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Ex-UW receiver Williams considers homecoming

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 29, 2009 at 5:22 pm with 48 Comments »
January 29, 2009 5:22 pm

Former University of Washington standout receiver Reggie Williams likely will become an unrestricted free agent with the Feb. 27 free agent deadline approaching, and he’s considering his options of where he would like to play next season.

Williams said he has a clause in his contract that allows him to opt out and test the market at end of this season.

And one of his desired destinations could be Seattle.

"Of course, I’d like to come back and play for the Seahawks," Williams said. "I’d definitely like to come back to the West Coast and play. It seems like I haven’t been over there in so long. I went from one extreme to the next when you go from Seattle to Florida. So the West Coast is definitely an option."

A first round draft pick selected ninth overall by Jacksonville in 2004, Williams never lived up to expectations for the Jaguars. The fifth-year receiver started 11 games and finished with 37 receptions for 364 yards and three touchdowns last season. He had his best year as a pro in 2007, finishing with 38 receptions for 629 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Bu at 6-foot-4, 212 pounds, Williams could provide a big target for Seattle. Perhaps a change of scenery and a return to his Northwest roots could help turn Williams’ fortunes around.

Williams also was coached by new Seattle receivers coach Robert Prince while in Jacksonville, where Prince served as the team’s assistant receivers coach.

However, Williams also said he’d also have no problems returning to the Jaguars next season.

"I’d like to stay, but I can leave to," Williams. "I know Jacksonville is going to be competitive next year. I know Coach (Jack) Del Rio is going to do everything in power to get the right staff and the right players, and the right mentality in the program and get us back to the playoffs.

"I feel like if I’m given the opportunity I can make plays," Williams added. "I’m very confident in what I can do. I just need the opportunity."

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  1. freedom_X says:

    If he’s got any guaranteed money coming to him in the last year, he better not opt out. It would be the height of egotism for Williams to bail out of guaranteed money. But this being Reggie Williams, it’s very possible.

    Do we need an underacheiving, lazy receiver? I don’t think so. Unless Robert Prince strongly lobbies for Williams, because he’s got inside information on Williams, no way. And no way Williams should be signed for big $$$ if they do take a flyer on him.

  2. The only way I see Williams coming here is if he takes a 1 year deal (Joe Jurevicius) to show people that he can make plays.

    Jacksonville has been needing a good WR and he hasn’t been able to answer the call, so I’m skeptical about him all of a sudden becoming a good player for us.

  3. I would really like this pick up. The Hawks need a tall physical reciever. I think he could do really well for us!

  4. “he’s considering his options of where he would like to play next season” ???

    How about “Anywhere, if he’s LUCKY.”

    This guy had 38 and 37 receptions the past two seasons, his 4th and 4th seasons in the league. It might be nice to invite him to training camp to compete, but if we don’t bring in guys who can out-compete Reggie, that would be a bad sign.

  5. maddog12 says:

    Hey Eric- Thanks for the FA info. I hadn’t considered him. I hear he has been a bust but at the right price I suppose he would be worth a look.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    It seems like the signing of Mike Hass has gone largely unnoticed. Maybe for good reason, but he is, after all a former Biletnikoff Award winner. I’m not sure why he hasn’t stuck anywhere but I’m excited to see what he brings.

  7. Mike Hass HAS to be good.
    He has his own rap song.

    Did you know that? Haha.

  8. maddog12 says:

    Dukeshire- Good job digging Hass out. Mike Hass did fly under the radar. He does seem interesting. Sounds like he might be able to catch the ball.

  9. bigmike04 says:

    Can I say something

    Maybe Reggie Williams was a bust in the jacksonville system but maybe be better suited for WCO.

    Thought take look at Roy Williams who get trade to dallas as he was a bust for Detroit. Their lot of players who are better suited for certain system.

    Thought I would bring him in and risk losing Bobby Engram as he getting older.

  10. AKhawkFan says:

    Ijust watched Mike Hass’ highlight reel on youtube, and the guy is an animal!

  11. hawkcrazy says:

    I’d take a flyer on Reggie. Could be a Keyshawn type possession receiver. Don’t know anything about Hass, but will google. The market will set RW’s price should he be able/choose to opt out. Not a save all by any means for us, but intriguing.

