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Morning links: T.J. scheduled for MRI

Post by Eric Williams on March 3, 2009 at 9:26 am with 78 Comments »
March 3, 2009 9:26 am

The Seattle Seahawks will have a press conference today at 11 a.m. presumably to announce the signing of T.J. Houshmandzadeh. I’ll post reactions from the press conference soon after along with the full transcript.

From Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, T.J. Houshmandzadeh told Sports Illustrated’s Dan Patrick that he is scheduled to get an MRI on an unspecified area of his body while in Seattle, but assured Patrick that he’s not injured and the MRI is just a formality. It could be part of the overall check by the Seahawks on Housch, but you never know.

With Houshmandzadeh now in the fold, the Seahawks boast a dangerous receiving package with Deion Branch, Nate Burleson and John Carlson.

The TNT’s Dave Boling points out that 51 of Houshmandzadeh’s 92 catches were first-down conversions last season. Seattle’s top receiver in 2008, Bobby Engram, had 47 total catches.

Houshmandzadeh tells Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Joe Reedy that it wasn’t an easy decision to leave the Bengals, but Seattle showed the most interest from the beginning of the process.

He shares similar thoughts with Geoff Hobson of

St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter Sean Jensen offers a Minnesota perspective on the Houshmandzadeh deal.

Pro Sports Weekly weighs in on Seattle’s pickup.

KJR’s Hugh Millen and Dave "Softy Mahler talk about the Seahawks moves in this audio link.

San Francisco 49ers

Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner gets the star treatment in his visit with the 49ers, according to John Crumpacker of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat says Kurt and wife Brenda left San Francisco on a late-night flight. Maiocco does not know what Warner was offered by the 49ers, but believes it might be more in line with the $14 million a year he’s asking for. The Cardinals are offering $10 million per season.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News says San Francisco signing Kurt Warner goes against the norm for the 49ers.

Arizona Cardinals

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic weighs in on Warner’s trip to San Francisco, and the effects it will have on his negotiations with the Cardinals.

More Somers: While Warner was in the Bay Area, the Cardinals hosted unrestricted free agents Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden and Patriots running back LaMont Jordan, along with restricted free agent Packers fullback John Kuhn.

The Cardinals also signed safety Keith Lewis. And punter Ben Graham and quarterback Brian St. Pierre were re-signed.

St. Louis Rams

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports the Rams held onto cornerback Ron Bartell, signing him to a four-year, $28 million deal with $13 million guaranteed.

More Thomas: Veterans Torry Holt and Orlando Pace remain with the team for now.

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  1. Hey Eric, thanks for doing such a great job with blog. Is there a good chance that Engram will return? I don’t think the signing of Housh secures the thought that Engram is gone. Also, any news on Weaver or Wills? Thanks

  2. I hope we didn’t sign Nate Odoms.

  3. Engram is the security blanket for Hasselbeck… this is the reason why I think Engram should return.

  4. CeaYoung says:

    Source: Tampa Tribune
    Free agent S Jermaine Phillips set up visits with the Chargers and Seahawks.

    He’d play over Clinton Hart in San Diego and might allow Deon Grant to kick to free safety in Seattle. It seems like Jim Mora wants to get Brian Russell out of the starting lineup. Phillips, 30, is a candidate for short-term offers.

    I’m starting to hear the the angels singing down from the heavens…

    With the signing of Cole, Housh, and possibly Phillips I think it’s been a great FA period for the Seahawks although I think Willis will be gone.

    Guess we’ll just have to draft a BEASTLY OT with the 4 pick!

    I’m loving it…

  5. From KFFL…..

    Raiders | Frye visiting
    Tue, 03 Mar 2009 09:14:32 -0800

    Adam Schefter, of, reports free-agent QB Charlie Frye (Seahawks) is visiting the Oakland Raiders Tuesday, March 3.

  6. Willis (OT) and Jenkins (FS) with 4th pick would be better than
    beastly OT with 4th pick (Monroe) and Phillips (SS), even though taking Jenkins at #4 is way too early…

  7. Also from KFFL…..

    Raiders | Willis visiting
    Tue, 03 Mar 2009 09:15:34 -0800

    Adam Schefter, of, reports free-agent OT Ray Willis (Seahawks) is visiting the Oakland Raiders Tuesday, March 3.

