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WSU’s Gibson posts solid numbers on pro day

Post by Eric Williams on March 28, 2009 at 5:47 pm with 33 Comments »
March 28, 2009 5:47 pm

Washington State receiver Brandon Gibson worked out for NFL scouts this afternoon at Chief Sealth High in West Seattle.

And he had a good showing, with scouts from at least 10 NFL teams looking on, including representatives from the Seattle Seahawks and ex-Seahawks executive Randy Mueller, now in the front office of the San Diego Chargers.

Even in the less-than ideal weather, with some rain and wind whipping across the field, Gibson put up decent numbers. He ran between a 4.55 and 4.63 in the 40-yard dash, jumped 34 inches in his vertical leap and 9 feet, five inches in the standing broad job. Gibson measured in at just over six feet tall, and weighed in at 206 pounds.

"The conditions weren’t great," Gibson said. "I don’t really think that’s an excuse, but I didn’t perform to the best of my abilities. But sometimes you play in the rain, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you play in the snow, so I got to just go with it. I think overall I did okay. Hopefully, I can improve on some stuff, maybe run again, but I think that’s up in the air."

Gibson excelled at what’s he’s best known for, running precise routes and catching the ball with authority. Gibson’s currently ranked No. 21 among receivers in this year’s draft according to NFL Draft

Gibson, who played high school ball at Rogers High in Puyallup, did not drop a ball during the route-running portion of the workout, with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jeff Rowe handling the throwing duties.

"I think I’m a good route runner and I catch the ball well and attack everything, so I definitely think I did a good job at the end of the workout," Gibson said.

Gibson said he has a workout and a visit scheduled for the Seahawks April 6.

Gibson did not workout during Washington State’s pro day two weeks ago, choosing to wait a little longer for a hamstring injury that he injured during the Senior Bowl in January fully heal. He did do the bench press, lifting 225 pounds 10 times.

Gibson attended the NFL Scouting Combine in February but didn’t run because of the injured hamstring.

Currently, Gibson is projected to be drafted in the second day of the draft, between the third and seventh round.

"I’m not a highly sought out draft pick," Gibson said. "But I think I had a good showing and hopefully the coaches came away impressed."

Listen to the interview with Gibson here.

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  1. I like this part — “running precise routes and catching the ball with authority.” I wouldn’t mind a guy like this or Nate Swift from Nebraska if they are there in the last few rounds.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I like that too. I don’t know much about Swift, other than he has that gritty whiteness Ruskell loves. One scouting report I did read on he however, says he hears footsteps over the middle. Unless he possesses breakaway speed (does he?, I’m doubtful) that does not bode well. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they have in Mike Hass this spring and summer.

  3. I have actually been a Nebraksa Cornhusker football fan longer than I have been a Seahawk fan (my Dad brainwashed me at birth) and I love Nate Swift. He does not project as a big play guy in the NFL but he finds a way to produce big plays. He’s not as big as Jurevicius but he kinds of reminds me of him in his slippery ability to get deep even though he doesn’t have 4.4 speed. He was also a great punt returner at UNL. There’s something slippery about him where he just makes plays. I have seen only a few instances where he “hears footsteps.” Normally, he does not hear footsteps and makes the plays in traffic. I would know because I have seen a majority of Nebraska’s football games in the last 30 years (I’m 36). If we take him, I am very confident that he will develop into a solid role player. I don’t think he’ll every be a #1 WR, but I do think he will be a contributing WR at the NFL level if given the chance. He even is from a closer proximity to me in MN than John Carlson (at least from HS) so I have been able to follow his career for a long time. I wouldn’t want him on the Hawks if I thought he was going to suck as a pro.

  4. hawks4372 says:

    Ahh yes- it’s that time of year again. Time to hear about the stable of Hall of Fame late round and undrafted wide receivers we have that just need a doggone chance. Mike Hass, Logan Payne, Michael Bumpus, every Auburn receiver we’ve ever had, Jordan Kent- the list of spectacular wideouts goes on and on. Turns out they all suck, but don’t let that get in the way of the way you think. The only way any of those stiffs were going to get a sniff of the field was if the eight or more receivers ahead of them on the depth chart got hurt. Low and behold, everyone wearing a Hawk helmet and a number in the 80’s got hurt. So what happened? Which guy came out of nowhere to snag 80 balls and 1,000 yards? Of course, none stepped up because they’re all terrible football players.