  12. p1u1n1x1 says:

    Hi guys, been following the blog for a while, but I just decided to join up tonight. Mike Hass might be the thing the Hawks need if they decide not to sign Engram, he isn’t super fast but he catches everything around him and takes big hits over the middle with no fear. This is the meat and potatoes type of receiver that every team needs, kind of like a Hines Ward, at least he was in college.

  13. OutSydeDog says:

    Reggie Williams was awesome for the Huskies, but then, so was Jeremy Stevens. Even K-Rob, who I liked this year, should have been better than he was the first time around. IF RW were to play to the top of his potential, then yes, sign him. He’s big and fought for the ball, but he hasn’t exactly lit it up in the NFL. I’m happy with what we have at WR, and if we can improve then by all means do. IF we take Crabtree, or whoever, they better be the real thing.

  14. williambryan says:

    I like Williams. I think his inconsistency is largely due to his team. The jags run more often than not and when they do pass, its in obvious situations which doesn’t help his cause. And for whatever reason it seems like the Jags are still in love with matt jones. It also seemed like Williams was getting in a groove with Leftwich before he was injured and ultimately let go. Maybe a change of scenery will be good for him.

  15. nighthawk2 says:

    Williams was a bust in Jacksonville and there’s no reason to think he won’t be a bust here either. Just another guy that was a good college player and can’t get it done in the NFL.

  16. freedom_X says:

    Williams is totally unsuited for a West Coast offense. There’s one thing a WCO receiver must do well over all other things – run routes exactly as designed. You can be small and slow and succeed (as we have seen.) You can be big and fast, but if you don’t run your routes perfectly, you are out (see Alex Bannister in the GB playoff game in 2004.)

    One of the biggest reasons Reggie Williams was a flop in Jacksonville is that he would not or could not run routes well. He didn’t learn the offense properly. If Holmgren were still coach, Williams would be gone by the 3rd preseason game. Holmgren would only cut a guy slack if he were a rookie developmental project. Holmgren could never tolerate a 4 year veteran making those mistakes.

  17. Josh Brown says:

    uh, holmgren’s gone freedom, we don’t run the WCO anymore.

    Bring Reggie back, the guy is a freaking stud, and we can go out and get Jenkins in the draft.

  18. Josh Brown says:

    “Williams was a bust in Jacksonville”

    Actually, no, Williams wasn’t a bust.

    Jacksonville runs more than any team in the NFL and their quarterbacks have been mediocre at best.

    Get this guy motivated in the right system (as was the situation at UW) and he will flourish.

    This would be a great signing. It would free us from taking Crabtree, who won’t produce next season, and we can focus on the true deficiency on this squad – the secondary.

    Knapp is a deep-threat passing OC.

    Sign Williams.

  19. hawkcrazy says:

    Byron Leftwich, David Garrad, a couple of others named (I think) Quincy or Gray or something like that. Reggie may have been a bust in Jax…and since the days of Brunell to McCardell/Smith I ask…which WR has been good in a Jaguar uni?

    It’s been a while since RW did anything, but it seems like he did fight for the ball, caught a lot of red zone TDs (something our little guys aren’t doing) and blocked extremely well.

    Although some may dispute, I believe our collective understanding is that we’re not going to “feature” the WCO, but instead be a run first oriented team. If that’s the case, RW at the right price could be a nice fit.

  20. Holmy may be gone, but we’re still running a version of the WCO.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    moeflo – I did NOT know that. lol. I’m sure it’s just great, too.

  22. A little humbling is just what a guy like Reggie Williams needed, he could have an outstanding season if he signs with a team that throws to him, he has an acceptable catch rate and obviously has red zone skills.

  23. Dukeshire: I youtubed him and on one of his highlight videos the song was used on it. I couldn’t stop laughing. I never heard of a player who had his own rap song about himself.
    He’s not the one rapping but still it’s funny.
    It’s called Pac-10, Mike Hass:
    “The Pac-10 didn’t want me, and now they can’t stop me.”
    A lyric from the song.

    And BobbyK is right, even with Holmgren gone, as long as Hass is still here we’ll be running the WCO.

  24. yankinta says:

    Well, I really like the idea of picking up this guy Reggie Williams and draft Jenkins. We can go get a DT or OT with the second round pick. This would be a very good off season.

    Remember why Baltimore has a top 5 Defense year after year. It is because they have 2 STUDS CB who can really cover and a Stud DT who can stop the run. This is what makes Ray Lewis look good.