  8. And again from KFFL…..

    Chiefs | Engram visiting
    Tue, 03 Mar 2009 09:23:38 -0800

    Adam Schefter, of, reports free-agent WR Bobby Engram (Seahawks) is visiting the Kansas City Chiefs Tuesday, March 3.

  9. And insteasd of someone potentially leaving Seattle, here is an inbound tidbit. From KFFL…..

    Seahawks | J. Phillips to visit
    Tue, 03 Mar 2009 10:06:27 -0800

    Roy Cummings, of The Tampa Tribune, reports free-agent SS Jermaine Phillips (Buccaneers) is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks.

  10. I would rather the Seahawks pursue safety Sean Jones (CLE) than Jermaine Phillips.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Willis as a Raider? My skin is crawling.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    This MRI had better just be a formality. If they signed an already damaged player without performing the necessary tests, that will be humiliating. Paging Tyler Schmitt.

  13. nighthawk2 says:

    I would have thought the Bucs would have re-signed Phillips already. They were supposed to be really interested in keeping him.

    I don’t understand the Warner-Cardinals thing at all. Don’t understand why a 2 year $20 million deal isn’t enough for a 39 year old QB (how much more money do you need dude!?). Mike Golic on ESPN’s MIke and Mike In The Morning was blasting the Bidwell’s for being cheap (and they are and have been), but I can see their side somewhat. The Cards are probably worried about being on the hook for a lot of dough if time finally catches up with Kurt Warner this year like it did to Brett Favre last year. At some point this guy’s arm is going to just stop responding to what his brain is telling it, a la’ Favre in 2008. Take the $20 mil and be happy you get to play with guys like Fitzgerald and Boldin dude. Remember that stuff about easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle…

  14. One more link – nice endorsement from Peter King on the pick-up:

    It’s obviously a real good sign that Carson Palmer was calling/texting, trying to get Housh back to Cincy. Also, a nice note that Hass’ back, so far, is looking good to go.

  15. freedom_X says:

    I think you are way overrating Willis. I like Willis too, but if he were part of the NFL draft, he wouldn’t be going in the 1st round.

    If TJ fails the physical, I assume the contract can be voided. If they go big with a tackle at #4, and that tackle can’t play guard for a season or two, they could slide Locklear to guard. If Jones gets hurt, Locklear moves to left tackle. More shuffling on the line than I’d like for continuity, but that always gets messed up if people get hurt.

  16. BrettinBonneyLake says:

    Phillips would be a great pickup and owuld allow Deon to move back to FS and more importantly stick Brian Russell on the bench.

    ENough about the first round, who do you guys think would be around with our second round pick? I doubt Moreno would drop that far, but Vontae Davis should be available and was considered to be the top CB available awhile back.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    nighthawk2 – You listen to Mike and Mike? That’s sad.

  18. 2nd round pick, I think, depends on who else, if anyone, we sign in free agency. If we don’t sign a Safety, then let’s draft one, I think that’s a priority need.

    Any word on whether the Hawks might throw their hat in the ring to sign Jason Taylor?

  19. If he doesn’t resign, I am going to root for the Raiders to sign Willis. I’d rather him be in a different league than in San Fran, AZ, or StL where he’d pancake the hell out of Kerney on every running play.

    For those of you who play fantasy football, the stock of Darren McFadden would greatly increase with Willis’ run blocking ability.

  20. Alex Mack in 2nd round if he’s available.

  21. An Oher/Mack first day of the draft would nicely solidify the line.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Patrick Chung in the 2nd, if he available. :)

  23. It is doubtful we would select Oher at #4.

    He is #17 on ESPN’s board and #11 on Draft scouts board.

    Did you see Oher at the combine? I am not a big fan of the combine (I would rather wach them actually play), but he did not look good. Smith and Monroe looked much better.

  24. nighthawk2 says:

    Press conference is on NFL Network now. Houshmandzadeh introduced, and his jersey will be # 18. He was holding it up. Let’s hope he has more success than the last two guys that wore that number.

  25. tholendw says:

    Dan Patrick is with SI…might want to change it before the mothership(ESPN) gets mad!!!

