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DT Bernard signs with Giants

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 28, 2009 at 5:33 pm with 26 Comments »
February 28, 2009 5:33 pm

Several news outlets, including the New York Daily News, are reporting that defensive tackle Rocky Bernard has inked a deal with the New York Giants. Terms have not been disclosed, but now that Bernard is officially moved on, the Seahawks may be working harder to get a deal done with Green Bay free agent defensive tackle Colin Cole.

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  1. We all pretty much knew he wouldn’t be back so I don’t think this means they will feel pressured to get a deal done with Cole.

    I wish Rocky the best unless they play us (then I hope he sucks).

  2. BORNHAWK says:

    Lets watch are guys leave and loss out on free agents, i’m scared.

  3. If you had your choice would you take Cole, Olshansky, or Canty? I like the upside of Canty and Igor that lets us run some 3-4 hybrids. Cole just looks like a plug in the middle.

  4. If Rocky looks like a super hero in NY it will confirm that the old D coach sucked.
    I wish him luck + I’ll miss his sack dance even though they were few and far between lately

  5. I would probably take Cole. Not because I think he’s better than Canty (I don’t) but because I think he will come at a more reasonable price.

    It would be nice to have Cole (330lbs) to go along with Red Bryant (325lbs). That’s a lot of beef in the middle. That will take up a lot of blocking so our LBs can make plays (and that’s not even including our best defensive tackle or defensive lineman — Mebane).

    I have been totally speculating on Mora this offseason with respect to his defense and what they seem to be doing in FA — but I am excited by it. With that being said, I question the future of Craig Terrill. It doesn’t seem like that smallish DT has much of a place in Mora’s world.

  6. Rocky will have a much easier time at DT in New Jersey. He’s got 2 of the best pass rushing DEs in the NFL on each side so he will see mosly one-on-one blocking, which will make his life easier.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed, best of luck Rocky. Eric speculated on an earlier thread that a deal might get done with Cole tonight.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I continue to check in expecting to see the ‘Hawks have resigned Willis. What is the hold up? Why even give him the chance to test the market?

  9. Hopefully this means NYG have used up their DL money and Canty will make it to Seattle on Monday.

  10. I think Seattle is secretly switching to a 3-4 D

  11. OutSydeDog says:

    Good Luck Rocky, I’ll always remember that sack of Smith right in my end zone in SF. Awesome :)

    GO HAWKS!!!

  12. The hawks dont have the personnel to run a true 3-4 D but I do think we will bring in some 3-4 packages next year. Iv always kind of thought Tapp should be an OLB in a 3-4. lets see hp[efully.

  13. nighthawk2 says:

    “If Rocky looks like a super hero in NY it will confirm that the old D coach sucked.”

    If Rocky looks like a super herio in NY it will confirm that Ruskell is a moron. Not that there’s any doubt now, but this and Morris signing elsewhere is just another phase of his purging Holmgren’s guys.

    Collin Cole is a guy I mentioned on another board that I hoped Seattle would try to sign. The only thing that surprises me is that Numbskull would sign a young guy from Holmy’s old stomping grounds instead of some over-the-hill dude from Atlanta or Tampa Bay.

  14. nighthawk2 says:

    “I think Seattle is secretly switching to a 3-4 D”

    They don’t have a coaching staff that’s familiar with it.

  15. williambryan says:

    but they do. a few of the position coaches do have 3-4 experience and there was a lot of talk about it, about how all the diverse experience of the staff will create a really dynamic scheme.

  16. They don’t have a coaching staff that’s familiar with it?

    I think that may be the dumbest thing I’ve seen on this board in a while.

  17. Our DL coach…

    …and assistant head coach…

    …one and the same…

    have experience with the 3-4… this past season with the Jets…

    I, too, am waiting for more important news… “The Seattle Seahawks have signed Ray Willis to a 5 year contract.”

  18. I am okay with losing MoMo, Rocky, Laury, Womack, etc.

    — even though MoMo is better than Jones and makes LESS money — Ruskell Special (as in special ed)…

    But I am NOT okay with losing Ray Willis!!!

  19. I don’t want to lose Willis or Pork Chop. They were two of the best lineman we had last year when they played together.

