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Will QB Stafford be available for Hawks?

Post by Eric Williams on March 26, 2009 at 12:25 pm with 39 Comments »
March 26, 2009 12:25 pm

With a month left before this year’s draft will begin to shift our focus to what the Seattle Seahawks will do with their 10 draft picks in April. A lot has been said about the need for a future replacement for Matt Hasselbeck. Seahawks team president and general manager Tim Ruskell has said that Seattle is "in the zone" to pick a quarterback to develop for the future.

And there seems to be some question whether or not Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford will be available when Seattle picks at No. 4. The short answer, at least in my opinion, is Stafford will not be available and Detroit will select him with the No. 1 overall pick.

New Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz talked about the possibility of selecting a quarterback during the NFL owners meeting in California this week. Here’s an excerpt of what he said.

We need to find a quarterback,” Schwartz said. “I’ve been on the record saying quarterback is the most important position on the team, but there are a lot of different ways to get that quarterback.

“We need to be long-term at that position, we need to have a guy that’s ‘that’ guy. When I went up to Detroit the first time, they asked me the same question and I said, ‘It’s about time we found a replacement for Bobby Layne.’ And it was a little bit tongue-in-cheek but it also sort of played into what (the media has said) — You need to find that.”

The article, written by Detroit Lions beat writer Tom Kowalski goes on to say Schwartz’s comments are not an admission the Lions will pick at quarterback at No. 1, and that the organization has been tight-lipped as to who they will select with any of their picks. And Detroit likes both linebacker Aaron Curry and offensive tackle Jason Smith.

But I think the Lions know they have to take a quarterback, and they most likely will take Stafford at No. 1. Even though he’s not as safe of a pick as Curry or Smith, he probably has the most upside in terms of his potential. They can let him sit for a year or two and learn the offense while Daunte Culpepper starts at quarterback and takes all of the big hits behind a suspect offensive line. And Stafford becomes the face of a franchise looking for an identity.

Both ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay have Detroit selecting Matthew Stafford, as does’s Rob Rang. likes Mark Sanchez, and has Stafford falling all the way to No. 8 going to Jacksonville.

Watch Kiper and McShay go at it, debating the signability of Stafford here.

It will be interesting to see if Seattle has a chance to select Stafford, but I don’t think he’ll be around. And I believe the Seahawks will look to take a quarterback in the later rounds, and will ultimately choose between offensive tackle Eugene Monroe or Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree with the No. 4 overall pick.

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  1. hawks4ever says:

    i too like sanchez over stafford, especially in this offense

  2. vichawkfan says:

    Eric – agree with Monroe or Crabtree as ultimately the pick. But if Stafford does fall, I think TR will be hard pressed to pass on him. Young, intangibles, cannon, intelligent, 37 starts in the SEC couple Bowl wins etc etc.
    Crabtree will have the most immediate impact for sure and I would be slightly confused if they passed on a future all-pro ( I know there are doubters, but he’s the real deal, no question) for a LT when Jones still has 2 more seasons IF the knee is decent.

  3. It’s definitely going to be an interesting month of speculation leading up to the draft.

  4. This is more in regards to the “Home Run Hitter” but what about Percy Harvin? He has been used at RB and WR and is a home run threat in each and could also be used as a home run return man. He is very fast, quick footed, strong, and if used right could be perfect.

  5. vic makes a good point in that stafford fits timmay’s m.o. in having lots of experience at a major program and good character. but i just can’t see taking a qb in round 1. IMO with walt, wahle, hass, kerney and several role players being later in their careers more than early, plus the seemingly weak state of the nfc, i think they take an impact guy for today to try and make another run this year and next, not a guy to learn for a few years.

    i get the idea of reloading and getting a guy ready to replace hass, i just think this is too much money and too much expectation to do it with a top 5 pick. second or third round is my spot for a qb of the future.

  6. I think Sanchez will be a NFL bust. Clayton did this thing on QB’s with less than 28(that #may be off a little) College starts and how then really struggle in the NFL. Sanchez has what 13.

    His coach came right out and said he wasn’t ready and then retracted it in the era of being PC. I think Carrol knows a little about being NFL ready.

    I wouldn’t touch Sanchez before the 5th round.- If he didn’t play for USC nobody would know who he is.