  26. nighthawk2 says:

    “nighthawk2 – You listen to Mike and Mike? That’s sad.”

    I catch them in the morning for football updates, and the tracker at the bottom of the screen. I don’t mind Golic.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Oh god. They talk and talk and never really say anything.

  28. bigmike04 says:

    the combine mean Crap, everyone knows that. That just work out for the players.

    Bobby engram isnt coming back so stop bring it up.

    I agree with Bobby K about Oher. I think he best LT out their and way better than Monroe, Mack, Smith.

  29. nighthawk2 says:

    I guess I should say for the moment he’s wearing 18. If Engram signs elsewhere then of course 84 becomes available.

  30. nighthawk2 says:

    “Oh god. They talk and talk and never really say anything.”

    Pretty true of any sports show outside of Clayton on Saturdays.

  31. nighthawk2 says:

    “agree with Bobby K about Oher. I think he best LT out their and way better than Monroe, Mack, Smith.”

    Mack is a center. But I have no problem with Monroe. Anybody good enough to move Branden Albert to guard (he’s back at tackle with Kansas City) is good enough for me. Personally I think Mack and Unger are gone before our #37 pick. The guy I like there is Antoine Caldwell, the center from Alabama who played some guard too in the Senior Bowl.

  32. ballgame says:

    I could see Oher being the 4th tackle taken in the draft which would push him to the late first early second. Both Smith’s will go before him and because of the combine numbers that Monroe put up he could go before Oher as well, either way #4 is way to early for him. I could see him has our 2nd round choice though.

  33. Agreed, Oher is a mid to late 1st rounder, not #4 overall.

    If we do not take Sean Jones in free agency, I am ok with the idea of Patrick Chung for our 2nd round pick.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    nighthawk2 – touche. The reason I don’t listen to sports “talk”.

  35. If we go OT first round then hopefully we get a RB in the 2nd and a S in the 3rd.

  36. If I had an extra grand on me, I’d bet anyone all of it that Oher plays in more Pro Bowls than Monroe.

    Tony Mandarich probably had a better combine than Oher too.

  37. Weaver is said to have cancelled his New Orleans visit….Hope this will bring news of a signing with seattle.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    nighthawk2 – Caldwell is quick enough to play well in a zone scheme, that’s true.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    The only physical knock on Oher, that I keep hearing, is that his arms are short for his size.

  40. “Weaver is said to have cancelled his New Orleans visit….Hope this will bring news of a signing with seattle. ”

    If that’s true, and it means he’s signing, I will fully applaud this off-season. Hanging onto Hill & Weaver – along with these couple solid FA pick-ups – that would do it for me.

  41. nighthawk2 says:

    According to this, which includes a link from a San Diego paper, the Chargers are shopping CB Antonio Cromartie for a 3rd round pick. Wonder if the Seahawk brass would be interested in that?–Cromartie-on-the-block-.html

  42. First of all, great to see so many comments…. Eric, thx for the great job of staying with us…. and, yup, thx Ruskell, for giving us a fun run here this week….

  43. If Healthy Cromartie for a 3rd would be GREAT!!! opposite Tru would make it spectacular back there!!

    That would move Wilson and Jennings one more notch down where they would be a better fit. and actually be really good. It would also free them up for more return duty!

  44. CeaYoung says:

    Here’s some numbers on the top OTs in the draft. Take your pick… I’m good with all of
    them but would prefer Smith or Monroe.

    Oher 6’5 309
    40-Yard Dash 5.32
    Bench press 21
    20-yard shuttle 4.60
    Measurements: arm span of 33 1/2 inches, hand span of 10 3/8 inches
    Combine Comments: Naturally gifted LT, highly inconsistent

    Smith 6’5 309
    40-Yard Dash 5.22
    Bench press 33
    Three-cone drill 7.53
    Measurements: arm span of 33 3/4 inches, hand span of 9 3/4 inches
    Combine Commments: Think Ryan Clady, needs run-game improvement

    Monroe 6’5 309
    40-Yard Dash 5.16
    Bench press 23
    Broad jump 9’02
    Measurements: arm span of 33 7/8 inches, hand span of 11 1/8 inches
    Combine Comments: Kept Branden Albert at guard, gifted pass protector

    As you can see, Smith is relatively fast and much stronger than the others. The only thing
    I’m worried about is he still may need to learn more at his position than the others due to him playing
    TE for some years. Still… numerous team scouts love the guy and I’ll go ahead and say
    they know more than I.

