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Morning links: Marshall interviews for Raiders job

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 28, 2009 at 6:45 am with 56 Comments »
January 28, 2009 6:45 am

Here’s some links to check out before I head of to the Pittsburgh interview session.

Here’s my story from Tampa. I caught up with ex-Seahawks Jerheme Urban and Chike Okeafor.

The TNT’s Dave Boling says the Seahawks must focus on getting healthy and rebuild the team in Jim Mora’s image in order to return to the Super Bowl.

Ex-Seahawks defensive coordinator John Marshall will interview for the Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator position vacated when Rob Ryan left to join the Cleveland Browns, according to this report.

ESPN’s John Clayton talked with KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler about Super Bowl happenings in this audio link.

ESPN’s Mike Sando joined KJR’s Ian Furness to discuss Super Bowl stuff in this audio link.

Rob Rang of has the Seahawks taking Michael Crabtree in his updated draft.

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  1. Rang doesn’t have Mack or Duke going in the first. That would be great if one of them was still there when we make our 2nd round pick.

  2. maddog12 says:

    That is what makes the draft this year a lot more exciting. You know that someone with a lot of talent, that can help the Hawks, is going to be there when we pick early in Rd. 2. I have just started looking at Rd. 2 mocks but they are even more of a crap shoot than the Rd 1 mocks.

  3. hawkcrazy says:

    Three more months of draft speculation and somehow I keep coming back for more. The latest mocks I’ve seen have the “experts” slotting Crabtree to us although one had B.J. Raji! Anyone else see it? Is it a reach…what do you think? I know that he had a strong Senior Bowl, has he moved up that much? If only we’d switch over to a 3-4…

    I loved having Cortez on the team, I was just sorry that we couldn’t surround him with the kind of talent he deserved. He will be a HOFer some day. Every draft produces a few future Probowlers and I’m hoping TR’s lucky enough to get just one of them, with the rest being solid contributors.

    Speaking of HOFer (maybe I’m just biased) Kenny Easley was my favorite player and every year since him, I’ve been wanting that kind of intimidating presence roaming the defensive back field. Hamlin was close. He could hit, but got beat deep a lot and made too many poor decicions. Who are the hot safety prospects now that Taylor M. has returned to USC? Could you imagine how crazy the fans in Qwest would be get with a guy that was delivering big hit after big hit?!

    I remember the days of Ken Behring, Tom Flores, Dennis Erickson and so on. All this speculation is fun since as an organization, we’ve never had it so good. It just kind of makes you appreciate having P. Allen’s vision, TR’s intellect and Mora’s enthusiasm. Next year is going to be uber exciting!

    This Cardinal stuff is killing me with jealousy. As nice as it’d be for them to win, I always imagined us getting there first! Since I can’t really root for either team, I’m just hoping that it’s competitive.

  4. I think Marshall would be a good fit in Oakland!

  5. JoeHawk51 says:

    Does anybody know if Marcus Tubbs will try a comeback or will he retire?

  6. JoeHawk51, I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while, if he does come back it would give us much needed depth at the position. I’ve got my fingers crossed

  7. silverado110 says:

    Regarding hawkcrazy,
    I like your stuff.You have been around awhile..Kenny Easley Was one of my favorite
    Players.We havent had a real good safty in along time.As for cortez,Your right it would have been great to have more like him even today.I have been a fan for 28 years.I have had more let downs then up’s.But NO ban jumper here.We do need alot of players .Crabtree would fit nice.
    But I think we have good recivers,But I think BJ RiJi, we could use.Tell me something..??
    Dont you think the reason our deffence was so bad was NO pass rush and NO DT in the middle.
    They were on the field all day. Gives a QB all day to throw. and it’s hard to cover..??
    And do you think matt needs to hit the gym..??He had NO run game in 07 ,so he got hit alot.
    It caught up to him.Now were going to the run like the old GROUND CHUCK days.
    You know it’s possable we mite shift to the 3-4..
    As for the superbowl….I hope it’s a good game.I hate the steelers..We got F—k In superbowl 40
    Go cards..

  8. they say Hill was driving a 75 buick electra. I wonder if it’s his car…
    Not quite a multi-million dollar football players car..
    and they didn’t give him a sobriety test becuz he wasn’t impaired.
    I wonder if the weed was somebody else’s?

