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Julian Peterson has been traded to the Detroit Lions

Post by Ryan Divish on March 14, 2009 at 12:09 pm with 98 Comments »
March 14, 2009 12:09 pm

Just got the release from the Seahawks, and I don’t know if Eric is next to a computer to post this.

Peterson was dealt to Detroit for defensive tackle/end Cory Redding and an undisclosed draft pick.

UPDATE: Ok, I’ve figured out why Eric didn’t have something posted on the trade earlier – he’s out of the country. He’s in Canada with his family. Apparently they are buying a new family dog since their passed away a few months back. So that’s why this wasn’t up sooner. The one day the guy picks to be away from his computer the Hawks trade J.P. to Detroit.

Here’s the release …

Seahawks Trade Linebacker to the Detroit Lions

Renton, Wash. – The Seattle Seahawks have traded linebacker Julian Peterson to the Detroit Lions for defensive tackle/end Cory Redding and an undisclosed draft choice in next month’s NFL Draft.

Peterson signed with Seattle as an unrestricted free agent from San Francisco before the 2006 season. During his three years in Seattle, he started 47 of 48 games, collected 249 tackles (199 solo), 24.5 sacks, three interceptions and was named to the Pro Bowl after each season.

In his nine years in the NFL, Peterson has totaled 714 tackles (499 solo), 46 sacks, eight interceptions, 48 passes defensed, 15 forced fumbles and eight fumble recoveries.

"The entire Seahawks organization greatly appreciates the contribution that Julian has made to our football team and to this community," said President Tim Ruskell. "He has exemplified the highest standards of excellence and character both on and off the field. He will be greatly missed by all of us in the Seahawks organization and we wish him well with his new team, the Detroit Lions."

Redding was originally drafted by Detroit in the third round (66th overall) of the 2003 NFL Draft and started 77 of 86 career games, collecting 306 tackles (204 solo), 16.0 sacks, three passes defensed, three forced fumbles and six fumble recoveries in his six seasons

"Cory Redding is a guy we’ve had our eye on for some time," said Ruskell. "We liked him coming out of Texas because of his versatility to play inside and out and also because of the type of person he is. This gives us another big, physical presence along the defensive line and someone we can play at multiple positions."

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  1. So what is coming next? I am interested to see how this affects the cap – just for curiousity sake.

    I still want to see them improve at OL, DB and LB(now)

    OL and DB are obvious – but at LB – Hawthorne is small – like tatupu – and having too many undersized guys there is trouble in the making. Herring has had some problems staying healthy.

    AT DB. there are guys there that people are excited to see but if Mora hasn’t put them in there yet what makes anyone feel that they are going to play now.

    I think we can get some good LB depth help with who is out there right now as a FA. I wouldn’t mind seeing Brooks in as a 1 year guy or maybe 2 year deal. NO BIG signing bonus then draft a guys in the 2-4th round area that could develop us.

  2. Props, this is a first class move, love Redding, we’ve got a complete D-line now, now looking for Raji, Jerry or Brace, Julian made plays so it’s sad to see him go, but it’s for the best he’s not the youngest and our cap is getting way better + the pick i needed in my mock, we can get a WR+S+QB+ make our O-line stronger, the future looks bright now!

  3. Great move to build up the D line.

    The ‘undisclosed’ draft pick was reported at Detroit’s 5th rounder.

    this blog entry is a little late, we beat this to death all morning already on the last entry.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Always nice to have a Divish sighting, but Eric seems to be well behind the curve with these kind of stories.

  5. Your ‘backers can be smaller if your DL can protect them. If Redding plays like he can, and his “renegotiation” is cap-friendly, this is a good deal.

  6. edstang45 says:

    Now when Cushing slips by The Chiefs, we can get the Beast!!!

  7. Will take a DL over a LB any day. IMO we had to get bigger and more physical on the DL. Trading Rocky and Green for Redding and Cole is an improvement. Now we can just draft the BPA throughout the draft.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I hope you’re referring to Curry.

  9. seafanalways says:

    the hawks will NOT draft curry

  10. Dukeshire says:

    You’re right, because, among other things, he won’t be there.

  11. JoshManRock says:

    Well, I hope Ruskell knows what he is doing, because this could be a net loss depending on how well Redding plays. However, if Redding is used as a DE and spells Kerney and allows him to stay fresh throughout the season this could be a very good move.

  12. seafanalways says:

    even if he were there, they wouldnt draft him…just because JP is gone doesnt mean the hawks would waste the #4 pick on him…

    i just dont understand why some fans are obsessed with having 3 huge contracts at LB?? thats not a smart way to build a team, which is why we will pass on curry

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think they’d take him either. As I see it today, it’s between Monroe and Jenkins. (I’m presuming Smith goes to the Rams.)

  14. BORNHAWK says:

    I haven’t ever heard of this Redding guy, anyone know anything about him?

