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December 28, 2008 7:50 pm

Opening statement:

“I think we gave it a good go for a while and we got beat by some really fine players. (Larry) Fitzgerald is one of the best, plus he’s a tremendous kid. I told Ken (Whisenhunt) and Russ (Grimm) and those guys after the game — and I meant it — they’ve worked really hard to get to this point and I wish them well in the playoffs. The Seahawks and the Cardinals are going to battle it out every year and we’ll be back next year and hopefully have a few more of our guys. I was very proud of the way the players battled and it was a great effort — we just ran out of guys. Kyle Williams, the only guy who really got hurt, had a concussion and they’re going to take him to the hospital — but I think it’s a quick deal and I believe he’ll be able to fly back with us.”

On addressing the team after the game:

“It’s interesting — I started talking to the team (in the locker room) and I couldn’t talk. I’m an emotional coach anyway and I told them I’d visit with them tomorrow during the meeting because if I tried to do it now, it’d be ridiculous. They mean a lot to me and the thing I’ll miss the most are the players, obviously. I love coaching and it has been great to me and my family and I think I’m going to handle this okay — but we’ll see.”

On whether the end of the season has been draining:

“It’s sort of like losing a tough ballgame — I don’t bounce back very well. Every time I start talking about it now, the time frame before I get a little choked up and get a lump in my throat is shorter. There’s probably something to that. People have been so nice to us in Seattle and when I come here, the people in Arizona and around the league — the people I’ve seen and competed against — they’re great. I got in this originally wanting to gain the respect of my peers. That’s very, very important to me and always has been and that way has been fulfilled in the past few weeks and I feel good about that.”

On his arguments with the officiating today:

“I have to check the rule book — I’m not sure if you can get fined after you retire. You have meetings with (the officials) before the game and ask them about things that might be troubling and you kind of go over a couple of things thinking if they happen in the game they’ll remember the meeting and deal with it. Kyle (Williams) got hurt — we put in a young guy who had never played a snap for us — he had been with us for two weeks and it reminded me of the kind of season we’ve had with injuries. He was the guy being picked on a bit and I probably overreacted, but we did have that meeting. But I’m going to fight for my guys, even though it’s the last three minutes of my coaching career.”

On the disappointment of the season’s results:

“It wasn’t because it was my last year. Of course I would have liked the season to go better, but we were injured and so it didn’t. But there have been some wonderful moments this season — not the least of which was last Sunday. Another thing is, when you have the younger guys who haven’t played that much giving it their everything, that itself is fulfilling. I’ll look back on this team and remember a lot of these kids that probably shouldn’t have been out there, but were out there and played a lot. It reminds me of my first years of coaching in high school where you’re dealing with guys and you’re lucky if they know how to put the pads in the pants. Sure we wanted a better year, but it wasn’t because it was my last year necessarily. I’ve been able to smell the roses and have great moments — but it’s all good. I’m one of the lucky ones.”

On the players who he was most impressed with this season who filled in:

“Ray Willis — you watch him in warmups and he played the whole season for us at tackle or guard and he was a backup player going into the season and just gave me everything he had. Steve Vallos — he was a backup guard and suddenly he’s our starting center. There’s a number of guys like that up front. Seneca Wallace — I was very happy for him because he’s watched Matt (Hasselbeck) play a lot and he got a chance to play and did some really fine things. Defensively, Josh Wilson — all you can say about him and he has a tough job because corners get picked on. But he returns kickoffs for us, he’s tough and he really gives you everything. With a number of a players, as a coach, that’s all you can ever ask for. Talent level is always going to be different, but if they give you everything they’ve got — that’s good.”

On whether it was better for the team to win or lose from a re-building standpoint:

“Organizationally, whether we won or lost today — it would have been better if we won. The feeling of winning is always better and because of three wins — three instead of two — that doesn’t sugar coat anything. You have to analyze how we did, where our deficitiencies are and that wouldn’t have changed anything. It would have been better to win.”

On whether he knows what he’ll be doing in 2009:

“No, but I’m going to go home tonight and if (Kathy) isn’t asleep, they’ll be a giant list there. ‘You promised me this in 2003 and you promised me this in 2000,’ but seriously I’ll be in Seattle for a couple of weeks getting my affairs in order at the facility and with the organization and then we’ll be able to spend some time in my home down here where I haven’t been able to spend much time over the last few years, so we’re very much looking forward to that. I’m going to be open to how I feel and what’s there and if there’s nothing there — I think I can really enjoy riding my motorcycle and doing all those things and taking it easy a little bit.”

On whether he knows how he’ll react in July without coaching:

“No and my feeling is I’ll probably get a little squirrelly. (My wife) might have mentioned the fact we should probably be out of the country when that time comes so I can’t do anything about it. I’ve been doing this a long time and everyone I know who has stopped doing what they’ve done for a long time, goes through a period of wishing this and wishing that and I don’t think I’m going to be any different.”

On whether he agrees with his wife that he needs some time off:

“She worries about my health as a wife would and she knows my moods better than anybody. This has been a tough year, when I go home I try not to take work with me, but I’m human and she probably sees things other people don’t see. She knows me pretty well and I think that’s why she said that — but she’s also my partner and she knows I’ll probably want to work again and she understands that.”

On letting go of controlling every aspect of his life to the unknown:

“It’s a good question and I’m working on it. As an example, my daughter and Kathy and I went to the Seahawks kids’ Christmas party over at the Hyatt hotel. I was driving in and there wasn’t enough valet parking — they didn’t have enough guys there. So right away I said, ‘well they should have two more guys here and so on’ and they go, ‘see? You see now why you have to back away?’ So it’s kind of in me and I’m going to try to back away a little bit.”

On what he’ll do if he gets phone calls from teams:

“I’m going to try and be real honest. They haven’t started coming yet, but it all depends on who gets to the phone first. If Kathy gets there first, I might never know they phoned. But I’ll just try to be honest with the guys and explain to them how I feel. It’s fun to listen and it’s flattering, but I’m pretty committed to this.”

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