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A few interesting NFL notes

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 21, 2008 at 2:45 pm with 15 Comments »
November 21, 2008 2:45 pm

NFL quarterbacks so far have completed 61.4 percent of their passes this season. If it stays that way, it will be a new single-season record. In fact, a new record has been set in eight of the last nine years.

By comparison, Matt Hasselbeck is completing just 51 percent of his passes.


Mike Holmgren was critical of the team’s pass rush this week, even though they are tied for ninth in the NFL with 24 sacks.

The NFL record for fewest sacks in a season? In a 16-game season, the 1981 Baltimore Colts had just 13 sacks. The Kansas City Chiefs have only six this year, largely because they traded Jared Allen to Minnesota.


Arizona’s win in Seattle on Sunday marks the first time since 1968 that the Cardinals have won all of their road games against division opponents in a single season. The Cardinals were members of the NFC Century division in 1968 and beat Cleveland, New Orleans and Pittsburgh all on the road.

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  1. Stats are sometimes lies.

    Nobody has to throw on KC because they can just run the ball down their throats. Why would you pass and risk a sack when you know you can run them over?

  2. Dukeshire says:

    That may be true but they still give up almost 240 yards game through the air. 6 sacks? No matter how you look at it, that is simply awful.

  3. nighthawk2 says:

    The Cardinals were in St. Louis in 1968, some carpetbaggers having moved them there from Chicago before some other carpetbaggers moved them to Phoenix 20 years ago or so. And it was actually the NFL Century division, since they were still two different leagues.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Because it’s Friday and I’m bored I looked into this sack thing a little closer. Through 10 games the opposition has thrown on the Chiefs 310 times. On average, they get to the quarterback once every 51.666667 pass attempts. In week one they got to the qb twice (one was the leagues biggest sack of the year, knocking Tom Brady out for the season), if you eliminate that game, the number plummets to one sack every 70.25 pass attempts. October was really bad. One sack for the month. In their defense, they did have a bye in there, but one sack in 81 pass attempts for the month is not good.

  5. OutSydeDog says:

    I have a question for Frank, Eric, Dukeshire, BobbyK, and several other good posters on here. Heck, I’ll even include Cowboy :)~

    How many of Seattle’s sacks have come on third down, where half the game is decided?

    GO HAWKS!!!

  6. If anyone wants to know why Hass is completing just half of his passes watch the replays and count how many passes bounce of the receivers hands.

  7. OutSydeDog – Exactly! I thought that too!

  8. Duke – you do get bored. I appreciate the info though.

    On a side note, part of the reason they can be so bad at getting to the QB is that their run defense is bad (as I already stated in an earlier post — but there’s more).

    BUT perhaps there’s a lot of play action that the Chiefs defense must respect since they suck so bad against the run.

    That would automatically put their pass rushers in a “stop the run first” mode.

    Then the opposition receivers are more open since the Chiefs need to stop the run an honor that first.

    Which means the QB needs less time to throw to its receivers.

    Either way – their pass rush sucks. Doesn’t really make too much sense to trade a young pass rushing DE away when you’ve got 6 sacks through over half the season. AND he is/was the best pass rushing DE in the NFL. I can’t think of any DE in the NFL I’d rather have for the ‘Hawks than Jared Allen.

  9. Oh no,we could not have Jared Allen.He can’t even come to the state of washington,or to the city of seattle.I heard someplace he drinks.Mr Ruskell wouldn’t let him into the state,or the city of seattle.
    Didn’t KC draft Dorsey from LSU,or was it (can’t think of his name) the DT from USC?

  10. They took Dorsey.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    You asked about 3rd down sacks, you got it. (I didn’t spend much time on this, so it’s brief) Of the Seahawks 24 sacks, 6 have come on third down. 4 of those have come against the 49ers alone. Eliminate the 49ers and the 13 sacks they racked up on them, the ‘Hawks sack totals are a dismal compared to recent years. Of the other 2 sacks on third down, 1 caused a fumble vs the Packers and the other was a fumble overturned by replay vs Miami.

    I noticed a couple other interesting things on third down. The Giants weren’t forced into a third down situation until the second quarter. The Seahawks have also given up two touchdowns on 3rd and 21. (Bills and Rams) Anyway, there you go.

  12. OutSydeDog says:

    Thanks Duke :) 25% on third down was more than I thought.

    Go Hawks!!!

  13. Dukeshire says:

    25% sound okay on the surface but the 49ers are so bad at protecting the qb, it seems skewed. Again, for me, take those two games away and it’s pretty bad.

  14. OutSydeDog says:

    Duke, agreed. Outsyde :)~ of the 9’ers, that means we had no sacks on 3rd down against Buffalo, Giants, Cards, and sheesh…the Rams.

    Go Seahawks!!!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Spencer is listed with a back injury, he’s questionable for tomorrow. Wrotto may somehow find his way in there, if there is shuffling on the line. That should make BobbyK happy.

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