    #15 is the only guy worth developing at this position and maybe we can now that a certain arrogant, stubborn head coach is gone.

  5. RichmondHawk says:

    I agree sign/draft this guy and shove him between Courtney Taylor and Jordan Kent with sky-expections only to have them be shot down in flames.

    Enough with low ranked recievers that have potential to be studs stories.

  6. Did I say Nate Swift was a Hall of Fame talent? NO! I said he will turn into a productive NFL player. I also specifically said that he will never be a #1 WR for any team. What’s wrong with having good role players? Do you really think Ruskell should be drafting Pro Bowlers in the 7th round? I’d like it but common sense dictates that Pro Bowlers aren’t USUALLY (always and exception) available in the 7th round. I’m not sure what part of that you don’t understand.

    Good thing you don’t run the Saints draft, or you never would have taken Marques Colston in the 7th round.

  7. The Who had a song–“Won’t get fooled again”. I hope the Hawks coaches/FO don’t sing the praises of Payne, Taylor, Kent, etc again.

    That doesn’t mean some late round find won’t produce.

    For a team that finished 4-10 the Hawks aren’t having much of an off season. I still expect them to sign a vet LS and FB before the draft. But look at what they lost and what they brought in:

    RB Lost Morris, still have J Jones. Even.

    WR Lost Engram, brought in Housh. An upgrade.

    TE Lost two TEs with injury issues (Heller, Putzier), brought in Owens, still have Newton. A Push.

    O line Lost Womack, haven’t brought anyone in.

    D line Lost Bernard, Green. Brought in Cole, Redding. Slight upgrade.

    LB Lost Peterson, didn’t bring anyone in. So far a downgrade.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – That’s cool. I hearing about lesser known players from fans of their teams. Thanks.

    hawks4372 – As Bobby said, no one said anything about the HOF, so relax. As for Mike Hass, he won the biletnikoff award in 2005, so yes, I think there’s a valid reason my interest is peaked. And of course, let’s “develop” Wallace at receiver. Hasselbeck’s not coming off a significant, season ending injury, without any other proven back up as security. Will you please point to one piece of tangible evidence he is “worth developing” at receiver? And please point to his athleticism, something Jordan Kent, has none of.

  9. If we were to draft Swift, I would predict practice squad in ’09. In ’10 I would think he may be a #4 or #5. In ’11-’12 (last 2 of his rookie contract years) I would expect him to be a very good #3 or #4 WR and his play would put him in position to be FA who would be signed in the first 2-3 weeks of FA (if the Hawks didn’t sign him first). One day, shortly after that, I could see him as a teams #2 for a few years (best case scenario). That’s certainly not HOF material, but it’s productivity in the NFL (which every teams wants from its late round picks). I’m sorry he won’t be the next Jerry Rice, but not many 7th rounders are…

  10. oceanic — I totally understand your frustration.

    On paper, I have come up with your same scenario many times.

    However, I believe that sometimes less is more. For example, the JP-Redding trade; I don’t think we got the better player, but I think we got the more productive player for our team.

    We need players who can gobble up OL so our LBs can make plays (enter Cole/Redding who are better at “gobbling” than Bernard [although IMO Bernard is a bit better OVERALL than Cole --- but Cole fits what we want to do more than Bernard since we have Mebane]).

    Also, DD Lewis (if that’s who starts) is a much better tackler than JP. Sure, Lewis has no big play capability like JP… but he makes the routine plays and that’s not something JP can claim.

    This has been rehashed MANY times — but allowing JP to leave also makes Hill much more effective since he will FINALLY be playing to his strengths…

    One last reason we are a better team — we had an unusual amount of injuries in ’08 (everyone, except probably Spencer, probably enters ’09 at almost 100% [Kerney?]. Nobody can expect that many again. The Steelers started 20-22 players from their week 1 roster as they did in the Super Bowl. It may all come down to who stays healthy (we’ve gotta be due, right?).