  15. Curry will go 1 or 3.

    The only thing I hope is that we DONT take a QB at 4. I don’t think ANY of the QB’s this year are good. If one of the top 3 is available in the 2nd round maybe.

    Next year there will be 3 or 4 top QB available and they are ALL better than anyone that is out this year!

  16. Seattle usually keeps five at DT and four at DE. With Mebane, Cole, Bryant, Terrill and Redding at DT and with Kerney, Jackson, Tapp and Atkins at DE, the D line looks set.

  17. Dukeshire says:


    Here is what Scouts Inc. said about Redding before the 2008 season:

    A five-year veteran with good size and athleticism, Redding has been extremely durable for an interior defensive lineman and has been consistent as a run-stopper. He played hard with toughness and intensity last season [2007] despite the fact that his sack total dwindled from eight in 2006 to just one a year ago.

    Redding utilizes great quickness, foot agility and balance to penetrate gaps and disrupt plays in the backfield. He drew many more double teams last season and was eliminated from plays, but that also allowed the linebackers behind him to stay clean and run to the ball. He has quick hands and is adept at slipping blocks, separating and getting to the pile.

    Redding is an instinctive player who understands leverage and reacts well to blocking schemes, feels pad pressure well and does a nice job pressing back and restricting running lanes. He will have to anchor the inside alone after the departure of fellow big body Shaun Rogers, but Redding is a good football player and a new offensive emphasis on ball control should help him and the rest of the defense.

  18. Pick Monroe,or try to trade down and pick up Moreno and than the best OL available next. Don’t worry about LB’s until later rounds. We still need a safety too. And get a deal done with Weaver already, jeez.

  19. BORNHAWK says:

    Thanks Duke, I sure hope this was a wise choice and not just an act because he refused to renegotiate.

  20. Duke should run the blog. Eric is late alot

  21. Ryan Divish says:

    I mentioned this on the original post, but Eric happened to pick today to be out of town and away from his computer. I know the blog says “where there is no offseason” but it doesn’t say “where there are no offdays.” I am confident in saying that Eric has been pretty good and up to date about this stuff. And I know he isn’t pleased that this happened while he wasn’t around.

  22. F12CHawk says:

    Oceanic-“and with Kerney, Jackson, Tapp and Atkins at DE, the D line looks set.”

    The line will be set after we draft Orakpo! :)

  23. CDHawkFan says:

    Read some of the posts from Detroit bloggers, doesn’t look good for Seattle in the eye’s of people who have been watching Redding for several years. No one in Detroit is crying about this one;

    My mind is blown.The fact that anybody would even want Redding with that ridiculous contract,much less give us a pro-bowl linebacker is just mindblowing.Didnt they watch any tapes of how Redding has played the last two years?

    This is awesome! As has been said several times already, I’m amazed we’re getting a solid 5 time pro bowl linebacker for Cory Redding, who has been a waste of space the last couple of years.

    Wow. A Pro Bowl LB for an underperforming DT and a 5th rounder? Wow.
    First the Roy Williams deal, and now this. Keep it up, Mr. Mayhew, and the Lions doubters are gonna have to find a new dog to kick.

    If they dont stop this we will have nothing to make fun of anymore all these deals are improving are team, we just traded a guy that had 7 good games at the end of the 05-06 season and got $$$ he didn’t deserve for a probowler in his prime.

    Getting rid of Corey Redding is addition by subtraction. I am starting to get excited about Martin Mayhew’s abilities.

  24. Folks, Eric is allowed to take a day off once in awhile………..

    Sounds like a good pickup (curious what draft pick we’re getting), but I’m not happy about losing JP.

    For better or worse, once Matt’s gone this is 100% Ruskell’s team.

  25. seafanalways says:

    ryan, you are eric are MUCH appreciated. there are just some on here that dont think that either of you should have lives outside hawk talk…dont let those guys get ya down.

    thanks for all the good work!

  26. turboskylinegtr says:

    Resigned DD Lews and Lance Laury today too

  27. seafanalways says:

    cdhawk, with all that amazing research you did, did you happen to come across the part where it discusses that redding re-did his contract to come here? or what about the fact that an 0-16 team just traded away a starting DT AND a draft pick for a soon to be 31 year OLB who cant tackle?

    yep, detroit sure did school us on this deal…

  28. CD, on the contrary, I think Ruskell took advantage of Detroit on this deal.

    Peterson is 31 and relied on his speed which he now start losing each year until he retires. Its always better to trade a player a year before he declines than to wait.

    Redding is a monster DT who can 2 gap and rush, or even slide to DE when needed. And he is 28 years old and willing to renegotiate his contract.

    Now Ruskell can work a long-term deal to keep Leroy Hill and the team is set at DT for a few years with Redding, Mebane, Cole, and Bryant. Good move..

  29. NickHawk1 says:

    It was a fair deal on both sides.

  30. bigmike04 says:

    Good move by hawks, It get peterson out of division as if he were release, I am sure somebody in our division would take chance on him and have him spilling his guts about hawks defensive.

