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Is Matt Hasselbeck breathing?

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 12, 2008 at 1:21 pm with 26 Comments »
November 12, 2008 1:21 pm

Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren was asked today what he needed to see out of Matt Hasselbeck in order for Hasselbeck to start. His answer: “Breathing. That’s all I need to see.” Sounds like my love life in college. In any case, Holmgren said he fully expects #8 to be out on the field and taking the full complement of reps in preparation for the Cardinals game. Charlie Frye is likely to be his backup because Seneca still is smarting from his groin injury.

A reader emailed yestrday predicting that the Seahawks still are going to win the division at 8-8. I won’t name names for protection purposes. Even Holmgren sounded skeptical about that possibility. He said that he talked to the team this morning about their goals — and the conversation apparently did not include winning the division, given they are four games back with seven left to play. He said the goal is to win Sunday, and it is too soon to be throwing the youngsters out there for experience, but they are not too far removed from that state.

Speaking of youngsters, they cut Keary Colbert, according to Holmgren, not because of Colbert (wink wink) but because of Courtney Taylor, who they think is ready to start doing some of the things that they expected from him early in the season. With Branch coming back, this is the perfect opportunity for Taylor to be worked in slowly as the fourth receiver and not feel the pressure to produce that he felt in the first few games.

With injuries, Pork Chop, Branch and Hasselbeck will practice this week. Leonard Weaver is questionable for the game and is not likely to practice much. Julius Jones will not practice today because he is ill. Patrick Kerney is week-to-week, but not this week. Holmgren said he hurt the shoulder pretty severely.

Regarding Branch, Holmgren said he thinks it is a string of misfortune regarding his injuries and not that Branch is too fragile. He is productive when he plays — and they are crossing their fingers that he stays healthy in this stint.

Matt and Branch should speak with the media after practice for the first time in a long time. We’ll post their stuff afterward.

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  1. nighthawk2 says:

    “Sounds like my love life in college.”

    I hear ya dude.

  2. I agree that the focus should singularly be on winning this Sunday. If they pull out the victory, then there’s still a glimmer of hope. If not, then next week it’s time to start cycling in the younger guys to see what we’ve got for next year.

  3. bigmike04 says:

    “they cut Keary Colbert, according to Holmgren, not because of Colbert (wink wink) but because of Courtney Taylor, who they think is ready to start doing some of the things that they expected from him early in the season”

    SO they cut him so they can have catch catch ball Courtney taylor.. That is just stupid this guy shown nothing when he was activated the first time. Heck Michael Bumpbus shown he was better than him. Russell stupidity shows… Courtney taylor should have been cut and not resign.

  4. Hate to be negative, but I predict 5-11, or 4-12 without Hasselbeck.

  5. Cliche but “one game at a time” seems to apply. This team is truly better than 2-7 and I expect that will begin to show true for the rest of the season. They are professionals and I believe they will leave it all on the field each week regardless of their record. Reading this blog it appears that being a GM is an easy job and maybe the ‘Hawks should look to this blog for a replacement…clearly there is sooooo much knowledge that is untapped!

  6. Dukeshire says:

    bigmike04, come on dude. Holmgren is the last guy in the world to throw someone under ANY bus. Does he really have to say they cut Colbert because he dropped too many passes, for you to know that’s why? As for Taylor over Bumpus, he must feel he is ahead of Bump at this point. We’ll see. As far as that stuff goes, get off Holmgren’s back, say what you will, but he’s not calling anyone out in the press. Everyone here should know and respect that.

  7. OutSydeDog says:


    Let’s kick some division butt this weekend.


  8. Rocky Bernard will sit on Warner next week like he did to Alex Smith and knock him out for the rest of the season. Then Boldin reinjures his head.

    See. The Cards can still lose to the Hawks, Eagles, Giants, Minn & at Pats.
    get ready. The biggest comeback ever.

    (i had shrooms on my pizza)

  9. CowboysP says:

    The following was found on Seahawks Addicts. Leroy Hill was on KJR, and is saying that “Jim Mora will bring a breath of fresh air”, and “Holmgren has become a bit predictable”.

    Sounds like Hill is looking forward to playing for Mora.
    “Telling Interview
    With KJR on in the background today, I happened to catch a very interesting interview. Ian Furness talked with Leroy Hill as part of a segment they call Linebacker Lounge. Most of the interview is Furness talking to Hill about MNF, and other bits and pieces. However, at the end Leroy gave a glimpse into a positive future.

    Furness has been asking all the Seahawk guests (Hill and Nate) if they think this season is a result of being decimated by injury, or if the window has closed. Hill thinks this team is a playoff team when healthy. He also went as far as to mention the coaching change.

    Take a listen, but essentially he says that Holmgren has become a bit predictable and teams know what to expect when playing against the Hawks. He then, when pressed, goes on to talk about the excitement over Jim Mora taking the head coaching job. He says having a players’ coach who runs around and has fun will be a breath of fresh air. He likens Holmgren’s style to being possibly like that of Mike Singletary’s and compares Mora to John Gruden. Very interesting stuff.”

  10. We’re gonna beat the Cards.

    Getting our leader back and giving him his best WR is going to do wonders for our offense.

    Over/under on what quarter Branch gets hurt in again?

  11. Even if they ultimately win the division, would still be very satisfying to beat the Cards – show them that this year was about injuries and some bad luck, and that aren’t done yet.

    Gonna need plenty of pass rush to hold off the Cardinals pass attack though – – Warner has been putting up amazing numbers this year.