    Hill was not charged with a DUI because “the deputy’s investigation revealed no impairment to where he needed to give him a sobriety test,” said Stan Copeland, chief deputy of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

  9. Besides filling a real need – if we do end up taking Crabtree, it will also be a pick that’s easy to get excited, which any team coming off a 4-12 year could use. I’ll be real happy if that’s the way we end up going.

    Saw some internet rumors about us looking at Houshmandzadeh. Probably just rumors, right? He’d be a nice fit for us, but don’t see why you would have him and Branch, seems like they’re realitively similar wideouts.

  10. I agree with you guys who are looking at DT in the first round instead of Crabtree. Maybe Raji seems like a reach at #4 but his paycheck would still be much less the crabtree, and a player who helps you win is never a reach (evidence: Tatupu). We could probably trade our #4 pick down into late round 1 and still draft Fili Moala to play DT and have two second round picks to grab a top WR and a Safety or O lineman.

    Crabtree is the sexy pick to sell tickets. So what, we already sell out our stadium. But if he’s a bust we lose a lot. I’d rather have 3 picks in the first two rounds and make sure one is a 300+ DT.

    For me, this offseason for me is all about replacing Marcus Tubbs, because our D line has not been feared since the day he was carried off the field. Mebane can’t do it alone, and our other DTs are very average.

  11. It’s an interesting fact that the Steelers are starting 20 of their original 22 players from Week 1 (in the Super Bow).

    Part of playing in the big game is luck and not losing starters to injury.

    I hope we can get lucky next year too.

  12. Eric: You never told us Hass was going to be on the NFLN or on ESPN!

    I missed it. :(
    Now I’ll go check online for the video.

  13. JoeHawk51 says:

    If you are thnking OT for our first round pick, you must read this actical from the New York Times.
    I found it on Rob Rang’s Draft Blog. “Big Mike” Oher from Ol’Miss is covered in a ten page story of his life that should be made into a movie. I was wanting Jason Smith to come to Seattle, and would still be happy with him, but OMG this could really be the second comming of Big Walt.

  14. There’s the video.
    Pretty funny. Man I love Matt!

  15. nightwulf says:

    It’s official, Al Davis has completely lost his mind…to look at our defense last year, and say “THAT’S the kind of defense I want to run!” ….wow, the mind boggles…
    Hawkcrazy, sounds like you’ve been around as long as I have, lol (wouldn’t it be great to get back Paul Skansi in his prime?) But regarding Raji’s senior bowl, everybody was bragging on him in practice, especially one on one drills, but as a former DL myself, (back in the days of leather helmets, lol) I can tell you that one on one drills serve three purposes: A) build the confidence of the DL, B) give the DL practice on his swim, spin, slip and bullrush techniques, and C) embarrass the OL, and give him a big chip on his shoulder come gametime. If the DL is NOT eating the OL for breakfast, he really sucks. If he IS, about all you can say is that he dosen’t suck. In the game itself, Raji was a total non factor…and with his character issues, Ruskell won’t touch him anyhow.
    Personally, I hope we sign Housh, then we can pick up Jenkins, if not as a replacement for Jennings (who’s only been so-so, which means that, when playing opposite Tru, he’s going to get picked on) then perhaps a slide to S, where he can take over for Russell. There’s plenty of OL in this draft, and some of the best interior men may well still be around for our second round. Then in the third, wer can look for Rocky’s replacement.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    mocarob – Are you kidding? I’m sure it’s totally restored and if so, I can only imagine how tight it looks.

    I too was around for the “old” days and continually refering to Kenny Easley as little more than an intimidator is not giving him the credit he deserves. He was TREMENDOUS in run support and in coverage as well. By only refrencing him in context of purely a big hitter is a disservice. He was a great player in every aspect. Hamlin? That was embarrassing to read.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    This team is not shifting to a 3-4. The personnelle is simply not in place. I’ve read it hear a few times, but it is not going happen.

  18. That’s too weird, trading Marshall for Knapp………..

  19. nighthawk2 says:

    “For me, this offseason for me is all about replacing Marcus Tubbs, because our D line has not been feared since the day he was carried off the field. Mebane can’t do it alone, and our other DTs are very average.”

    I thought Mebane WAS the replacement for Tubbs? Shouldn’t be too hard to replace a guy that had one healthy season here out of four.

