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Holmgren quotes on the future of the roster

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 17, 2008 at 6:49 pm with 17 Comments »
November 17, 2008 6:49 pm

Here are the quotes from Mike Holmgren to which I was referring earlier:

(On whether there are general fundamental changes that need to be made next year, or if the problems on the team can be chalked up to injuries…) "Well, I think for me to comment on that is probably not the right thing to do, to be honest. If I was coming back next year, it would be absolutely the right thing to do. But those decisions are no longer going to be my decisions to make, or even be involved in those decisions, really. So, my own feeling is, if we had not had the type of injuries this season [that we had], then our expectation level was high and there was no reason to think that we couldn’t have a real good season. Take from that what you want. But that’s not the only thing, now. We got to look hard at this thing. People are going to have to look hard at this, and be real honest about it, like I asked the players to be when they looked at the film, and see: Do we have enough? Is it good enough? If it is, let’s go. If it isn’t, you make changes."

(On why he thinks the defense has struggled so much since, aside from Kerney, the injuries have largely happened on offense…) "Well, clearly…if you count the numbers, there were more offensive injuries than defensive injuries, yeah. I don’t think any of us are real happy with the yards we’re giving up and what’s happening, particularly in pass defense. But those decisions are best made not now, when everyone’s kind of upset and running around and doing stuff. That’s why you have those really hard meetings in the offseason, and use the draft, and use free agency to fix things you think need to be fixed. That question is really a question [to pose] in a few weeks, not now."

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  1. If we suck next year, Holmy will probably come back and be our GM. I woudn’t object to that. I think he’s learned some things that will help him out (like not to draft morons early in the draft; Stevens, Simmons, KoRo, etc.).

    However, I don’t think we’re going to suck next year. We’re going to take the division back and go to the Super Bowl!

  2. OutSydeDog says:

    Spoken like a true NFL Head Coach. :)

    BobbyK…I’m with you!


  3. mingweezy says:

    Holmey wouldn’t ever be our GM. He was a crappy GM and I doubt we are going to risk that again. Unless, of course, he wants to coach here again.

  4. CowboysP says:

    “If we suck next year, Holmy will probably come back and be our GM. I woudn’t object to that. I think he’s learned some things that will help him out (like not to draft morons early in the draft; Stevens, Simmons, KoRo, etc.).”

    BobbyK, Now that post is pretty funny. So basically you are saying that “Holmgren was STUPID when he was the Seahawks GM. Now, he has learned, so he won’t be STUPID this time as Seahawks GM.

    And Mora and Ruskell will get at least 2 to 3 years to get the Seahawks back towards the playoffs. Quick fixs rarely work, and can sometimes lead to complete failure, and a WORSE team (see MLB team, Seattle Mariners).

  5. I can fix the roster myself.

    Offense: Sit Hasselbeck down for the year. Move Seneca Wallace to WR\KR. Give Charlie Frye the chance to start the last six games.

    Free agency: sign Jordan Gross, TJ Houshmanzadeh and Matt Cassel to huge deals. Drop\trade Hasselbeck, Julian Peterson, Chris Spencer and Deon Branch to make roon if you have to.

    Defense: Resign Rocky Bernard, move him to DE to shore up the run defense. Make Mebane and Bryant starters at DT. Dump JP. Resign Leroy Hill. Dump Brian Russell. Make Jackson the starting DE and use Kearny as a situational pass rusher. Move Darrell Tapp to OLB to replace Peterson.

    Draft: draft a big DB, a run stuffing DT, and a WR with your first 3 picks. Add a QBOTF and a RB early the second day. Move Vallos to C.

    There, that about does it.

  6. CowboysP says:

    The following is from A question to Mike Sando, and his response.

    Question to Sando: “Holmgren is why the Seahawks have failed this year, other teams still manage to scrape by with injuries, but Mike can’t do it, when you have players out you need to focus on game planning, and all this season has shown is that Mike is washed up. Mike needs to leave now and take that joke of an assistant Marshall with him.”

    Mike Sando response: Not going to happen. I do think the 2-8 record has exposed the downside of this coaching transition. Setting aside all egos and personal concerns, I think the best move for the Seahawks’ future right now would be for Jim Mora to at least take control of the defense. Let’s see what he has in store. What more can the Seahawks get from these remaining six games by sticking to the status quo?

    At the same time, I understand why this might not be practical. Holmgren can’t be expected to make that type of move at the expense of a loyal assistant, no matter what Deric from Twin Falls or Mike from might think of the situation.”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that it is time for the Seahawks to move on. At least one other blogger…. AND Mike Sando.

  7. Osiris, i agree with a lot of what you said. I wouldn’t be opposed to letting Hass rest for the remaining games, but no way dump him. Maybe draft someone in the next year or two that can compete with Matt in 3 or 4 years. I wouldn’t drop Julian Peterson unless we have money problems. Definately keep Leroy Hill, he is becoming our best linebacker and provides some toughness that is lacking on our D. Will they please finally move Seneca to receiver and dump Branch? I would rather have Anquan Boldin over TJ. Replace Russell and Spencer, and please…please…GET A LARGE RUN STUFFING DT to help our linebackers out. When we get OL out blocking Tatupu we have problems. Bryant might be ok, but I am not sure with his chicken legs. And I love Rocky, but he should be a back-up in the rotation (and he is not a DE at all).

  8. I love Homgren, but this post reinforces what I have been saying. He is not going to be part of the solution for next year so the best solution is to relieve him of leadership of the team. There is no reason to just play out the string with the guys who have been playing. If we start making changes now, we can speed up the rebuilding process. Mora is going to be the guy, so lets give him a chance to show what he has starting now.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    People, he is leaving the Seahawks at the end of this year! He is not coming back in any capacity! He is moving on, I suggest all of you do the same. Stop with this nonsense. I’ve read this on so many threads, it’s enough already.