  45. NickHawk1 says:

    No to third round, give them a fourth.

    Also Jermaine Phillips is going to visit seatown.

  46. For how it’s working out right now, I think Matt Stafford will go to Det because they desparate ly need a QB after Culpepper, Jason Smith to Rams (best OT in draft), Eugene Monroe to Chiefs (to play alongside Albert), and Aaron Curry to us. If Aaron Curry doesn’t come to us, I see the Hawks trading down.

  47. CeaYoung says:

    Did anyone mention Jermaine Phillips yet?

  48. Troy Williamson had better combine stats than Jerry Rice did.
    Same with Matt Jones over Steve Largent.

  49. CeaYoung says:

    I like Curry A LOT but I just can’t see locking up the whole salary cap on 4 LBs… Unless we’re going to the 3-4 which is not our new DC’s style. At least not that I know of…

    Curry ran faster than all but 2 RBs… yes YOU too Knowshon!

  50. CeaYoung says:


    Your reference to combine stats is not valid one bit.

    Steve Largent and Jerry Rice played in a totally different era of NFL football.

    That’s like saying Babe Ruth has better numbers than Pujols, so he was a better player.
    Ruth’s fat ass wouldn’t stand a chance against today’s pitchers!

    Different eras…

    Can’t compare players of 2 totally seperate eras. Just can’t… sorry.

    Also… you can always find that one minute instance to prove or disprove anything.
    There’s always going to be a bust like Mandarich but there’s always going to be a
    flipside to that same coin.

    Every time!

    Truth is we’ll never know til they get on the field. All I can do is put up the numbers to let you
    compare and make your own decision…

  51. It amazes me that Ruskell doesn’t realize how poorly the Hawks O line has played the past three seasons. Shouldn’t Hasselbecks’ injuries be clue enough? I have a sad feeling he will again neglect the O line in free agency and the draft.

    Walt Jones: Microfracture surgery.and chronic shoulder problems. Might be done.

    Chris Spencer: Shoulder and back problems. Might be done.

    Rob Sims: Even when healthy he isn’t much more than a matador.

    Ray Willis: Letting him get away would be a huge mistake, especially if Locklear has to move to LT.

    Mike Wahle: Didn’t even come close to his pro bowl level.

    Unless the Hawks upgrade their O line they will be lucky to win six games.

  52. I’m basing that off of Ruskell stating “GMs make the mistake of getting that DARN NEED whereas a special player can come around and do special things” (Not word for word, but close)

  53. jerrycurl says:

    “nighthawk2 – I guess I should say for the moment he’s wearing 18. If Engram signs elsewhere then of course 84 becomes available.”

    He wore #18 in college. Right now Bobby Engram is a free agent, so no one is currently wearing #84. I think this is probably him getting his college # back.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    84 is Engram’s until he is gone, officially. He’s earned that. Koren has not.

  55. ryanryan says:

    I would love to see Cromartie become a Seahawk but find it unlikely.

  56. CeaYoung,

    Willis is guaranteed NOT to be a bust. Monroe is a risk (as is everyone in this draft).

    Okay, I will compare Troy Williamson (1st round) to Marques Colston (7th round). Same eras. Williamson had a better combine.

  57. nighthawk2 says:

    I think it would be a disrespect of Engram to give away his number this early.

    Maybe our free safety is already on the roster; C.J. Wallace or Jamar Adams.

    I don’t put a lot of stock in 40 times at this combine. Something weird happened, a whole lot of guys timed a lot slower than they should have. Either the equipment or the timer guys or both messed up.

  58. CeaYoung says:


    Flipside… Monroe and Smith come out and are the next coming of Walter.

    Colston is that one minute instance that works in your favor. Like I said… there’s always
    that one instance.

    How about other 7th round WRs? How do they compare?

    Again… like I said… there will always be the busts and surprises. Brady 6th round…
    Peyton top 5…

    It’s easy to make your case for any given instance.

    It’s like the infamous “Studies show…” line. Studies can show anything you want them
    to. It just depends which side you are on.