  11. Hawks4372 is full of loser anger..

  12. I LOOOOOVE Gibson, really think he is the perfect guy for our WCO, also if we want a big receiver, what about Brandon LaFell next year, beacause i aint seeing the Seahawks make it far ito the post season i predict 7-9 wins and about a 13-20 pick next year. FIrst of all how many WR do we got, becuase as far as i know we are loaded and need to cut a couple of guys who we aren’t going to use ayway, and then give a guy like Obomanu or Gibson a chance, heck if we turn it over to RB give the Forsett kid a chace, we need to let SOME o our young players get som valuble playing time or they’ll never get that much better! If we are talking late round picks i really like Gibson, Parker Wilson (QB from Alabama, fits Ruskell mold) and the LB from Boston Robert Francois, maybe Greg Orton, Purdue all got good long term potential and all from preatty big schools

  13. the3mitchells says:

    If Jordan Kent is so fast get him in there returning kicks. Surely he should be ready to make special teams, hes been with the hawks for what at least 2 years!!!!

    Just hope Nate is NOT back there returning kicks….

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Unfortunately it takes more than speed to be a good kick returner.

  15. Otherwise we could sign Bolt to be our KR. He may have problems catching the ball, but he can fly once he gets it.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    That would be great. Have a designated receiver on kickoffs, whose job it would be to hand it off to him after he catches it. Hell, if it were just speed, have Kevin Hobbs return kicks. He’s about the fastest guy on the team in a straight line.

  17. With a handful of 7th round picks this year it could get interesting. No HOFmers expected, but one or two guys that could make the team maybe. Please make the days pass faster!

    Trade down for K Moreno then back up for Josh Freeman in round one. Then Chung in 2nd. Do NOT wake me up from this dream!

  18. the3mitchells says:

    I think you only need 2 things to be a good kick returner, speed and a huge set of balls. You have to be able to run at top speed with the courage that the hole will be there, if not run into the pile. There is no science to this, not many kick returners weave all over the place, most just run at full tilt either into a hole or into a pile of bodies.

    There are plenty kick returners who suck at everything else, get Kent in there and see what he can do, if he sucks, cut his ass.

    I still remember Bobby Joe, he was a fantastic kick returner and was fearless, he was a car crash looking for a location!!!!!

    For what its worth I def see the hawks taking a grunt with the fourth pick, RB round 2, QB round 3 and there-after the best player available.

    Hoping to see the hawks go to the bowl after last year, I fully expected them to make it last year till the injury bug bit. Fingers crossed that doesnt happen again.

  19. I’m expecting the bowl too! Maybe that makes me stupid, but I believe (as long as Matt is fine).

  20. RichmondHawk says:

    7th round draft picks? I don’t know, I think you have to envoke the “so what” mentality when it comes to these picks. Let’s remember the talent level is 10 picks away from being a un-drafted FA. Drafting a 7th rounder just guarantees the guy comes to your camp as opposed to signing with someone else and going to their camp.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    The Seahawks continue to leave no stone unturned. Although, it’s improbable they take him at 4, I guess you never know…

  22. RichmondHawk says:

    Please lets just hope they think he’ll be available in the 7th round.

  23. nighthawk2 says:

    “he has that gritty whiteness Ruskell loves.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Someone been reading FieldGulls too much? If we’re going to start racial profiling let’s talk about the lack of white cornerbacks and halfbacks. And here is where some racist says “they’re not good enough”. I lived in Denver from December ’94 to August ’96, and one of the Broncos players (a black guy) was quoted in the paper as saying of Ed McCaffrey “he’s the fasted Caucasian player on the team”. I wrote the paper and called the Broncos office and raised hell about that, and there was never any apology or any other addressing of that. Imagine the uproar if some white player had said “he’s the smartest black guy on the team”. I get so sick of this crap.

    I remember a 7th round pick named Michael McCrary that we took in 1993 (the bandwagoners won’t know who he was) that we let go in free agency and he was a two time Pro Bowler (for those who like that popularity contest), won a ring in Baltimore was inducted into their Ring of Honor. D.D. Lewis and Leonard Weaver were undrafted free agents. Terrell Davis and Tom Brady were 6th round picks. Johnny Unitas was a 9th round pick of the Steelers in 1955 whom they cut and was signed by the Baltimore Colts when he was playing semi-pro and working construction. So yes, lower round picks and work out.

