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WR Clayton stays with Bucs

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 28, 2009 at 9:26 pm with 23 Comments »
February 28, 2009 9:26 pm

No news on defensive tackle Colin Cole. Free agent wide receiver Michael Clayton canceled a trip to Seattle and will re-sign with his current team, Tampa Bay, the Tampa Tribune is reporting.

The Tribune also is reporting that Houshmandzadeh will not take a trip to Tampa Bay on Sunday, as reported earlier.

Cole apparently is a hot commodity, with the Packers and Tampa Bay interested in signing him. The Packers would like to use him as an end and a nose tackle as they move toa Bay Cole would be r a 3-4, and in Tampa Bay with Cole would be reunited with his former Packers defensive coordinator Jim Bates.

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  1. I know there is a long way to go but not feeling very confident in the Hawks ability to identify and close on the right FA talent. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. At this point, I think we’re fine. It’s not like Clayton is/was Mark Clayton of the ’84 Dolpins. We’re okay, for now.

  3. mkelly534 says:

    The problem is twice we have had FAs turn down more money here to sign somewhere else. Makes e wonder if we are giving off a bad vibe or something.

  4. I can give you a perspective from another area of the world… and, no, we aren’t giving off a bad vibe… Viking fans b!itch about not getting guys they want either… They had to overpay for a guy like Berrian last year just to get him…

  5. freedom_X says:

    I must be missing something on Clayton. This guy has been horrible since his rookie year. I have a grudge against him since I drafted in for my FFL team his 2nd year. :)

    Why would this guy be coveted by anyone? There, if Ruskell coveted this guy and gave him a huge contract, I’d be cursing Ruskell out. Can’t even use the Reggie Williams lover’s excuse “he played with a bad QB.” I totally agree, missing on this guy is no loss at all!

  6. nighthawk2 says:

    Clayton is not anyone I wanted he’s JALR. I did/do want Colin Cole.

    Other than re-signing Bobby Engram, Houshmandzadeh (who apparently isn’t interested in our offer) and Nate Washington are the only FA receivers I’d work up any excitement about.

  7. QB_Sneak says:

    Cole is going to TBay (my prediction). 3-4 D, plus he’s from FL, plus his old coaches are there. Canty is a possibility. I do think the Hawks will get a deal with Houshyourmama, but wouldn’t be surprised if he lands in SF.

  8. nightwulf says:

    Just because Housh left without signing anything dosen’t mean we won’t get him, just that we didn’t meet the price he was asking…neither, it would seem, did Minnesota. I’m guessing (and just guessing here) that the reason the Tampa trip was cancelled was that Housh was looking for his 4 yr 40 mil, and TB heard about it and laughed…presumably, he’ll now see what they’ll offer him to go back to Cincy, then he’ll swallow his pride and take the best offer…Which may well be us…

  9. And the reason I’m still up (at 3 a.m.) is b/c I’m FINALLY okay about Housh leaving the state… and NOT signing w/the ViQueens…

    This bodes well for us…

    Why would Housh want to stay here? It’s freakin’ COLD!!! I hate it. If I weren’t married to my wife (who the hell else would I be married to?)… This would suck even more than it already does… (too bad she can’t take the hint)…

    The Bengals are about the worst franchise one could want to stay with… TJ can’t be that dumb???

  10. PhilKenSebben says:

    Housh better not pull a Manny Ramirez and not sign anywhere with ridiculous demands. He is a manny type playmaker though, unlike Busttree would be.

  11. Hawkinator says:

    Man, why is everybody so down on Crabtree? Legit top 1st round wide receivers don’t come around that often. I am skeptical like everyone else that he would make an impact his first year. But few receivers make an impact their first year. This kid has all the tools to be a solid number one in two years. Which I suspect the will Nappy offense will take stride. The Hawks will rebound next year but, I feel like we will be kicking ourselves if they don’t draft this guy and he is on the board. At the bare minimum, he could be trade bait for a team looking for a potential stud at WR.

  12. JSRL??? Just a lousy receiver?

  13. redneckhawk says:

    Nobody knows if Crabs is legit. Prospects with all the tools have been busts for decades.

  14. redneckhawk says:

    Bobby– What’s going on with Birk? Heard he had a few visits to make, but did not hear where.

  15. i feel ya bobby, i’ve been stuck in sacramento for a few years with my wife, but she knows we are going back. the funny thing here is, everyone tells us that we must love the weather here. in my mind, i’m thinking yeah right, its 100 degrees all summer, everything is brown, and the air is crap. The people who have actually been to Seattle ask us, “what the hell are you doing here?”

    I think that is the reason that many FAs don’t want to come, because of our location, it is a long way from home for a lot of people, and it supposedely rains all the time (which we all know is just a rumor to keep the californians out). Hopefully our new stadium and practice facility can change that.

  16. turboskylinegtr says:

    Maybe i missed the boat on this one, but why does anyone care about thigpen? i mean the chiefs obviously didnt think he was good enough to legitimately be their QB of the future, so why would we want him to be ours? Further, there are teams like the chiefs, dolphins, bears, lions, skins who keep saying that they have the guy they want, but year after year they have turnover at the QB position bc the guy they have sucks. When Hasselbeck goes down, the organization will be in full fledged ‘rebuilding’ mode, as opposed to the ‘patch holes with vets’ type offseasons we’ve seen from ruskell.

  17. The NEW regime thought he wasn’t good enough. All new people usually want their “own” guys. IMO it’s the prime time to steal a talent like that. He has NFL experience and has had some success at 24 years of age. No college QB we can draft can make that claim — success in the NFL with 1 good WR and a crappy offense, especially with LJ pouting.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    arna6 – No offense, but the only redeeming thing about Sacramento is that you’re close to Tahoe.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Pioli was, arguably, the reason Cassel was a Pat in the first place. Not surprised by that move at all.

  20. I think Birk is finding out what TJ is finding out. Nobody is going to overpay for a good player who still has a few decent seasons left, but whose best days are clearly behind him.

  21. williambryan says:

    I’ve only seen thigpen play once and he did okay as a young QB leading a crap team. One good thing is that he is a good scrambler whick is something I personally love, and wish Matt would do more because he is actually pretty good at it (Although with his back situation that might not happen to much anymore).
    I would be okay with Thigpen for maybe a fourth round pick, although Ruskell would not trade his 4th because thats where the “best starting lineman” are.

  22. lol

    Maybe that 4 can be this years Rob Sims… and maybe we can go 2-14 next year…

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