  59. nightwulf says:

    Why is it that everybody around here except for Bobby, Oceanic and myself realize that we HAVE NO INTERIOR LINEMEN WORTH THE NAME!!! If Mack, Robinson or Unger are available to us in the 2nd, only an idiot would pass on them. Ditto for Wood in the 3rd. If we trade with Philly, then we have some flexibility there. But realistically, we need some combination of two of those four, unless we resign Willis, or we may be in for a LONG year, despite all the good things that have happened this ofseason. Of course, on the other hand, Solari’s zone blocking schemes may help us so mush that even Sims may look like he just might belong in an NFL uniform. But I would feel MUCH more comfortable if we had some actual TALENT in there…

  60. We definatly need to address OL in the first couple of rounds in the draft or like oceanic said, Hassbeck will get eat’n up. RB I think is are next priority followed by S. Just my opinion.

  61. I’ve been saying we need OL

  62. Dukeshire says:

    I love this time of year for the simple fact more people engage in selective memory, standing a top their soapboxs’ than any other. Good lord.

  63. CeaYoung says:

    What is this “memory” thing that you speak of?

    Leroy Hill

  64. As sh!tty as Sims is, his “talents” IMO are even less suited to be in the zone blocking scheme. We cannot go into a season with him penciled into being a starter or we’re doomed. The best thing that could happen would be Mack falling to us in the second (I’d vote Duke Robinson if the old regime were still in charge – based on talents and how they would use the players). I have no problem going OL with the first two picks.

  65. Duke has been harping that we need OL too — just as much.

    We need OL and that’s after resigning Willis!!!

  66. yankinta says:

    WE STILL NEED A CB AND SAFETY………………………………………C’MON.

  67. yankinta says:

    Oh, sorry, let me rephrase…..

    WE STILL NEED A CB (above 6 feet) AND SAFETY (with cover skills)………………………………………C’MON.

    We ain’t done……

  68. freedom_X says:

    No, we need a CB who can COVER. Not a CB “over 6 ft.” There’s a reason why the average height of the Pro Bowl CB’s this year was under 6 ft…

    As I’ve said before, I still don’t understand the fascination of Oher. Did he (on tape) show a lot more than Monroe or Smith? Because he didn’t work out better. If he’s the next Walter Jones, the athleticism should show in the workouts (Walter had great workout numbers.)

    If he wasn’t better on film, and wasn’t better in the workouts, and there are questions about his ability to pick up a blocking scheme… why is he better? Because of a book written about him?

    Oher may well be the best tackle prospect. I’m just asking, “why?”

  69. I thought the reviews on Oher were that he’s a stronger candidate for RT, shouldn’t be a franchise pick for LT, though he could play it (temp) if needed…. I don’t have the links,( yes, more than one… ) It was back during the combine trials… Monroe went in as the #1 or #2 L tackle, battling with Andre Smith… Jason Smith WOW’d the evaluator’s and came out edging Monroe on the skill testing… course Andre shafted himself and Oher was considered a low 1st round’r… Eric might be able to help us here….

  70. nightwulf says:

    Ya got me…yeah, Duke’s been calling for O line help too (sorry Duke). I was just squalking about all these clueless people who are saying things like “let’s get Crabtree/Curry, then a S in the second, a RB in the third, and a DE in the fourth…We can win WITHOUT Crabtree/Curry, WITHOUT a S, WITHOUT a new RB, WITHOUT a new DE, but if we don’t get some GOOD (.e. early round talent) interior linemen (plural) then we’re going to be picking high again next year. we have NO good players manning the G and C spots. If this doesn’t change, Matt’s on his way to the infirmary, and most likely Senica too, by at least game ten…If we could magically pick up Ed Reed, Champ Baily, Adrian Peterson, Ois Umenwhateverthehell AND draft Crabtree/Curry, we would still be in trouble, because we would have no offense, because we would have nothing up the middle…..

  71. DJammmer says:


    Not sure why your all bent out….
    We still have a chance at Pork-Chop!

    And our Rookie Long Snapper last year could come back from I.R.

  72. Dukeshire says:

    No worries nightwulf. The fact that ‘Chop managed to stay healthy last year, is an anomaly. He ALWAYS seems to get injured.

