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Mora in charge

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January 13, 2009 1:01 pm

New Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora made a favorable impression in his first press conference as the team’s head coach.

Mora paid tribute to Mike Holmgren, the man whose footsteps he’s following in, saying he learned patience in how to deal with the tough decisions and answering tough questions from observing Holmgren the last two seasons.

Mora, who was hired as Seattle’s coach-in-waiting last year, also acknowledged the courting of other teams and programs, including the University of Washington, for his services while he served as defensive backs coach for Seattle.

"Over the past two years I have had other opportunities to become a head football coach," Mora said. "But what is important to me is not being a head football coach, but being a successful head football coach. And the past two years have been an incredible opportunity personally to learn from one of the all-time greats."

Mora made it clear the Seahawks goal is to retake the NFC West, and ultimately to compete for a Super Bowl every season.

Mora said he hopes the Arizona Cardinals win the NFC Championship and eventually the Super Bowl, because it gives his team even more motivation to work harder during the offseason.

He emphasized his Northwest roots, talking wistfully about bringing home the Lombardi Trophy and having a parade from the Space Needle to Qwest Field in celebration.

Seattle’s new coach was his energetic and enthusiastic self in talking for an hour, flanked by team president and general manager Tim Ruskell and Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke.

He talked about being a hands-on coach and a players coach. He said he learned from his time in Atlanta that he needs to create some separation from his players. But he also acknowledged the importance of earning his players trust and maintaining a solid bond with members of the team.

Mora also announced the changes in his staff, saying that he’s retaining 12 coaches. Here’s the list

Offensive coordinator – Gregg Knapp from Oakland

Mike Solari – Offensive line coach – Mike Solari

Bill Lazor – Quarterbacks coach – Bill Lazor

Kasey Dunn – Running Backs coach – Kasey Dunn

Mike DeBoard—Tight ends coach – Mike DeBord

Wide receivers coach – Robert Prince from Jacksonville

Offensive coach – Chris Beake

Defensive coordinator – Gus Bradley from Tampa Bay

Defensive line/assistant head coach – Dan Quinn from the New York Jets

Linebackers coach – Zerick Rollins

Assistant defensive backs coach – Larry Marmie

Defensive assistant coach – Mike Phair

Special Teams coach – Bruce DeHaven

Defensive quality control coach — Tom Headlee

Defensive backs coach – still to be hired

Gil Haskell (offensive coordinator), John Marshall (defensive coordinator), Keith Gilbertson (receivers coach) and Dwaine Board (defensive line coach) were the only Seattle coaches who were not retained. Jim Lind (tight ends coach) and John Jamison (assistant special teams coach).

Offensively, Mora said the team’s scheme will not change much because he believes they have one of the best quarterbacks in the game in Matt Hasselbeck, and will empower Hasselbeck to make decisions on the field. However, Mora again reiterated the importance of running the ball, particularly on the road, to win in the NFL. And he said Gregg Knapp, who’s been successful running the ball wherever he has coached, will bring that emphasis. Mora wants to be able to run the ball even when defenses stack the box.

Defensively, Mora said he wants to be sound fundamentally, and play with more aggression with guys flying around the ball. He compared the way he wants his team to play defensively to the attitude and environment the Qwest Field crowd creates — a suffocating atmosphere that makes opponents uncomfortable.

Mora also said defensively he wants to be able to get pressure on the quarterback with his front four, which is interesting because Seattle struggled to get pressure up front this season without blitzing.

Mora said he believes his team can get better up front with the addition of Quinn and guys being coached up to understand situations and how to use the schemes to their advantage.

That’s all for now. I’ll post the full transcript later with some more thoughts from the press conference.

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  1. Mora and Ruskell have big gonads putting their careers into the hands of a declining 34 year old QB with a bad back. Good luck on that one.

  2. kinger12 says:

    well I am fired up – lets get the season rolling!

    and for the rest of u – bandwagon is down in phoenix!

  3. I fully support Mora and Company putting their eggs into the basket of Matt Hasselbeck.

    I’m pretty sure he won’t be “declining” if he is given a better offensive line, a decent running game, and healthy WRs.

  4. freedom_X says:

    I had a suspicion that Board was out as D-line, though I was thrown off when Marinelli apparently didn’t get an offer as D-line coach. If Mora wants pressure from a 4 man line, the linemen are going to have to get a lot better with their rush techniques, and it will start with coaching.

