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Houshmandzadeh plans more visits

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 28, 2009 at 5:54 pm with 43 Comments »
February 28, 2009 5:54 pm

The tour around the league apparently won’t stop at Minnesota for free agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Per Adam Schefter of the NFL Network, the Bengals receiver plans to visit Tampa Bay on Sunday and perhaps Philadelphia as well.

Houshmandzadeh said he planned to make a decision by Sunday, but with possibly two more trips in store, that could delay his decision.

Reports have the Seahawks setting parameters on how much would offer him, and perhaps Houshmandzadeh is looking for a better deal elsewhere.

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  1. chuck_easton says:

    Just as I suspected. TJ isn’t getting the love he thought he’d see so he’s adding more potential partners hoping somebody throws crazy money at him.

    TB has the money, but I don’t see the new regime there going this route.

  2. BORNHAWK says:

    And with the #4 pick of the 2009 nfl draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Micheal Crabtree, WR Texas Tech.

    I liked the thought of TJ in blue.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    TB seems odd, if only because of their desire to get younger. Do they have anyone left over 30?

  4. PFT just reported that TJ will NOT visit Tampa.

  5. WTF? Jay Cutler on the trading block???

  6. chuck_easton says:

    And Philly has said they want nothing to do with him after they caught his agent in a bold faced lie. TJ’s agent told Philly they were going to get a discount but didn’t think that the Eagles would actually call around and discover that TJ was asking for more from them than he was asking from anyone else.

    Reports out of Minni were that they were going to do everything in their power to make sure he didn’t leave there without a contract. I guess they didn’t offer enough for TJ’s liking.

    The more I hear about TJ and his agent’s antics the more I am thinking he might not be the greatest of people to be having any discussions with.

    I’m glad Seattle basically told him “here’s what we can do…go see if you can beat it or come back and talk realistically”

  7. OutSydeDog says:

    I’d rather take Crabtree at $10M a year than TJ. Jeez, that’s a lot of money for anybody. I hope between the owners and the union they fix this. Reward the players for what they DO, not what you HOPE they do.

  8. twocolorcrayon says:

    Giants signed Bernard.

  9. twocolorcrayon says:

    Dang didn’t see the article below I just clicked the top one, my bad :D

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Where did you see Cutler?

  11. (PFT)

  12. redneckhawk says:

    I wouldn’t say Cutler is on the block…his name came up in a Cassel trade rumor.

  13. NFL network. And espn news

  14. nighthawk2 says:

    Apparently Tampa and Detroit tried to involve the Broncos in some three team deal for Matt Cassel, one where Cutler would have been traded to one of those two. While they were pondering it New England cut a (too) sweet deal with the Chiefs for Cassel and Vrabel for a 2nd round pick (they must love Pioli to cut an under value deal like that). Now Cutler is supposedly p.o.’d.

  15. Elise on KJR pointed out the other night, that as things currently stand, there will be NO SALARY CAP in 2 years.

    So what’s the problem? Is Paul Allen broke like the rest of us? I think not……………

  16. As much as the Seahawks are my favorite team in all of sports (college/pro)… I have limited knowledge of other Seattle sports…

    With that in mind, I’m spending part of my night getting ready for my fantasy baseball draft coming up in less than 2 weeks.

    This brings me to an important question: what do you guys think of the Mariner closer situation this upcoming year? Who do you think will get the saves? Or at least the first crack at being the closer? Any “inside” information would be much appreciated. You can win/lose leagues by finding cheap saves and that’s what I’m hoping to do again this year.

  17. moo – there’s a (good) chance there will be a new agreement and there will continue to be a cap [in 2 years]. If we signed everyone now and then there’s a cap… we’d be screwed. Ruskell is playing it the way he should (should I mention Hutch and his first round picks or not?).

  18. chuck_easton says:


    You’re not seeing the big picture. There is also likely going to be a LOCKOUT in two years. This is why every agent and player is trying to get contracts worded that they get the bulk of their money guaranteed in the first two years. Those years are under the cap.

    Nobody is accepting those back loaded contracts now.

  19. and what chuck says… good counterpoint…

  20. mkelly534 says:

    I would rather not sign a 31 year old receiver to a big money contract. We can get a 2nd tier free agent draft some good players. We should spend some money and draft picks on our OL and DL. Tired of getting pushed around and very tired of watching every player in the league break some sort of record against the Seahawks.