    Corey Redding would be good relief at DT.

  31. ballhawk300 says:

    I like that we did away with a large contract and created some cap space while JP still had good value, the jury is still out until next year on if Redding will be a great addition to this d-line, but what makes me optimistic in reading about redding is most of his production dropped last year due to double teams, with Mebane next to him he shouldn’t face too many of those. He’s coming from a d-line that had no peices left around him. Now I think it’s left Tackle or Curry if he slips………..possibly orakpo, doubt we’ll be able to trade down, we’ll see come draft day………..also curious to see what FA’s this newly created cap space is for.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, despite my jabs earlier, this blog has improved 10-fold since Eric took over. Ryan, I know the Mariners are your deal, but I have always like your contributions, don’t be a stranger.

  33. Sorry didn’t see other post

    Now do you see Seattle going after Kato June or Derrick Brooks. Then go draft a LB for the future in later rounds

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Ruskell’s been busy today. They just resigned D.D. Lewis and Lance Laury. Laury is a one year deal and the Lewis contract details haven’t been disclosed.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    I’m looking elsewhere to find details.

  36. turboskylinegtr says:

    Gabe – i didnt even think about cato june but he is just as likely as brooks, if not more likely since there havent been any reports of him retiring, and ive read at least once that june ONLY fits tampa 2 type schemes.

    I do have to question the value we are receiving here. you would have to consider FAR too many factors (as bloggers anyway) to feasibly get the truest answer for why we made this trade, but with what we know this seems strange. mora told colin cole that he would be a starter (unless I read something wrong) so that means we got a guy who will rotate in, but isnt considered a “starter”. although not freakishly tall like canty, redding is the same weight (295lbs), which makes me wonder why the hawks pursued a DT of that size so vehemently. Im hoping that have a diverse and dangerous plan for the DL, and that must be the case or the front office is crazy, which will at least partially make up for the loss in production of JP. JP’s role as a pass rusher is no longer with this team, which also probably changes kerneys role. I suppose having 3 DEs who should be starters makes this more feasible since those 3 can rotate at the DE positions, and earn their pay (notably kerney). Anyway, we got redding plus a 5th, and this had better mean that redding is taking a huge paycut.

  37. Southendzone says:

    Even without having any 1st hand knowledge of Redding’s skills I’m OK with this trade. I see all of our moves thus far as addressing needs and giving us a lot of freedom in the draft.

    It looks 50/50 that Curry will be available at # 4, if so it is a perfect fit adding that kind of young talent to the LB’s after dropping JP.

    JP still has the skills to play at a high level, but last season he wasn’t outstanding. Considering salary, age, positions involved, plus the 5th round pick, I think we got good value from the trade.

  38. At least it’s a good 5th round pic being the first in the 5th round we might could find a good player in return

  39. I wanted to see some info on Cory Redding so I wipped out Madden 09 he is rated 91 overall on Madden. Just for fun

  40. i think gabe just pointed out our biggest issue, with the idea that the 5th round is a very questionable place to get talent. in my opinion we need to do better, far better, with our mid and low round picks. remember giants 2 years ago win the sb with all 7 picks on the roster, and patriots and steelers constantly have 6 or 7 rounders make the team. we need 6 or 7 of the picks to be good this year, not 1 or 2, no matter what we do in free agency.

  41. i can see us using the extra 5th round pick to move up in one of the earlier rounds to get someone we want. maybe trade one of our 5th round picks and our 3rd for an early 2nd. then we would get to have 2 of the mack, unger, chung, and robiskie type guys, and we will still have the same amount of picks that we started with.

  42. we only have one 5th round we have a 5th round to Denver for Colvert

  43. hawks4372 says:

    Kudis to the brass on this trade. I’m hard on them in my comments very often, though I feel every point I make is justifiable. In this case, I couldn’t be happier. We get a little younger on D, we get a little bigger and more stout vs the run. We get our 5th rounder back after foolishly and recklessly discarding it. GREAT job, Timothy. Over the next couple years, as we stink, I hope for more and more trades like this that increase our number of draft picks. This is the way you efficiently rebuild- by acquiring picks and then hitting on them.

    No, Curry won’t be there. If he is, it represents the one and only chance to trade back in the draft, because someone will want to leapfrog Cleveland to get to him and he’s the only guy a team will be willing to pay that money to at that spot. If isn’t there, either Monroe or Smith should be, as well as Crabman.

    Nice to have a slim ray of sunshine peek through the clouds every now and then.

    Next order of business- get Brian Russell the helll out of town.

  44. rockoutwithyourhawko says:

    All great teams are great in the trenches, this really helps to give us a deep and formidable d line, this should take a lot of pressure of the dbs, and allow the LBs to do what they do. I am excited about this defense now. With the draft we can now work on the O line, future RB, LB. This offseason is slowly but surely turning out very nicely.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    For good or ill, Ruskell has been more active this off season than I thought he was capable of. And I must admit, I like where the attention has been focused. Of course, all he has to do is whiff on their #4 to restore confidence in his inability.

