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Friday practice — Banged up Hasselbeck bounces back

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 21, 2008 at 1:54 pm with 21 Comments »
November 21, 2008 1:54 pm

The Seahawks practice for over an hour today in preparation for Sunday’s game.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck went through the entire practice and appears ready to go on Sunday. Fullback Leonard Weaver, along with wide receiver Koren Robinson, worked with the first team and should be ready to go.

Seattle head coach Mike Holmgren said Hasselbeck bounced back and had a good week of practice after his first game in six weeks.

Left guard Mike Wahle (shoulder) and safety C.J. Wallace (hamstring) did not practice and probably will not play Sunday. Red Bryant (ankle) also did not practice and probably will not play.

Steve Vallos got a couple snaps with the first unit towards the end of practice, but Holmgren said Vallos won’t play unless something happens to Chris Spencer at center.

Seneca Wallace also got a couple snaps with the first unit at quarterback.

With the Seahawks playing on Thursday after Sunday’s game against Washington, Holmgren said next week’s preparation will be condensed with the short week.

“The players haven’t thought much about the game on Thursday,” Holmgren said. “We just have to be very smart on how we practice next week. We’re not going to be able to do much really. Their day of is Monday, so we’re going to give them Monday off. Then we practice on Tuesday and then travel on Wednesday.”

Cornerback Josh Wilson, who rolled his right ankle on Wednesday, practiced again and should play on Sunday.

Holmgren said defensive end Patrick Kerney, who was placed on injured reserve this week, had some impingement in his shoulder and it wasn’t responding the way doctors had hoped after the surgery a couple weeks ago.

Kerney had another MRI performed this week and Holmgren said doctors believe Kerney might have another issue with his shoulder, so Kerney could have his shoulder looked at again. With the uncertainty regarding Kerney’s injury, Holmgren said the team decided to place him on injured reserve.

Notes from practice
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  1. nighthawk2 says:

    So does anyone at Seahawk HQ think this might be a career threatening injury with Kerney?

    What does it say about their view of Mansfield Wrotto that with Wahle out he still isn’t working with the starters at guard, but instead they put two guys who normally would be playing tackle at the guard position?

  2. Dukeshire says:

    It says to me that since this is his 3r year on the offensive side of the ball, he isn’t close to being ready to protect a banged up quarterback in a real NFL game. In addition, one of those years was at tackle.

  3. yankinta says:

    Who’s on your wish list for our 1st and 2nd Round Picks?

    Scouts Inc.’s Top 32 Prospects

    Player Position School Height Weight Grade
    1. Andre Smith* OT Alabama 6-4�…� 341 98

    2. Sam Bradford** QB Oklahoma 6-3½ 218 98

    3. Matthew Stafford* QB Georgia 6-2½ 235 97

    4. Michael Crabtree** WR Texas Tech 6-2½ 208 97

    5. Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State 6-0 195 97

    6. Michael Oher OT Mississippi 6-5 330 97

    7. Jeremy Maclin** WR Missouri 6-0�…� 198 96

    8. Vontae Davis* CB Illinois 5-11�…� 203 96

    9. Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest 6-1¾ 247 96

    10. Everette Brown* DE Florida State 6-4¼ 252 96

    11. Sen’Derrick Marks* DT Auburn 6-0�…� 289 96

    12. Eben Britton* OT Arizona 6-5½ 310 95

    13. Jerry Hughes** DE TCU 6-2 245 95

    14. Mark Sanchez* QB USC 6-2½ 225 95

    15. Chris Wells* RB Ohio State 6-1 235 95

    16. Rey Maualuga ILB USC 6-1�…� 260 95

    17. Terrence Cody* DT Alabama 6-4½ 375 95

    18. Aaron Maybin** DE Penn State 6-3½ 250 94

    19. Knowshon Moreno** RB Georgia 5-10�…� 207 94

    20. Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech 6-7 259 93

    21. Eugene Monroe OT Virginia 6-5�…� 310 93

    22. Jermaine Gresham* TE Oklahoma 6-5 266 93

    23. James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State 6-2 240 92

    24. LeSean McCoy** RB Pittsburgh 5-11 205 92

    25. Brian Orakpo DE Texas 6-3½ 255 92

    26. George Selvie* DE South Florida 6-3�…� 240 91

    27. Brian Cushing OLB USC 6-2¾ 253 91

    28. Percy Harvin* WR Florida 5-10¾ 187 91

    29. Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State 6-5�…� 260 91

    30. Taylor Mays* S USC 6-3½ 225 91

    31. Russell Okung* OT Oklahoma State 6-5¼ 303 90

    32. Darrius Heyward-Bey* WR Maryland 6-1�…� 203 90

  4. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta, are you serious? Just post the link please, thank you.

