristics. I doubt Ruskell would want a moron like that to be the face of his franchise.

  33. Next time ask him about Raji. That is who the Hawks are likely to take anyway.

  34. I think the people poo-poo trading Hasselbeck are the crazy ones. Let’s think about 1.) Would the organization say “Yeah his back’s messed up”-no and neither would he, just like he didn’t really ever admitted to it last year. 2.) There isn’t really so much of a great talent at 4 that if you factor the value in money saved at 12 wouldn’t be a wash, ie/instead of curry you get cushing/or a rb/wr that you should be getting at that spot, instead of reaching and paying at 4. 3.) If you listen to Mora it doesn’t sound like he has any long term plans in Hasselback-acknowledging his injury problems. 4.) Cutler is better than anyone in the draft this year, and probably better than anyone coming out next year. 5.) It is better to be proactive when rebuilding not wait till your 4-12….oh wait 6.) The Deep Ball-Hasselbeck never has nor never will be able to throw it and Cutler obviously can-and I don’t care that the WC isn’t predicated around it, it’s still there sometimes.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m not grateful for the good times, but lately I see a guy in 8 that turns scared and skitish even when there is a hint of a pass rush. He looked awful last year and blew it several times. The idea of getting value for a guy that soon will have none and ditching a pick that we probably really don’t want makes a lot of football sense to me. Ok let me have it.

  35. hawks4ever says:

    what about sanchez? he will be in a hawks uni next year

  36. I can not believe all the talk about trading Matt. I mean, I thought we were Seattle fans, not yankee fans. I want to win a Superbowl with Matt. Not with Cutler, and not with anybody else. Matt is our guy. I would rather have 3 more years with Matt than 10 with Cutler. Call me crazy, but I want to win with our guys and have loyalty to our players, and Matt is one of those guys. Besides, Matt gives us our best chance to win and the Hawks are built to contend for a championship this year.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    edstang45 – Right on. Comcast gave me the excuse I’ve needed, I’ve wanted the package for some time.

  38. I thought Eric would have had some type of April Fools post for us today (like the Hawks trading Sims and our #4 to MN for Hutch and their #1).

  39. The12thMan says:

    Dukeshire, of course I realize that Cutler was a first round pick. So was Alex Smith, Ryan Leaf, Rick Mirer, etc. The point is that Cutler is a known commodity and Stafford isn’t. Do you know for sure that Stafford won’t end up being a bust? Of course you don’t. Personally I would just much rather take a guy who I know is already a star quality NFL QB than someone who we don’t know about yet. Doesn’t that make sense?

  40. Dukeshire says:

    By that rational, you’d be a fool to draft anyone. Just trade every draft pick for an all ready established player, every year.

  41. I think the Lions should trade for Cutler and then draft Stafford.

    The new GM could be to QBs as Matt Millen was to WRs.

  42. Well don’t look now but reports (kffl) are surfacing that Zorn is after Cutler and offering Campbell and a 2nd rounder. If true J. Campbell will be on Jaybaby watch soon, especially if Cutler ends up elsewhere. LOL

  43. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    arna6, come on get real matt’s great until he gets drilled in the low back by a D-end and misses half if not all the season. trade 1st picks with denver and hass for cutler. we take moreno1st, mack 2nd , kropog 3rd, now not only do you have a young QB with an arm you have a line that can protect him.

  44. The12thMan says:

    If it was always possible to trade a draft pick for an established star player at the position you need then you’d be a fool not to make that trade. The thing is that it is very rare that a star player is on the trading block. This is one of those rare times.

  45. nighthawk2 says:

    Jesus H. Christ, why would we trade UP to get a frelling linebacker!? We can get a good linebacker like Marcus Freeman in the 2nd round.

    Rang is on drugs with some of his mocks.

    I don’t see the Hawks drafting Raji, who appears to be much more a 3-4 nose tackle than a 4-3 defensive tackle. Nor do I think we take Sanchez. He’d be a good WCO quarterback if he doesn’t have to start right away, but I’m going to say we draft either Eugene Monroe (because I think the Rams take Jason Smith) or Michael Crabtree. Plus with the signing of Cole and trade for Redding, DT is way down the list of need positions. Orakpo would be more likely than Raji. And I don’t want Orakpo. Rang is right about one thing, it’s too high for him.

    I don’t want Cutler here. The guy has a great arm but he’s a “me first” wuss. He’s not a team guy and not a leader who’ll command respect in the huddle or the team. He’s all about Jay Cutler. Let him be someone else’s headcase. I prefer drafting a guy like Stephen McGee in the 4th round.

