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Jim Mora on Kelly Jennings

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 15, 2008 at 3:34 pm with 17 Comments »
November 15, 2008 3:34 pm

Defensive backs coach Jim Mora said the play Kelly Jennings made against the Miami Dolphins last week was a huge confidence-booster for a player who has been killed by big plays this season. Jennings will have to play a big role in tomorrow’s game against Arizona. Here is Mora discussing Jennings and his season:

“It’s a very physically challenging position at the corner, but it’s also a very mentally challenging position. And there is a level of maturity that you have to get into when negative things happen to you, as they absolutely are going to if you play that position long enough. It takes guys different amounts of time to get through that situation. Some guys never do.

“I just felt like Kelly went through a few weeks there where mentally he was in a funk. He had a really good preseason, and then they came out in that Buffalo game and he was in position and they (the Bills) make the play. We have talked about the moment of truth, when you are in position and you have to make the play. He was (there) and he didn’t and he was in a funk.

“That one play he made the other day, it did wonders for him. He is like a new guy. He has renewed energy and you kind of hope that is maybe what has happened for him, he got charged up again. He reflected on where he was and what he was doing and you are always trying to flip it.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Frank, this is a big Saturday for you. Keep it up.

    That was a great play against Miami, diving in to knock the ball away. Hopefully Mora is right and that turns things for him. It can’t get much worse.

  2. It helps his ribs are getting better. I’m not under the illusion that he’s a future Pro Bowler, but nobody can be at 100% with bad ribs. He’s kind of a marginal player anyway, so anything less than his best isn’t good (and that’s what we’ve been getting).

  3. He played well last year but seemed to have no confidence this year. Hopefully, we don’t see him deep with Fitzgerald. The Seahawks FS provides zero deep support so the Seahawks CBs are basically one on one no matter what.

  4. Cool, Mora’s talking to the press and he’s standing up for his players.

    It’s easy to see why he has a reputation as a player’s coach.

  5. The problem with Jennings is he is such a waif. He’s a little dude. For some guys that doesn’t really matter. Cortland Finnegan, and Asante Samuel are little guys too, but they’re very physical players who don’t allow their small size to just automatically give a bigger WR the advantage. I don’t see that same sort of aggression in Jennings. He’s a very passive, basic textbook defender. 3 years in the league now, 1 INT. I can’t even remember that single INT he had as a rookie.

    I honestly have no idea what his future holds. Nickle man? Bust? Josh Wilson seems to be everything that Kelly Jennings is not at this point. I’m much more optimistic about him as the guy opposite Trufant in the now, and in the future.

  6. I think Jennings has all the talent in the world to be a good/solid #4 CB for any team in the NFL. Of course, #4 CBs also need to contribute on ST and he’s almost too small to do that. So maybe he wouldn’t make a good #4 CB?

    On a positive note, it looks as though Wilson may be worth a crap. He and Tru make a good duo at CB. The two of them together are definitely in the top half of the league for ’09 (and this year). Lets hope that we can somehow get more conistent pressure the rest of this year and for ’09 — than we have gotten so far this season.

  7. Has anyone noticed the Sando-lovefest with the Cardinals? It’s been growing and growing… Sando would cheat on his wife with Larry Fitzgerald if he could get away with it…

    It’s sickening.

    Maybe the next time the Cardinals play the Jets, they give up less than 56 points.

  8. Yeah, I’m really starting to wonder what it is that Ruskell exactly saw in Jennings. From the moment we drafted him, his size looked like it was going to be an issue, but I remained open the possibility that this kid could possibly either bulk up or just play bigger than he actually is. To this point, he has not progressed in terms of being able to muscle with bigger WR’s, and he has added minimal if any bulk to his stick-figure frame.

    Was 2006 just a bad year for drafting corners or did we just pick the wrong one? I dunno. Seems more like the former than the latter to me. Richard Marshall is a guy I recall several ‘hawks fans being high on predraft in ’06, but we passed on him. He’s posted some pretty decent numbers serving as a nickle back in Carolina. Oh, and look: There’s Cortland Finnegan, drafted in the 7th round by the Titans. LOL.

    Maybe a change at d-coordinator can turn Jennings around, I dunno. Could it just be the coverage schemes that are being called by John Marshall? I’ve both heard and read that Marshall’s philosophy revolves around our corners playing soft? How much of the blame falls upon Mora?

  9. CowboysP says:

    Mora will turn this defense, with Jennings, into a top 5 defense within a couple years. Marshall and Holmgren are the problem.

    Holmgren currently is JUST in the way of progress. If Holmgren left, Marshall would immediately be gone too.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK, come on now. We had him all to ourselves for years, don’t be jealous. The rest on the NFC West was all over him earlier for being in the tank for the ‘Hawks. The Card fans haven’t been as active with him so I think he’s trying to get them on board, as well.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    CowboysP, Prior to this season they were a top 5 D. Take away the sack totals they’ve grown accustomed to the past few seasons and add an offense that can’t stay on the field and this is what you get. It won’t take “a couple of years” to get this D back to where it belongs.

    Time of possession is a huge problem. The Seahawks have more 3 and outs on D (almost 2-1) in the first half vs the second. The reason is that they get beaten down as the game wears on because their offense can’t stay on the field.

  12. I’ve said it on other blogs but not here: the time of possession argument doesn’t explain the first half breakdowns on defense. Are these guys so out of shape that they’re already winded at the end of the first quarter?

    I could see some sense in the argument if they were losing games in the fourth quarter, but that’s not what’s happening.

    The problem isn’t t.o.p., or the talent. It’s the scheme and the playcalling.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not going to break the whole thing down here, (I don’t have time, but we can discuss it tomorrow) in short; no, it does not explain breakdowns in coverage, that’s not what I said nor implied. However, you can only give teams like the Eagles, for example, so many possessions before they exploit a weakness. There is a direct correlation between winning percentage and t.o.p. in the NFL. If you don’t control the clock you’re not in many games in the 4th quarter.

    Breakdowns in coverage, again, is not what I’m talking about here.

  14. Confidence: if you build it they will come.

    Talent will show with confidence.

    Time of possession and confidence will improve with better play calling.

    Stop the “run every first down” mentality. Be selective about when to call a screen pass. Open up the play book and hit them with everything, when they least expect it.

    Let’s have a great game today, Go Hawks!

  15. All media people have been trying desperately to jump on the Cards band wagon the last few yrs. Now with success, writers are feeling vindicated.

  16. Of course the Cards are top 10 in offense, top 15 defense. (#1 scoring) These aren’t the same old cardinals. BUT, When I think of Warner @ Qwest, All I can remember is him running for his life and throwing INT’s. Go hawks!

    Hawks need new coaching. I think if you took a poll most people would agree.

  17. For example, the first quarter today. Our defense couldn’t stop the Cards, and it obviously couldn’t be because they were tired after being on the field too long.

    That’s all I’m saying, Dukeshire. We haven’t been losing because the defense is getting worn down, despite what some people are implying when they use the “time of possession” argument.

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