  7. hawks4ever says:

    wow justme, it seems like you just hate USC players. Sanchez will be a stud in the nfl, and would be perfect for this version of the WCO…5th round? give me a break…

  8. 5th is a little over the top, but i agree with the not ready stuff, i thrust Carrol more than a 20-24 year old kid (i’m younger than that but so what!?) Carrol is maybe one of the best college coaches i’ve seen, Mark is too young with way to little expirience he is risky. I know a huy like Cassel did well but how often du you see a guy who was 5+ years or something without a start play that well + he was in the best or one of the best systems in the NFL!? I relly grown to like Stafford, Young, intangibles, cannon, intelligent, 37 starts in the SEC couple Bowl wins, as someone said, but i hope to trade down get Oher + Freeman maybe if we move our picks around

  9. i know its probably a long shot to trade down, but what might be the scenarios its likely to happen? only ones i can think of is if curry is available maybe the browns and bengals will want him not far behind us, so someone like the bills or broncos wanna trade up. also crabtree would be taken by oakland or the bengals, so he could be trade bait for someone. i don’t see anyone trading up for stafford or for the OT’s since still have oher and a. smith later on.

  10. snydro22 says:

    Isn’t Aaron Curry in town today? I had heard a while back that he was coming in for a private workout on March 26th..

    Any word?

    And I think we pull the trigger on Stafford if he is there, but doubt he will be.

    I think it comes down to Monroe, Curry, and Orakpo – whichever is available and whichever Ruskell has rated higher. This is assuming Stafford and Smith go 1 and 2, respectively..

  11. How good would Stafford be in the style of offense we’ll be running under Knapp?

    Do we have the cap room to sign him?

    Does he have any weaknesses in his game or question marks about his
    character, work ethic, leadership, etc.???

  12. The Bengals are cheap so they won’t trade up no matter what.

    The Browns are shopping their players so they can add picks. They have had a GM who has traded too many away, so now they are trying to add picks back (ie Windslow trade).

    The Raiders are nuts, so you never know what they are thinking.

    The Jags just traded up into the top 10 last year (from the late 20s) so I doubt they would want to keep trading picks on a yearly basis.

    Ted Thompson has proven that he trades down time and time again. He does not trade up.

    I don’t know what the 49ers are thinking about Alex Smith in comparison to Stafford or Sanchez. I can almost guarantee that Singletary won’t want a QB. With Holmy taking a year off (whether he becomes their GM or coach) he is going to need to win this year and drafting a QB now won’t help that. Their FO must also feel the Holmy heat because we all know that’s where he’s from and where he may go back to. Plus, teams normally don’t like to trade with each other in the division.

    One one hand, I can see Buffalo trading up — I think their GM/coach are on the hot seat and if they don’t win, they are probably done. If they see a guy they really want, they may take a chance on him (whoever that is). On the other hand, Buffalo isn’t exactly a big market and I don’t think they would want to spend the money associated with a pick that high.

    The new Denver regime has come from New England and they don’t trade up in the draft for early picks. That’s just their culture (and successful at that). They have a lot of needs on defense and getting 1 impact defender isn’t enough.

    Washington like to make trades and get big name guys so there’s a chance we could work out something with them. And then you realize they are strapped with respect to the cap and they don’t have their 2nd round pick (thanks to the stupid Jason Taylor trade).

    This brings us to the Saints, who don’t have 2nd-3rd round picks thanks to adding Vilma and Shockey last year. I don’t see how they have any ammo to want to move up with us.

    That’s the top 15 picks. Things don’t look good with respect to trading down. I hope it happens. I want it to happen. I want to get a pick in the early/mid teens so we can take Moreno, but it’s probably wishful thinking.

  13. Texans (15)

  14. vichawkfan says:

    If Mayock and some of the other draft guru’s keep pounding on the “he’s no Matt Ryan”drum, Detroit might be stupid enough to not take him. His biggest knock is making “boneheaded” decisions at times. He started as a 17 years old by the way. Character is top notch apparently. Handles pressure extremely well. Ran 4.80 40 which I think was 3rd fastest among QB’s, and the top two have nowhere near the arm he does. Apparently scouts said the ball whistles when he throws it.