  10. Seattle should be ok at QB next year with Hass, Seneca and Frye but I would have no problem with picking up a late round rookie or cheap FA with promise.

    Even if they lose Mo in free agency they should still be ok at RB and FB.

    They need at least one more starter at WR and at least one more backup. Guys who can actually catch the ball.

    The O line needs help. If there is a Walter Jones like OT with the sixth pick, grab him. If not, wait until later to shore up the interior of the line. Seattle can get by another year with Jones, Locklear and Willis at OT but need to upgrade center and guard.

    If there is an exceptional DE or run stuffing DT, that would be a worthwhile first round pick.

    Re-sign LeRoy Hill.

    Safety and CB needs to be addressed.

    And how about a real punter?

    I hope both Marshall and Haskell are replaced.

    Why are the Seahawks almost always in the top five in dropped passes?

  11. I think our run stopping ability at DT is good.

    Mebane is a force at stuffing the run. In my opinion, he is not just one of the best young DTs in the NFL, but he is one of the best run stuffing DTs in all of the league.

    Bryant is a big, run stuffing DT.

    Our problem going into ’09 is not our ability to stuff the run inside, it’s the fact that we do not have one game changing defensive lineman who can get some serious push to the QB on a consistent basis.

    Kerney is good, but he’s certainly not a force in run defense. LoJack certainly hasn’t played like we would expect from a 1st rounder. And Tapp isn’t very good against the run.

    Therefore, when people complain about our ability to stuff the run and always focus on DT — I think they are missing some of the point — our DEs basically suck at stopping the run.

    Again, I don’t think Kerney or Tapp suck as players. Kerney is an overall good DE whose forte is at getting to the QB better than anyone else we have. Tapp is also okay, but nothing special in run defense.

    Big upside, low risk investment — why not sign Tubbs to a veteran minimum contract offer and let him work out with the team in the off-season? If he truly is done, it has basically cost the organization nothing (or, perhaps that’s why he doesn’t have a team). By next year, he will be three years removed from the surgery on one knee and a fully two years removed from the other. If he could give us 15 snaps per game in ’09 (behind Mebane) that would put us at a tremendous advantage.

    Speaking of Sando — I’m sure somewhere on his blog, he has this years Cardinal team beating the ’85 Bears 75-10 and also has them putting up at least 90 points on the ’01 Ravens defense (or whatever year they won it all).

  12. I wonder if behind the scenes exactly what TomPage says should happen is happening. I wonder if he’s now asking for Mora’s input more than he woudl have otherwise…..
    might be a good interview question there both now and when its all said and done.

  13. I’m afraid Red Bryant is Marcus Tubbs–good when he plays but destined to spend more time in rehab than on the field.

    Seattle needs an every down D lineman that absolutely has to be double teamed every play.

    Don’t think it will happen but wouldn’t it be great if Seattle could get OG Duke Robinson in the second round.

  14. Hass ain’t done by any stretch, but its time to start thinking about it, bring in a legitimate replacement. Seneca aint the guy. Charlie? you never know, i’d be real curious to see how he does over a stretch of games. I like that Cassel suggestion further up.

    Anyone know what the draft is shaping up to be next year. Its looking like we’ll be in top-5 pick. any other Matt Ryan or A.Peterson’s coming up?

  15. nighthawk2 says:

    Why on earth would we want Matt Cassel? IF we’re keeping the WCO this guy doesn’t know it, and the idea of jettisoning Hasselbeck is foolish. If his back prevents him from playing any more, that’s one thing. But to get rid of him otherwise is folly. Housmandzadeh is going to command big bucks, we’ve been down that road with receivers. I like the idea of signing Gross if Carolina doesn’t Franchise or re-sign him first. But I think we’re only going to be able sign one big outside free agent this offseason with the dead money from Alexander hitting our cap. Gross would be my choice, or Mike Goff from San Diego. If you want to sign a New England free agent, how about Russ Hochstein?

    I doubt Duke Robinson lasts to the 2nd round, even if we wind up with the 5th or 6th pick. Too many teams need interior linemen, like KC, Cincinnati, Oakland, SF, St. Louis. Of course, Oakland with Al Davis would probably draft Crabtree and forget about their o-line. But if somehow Herman Johnson were there at our pick in the 2nd, well, soooo sweet.

    Bobby, your comment about Sando was spot on. He’s been on Arizona’s nuts since the season started. That would be the 2000 Ravens defense though.

  16. Seattle took the whole cap hit for Alexander in 08. He is off the books.

  17. mquinn73 says:

    Osiris33 – Vallos at C? Tapp at OLB? Bryant as an everydown DT? Wallace at WR?

    What evidence is there to suggest that any one of those proposed moves would actually work?

    The Seahawks are entering a rebuilding phase after the most successful period in the franchise’s history. This is gonna take at least 2-3 years.

    The key component in any rebuilding exercise – identify and attain the QB that will become the cornerstone of the team for the next 5-10 years. Personally, I thought we should have tried to acquire Brady Quinn during the offseason [or even before the trade deadline] when the Browns were still high on Derek Anderson. Unfortunately, that boat has sailed now. Nevertheless, this team probably has a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft. My opinion is that we should select the best QB available with the aim of sitting him in his first season [or two] and having Hasselback as his mentor. During that time, the team should then retool the offense [particularly the OL] so that when the young QB is ready to take the reins from Hass, that the team is equipped to win.

    This will not happen over the course of a single off-season. It’s gonna take time – and it’s gonna take clever personnel decisions – for this rebuilding to be a success.

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