  21. mkelly534 says:

    Also, if we sign Cole then draft Curry, then we will be convertig to a 3-4 defense.

  22. hawkforever21 says:

    Another case of a player being offered more money by Seattle and still choosing someone else… this case staying with their own team.

    “Clayton, a first-round pick of the Bucs in 2004, had drawn interest from the Seahawks and the Lions. Per Duemig, Clayton turned down more money from Seattle to stay in Tampa.”

    That’s why it’s so important for Seattle to protect their own before they hit free agency. There are a lot of people that just don’t want to play there.

  23. One thing about Washington that you’d also think would favor the Hawks is that there is no state income tax. What the players make is what the players make. Not the same in Minnesota (I know) so MN must offer more money to TJ just to even it out.

    I’m not broken hearted about losing out on Clayton. I, too, once thought he was an emerging star but he’s been VERY average the past three years and he’s not much of an upgrade over some of our jokers who play WR. Plus, the Bucs have been pretty WR challenged and he still hasn’t stood out as a good #2 type of guy. Just me — but I take Payne at the minimum over Clayton and over a million or whatever he got.

  24. shoehawks says:

    What about Cole? Is he still in Seattle? Did they make him an offer?

  25. (Dukeshire) I’m not saying this is what I’d do (b/c I wouldn’t) but I wonder about signing Cole/Canty and the emergence of a possible 3-4 in some instances.

    Kerney absolutely doesn’t fit a 3-4 but he would be a great situational 3-4 pass rusher (does NOT play on rushing downs – partly b/c he’s not very good in run defense, and we can’t cut him b/c he’d count more against the cap than he would if we keep him) [reminds me of Rulon Jones – for those of you in your mid30s who remember the wars in the mid 80 b/w us and the Broncos — they ran 3-4 — and Duke, I know we’re about the same age). We know we won’t normally rush 3 — as a LB (Hill and/or JP) would also blitz. Plus, Kerney wouldn’t have to play so much in that manner (ie – better chance to stay healthy).

    Cole would plug the middle.

    Canty [at RDE] would do what he did in Dallas… take up space/blockers so our WLB (JP) could get after it like Ware did in Dallas. I like JP and think he’s a stud. I’ve been VERY critical of him b/c I view him as our replacement for Hutch and ALL of you know how much I loved that dude (without being weird about it). As long as he wraps up this year, that would be a great improvement.

    I know Mebane is our best DL, so I’m not sure where he’d fit in… but I’m smart enough to KNOW that he’d fit in somewhere and in a significant role… One thing with him is that I firmly believe he would be a VERY good NT or a VERY good DE in a 3-4. He’s a beast and a good/great player who can do about anything asked of him (except be counted on to get 10 sacks per season).

    All I know is that I’m excited for the upcoming season! And we haven’t even signed anyone yet. Nor have we made our 1st round pick.

  26. Moreno is our #1 pick.

    His 40 was faster than Shaun Alexander at his combine.

    Plus, he can catch and actually block. And he finishes runs Marion Barber style instead of tap dancing like a pansy.

    Is the purpose of this post to blast Shaun? No. He was a great runner in his prime (thanks in part to Steve Hutchinson). Even though I love Curt Warner and he’s my favorite Seahawk RB of all time, (I’m not dumb enough to say that Shaun wasn’t better than Warner (although I would have loved to have seen Curt not make that cut against Cleveland and shred his knee… and see what the rest of his career would have brought).

    I just think Moreno is a stud in waiting and 5 years from now, when we look back at the ’09 Draft, I doubt we’ll complain that he was taken too early… and I guarantee he’ll be better than at least 1 of the players taken in the top 3 (as history indicates).

  27. I FULLY support trading our 3rd round pick to KC for Tyler Thigpen.

    All of a sudden we’d have our (24 year old) QB of the future with starting experience.

    I do NOT want him to start over Matt in ’09 (or ’10 if Matt is healthy and under the franchise tag) but we have to face the facts that we need our new franchise QB pretty soon and Thigpen has demonstrated that he’s a future QB in this league… and a pretty good one). I’m not sure he’s much different than Cassell, except Cassell had 2 Pro Bowl WRs and was a Patriot. Thigpen had a bunch of crap and an emerging 2nd year WR.

    Gee… I wonder which was in a better position to succeed?