    “Next order of business- get Brian Russell the helll out of town.” Yes, please!

  46. hawks4372- I’m a little curious as to why this TEAM is going to stink over the next couple of years? As you said, we just got a little bigger, younger and stout up front… Clearly, last year was all about injuries and the lack of size of our defense. Your glass needs to be half full brother!!!

  47. BORNHAWK says:

    I think this move is a going to benefit Hill, get him back to what he was doing before JP got here, rushing the QB.

  48. redneckhawk says:

    What kind of dog do you have to go to Canada for?

  49. D-Line isn’t set in my opinion (or shouldn’t be) until we’ve added some pass rush – do we think Cole or Redding is going to get after the passer? Kerney is something of a question mark at 32 and coming off an injury – and Peterson was our next best pass rusher. Who rushes the QB this year? Tapp/Jackson? Neither has showed that ability in a meaningful way as of yet.

  50. twocolorcrayon says:

    I have confidence in Hill to surpass Peterson as a pass rusher. I love this move, it helps us out all around, and who knows, Redding may get plenty of snaps at DE with Mebane and Cole in the center, who knows! Seriously though, all we need now is Brian Russell to not be a starter and this will be a really, really offseason imo.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    redneckhawk – Maybe a Labrador Retriever or a Newfoundland. Or even a Canadian Eskimo Dog.

  52. A Canadian one…

  53. A 5 time probowler for somebody from the Lions? And you guys are happy?
    Sent to Detroit? I feel sorry for JP. an 0-16 team.
    I wonder if he’s having 2nd thoughts about not renegotiating now..

  54. hurst7t9 says:

    Did anyone take notice of DD Lewis’s play last year? He played really well in place of Hill. He may be next years starter at that position, if he can stay healthy.

  55. DJammmer says:

    According to Sando, seahawks gain cap space out of this:
    “The Seahawks gain $4.6 million in cap space by trading Peterson.”

    The orininal teams have to pay (already payed) the signing bonuses. So only their salary gets moved to the new team.

    Not exactly sure where the Seahawks are on the cap. Don’t think they have as much as is being speculated. I think they had $16M prior to Hoosh, Willis and the other signings.

  56. The good news about Erics dog is that his ass is clean as a whistle, or so I’ve heard.

    As far as the pass rush, if Cole can occupy a guard and the center that means Mebane will be single teamed. Should free him to top his last years total of 5.5 sacks. Also, I think Hill will get 8-11 sacks if he moves to the weak side.

  57. DJammmer says:

    Also, are we sure Redding is going to play DT in seattle? He had his best year at DE for Detroit. Seems like Detroit moved him to DT out of necesity… and then is production fell off. What if the Hawks are using him out on the end to rotate with Jackson/Kerney and Tapp? Or as Kerney’s replacement for next year? Then they still have their BFDs (Mebane and Cole) in the middle.

  58. I could be wrong but wasn’t Mora JP’s coordinator in SF for at least a year or two? Seems like he would have a good handle on whether JP still has it/is a good fit for what he wants to do. Strikes me that this might not be all Ruskell…

  59. BORNHAWK says:

    This is not a huge loose because at the end of the day are defense is better. Hill will be better with JP outta here and we are stacked in the trench, where championships are won. I am ready to see how this works out. I know we are going to get back to are standard, last year was a fluke.

  60. this could be a move for versitility. If Redding could possibly play both effectively that gives us more options to use and more looks that other teams have to prepare for.

    All I know it that it is nice to see that the team is trying to make good things happen and not just standing still and taking for granted what they have. Let’s hope that it continues to be positive changes.

  61. hawks4372 says:

    Why will we stink? Well, the quarterback is getting old and has a trick back, the hall of famer at left tackle has a trick everything and is old, the running backs are pedestrian, the wide receivers are pedestrian, the corners we’ve drafted recently aren’t very good, we have the worst football player in the world starting at safety, we can’t even find a dam long snapper, and we still can’t manage to swing a 4th place schedule- even with a 4-12 record. Last year wasn’t a fluke- the best players on this team are on the downside. Everything that is questionable about the players referenced above would have to go the right way for this team to be good next year. It’s asking a lot for everything to go the right way. It isn’t realistic. That’s why I want to acquire as many picks as possible in the next couple years and rebuild this thing the right way. The glass is definitely half empty, but it can be refilled in the next couple years if things are done a certain way- the right way.

    Where’s Bobby Beathard when we need him? He’d give us next year’s #1 for that 37th pick.

  62. I like the move..

    I think a Redding for Peterson trade would be hard to wrap my head around, in the short term, and after just signing Colin Cole at DT —- But… Redding + first pick in 5th round + 4.6 million in cap space = no brainer..