  15. hawks4ever says:

    SANCHEZ WOULD NOT PLAY RIGHT AWAY! he has experience, obviously not as much as stafford, but he is a better fit here. and he would have 2 years to sit and learn behind matt

  16. Why would Sanchez be a better fit here?

    I just love it when people make assertions but do not provide any examples of reasoning for their claims…no offense H4ever…we all do it at times.

    BobbyK…that was an excellent analysis of the draft / trade situation.

  17. hawks4ever says:

    im sorry i didnt right pages on why i think sanchez is a better fit…have you watched them both play?

  18. Nice analysis Eric.

    I think Ruskell is going to fool us all. He is a wild card and my guess is he is going to pick someone different than the consensus. I suggested Orakpo yesterday, and I was told I was smoking crack and that was not going to happen. I personally want Eugene Monroe; I love his story, one of 13 kids, etc. We will see what our FO thinks, and how good we are at predicting.

  19. Audible – thank you.

  20. vichawkfan says:

    $50 on Crabtree if Stafford is gone.

  21. hawks4372 says:

    By the way, if the pick ends up being Crabtree, it means Branch is gone. Doesn’t bother me too much, but don’t think for a minute that we’re going to pay- I mean PAY- TJ, Crab, Nate and Twig. Nate’s a year younger and cheaper (around 3.25 mil vs. almost 5 mil for Deion). So for those in the Crabtree camp, just be cognizant of the fact that adding Crab means subtracting Branch.

    I still want Crab or Monroe at 4. Of course trading down would be preferable but it’s hard to imagine a team wanting to trade up to that spot and pay that money to anyone available there.

    Please take Stafford, Detroit. That’s the last thing I want to see Seattle do. Rick Mirer

    Would love to get Monroe and then Robiskie at 37.

    And I still use a 7th round compensatory pick on the world’s best high jumper to do nothing but block all field goals. (And if that last statement causes you to want to angrily reply about how bad an idea it is, check for some loose change in the couch cushions and buy yourself a sense of humor.)

  22. Not a quarterback.. Not at #4 That is insane. Spend the money on the offensive line.

  23. hawks4ever says:

    why would it mean that branch is gone? we would gain basically nothing in cap by releasing branch, which would be the only reason to release a player

  24. nightwulf says:

    Bobby, nice job on the trade down, but you left out my personal favorite scenario: We trade our #4 for Philly’s #21 and #28…and we pick Moreno, Mack and Unger with our first 3 picks:)

  25. makmiller says:

    I could see a player and #4 going to another team for their #1 and another player. That’s the only way to justify swapping the picks. Just can’t imagine who those players are. TR has something up his sleeve. I just can’t see him actually using the #4 pick. I would fall out of my chair if I hear the guy on the podium actually say, “With the #4 pick in the 2009 draft the Seattle Seahawks select…”

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Be prepared to fall off your chair. The first 3 picks will go Stafford, Smith, Curry. Book it.

  27. we’ll see duke but if stafford is available at #4 hawks take him off the board Book it LOL. Cuz he fits the TR mold 37 starts good character top rated prospect on board and he has a rocket launcher for an arm 2 year apprenticship under hasselbeck and we have a top 5 QB for the next 10-15 years.

    Nightwulf I like your thoughts as Crabtree would be a pick Philladelphia might make at #4, not sure I like your picks I think you’re drinking the moreno koolaid :) but a center would be good there britt might be available as well a solid unspectacular T and I like Sean Smith with their 2nd rounder A tall 6-3 versatile DB who could be used at nickel back and safety. and all are the type of guys TR loves for the 3rd round I would take the RB out of virginia Cedric Peerman although he is prone to injury he has good speed and would not be required to be an every down back

  28. Stafford: a smaller Brett Favre. Gunslingers don’t usually come to mind when thinking of a WCO, controlled passing game. Higher risk vertical offense passing comes to mind. Like Brett, Stafford has a TD to Int ratio that’s about equal.

    I really hope Hawks don’t take Stafford.