    The stories of Joe Barry coming over to coach linebackers appears to be totally false, as Rollins has been retained. All in all, less turnover than I expected, and outside of Haskell, I would have called for those people to be replaced even if Holmgren stayed.

  5. freedom_X says:

    On the other hand, WR coach from Jacksonville? They must be convinced Jacksonville’s front office really blew it with their talent evaluation, I thought Jacksonville’s receivers were all gross underachievers.

  6. madpunter88 says:

    I am a huge believer that young coaches who show potential and enthusiam but who have a rocky first coaching stint will take off with their second teams. It sounds like Mora learned a lot from his time in Atlanta, learned more from Holmgren, and is ready to make a huge impact on the league. I like hearing him say that he learned from mistakes in Atlanta. Some coaches are ego-driven but when a guy can stand up at his first meeting and say he has to do better and he recognizes where he made mistakes it is a great sign.

    I think Mora is going to have a lot of success. Of course I base that more on my hope than actual knowledge — but whatever. What else do I have to go on?

  7. If Mora means what he says about the front 4 applying most of the pressure — then I hope Hill does not come back. I know he’s a good player, but he’s not very good in coverage and that would be his role if the LBs won’t be blitzing very much.

    An argument for keeping Hill around, in the above scenario, would be that Kerney is not very good in run defense and you need a good LB behind him in the running game. Hill is a powerful player and a definite run stuffer.

    However, with that being said, I would hope that we could trade him for a draft pick if we’re not going to use him to the best of his abilities. I’d be thrilled to put the franchise tag on him and then trade him to some team for a second rounder (although I don’t know if anyone would give up a pick that high for him… also, he’s never been able to start all 16 games in a season so giving him a long term deal is a bit more risky than some Ironman who plays all the time).

  8. Hawkfan1951 says:

    Good first news conference! Now that he’s “official,” Coach Mora can go into “the big office, sit in the big black chair, and park in spot #1 (with his name on it).” I thought THAT was halarious!!

    I enjoyed the presser for several reasons. Coach Mora is VERY animated! Once he gets going on a subject, his eyes sparkle (kinda like Holmgren’s did when he got going!), the grin on his face gets bigger and he spills over with enthiasum! What’s even better is when he gets down-right serious… Me thinks his coached and players best be serious about playing and be in GREAT shape to START at training camp…. they wil need it!

    Go Hawks!

  9. yellaman says:

    declining? Just at the Warner & Favre still playing Matt has probably 3-5 years left at a high level in this league. DL and OL need to be given better players and then this team will be able to florish

  10. yellaman says:

    declining? Just look at the Warner & Favre still playing Matt has probably 3-5 years left at a high level in this league. DL and OL need to be given better players and then this team will be able to florish

  11. mystireeman says:

    lol, just ask the AZ Cardinals

  12. hawkdawg says:

    I’m a bit surprised he retained DeHaven. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to the reply tonight on FSN…

  13. Osiris has been beating the Matt is done drum all year – but you only have to go back one year for career-best numbers, so I think it’s way too early to cut ties. Of course, it’s all about his health – if his back is still an issue, then in my opinion, we are very much in rebuilding mode, b/c no other areas of our team are good enough to compensate for his loss.

    Interesting that Mora is talking about getting pressure from the front four – of course everyone would like to do that, but few players can pull that off. I wonder if we’ll go D-line at #4 – I don’t follow college ball that closely, is there a DE who merits that high a pick?

    If we lose Hill, what do people think of Tapp at an outside linebacker spot? Not fast enough? His size would actually be good at that position, rather than being overmatched most games by guys 50 lbs heavier than him.

  14. bigmike04 says:

    That was good press confrence and I think I might change my opion on him. SOund like he learn alot from his mistakes.

    thought eric by chance did you ask any of our question to him or can you get a one on one interview with him to ask those question?

  15. Eric – What was Mike DeBoard coaching last year? On the departing coaches, you might want to mention Jim Lind retired.

  16. Great Press Conference. I like the fact that he addressed the issue that he’s following a legendary coach and what he learned from him is SEPARATION from players. I like his reasoning – it clouds his decision making in gameplans, favortism, locker room trouble. Sounds like we have 2 young, enthusiastic coaches who have a daunting task ahead of them at the Dub and Seahawks. It’s what we need here in Seattle. What’s funny is, is that all the teams that brought a miserable 2008 sports year have new managers/coaches that bring a lot of enthusiasm.