  63. vichawkfan says:

    listened to Hugh Millen on radio today basically say JP wasn’t a good fit here and lacked consistant effort for a top paid LB. Hugh’s is a good friend of Mora’s…..nuff said. Love reading Detroit fans feel like they’ve pulled a big coup on us. Thought is that JP is older, but an all-pro and Redding is a Millen overpaid hasbeen.
    I’m somewhere between. JP looked at times last year disinterested and lacked intensity. He can rush the qb, but whiff’s too much when he’s asked to stay home and play strong side. One trick pony at this point in his career I think…banked millions and won’t be in the league at 34.
    Redding is younger, plays hard all the time from what I’ve read. Got paid more than probably he should have 2 yrs ago, but re-negotiated for us…be interested what that entails. Sounds like he wants to win….that’s all I need to hear.


  64. Leroyhill says:

    hawks4372: did you miss your Prozac pill today?

  65. LOL…Leroy Hill? The Leroy Hill?

  66. After we draft B.J. Raji this D-line will be complete. We’ve been in need of a force at DT for a long, long time and this draft is our chance. He WILL plug the middle and keep O-linemen off our LB’s. Between Raji, Mebane, Cole and Bryant at the DT spots with Kerney, Tapp, Atkins and Jackson at the DE’s, Redding can play either spot. The DL would finally be a strength instead of a liability. Count on at least 3 of these guys being injured at any given time and we would still have adequate depth and talent.

    Raji would be the glue that makes this group work. The rest of the defense would be improved by his presense. This may be our last shot in the Hass era to get something done. A tough D and good luck on the injury front could get us back in the playoffs.

  67. Raji won’t be necessary. This trade allows the Hawks to trade down if the right deal comes along.

  68. NO Raji!

    DT is no longer on our radar. Even if it was I still wouldn’t want him.

  69. Raji will be available at 10 and is not better than at least 4 players that will be available at 4 short term or long term.

    I think it will go Stafford, Smith, Curry, then we can choose from

    Monroe (my choice) crabtree (IMO in the leading candidate), Macklin, Orakpo, Heck I even think Heyward-Bey is better than Raji.

    I think the odds of trading out of the 4 spot are less than 10% since it is such a hard spot to get value for.

  70. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    From KLLF

    Seahawks | Peterson declines pay cut
    Sat, 14 Mar 2009 05:13:57 -0700

    Mike Sando, of, reports Seattle Seahawks LB Julian Peterson has refused a pay cut from the team, putting his future with the Seahawks in doubt, according to sources. Peterson’s contract, a seven-year deal running through the 2012 season, calls for $6.5 million in salary for 2009. Counting bonus money already paid, the contract counts $8.8 million against the salary cap if Peterson remains on the roster and $4.6 million if the team releases him.

    Simply a need to save $4 mil, in cap space !
    They probably would have liked to trade down, but this move….gives them a safety net…..can look at, Curry, Crabtree, or Monroe or Smith

    My Mock had Det taking Curry #1…Hawks trade down to 17 with Jets for….a 2010 first round and this years 2nd round (#52 I believe) but with JP….I see them taking, QB, Strafford now.

    Oh…what dog can you only get in Canada…a Bilingual one, of course

  71. I predict we draft Orakpo #4… Can anyone give me a reason why we shouldn’t? He fits the Ruskell mold, that is for damn sure.. I listened to him on NFL radio and was really impressed. Confident and well-spoken. Write it down.

    I also predict at some point we draft Quan Cosby. Just a hunch.. Man what a class-act kid (well, he’s actually almost as old as me lol). He is a social worker, and very involved in the Austin community. He envisions himself as someone teammates can talk to during tough times, personally and professionally. I’ll tell you what, I’d take him on my team anytime.

  72. nighthawk2 says:

    “Now when Cushing slips by The Chiefs, we can get the Beast!!!”

    I hope you’re referring to the 2nd round. Cushing? He and the overrated Maualuga both came out on the 3rd down. If you want a linebacker, but Marcus Freeman. Personally I don’t think we should even consider a linebacker before the 5th round, it’s that low of a priority.

    “I’m looking elsewhere to find details.”

    Hey, cut the blogmeister a break. He had to go to Canada to buy a foreign dog. Maybe the tax rates on dogs are lower there.

    “I predict we draft Orakpo #4… Can anyone give me a reason why we shouldn’t?”

    Because we have bigger needs (OFFENSIVE LEFT TACKLE!!!!!!!!!!), because Orakpo is overhyped and overrated, and because Texas lineman (and players in general) usually suck in the NFL (as do Big 12 players in general). Vince Young, Michael Huff, Cedric Woodward, Cedric Benson, Ricky Williams, Limas Sweed, Jamaal Charles, Quintin Jammer, Mike Williams (not the USC receiver, the OT who was drafted 4th overall in 2002 by Buffalo and is out of football), Rod Babers, Frank Okam…Marcus Tubbs was a 3 year long knee injury and Roy Williams has underperformed.