  12. fuzzybear says:

    Prediciction: Seahawks win this weekend and Courtney Taylor has two touchdowns…and look at all the colors…wow, that cloud looks like an elephant…(I had some of mocarob’s pizza)

    Ok seriously, the hawks ‘D’ is tightening up. Julian was a man posessed last week. Even the corners were a bit more sharp. If we can contain the Cards passing game, and if Hass can 1) move around and 2) find his groove EARLY, we can pull this one out. We better, I just got tickets to the game and I don’t want to see a loss.

  13. kinger12 says:

    it would be awesome if we can pull a win out here – and it would be even more amazing that this division could come down to the away game in AZ.
    Sure its a huge mountain and probably needs some shrooms to make this happen but… jobs are on the line.

  14. It would be a great story – Matt and Deion come back, win 7 in a row, go to the playoffs…or the Tournament, as Holmy claims and take our chances. We can be 9-7, host a home game because we’re a division winner and go on from there.

    Bring the momentum back! Let’s Go Hawks.

  15. One Game at a time… I can hope.

  16. nighthawk2 says:

    They’ve done a pretty good job protecting Warner this season, and the only game they’ve really looked bad in was the blowout by the Jets when Favre had one good flashback to his old self. Miami’s offense isn’t Arizona’s, Ginn jr and Camarillo aren’t Boldin, Fitzgerald and Breaston, and Pennington isn’t Warner. I don’t see any reason to think the Seahawks win this game based on last week against a weak offense and average defense or any other game. There’s no real reason to think this team wins any game the rest of the season. Yes, Hasselbeck is back, but he’s still hurt, hasn’t practiced in weeks and has a sieve for an offensive line. Branch’s last outing lasted less than one half, I’m not anticipating any more this Sunday. Guys are still committing penalties, still dropping passes and still not getting to the quarterback or covering backs out the backfield. This game is going to be like the others as a result, a loss, and maybe Hasselbeck gets hurt big time in this one. He should have been put on IR already and saved for next season.

  17. fuzzybear says:

    I agree Hass shouldn’t be back this soon (or even this year). A win may be a pipe dream, but it is more possible this week, than it would have been a couple of weeks ago…ASSUMING that Hass is mobile and ready to play. It will take a bunch of Arizona mistakes similar to Monday night, our best defensive effort, and a mobile Hass to get the job done. It is possible.

  18. At this point, I’m not really dreaming of the Seahawks winning the division. If they can string together a few wins and finish with a “respectable” record (7-9 at worst), that would be great.

  19. NickLicatasucks says:

    nighthawk2: you are right. But this game is in Qwest Field, which is not Dolphins Stadium OR Pink Taco Stadium or whatever they call it down there.

    So- that goes the Hawks way. Plus- we had no Hass or Branch or 12th man in that game. So…where does the score even out?

    By the way- imagine AZ’s record this year if their receivers suffered the same type of injuries as the Hawks did and their best QB was out for five games. How would that work out? Really, these two teams are pretty close on an even scale. But the scale has been uneven. Maybe it’ll even up? Who knows. One game at a time, right? I’d say its about time for a Hawk to put the hurting on a Cardinal. I think Larry F. is due for his annual high ankle sprain and Warner is due for his annual concussion and quarterly bad turnover game. We’ll see….I’m not betting on the Hawks to win the division but I did make a bet today that they’d finish the season with at least five wins! Can you believe there’s a Seahawks fan out there who strongly feels that this team will win no more than four games this year! c’mon….enough already.

  20. “Ginn jr and Camarillo aren’t Boldin, Fitzgerald and Breaston, and Pennington isn’t Warner. I don’t see any reason to think the Seahawks win this game based on last week against a weak offense and average defense or any other game.”

    That’s true enough Nighthawk, but let’s not paint the Cards as worldbeaters either – they just barely beat a very mediocre 49ers team, and the Dolphins do not suck this year. I’m sure if the Cards were playing in Miami this weekend, the Dolphins would be favored to win the game.

  21. bigmike04 says:

    hey Dukeshire

    you see ” ” that qoute that i got from guy who wrote the story. SO why dont you get off my back and actuality get on frank hughes who wrote this, they cut Keary Colbert, according to Holmgren, not because of Colbert (wink wink) but because of Courtney Taylor, who they think is ready to start doing some of the things that they expected from him early in the season

    So lay off on the remark and actuality read the thing before you decide to attack me.

  22. nighthawk2, I know you’re being realistic but we’re just having a little fun hoping what could be.

    Join us. Drink some kool aid.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    I did read it. My point is that you failed to understand what Holmgren was really saying. That’s your problem, not mine. You had a terrible take on that quote. What does Frank have to do with it?

  24. It’s pure insanity to risk the only star player we have left on a meaningless game in a write-off season. We should be shutting Hass down for the year and letting Charlie Frye have a chance to show what he can do. We know Seneca Wallace will never be an NFL QB.

    I can just see it now, week 16, the Seahawks are 3-11, and Matt is on the ground clutching his knee, writing off at least half of 2009.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  25. cubswin1 says:

    What if we knock Warner out for the season, win a bunch of games in the row and then the Cards go into a tailspin. We then beat them on the last day of the year to win the division!

  26. OutSydeDog says:

    Osiris33…I remember Curt Warner tearing his knee on a cut, untouched, in the first half of the first game of his second year. I’m sure Matt will be in peril on some given play, and knowing that, he plays anyway. That’s what these guys do. Matt’s one of the best football players in the world, and you want to leash him to the bench? Matt’s career isn’t getting any longer, and I for one, want to see him get as many snaps as a Seahawk quarterback as he can get. Just think, in this quirky NFL, IF it comes to pass that the Hawks are still in it the last week, because of Matt’s heroics….(stargazing)..sigh..
    It would never happen with you running things, ‘cuz you’re ready to cut and run. Never give up!

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