    If we win a playoff game or NFC Championship with Mora in the next few years, I can see in the locker room he would say “F Yeah, that’s what i’m talking about, relentless effort”; whereas Holmgren would say “Hip-hip hooray, hip-hip hooray”. It’s just a sign of times I guess.

  17. chewy724 says:

    1) Matt’s too old; Senaca’s too short
    2) Offensive line is in shambles
    3) D line is too small; needs overhaul
    4) Safety’s are weak and unreliable (ie Rusell)
    5) WR is major quesiton mark; please cut courtney
    6) Who is the running? Please no committee next year
    7) Who is the kicker?
    8) Who is are GM; we never seem to hear from him unless he picks someone up from Tampa or Atlanta.

    Welcome to Seatown Jim. Better load up on draft picks.

  18. CeaYoung says:

    Hawkfan1951… let me get this straight. You like the “sparkle” in Mora’s eyes?

  19. HawkFromDay1 says:

    I think Brian Orakpo could warrant a #4 overall pick by the time the combine is over and all that. He is also a great kid who graduated and who has a really supportive, academics-first family.

    The kid is solid muscle, sort of like Vernon Gholston, but he can do more than just bull rush, unlike Gholston. He’s 6’4″ 265, but he plays very low and really gets under guys. Oh and he benches like 510… crazy. Sort of reminds me of John Abraham.

    Other guys like Larry English or George Selvie could be a good fit, but appear more situational rushers.

  20. bobbyk, I am curious what your opinion is regarding the value of Kerney on our team, and I ask based upon your comments regarding Hill as a good run linebacker to essentially cover for the fact that Kerney is a poor run defender.

    I would add that while watching Kerney, who is undoubtedly a good pass rusher when healthy and obviously, as the media loves to say, a “high motor guy,” I have been seriously disappointed with his instincts. He consistently over-pursues (like most of our defense up front) and appears to completely miss gap assignments in general.

    Have I missed something more to his game? I find Hill, his speed and his ability to actually finish a tackle to be far more valuable than Kerney has been. But I am often wrong, so let me know.

  21. CeaYoung says:


    1) Matt’s too old; Senaca’s too short (best WCO QB/filled in pretty well… better than most backups)

    2) Offensive line is in shambles (just at guard really. you’ll see the younger guys step it up)

    3) D line is too small; needs overhaul (did you not see Mebane at all in 08? dude’s a beast and a super find. He’ll be among elite in years to come. Give Big Red a chance before writing him off…)

    4) Safety’s are weak and unreliable (ie Rusell)(Yeah Russell sucks… good one)

    5) WR is major quesiton mark; please cut courtney (Courtney Who? He won’t even see the field other than 5 WR formations if any. Branch, Burly, Crabtree, Payne)

    6) Who is the running? Please no committee next year (JJ on everything but short yardage where TJ fills in. Mix in Forsett periodically)

    7) Who is the kicker? (Mare is the kicker. Again, did you watch last season at all? Coutu = practice squad)

    8) Who is are GM; we never seem to hear from him unless he picks someone up from Tampa or Atlanta. (His name is Tim aka Timmay! Ruskell. He sucks too for the most part.)

    Hope that helps. Now finish up that half-empty glass of haterade.

  22. JoeHawk51 says:

    Eric, Any word on Marcus Tubbs? Any idea how much cap space we are playing with this year?

    The interview of Jim Mora by Tony Ventrella was interesting as well,(on He indicated that his dad will be seen on TV like the last couple of years but after 2009 he will be headed to Seattle to be closer to family and freinds. I wonder if there could be a place on the staff for him, one of the better coaches out there in my estimation.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    DeHaven is coming back? That is a surprise. He is awful, I thought he would be one of the first to be fired.
    Brian Orakpo would fit into the cover 2 scheme they are going to run now. They have to get more physical at corner as well, with this new scheme. Jenkins is not out of the mix and I would expect Kenvi Hobbs to get a real look as well.