  73. Ruskell thought so highly of Peterson that he traded him to Detriot.

  74. nighthawk2 says:

    “Why will we stink? Well, the quarterback is getting old and has a trick back, the hall of famer at left tackle has a trick everything and is old, the running backs are pedestrian, the wide receivers are pedestrian, the corners we’ve drafted recently aren’t very good, we have the worst football player in the world starting at safety, we can’t even find a dam long snapper, and we still can’t manage to swing a 4th place schedule- even with a 4-12 record. Last year wasn’t a fluke- the best players on this team are on the downside. Everything that is questionable about the players referenced above would have to go the right way for this team to be good next year. It’s asking a lot for everything to go the right way. It isn’t realistic. That’s why I want to acquire as many picks as possible in the next couple years and rebuild this thing the right way. The glass is definitely half empty, but it can be refilled in the next couple years if things are done a certain way- the right way.”

    And Brian Russell is not the worst football player in the world. He’s not even the worst on the Seahawks, Rob Sims is. Although it’s close between Sims, Jennings, Russell, Frye and Spencer.

    I would tend to agree with most of your points (although if we upgrade the OL like I want us too then we will not stink, if Numbskull ignores the OL once again then we certainly will stink); other than about Walter Jones and the schedule. The fact that Walter is 35 is not the main issue (although it means it’s time to find his replacement), the real issue is that he had microfracture surgery on his left knee. That is the kiss of death for a football player, especially a lineman, and at the age of 35….As far as the schedule goes, I thought by now, going into the 8th year of realignment, people understood how the scheduling works, but apparently not. So here goes for the umpteenth time:

    The schedules were set from 2002 through 2009 when the league realigned into 8 divisions with four teams each in 2002 when the Houston Texans entered the NFL. That’s when Seattle moved the NFC and the West division, as did Arizona, and Atlanta and New Orleans moved out of it and into the new NFC South. There were other moves around the league too. And at that time, the schedule was set up so that on a rotating, yearly basis: each division played the four teams in another division in their conference each year, and they played a division in the other conference every year, and each team played the three other teams in their division twice a year (total of 14 games). The other two games were against a team in the other two divisions in your conference that finished in the same spot you did. Hence, we played the NFC East and the AFC East in 2008, and we played the Buccaneers and Packers because they had finished in first place in their divisions in 2007, as did we. This year our division plays the NFC North and the AFC South, so the other two games will be against the 3rd place teams in the NFC South and North (Tampa Bay and Green Bay) since we finished in 3rd place (not 4th place as you stated). Every team in our division will play the same schedule, our home and away non-division games (outside of Tampa and Dallas) will be the same as SF, and the Rams and Cardinals will play the opposite of us for home and away. The Cardinals will play Carolina and the Giants, the 49ers will play Atlanta and Philadelphia, the Rams will play New Orleans and Washington. It’s not difficult to understand, what record any team finishes with the previous year only matters for two games. The other fourteen, your previous year’s record is utterly, totally and completey irrelevent. It has been that way for the last 7 freakin’ years, there has been no “last place” or “first place” schedule.

  75. Dukeshire says:

    “I’m looking elsewhere to find details.”
    “Hey, cut the blogmeister a break. He had to go to Canada to buy a foreign dog. Maybe the tax rates on dogs are lower there.”

    I didn’t mean that the way it sounds. Lol. I meant that if I found the contract particulars, I would report them back here.

  76. Agree that we will look to draft OL now – with the Housh signing, and the Cole/Redding signings, it now looks to be the place we’ll go. And hopefully a Safety in round 2.

    We could still use a pass-rushing DE though – is there no shot at all at Jason Taylor on a 1-year?

  77. Interesting to read the newspaper reporting on this trade this morning. Seattle Times had no idea what to make of it and just sounded confused. John McGrath at the Trib nailed it with a good article.

  78. BORNHAWK says:

    Why would we want Jason Taylor?

  79. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve got to believe the d line rotation is set. (I wouldn’t want Taylor, in any case.) My ideal (with who’s most likey to be there) in the first two, would go Monroe / Chung.

  80. Hey, in case you haven’t noticed, Eric doesn’t report “news” whether he’s here or not. He posts that “others have reported….” and then provides links to their reports. We still have to rely on actual reporters like Sando and Clayton and others who know what a press pass is for to go out and get the news.

    I guess Sando proved that it’s not the blog, it’s the reporter. This blog was subtitled “where there is no offseason” because of Sando’s hard work year round. He was recognized for it and got the big gig because of it.

    So okay. I long ago realized this has turned into a “fan site” – much like “Seahawk Addicts” or “Field Gulls” – and not an actual news outlet. I only wish TNT would give that press pass to someone who would actually use it. I know for a fact there’s guys on here who would take the pass and be at Hawk Headquarters door waiting for them to open up every morning if they had that kind of access.

