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Hawks pick up 3 compensatory draft picks

Post by Eric Williams on March 23, 2009 at 6:58 pm with 54 Comments »
March 23, 2009 6:58 pm

Due to net losses in free agency in 2008, the Seattle Seahawks picked up three compensatory picks in the seventh and final round. Seattle now has 10 picks overall, the most picks they have had as an organization since 2005. Here are the team’s picks for 2009. A list of compensatory picks for all teams can be found here.

Round 1

No. 4

Round 2

37th overall

Round 3

68th overall

Round 4

105st overall

Round 5

137th overall, from Detroit

Round 6

178th overall

Round 7

213th overall

Compensatory picks: Seattle also has the 245, 247 and 248 picks of the seventh and final round of the draft.

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  1. 245: long snapper
    247: holder
    248: kicker


  2. nightwulf says:

    245: Center
    247: Center
    248: Center
    ONE of ‘em has GOT to be better than Spencer…

  3. In no particular order: LT, OG, Center, Safety, OLB, Punter.

    With one of their seventh round picks I hope they take WR Jordan Norwood. He is an Engram clone. More quick than fast, can get open, great hands.

    How about Domonique Johnson in the fourth. He is a CB/FS and has the numbers. 6’2″, 190, 4.38 40. Or RB Mike Goodson. 6’0″, 200 4.43 40.

    Other seventh round posibilities: QB Mike Reilly, TE Ryan Purvis

  4. SeanCarney says:

    mpoff do u really expect us to draft a holder? You do realize thats not an actual position, not to mention one worth drafting. Do you really expect us to save a roster spot for a holder? Also our biggest st need is a PUNTER!! I’m sorry but weather you were joking or not your comment is a FAIL!!

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    Goodson has some severe baggage in that he couldn’t get along with either the staff of former head coach R.C. Slocum nor new (2008) HC Mike Sherman. I’m not sure that’s a guy the Seahawks want to draft. Being considered not coachable is not an asset.

    Sure wish we still had our own 5th round pick too. I actually think Reilly is drafted before the 7th round.

  6. Can’t trade Comp picks, right?

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Right. I just saw that the Pats have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds and 6 of the top 100. Good lord. The way they draft, they’ll make the most of them, you can bet.

  8. ryanryan says:

    hey, I know…lets trade for tony romo and HE could be our holder. That way we could save that 247th pick for another kicker…does any one else sense that i am wasting my god-given talents for running a football team?

    the pats are a very well ran FO. They always seem to get what they want and never give anything away for nothing. I am glad that springs will get his a** handed to him in practice by Joey galloway again…should be funny.

  9. ryanryan says:

    weather or not…hehe

  10. Oh, there is alway weather, whether you like it or not.

    FWIW, The Patriots ™ lost thier GM this year. I’m sure he was nothing to the organization, I just thought I’d point it out.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Pioli wasn’t technically their GM, he was Vice President – Player Personnel. And even though Mike Belichick is listed only as their Head Coach, I suspect he has as much say in personnel decisions as anyone, in any front office. I’m not going to claim to know the Pats all that wee, so this is mostly conjecture.

  12. monmornQB says:

    Thats funny… drafting a holder. I get the long snapper but holder? I’d love to see a a corner playing opposite of Tru that is bid enough to make takles and or compete for a jump ball or w/ coverage skills better than a high school corner.

  13. mpoff – that’s one of the funnier posts I’ve seen in awhile. Too bad we didn’t get one more comp pick in the 7th or we could have selected the senior at Oklahoma State who makes sure the players have the correct length of spikes on wet/rainy days.

  14. the3mitchells says:

    Can we draft a kicking tee with our last pick? Some fat guy to lay on his back with the ball in his mouth?

  15. What about signing 5 large elephants to be used as defensive linemen? We would have the best goal line defense in the NFL. Not even Hutch could drive block an elephant.

  16. What about signing Usain Bolt the elephants won’t have time to react with that kids speed

  17. Dukeshire says:

    The kicking tee reminds me of when I was little. I wanted to be the kid who ran onto the field and retreived it after kickoffs.

    JacDG – Did you see the Kenny Mayne skit during NFL Gameday last year with Bolt? They did a thing where it was like his pro day, sort of. Kind of funny. He has NO hands. Lol

  18. the3mitchells says:

    I say have five lions on the o line, bet they could clear a path for Bobby K to romp to 3000 yards rushing. Maybe have a Rhino at fullback.