    I see Dwaine Board is now DL coach for the Raiders. Interesting that link speaks of Marshall as the former 49ers DC in the heading, since he hasn’t coached there in 10 years. The author of that article is describing Mora’s moves as a “purge”, and “jettisoning” coaches while the Seahawks tried to downplay and sugarcoat the moves.

  20. ProblemSolved says:

    Hamlin was a punk. Him and Chad Brown with their late hits drove me crazy. They were never slick about it. Just stupid, Hamiln was a stupid player.

    Easley was a monster. The talking heads will blather on about Ronnie Lott, but if you ask Ronnie Lott, he’ll sit down and tell you all about Kenny Easley. When the guy recognized as the best calls you the best, you have something good going on.

  21. Dukeshire. Nope I’m not kidding.
    You should read the story.

    “There’s this other little matter that’s more baffling to me — why was Hill driving a 1975 Buick Electra? This is the question of the day. Your answer: Well, maybe he had it customized — that would then make sense. But the motorist behind him saw no such evidence.
    It didn’t look tricked out; it looked normal, like an old-school Buick.”

  22. freedom_X says:

    Kenny Easley, Cortez Kennedy and Walter Jones are once-in-a-lifetime type players. You can own the #1 pick every year for 5 years and not get players that equal what these guys were capable of. So while we need to look for, and hope to get players like this, it’s fool’s gold to expect to get one.

    The next tackle we draft I can virtually guarantee will not be Walter Jones. They can be a 5 time Pro Bowl player and they won’t look as good as Jones. I have not seen a safety since Kenny Easley that matched him at his peak. Imagine Ed Reed, only 4 inches taller, 10 lbs. heavier, CB speed and twice the hitting power. That’s Kenny Easley (though due to injury issues, Ed Reed has had by far the better career.)

    Kenny Easley is the only safety I know that directly affected offenses. When he played, teams started deliberately splitting their tight ends wide, away from the tackle, to get Easley out of the action. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that since (as a way to get the safety out of the picture.)

  23. Easley was also the best I ever saw at going up for the high ball and coming down with it (esp on hail mary’s where you’d see five guys go up) – he was tall and could jump. Career cut way too short. Loved watching that guy play.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    mocarob – Sorry, I was being sarcastic. From what I understand it had been restored, not tricked out. I, for one, think that’s pretty damn cool.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    That does differ from what I heard about the condition (specificaly the color). In any case, I like it. Lofa in a Hyundai and LeRoy in a land yacht. Too funny.

  26. yeah they say it might weigh 4500lbs and 19′ from bumper to bumper.
    too funny.
    Think he parks it next to Branch’s Bentley and bangs the doors?

  27. RoloBeast says:

    Houshmandzedah a Seahawk?

    Does anybody have any merit on this?

  28. ProblemSolved says:

    Why the “Who’s Your Mamma” hate? I don’t see why bringing in a WR that can catch TD’s left and right means you can’t get the young burner out of college. Engram isn’t going to be back, Robinson isn’t going to be back, Branch is a walking first aid bag, and the young receivers should probably be playing DB with their hands-o-brick.

  29. Logan Payne will be a solid contributor in ’09.

    Branch is overpaid, but a good, solid WR. I get mad that his blocking sucks though.

    Burleson is a decent WR if used properly. He should be running more deep routes than he does. He did well on those in Minnesota and even had a 1,000 yard season and a good part of the season he had an injured Moss playing (hamstring) or a Moss who missed about a month. So you can’t tell me he had success only because Randy Moss was on the other side of him commanding all the attention. Burleson was good no matter who played WR opposite of him.

    Even if Engram doesn’t come back, IMO we have 3 good WRs if they are all healthy. After this past season, I’m almost paranoid… but Burleson and Payne (going back to his Gopher days) have never had much for significant injuries so they should come back ready to go. Like the one reader said though — Branch is, unfortunately, a walking first aid kit.

    I’ve said many times — Kenny Easley is the bomb! My favorite Hawk of all time and a big reason I became a Seahawk fan!

  30. Burleson will not be ready week one or maybe week 16. Every ACL is a little different and it takes time after they are playing to get the muscles and trust back in game shape.

    I doubt Engram comes back unless it is on the CHEAP. I think TR wants to go elsewhere.