    As for Stafford, Ryan was taken 3rd and the talk of “he might be a bust” was put to rest last year. Same with Flacco. Stafford is a guy who can start right away, I don’t see Sanchez being that guy. Freeman, maybe, in the right offense. Sanchez looks to me to be a WCO guy, and needs to sit a year. That said, if we took him at 4, I think it signals that Hasselbeck would have only one more year here.

  46. hawkcrazy says:


    He’s not “proven” by any standards. Statistics are statistics. Yeah the guy threw for 4500 yards last year. Yeah Denver petered out during the playoff run. Yeah Cutler has NEVER won a playoff game. Come to think about it, WHEN has he ever won an “important” game?

    Hasselbeck is a Hawk and he’s our guy. Don’t tell me about it’s a business. Hasselbeck took us to the city’s FIRST SUPERBOWL…remember? The last thing I want to see is Hasselbeck shown his way out of town after he gave his heart and soul to this city, the franchise. He is the BEST QB this city has ever had the opportunity to root for.

    It’s embarrassing to see the bandwagon fans jump off of Hass after a year where he lost his top 6 WRs and had an entirely new o-line starting the last game of the year. He wanted to come back last year, but thankfully the FO shut him down for the year. Now he FINALLY has an all-star cast of WRs and you want to cast him aside? Go root for someone else!

    I love hearing all of the experts talk about his health and whether or not he’ll return. Are you serious? Who are you guys? We’re talking about a multi-million dollar investment for a professional franchise. Do you think they can afford the most qualified medical experts to evaluate his “degenerative back…blah, blah, blah”…instead of a bunch of blow hards like you guys so consistently proclaim to be?

    If you want to talk about an “eventual” replacement for #8, then the talk should shift to Sanchez/Stafford. Neither one is my choice, but I’d rather have either of them instead of Jay Crybaby. Denver will be better w/o him.

    Cutler is not a Ruskell guy and by the way he’s handled this very challenging situation…whoever ends up with him can have him. Oh…if the Niners would be so lucky. I’d love to have our defense smash his brattiness twice a year!

    Go ahead…suggest that Ruskell shouldn’t treat Matt with the respect he deserves. IMO…THAT is the only thing that’ll run TR out of town. Dude has done a marvelous job with our franchise.

    Paul Allen believes (in Matt, the FO, the entire organization, etc.) …fortunately and most importantly! If you guys don’t get on board, just go…

  47. I salute your passion for Hasselbeck, but one of the reasons I even brought it up is that too many fans chant the mantra “Let’s go with our guys”. That I cannot stand. If going with “our guys” means losing then screw that. I also wonder, when Alexander was starting to go to s^&t was he still your guy? No one player is good forever and the idea in sports is to win. The day that you think that we’re good here and don’t even entertain the thought of moving in a new direction you get stagnant. Look at the Patriots, with that line of thinking they could have said “Bledsoes’ the starter and that’s Final!”, but they didn’t they liked what they saw and they stuck with it, and that was not a status quo.

    The only reason I even bring this up is that I think Denver is in a desperate situation and we could get a deal out of it, remember they NEED to get rid of him, so it’s no a luxury they have to just demand whatever they want. I’ve never jumped off the bandwagon, but no one has even acknowledged that Matt has looked scared when he’s pressured and I’ve been seeing that since we went to the Bowl and even a little that season. If you can’t entertain ways to make a team better on a message board than I may as well put a gun to my head.

  48. williambryan says:

    I don’t think you can say Cutler is a me first guy and not a team guy. By all accounts his teammates love him (football speaking). I am on his side on this one. Mcdaniels comes in with his “Patriot” style of doing things and alienates players just like New England does. I understand N.E. is pretty successful doing things there way but I can’t stand them, and to me there “dynasty” is a sham. they barely won all of there super bowls (yes they are still wins though) they wouldn’t have been in one in the first place if the refs in the NFL were only half competent, and for as many players that want to go there, there are players who want out too (Brach, Samuel, Seymour, Wilfork(?), etc.)

    Basically I am all for Cutler as a Hawk. As some have pointed out, Cutler is way more of a sure thing than any draft pick. Stafford or Sanchez could be good, maybe even great, but they have just a good of a shot as being busts. Cutler is a pro bowler and should be one of the top 5 QB’s for the next 10 to 15 years.