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    Depending on if we can sign one of this three in FA, Jordan Gross, Mike Goff or Russ Hochstein; I would want in this order as 1st round choices: Oher, Monroe, Robinson, presuming we’re drafting 5th or 6th. I know the conventional wisdom is that is too high for a guard, but I’m reading that Robinson is the guard to come along in some time, and it is the interior of the line that is the biggest problem. Since Ruskell threw away our chance to draft Grubbs, this would be a chance to rectify that error.

  6. nighthawk – I think you love Grubbs about as much as I loved Hutch.

    1st round dream choice — trade down three or four times to add three or four picks in the second or third rounds. I don’t care if we end up with a late first round pick, as long as we have a chance to get A LOT younger next season. With that late first rounder, I am hoping for Myron Rolle; strong safety, Florida State.

    2nd round (5th-6th pick in the round) — I hope some team is willing to do what we did last year with Carlson and for us moving down about 10 spots in the round, they will also give us a third round pick. Perhaps with that second pick we could take Tyson Jackson; DE, LSU. He isn’t exactly a speed rushing DE, but I’m sick of our DEs being crappy against the run and pass — at least he can have a strength, which is to dominate in the running game. At least he’ll be a functional pass rushing DE too. Plus, he’s not a little midget like Ruskell seems to favor.

    That leaves us with about 5 picks in the 3rd round for any of the following; OT, OG, WR, RB, DT, DE, OLB, FS, CB.

    Hey, you asked about my dream scenario and I’m dreaming…

  7. bigmike04 says:

    stop posting future draft pick please it still the season so frankly that end of season talk..

  8. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK, ESPN had a nice piece on Rolle. He’s up for a Rhodes Scholarship. If he gets it he’ll be studding at Oxford the next two years. The NFL is second, by a long way, to his studies.

  9. Thanks. That was a good piece. It’s surprising he’s only had 1 pick in 3 years because he’s always around the action. He’d fit in with our safety play:) At least he’s big, strong, and fast. He may not fit in there:)

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Maybe you can bride the scholarship committee in Birmingham this weekend. Tell them he cheated on a test, or something. Lol. I think it’s safe to say he’s be a significant upgrade.

  11. Don’t understand why they don’t shut Hass down for the rest of the year. We are just adding worthless miles to an aging injured QB.

  12. JoshManRock says:

    The reason they don’t shut down Matt, is because they want to finish the season strong and hope that will translate into next year. I, however, don’t think that is the case. We have a 34 year old QB with back problems and our 2-3 string QB’s don’t have what it takes to be starters. Holmgren has no quit in him, thats part of what makes him great and why he has been here for 10 years. Matt will do anything for Holmy and that includes sacrificing his body. Is that the best thing to do in the long run? I don’t think so, but I give Matt all the respect in the world for gritting it out and being a leader.

  13. I don’t blame Matt at all. He is the toughest guy on the team IMO. However, I thinkt he best thing for this franchise long term is to given him rest. I don’t buy into that momentum argument. Too much change over to mean anything. If this was a college team maybe but not pro.

  14. After this season is over, if the Seahawks don’t draft more quality D- and O-linemen I’m going to be ticked. In my admittedly narrow view, the only reason they lost the SuperBowl was not having another quality D-linemen or two, to keep the pressure on the QB. It’s pretty basic really: if you can’t control the middle of the action, the other guys will have the shortest way to the goal and the most touchdowns.

  15. I agree that we need to be more controlling on the LOS, but it sucks that we have no dominant skill players on offense either who can do something special on any given play.

    It’s like we have to get a decent C, RG, and DL. AND then we need a dominant skill player; hopefully, a game changing WR but a RB who can take it the distance on any given play would be a nice change from Jones (who by his own accounts is a very solid player – just not a game changer).

  16. nighthawk2 says:

    The Patriots won Super Bowls without dominant skill guys but with tough defense and a dominating quarterback and o-line. Giants did it with D and strong OL/run game. I’m for getting offensive linemen and fixing the D first.

  17. OutSydeDog says:

    Shut Hass down???? Aw…c’mon man, put yourself in his shoes. Would you trade 6 games a few years down the road for 6 games, NOW? Against Zorn? Against the Cowboys? Two more division games? Not if you are the competitor that I feel that Matt is. Does he want to win for Holmgren? No doubt, but he wants to win for the guys he’s playing with. That’s what makes him the leader of this team that he is. A pro football player’s time is now, the future is hazy, especially when Ruskell is involved.


  18. Trade down and take Duke Robinson in the first round and center Alex Mack in the third. Take a safety, corner, WR or D lineman in the second.

  19. NickLicatasucks says:

    Shut down Hass? C’mon. Some of us paid good money to watch this team play. Quite frankly the other guys do not charge the same entertainment value. This isn’t the NBA, this is the NFL where teams try to have happy fans…

  20. In case you didn’t know, Alex Mack is supposedly the best C prospect in years and is a sure 1st rounder. It’s pretty tough to take a guy like that in the 3rd round.

    I’d like for Michael Crabtree to fall to us in the 2nd round, but I don’t see it happening.

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