  19. Don’t care about his hands, just let that MF’er run :D

    In all seriousness my mock, please don’t kill it totally

    1. Stafford, QB
    2. Beatty, OT
    3. Luigs, C
    4. Gibson, WR
    5. Thomas Morstead, P
    6. Goddard, S
    7. Louis West, OG

    New picks not in this yet

  20. Dukeshire says:

    It will be fun to see everyone’s mocks as we get closer. I wish we could run some sort of contest .

  21. Southendzone says:

    Non-Seahawks note:

    Can we have that creepy belly-fat reduction ad removed from the Seahawks Insider? put in tin the potpourri or living section of the TNT online?

  22. Duke – I agree about a contest.

    3mitchells – I wouldn’t gain that many yards b/c I’d be wearing a suite of armor so I wouldn’t get eaten. I wouldn’t be fast/agile enough to gain 3,000 yards.

    If we’re going to go for dream mocks…

    1 Moreno, RB, Georgia (early/mid first)
    1 Mack, C, Cal (late first – trade up from 2nd with pick(s) we aquired to move down from #4)
    3 Chung, SS, Oregon (seems to be enough of you sold on him for me to want to give you a Christmas present)
    4 Johnson, FS, Alabama
    5 Walker, DT, Ga Tech
    6 Painter, QB, Purdue
    7 Swift, WR, Nebraka
    7 (comp) OG
    7 (comp) OG
    7 (comp) OG (someone has to develop)
    OR — I like what mpoff said about the 3 comp picks.

  23. i’m a believer in building teams from the inside out, so i would like to see something like this (although i haven’t figured out names for other rounds)

    1. OT smith or monroe
    2. DT or another OT
    3. SS
    4. C
    5. LB
    6. QB or RB
    7. OG and DT for all picks

    i think its harder to find a C or OT in late rounds, but i think you can definitely find some guards or defensive tackles with bulk that can develop technique with a year or two of practice and become pretty solid.

    carney yes i was just making light of last year’s K and LS picks.

  24. So how much do we believe about Weavers comments that the locker room was split last year?

    I think there might be something to that. Especially at the RB position. Momo goes down. JJ runs well, Momo comes back and JJ doesn’t even get put in the game for like 2 straight games.

    The defense might have all been looking at Mora since Marshall was a stiff and Holmgren was a Marshall supporter.

  25. dukeshire in my college days i worked for my school’s team and once in awhile had to run get the tee. it was actually pretty embarrassing having a large stadium watch. since i was nowhere close to good enough to play it was a fun way to be on the sidelines.

    technical question: i assume in the moments between when a team notifies a league person who they are drafting and the name is read at the podium someone cross references to make sure its real/eligble person? it moves pretty quick though at the end, i wonder if anyone has been “drafted” without being in the draft.

  26. Everyone else is doing there draft hers mine.
    1. Brain Orako OLB
    2. Alex Mack,or Max Unger C
    3.Sean Smith C/B
    4. Phil Loadholt OT
    5. Nick Harris S
    6.Mike Reilly QB
    7. Long Stapper
    8. LB
    Thats my wish list!!

  27. nighthawk2 says:

    “The kicking tee reminds me of when I was little. I wanted to be the kid who ran onto the field and retreived it after kickoffs.”

    Some team used to have a dog that did that. Called it Fetch Monster, I think.

    “It will be fun to see everyone’s mocks as we get closer. I wish we could run some sort of contest .”

    I’m doing a 7 round mock but am only halfway through the 4th. Free agency plays hell with that.

  28. I actually got both Coutu AND Bryant right last year on my danish Seahawks blog :D

  29. Dukeshire says:

    mpoff – That’s great, kind of like Kramer as the ballboy at the US Open tennis tourny.

    Yeah, I’ve seen the dogs, too. I wouldn’t do it now, or anything. (as far as anyone knows…) I was thinking the week before the actual draft, or something. Even small, like 1st round only. I can imagine FA was make it rather dificult to keep up on it now.

  30. nighthawk2 says:

    Here’s an article by Sando on his blog about zone blocking. Some comments from Gary Kubiak, the Texans coach.–Simplicity-could-be-asset-for-Seahawks.html

  31. OT, William Beatty, Connecticut:

    An extremely athletic left tackle who will be a great fit in their zone blocking scheme

  32. doubledink says:

    I would like to see the mascot trained to swoop down and pluck the tee off the field after every kick. I bet that would draw the cameras.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    I presume you are talking about Tamu, not that retard in the bird costume, Blitz. Because if you are, that would be incredible.