  73. We need to focus on interior lineman in the draft.

    Lineman with talent can be coached up a lot easier than skill position players can. Now, that actually translates into what Ruskell has stated all along, that you can get good lineman in the later rounds. This has proven to be true, although the talent level at the top of a class will always be better, therefore increasing the likelihood of a grabbing a quality starter in the draft.

    So, where is the balance? Consensus is that you draft your LT, who is responsible for guarding the blindside and occupying the defenses top rusher, higher in the draft. This isn’t necessarily the way it HAS to be, look at Jason Peters in Buffalo, but it is generally where the most talented lineman end up playing, thereby putting them at the top of the draft.

    So, all that said, I think we take the best player available at 4 (and that may very well be an offensive lineman) and then look for talented lineman in the later rounds to create depth. Good coaching and a good scheme can make up for a lot of talent, and with Solari and Knaap, we have both.

    While I like Patrick Chung, and a precedent for safeties coming in and starting has been set by the likes of Landry and Taylor, I think looking to fill the hole (the deep dark abysmal hole that is Brian Russel) should be through FA. We need to use this high draft position for depth, regardless of need, taking the best player available each time we select. Last year we neglected that and took a long snapper and a kicker in the later rounds. This year we need to fill our glaring holes (CB, anyone?) through FA and then look at the draft as an opportunity to let young, impact players come in without the world on their shoulders. This is how the great teams have turned themselves into dynasties, by allowing young talent to develop and blossom. Now, before you go and give me a thousand examples of rookies starting and thriving, let me say that I am not opposed to the idea. I just don’t think it’s best.

  74. LT — Injury Risk — HIGH — when healthy, grade A+ (Walt)
    LG — Injury Risk — HIGH — when healthy, grade B- (Wahle)
    C — Injury Risk — HIGH (year after year), grade D (Spencer)
    RG — WTF? — F (if it’s Sims; change position grade to an F minus)
    RT — Injury Risk — moderate — when healthy, grade B- (Lock)

    Resign Willis and let coaches decide who will start b/w he and Lock at RT and RG.

    Something needs to get done about Center and depth at LG. Perhaps Wrotto can be decent depth at Guard?

    Perhaps Vallos can start or be decent depth at Center? All I know is that if he doesn’t beat out Spencer, then that means he sucks and probably shouldn’t even be on the roster because that’s bad.

    Another player needs to be added with all of our injury risk and bad starting Center. A guy like Alex Mack seems to make the most sense in the 2nd round. He could possibly play Center. He could turn Spencer into a back-up and Spencer could also possibly back up both guard positions (although I have a hard time thinking Spencer can be “quality” anything [starter/depth] after 4 years of watching him be bad for the most part).

    All I know is that resigning Ray and drafting Mack still makes the line a bit suspect, but perhaps, “good enough.”

    Without Ray and a draft pick, we are absolutely in a HORRIBLE position on the OL and Matt will die by the end of September if any of our injury prone linemen get hurt, which we know they probably will. It won’t matter who our WRs are.

    Best Case Scenario — Spencer flourishes in the easier zone blocking scheme of making line calls. This frees him up to use more of his natural athletic talent at the position. Also, his back/shoulder is 100% and he surprises all of us and makes the Pro Bowl and makes Timmay! look like a genius and all of us haters end up looking like fools. I would truly give anything for this to happen but I’ve been disappointed in Spencer year after year after year after year that I have given up hope for him (so hopefully this means I’m wrong for ’09).

    Even in this best case scenario, we still have a hole in the “quality depth” and futre LG department.

    Yes, I believe OL is more important than CB, S, DE, RB, etc.

  75. twocolorcrayon says:

    wish we could trade Branch and a 2nd rounder for Ocho Cinco

  76. Dukeshire says:

    Chad Johnson is a bum. He’s not worth Branch OR a 2nd, let alone both.

  77. LOL @ John Crumpacker.

  78. Seattle is bringing in a Denver player, Mike Leach. He is listed as a center but is really a long snapper. He is 6’2″, 240.

    J Phillips is 30 years old. I realize when a team has several holes to fill they sometimes have to settle for a band aid instead of a long term solution but gee whiz, so often?

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