  49. Cutler is not a winner, plain and simple.

  50. The12thMan says:

    Very well put olsonc. I am a big Hasselbeck fan but a much bigger Seahawks fan. If trading Matt meant our team would improve significantly I’d have to put loyalty to one player aside and make the move.

  51. the3mitchells says:

    So Hawkcrazy Hass took us to the superbowl so we should let him be our starting QB till he is 95 years old and dropping back to pass in his wheelchair?

    Its not about disrepect, its about whats best going forward, Hass is what 7 years older than Cutler and is already a Pro bowl player. Cap, think they both kind of cancel each other out!!!!

    I would take the proven player over a drafted QB anytime, the names Smith, Leaf, McGuire and Mirer mean anything to you.

    According to ESPN Denver are hot on Sanchez so give them the #4 pick which we dont really want and Hass, take Cutler and their pick.

  52. RichmondHawk says:


  53. Lets trade Seneca Wallace to some team for a 1st and a 3rd this year and a 3rd rounder next year.

    Then we can trade Rob Sims to some team for about 10 1st round picks.

    Then we can trade Kelly Jennings for a 2nd rounder this year and a 1st rounder next year.

    Seems like about as realistic chance of that happening as some of these scenarios.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    Attention readers: If Bobby is telling you that your scenarios are far fetched, you need to check yourself. Few people are as adept at spinning crazy, outlandish trade “proposals” as he. So if he says your out of line, you ARE out of line. Lol.

  55. maddog12 says:

    Mayock is on raving about the Sanchez workout. The other guy he works with now has Sanchez “slightly ahead of Stafford.” Interesting. One of these guys is likely to be there at 4. If the Hawks are not salivating, I am sure as the date gets closer, one of the teams that did not get Cutler is going to want one of these guys. Odds are somebody is going to want to pay a price to move up. The big unknown is how big a price. None of us can tell. I don’t see the offer for a move-up (if there is one) being made until the Hawks are on the clock.

  56. maddog12 says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention…Mayock said Sanchez’s work out was better than Stafford’s. Sanchez also threw at the combine Stafford did not. Sanchez is making a 4th quarter comeback with the clock winding down to draft day.

  57. Duke – you mean you don’t think we can get 10 1st rounder for Sims:)

    Before we get all caught up on Sanchez — didn’t he get arrested for something a year or two ago?

  58. reshumate says:

    Player loyalty is not part of the business of the NFL. Believe in the team. As long as
    the players are not complete jerks, I could care less who suits up as long as they win.

  59. hawkcrazy says:

    Just a few things…

    Alexander was a terrific Hawk, but he was very obviously not the same RB after he signed the big contract. True, he didn’t have the same line, but he didn’t run very hard. Moving on from Alexander wasn’t a difficult thing to support. Could it have been handled better? I’m not sure, but I do look forward to the day that he gets inducted into the Ring of Honor. He did earn his respect while he was here. Any guy that averages 15+ TDs/yr for 5 years is OK in my book. I’m excited that Julius will get more fair shot this year and I don’t think he’ll disappoint, but we could use depth to spell him. Forsett is a nice 3rd option, but A. Brown (NC State) is the guy!

    Sorry…I get distracted easily.

    Valid points about Cutler and how Denver NEEDS to get rid of him. The misconception is that they’re vulnerable and he’ll come cheap. I think 25+% of the league is intrigued by him, so I’m sure the price will adjust (up) accordingly. Dude has a rocket arm and can throw on the run as well as anybody. It is what’s upstairs that bothers me most about him. S. Alexander had/has a fragile ego…Cutler on the other hand needs a serious check-up from the neck up. Maybe he can share that prescription with some of you?

    Looking for an eventual replacement is one thing. That is why I’m more for drafting one (even if it means #4 overall…again, not my first choice but I do understand the window Ruskell is talking about) in Stafford or Sanchez. I’m not really interested in any of the other QBs in this draft, except maybe Reilly from CWU, just cause he’s local and has ability (broke many of Kitna’s records).

    “Look at the Patriots”…ok, lets! Bledsoe went out, Brady came in…Superbowl! Do we really have to debate this? This year, Brady goes down, Cassel comes in…11-5 and no playoffs (if only Cutler was a good as a guy that hadn’t started a game in 8 years…gee I wonder WHY JM was willing to ship Jay out?) and they KEPT T. Brady. Huh? How curious?

