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  1. chuck_easton says:

    If it’s true he’s asking for 4 years at 10 mill a year, he can go to Minn and good luck with that.

    I’d love to have him as a Seahawk, but not at THAT price.

  2. Any word on if we made him an offer before he left?

  3. QB_Sneak says:

    Are the Hawks going to even try to shore up our woeful secondary? I just read the Jets traded for Lito Shepard an are about to sign Cory Ivy. Bryant McFadden is visiting the Tardinals. I don’t see even a hint or a whisper of a rumor that Seattle is talking to any defensive backs or safeties.

  4. Yeah i agree with you QB_sneak. We need some DB’s espically a safty. There are still good saftys and CB’s available.


  6. turboskylinegtr says:

    bobbyk – from your post about canty on the last topic, ive wondered how canty would fit in as well. looking back, he played two years of football in high school, played DE in a 3-4 at UVA (also was an academic all american), and obviously was a 3-4 DE at dallas. My initial thoughts were that he would come in and play DT for us as hes 6’7″ 300lbs. But now that i think about it, if he was signed it could mean a few things. 1 – the hawks think he could play DE in a traditional 4-3 (although i dont think thats really the case). 2 – the hawks play him at DE on obvious running downs, and DT on obvious passing downs as he would be a good run stuffer on the outside and a good pass rusher from the inside. 3 – the hawks are going to use a somewhat hybrid 4-3/3-4 thats becoming popular in the league (see baltimore ravens). that may explain why the new D coordinator is seen as such a genius (and all the talk of us using an “outdated” tampa 2 as a smoke screen/misread) and could be an indicator of why we would pay 3 high profile linebackers. Now everyone, dont read what i just wrote as the hawks switching to a 3-4, that would be incorrect. As a hybrid, they would usually stay in the base 4-3, and occasionally move players around that would traditionally be seen as more of a 3-4 look in terms of player size. this may look like JP at OLB, Tatupu at ILB, canty at DE, Mebane at NT, lojack at DE, kerney/tapp at OLB, Hill at ILB or OLB. keep in mind this is speculation. I think this would be a pretty cool scheme for the hawks to use, and would add an element of versatility rarely seen in the league.

    Also, anyone who cites Canty’s low sack numbers needs to research the 3-4 and realize that DE’s and NT in the 3-4 are almost like O-lineman in that their main job is to tie up the opposing team’s line. the linebackers in the 3-4 are the high profile guys.

  7. what do you guys think about landry from the ravens he was Hirt last year but I think if health he could be good. I think the hawks think they can get a safty in the 3 or 4 round. Like William Moore or micheal hamlin. I really want chung but don’t think we would take him at 2

  8. clwallace says:


    Heres come Michael Crabtree learn to love him. Guys id rather pay Crabtree 50 mil than housh 40 mil

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I suppose it’s a possibility, but I cannot envision any way Canty is brought in to play DE. If it were an obvious running down, I would want him in the middle. It would be much easier to neutralize a big, rather slow defender who’s on the edge than if he were bunching up the middle, keeping linemen off Lofa and Hill. On the so called, passing downs, of course Tapp, Kerney (and we can all hope for the development of Jackson) to provide edge pressure, so of course, as you said, he’s inside then. I believe his versatility is limited.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    I have always said that I think he’ll be a fine professional. I have also said that I don’t think he’s the best use of the #4 overall pick, for this team. That’s all. I don’t hate the guy, like some have said here.

  11. I agree with those who think that if WR is going to recieve this level of priority, then drafting Crabtree at #4 is a better idea than signing Housh at $10M/year.

    Hey Eric,
    Do you have any info on injury rehabs of Walt, Wahle, Hass, etc.? Seems a Rehab Tracker is what we need this time of year since a lot of FA and draft decisions depend on which starters are thought to be coming back healthy.