    Good luck Rocky. Ya can’t expect to get a fat new contract from the Seahawks if you only helped them win 4 freakin games. He’ll be a backup in rotation in NY.

  20. Rocky’s in a good position. He’s expected to be only a rotational DT to backup the Giants starters. NYG fans don’t expect anything from him because they are looking at his 4 sacks of last season. When NYG opponents are dealing with Tuck, Osi, & company, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see Rocky getting 7+ sacks next season. Good luck to Rocky in NY, you willbe missed.

  21. freedom_X says:

    Career stats: Maurice Morris vs. Julius Jones


    G Att Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Lng 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ FUM
    Jones 68 1,043 15.3 4,182 4.0 61.5 20 77 187 17.9 22 4 12
    Morris 101 604 6.0 2,612 4.3 25.9 5 49 134 22.2 15 6 4

    2008 Season – Seattle
    G Att Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Lng 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ FUM
    Jones 15 158 10.5 698 4.4 46.5 2 33 29 18.4 6 0 4
    Morris 13 132 10.2 574 4.3 44.2 0 45 27 20.5 4 2 1

    In every stat other than fumbles (which is why Holmgren benched Jones) Jones is equal to or superior than, Morris. I was shocked that Morris only scored 5 rushing TD’s his whole career in Seattle. Better than Jones? I don’t think so.

  22. Jones has been a starter for most of his career.
    MoMo has been a back-up for all of his career (until ’08).

    I suppose Jones will have more yards per game! Common sense.

    Would Jones have started over $haun if he were drafted by Seattle 5 years ago (or whatever it was)?

    Why would MoMo have so few TDs… b/c we all know $haun was a hog when it came to the goal line. He cared about TDs.

    Jones makes more money (i.e. counts more against the cap) than MoMo. That’s why I said MoMo is/was a better value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I remember Rocky grabbing his hamstring while blocking for Herndon’s pick in the Super Blow like it was yesterday. Surely not the last free agent that will walk away. The good news; hello compensation pick(s). If you’re going to get extra draft picks, it’s nice to have them during a regime change year.

  24. nightwulf says:

    Goodbye Rocky,
    thanks for everything, enjoy the big apple, try the kosher corned beef, and the street vendor dogs with kraut, you’ll love ‘em:)

  25. freedom_X says:

    That’s actually my point. At least at times in his career, Julius Jones has looked like he can be the centerpiece of a running game. For all of Morris’ positive qualities, I’ve never felt like you could build a running attack around him. Morris has always been a change of pace.

    He’s had plenty of starts, with the decline of Alexander for 2 years, and while I appreciate his efforts, I’m pretty sure no one has thought they saw a upper-echelon starting RB in those games. His best attribute was his knowledge of the passing scheme, allowing him to be a reliable pass blocker and outlet receiver. If he had showed more he probably could have taken the starting job from Alexander last year (i.e. they wouldn’t have given Shaun his job back at all.)

    This year’s stats are the best head-2-head comparison, and I think Jones comes out on top. The 1st month of the season, I really thought Jones looked like a centerpiece running back, and so did a lot of other people. If you look at the split stats, Morris didn’t have any month that compared to Jones’ 1st month. Morris got virtually all the carries in December, on the flip side Jones almost all the carries in September.

    I forgot about the compensatory picks, that’s a good point. Realistically, should we be worried if Seattle loses a number of players from a 4-12 team (especially players who have been around for 6+ years?) I’d be more worried if we were losing players from a 12-4 team.

  26. We don’t get the compensatory picks until next year, the 2010 draft, and the way Obama is killing the economy there may not even be an NFL season then. Obamanomics, an uncapped year, dogs and cats living together,,,!

    I agree that we should look at a 3-4 alignment. Unfortunately, if you’re going to do that, Rocky is the perfect 3-4 DE. In fact, I thought we shouls have kept him and moved him to end in a rotation with Kearney and Jackson. We’d be a lot better against the run at least. Tapp looks more and more like a 3-4 OLB every day. He’s certainly not a productive DE.

    We could also bring back Boulware as a 3-4 OLB. That what he always really was anyway.

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