    So, Branch and . .? . . . ready to go week one full speed. It could help us to pick up one old and one young to play now and in the future!! That I wouldn’t mind at all

  31. Nighthawk, you really think Mebane replaced Tubbs? I don’t think so. Tubbs was a massive 3-technique tackle with quickness. Mebane is a stout run-stuffer with a little bit of pass rush ability. When Tubbs played we stuffed the run, pushed the O linemen into the QB’s face, and we went to the super bowl. With mebane, we’ve done what?

    We still need to replace Tubbs. Let Mebane do what he does best and clog one gap. Rocky was our 3-tech DT but he wasn’t getting the job done and is probably gone in free agency this year. We need a big 3-tech DT. That’s not all the team needs, but until we fill that role we will not have an elite defensive line, and out CBs will continue to get burned.

  32. Bobby, I sure hope you’re right about Logan Payne, but really, I don’t see how you can be so sure. Can have some of what your smokin?

    The Logan Payne I remember played in preseason against a bunch of guys that never made the team or became backups. He showed toughness and great hands but he clearly lacked NFL WR caliber speed. In his first game at full NFL-speed he got hit once and his knee came apart. I think the young man has a lot to prove to make the team. I don’t see how management can go into the season expecting a guy like that to contribute.

    All we really have at WR is a too-small Deion Branch, a too-old Bobby Engram, and a bunch of guys coming off injury. Not much to count on if you ask me.

  33. I believe in Logan Payne as a good #3 WR. That’s just me.

    I also think Mebane has come close to replacing Tubbs. Tubbs was great at what he did, but Mebane is pretty dang good too.

  34. Agree w/Stevo about Logan Payne, maybe he’s something, but how would we possibly know? It’s not like he tore it up in pre-season. I like the Crabtree idea b/c this team could sorely use some playmakers – our offense scare nobody these days. But if we were to sign TJ Housh, and use our #4 pick at another position of need (say DE, Safety, or O-line), I’m good with that too.

  35. I think Mebane is a building block – what we need a DE who can get to the passer much more than a DT in my opinion. And let’s not forget the Safety position – when I watch what the good safeties in the league do, I realize how far behind we are at that spot. Maybe a second rounder there?

    And, off-point, I’m rooting for the Cards in the SB – I don’t feel any division-rival-hate for them, maybe b/c they’ve never really beaten us in a crucial game – and it’s real easy for me to root for Warner and Fitzgerald, great players who seem like decent guys too.

  36. nighthawk2 says:

    I don’t disagree we could use another big tackle, but isn’t Red Bryant supposed to also fill that role? When he’s healthy I mean. Personally I’d rather have Raji’s teammate Ron Brace, or Clemson’s Dorell Scott, in the 3rd round.

  37. pdway, I like your topic. Who to root for in the super bowl? Never before have I been so conflicted. I hate the Steelers since the 05 game. I hate the Cardinals since they took our division. I do like to watch Warner and Fitzgerals, but how can I root for them?

    I think I’ll be drinking a lot.

  38. For that matter, I don’t hate the Steelers either – can’t blame them for the refs — and the only loudmouth on that ’05 team now plays for the Dolphins. I actually respect Roethlisberger a ton – i think he keeps more plays alive than any other QB in football — just don’t know how long he can last, b/c he also takes more heavy hits than any other top QB in the league.

    Looking forward to the draft – whatever happens, should be plenty to talk about.

  39. freedom_X says:

    I like Bumpus more than Payne, based on what I’ve seen. Don’t know who has more ultimate potential though. Bumpus can return punts too. He seems like a natural successor to Engram based on style and physical size.

  40. freedom_X says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Steelers lose, with 2 or 3 patently bad calls against them. That would more than overcome any problems I have with Arizona winning.

  41. nighthawk2 says:

    I disagree about Roethlisberger keeping more plays alive. I’d say McNabb, Brees, Garcia and even Rivers do more.

  42. Garcia’s a good call – but I’ve watched Roethlisberger a decent amount this year, and it’s not that he’s a scrambler for yardage, he’s not, but he moves around in the pocket, breaks tackles and absorbs hits in an effort to keep plays alive for extra seconds more than the others you’ve mentioned, in my opinion.

    I never want to give Rivers much credit, for no good reason, don’t know exactly why, but the guy has always rubbed me the wrong way.

  43. OutSydeDog says:

    I was a die-hard fan long before the great Kenny Easley. It was Steve Largent, Dave Brown, and oddly enough, the Kingdome that sold me on this team. Early expansion years I didn’t expect to win, just show up and hope and cheer like crazy. Ahhhh, the memories of doing the wave. I recall three or four going at once, like a ripple, and one time the lower level was going one way and the upper decks were going the other way…lol. And I loved how it would mess with the visiting teams’ heads.