  12. turboskylinegtr says:

    Dukeshire, my thought process is that while canty is 300lbs, hes also 6’7″, so a lot of his weight derives from his height, unlike 6’1″ 314lb mebane who obviously has more girth. So the way he moves will be different than mebane (or other traditional DTs). I recall one of LoJacks strengths coming out of USC was his run stopping ability, which is seen as a lesser trait of a DE in a 4-3, sort of in the same mold as a WR having good run blocking ability. I cite that about lojack because the hawks have had run stopping trouble, and bringing in lojack with better run stopping skills than most DEs, maybe thats a signal of where the hawks are headed. while I (as likely many/most others) have thought we need to get bigger only at DT to improve run defense, a large front 4 could be just as effective. not to mention the hawks have been big on stunts in the past (doing things like having the DE cut inside and the DTs “pull” to the outside) so despite where he lines up, he could end up elsewhere through the development of the play.
    further, i think i disagree about having him inside on an obvious running down. speed is important on passing downs, strength more-so on running. thats why many people want us to get 340lb offensive lineman to improve our run game, but then that lessens our ability to have an o line that can handle quick moving ends on passing downs. and even if he is slow but requires more attention in terms of blocking, that frees up the LBs to make a play off the edge anyway.
    I dont think that he has crazy versatility like maybe Shawn Merriman or Terrel Suggs, i just think that he might have a size/movement ability combo that the hawks could use in the way i speculatively stated above, and have success with it.

  13. We just had a big snow storm the other day and it’s cold out today. After Housh arrives and feels this winter crap — there’s no way in his right mind he’d want to live in Minnesota (even if they do play in a Dome). Winter sucks! I can’t believe that Moss got $9 mil per last off-season and now Housh wants $10 mil per. And he didn’t even have 20-some TDs this past season like Moss did.

  14. matt cassel to KC do you think KC takes Crabtree now

  15. MechanicMan says:

    Everybody talks like Crabtree is a sure thing. He might not even be around at #4

  16. No. The Patriots way was to throw to a bunch of different WRs (like Bowe). I think they will upgrade their defense. They won 3 Super Bowls with lesser WRs (like Branch, a “lesser” non-1,000 yard WR). Since they have aquired Pro Bowlers at the position, they haven’t won any titles (but did have a regular season for the ages, where they all stayed in Holiday Inn & Suites). With Bowe being an emerging stud, I think they may stay away from the controversy of Fitz and Boldin. Bowe will make his later 1st round money and be good and Crabtree will make over $10 million per season and Bowe may pout later on if Crabs doesn’t turn into a 1,500 yard type of guy. I don’t know, just my guess and two cents.

  17. redneckhawk says:

    Oh my god! Cassel and Vrabel for a 2nd!

  18. Bobbyk good point

  19. turboskylinegtr says:

    good point bobby. this probably means that if curry makes it past the lions and rams that hes a lock for KC.

  20. twocolorcrayon says:

    I bet KC goes with Curry now that they have a QB.

    This also means Stafford will be available at 4 if Detroit doesn’t select him, which means I STILL WANT US TO DRAFT CRABTREE.

    Crabtree has been my personal favorite draft choice since before the football year started. It was a pipe dream then, but now that everything fell into place for it to happen, I want it to. He’s going to be a stud and I’ll hate seeing him be a stud on some other team.

  21. I just heard with the Patriots clearing up 20 mil in cap they might be going after Ray Lewis. Ouch

  22. Perhaps. Curry seems to have that Patriot LB flexibility of being able to do it all.

  23. ryanryan says:

    I think KC is definitely going to take an offensive lineman to protect their new quarterback.

  24. Fingers crossed Canty gets out of NY. He should be priority #1. I would love McFadden as well.

  25. If we don’t get Canty, I want Raji with out 4. I think he could make our D look much much better just with some pressure and command of the double team. But I could see us going with Crabtree, High risk High reward, also would help sell some tickets.

  26. The Pats would be back! Holy Cow! Lewis and Mayo would be studs together in NE. Not that I want the Pats back, but they would be damn good again! Not that they have been exactly crappy either!

  27. redneckhawk says:

    Pats now have 3 2nd rounders…sick.

  28. hawkcrazy says:

    Pats are going off. I think F. Taylor is going to open up a lot of people’s eyes with just how much he has left in the tank.

    Plus a healthy, happy Brady. Lewis…wow!

    Pioli is moving right along in KC.

    The NFL rules no matter what time of the year it is!