    There’s no need to bash Logan Payne either. We’ll never know if he could have stepped up and had a great year since he suffered a season ending knee injury a game after Burleson’s if I recall correctly. Here’s an interesting link from a site called Cold Hard Facts about how many 1st round receivers are busts:

    “We looked at the past 10 drafts (1996-2005) and discovered that selecting a wide receiver in the first round is the single-worst decision your team can make on draft day. This recent history shows that first-round wide receivers have a shockingly high chance of bombing in the NFL. Just a handful of first-round wideouts over the past 10 years have flourished.

    Not only does drafting a wide receiver bode poorly for your future, it bodes poorly for your past, too: Struggling teams are more likely than good teams to seek salvation in the form of a fleet-footed wideout (Hello, Matt Millen! – pictured here with the second of his criminally negligent three consecutive first-round wideouts, Roy Williams). More often than not, all these teams find is continued failure.

    The routine failure of wide receivers is particularly shocking when you consider, as we reported last week, that they have been drafted more often in the first round than any other position over the past 10 years – 45 times to be exact. Apparently, NFL GMs and coaches continue to refute the obvious lessons of the Cold, Hard Football Facts and cling to the belief that a mesmerizing wide receiver is the key to future success.”

  24. nighthawk2 says:

    *fastest* not “fasted”. Got ahead of myself.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    nighthawk2 – Lighten up, O’Reilly. “And here is where some racist says “they’re not good enough”.” If you’re asking questions, then what are you implying with that?

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Okay, in an effort to preempt a multi paragraph diatribe by nighthawk that will surely be directed toward me: my earlier reference was intended to point out Ruskell’s infatuation with overachieving if not less athletic players. And yes, Field Gulls uses the “white athlete” stereotype as a sound byte to illustrate this. The O’Reilly crack was a shot at someone (who I presume is white) for not being able to differentiate between intellect and athleticism, and the irony that the racial element played in the comment he referenced. I was unaware, nighthawk, that anyone would find this so offensive.

  27. I liked Paul Skansi.

  28. monmornQB says:

    I agree BobbyK running precise routes and catching the ball is something to like. Too often those things are over looked for pure speed and how tall a receiver is. What good are speed and size if your not where the QB expects you to be or you drop the pass when you are in the right spot.

  29. MonmornQB my point by not taking Crabtree is exactly (or was) he’s got super height and so on, but he is not fast(ish) not tall(ish) and i/we don’t know how he will run routes, because he did not play in a pro style offense, so i we pick him, and he can’t run routes he will face a lot of resistance, and probably won’t be succesfull

  30. RichmondHawk says:

    wes wanker

  31. Lets do a little math. In the first six rounds there will be 192 players taken. Now do we have any guesses on how many players are out there in the college ranks? We have 4 picks in the 7th round. Now Wankerhawk may take this as me saying I expect a starter or two from this group and that would be wrong,(suprise!). As Nighthawk2 and others have pointed out, there can be gold found in them thar hills, but like gold it is rare. My point is we have 4 times the chance to find gold with 4 picks in that last round. The odds are not good, but the point is there are odds. I would like to also say that we need to have a strong group on our practice squad as well to make it through the season and develop for the long haul.

    I pray our 4th pick overall is a kickass selection, but even top rated tallent can blowup. I remember a LB from Okalhoma, Bozworthless, that has to be the biggest bust in our teams history. The bottom line is the FO has to do a great job sifting through the info and pick the true players.

  32. I’m with nighthawk on this DO NOT TAKE A WR IN THE FIRST RD. I’m sure some of you out there are fantasy geeks tell me when was the last time you took a rookie WR as 1 of your starters and were completely disappointed? (Pale raises his hand sheepishly Calvin Johnson 756/5 scores, stop the pain) So who do the Hawks take… If you say that the guy taken with the 4th pick won’t be measurably better than the guy at say #15 then that’s alot of guys to look at. The talking heads will scream you took him to early but the real test will be of time and the 1/2 dozen guys selected in the later rounds who end up being probowlers. Can we please just FF to the draft so we can all look back proudly and say ” I told you this was gonna happen just look at my post on 3/30″ ;)

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