    Any above average football fan would know this.

  25. TxJagsFan says:

    Ok seahawk fans listen up. If you want the guy PLEASE TAKE HIM!!! I have been a Jags fan since 96′ and this guy is one of the worst draft picks the Jags ever took. This guy can’t run routs, he’s slow, he can’t break any tackles and he drops more balls than he catches. I have watched every game this guy has played in his football carrer and at first I was like a lot of you. Oh give him a little bit he’ll catch on. He’s going to be great i said to myself. I have been waiting for them to get rid of this guy for 3 years. neither Garrard or Leftwich wanted to throw to him because they knew he would drop the ball. And as far as the redzone we Jag fans thought the same thing big guy in the redzone easy touchdown right? Not for Reggie Williams. Buyer Beware Damaged goods.

  26. Training camp fodder is all he is good for! He has decent college speed but terrible Pro speed and he is not a possesion receiver.

    That is also the worry I have with Crabbtree, with his game if he does not have elite speed, he will not be the same guy in the pro’s that he was in college.

  27. itscarlstime247 says:

    Give me a break you guys. Some of the most retarded posts are in this blog alone.

    Reggie Williams not suited for the WCO? Ha! s Don’t make laugh. In college, was known not just for his deep threat, but for his YAC ability. The WCO relies a great deal on receivers in YAC. He was not in the right system in Jacksonville, of that, I feel very strongly about. Not to mention he never had great passing quarterbacks — just imagine how he could do with Matt Hasselbeck throwing him the ball.

    Bobby Engram is a perfect example of not being in the right system to utilize his skills in Chicago before he went to Seattle. Why can’t the same be true of Reggie Williams?

    Holmgren may be gone, but that doesn’t mean the WCO is. Knapp runs very much the same system, it’s just philosophy of passing to set up the run will change.

  28. hurst7t9 says:

    Is Joe Jurevicius available this year? We should get him back if possible. We need someone with attitude and he has it!

    Go Hawks!!

  29. Crabby sounds a lot like Williams. How are the two different enough to make you
    believe that Crabby would be more successful in the NFL?

  30. freedom_X says:

    If Reggie Williams is so good, why did Jacksonville draft so many receivers? Why has he only started 16 games out of 32 the past two years? Why haven’t they lifted a finger to re-sign him? Why did they fire the guy who drafted him? Why did they turn around and draft Matt Jones #1 the next year? Why did he lost his job to 4th round pick Ernest Wilford?

    If, instead of remembering his Neuheisel-coddled glory days, you asked Jaguars observers about him, they’d tell you Williams doesn’t bother to learn the offense, runs bad routes, and is inconsistent catching the ball. Yeah, that’s just what Seattle needs.

    The WCO depends on guys that can catch the ball. It’s about players being exactly in the right place at the right time so the QB can throw on timing. If executed perfectly it is impossble to stop. The YAC only matters after that.

    Why do you think Seattle ended up with small receivers, even with Holmgren, the purest advocate of the WCO, in charge? If it’s all about YAC, why don’t we just move a bunch of running backs to WR?

    Bobby Engram had great years with Chicago. His 2nd best season in numbers of catches, and 2nd/3rd best season in yards receiving, were with Chicago. Engram blew out his knee and Chicago thought he was finished. That’s why he was let go and Seattle was able to get him.

  31. williambryan says:

    As posted on this site before by others, who cares what crabtree runs? Fitzgerald ran a slow (comparitively) 40 and does that matter now? I don’t know what Engrams 40 time is but does it matter? He is a good football player, and you need football players, not workout all stars.

  32. freedom_X says:

    I have heard Crabtree works really hard at football and runs good, precise routes. If Crabtree is lazy and needs to be coddled and catered to in the locker room, and thinks football is a sideshow for bigger and better things, then I wouldn’t touch Crabtree with any 1st round pick, let alone the #4.

    If Crabtree has bad habits where, instead of learning the offense, he relies on physical size and jumping to compensate for not being in the right place and not learning proper technique, he’ll probably struggle just like Williams.

    The only possible use Williams might have, unless he sees the light and shapes up, is as a red-zone receiver. Last year he did catch 10 TD’s (out of 38 receptions total), his one above-average NFL career acheivement. Went right back into the tank this year.