    I like Fitzgerald, but in no way, shape or form can I root for AZ to win and beat us to a NFL Championship. So I’m with Stevo. I’ll be sitting next to the keg :)

  44. redneckhawk says:

    Sign TJ, forget Crabtree

  45. hawkcrazy says:

    I too remember those way early years. I remember getting Seahawk football cards from cops when they drove the neighborhood and had a lunchpail with the Seahawks strangely enough in the NFC back then…I think they switched the next year to the AFC. Maybe it’s just a myth. Leroy, can you pass the…

    BobbyK…I don’t mean to pick on you but Logan Payne? I’m like most everyone else. Seen very little of him, except for when he was hurt. Burleson (previous 1,000 yard WR) had a great year the year before last, especially on special teams and barring full recovery would make a great tandem with a healthy Branch (Superbowl MVP). I’m grateful to Engram, but would like to have a taller, younger 3rd WR. Housh would be an unbelievable pick up, but after seeing how terrible Harrell (QB T. Tech) was in the Sr. Bowl, I think Crabtree has even more upside than what we’ve seen!

    Personally, I don’t think he’ll even make it to us now…way too much hype and quite possibly, deservedly so. Rams are supposedly looking at Pace’s replacement, Chiefs at DE/LB, but I think they’d greatly improve their passing games with MC. Did I mention how bad his college QB looked…I mean NO ZIP on the ball! Think Hasselbeck would like a big target? Didn’t Jurevicious (6’5″) have 10 tds during the SB run?

    I really believe Seattle is much better than a 4-12 injury riddled season. Having a pick this high, may not come for a long, long time. I actually trust TR. Yes, he made a few mistakes (we’ve rehashed them here plenty and yes it was a big deal…let us move on), he likes his cronies from TB/ATL, but it’s clear that they definitely have a plan. Leiweke, Ruskell and now Mora have Allen going down a very convincing path. I think it’s great and think it’s the right path!

    The Hill situation will be interesting. I don’t think smoking herb is a big deal…falling asleep behind the wheel however, is extremely poor judgment. I say resign him for a local discount, next strike yer out. He’s very valuable and you wouldn’t have to waste a draft pick on replacing him. Familiarity, youth and pure talent make it ultimately all too logical.

    Our SB window begins and ends with a healthy number 8…IMO. If it’s o-line, so be it. If it’s Jenkins to pair w/Tru, I’m down. Raji, Orakpo or of course MC…I guess when I think about it, it all sounds great to me.

    When does FA begin? Is there a game this Sunday?

  46. Thanks for the trip down memory lane OutSydeDog. The Kingdome was fun, with a lot of good players. I would like to see Housh your Mama signed, and Crabtree. Or another draft pick reciever in the later rounds. I sure would like to see another halfback, that can kick start the offense. Curt Warner was my old time favorite running back, he could stop on a dime and be full speed again in a step and a half, in another direction. Like Kenny Easley his carrer was cut short by injuries. I can not root for the Stealers, they are a great team and have been lucky staying healthy. I hope the cards upset them!! Bartender—More Whiskey Please

  47. freedomX, Hey good plan man, a few bad calls against the steelers would make everyone feel good around here!

    first quarter: Hines Ward catches a nice pass in the end zone… d’OH! flagged for pushing off, play doesn’t count!

    second quarter: Kurt Warner rushes to the endzone and gets banged at the line of scrimmage… d’OH! officials say close enough, touchdown!

    fourth quarter: Roethlisberger throws to the one yard line as Pittsburgh rallies to catch up… d’OH! Invisible holding penalty on the steelers offensive line! play doesn’t count!

    but… does anyone really expect the officials to rule against the steelers? d’OH!

  48. bigmike04 says:

    I still dont see Hawks taking Crabtree. I see them take Michael Oher who is being compair to Walter Jones and you know that a good thing. I think if we pick him we got another walter jones on our hand.

    I dont care what the media opion on with the draft board. They forget to look at what the teams need our and ours is OL and DL. IF we can trade the 4th pick for 2 1st rounders in draft and draft Oher and Raja. Than we can add WR later in round.

  49. bigmike04 says:

    Also quick mention Dwayne board former hawkd DL coach get hired by Oakland raiders for same position.

