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December 28, 2008 8:52 pm

Cardinals WR Steve Breaston

On going over 1,000 yards receiving:

“Personally it is a blessing. I know before this season my expectations were like 600 yards and 40 receptions. Everybody has gotten involved in the passing game this year and Kurt (Warner) did a great job of spreading the ball around. I am happy and even happier that we won the game.”

On his feeling when Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie almost ran the interception in for a touchdown:

“My feeling was–I don’t know–I was watching him and I was happy for him. He just said he lost it and I must being doing something right in my life for him to just lose the ball like that. I should have had it before that, I should have gone the extra yard. It worked out that I did get it. I guess I am just blessed.”

Cardinals RB Edgerrin James

On moving up the all time rushing list:

“Anytime you are mentioned in the same conversation with the guys that are the all-time greatest, that is super important. That was something that was important to me when I came into this league. It was one of those things that I wanted to do. I didn’t want to just be a guy that was in the NFL. I wanted to be somebody that was ranked among the best and I am just going to continue to keep working. Then for the next so many years until I get tired I am going to see how close I can get to Emmitt (Smith).”

On if he knew how much work he was going to get in today’s game:

“Yeah, we knew it. Our running backs coach came and told me I was starting. It wasn’t any different for me in practice, I continue to practice regardless of everything that was going on. I just continue to keep going out and practicing because those are the habits that I have. I like to practice and I don’t mind practicing but it was a little different because I was doing more watching then practicing but at the end of the day you just keep doing what you love to do.”

On if it is satisfying to show the whole league what he can still do:

“I think a lot of people knew it. I just think the direction that we took at a team was the difference. I could always play. I was never somebody that–like in the offseason I don’t train to try to be a speed back. I try to be somebody that hits the R.B.I. and keeps people on base and just keep going. We have receivers that can do all that. My thing is losing yards. I hate to lose yards, I don’t want to lose yards. I want to keep moving forward and at the end of the day you are going to have big days. That is why I have always been able to accumulate 100 yards because you just keep everything going. I try to out train people so towards the end I’ll still be going strong while they kind of tire out. That has always been my strategy. So it has nothing to do with me it’s just more so what we are doing here.”

On entering the playoffs:

“This is when it’s fun. The regular season is all good — but this is when football starts. Everything is serious. You don’t have time to play around — when you practice, you have to practice hard and with a purpose. When you come out and play, one mistake could be the deciding factor. No one wants to go home and as much as people complain about practice and the schedule that you have, when it comes down to this time, no one minds staying out a little bit longer and doing what it takes to win the game, because you’re three games away from Tampa Bay. And to make it to Tampa and play in the Super Bowl, that’s huge and that’d be on of the greatest things ever.”

On having a bigger role in the offense today:

“You always want to go out and perform and play. That’s the reason you practice and you put all the work into it, so you can go out and play and hopefully you have good days. Some days won’t be very good, but some days will be better than others. Today we were able to get things rolling and also got a win — that’s the most important thing. Going into the playoffs, you don’t want to have any doubt about what you can do. You want to be able to go out and win and the feeling everyone has in this room, I don’t think they realize the feeling they’ll have next week if we win that game. You can’t explain the feelings you have when you play in the playoffs and you win a game.”

Cardinals DE Antonio Smith

On the win:

“I think this game meant a lot to each and every one of us on this team because we needed redemption. We needed to get ourselves back in the game, get our fans back into the game and get the train rolling. When you take it into the playoffs, you’re behind it.”

On what having a good game defensively does for the unit’s confidence:

“I think it’s really big. Just to see how we were out there today and changed the game and turned it back. I was proud to see we were back to the defense we normally are, sacks, turnovers, interceptions and big-play type of defense. It was good to see us back in tip-top fashion.”

Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett

On the win:

“It felt good. Anytime you win — we needed this momentum going in. A lot of guys didn’t want to play today. We were looking ahead and it’s all or nothing in the playoffs — but we shut it down and went out and focused and played well. We’re going to be ready in that playoff week and I can taste it. We’re going to be ready and that’s my main focus. I’m at the point where I don’t even really want to talk about Seattle. Seattle is a non-factor to me right now and those guys on the other team were very supportive. They came out here and they fought with a bang — they didn’t give up and they didn’t have anything to play for, but they came out here and gave us their best shot. You have to respect a team like that and Coach (Holmgren) went out with a bang — he’ll probably be in the Hall of Fame. Their whole organization and how they carried the game — they weren’t trying to hurt us or do anything dirty to us — they played with class. After the game, all of them, they said, ‘you represent the NFC West and represent it hard.’ That meant a lot because if things turn around, you can be man enough to say, ‘congratulations and hope you do well.’ But they want us to do well and we’re going to try and represent the West as best we can. We’re going to be ready to play and that’s what we’re looking forward to right now. We’re looking forward to playing Atlanta and I can’t even think about Seattle right now.”

On what to expect from Atlanta:

“They’re going to be physical and they’re going to want to roll and going to want to win. It’s one of those games where everything goes. Every play is a big play and the best prepared team will win that game. Offense, defense and special teams — we’re going to be ready. They have 1,000-yard runner, a 1,000-yard receiver and a great quarterback, but that’s all I really know about them right now. I’ve been keeping my eye on them because I heard earlier in the week that might be who we play, but they’re going to pose a great challenge for us. They’re coming into a hostile environment, so we’ll be ready.”

On getting some confidence back for the defense:

“We got put in bad situations (in New England). We went out there and played in the cold — but you can’t make any excuses, they beat us and made more plays. Their backs were against the wall and that’s that. You look at that film and you can’t change anything about it and they won the game. They were probably one of the best teams I’ve played against. But they won the game and that’s that — that’s old news to me.”

On the defense’s focus against Seattle:

“I think we just wanted to go out and play solid, play sound, play technique and play fast. We wanted to let our crowd and our fans who were sticking with us — don’t look at the last two games — we’ve still got it. Whether we showed it or not, we’ve still got it. They’re going to see it. We’re going to be ready. Me, personally, in the third quarter my mind was already at the Atlanta game. I’m about to go get a DVD and watch some Atlanta film tonight.”

On not knowing much about Atlanta:

“That makes it interesting. When you play a team you don’t know well, that means you have to prepare well. I’d rather play Atlanta than Carolina. Some people might feel we played Carolina well before — but we’re playing against a team we’ve never played before and that means you have to prepare better. You have to know everything they do and that means you’re going to spend more time in the office looking at them and that’s what you want. That’s how you prepare for a playoff game — I’ve never been there before, but I’m making that assumption. We’re going to play well. Everyone has to know this is it — it’s all or nothing. Every play is a big play, every snap and everything is big. The best team to prepare will win and we’ve got to prepare. I’m pretty sure people will pick us to lose and that’s cool — I don’t care — I like it when people pick us to lose, because we take that chip on our shoulders. I hope everybody else says, ‘Cardinals will lose,’ because we’ll be pumped up and go out and beat them.”

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