    I’m sure it must be dawning upon the bean counters at TNT that the future is here, on-line, and if they want to have any beans left to count they better improve their product here asap. Be the source, not a bulletin board.

  81. I agree with bassnw. There is no much going on right now to take time off. We need more inside info

  82. Dukeshire says:

    This may go without saying, but I would LOVE to get my hands on a press pass.

  83. Ryan Divish says:

    It’s a little bit harder than you think to break news first. And you’re comparing Eric, a guy who started this beat full time less than six months ago, to two guys that have logged vast years in the NFL beat. Check out how long they’ve been covering the NFL, they are bound to have a few more contacts than a guy who started this year.

    And just because you have a press pass, you can’t show up every day at Hawks headquarters. It doesn’t work like that. They don’t allow it.

    And if you don’t think we care about being the “source” or being the first to get a story, then you are wrong. We are competitive and get upset when we get beaten on stuff. It reflects badly on us. Our real names (not a pseudonym) and our work is out there for all to see, read and criticize.

    and I don’t care what Sando did in the past, Eric has the right to take a Saturday off to spend with his family. I talked to him and he was genuinely upset that he didn’t he wasn’t around for this.

    But if you want to discuss if further feel free to email me privately.

  84. Southendzone says:

    So it’s a big deal if TNT has some poor guy hanging out @ Seahawks facility in Renton 24/7 waiting to tell us that it looks as if Jim Mora got new tires on his car or a haircut?

    Let’s say this guy has perfect coverage and manages to post some actual news here first before anyone else does due to his diligence. How much does it matter? John Clayton is going to get a phone call with that info within an hour and have it posted on ESPN.

    SO WHAT! Everyone will jump in here, and within 50 posts we’ll just be reading the same 2 or 3 posters calling each other d-bags. How does this scenario benefit TNT?

  85. Dukeshire says:

    “SO WHAT! Everyone will jump in here, and within 50 posts we’ll just be reading the same 2 or 3 posters calling each other d-bags. How does this scenario benefit TNT?”

    THAT is funny. And sadly, very true.

  86. nighthawk2 says:

    Monroe/Chung? I want Monroe/Unger. The Seahawks spent an inordinate amount of time to talking to safety Michael Hamlin from Clemson at the combine. He said they talked to him 4 or 5 times in one day and ran 3 different people by him in one day. Go down to Draft Scout Michael Hamlin News and the date 03/04/09. I’m thinking that’s the guy they want as our 3rd round pick.

  87. redneckhawk says:

    Nice reply Ryan.

    Remember how the TO to Buffalo story broke? Clayton was on air talking about something else and got a text message reporting it. You only get stuff like that after years in the business. I would say he gets info in less than an hour.
    Eric deserves a day off. Honestly, did anyone expect something like this to happen on a Saturday morning?

  88. redneckhawk says:

    @ nighthawk2

    Thanks for that link.

  89. Dukeshire says:

    I have read that the ‘Hawks showed a lot of interest (on Field Gulls, I believe.) too. I wouls certainly be happy with him. If their first 3 picks went Monroe / Unger / Hamlin, I would be tickled. I happen to really lik Patrick Chung, however.

  90. nighthawk2 says:

    Thing is, that same site I posted the link to has Hamlin, William Moore and Patrick Chung listed as strong safeties, rather than free safety. No big deal I guess, just thought it was a little odd.

    “and I don’t care what Sando did in the past, Eric has the right to take a Saturday off to spend with his family. I talked to him and he was genuinely upset that he didn’t he wasn’t around for this.”

    Just as aside, I wasn’t knocking Eric being out of town. It was supposed to be a joke about exchange rates and the dollar devaluation. Didn’t matter to me about a blog entry on the Peterson trade. I was just peeved that TV news like ESPN and NFL Network didn’t have any reporting on it for hours when everyone already knew about it. NFL Network must be completely pre-programmed, they show the same stuff over and over again (when they’re not showing some game from last year or 15 years ago).

  91. Seatown_Rey says:

    Good God. The audacity of some of the whiny, ungrateful, spoiled-brat posters on this board.

    There’s one group of you who are apparently smarter than Tim Ruskell in every way — from evaluating talent, to determining the dollar amounts required to sign players, and projecting how potential draft picks and free agent acquisitions will pan out. It’s a mystery why Paul Allen hasn’t recognized your obvious talents and replaced a proven, successful GM like Ruskell with you.

    Now there’s another group of you are apparently better news reporters than Eric. Even with abosolutely no reporting experience, you’d be better at breaking stories before everyone else and working around the clock without a single day off. Well, anyone who’s been paying attention to the economy knows that the newspaper industry isn’t exactly ripe with high-paying oppportunties, so feel free to take your vast knowledge and apply to the TNT, as you’d obviously be willing to work for peanuts and can do Eric’s job much better than him.

    It’s amazing how you all think you’re experts in fields in which we have no experience.

