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Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 28, 2009 at 8:07 am with 28 Comments »
February 28, 2009 8:07 am

Here’s a wrap-up of the first day of free agency and how it impacted the Seahawks.

Heading to Seattle?

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Status: Met with team officials on Friday and discussed terms. The Bengals receiver is believed to be seeking a three-to-four year deal at $10 million per, which is on the high side. Houshmandzadeh may make a decision on where he will go tonight, but appears to be waiting for other teams to get involved. Philadelphia has reportedly backed off, leaving the Hawks, Minnesota, the N.Y. Giants and perhaps a return to Cincinnati as possible options.

DE Chris Canty

Status: Scheduled for a visit on Monday. Also scheduled to visit the N.Y. Giants.

WR Michael Clayton

Status: Reportedly scheduled for a visit to Seattle.

OL Jon Stinchcomb

Status: Seattle’s rumored interest was reported as inaccurate by Stinchcomb’s agent Pat Dye.

Moving on?

RB Maurice Morris

Status: Agreed to three-year, $7 million deal to play for Detroit.

DT Rocky Bernard

Status: Visited the New York Giants on Friday.

OL: Ray Willis

Status: Washington is interested, but the team already has spent a lot of money in free agency.

NFL free agency
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  1. I’d like to have the guy, but not at a 4 year deal worth $40 million. That’s a bit crazy (ie too much).

  2. bigsmooth says:

    From NFP:

    Will Seattle Be Busy Today?

    Free agent defensive tackle Colin Cole is in Seattle for a visit with the Seahawks, according to sources close to the situation. Cole had 30 tackles for the Packers last season and has appeared in 54 games over the past four seasons for Green Bay.

    In addition, I am hearing (and this has also been reported by Adam Schefter of that the Seahawks are interested in getting a meeting with free agent defensive end Chris Canty.

    Now that Bart Scott has signed with the Jets, Albert Haynesworth joined the Redskins and the New York Giants locked down Michael Boley, Canty has become one of the top free agent targets still remaining.

    Canty has racked up 148 tackles and 10 sacks with the Dallas Cowboys over the past four seasons.

    Free agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmanzadeh was on his way to Seattle yesterday for a meeting. Several teams, including the Vikings, Lions, and Giants are all rumored to be interested in Houshmandzadeh’s services.

    One interesting piece of information I’ve heard from sources close to the situation is that the Philadelphia Eagles are NOT interested in signing Houshmandzadeh.

    Stay with the NFP throughout the day as we continue to bring you the latest developments from around the NFL.

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Don’t be surprised if Housh signs with us. Canty would be great, but might not work out. Wondering how serious Timmy is about drafting an OT in 1st round…just my random thoughts on a Saturday morning

  4. No Clayton. What does everyone think about shawn springs back. Please no more falcons and bucs players. What’s next Michael Vick. I would love chris Canty. And we need to resign Ray Willis

  5. Broken Record – but Ray Willis is more important than any of those guys from NFP.

    Canty has 10 sacks in 4 years. Don’t we already have enough defensive linemen who are bad at getting to the QB? I know he’s a good player/big presence and in the Dallas scheme he pretty much did the dirty work at RDE for Ware to get his sacks around the edge, but still… I certainly won’t be mad if we get him (I’ll be happy, as he’s a good player) but what about the cost? If there is no cost, we could have offered Haynesworth $200 trillion over 4 years, but would that have been smart? No!

  6. BobbyK, I agree about Ray Willis but Seattle wants lighter “zone blocking” O linemen which I feel is a mistake. Seattle ran the ball better with Willis, Womack and Wrotto.

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Totally agree, oceanic. The lighter O-line seems myopic. Too run and protect we require big rhinos to run block and keep Matt off the injury report.

  8. williambryan says:

    I think Willis should be a prority and I am really intrigued with Canty. I think in our scheme (assuming it will be similar to what we’re used) He could be a real force. I think he performed well when we have played the cowboys. I couldn’t care less about TJ and at 10 mill per? no thanks.

    and I would love to have springs back. He probably isn’t an every down player anymore with his injury prowess but if you watched the skins last year you could easily make the case that he was there best cb. However, any conections he had with the seahawks are basically gone now.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I agree that 10 mil per seems high. As for Willis, you have to admit that there were times last year when he looked lost. Of course some of that can be attributed to his lack of playing time. But in order for zone blocking to succeed, the linemen have to be able to adjust on the fly, you’re not assigned just one player to block. I question whether it’s his size (he would seem to have the agility) that is prohibitive or his makeup, as it were. Can he adjust to a new scheme? Only a thought.