  24. It sounds very possible we pick a DL player with #4 Mora is totaly focused on defense.I like how he wants the Cards to go all the way to motivate us next year

  25. Listened on-line. Coulda sworn I was hearing Hugh Miller; weird.

  26. drmossguy

    I like your Kerney analogy. I don’t think I have anything substantial to add. He’s a good pass rusher, but his presence in the running game is not that good. Actually, he’s more of a liability than an asset when teams run in his direction. I like him fine and am glad to get him back next year, but I certainly don’t think of him as one of the elite DEs in the NFL.

  27. That’s was my Ruskell prediction from a few threads ago — Brian Orakpo. That’s NOT who I want, that’s just what I think Timmy is going to do.

    I think the uncertainty of Kerney, the lack of first round ability from LoJack, and Tapp being small and in a contract year next season may have Ruskell thinking Orakpo.

  28. CeaYoung says:

    I sure hope not… He got locked up in Texas’ bowl game. Didn’t show me anything worthy of even a top 10 pick let alone a top 5.

    I just read anarticle explaining how Ruskell may do something crazy like grab Moreno out of GA. While I would like to see a new RB on the field I don’t think there’s one worthy of a top 10 pick. This begs the trade down theory…

  29. Who’s the good looking woman with Mora, assume it’s his wife, but in that case someone should have introduced her when showing them together in such a nice picture together here.

  30. vichawkfan says:

    name me a DE that get’s doubled constantly, produces double sacks every year AND is a great run-stopper, and that currently plays and isn’t in the HOF.

  31. OCHawkFan says:

    I remember watching Mora get his players fired up on the sidelines when he coached in Atlanta. I remember thinking “ya know, thats really what Seattle needs”. I love Holmgren, but he wasnt a firey guy (in a positive way, that is). I think Mora will change the culture of this team positively, and they’ll be ready and fired up on gameday..something I havent seen since ’05. Great teams overcome obstacles (ie injuries, etc.) because of heart…I really think thats what Mora brings to this team. Instead of playing to not lose, they’ll be playing to win. Go Hawks!!!

  32. redneckhawk says:

    So we still need a DB coach? Herm Edwards is about to be fired.

  33. “Coulda sworn I was hearing Hugh Miller; weird.”

    Meant to type Hugh Millen. Can’t edit one’s posts grrr.

  34. HawksNest24 says:

    I’m totally on board and jacked up! Can’t wait for that parade next year. Go Hawks!!!

  35. vichhawkfan – FYI Kerney doesn’t produce double digit sacks every year. He’s done it four times in a 10 year career. He’s a good player, he’s just not good in run defense.

    If you want better DEs – Jared Allen is a lot better than Kerney. It’s not even close; in their pass rush or run defense ability. Justin Tuck, Aaron Kampman, Julius Peppers, and Mario Williams are also examples of guys who are better (Osi, too, when healthy). I’m sure there’s some more, but these are the ones coming into my mind.

  36. The way Mora sounds he still believes in Santa Claus. After all he still has the same lame ass players. Does anyone besides Mora still think Hasselbeck can be any better with the overrated underachievers he will still have to work with? The Seahawks will be just as bad as this year next year. Oh and if they are better next year it will be by only a game or two. If these lame ass players couldn’t play any better with a good coach in Holmgren what makes anyone think they will play any better with a not so good coach like Mora?

  37. vichawkfan says:

    BobbyK – Jared’s totals this year in Minny are identical to Kerney’s 07 season with us. Kerney had a few more tackle’s, an INT, and no DUI’s . Kerney healthy is a quality DE who does play the run well. You have your opinion, several of them.

  38. lincolnanton says:

    I am unable to believe real Seahawks fans are hesitating in supporting Matt as our QB. Get some perspective.

  39. War_Hawk says:

    Orakpo was a beast in the bowl game. He tallied one sack and a few tackles. More importantly he was double teamed almost every play, it wasn’t a coincidence Roy Miller had the game of his life. Everyone was focused on blocking Orakpo. He lined up at both DE and RE keeping Ohio’s offense confused.

    If Crabtree is off the board I think Orakpo is Best Player Availible.

  40. Kerney basically was our pass rush (apart from some pressure we were able to generate through blitzes in the last quarter or so of the year) this year. It was a very noticeable loss when he went down.

    Given two serious injuries in the past three years, and his age, I definitely think the clock is ticking on him though.

