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T.J. a classic possession receiver

Post by Eric Williams on March 3, 2009 at 4:55 am with 22 Comments »
March 3, 2009 4:55 am

Even in double coverage T.J. Houshmandzadeh can come up with the touch catch (Tony Overman/The Olympian).

One thing you know about T.J. Houshmandzadeh is he will get open, and once he’s open, catch the ball. At 6-1, 200 pounds, he’s the big receiver the Seahawks have been looking for. He still has enough speed and quickness to create separation, yet he can use his body to shield defenders from the ball in tight situations, and has great ball skills.

A look at his numbers over the past four years proves his value as a possession receiver. Houshmandzadeh leads the league in receptions over he last four years with 372. That’s right — more than Larry Fitzgerald (368) and Steve Smith (351). Terrell Owens? Not in the conversation (262). Wes Welker? Hasn’t done it for long enough (319). Hines Ward? Nope (295).

It’s an impressive statistic, made more impressive by the fact he’s scored 32 touchdowns during that time, only six less than Fitzgerald. Check out the list below.

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  1. Solid cog to add to the puzzle.

  2. hawkcrazy says:

    In the last 4 years, no one has caught more balls.

    Averages about 90 catches, 8 TDs and 1000 yards in CINCY as a BUNGUL…I know!

    Barring health, he’s a gem. Great downfield blocker, exceptional hands, a leader and extremely effective. He caught 92 balls last year and Carson Palmer was hurt for most of it. Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Hmmmmm….Hasselbeck gets Housh, Branch, Burleson, Carlson…who’s next?

    I gotta say, it’s pretty good so far.

    I actually hope they bring Engram back and draft a WR like H. Nicks in the 2nd. Keep Matt’s “other” security blanket and try to get 4 DBs to cover us. Someone like Nicks could be insurance in the event that something goes wrong with Nate or Deion.

    Hey ERIC. Besides the blocking TE, are there any other FA prospects the Seahawks are trying to get in/sign/resign (Willis/Weaver)?

  3. maddog12 says:

    Eric- Just want to say thank you and let you know that I noticed your early morning post. Dedication. I love it.

  4. He was out getting hammered last night and posted them before going to bed:)

  5. BobbyK,

    You are a cynical little fellow, and most likely right :)

  6. I’m just jealous because I wasn’t with him:)

  7. Eric…you rock, dude. Ya know…a lot of us have been fans since we were kids…over 30 years for me…It’s just nice to have someone who’s paying attention and cares about his work.

    I’m getting pretty stoked…was worried that we were going to just tread water in the dradft but I’m starting to be more optimistic…If we can get Willis and Weaver on board, we can make
    huge strides in the draft….OT, OG, C, S…

    I hope Arizona enjoyed their fifteen minutes of success!

  8. Mr_Snrub says:

    It would be nice to add a potential legitimate number 1. That most like involves not waiting until the 6th round to draft a wide receiver. There goes that hope.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I’m very surprised to see the in the above picture, that Housh is beating Brian Russell and Kelly Jennings to the ball. He must really be good, no one ever does that.

  10. RichmondHawk says:

    I have a feeling Seattle adds a WR in the 2nd to 4th round.

  11. JimWilke says:

    The last time I saw TJ Housh, he caught 12 for 141 at Qwest in a 24-21 ‘Hawks win.

    From that day on I hoped to see him in a Seattle jersey one day.

    Anybody realize that things in the passing game haven’t quite been the same since Joe Jurevicious left?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Hass threw for a career high in yards in ’07.

  13. LOL at what Duke said about the Jennings/Russell comment. I laughed my ass off for a bit.

    Yes, I have missed Jerevicius.

  14. IdahoHawk says:

    Hass Threw for a career high in 07 BECAUSE WE HAD ZERO RUN GAME. It was the only chance they had to win.

  15. edstang45 says:

    Seems like we now have 3 #2 recievers maybe we should grab Crabtree!!??

  16. spell check!!! damn!!! i suck!!! just like the packers.

  17. Does anyone think that Bolden might actually get traded out of ‘zona now that TJ is out of the market? The teams that lost out might now be interested. Minnesota, Philly, . .. Cincy? That would be a classic bust for Bolden to get traded to Cincy! OUCH

  18. nightwulf says:

    what we have it a better than average #2 (Burly), an excellent #2 (Branch) and an outstanding #2 (Housh). That’s decidedly one of the better recieving corps’s in the NFL. We’ve got more important things to worry about than trying to put an NFL quality starter on the bench (such as interior OL, S, CB, and I would even call DE and RB more important places for an upgrade than WR)

  19. With Housh on board, I have two wishes for the first round, either a pass-rushing DE or a game-breaking RB.

  20. > Seems like we now have 3 #2 recievers

    possibly. you can’t discount ocho cinco’s indirect contribution to TJ’s numbers.

    on the flip side, how many other teams have 3 legit #2 options, plus an excellent receiving TE, at their disposal? somebody’s bound to get a favorable matchup.

    (i know i’m just jinxing us for yet another injury meltdown.)

  21. DJammmer says:

    Just think.
    Last spring, Branch had an ACL, Engram was “holding out”, and we were all debating Paine vs. Kent vs. Taylor vs. Burley as the #1 & #2 & #3. Not to mention being screwed at TE.

    It feels much better this year.

    Just shore up the running game (OL + RB + FB), and have the defense play to their pay – and we’re looking good!

    (don’t mistake my optimism above for blind ignorance. I’m just already feeling better than last year at this time. Much better than 4-12.)

  22. Shmolzer says:

    Great addition! I can’t wait to see T.J. Whosyourmomma catching passes from matt next year.Now all we need to do is resign Willis and take an OL with the 4th overall pick to sure up the OL and we will be ready to make an impact next year!

    I’d like to see us take Rowbisqke with our second round pick “I’m sure I spelt that wrong, but I only have mins to post” I think he could really step up at the next level and be and impact player, I dont see he coming off the board until the 2nd round.

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