  10. turboskylinegtr says:

    i think some thoughts are a little misguided regarding lineman. first of all, for as long as i can recall with holmgren around (and its no different under the new regime), the hawks have always said they prefer athletic lineman, who can pull. now everyone is up in arms about us getting ‘lighter’ lineman, which i believe is not the case at all. we’ve NEVER targeted the guys who are 350+, and they are usually out of shape. the common size for NFL lineman across the board is 6’X” and 300-320 lbs. Looking at the line mora had in atlanta, they were no bigger or smaller than what we have here. I dont think anyone from the hawks has said they want ‘lighter’ lineman. Athletic lineman yes, and looking at the raiders roster, they dont have a smaller line than us, despite knapp just coming from there. And heres some perspective for everyone that has already ordered their tombstones and had engraved “i will never live down the hutch incident” written on it – hutchinson is 313 lbs. I dont think anyone would argue he isnt a road grater. Jason smith, the top tackle in the draft, and likely the top player, is 305lbs. Walter Jones is 325, but I dont think anyone is running him out of town because hes too big. so lighter is really an irrelevant term to be using for this.

  11. I would like the Hawks to pass on Canty. We don’t need another try hard, few sacks guy.

    I wish they would have a visit with Sean Jones (Clevelnad safety that caused Cleveland to cut Brian Russell a few years back)

  12. HarryHawk says:

    10 mil a year is insane for this guy. TO only got 4 yr 36 mil. Randy Moss 3 yr 27 mil. Does he really think he’s an elite receiver? TJ’s been on a steady decline over the past four years and wouldn’t be any better then bobby engram. Absolutely ridiculous.

    his average per catch has dropped steadily:

    13.4 in 04
    9.8 in 08

  13. For safty I like Landry from the Ravens

  14. bigsmooth says:

    TJ left Seattle. Headed to Minneapolis.

  15. I wish I knew how the D coaches were going to use Canty.

    It seems our D would like a RDE who is a speed rusher. I don’t see him fitting that role, as he’s a monster against the run with, seemingly, limited pass rush skills.

    Mebane is RDT so he seems to have no role there.

    The LDT in the 4-3 like ours is the Warren Sapp role. Attack. This doesn’t seem like Canty either, although we seem to have a gaping hole here though with losing Rocky.

    Kerney is LDE. It will cost more to release him than keep him so there’s no way Canty could be in the plans here.

    I guess I’m just not sure how he would be used?

  16. turboskylinegtr – good analogy, thanks.

  17. fuzzybear says:

    Be prepared to be let down, Housh will sign with Minn.

  18. I am looking forward to today. We should have alive chat or something to discuss what the seahawks should do or what they have done. Should be a good one

  19. Dukeshire says:

    He’s an interior lineman in a 4-3, no question. He’s a big boy and a bit slow off the line. I envision him playing along side Mebane, hopefully benefiting from the double teams he will command. So the rotation would include Mebane, Red, Terrill and Canty.

  20. I like T.J. houshmandzadeh, but his age and 10 million a year, is not a good deal. Maybe we can get Bobby E. resigned, and up grade in the draft.

  21. microbeer says:

    Housh is not worth what he wants. Let someone else assume his expensive decline. Canty on the other hand is a different story. He’s 26 and entering his prime. He would not play DE for us rather line up at DT with Mebane. I suppose he could play end in some fronts depending on down and distance. But he would be an interior lineman primarily and provide an upgrade over Bernard.

  22. microbeer says:

    You beat me to it Dukeshire. I would be happy with that rotation as long as it includes another draft pick.

  23. Canty could also slide over and play DE if we run any 3-4 packages. That is why i think we have so much interest in him.

  24. watsoni – I think that too. I think Mora is going to use a 4-3 base, I am fully expecting (possibly wrongly) to see some 3-4 next season too.

  25. also anyone who can draw attention at our D line is needed. No point in paying $20+mil to our lbs if they just keep getting eaten up by blockers like last year. Im all for Big boy Canty. He is tall, strong, smart, and from what iv read Ruskell has had a man crush on him since college.

  26. RuskellMustGo says:

    I don’t know why people are against houshmandzadeh, even for 10 million a year. If we draft Crabtree, he will get more guaranteed money than Housh. Crabtree is a rookie and unknown in the NFL. Not to mention after his contract is up there is no guarantee Crabtree will remain a Seahawk. Housh may get a contract averaging 10 million per year but most likely his cap amount will be much less. The salaries for Branch and Burleson combined is about 7 million this year. So we are not paying a lot of cash to the wide receivers. I personally would not want to take a chance on a lesser known receiver (i.e., nate washington) because he may not be as good as what we already have on our team (Logan Payne

    As far as Chris Canty, I believe he would mainly play inside as a good complement to Mebane. BTW a 3-4 DE is not the same as a 4-3 DE. Its the outside linebackers who most the opportunities for sacks.


  27. piperfeltcher says:

    I hope we sign Cole. A big run stopping DT is a huge need for us and would help free up the LB’s to make some tackles.

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