  28. williambryan says:

    Again with the absurd love for Logan Payne.
    Why in the heck would you take Payne over Clayton?
    Let me say that I did not see value in adding Clayton and am glad that he is not coming here, however, Clayton would be a big improvement over Payne, Taylor, McMullen, and Colbert. I will be glad when none of those guys make the final roster.

    My WR predictions for the hawks in 09:
    (I don’t see the team keeping 6 recievers active considering the new Run first scheme as well as the fact that Knapp has said he does not envision using many 4 or 5 WR sets)
    I think Kent may be back on the practice squad along with a late round pick from the upcoming draft.

  29. Shaun Alexander is the greatest running back in Seahawks history. yeah couldn’t catch and he didn’t block, but so what? That’s only because of the backs roll in Holmgren’s offense. If you’d ever seen him live in his prime (I did) you’d appreciate how special he was as a runner. The only back of his era I’d take instead is LT, and that’s a tough call for me.

    And yeah, now that Cassel is Chief for only a measly 2nd round pick, I’d try to get Thigpen too. But Cassel and Vrabel for #34? I can’t wait to remind all of you of this when Matt misses 10 games again with his degenerative back problems.

    “Timmay!” blew another chance to get our QB of the future.

    And Crabtree will never get past KC at #3 now that they have their QB.

    Cassel at QB, LJ running it and Bowe, Crabtree and Gonzalez catching it.

    KC has a better record than us this year, no question.

  30. Osiris33 – It is amazing seeing someone in person and realizing how good he is. I saw Shaun run in ’05 at home against Dallas. I didn’t think overly good or bad. I thought he was fine.

    I also saw Adrian Peterson here in MN last season vs. SD (when he broke the single game rushing record… Shaun at his best wasn’t 1/100th as good as AP in person).

    I have only seen games in 5 NFL stadiums (SB XL, SB XLII, Miami, Seattle, MN) but I saw Miami when Dan Marino was close to the end of his career. I was amazed at how quick he was in the pocket, even though he was supposedly so SLOW. That made me realize then and there (1995) that 40 yard dash times were stupid.

    Timmay! didn’t blow anything today if he can get Thigpen. I would take Matt Hasselbeck (healthy) over Cassell, Cutler, or Thigpen in a heartbeat for ’09. Perhaps not for ’11-’20, but I’m not too conerned about that YET.

    And LJ doesn’t want to be there in ’09. He’s a moron (part of the reason I like Timmay! — he doesn’t put up with idiots… although I have my differences with Timmay! too!!!).

    And Gonzalez won’t be around too much longer either!

    KC will NOT have a better record than us next year. Find a good lawyer (you pay) and I’ll bet you $1,000 on that. Use this blog as the contract and I’ll agree.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – I’ve been going over that possibility all night. In short (because I have to get up for work in a few hours) is that I think Tapp would benefit the most from the 3-4. Kerney and Jackson both worry me. So many rumors and possibilities right now, my head is swimming. I’ll revisit this with you tomorrow. Please get Willis signed before I wake up. Thanks

  32. hawkforever21 says:

    I’m not disappointed that we didn’t get Clayton….I just meant that there’s a growing list of players…..Clayton, Dielman, Abraham… name a few that took less money to sign elsewhere. Galloway wanted out of here….and granted he’s a douche bag, but still…..Josh Brown (not a big deal now as we replaced him with two quality kickers)….and Hutch could’ve just signed a normal contract instead of one that included the ol’ poison pill….if he wanted to remain in Seattle.

    My point is that management needs to realize that Seattle isn’t going to be a popular place for free agents to want to play, so they need to be a little more pro-active in trying to take care of their own (Hutch, Hill, Lucas, Brown), before they become free agents. Some players may not sign anyways, but they’ve got to pick out the special ones (like they did with Tatupu), and stop having to overpay to lure free agents to play here.
    Abraham, Dielman, Wistrom….all were offered a ton of money and only Wistrom came here, because he was offered a crap load more than anyone else was willing to pay him.

    ……..and no way Robinson is playing in Seattle next year. Not unless they can’t sign or draft a WR and have the same number of injuries at the position as last year.