  29. Try to put Crabtree in ou system, i do not think that is good, the guy don’t know how to run routes, i like him but again we thought he was at leat 6’2 or 6’3 he is 6’1 and he is not a blazer nor a route runner.
    It really bugs me that Minnesota got Rosenfels i hoped they’d trade up to get a stafford or sanchez.
    but you left out my personal favorite scenario: We trade our #4 for Philly’s #21 and #28…and we pick Moreno, Mack and Unger with our first 3 picks:)
    I was thinking the exact same thing! or at leat move around a bit so we could get Moreno + an O lineman (maybe Oher?) then mack or unger + a C or S in the 2nd that would be a dream scenario!

  30. Not a QB @ #4? How can you say that? The Seahawks need one, desperately IMO, and we’ll discover that about week 6 when Matt goes down again. He’s degenerating. And how often does a decent team with a decent roster get lucky enough to draft a franchise QB this high?

    Stafford, Sanchez, either way. They will both be as least as good as Matt, as long as they are not rushed into it too soon. Sanchez’ lack of starts is a concern, but he’s been in a pro system for several years, is extremely cerebral and loves the game. If I was “Timmay!” I’d be taking either one at #4.

    Also, I met Pete Carrol recently through a friend of a friend, and he said Sanchez will be better than Carson Palmer when it is all said and done. So think of it this way; would you take Carson Palmer with the #4 pick right now? I would.

    That said, I am really warming to Michael Crabtree again. More and more scouts think he is a sure thing, and his injury concerns seem to be fading. The Eagles are said to be in lust with him, and I guess if they offered the right package (#21 and #28, + a 2nd and a 6th is how the points add up), it might be worth it to consider a trade down. But with 10 draft picks now and no glaring needs (thanks T-Ho), it might be time to target specific players for quality purposes over quantity. They could then use some of those picks to move back up into the 9-10-11 range and get Sanchez there if they so chose.

    On the other hand, turning over the roster on a 4-12 team is never a bad plan, and 10 picks (13 if you count the Eagles package) can help you do that.

    My guess is the Seahawks will start to focus more and more on Crabtree in an effort to see what they can shake loose from other teams. But if Stafford is there you gotta take him.

    And you’ll all rip me, but I’d be just as happy if they signed Rex Grossman to be the QB of the future. He’s still young, he’s led his team to a Super Bowl and he’s never been properly coached up in Chicago, IMO. You could probably get him in a 2-3 year deal for $3 million per year, with a promise he gets a shot at the starting job after this season. And it would be nice to have a QB that can throw an accurate deep ball for a change, especially if we get MC. Granted, I’m biased because I played blackjack with the guy at the Palms and he was really cool, but he certainly has the physical talent you want at the position.

  31. ryanryan says:

    I agree with duke…

  32. CamanoIslandJQ says:

    I think if Stafford, or to a slightly lesser degree, Sanchez is available at #4 a trade with a QB hungry team is possible, what we could get in return is open to debate. I would hope at the very least we could switch first round positions with the trade team and pick up one or more second to fourth round picks which would accomplish draft depth for the Seahawks. As to QB’s to consider, I offer the following stats obtained from on two of the QB’s in this draft.
    CAREER #’s from 2006-2008;
    564-compl. / 987-att. / 7731-yds. / 57.14-compl. %/ 13.7-yds-per compl. / 51-TD’s. / 33-INT. / 44-sacks / 130.48-Avg. QB rating.
    2008- #’s: 235-compl. / 383-att. / 3459-yds. / 61.35-compl. %/ 14.7-yds-per compl. / 25-TD’s / 10-INT. / 17 sacks / 153.54-QB rating.
    CAREER #’s from 2005-2008;
    1403-compl. / 2010-att. / 15,793-yds. / 69.8-compl.% / 11.25-yds-per compl. / 134-TD’s. / 34-INT. / 51-sacks / 153.25-Avg. QB rating.
    2008- #’s: 442-compl. / 626-att. / 5,111-yds. / 70.6-compl.% / 11.56-yds-per compl. / 45-TD’s / 9-INT. / 14 sacks / 160.04-Avg. QB rating.
    As pure stats go these #’s are stagering & would seem to indicate Harrell should receive some significate draft consideration by the Seahawks. The most common industry knock on him is that he is a system QB that primarily ran the spread formation and that his total yards are inflated due to after the catch yards.
    Here is a quote from his coach:
    3/19/2009 – Texas Tech coach Mike Leach insists his quarterback is the best in the NFL draft. I know what you’re thinking, asking a coach about his players is like asking a parent about their children, of course they are going to exaggerate, but Leach’s comments directed toward NFL scouts and coaches was simply too amusing not to share. March 17, Dallas Morning News: Leach, who scoffs at the system-quarterback label, angrily talked about NFL teams’ concern regarding Harrell’s ability to work from under center. "You bring up easily the most pitiful NFL cop-out of all," Leach said in a telephone interview. "And you can send that message to the whole NFL. Any coach who has ever said or uttered those words or considers that a concern, here’s my message for them: How could you possibly look yourself in the mirror and consider yourself an NFL coach and not be able to teach a guy to run back three steps, five steps and seven steps? I can teach a child that! “Any coach in the NFL who can’t do that ought to be fired!"
    It would seem to me that this kid does indeed have some talent and should be well worth a shot with the Seahawks and he should most likely be available mid to late draft. With Matt H. around to tutor him, he could have the potential to be great and eventually Matt’s replacement. Maybe under Knapp, a spread offense wouldn’t be a bad system?