    “Matt’s looked scared…” So, your looking at the whites in his eyes and have determined that he’s fearful. Hmmmm….lost his top 6, yes TOP SIX WRs last year AND his offensive line was decimated by year’s end. Are you saying Cutler would be more brave with the same options? If you think he’s a crybaby now and I DO, put him in that situation. Hasselbeck, despite his injury and potential long term consequences WANTED to come back to lead the team and end the season on a positive note with momentum going into this year. I actually ADMIRE HIS COURAGE, but am grateful that shelving him til this year was the final decision.

    Finally…can someone please explain to me how Cutler is “proven”? He’s been to the Pro Bowl, big deal. Does he win? Has he won? This is a guy that boasts about what a great arm he has versus some of the greats (Marino, Elway). His attitude stinks. He’s the TO of QBs. I’d take P. Rivers over Cutler every day of the week, if we’re gonna get a brat. At least he has been to an AFC Championship.

    Look, I won’t deny Cutler’s physical talents. It’s his chemistry that is most disturbing. Way too erratic. I know that Matt used to whine when he first got here, but he had to deal with Holmgren and that’ll drive anyone crazy.

    Hasselbeck is a multiple Pro Bowler, with numerous NFC West titles, countless playoff games and yes, took us to our first ever Superbowl. I want to win with Matt and he deserves the right to do so with this team. Remember, the year before last he was unbelievably good and yeah, went to the Pro Bowl…again. Now he will have Housh/Burleson/Branch/Carlson w/Julius…that’s a lot of talent. Look around the league…how many teams can say they’re better at their talent positions? Hasselbeck is poised to have his best year yet, if they can protect him and keep him upright. When he has time, he is as good as any…period!

    C’mon guys, pull it outta yer…!! We’ll forgive you…

    Side Note: Between Sanchez and Stafford, I think it’s neck and neck. I wouldn’t be surprised if TR pulls the trigger on either at 4. I hope not. If we end up with either, I hope it’s because we traded down and secured extra picks, then got them.

    I’ll be happy with (in no particular order) with any one of the following at #4…

    J. Smith
    E. Monroe
    A. Curry
    B. Orakpo
    M. Crabtree
    M. Jenkins

    I think they’d all start from day 1 and have the ability to make an immediate impact. As far as I’m concerned, we are so well positioned to take BPA, we simply can’t lose. I can only hope that TR is trying to create some demand for #4, only to drop back, get who they really want and pick up additional picks along the way.

  60. Jay Cutler does not have one ounce of of the required Ruskell characteristics.

    With that being said, why are we even having this argument? Ruskell will not trade for a creep like this only to make him the face of the franchise.

    Thinking we will trade for him is as stupid as me saying we might/should go after Haynesorth a few months ago. And, yes, I was that stupid one so this post is mainly making fun of me back then — but the point is that we aren’t going to trade for a moron QB. We may trade for or draft a good person QB — but we won’t be doing anything for Cutler, whether you think we should or not. It’s not happening.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    I loved the Hass. comment as well The guy is a warrior. Say what you will, but he does not play with fear.

  62. Palerydr says:

    The only way I trade for cutler is if I have another deal in place to ship him out of town as soon as possible. He has value only in that regard to the hawks. With a healthy Hass we have one of the better QB’s in the league. To say he’s gun shy in the pocket well I’ve never had 11 big fast professional athelete’s looking to decapitate me on any given play so until YOU have maybe you might want to lighten up on your judgement. Its always easy to make calls from the stands cuz you are’nt at risk. Watching Hass last year I saw his helmet is always looking downfield not at the rush just my opinion.

    Don’t look for the hawks to draft Sanchez as he doesn’t have enough starts to fit the TR draft mold. The NFL draft is all about smoke and mirrors anyway to misdirect your true intentions. with that in mind I say the Hawks draft OL. They will entertain offers if Stafford is available the most likely to want to trade up being Denver, Jacksonville, Jets, Chicago, and Tampa as all have indicated their intention of drafting a QB.

    for their 3rd pick keep an eye an Cedric Pearman the speed back they want to add through draft or FA. They will address LB in the draft as LB is a mainstay on SP not to mention they need depth there. Looks like Ken Lucas is a strong possibilty for them to sign . He left Chicago with no contract offer
    I see this for them
    #1 OL
    #2 LB
    #3 RB
    #4 QB
    #5 S
    #6 WR
    #7 P/OL/LB

    Watching ESPN now and looks like the Redskins are early frontrunners and Jets not far behind. Other possibles Detroit, Chicago and Tampa. Looks like it may take 2 #1 picks plus to get Cutler don’t see that happening for the Hawks

  63. The Cutler talk is interesting, but as others are pointing out – it doesn’t look like we’ll be players in this one. We may have some doubts about Hass age/health, but there are other teams with deep pockets, with far more uncertain situations at QB. I bet the Redskins sign him.