  33. seafanalways says:

    wow hawkforever21, cherry pick much? that is the dumbest statement EVER! not every team gets every single player they set out to sign, ALL teams get outbid by others, and players do turn down more money from some teams to go to other teams…NOT JUST IN SEATTLE…

    why just list the players that turned us down? Why not list the players who turned down other teams to come here?

    i mean, dielman, abraham and clayton turned us down, why even bother in FA anymore!? (sarcasm off)

  34. williambryan – while I respect what you say, I also respectfully disagree that:

    a. KoRo will be a Seahawk in ’09. That was IMO a favor to Holmy.

    b. I did not say Payne is better than Clayton. I said Payne at league minimum is a better value than Clayton and his “larger” salary (most likely well over a mil. whereas Payne is well UNDER a mil.).

  35. hawkforever21 says:

    Wow, dumbest statement EVER!?? Clearly there may be a bigger douche bag than Galloway out there. (insult off)

    I wasn’t trying to just pick out a few examples just to say that no one wants to play in Seattle…….I was just trying to make a point that there are other teams that seem to have more luck in signing free agents than we do. Bigger market teams usually……teams like NY, Denver, Dallas…………my point was just, now stay with me here seafan…..that we haven’t had a lot of success in the free agent market when we have been the highest bidder…….something that “quite often” is the deciding factor in where most free agents land.

    I didn’t mean to “cherry pick”…….I just really appreciate the teams that try and sign their valued players to extensions before they hit the free agent market….like Seattle did with Tatupu.
    That’s it, that’s all. Nothing more. I wasn’t saying don’t try signing free agents anymore…..that was a pretty ridiculous “sarcastic” comment. I was just saying that Seattle is a different market that may need to do things a little differently than other teams.

  36. seafan – hawkforever… The Seattle Seahawks are our favorite teams. Lets be friends b/c we have something VERY important in common (the ‘Hawks).

    And when we win SB XLIV lets have one hell of a party!!!

  37. hawkforever21 says:

    I know, I wasn’t meaning to be a dick…..but seriously, I was just trying to make a point. I love the city and I love the team even more……but if anyone can name me 5 big name free agents that came to play in Seattle when they were in or near their prime, then I’ll buy them a beer.

    All I was saying was that I wish management was more aware of the fact that they need to do things a little differently as it “appears” that money isn’t the only thing that brings a player to a team…..obviously, or Seattle would’ve had a few more big name signings to their credit.

    I just didn’t appreciate the “dumbest statement EVER” comment….as I wasn’t intending to shoot the team down….just looking for a little discussion material as we’re waiting to hear any news on FA signings.

  38. I want to hear news like we have just resigned Ray Willis to a 5-6 year contract!

    That dude is a stud RT and moving Lock to RG would make for a dominant/athletic player at that position (w/potential to move to LT — crazy skills).

  39. Duke — to answer you wish — I need a shotgun and access to Seahawks Headquarters… so I can ensure Willis is resigned…

    Thigpen to Seattle!!! I am starting that “rumor” right now!!!

  40. freedom_X says:

    I don’t see the value in Thigpen. Apparently, he struggled a lot in KC when asked to run a more ground oriented attack, and only when they went to a gimmicky spread offense did he start to put some numbers up. But they still lost tons.

    Since Seattle wants to be more ground-oriented, I don’t see where this guy fits, unless we get him for a 7th round pick or something like that. There’s not much to choose from between Thigpen and Frye based on what I’ve seen. Thigpen is young and could get better, but so could a lot of young QB’s.

    If the ex-Patriot personnel brain Pioli is looking to dump Thigpen (obviously he doesn’t think Thigpen has much of a future since he traded for Cassel), and the Patriots are the “standard the Seattle front office should be measured by”, why do we want him?

  41. Everyone, for good or ill, and mostly ill… wants their own people… I’m not ready to throw a 24 year old QB to the curb b/c a sherrif is in town (Pioli — the same dude who traded up in the 2nd round to get Chad Jackson — who sucks — a few years ago — everyone makes mistakes)… I look at it as an advantage to our situation… The KC offense sucked this past season except for LT, TE, and 1 WR… and I think Thigpen did well for what he had to work with… Do I want him to start in ’09 or ’10? Hell, no (unless Matt can’t)!!!

  42. “But they still lost tons.”

    We’d lose tons too if we had less than 10 sacks on the entire season (and our “D” suckes and we had more than 20 from that number). I doubt adding Dan Marino, Dwight Stevenson, and Mark Duper could have helped the Chiefs win many more games last season.

  43. williambryan says:

    Bobby, my bad on your point about the salary impact. Payne (Or any of our other WR’s) at the minimum would make more sense than Clayton being overpaid to be here

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