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Thursday practice: Julius Jones returns

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 13, 2008 at 4:28 pm with 17 Comments »
November 13, 2008 4:28 pm

The Seahawks breezed through a pretty crisp, hour-long practice inside the team’s facility today.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck made it through the entire practice without incident. In fact, I thought he looked more mobile today than Wednesday and appears to be coming along, doing some short roll outs and moving well inside the pocket.

It appears that Hasselbeck was cleared by Dr. Stan Herring Wednesday night and should be a go for Sunday, but no official word has come down from the Seahawks.

Running back Julius Jones, who sat out Wednesday, returned to practice today. Koren Robinson, who usually sits out Wednesday’s practices, was back in uniform as well. It was interesting to see Robinson, Bobby Engram and Deion Branch working with the first unit. That’s a little bit better three-receiver set than Billy McMullen, Keary Kolbert and Courtney Taylor — which Seattle rolled out against St. Louis earlier this year.

It certainly bodes well for Seattle heading into Sunday. Now they have to get some consistency.

I talked to Defensive Coordinator John Marshall about what the team needs to do to stop Arizona’s passing game. Marshall said the game plan is pretty simple, but hard to execute because of all the talent Arizona has on offense — Seattle must get pressure on Kurt Warner and be physical with Arizona receivers Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston.

Seattle linebacker Julian Peterson echoed Marshall’s statement, saying defensively the Seahawks must get to Kurt Warner or he’ll just sit back and pick them apart.

Listen to the conversation with Peterson here.

Players sitting out included Seneca Wallace (groin), C.J. Wallace (hamstring), Patrick Kerney (shoulder), Red Bryant (ankle), David Hawthorne (calf) and Leonard Weaver (ribs).

The Hawks were a bit thin, so practice squad quarterback Travis Lulay got some reps on scout squad offense as a wide receiver, and scout squad defense as a free safety.

Seattle also worked on the 2-minute drill with the first team offense going against the first-team defense at the end of practice.

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  1. 9-7
    Super Bowl Champions
    Holmy rides off into the sunset…

  2. bobbyk, i sure as hell hope you’re right…

    i wouldn’t mind watching us whip up on the remaining schedule.

    especially the ‘tards.

    ESPECIALLY the kowgirlz.

  3. daskapital2 says:

    how did Lulay cover Lulay on the deep pass scout team?

  4. Problem with Marshall is all he does now is put in simple game plans. He needs to revisit some 2005 creativity – like his job on Steve Smith in the 2005 playoffs.

    Not the standard soft zone on 1st and 2nd downs with the full-house blitz on 3rd down.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK, I can’t figure out if your enthusiasm is pissing me off or if I really respect it. In either case, it’s relentless.

    Can I assume that if Wallace can’t go on Sunday (I understand he has been relegated to special teams only) that Jamar Adams might be activated?

    Also, what are the time frames on Bryant, Weaver and Hawthorne?

  6. BobbyK sound like me talking to my friends.

    “We’re not out of it! If we win the rest of our games, and AZ loses a couple – and the Cards next three games are us (At Home!) then Giants, and Philly in Philly – a possible three game skid perfectly placed as we are FINALLY getting healthy! Then we beat them in the last game and it’s off to the playoffs!

    With our starters all getting healthy just as everyone else’s starters are starting to show the wear and tear, and this is totally possible!”

    My friends usually just shake their heads and say stuff like, “Well, we can hope.”

    As optimistic as I am (BobbyK too) this week is really where it has to start. A loss to the Cardinals would pretty much be the toe tag on the season.

  7. You’re right, a loss to the Cards means it’s Wrotto, Adams, and on and on time…

    I’m so damn excited about having Matt back that I could cry!

    And even more so, I’m so damn happy that he’s going to be able to drop back to pass and see KoRo, Branch, and Engram ALL TOGETHER!!!

    Matt healthy all by himself does us no good. And the WRs all healthy without anyone to get them the ball does us no good either.

    We’re gonna beat the Cards…

    We’re gonna beat the Cards…

    We’re gonna beat the Cards…

  8. PDXCOP80 says:

    Wow the Cool-aid is flowing hard these days. I actually think we will beat the Cards Sunday also, but playoffs are out of the picture. Everyone keeps talking about the Cards remaining schedule, but has anyone looked at ours???? If you think we can win in Dallas and at home against Wash and NE you’re crazy. We might get one of those, but all 3 no way. I bleed blue and green like the rest, but you guys have soo much optimism it is scary.

  9. Why the heck not.

    Something’s gotta salvage this horrible year of Seattle sports.

  10. Dallas sucks. They started off fine, but they have been horrible for awhile now. With and without Romo. It won’t be EZ, but we’ll get-er-done. We have to. The next loss means it’s Mora Time and even though I think he’s going to be fine in ’09… it’s not time to go there…

    Washington has gotten plenty lucky… it’s about damn time we got lucky!!! We’re going to beat them at home.