  50. “Saw some internet rumors about us looking at Houshmandzadeh. Probably just rumors, right? He’d be a nice fit for us, but don’t see why you would have him and Branch, seems like they’re realitively similar wideouts. “-pdway

    TJ Houshmandzadeh is 6’1″ 200 compared to Branch 5’9″ 192. TJ has played in 45 of the teams last 48 games and missed four games his rookie year and never more than 2 since. He’s still a stud. That would give us a lot of versatility in this draft.

    We still havn’t replaced Tubbs. I remember Sando put up a set of statistics that indicated we gave up ~105 rushing yards with tubbs and 3.1 ypc, and 144 and 4.4 ypc. Something to that effect but it was dramatic.

  51. OutSydeDog says:

    hawkcrazy….great post. The Seahawks were originally going to be in the NFC West, but Al Davis put up a BIG fuss to get them in the AFC West, because he wanted an expansion patsy to add two wins a year. That’s why Seattle’s record against them, especially in the early years, is a bright spot with me. In those years, the Raiders had something like a 70% win rate against all other teams, and we had the best record against them then anybody. :)  I’m an original “Raider Hater”, and I’m beginning to get that “I hate every other team in our division” feeling. This year especially.

    Wernie…yeah, great times. Warner was simply the most talented player every to wear Seahawk Blue. His injury, along with what is now ancient medical treatment, cost him a place in the HOF. I’ll never forget his first regular season carry against KC. Off LT for 60 yards, but he fumbled and we lost the ball. No matter, he tore it up the whole year, without a Walter Jones, or the “Greatest Guard to Ever Play the Game” (winking at Bobbyk) blocking for him.

    Stevo…wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if the Steelers got screwed by the refs even half as bad as they did us, but no matter who wins, I’m gonna be ill. But that probably won’t change until training camp, then it’s bring it on time.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  52. redneckhawk says:

    Hawks were in the NFC West in the first season, then changed conferences (Tampa as well, they were in the AFC West) in the 2nd season.

  53. bigmike04 says:

    Has anyone read the blind side book?

    I am going to qoute Nick Saben on Michael Oher: When he comes out in NFL draft he will be Top 10 pick.

    If you read the book their alot of coaches who think Michael Oher could be great and that why I dont think Rang, Kiper and other mock draft writer. Dont look at what team needs but what best out their. Michael Oher is top 10 pick guarteed just because he not worth in their book.

  54. silverado110 says:

    You guys mite hate me for this.I was a raider fan I grew up in the bay area,My uncle played for bill walsh in fremont high in the 60’s then played for raiders.So I was born in a raider family
    I remember the raiders would kick the shit out of thr seahawks all day..LOl Then OLD
    Jack pat. would send in a fake play and beat the raiders..In 81 I became a seahawk fan when the raiders went to LA.I pick them because they would Always give the raiders a bad time.
    I have been A big fan ever since until I die.I remember jacob green.As for warner That guy was great until he tore his knee up came back a year later and won the rushing title.Hey to anyone out there.Have you notice know matter who is on this team they drop passas.Do we have a black cloud over seattle..Look when jerry rice came over he droped alot .
    As for this draft?? We need a safty but the best one that was out there stayed in USC.
    As for recievers..??Burlson was good And was getting better,but will see how he comes back from his knee.Branch is a injury pron.engram gave us some good years but getting old.As for the DL
    wont hurt to look in that direction.Or on the OL..MATT needs to hit the GYM…..
    I think we have good full backs.I heard running back Mo M. is gone.Jones fumbled alot.
    I know one thing we have a great TE.Well you guys talking about who to rute for..LOL.
    Football pool thats for me.

  55. bigmike, Rob Rang has Oher going in the top 10. Its just that he had Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith going before Oher. On John Clayton’s radio show Rang said any of these three guys could go in the top 5. He seemed to think Oher had the upside but the other two guys might be ready sooner, but he likes them all.

    Rang thought the Hawks have a 50% chance of picking OT, 25% chance of picking WR, and 25% chance of picking CB.

    Right now his mock has Oher going at #8 and BJ Raji going at #9.

  56. bigmike04 says:


    thought I still take Oher over Crabtree or BJ Raji. If their were way to got both Oher and BJ Raji than let do it. Thought I take Oher due to fact, that I want a proven DT no offensive to college DT but they dont make the imediate impact on team.

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