  33. JoeHawk51 says:

    What about Randy Moss? Once in Oakland it seemed he was too old and past his prime. Now what does NE have that Oakland does not have that could take an old time WR and breath life back into him? Better system, coaching and oh yes a real good QB and OL. I expect we will be running a modified WCO this year but nobody on this blog knows for sure what that will look like. Maybe Reggie Williams would fit well into it maybe not, but I for one would like at least one big and tall WR to play for us weather it is from the draft or FA.

  34. The difference is that Crabbtree is an outside receiver and Engram is an possesion inside guy, read the coverage find an open spot, get in it.

    Crabbtree is not that guy, he is going to have to work at BEATING corners, with route running AND speed. If he can not create separation at the next level he will not be same guy and a bust at #4.

    That being said, I still am highly intrigued by the idea of having him on our team. I am just worried that it won’t pan out. (kind of like many of our 1st rounders!!) I want a safe but solid pick! We need some of those!

  35. ProblemSolved says:

    Judging a WR based on his work in Jacksonville is silly. Why did they keep drafting WR’s? Well, because none of them succeded there because the QB’s were horrible.

    On the otherhand, Dawg lovers, getting Williams is not going to solve all of our Hawk woes. I actually see Williams being like Burleson, do we really need another one of them?

    Who’s Your Mama and Crabtree if you want a WR. CB or DT if you want to win.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    40 times at the combine do not always translate to game speed. In addition, there are many ways to create seperation besides pure speed. Crabtree is not a slot receiver.

  37. How can a player be just a good red zone receiver? It doesn’t make sense to me.
    If he can catch well in the red zone, he should be effective anywhere
    else on the field.

    Jag’s offense had a bad year by all accounts last season.
    Reggie Williams ranked 56th in DYAR, 58th in YAR, 53rd in DVOA, 62 Passes, 371 yards,
    4 TDs, and a 61% catch rate.

    JAX has two receivers 18-M.Jones and 86-D. Northcut who rank somewhat ahead of
    Williams at 31st and 43rd in DYAR, 30th and 47th in YAR, 47th and 35th in DVOA, with
    108 and 68 Passes, 761 and 545 yards, 5 and 2 TDs, and 60% and 65% catch rates,

    Meanwhile, Seahawks WRs all ranked much lower:
    K.Rob ranked 68th in DYAR, 69th in YAR, 67th in DVOA, 58 Passes, 400 yards, 2 TDs,
    and a 53% catch rate.
    D.Branch ranked 70th in DYAR, 66th in YAR, 69th in DVOA, 59 Passes, 412 yards,
    4 TDs, and a 51% catch rate.
    B.Engrm ranked 74th in DYAR, 74th in YAR, 76th in DVOA, 80 Passes, 489 yards,
    0 TDs, and a 59% catch rate.

    So R.Williams may not be the best Jag, but his stats would be an improvement over Hawks receiver stats last season.

  39. maybe reggie does need a change of scenery, but he’s a gamble either way. let’s shore up our secondary and d-line, secure the linebacking core, and solidify the oline. if reggie wants a lot of money, he’s not worth the risk. mike hass was a former walk on that became a great pac-10 wr, so he will probably work hard. but, we do need a bigger target, like jerevicius and dj hackett provided. if reggie has the dropsies, then he’s useless. crabtree supposedly has huge hands and catches everything with his hands, instead of body balling it.

  40. nidhighe says:

    Williams is a bust. End of story.

  41. nighthawk2 says:

    “uh, holmgren’s gone freedom, we don’t run the WCO anymore.”

    Uh, yes we are.

    “Knapp is a deep-threat passing OC.”

    And when did that happen? He’s universally known as a guy who wants to run the ball.

    “I have heard Crabtree works really hard at football and runs good, precise routes.”

    Good precise routes? Where did you here that? He was in an offense at Texas Tech that didn’t have good precise routes, it was a gimmick offense. He wasn’t called on to run good precise routes.

    Randy Moss was known as a great receiver before he went to Oakland. NE knew what they were getting. There’s no comparison to his situation in Oakland and Williams in Jacksonville. Everybody wants this guy because he was a Husky. That’s not a good enough reason to sign him.