    Sanchez is an interesting thought – I watched him a few times at USC, and they’re generally such a dominant college team, that it’s sometimes hard to tell how good their players are in context, but he’s definitely an athlete, and built very strong. And b/c he has fewer college starts, it might be more acceptable for him to come in and sit behind Hass for a year or two.

    All things considered, I still we’ll take one of the OL, or Orakpo at #4.

  64. maybe some sour grapes involved, but a pretty biting, pretty funny article about Cutler in the Denver Post:

    Love the line, “for all his obvious physical gifts . . . he is cursed with a thin skin and a thick head.”

  65. Anniee882000 says:

    Hawkcrazy, I totally agree with you. Matt has given everything, heart, soul, body etc. to this city. He is a pro bowl QB and a great face for the franchise (or would you rather have someone like Donte Stallworth)?

    The difference between Hass and Alexander, is that it was obvious that Alexander had lost the intangible of a win at any cost attitude. It was his attitude that made people turn on him. He obviously didn’t give his all to the team. No one can ever say that about Hasselbeck.

    And god, I can’t stand cry baby Cutler. I hope he goes to Dallas so I have yet another reason to hate him.

  66. Denver is not going to be interested in Hasselbeck. Period.

    They want a young QB they can develop and work with over a long period of time. Hass is near the end of his career and has some physical question marks.

    The competition for Cutler is going to be pretty hot, since young QB’s are rarely on the market, and we don’t want to pay that price. Too many teams have shown interest, so it is going to take a lot to get him. Forget it.

  67. Hawkfan1951 says:

    IMHO, the safest pick at #4 for Ruskell is a QB, Stafford or Sanchez. Then, let him sit for this year behind Hass. 1) It would be a “no-risk” pick because by letting a young QB sit for a year, nothing negative happens. 2) TR could always say “This is our QB of the future.” and that might get him past this contract year.

    ANY other pick, OL, DL, RB, LB, Safety, WR whatever would have to product positive results IMMEDIATELY! And if you consider TR’s last 4 1st rounders… it would not be good for TYR to not have a impact player in Round 1.

    A QB pick is his safest “career” choice.

    We’ll see!

    GO HAWKS!!

  68. You’re right, nobody could call “all” of TRs 1st rounders a bust if he sat the bench all season behind Matt. But you’d also have the skeptical saying he’s never drafted a good player either (because our #4 overall QB wouldn’t have played). I think his safest route would be to draft a player this year who helps us out and gets rookie of the year (at least) consideration. RBs/LBs are usually the easiest to get impact players at.

  69. Dukeshire says:

    “The Cutler talk is interesting” No, it isn’t. It’s boring and tedious.

  70. SeahawkFan12 says:

    You are right, Duke. Boring and tedious…and completely irrelevant.

  71. The only way the Cutler stuff is any good is if it means Denver trades up to the #4 pick to take their new franchise QB, and then we get that one Georgia RB (I forget his name) with their first rounder that they trade us as part of the deal. Other than that, I’m sick of that whiny brat.

  72. Addicts has that same link with the green jersey tops.

  73. Anniee882000 says:

    Yikes. I hope they’re not really the new uniforms. We’ll be almost as funny as the Broncos orange.

  74. I think they are only an “alternative” home jersey.

  75. I like our blue tops with white pants, but despise our blue on blue look. I think these lime green tops will look much better with the blue pants. Just my opinion…

  76. they might not be that bad if not for the blue sleeves.

    i did kinda like the idea of the “midnight” fan jerseys… baltimore has ‘em (makes sense), philly has black (close enough), and then of course, there’s al’s boys…

    our colours are dark enough – why not have a black alternate jersey?