    NE is still a fine team, but they lost to the Jets at home tonight. This is the same Jets team that we are going to beat to improve our record to 8-7 (the next week is when we win the division at 9-7 after traveling to AZ for the championship).

    Get ready to enjoy the ride… Maybe I’m drinking kool-aid, but you never know…

    One week at a time… Time to beat the Cards…

  11. I appreciate your enthusiasm, I will be there to cheer on Sunday.

    I think we can win this game. I will be there to cheer as loud as I can. The thought of the playoffs has long since gone to the realists among us. I hope Matt can go and he plays well.

    Deion is auditing for the rest of his career with the Seahawks.

  12. NickLicatasucks says:

    BobbyK I love the optimism. Why not have it? heck, its not like you are held accountable to a prediction like that. As far as I’m concerned, I just want a win this weekend and then go from there. Get a little buzz rolling back in this town about this team. Heck, maybe they even win two in a row and take that to Dallas? You never know. Gotta win the first though.

    Eric, thanks for pointing out that great starting WR crew for the STL game. That was brutal. But the Hawks won that game. Anyone else remember the Bumpus TD?

    No excuses this game, we have most of our weapons on the field, until Branch gets hurt, that is. No Weaver will hurt, but I like some of what Schmitt does. This one could be a shootout. We’ll need INT’s to turn the tide. Anyone else think there will be a pick-6? Hopefully not by the bad guys.

    I look forward to hearing if Weaver practiced today…

  13. Truth is that the changes (returns and releases) will make little difference unless the play calling improves, like it did last weekend. If we go back to the idiotic idea of running nearly every first down, you can count on losing. Bill Walsh did that to the 49ers one year and screwed up their season. Holmgren may have had a part in it, as Walsh alluded to having another coach on his staff that thought it was a good idea. Apparently, Holmgren didn’t learn the lesson. It might be a good idea for a high school or college team with an overpowering front line and poor passing, but it stinks as an idea for an NFL team. What it does is throws away the first down, so in reality it’s like only having 2 downs to try and make 10 yards.

    You should always mix up the plays to fool your opponent, and if the running isn’t working at first, then you hurt the other team passing. When the passing is working, that opens up the running game, like it did last Sunday.

    If Mike Holmgren could put his micro-management on hold for a bit, and instead of blaming the failures on individual players lack of ‘execution’, take a step back and examine the games and see what he might have done to make the whole game execution better, he might see where he could do a better job. It’s nice that he took the blame for Seneca Wallace spiking the ball, because he didn’t prepare himself or Seneca for the previous play not working. Personally, I think that Seneca should have fallen on the ball and let time run out, because the preceding play was a very poor call, and unless it had succeeded in taking the ball into the end zone it wasn’t going to stop the clock. Why was that play called? Why in the world did he think it was a good call?

    Football is also a game of attitude. If more of our games were like last week where we truly had a chance, the players would start thinking they actually might win. And, this could change the players attitudes in spite of the losing season. Certainly they need to work on their attitudes on their own, but as far down as they are now, a little good play calling could not hurt to go with the enthusiasm for the return of Matt Hasselbeck & Deion Branch. The Raiders had a come from behind victory one year, can’t remember when as it was years ago, but it was all enthusiasm and attitude.

    Great game last weekend Seahawks! Would have been nice to win, but I enjoyed a game for the first time this year.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    If you enjoyed the loss, why didn’t you relish the OT loss to the 49ers in week two? As for running the ball; do you really feel confident that Seneca would be able to establish a passing attack so that Dolphins would be forced to get out of the box? With those receivers? With the AFC leader in sacks coming at him? Trying to establish the most consistent part, of what offense they have this year, doesn’t seem that unreasonable to me. In addition to that, the ‘Hawks were trying to find a way to even out the time of possession disparity they’ve been dealing with all year.

  15. OutSydeDog says:

    High five to BobbyK!
    As a true fan, I live on Optimistic Circle in the Field of Daisies Estates. I go into each and every week thinking that our Hawks will win, even if they have to overacheive to do it.
    Now….let’s kick butt on Sunday!

    Go Seahawks!!!

  16. cyberized says:

    I HATE to say this because Matt Hasselbeck has become one of my VERY FAVORITE SeaHawks of ALL time….BUT I am truly afraid that this “bulging disc” problem that has developed spells the twilight of his wonderful carreer….I hope and pray not….but I do believe that the “writing is on the wall”. RATS!

  17. First, I didn’t enjoy the loss, but enjoyed the success they had with the better play calling. Because, in my opinion, they would have lost horribly had they played with the silly run every first down attack.

    But, I’m confused here… Yes I was confident Seneca could establish the passing attack. This is where I’m confused, because Seneca DID establish the passing attack, helped by the much better play calling. And it DID open up the running attack.

    And the final part is that if you don’t make 1st downs you can’t even up the “possesion disparity”. You can’t make many 1st downs if the defense knows what plays you’re going to call. Giving away the 1st down, makes it much easier to guess the next two.

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