  34. Isn’t the bird named Taima???

  35. nighthawk2 says:

    I’d be very happy to get Beatty. I think he’s drafted before 37 though.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    I think you’re right.

  37. has Stafford slipping down to us. If that’s the case, do we take him? What are everyone’s thoughts on that?

  38. I kind of think Stafford falling to us is a worst case scenario. A player who would be a very cap unfriendly back up and with Cleveland behind us with two quarterbacks why trade up to 4 when you can get the same player for less money at 5. Beyond that the Bengals have Carson Palmer and the Raiders drafted Jamarcus Russel first overall. Stafford if available at #4 could realistically slip to Jacksonville at #8.

  39. Just say no to Stafford…too expensive to warm the bench…we’re counting on Hass…if we put our money and talent elsewhere, we have a contender again next year. Good picks at OL, LB, S, RB, P will put us over the top.

  40. doubledink says:

    I am talking of the real mascot, the raptor, not Blitz, the dude in a foam suit.

    I think that would be really cool to see it swoop out there and grab the tee like a salmon in the river and bring it back to the trainer/handler.

  41. Stafford is a guy I truly have no clue on with respect to being a great QB. I have seen him in college but I have no idea if I think he’s going to be good or if he’s going to suck. I don’t like all the uncertainty with a 4th overall pick. I know there’s no such thing as a guaranteed Pro Bowler with this high of a pick, but I just have too many questions about him. I would rather go with a safer pick and instead of saying who I want again — I’ll leave it at that.

    If Mack is there at 37, I don’t care who we pass on to get him (Unger, Beatty, Chung, etc.).

  42. first round QB’s are difficult to handle. cap hit plus the pressure. remember flacco and ryan were the abnormality the last few years. i would much rather get a FA qb who has proven himself whenever hass does pack it in or grab onto a 2nd or 3rd rounder or something that the coaches really see potential. preferably next year after we use the higher picks this year to rebuild the line.

    duke i don’t think i stuck out as much as kramer, but its possible i ran over a few children, coaches and players to get out there. i must point out it wasn’t my main job as a staffer but i had to do it once or twice.

  43. In Rob Rangs latest mock we get Curry. Which would be SWEET!!! and in chad Rueters we end up with Smith at Tackle.

    I hope Rangs is accurate!

  44. doubledink says: has us taking Eugene Monroe.

  45. Us taking Curry would be nice, but he is going to get almost/more than Julian would’ve gotten, so the same situation to much money at LB, the same with RB, we are going to go one of the Lines O or D, and maybe corner the way i see it. I admit Stafford is rising in my book, but QB is a huge risk, but if we let him sit, the cons about Stafford (the cons most paid experts mention, decision making ect.) will probably get better, and we would avoid a David Carr like scenario

  46. i agree with JacDG about curry.

    i did see a mock with orakpo being our guy. i don’t know much about him and would like to see LoJack given another year. but i do like the idea of a mario williams or julius peppers type disruption on our DL.

    not sure also about the one hit wonder thing that ruskell doesn’t like, and while lojack didn’t add a whole lot of value last year, i do remember lots of people clamoring for balmer at DT out of carolina after his senior year was good and he had good workouts, and that guy sucked big time at san fran who took him the pick after us.

  47. Balmer played at North Carolina “My” team in the college lvl’s :”(

  48. JacDG one player i would be happy with from your teem is Nicks, although i read somewhere (here maybe?) he got a horrible score on the wonderlic. i doubt he will be around though in round 2.

  49. Think he got 14! Also on his pro day he was a litlle bit overweighty, he is a kinda cocky guy, but what he does and can do is awsome he can almost do anything. I actually like Brandon Tate more, the season he could’ve had oh boy!

  50. Got injured at pro day as well

  51. vichawkfan says:

    Just read Stafford is only 21 and started 37 games in the SEC. Matt Ryan started 32. I won’t be upset if we drafted him and let him sit behind Hassel for one or two years.

  52. Audible says… “we’re counting on Hass”.

    This is what worries me. Back injuries are usually the worst, and I can almost guarantee his injury will plague him again this year. So we can look forward to seeing Seneca again. I guess it’s the chance the team will have to take.


  53. Stafford impressed at wonderlic got 38/50 i think, high score was/were 41 i think!

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