  77. nighthawk2 says:

    Loyalty to players is not an NFL virtue. We see guys who’ve been team guys, restructured contracts, etc, get cut all the time. We especially see it from teams with new coaches/GM coming (for example, this year Cleveland, Denver, KC, Detroit…). Front office types look at it strictly as a business. Most players look at it, consequently, as strictly a business. Guys get released, guys get suspended, guys get signed, guys get drafted or signed as undrafted free agents all on that basis. It’s only the fans that value loyalty from one side or the other; there’s too much money involved for GM’s, coaches and players to be sentimental. And as we see every year around the league, the incoming regime has no ties and no “loyalty” to the existing players who were someone else’s, a failed someone else usually, choices. Most all the Seahawks gone this year were players Ruskell inherited from Holmgren’s reign as GM. He had no loyalty to them, same with the guys Jim Schwartz and Mayhew cleared out of Detroit and Josh McDaniels and I presume GM Brian Xanders cleared out of Denver, they operate the Michael Corleone way. It’s note personal, strictly business. So I really doubt that Tim Ruskell has any qualms about trading (or releasing) Matt Hasselbeck if he thinks he can get a better deal. The only thing that would hold him back from being involved in a trade for Jay Cutler, whether it involved just Seattle and Denver or a third team, is the cost of the deal. Denver seems to want a mint for this guy. Fan reaction? Well nothing wins fans over better or quicker than winning. And that, not the hokey pokey, is what it’s all about.

  78. chuck_easton says:

    Not that it was going to be a likely choice for the Seahawks at #4, but SI is now reporting that Raji tested positive for drugs at the combine. He will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory drug testing program before he ever plays a down in the NFL.

    Good thing Seattle isn’t looking for a DT anymore.

  79. freedom_X says:

    If Seattle doesn’t turn it around this year, and Ruskell drafts a QB with the #4 pick – Ruskell is drafting a QB for the next general manager.

  80. nighthawk2 says:

    You’re probably right. Which is really why I don’t think he’ll draft one before the 4th round. I like a dude like Stephen McGee from Texas A&M there. If we finish 6-10 or 7-9 this year, Ruskell is probably a goner. Who knows what that means for the coaching staff.

  81. Anniee882000 says:

    Ok, thankfully, apparently those uniforms were an elaborate April Fool’s joke that everyone, including Sando, fell for.

    To bad I already emailed Seahawks management expressing my displeasure.

  82. nighthawk2 says:

    Apparently Raji had tested positive for marijuana at B.C. and NFL scouts were made aware of that prior to the 2008 season. Here’s a link:

  83. April Fools??? NO!!!

  84. Occ, where have you been? On vaca bro?
    I totally agree with fans not becoming too attached to players because the NFL is a business. When players come in they come because of money and the success + health of the franchise. NOt many players bleed the team colors. They bleed for their family, for their ego, and especially their teammates.

  85. nighthawk2 says:

    No, just kicking back. Not much new on the Seahawks front that hasn’t been gone over at length.

  86. nighthawk2 says:

    CUTLER GOING TO BEARS PER NFL.COM REPORT. Sorry about the all caps, but it seems to be the topic of interest. Terms not announced yet.

    Front page of

  87. May have missed the response in all the postings, but why does Rob Rang think it will be difficult for Seattle to trade down for a team to jump ahead of Cleveland, but that the Seahawks would be ill-advised if they don’t trade up with Kansas City?

    I guess it could be his thinking regarding the OL prospects and Seattle not letting their target get away, but I don’t understand the logic that the Seahawks should trade up and then on the other hand it is too hard to trade down?

    I would be a little PO’d if the team gave up a second or even a third to move up one spot for a tackle. I hope the only direction the team is heading is down in the first.

  88. freedom_X says:

    Cutler went for 2 1st round picks, a 3rd, and Kyle Orton.

    Interesting comment on Rang – I’m listening to him on KJR and he says Seattle doesn’t need to move up or needs to move up. He was talking about how the free agent signings have eased their most desperate needs and leaves them free to take the best player available.

    If Seattle must have a tackle, then according to him they would have to trade up. He is pretty certain KC will take a tackle, not Curry, because Curry projects to ILB in a 3-4 defense and the #3 pick is way too high for that position (bad value.)

    On that reasoning, Curry is likely fall to Seattle. The trade down scenario is (in Rang’s view) less likely because who wants to trade up? Either it would be a team who really covets Curry, or a team looking for a top pass rusher (that wants to get ahead of Cleveland.) But there are no pass rush prospects really worth the price it takes to get the #4 pick, hence the view it would be hard for Seattle to trade down (while getting fair value.)

  89. nighthawk2 says:

    Well the Bears get Denvers 5th round pick this year too. I think Chicago got raped.

  90. OCHawkFan says:

    It says Denver had to “give back” the 5th round pick they got from Seattle. “Give back” the pick
    to Seattle?

  91. nighthawk2 says:

    If they’re giving that away, it’s to the Bears because it’s a higher pick than their own.

  92. CHI got Cutler.

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