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Report: Kitna to Cowboys

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 28, 2009 at 12:36 pm with 16 Comments »
February 28, 2009 12:36 pm

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback and Tacoma native Jon Kitna escaped from Detroit, as the Lions traded him to the Cowboys, is reporting. Kitna apparently will serve as the backup to Tony Romo with Brad Johnson gone, and rejoins former teammate Roy Williams.

And you’ve probably already heard about the Matt Cassel trade to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots traded Cassell and linebacker Mike Vrabel for the Chiefs’ second round pick, the 34th pick overall. I’m surprised the Patriots didn’t get the first rounder for Cassel, but maybe they didn’t want to pay the salary for a top pick.

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  1. Good for Kitna. Wouldn’t be surprised if he saw some playing time this year,Tony Homo can’t stay healthy.

    Always good to see local guys have a long career in the NFL im rooting for him.

  2. After all that……Cowboys Suck ****.

  3. turboskylinegtr says:

    On rotoworld they said that the pats didnt want to pay money to the 3rd pick in the draft as well, this is fascinating to me, and brings up some interesting tidbits. this likely means that teams dont think its going to be worth it to try and trade up at the top of the draft, otherwise, the pats could have taken the 3rd pick (assuming they were offered it) and then traded down for even more picks, or for future draft picks. and this somewhat rings of the pats giving their buddy pioli a discount.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Kitna time in big D. That is funny. Yes, he’ll get some limited time, play well and get everyone riled up about how good he is. T.O. may even cry, again. Oh, that zoo is too much.

    On a serious note: he has gotten EVERYTHING out of him ability.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t about buddy discounts. But this is a very difficult draft to trade out of high picks. The economy, sure. But there just isn’t the elite, must have player(s) that entice teams to trade up. There seems to be a ton of mid / late first to 3 round talent.

  6. RichmondHawk says:

    My gut feeling is Kitna because’s the starting QB sometime in the future because Romo is a bum.

  7. That makes no sense about not wanting to pay 1st round money – just because you
    have the overall #3 does mean you have to use it there. A team can pass when it is
    time for it to pick, and can opt to use their pick at any time during the round after that.
    That is a valuble thing to have as you have your pick of any player in the 1st round
    after slot #3. And of course it can always be traded for later picks.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Did I understand that right? I’m so confused.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Just to be clear: are you saying that if the Seahawks pass at #4 they could use it at #26, should they choose?

  10. ryanryan says:

    from what I’m reading, it’s not so much of a ‘pass’ as it is you weren’t ready. In 2003, Minnesota wasn’t ready in their allotted time and had to wait until Jacksonville was done choosing…so theory says that you could just sort of lag back and wait…I don’t believe it has been done before?

    anyone heard anything different?

  11. freedom_X says:

    Or maybe both the Patriots and the Chiefs (with their ex-Patriot new GM) know that Cassell isn’t a franchise QB (yet anyway.) They both obviously know Cassell’s value. 1 great year does not a franchise make (see Derek Anderson, David Garrard, etc. etc.)

    The Patriots are probably quite happy to turn a low 7th round pick into a high 2nd round pick. His value won’t go up much more if Brady comes back. It’s the difference between selling your house (or stocks) 2 years ago and selling it now – you can sit back and think you’re going to get super rich, or you take a good profit on your deal even if the market might go higher. The Patriots are taking their profit now.

  12. Yes. If the Seahawks wanted, they could wait to pick until 10th. But they would have their card in right after team #9 drafted or team could get their card in before us (assuming, in theory, we wanted the 10 pick).

  13. Who starts at QB for the Lions next season? I suppose this cements them taking a QB with their pick.

  14. A team can pass (or not submit their card) when it is their turn. They can submit
    at any time after their alloted slot. See:

    The Patriots could have gotten the Chief’s #3 overall pick and used it at, say, pick #22
    or wherever they wanted in the first round.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks. I had to do a little research after I read your post. I was under the impression the Viking’s situation was an exception, not a rule already in place. Thanks to you and Bobby for clearing that up.

  16. I do know the NFL “frowns” on certain things.

    The reason the Vikings got chewed out at the owners meeting about 4 years ago (and why we got chewed up for taking Burleson) is b/c of these “cetain things.”

    That’s why (under the table stuff — like collusion in baseball FA in the mid 80s) is “frowned” upon.

    Although we got screwed — we “traded” a future HOF G in his prime to MN for an average WR with above average ST skills AND a 3rd round pick to MN.

    Not good.

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