  29. Dukeshire says:

    turboskylinegtr – My point isn’t his size, necessarily. It’s his speed. He is slow off the line. That is not what you want in a DE. It’s not what you want in a DT either, but if he strong at the point of attack, and doesn’t get lost in the scrum (which I also question, with him) then he becomes an adequate defender against the run. I do not think he has the “size/movement ability combo” that you do. As I said before, my opinion is that he has limited versatility. I think if Mebane commands the double teams he got last year, Canty could be a productive player. I think asking him to be anything more than a complimentary player, would be a mistake.

  30. There are just certain organizations that know how to work the system and the Pats are one of them. Hawks are not at this level. Sad to say

  31. dhardw – I agree. That’s why I get so mad at some of these Ruskell supporters who think he’s a God just because he’s been better than most GMs in the history of this franchise. That’s not saying much! We have basically been a below average organization since 1976. That’s like saying your new husband is a wonderful drunk who gambles all the family money away and cheats on his wife every once in awhile… but it’s better than the previous husband who beat me all the time, started me on fire once, and shot my dog. You’re just picking a lesser of two evils.

    Why not actually compare our situation to proven winners? Instead of comparing Ruskell to some moron like in the Tom Flores years, why don’t we compare him to what the New England Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers do? Then maybe people wouldn’t be so quick so appoint him as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  32. Hm… Lewis, nah, i remember that Peppers sad something about loving to try 3-4 DE position.

  33. hawkcrazy says:

    Actually Bobby, I consider Ruskell more of Allen’s guy. You see, before Allen the Seahawks were an average organization. When he hired Holmgren, we dramatically improved. When Ruskell was hired, we went to the Superbowl. And please don’t discount how significant he was to go out and get Jurevicious, Darby and draft Hill/Tatupu.

    When you insult TR, you insult Paul Allen, and I’ll defend him every time. As fans we’ve never had it better. Wake up!

  34. hawkcrazy says:

    In case that’s not enough…and you know it won’t be!

    Holmgren has been to 3 Superbowls as a Head Coach/GM and won once.

    Ruskell has been to 2 Superbowls and multiple NFC Championships and has won it all once (with Tampa Bay).

    By my count, the Browns, Lions, Jaguars, Texans, Vikings, Falcons, Panthers, Chargers, Titans, Saints, Bengals, Cardinals aren’t any better off than we’ve EVER been.

    I think our organization in recent years has enjoyed as much if not more success than the Bills, Raiders, Jets, Dolphins, Bears, Chiefs, Broncos, Cowboys (it’s been well over a decade since they’ve WON a playoff game), Packers (last year was good though) and Redskins (been a while since they’ve won a championship as well).

    The only teams I consider “better off” than the Hawks in recent times would include the Patriots, Colts, Ny Giants, Philly, Tampa (TR’s former team although not much remains now). That’s 5 teams and I think we could leap frog the last 2.

    Apples to Apples.

    Yes the Steelers, 49ers and Cowboys are considered to be the most successful, but even for the last 2 it’s been a while.

    I’m just saying…

  35. freedom_X says:

    That’s exactly my point! It’s not that Ruskell is the greatest – far from it. He’s just not the worst (again, far from it.) I rate him as in the upper 3rd.

    Guess what? The Steelers, Cowboys, Patriots, sucked horribly for a decade or more not so long ago. By those standards, Ruskell (or any other Seattle GM) will not measure up, even if they win a Super Bowl. Those other teams didn’t turn around in one or two seasons either. I’ll look at Ruskell’s record after 5 years and judge where he stands. If he can’t pull Seattle out of its dive then I’ll call for his head.

    But that’s fan myopia and tunnel vision. “Worse than Detroit?” I’ve actually read that here. What’s the point of arguing against someone as deranged as that.

  36. hawkcrazy says:

    A dive? How many WRs were hurt last year. That’s not poor play. That’s unfortunate injuries…all part of the game. No one can predict durability with players that for the most part have been healthy.

    Since TR, we’ve resigned Trufant, Tatupu, Hill, Locklear, Hasselbeck and Walt? He’s only gone out and signed and kept JP, Grant, Russell (jury is out), Wahle, Kearney, Burleson, Branch (via trade) and Mare (who had a nice year).

    He’s drafted Tatupu, Hill, Mebane, Carlson, JWilson who are solid if not spectacular in a few cases.

    Judge all you want, call for his head…he ain’t going any where and I hope for a long, long time.

  37. hawkcrazy says:

    oh yeah, how can I forget TJ Duckett and all hail Julius!

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