  42. Bring him into TC, test him out! The guy has potentiale, so try him and cut him afterwords

  43. hawkcrazy says:

    yankinta – Your theory is interesting. 2 stud CB’s take away options for the offense. Few teams have 1. He’s a 4 yr. Senior, played in a Big Conference at a Big Time school (Ruskell likes this guy). Personally, I like Jenkins as a tremendous leader but also as option 2 behind Nmadi Asomugha who some say is amidst the best pure cover CBs to have played, crazy I know. I’m sure OAK will franchise him, but didn’t they do that last year and couldn’t do this year…or something like that, anyone?

    my wish list (for this off season)
    1. Check NA’s (6’2″ 220lbs) availability, even through trades (i.e. Sign and trade NA and L. Hill for one another and have the Hawks drop back to 7 in a swap with our 4). Pay him top dollar and like it. I know, far fetched…or is it? #4 becomes BPA (MC?).
    2. No NA. Re-sign Hill and keep other important Hawks with expired/expiring contracts however FO sees fit.
    3. Draft Jenkins. The more I think about 2 cover CBs, the mor(a) I think the D creates a frenzied, chaotic all-angled attack with the crowd going ballistic. (Get your season tix now, it’s gonna be special).
    4. 2nd round – H. Nicks UNC, B. Robiskie OSU or the kid last name Brown…NC State. I really normally dislike Buckeyes, but these two (MJ, BR) somehow got by.

    Peppers would be unbelievable, maybe D. Grant (former Panther) could be an influence. Haynesworth is a beast, but he got suspended for stepping on a dudes face, TR’s character policy. B. Jacobs was someone that made our defense look like a little boy’s pop warner squad (that was a SAD day in NY last year)…sure would like to have him split with Julius squashing other guys along the way. Any FA Raven would help out but I doubt their swagger would ever got by TR. Housh…yeah…Injuries? Don’t overpay.

  44. freedom_X says:

    Unfortunately, I think the Asomugha scenario described is unlikely. Al Davis doesn’t put high value on linebackers, and puts top value on CB’s traditionally, so he certainly won’t swap. To get Asomugha, I feel, will cost Seattle the #4 pick outright at the very least. He’s the clear-cut best CB whereas Hill is probably top 15 at best. I cannot see any scenario where Seattle could trade for Asomugha and keep a 1st round pick. (technically, a franchise player costs 2 1st round picks.)

    The gutsy move (provided we can’t appeal to Al Davis’ need for cash by paying him off with a huge cash bonus) would be to make the franchise offer – 2 1st round picks, and dare the Raiders to match. That type of threat/menace could get Davis to deal, but the contract has to be unpalatably high to Davis or he’ll just match. Davis does have to be sensitive to potential declines in revenues due to the recession.

    Jenkins might be good, but from what I hear he doesn’t seem like a shutdown CB, a guy who blankets his man. He’s more of a playmaker CB, where he gives up some plays but makes a lot in return. That’s fine, but he won’t have the impact he should unless we get a pass rush up front.

    A shutdown type CB could help the pass rush by letting Seattle single-cover the opposing receivers, letting them send more guys after the passer and stuff the run. But a playmaker type CB may get burned a lot if exposed to constant single, man coverage. (those types usually thrive in zone type schemes, but in zone schemes you’re less able to send extra men against the QB.)

  45. hawkcrazy says:

    Gutsy indeed? I know we traded Galloway for two 1st’s…has it ever been done? If we could make it NEXT year’s 1st and the year AFTER, I might do that deal I think NA is that good. Of course I assume that w/him we’ll be competing for the next 2 Superbowls leaving us with the all-desirable last pick of each round.

  46. Williams is hardly a bust, but I agree that he is pretty much Burleson.

    But he didn’t just mess up his knee, so it would be an upgrade.

  47. OutSydeDog says:

    I agree with JacDG. I wouldn’t give anything but a one year, incentive laden contract to Williams, but I’d be glad to have him in camp and see what he can do. TR would be crazy to throw any big $ at him. Why?

    I’d gladly give up this year’s #4 pick, plus more to get a top 2-3-4 (where does NA rate?) DB in the league. Heck, I’d give up next year’s #1 too, cuz it’d end up being the 32nd pick anyways.

  48. OutSydeDog says:

    With the exception of a year here or there where our offense is unstoppable, our best and most competitive teams featured a good to great defense. The #$@% Steelers are at the top in D and the F*#^$ Cardinals have played great D thru the playoffs. So, now I’m flopping over to making our D into one that is as feared as Holmgren’s Offense was for so long.


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