    This may seem contradictory w/my feelings that Matt still has several years left, but I’m basing it on what I see around the league: Warner, Favre, Kerry Collins, Jeff Garcia lots of QBs playing at a high level well into their mid-30’s (Peyton Manning is only a yr younger). Can’t think of too many DE’s in that same category.

    Still, I’m sure he’ll be our best option at his spot next year.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    vichawkfan – Agreed. Bobby has a low opinion of Kerney.

  42. How do I have a low opinion of Kerney when my direct quote is “He is a good player.”

    He’s good. How many times do I have to say it?

    He’s just not elite good (not many are).

    I like him and I’m glad he’s on our team. I just don’t see his run defense as anything special.

  43. What do DUI’s have to do with applying pressure on the QB?

    If that’s the case, Kerney can claim one more rape than Allen when it comes to people in his house, but I don’t know what that would have to do with applying pressure on the QB either.

    And if we’re comparing Allen’s sacks of this year to Kerney’s last year (the same), why don’t we throw in Allen’s ’07 when he led the NFL in sacks?

  44. hawkcrazy says:

    Now that Mays is out, I’m on the Orakpo bandwagon. I too thought that he was a monster against the Buckeyes. Kerney was great and may have something left in the tank, but the remaining guys weren’t enough.

    We’re gonna run the ball and control the clock next year (I can only hope we’re good at both). Mora’s mindset is Defense first. I’m sure our #4 will be the same. If we end up with Crabtree, I won’t complain. I just don’t want an offensive lineman. I think we have plenty.

  45. On another note, I finished watching the Mora press conference a little while ago and I liked what I heard/saw. I’m optimistic he’ll get things turned around next year.

  46. Dukeshire – you mentioned Hobbs and the cover 2. That’s an interesting thought that Eric to possibly ask Mora about. What does Mora think of Hobbs and does he view him as a potential starter? Or at least given a chance to earn the job over someone like Jennings who isn’t the ideal cover 2 CB. I also hope they do what you say about Wilson — use him to his strengths and have him cover the slot.

  47. nighthawk2 says:

    Jegggo, I’m inclined to agree with you. Hope we’re wrong though.

    BobbyK, what better offensive line? Walter is coming off microfracture surgery, Locklear was on IR, Willis and Womack are free agents. Sims, Spencer and Wrotto suck and Wahle is just average. We have a chance to draft a very good left tackle in either Oher or Monroe, and Ruskell is on record saying he doesn’t like taking offensive linemen that high. I don’t see the line getting very much better unless we spend rounds 2, 3, and 4 on it and/or sign Jordan Gross. Also, if Hill is bad in coverage, better hope we don’t draft Curry because he is bad in coverage too. Dude cannot play weak side linebacker, especially in the cover 2.

    I have to say I’m not sold on a 34 year old QB with a bad back. If his back isn’t responding to treatment by the end of April, I won’t be surprised to see Stafford be our pick, if he’s there. Moreno I could actually live with as long as Julius Jones is shown the door in 2010.

    MIKE DeBORD (no ‘a’) was assistant offensive line coach in 2008.

    I’m ecstactic that Joe Barry is not going to be here, and that Zerick Rollins is retained as he should be! It’s the only thing to be happy about with this half-assed staff. But what was all that jazz on this blog and other places about that loser being hired here??

    Orakpo disappeared in the bowl game. He’s not a TOP 10 pick, he’ll probably go in the top 10 but shouldn’t. 4? What an unwarranted reach that would be.

    Watching that weasel Ruskell on the FSN re-broadcast, this idiot couldn’t even get the year we went to the Super Bowl right, he said 2004. Have I mentioned how much I hate that guy?

  48. nighthawk – I’m with you and have been with you about our offensive line needing to get better, mainly our interior OL. I think you and I both want Oher at #4 (I don’t want Monroe though). I don’t think it’s good enough right now, even with all the injured guys returning. By Sims returning, we are actually getting worse.

  49. OutSydeDog says:

    I hate losing Holmgren, but I’m so happy having Mora replace him. I agree with OCHawkFan about Mora getting his guys up. I’m excited for what lies ahead, which I haven’t felt since oh….right before the Buffalo game :)

    As long as his back will let him, Hasselbeck still can get us to the top. He’s the best we’ve had and his numbers would be outta sight if his receivers hadn’t led the league in drops over the last 3-5 years. Doesn’t hurt to have Seneca in the wings, just in case.