  33. Stafford is a Jr, so he doesn’t have 4 yrs stats.

    ’06 07 TDs 13 Ints 13 Sacks
    ’07 19 TDs 10 Ints 15 Sacks
    ’08 25 TDs 10 Ints 17 Sacks

    “Stafford displays excellent arm strength. He is nimble moving around for a player his size, but is best throwing from the pocket than on the move. He could have used another year to work on improving his accuracy on underneath and crossing patterns and will never be a threat with his feet. Can be overconfident in his superb arm strength, but he can make all the throws and when he steps up in the pocket, a team that loves the vertical passing game could find the kind of success that Atlanta and Baltimore experienced with rookie quarterbacks in 2008.”

    Hawks haven’t been a vertical passing team for awhile, don’t really have the personnel or coaching staff for it. Long passes are lower in completion percentage than the typical underneath and crossing patterns of the WCO.

    “Ranks third in school history by completing 564-of-987 passes, topped by Eric Zeier (838-of-1,402; 1991-94) and David Greene (849-1,440; 2001-04)”

    I’m glad TR didn’t take Greene with a #4. I would be happier if he didn’t take Stafford with a #4.

  34. CamanoIslandJQ says:

    Yes Stafford is a Junior. His first year (part-time) was 2006 when he was 135 comp in 256 attmps. for 1749 yards, 7-TD’s, 13-Int and a 108.99 QB rating. He did however improve considerably as a starter in 2007 & 2008.
    Graham Harrell as a freshman in 2005 (part-time) was 37 comp. in 55 attmps. for 422 yards, 3-TD’s, 0 int. and a 149.73 QR rating. So for comparison purposes we are looking at 3.1 years for Harrell and 2.5+ years for Stafford.
    However: Note the numbers for Harrell are nearly DOUBLE those of Stafford. That is the point I was trying to make. System QB or not that is a lot of chucking the ball. I think Harrell is worth a strong look with a mid to late round pick as a project QB behind Matt H. for a year or two. Did you see Texas Tech’s win over Texas this year? Just because Greene was a bust doesn’t mean this kid will be.

  35. hawks4372 says:

    Graham Harrell. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaa! Colt Brennan and Jason White think that would be a fantastic pick.

  36. RichmondHawk says:

    Seattle’s QB Lazor watched Freeman workout now apprently he’s coming to visit Seattle, they’ve also had varied interests in Sanchez and Stafford. I’d like to believe all BPA reports but its apparent Seattle is targeting a QB.

    Look for Seattle to pick Stafford or try to trade up or down for Freeman or Sanchez.

  37. If DET picks J.Smith, Hawks pick Stafford. If DET picks Stafford, Hawks pick Curry.

  38. itscarlstime247 says:

    Why do people think that Sanchez would fit better in the Seattle’s offense than Stafford? Stafford played a system very similar to the one that Knapp runs, especially in the passing game. It was very similar in that it was a precision and timing offense in that they spread the field horizontally. Only, they ran more shotgun formations that Knapp typically tends to run, nevermind his days in Atlanta where the shotgun was called primarily because Vick was their quarterback.

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