  92. The blog is “Seahawks Insider”. Take a look at the posts here as far back as you like. Please see if you can find one post that isn’t a link to someone else’s actual report. Good luck.

    My point is that what you find on this site anymore is the same u can find on many other fan sites that are not “MSM news outlets” with the access that provides. I became used to, and expected better from TNT. They were the Primo sports bureau in the NW and possibly the nation at one time. They still have the heavy hitters like Boling and McGrath on the print side, but unfortunately, they are very seldom seen here at the “Insider”.

    So yeah, I’ll get over it, but I hate to see my hometown paper disappear when there are options available.

    My opinion only. Nuff said.

  93. Re Jason Taylor – I think he’s the best pass rusher left out there among free agents – and it doesn’t seem like we want to spend the #4 on a DE (though I could be wrong). He was hurt last year, and I know he’s not a young guy, but just a year before he had a monster year for a real bad Miami team. As I’ve said, I think the loss of Peterson, leaves us w/out a whole lot of pass rush. Hill can be effective on the blitz, but has he ever lined up against a Tackle and beat him to the QB? Maybe he can, given the oppty, but I think it’s an unknown, and i think it’s real optimistic to think he’s got Peterson’s pass rush skills.

  94. nighthawk2 says:

    “There’s one group of you who are apparently smarter than Tim Ruskell in every way — from evaluating talent, to determining the dollar amounts required to sign players, and projecting how potential draft picks and free agent acquisitions will pan out. It’s a mystery why Paul Allen hasn’t recognized your obvious talents and replaced a proven, successful GM like Ruskell with you.”

    I presume you’re referring to not re-signing or Franchise tagging Steve Hutchinson, overpaying for Peterson as a panic move thereafter, the tit-for-tat $49 mil/2 poison pill childish contract for Burleson (that cost us a 3rd round pick), the drafting of those two stellar guards Rob Sims and Mansfield Wrotto, using a 3rd round pick on a quarterback who’s now out of football, drafting busts like Chris Spencer and Kelly Jennings in the 1st round, trading away a 1st round pick that could have been Ben Grubbs and solved one guard problem for a decade for Deion “Trainers Table King” Branch, drafting a stiff like Lawrence Jackson in the 1st last year who did absolutely nothing over a safety like Kenny Phillips, overpaying for a then 32 year old DE who’s missd half a season (and a whole season’s worth a games in the last 3 years) and has undergone his second shoulder surgery in 3 years, overpaying for two bum running backs (one of whom gained 172 yards and a 2.8 ypc average while making $3.55 million) all while purging good players like Josh Brown, Mo Morris, Rocky Bernard, Floyd Womack and apparently Leonard Weaver, throwing away two sixth round draft picks on Charlie Frye and Alvin Pearman (who never played a down and went on IR right away), threw away a 5th round draft pick last year on Keary Colbert who was cut halfway through the season, gave huge money to Alexander that should have gone to Hutchinson and then had to release him two years later, ignored the TE position until last year and signed stiffs like Marcus Pollard instead, told our very good long snapper he wasn’t wanted anymore in free agency and then stuck us with Derek Rackley, Boone Stutz and then had to sign a 37 year old guy off the street who’d been out of football for two years to handle the job and he outplayed those two stiffs and is still our long snapper two years later, who kept 2 KICKERS on the roster last year, who drafted two stiffs for wide receivers like Courtney Taylor and Jordan Kent….that “proven, successful” Mensa Society GM? That who you’re talking about bunky? Yeah, he’s a genius alright.

  95. seafanalways says:

    oh give me a break nighthawk…you hate ruskell because a couple of 4th round picks havent come right in and light up the league!? what about wrotto do you hate so much? the fact that he was drafted as a high upside guy that would take a couple of years to develope AND played well in his first year of action!? Spencer was playing well last year before he got hurt (once he finally had adequate coaching) and jennings had ONE bad year, last year, the year he HAD HIS RIBS BROKEN IN WEEK TWO!

    you hate ruskell and EVERY gm because you think you can do their jobs better than they can. THERE IS SO MUCH THAT GOES ON BEHIND THE SCENES! this isnt a video game…

    hey bassnw, GET OVER IT! LEAVE! and take snydro with you!

  96. OutSydeDog says:

    not to start an argument…lol….but ummm….this post wasn’t a link to someone else’s report. Glad I didn’t have to go back very far.

    I liked JP, but I’m trusting TR and Mora know what they’re doing. I’d trade the best, most popular player on the team, if it means getting to and winning the SB.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  97. OutsydeDog – you’re right – it was a press release.

    Hey SeeAnalWays, you forgot the “moron” thingy…Believe me, Eric doesn’t need a 12 year old girl to defend him. I mean, it’s not like I’m knocking your Jonas bros or Hannah Montana. Whew, guess we’d hear about it then wouldn’t we.

  98. seafanalways says:

    hmmm…by you refering to me as a girl, is that suppose to offend me? try harder next time, its pathetic really

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