    GO HAWKS!!!


    After reading this article, I don’t see any way that Ruskell will ever take Crabtree at #4.

    Slime Time? Michael Irvin? A pimped up car that says “me, me, me?”

    Knowing what Ruskell likes, I just don’t see any way he takes Crabtree.

  51. OutSydeDog says:

    Okay, so I’m an optimistic glass is half full of Seahawk Blue Kool-aid kinda fan, but I’m sold on us being better next year, and by more than a game or two. New ideas, new coaches, no “passes” for a player ‘cuz of what they did a year or three ago. I say Solari will have a solid if not great line, and that the offense overall will be tougher, more physical. I also think that the D will be better with Mora, period. It’s fun to speculate on FA’s and the draft, but give me 45 solid guys on the same page come kickoff, playing with all they’ve got anytime, over a team with a few “big name” talents that are supposed to carry the day. The OL in the Patriots game is a perfect example. Anyways, that’s my opinion for now :)


  52. freedom_X says:

    I don’t see a problem (based on the ESPN article) with Ruskell and Crabtree. I don’t even know if there would be a problem if Crabtree is taking payments from an agent. I would only see a problem if:

    1) Crabtree is known for disruptive statements on his team (throwing his coaches or QB under the bus, for example.)

    2) He’s a drug user.

    3) He’s a criminal (repeat offender.)

    4) He’s lazy (skips practices, finds reasons to malinger (but is always ready at “game time”), is habitually late, etc.

  53. stigmata says:

    Nighthawk, Ruskell was talking about the time he was in Atlanta with Mora, when they went to the NFC Championship.

    In 2004.

    But don’t the facts get in the way of your hatred.

  54. bigmike04 says:

    Sound like typical NYJ fans in here. I mean Matt Hasselback most of people dont want him as starter. Who else you got? A mike vick wannabe in SW.. Sorry but if it came down to wallace or Hasselback than I am leaning toward Hasselback. Get it through your head Senneca Wallace will not even be a starter on any other NFL team period.

  55. you gotta take Crabtree if he’s on the board bottom line.

  56. Eric, ask Mora if he thinks strength & conditioning has any relationship whatsoever to injuries and, if so, why he’s keeping two coaches who oversaw the injury-years we have seen recently.

  57. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Man taking a receiver at #4… yikes. And Crabtree ain’t exactly Larry Fitzgerals who is not only talented, but is a fantastic human being.

    I can’t see O-line based on Ruskell’s comments that he doesn’t like taking O-linemen that high, and their propensity for drafting those guys in the 4th round (Willis, Sims, Wrotto).

    DE and CB (and QB obviously) are the positions that Ruskell thinks make a team, and I can’t disagree too much. To me, that says we’re taking Orakpo or Jenkins.

    Oh and let’s go get Peppers and Haynesworth (while we’re chilling in fantasy land!!!)

  58. Orakpo is a workout warrior so he’ll impress at the combine. That means we may not have him to take at #4, but that also means there’s a better chance Oher will be around.

  59. ToddSchneider says:

    One of the most interesting bits to me was the comment about being able to run even if they stack the box. Well if you could do that, no one, and I mean no one could beat you. Isn’t that the dream of every coach? That being said, I really, really like his enthusiasm and positive attitude – I guess it’s better than the alternative attitude. Looking forward to seeing how this all works out!!

  60. NickLicatasucks says:

    I’m not concerned about the JAX WR coach coming in. Why? Because something tells me that he wasn’t telling Reggie Williams to celebrate 4 yard completions and he wasn’t telling Matt Jones to snort cocaine. Those two are phsically talented but mentally challenged. You’ve also got to admit that Jones has improved, so has Reggie. That guy won’t know what to do with all the midgets we have running routes out here. Isn’t the average JAX WR pretty big?

    also, in regards to Freedom_X comments about Crabtree. Help me know how he is a drug user? I missed that link and conversation. I’d love to know why you think this about him.

    There are many varieties of drug users in pro sports:
    A) Koren Robinson. We don’t want another Koren. sorry.
    B) Matt Jones. We don’t want one of these, either.
    C) Warren Sapp. Hall of Fame.
    D) Ricky Williams. Probably not good use of a #4 pick.

    3 of the 4, not worth taking very high in the draft. However, libel is a serious crime. Do not call someone a drug user unless you can back it up.

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